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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 1

The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 1

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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 1

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Lançado em:
Sep 29, 2019


Abandoned baby Cao Ziyang obtained an ancient medical book, learned the strange method of medical treatment in the city, triggered a huge earthquake in the medical field...
Lançado em:
Sep 29, 2019

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The Imperial Physician in the City - Mei SanNong



Cao Ziyang was breaking off the corn in his own field, when suddenly Madame Village Head stumbled out of the village and ran in front of him gasping for breath, Ziyang, quickly go save my daughter Xiao Jing, she's vomiting nonstop and she can't breathe. She's about to die …

What did you say? Cao Ziyang was shocked, because an hour ago, when he passed by the Village Chief's house, he saw Xiao Jing sitting on a bench in front of his house, eating a melon seed and smiling mischievously at him.

The Madame Village Head pulled Cao Ziyang's clothes: Go take a look, I will heavily thank you for curing me …

Although the Madame Village Head didn't normally look at Cao Ziyang with cold eyes, but at the critical moment of his life, Cao Ziyang was a doctor. Out of professional habit, he immediately put down what he was doing and hurriedly followed the Madame Village Head into the village …

The Village Head's house was the wealthiest house in the whole Gouzi Village. It had a two storey house, and both inside and outside it were very beautiful and exquisite. Cao Ziyang had only entered this house once, but for the second time today, he had directly entered Xiao Jing's room. This was because Xiao Jing was Gouzi Village's most beautiful and refined beauty. The most precious thing was that her personality was nothing like Madame Village Head, since Xiao Jing was the dream lover of many of the villagers.

Of course, Xiao Jing was also Cao Ziyang's lover in his dreams.

At this moment, the most beautiful woman in the village was lying on her pink bed, retching onto a small plate under the bed. The plate was already filled with a huge amount of filth and was emitting a terrible stench. Madame Village Head who was walking in front could not help but cover her nose. Cao Ziyang wanted to cover it up, but he did not have the time to do so. Instead, he sat down and flipped Xiao Jing over, allowing Xiao Jing to lie down flat on her back.

How is it, Ziyang, how is Xiao Jing? Madame Village Head was very anxious.

Cao Ziyang did not reply, he probed Xiao Jing's forehead, rolling over his eyelids, he asked softly: Xiao Jing, what do you think? Do you know me?

Xiao Jing did not react, but her eyes were wide open, and she could not say a word.

Cao Ziyang pinched a few of Xiao Jing's acupoints, and then turned to leave. The Madame Village Head pulled him back and said: Hey, Ziyang, you can't just stand there and watch me die …

Cao Ziyang said, Your sister, I'm going home to get my stuff. Don't hold me back, there's no hope for me anymore …

Madame Village Head broke out in cold sweat and immediately let go.

Leaving the village chief's house, Cao Ziyang sprinted a hundred metres towards his own home, returned with the medical box, and quickly ran back to the village chief's house. Just as he entered Xiao Jing's room, he said to Madame Village Head in a rapid tone: Go get a hot water tray and bring it in.

Huh? Madame Village Head did not understand, You want hot water?

Yes, and you even have to take Xiao Jing's clothes off, it's convenient to use acupuncture …

The Madame Village Head was obviously hesitant. That was her precious daughter, to be able to cure her without taking off her clothes. The key is, do you need to take off your clothes? Could this Cao Ziyang be trying to take advantage of this?

Seeing the expression on Madame Village Head's face, Cao Ziyang knew that he was thinking of Little Jiu Jiu, and added, I'm a doctor, everything I do is just to save people.

Madame Village Head blushed a little. She said hi and immediately ran out to prepare.

Cao Ziyang placed the medical box on the bed, took out a set of needles, and took out two of the tiniest and tiniest needles, inserting them into the two acupuncture points on Xiao Jing's head. Xiao Jing immediately fainted on the spot …

Only after waiting for Madame Village Head to bring in the hot water did Cao Ziyang help Xiao Jing up, allowing Xiao Jing to sit cross-legged on the bed. He then said to Madame Village Head: "Take off the clothes, and then you can go outside and guard. Don't let anyone enter.

Madame Village Head clenched her teeth. She first took off the beige cotton shirt that Xiao Jing was wearing, revealing her black bra. Her hands were trembling, and just as she was about to take it off, Cao Ziyang quickly said: About that … There's no need …"

Madame Village Head was stunned for two seconds before reacting. She heaved a sigh of relief, left the room and closed the door behind him.

Cao Ziyang took out many random things from the medical box and spread them on the bed. He disinfected the silver needles first, then found the place where Xiao Jing needed to insert the acupoints on his chest. Then, he inserted a silver needle into the neck, shoulders and stomach points. The only thing left to do was to insert the last silver needle into the left side of his chest.

Cao Ziyang was so nervous that he was trembling slightly. When his fingers came in contact with the soft bra, he almost suffocated. He took a few deep breaths before calming down and focusing on the next step.

Although he was only 23 years old, Cao Ziyang had been learning acupuncture and moxibustion from his grandfather ever since. By the time he reached the age of 18, he had already learned 80% of his strength. Cao Ziyang was actually a pitiful child who had never seen his parents in his life. His father had run away after committing a crime, and his mother had remarried when he was two years old. He had followed his grandfather since he was young, and his grandfather had inevitably become a loner after he returned to heaven.

After Cao Ziyang injected the needles for more than ten minutes, Xiao Jing's complexion had turned better. Her expression was especially calm, as if she was a sleeping Snow White. Cao Ziyang checked her pulse but did not find anything wrong, so he removed the needle and put on the bra and cotton shirt again. He then opened the door and called the anxious Madame Village Head in.

How is Xiao Jing? Madame Village Head pulled Cao Ziyang's hand and asked.

Coughing, Cao Ziyang shook off the Madame Village Head's hand and said: Xiao Jing is fine, let her rest. I'll come back in the evening to take a look.

Can I wake up tonight?

It should be possible.

Thank God. Madame Village Head clasped her hands together and bowed in all four directions. Then, she sincerely said to Cao Ziyang, Ziyang, I really have to thank you this time …

Cao Ziyang said, I'm a doctor, I'll come back tonight. I'll be leaving first …

Madame Village Head nodded and said, En, thank you …

Cao Ziyang turned around and walked away, putting the medical box back home. Then he found a pair of pants to change into and went back to the fields to carry the corn back. However, the tragedy was that the few kilograms of corn that had just been broken had disappeared without a trace …

That bastard stole my corn?

Cao Ziyang cursed as he searched everywhere. Finally, he found a small pit in a river 100 meters away. However, he didn't take it immediately. Instead, he walked over. He felt that he wouldn't be able to solve the problem if he took it back. Beat him up so he won't get into trouble...

Cao Ziyang turned back the way he came, keeping an eye on the surrounding villagers who were working in their own fields. Just by looking at it this way, he couldn't tell who it was. Cao Ziyang was suspicious that it was the lame Lin. The lame Lin loved to steal things, but of course it was only passed down in the village. What exactly did the lame Lin steal? What did he steal? He did not specify, much less capture the current situation.

Back in his house, Cao Ziyang continued to break the rest of the corn. It was almost dark when he finished breaking it. He wrapped it in the remaining bag and carried it home.

After drinking some water at home, Cao Ziyang returned to the fields under the gradually darkening sky. He had come back by another path, bent over, and gone straight to the corn pit, where he found a hidden pile of rocks to hide and wait on.

Soon, the sky turned completely dark, but strangely, no one came to pick up the corn.

Since he stole it, why didn't he come and take it?

Had he been exposed?

After some serious thought, Cao Ziyang felt that it was impossible. He had come out in the dark of the night, so the chances of him being exposed were very low.

He hadn't come to get it yet, probably because he was being too careful!

Time slowly passed. Before 8 o'clock, Cao Ziyang's stomach began to growl and he wanted to give up. Carrying the corn home by himself was fine, but he really couldn't accept it. He had already been here for so long, so wasn't it a waste of time to give up halfway?

Therefore, Cao Ziyang chose to wait.

At around 9 PM in the evening, Cao Ziyang finally found something. Under the moonlight, a figure could be vaguely seen walking towards the small pit, walking very carefully and very slowly, even looking around as he walked.

Wasn't this the guilt of a thief?

This was a thief, but it wasn't a lame one who walked normally.

Knowing who it was, he could only run out and grab him by surprise.

Taking a deep breath, Cao Ziyang rushed out, but unfortunately, he stumbled and was discovered. He was ready to run away with the corn. He brought a flashlight with him and saw the road clearly, so he ran very fast. Cao Ziyang ran slower and slower without his flashlight. The further he went, the more distance he traveled. He fell down hard on the side of the mountain and when he got up again, he could no longer see the light of the flashlight.

The silence was broken only by the terrifying cries of insects. Cao Ziyang chose to give up after standing still for a few minutes. He then walked a few steps back and saw a flashlight swinging halfway up the mountain.

Then it should be a thief, right?

With just a glance, Cao Ziyang felt his scalp tingling. He turned around and walked even faster, because the peak of the mountain was covered with ancient tombs. No one could tell when these tombs would appear. In any case, there were eight tombs on top of it, and no one had ever paid their respects to them before. The weeds were growing everywhere, and the entire environment was creepy.

Other than the eight old tombs, the older generation said that there had been a war in the Song Dynasty. Thousands of troops were trapped by the enemy forces, lacking water and food, and in the end, all died from grievances and grievances. The entire mountain was very sinister, especially at night, with a terrifying atmosphere.

After finding the corn, he looked up the mountain and saw Cao Ziyang hurrying towards the village entrance. He heard the sound of an ambulance and then saw a broken ambulance driving towards the Village Head's house.

Curious, Cao Ziyang picked up the corn and walked faster. Soon, he arrived at the Village Head's house. He put down the corn and was about to go in to investigate when the village chief walked out. When he saw him, he immediately rushed over and punched him in the face while shouting curses …


After being punched, Cao Ziyang felt dizzy and his nose was warm. However, that was still not enough. The Village Chief threw another fist at him. He was unable to dodge it. Although he possessed a foundation for martial skills, martial skills were taught to him by the Village Chief. Basically, the youths of Gouzi Village all had a foundation in martial arts. Every winter, everyone would go to the ancestral hall to learn fist arts, and the old village head would be responsible for teaching them.

The reason why the village chief was so arrogant was also because he possessed excellent martial skills and was one of the most outstanding people among his generation.

How could Cao Ziyang avoid it?

As a result, he was eventually knocked unconscious by the Village Head after a few punches. He had no idea what was going on.

When he woke up, Cao Ziyang found himself in a dilapidated police car, his hands cuffed. Beside him was a thirty-year-old cop with a full beard, smoking.

Cao Ziyang said, Why are you handcuffing me?

The police officer with a full beard sneered, You're pretending, aren't you? Continue pretending. When we get back to the station, we'll see how you act …"

No, I really don't know. Cao Ziyang moved his shoulders, wiping the blood from his nose and said, Village head hit me, did something happen to his family? Tell me, is there some kind of misunderstanding? "

Misunderstanding? The police put away his smile, You are doomed. You are a doctor who has died. Are you a doctor? You look like you're in your twenties. Do you have a practising certificate?"

Cao Ziyang could not answer a single question, and his mind was in a mess. Is Xiao Jing dead? He kept asking himself this question and then blurted out, What happened to the Village Head's daughter? Dead?"

The policeman said, You were the one who died.

Cao Ziyang was very excited. Bullsh * t, that's impossible. Hurry up and let me go back and see what's going on.

Do you think I'm stupid? Let you go? The policeman casually threw his cigarette out the window before continuing, You can't see it anymore, he's already gone to bury …

Buried? Cao Ziyang felt chilled to the bone, Buried without even trying to figure it out?

Don't you know your customs? Anyone who suddenly dies will have to be buried as soon as possible. What the police said was true. Most of the villagers had no common sense of medicine, so they thought that those who died suddenly had an infectious disease, so they were going to bury them. This was especially true for the young villagers, who didn't even know what the mourning hall was? The doctor at the hospital has gone to see it and confirmed that it is dead … "

Cao Ziyang scolded: What about the hospital? Is it called the hospital in this town? It's just a health station, what else can you look at other than a cold and a fever? If you really want me to go back and take a look, that would be a human life. Even if you didn't die, you would still have buried him …

Kid, you are a doctor who doesn't even have a practising certificate. What about the doctors at the hospital in town? They all have a practising certificate. With that, the police gave Cao Ziyang a kick, I've seen many people like you. No matter what excuse you come up with, you won't be able to escape. Just wait until you're imprisoned …

It was unlikely for him to end up in a prison, as many rural doctors would die if he didn't return! The police's words were so serious that Cao Ziyang knew it was because the village chief was angry and thought that he had used some of his power to kill Xiao Jing.

However, at the moment, Cao Ziyang's heart was not thumping as hard as he thought, but he was worried for Xiao Jing.

He had to think of a way to go back and check on Xiao Jing's condition, otherwise, she would be buried alive. The doctors in the town didn't believe him. Grandfather looked down on the doctors in the town since he was born, and he could only see doctors with a cold and fever. No matter what the problem was, he would be injected with needles.

The shabby police car continued to drive forward. In front of them was a police officer with a crew cut, who didn't say a word. Behind him was a bearded police officer who was responsible for guarding Cao Ziyang, and in the middle of the police car, there was an iron net separating the front and back.

How could he get out of the current environment?

Cao Ziyang kept thinking about it, and finally decided to use force. Although he was not as good as the village chief, he was definitely more than capable when it came to dealing with the police.

He silently approached the police officer with a full face of beard, and taking the right opportunity, Cao Ziyang suddenly rushed forward and spread his hands to cover the thick neck of the police officer with a full beard. Cao Ziyang quietly approached the police officer with a full face of beard, and taking the right opportunity, Cao Ziyang suddenly threw himself forward and spread his hands to cover the thick neck of the police officer with a full face of beard.

Cao Ziyang then said to the policeman driving in front, Stop the car now, or I'll strangle him to death.

The policeman immediately stepped on the brake and said, Do you know what you are doing now?

Yes, the police. Cao Ziyang said loudly, You don't need to waste your breath. I need to save someone, so you should go back.

The crew-cut policeman did not say anything.

Cao Ziyang said to the bearded officer, Tell him to go back, or I'll strangle you. After saying that, Cao Ziyang relaxed his grip, and the bearded policeman took a few deep breaths before ordering his comrades to follow suit.

The car drove back to the village, almost at the village. Cao Ziyang stopped the car, told the bearded policeman to open his handcuffs, and then handcuffed the two policemen inside the car. He threw away the keys, took out their cell phones, took off their batteries and threw them away, then ran back to the village. As he ran, he thought of a way, he panicked, he did not know what to do, go to the Village Chief's house and ask the Village Chief where Xiao Jing was buried?

No, that would not be practical. The Village Chief would instead arrest him. He was not capable of beating the Village Chief.

But if they did not go to the Village Chief's house, they did not know where Xiao Jing was buried.

What should he do?

Cao Ziyang was not in a hurry to die. By that time, he had already arrived at the Village Chief's house, which was very quiet. However, the door was open and the lights were on, so he could see that the clock hanging in the middle of the living room was already 1 o'clock. When he returned, it was already eleven o'clock. Heavens, it had already been more than two hours. Wasn't he unconscious for too long? Could Xiao Jing still be saved?

Thinking this, Cao Ziyang became even more anxious. Not caring about anything else, he grabbed a broom from outside and rushed in.

There was no one in the living room, and no one in the room.

Cao Ziyang was depressed. He put down his broom and ran outside. He ran to the back of the village and looked up the mountain. Halfway up the mountain, he saw a few flashlights moving around. That was the village cemetery, but he was not sure where Xiao Jing was buried.

After some thought, Cao Ziyang ran back to his own house. Other than his acupuncture bag, flashlight and hoe, he also picked up a cucumber. He was too hungry, his eyes were blurry from hunger, and he did not have time to make anything else to eat.

He waited until he was halfway down the mountain, then went back to the village. Not daring to turn on the flashlight, he walked in a hurry, fell down twice, and even when he fell down, he did not have the time to take notice, because he was sure that the people who went down the mountain were the ones who buried Xiao Jing, including Village chief couple and the three cousins of the village chief.

Finally, Cao Ziyang reached the middle of the mountain and found a small grave.

What a pity that a living person had died and been buried like that! No, it's not dead, Cao Ziyang did not think that Xiao Jing was already dead, so she ate the wrong food. After using the needles, there was no longer any problem, and she even did a detailed examination? Xiao Jing was very healthy in every aspect.

Actually, Cao Ziyang didn't know that he was going to catch the thief who stole the corn. He said that he would go see Xiao Jing at night and didn't go. At around 9 PM, Xiao Jing had another problem, she kept vomiting and breathless, and at that time, the village chief had already completed his tasks and returned from town to town, he looked for Cao Ziyang but could not find him, which was why he called the town hospital. Before the doctor arrived, Xiao Jing had already stopped breathing.

Therefore, when the village chief saw Cao Ziyang, he directly beat him up and called the police.

After resting for a minute, Cao Ziyang put away his acupuncture bag and flashlight and began to dig up the small grave. He dug rather quickly at first, because he knew that Xiao Jing would not be buried so lightly. But after digging a few tens of centimeters deep, he did not dare use too much strength, afraid that he would cut Xiao Jing in half with her hoe. If he really died, it would be safer to slowly dig.

After digging for a while, a worn out mat appeared in the soil. It was extremely shabby, but like this, a child suddenly died, so they could only bury him, without even a coffin. Although Xiao Jing was already 21 years old, they were all classified as children.

Cao Ziyang put down his hoe and started digging, thinking to save Xiao Jing, so he was not afraid. If it was a normal situation, forget about digging graves in the mountains, he would not even dare to linger for a while, he would not even dare to climb the mountain.

The soil on the mat was quickly swept away, and Cao Ziyang picked it up, untied the rope, and turned the mat over.

Finally, he could see Xiao Jing, as if she was asleep, her face was not purple, but completely calm. However, there was indeed no aura. The strange thing was that her body was not cold at all. Her pulse also had a slight reaction.

This proves that Xiao Jing can still be saved!

Cao Ziyang opened his acupuncture bag excitedly, but when he accidentally looked down the hill, he immediately lost his excitement. He had seen five or six flashlights coming up the mountain. He felt that it was not a good thing for the police to run away and find the village chief. It was best not to be disturbed when applying acupuncture, to insert the wrong needle into the wrong place, or to insert too deeply into the wrong place.

The key point was that they would definitely capture him at the first moment they arrived. The village chief even continued to beat him up, but in the end, forget about not being able to save Xiao Jing, he might even be beaten to death. With the village chief's fiery temper, his daughter's death was already enough to make him sad. Just now, the couple had been crying as they descended the mountain. This person would be dug up as soon as he was buried. Anyone else would have risked their lives.

Cao Ziyang put away his acupuncture bag helplessly and threw the hoe into a pile of grass beside him. He held his flashlight and carried Xiao Jing to the top of the mountain. Although his scalp was tingling, he had nowhere else to go, so he could only go to the top of the mountain. Finding a quiet place to wake Xiao Jing up was Cao Ziyang's plan. As long as they could wake Xiao Jing up, they would not need to worry about the village chief or the police.

Very quickly, Cao Ziyang carried Xiao Jing to the top of the mountain. Looking down, the light from the flashlight was already halfway up the mountain.

In the dead of the night, the Village Head's voice could be heard from far away. The echoes were especially terrifying. Cao Ziyang unconsciously walked a few steps faster. In fact, the most horrifying thing was Cao Ziyang's surroundings, which was the center of the eight tombs.

While walking, he suddenly tripped and Cao Ziyang's entire body fell. He rolled along with Xiao Jing towards the back of the mountain and plopped into a deep pit. Yes, it was a pit, about four meters deep, but because of the soft soil, it was not injured, only scared. It was a newly dug pit, the tools were still beside it, what were they trying to do by digging beside the eight graves?

He could not understand, and after some thought, a chill went up his spine, straight to the point. In this terrifying place, it was hard not to think of one thing when something like this happened: ghosts!


Is there a ghost in this world?

Apparently not.

However, the special environment they were in was enough to make Cao Ziyang unable to remain calm. He was like a frightened rabbit that was being blown away by the wind and grass. However, there was one thing that he was obviously in a hurry to do, which was to give Xiao Jing the acupuncture, so fast that he forgot to be afraid. Furthermore, the Village Chief and the others had already caught up to him. Their shouts and curses were getting closer and closer and louder. All of this was urging him on.

He had to fight for every second possible so that he could wake Xiao Jing up before the village chief found him. Otherwise, both he and Xiao Jing would suffer a tragedy.

Cao Ziyang took a deep breath, tried his best to calm himself down, then started working. He reached out and quickly took off Xiao Jing's clothes, only to find that he was a little dazed from the moment he took them off, because Xiao Jing did not wear a bra. When Madame Village Head helped her dress up and bury her, she usually wore the clothes that she loved to wear the most.

Cao Ziyang forced himself to calm down, took out his acupuncture bag, took out a long silver needle and lit it up with a lighter. After which, he pierced a few of the acupoints on Xiao Jing's chest. Then, he pulled Xiao Jing's pants down a dozen centimeters and injected some water into his lower abdomen.

Finally, the acupoints in Xiao Jing's head, two of the longest silver needles pierced into Xiao Jing's ears and rotated slowly.

He was very nervous, a nervousness that he had never felt before. Actually, Cao Ziyang was not confident, as he did not know if he could save Xiao Jing or not. This method was only feasible, he guessed that Xiao Jing's condition was due to him being unable to breath and being shocked. Furthermore, she had vomited for a long period of time with a large range, weakness of her body and weak pulse, so she would normally not be able to sense it, thus she thought that she was dead.

The long silver needle revolved for a minute, until Xiao Jing finally reacted. She moved her eyelids, but as if she had no strength to open her eyes, she seemed very weak.

Cao Ziyang was naturally very excited. If he succeeded, saving Xiao Jing would be equivalent to saving himself.

Of course, Cao Ziyang was still not able to celebrate. Instead, he was even more careful as he extended his trembling hands, pulled out all the needles, and then used his unique, inherited technique to give Xiao Jing a massage.

After continuously pushing for two minutes, Xiao Jing's condition had improved. She was able to open her eyes, and after looking at Cao Ziyang a few times, her lips moved: Big brother Ziyang? What is this place? I'm so thirsty and hungry …"

Cao Ziyang said, I know, we'll go home immediately. When we get home, we'll give you something to drink, something to eat …

Xiao Jing acknowledged and closed her eyes. Cao Ziyang helped her put on her clothes before opening her eyes again, she knew what was going on, but she could not do anything about it.

Cao Ziyang carried Xiao Jing on his back, climbed up, and shouted: Village Chief, I'm at the top of the mountain, come quickly...

The village chief who was nearby heard Cao Ziyang's shout and in less than a minute, he appeared above the deep pit.

At that time, Cao Ziyang had just carried Xiao Jing on his back, and was so tired that he felt dizzy. He laid on the grass and gasped for breath after putting Xiao Jing down, but he did not expect that the village chief would stomp on his stomach so violently that he almost passed out. He wanted to tell the village chief that Xiao Jing was fine, but before she said anything, she was thrown into the deep pit by the village chief.

Cao Ziyang felt that his bones were about to break apart. He closed his eyes, not wanting to move an inch. Only when they felt an abnormal rustling sound from underground, as if the ground was about to collapse, did they struggle to climb up …

However, it was already too late. The ground had collapsed and he had fallen down. He was three meters deep, but the ground was soft. He could feel that it was a basement. It was very big with echoes and the air was bone-chilling. He tried to crawl forward, away from the hole, but it was too late. The rustling mud had already covered his body, and he immediately fainted …

Cao Ziyang fainted for dozens of seconds. Everyone had arrived, including Village chief couple, his three cousins and two policemen. They stared at the deep pit in a daze, including the village chief. Just a moment ago, they had been furious and knew that they had beaten Cao Ziyang up. They had not paid attention to their surroundings, and now that they had clearly seen the scene, they could not help but feel chills running down their spines.

Madame Village Head said with a trembling voice, This … What's going on …?"

The Village Chief replied, I don't know. This place is very strange.

It's not a grave robber, is it? The Chen family's tomb in the neighboring village was stolen a while ago. I heard that there's a lot of gold and silver … The village chief's second brother pointed his flashlight at the dark pit and said, Where's Ziyang? The one below is him …?

I threw him down, the village chief said.

The group was speechless!

Elder brother Ziyang …

Ah …

Don't shout, don't shout, that's Xiao Jing. When Madame Village Head realized that the one who called out big brother Ziyang was his daughter, she immediately ran over and squatted down to hug his daughter and cried, So you're okay, mom has let you down …

The village chief was speechless. His three cousins and the two policemen were the same. Hadn't this person already been buried? You can live again? Just thinking about it made them feel incomparably cold. They felt that it was strange, regretting that they didn't find out before burying the person. Especially the two policemen, Cao Ziyang had requested for him to figure out what was going on, but they didn't agree. In the end, Cao Ziyang resisted and controlled them before he ran away.

After a full minute, the village chief's third brother said, Brother, did we misjudge him?

The village chief scolded, Nonsense! You don't need to say anything. Quickly go down and save him.

Why me?

Do you want me to kick you?

It's so deep down, can you make it up?

Second and Fourth, you two go back and take the ropes and ladders. Take the things that are useful, my wife, bring Xiao Jing back with you and find some other people to help. After saying that, the village chief suddenly cursed out loud, The soil is very new, I think it was just dug out. There might be a tomb down there …

The bearded policeman said, Village Chief Cao, don't act recklessly. This country has rules …

The village chief scolded, Your mother will decide the rules. Your father has the final say in this place. Stop with the nonsense …

The bearded policeman stopped talking!

The village chief's two cousins quickly went down the mountain to get their things and get some help. The other cousin went to find a vine and tied it around his waist. He held the flashlight in his mouth while the village chief and the two policemen slowly lowered him down. At a certain point, the village chief said, Third brother, be careful. Don't step on Ziyang …

I know.

Cao Ziyang was unconscious. He only woke up when a foot stepped on his head. Right at that moment, another 'ah' sound could be heard, and a body smashed into him. It was the village chief's cousin. He was frightened by Cao Ziyang and fell down with a 'ah' sound …

The village chief from above scolded, Are you blind? I told you to be careful …

The village chief's cousin was speechless, but he understood his cousin's temperament and cursed at every single moment. He was afraid, so he did not dare to hesitate. He immediately got up and helped Cao Ziyang up.

What's the situation next? The village chief asked again, Is Ziyang alright? Ziyang."

Cao Ziyang forced out a sentence, It's fine, as long as you take a rest. Cao Ziyang was fine, he knew it, but his entire body was in pain, he fell down, but did not injure his bones, organs or such, what about Xiao Jing?

Xiao Jing is fine, I sent it back. Don't be anxious, just take out the tools and we can bring you up here …

Cao Ziyang heaved a sigh of relief, this was the result he wanted. If Xiao Jing was fine, then no one would be hurt!

After resting for about ten minutes, Cao Ziyang felt much better and tried to stand up. His waist hurt a little, but he could still hold on.

Ziyang, don't move. What are you doing? said the village chief's cousin.

Cao Ziyang said, I'm fine, the event …

Have a cigarette. The village chief's cousin put a cigarette in Cao Ziyang's mouth and helped light it up, What happened to Xiao Jing? How could she be saved? Is your family's acupuncture really so godly? Can you teach me?

Cao Ziyang took a puff on his cigarette and said: Teach your mother, Xiao Jing was not dead in the first place, she was almost killed by you guys …

So, you have to teach me even more!

Cao Ziyang knew his pettiness, this was an absolute art, it would be strange if he did not set his sights on it, but would he be able to teach it?

Ziyang, say something!

Go to the side if he dies.

Cao Ziyang took a long drag from his cigarette, took the flashlight from the village chief's cousin, and shone it across the whole space. He found it to be quite big, about a hundred square meters, but it was completely bare on all four sides; it was made of stone and marble. He took two steps forward, intending to take a good look at the marbles. The village chief's cousin said, Ziyang, don't wander around. I've heard that this place …

Let me see, are you coming?

I don't.

Cao Ziyang despised him in his heart, he was such a coward!

Of course, Cao Ziyang did not dare to do so because of his curiosity. He carefully walked around with the flashlight in his hand. He did not find any hidden doors, so he did not know what this place was for. However, on his way back, he accidentally stepped on a moving rock, tested it a few times, and then heavily stepped on it …

Then, with a few rumbling sounds, a door appeared on the right side of a stone wall. Inside the door, there was a space of a few dozen square meters, and it was also a stone wall with a white sarcophagus in the middle.

Cao Ziyang gasped, because there were piles of yellow bones scattered all around the sarcophagus.

Ziyang, don't go in. shouted the village chief's cousin.

The Village Chief on top also shouted, What are you doing? What was that sound just now?

The village chief's cousin said, There's a stone door open. I wonder what's inside …

The village chief scolded loudly, Don't move, do you have any culture? All of these tombs have traps. Poison arrows, poison gas, and poisonous snakes, hurry back to the cave entrance. Ziyang, you want me to see you …

Cao Ziyang replied with an 'oh' before heading back. He really did not dare to enter. This was too terrifying …

After about ten minutes, the village chief's other two cousins found tools and helpers, a bamboo chair with a rope tied to it. The village chief descended from above, but he did not let the people above come down, instead he pulled Cao Ziyang inside, and when he saw that the ground was filled with bones, his scalp went numb, but some kind of spiritual energy was supporting him.

Finally, Cao Ziyang and the village chief entered and stood by the side of the sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus was exquisite and beautiful, but the Village Chief could not open it by himself. He asked Cao Ziyang for help, and Cao Ziyang said hesitantly, Village Chief, this … Behavior... Isn't that good?

The village head said, What's wrong with that? You didn't want to come in alone? Cut the crap, who knows if there's some treasure in the coffin. There's just the two of us here, take it out and split it up. No one will find out …"

Cao Ziyang felt wronged, he did not want to come in.

Opening the sarcophagus, he saw a box as well as a beautiful dagger. There was no skeleton within, which was very strange. The village chief's eyes lit up as he grabbed the box and opened it. Inside was an old book with no title. He flipped through a few pages and then put it down. He turned to the dagger and pulled it out.


Cao Ziyang subconsciously looked at the edge of the dagger. The dagger was golden in color and it was very dazzling. Clearly, it was made out of gold.

How much would this cost?

The Village Chief cast a glance at Cao Ziyang and immediately sheathed his dagger at his waist. He then said in a serious tone, This is the property of the Gong Family. I am the Village Head, and should be temporarily taking care of it.

Although he had never gone to university, he had at least gone to work. Moreover, he had started to imbue the village chief with this kind of knowledge since primary school, so as an honest man, it was hard for him not to say, Village Head, this is not good, is it? Let people know that we have to go to jail …"

It's only a dagger, is there a need for that? Fine, fine, fine. I have to apologize to you for your part. I'm sorry about this, but you're the benefactor of our family now! With that, the village chief took the old book and stuffed it into Cao Ziyang's hands, This is yours …"

Cao Ziyang hurriedly put the book back. I don't want it.

The village chief picked up the book again and stuffed it into Cao Ziyang's waist, saying, You must, I will find a way to take that piece of land and give it back to your family …

Cao Ziyang obviously knew what the Village Head was trying to do and hoped that he would collude with him. He would not inform anyone even if he was questioned by the police. It was impossible for him to cheat him, right? However, Cao Ziyang was really looking forward to taking back that piece of land. Old Wang had already built a house next door and occupied it. This countryside had no land title, so whoever was a scoundrel would own it.

In any case, the land had to be brought back, or else there wouldn't be enough space to build the house. Cao Ziyang knew that he could not refuse. Although he knew that Old Wang had given him benefits, so he had not been able to get it back, but because of this, he could not refuse it.

The Village Chief asked, How is it?

Cao Ziyang said, If you take the thing, I won't tell anyone else. I can't take the book.

No, I absolutely must. Otherwise, there's no need to talk about it. Look, that place... Your grandfather was angered to death by that piece of land, and you don't want it back? Don't you think that your grandfather died with grievances?

Cao Ziyang clenched his fist and said excitedly, Who said that?

The Village Chief replied, Others may not know about this, but I do know that you're my benefactor. I won't lie to you, will I?

Cao Ziyang cursed in his heart. His grandfather's health was so good, so how could he just die like that? It was possible to die from anger. The hateful thing was that Cao Ziyang didn't know that when he received the notice and returned home, his grandfather was already speechless. He was just waiting for a final look at him before he swallowed his anger …

Cao Ziyang was convinced. He took a deep breath and stepped back a few steps. The Village Head then revealed a scheming smile as he closed the sarcophagus' lid and went to the entrance to call the police down.

When the two policemen came down, the village chief said, There's a stone coffin with a heavy lid. Please help me.

The two policemen hesitated, but in the end, they still did it!

Cao Ziyang did not help, but stood to the side watching the Village Head put on an act, pretending to be putting in a lot of effort before opening the coffin. In reality, he was trying his best to open the lid, but the police could not see that he was doing it.

When the lid was opened, there was an empty box inside. There was not even a skeleton inside. The two policemen felt strange, but they did not say anything. When the Village Chief took the box, they did not say anything and just discussed whether they should report it to the upper echelons. The village chief said, If you like to report enough, we won't keep you company. Ziyang, let's go …

Cao Ziyang acknowledged and followed the village chief. The two policemen followed, but they refused to go down the mountain. They waited there after reporting to their leader.

Returning to the village, the village head thanked the villagers who were helping him and sent them home. Cao Ziyang was about to return home, but the village chief stopped him and said, Ziyang, don't go back yet. Come to my house …

Cao Ziyang shook his head, I'm covered in mud, I'm not going …

The village chief said, You have to go. I'm letting my wife slaughter the chickens. If you don't come, who will? That was specially made for you.

No need, I'll go home! Cao Ziyang refused. Chicken was a good thing, but he was so hungry that he didn't want to wait any longer. How long would it take for him to become a chicken? In fact, he didn't want to be helped by others. Although he had provided help before, that was a completely different matter. Although he was an unlicensed doctor, it was a duty to save the dying and helping the wounded.

Aren't you going to go see Xiao Jing? I'm afraid there might be more problems with her. Seeing that Cao Ziyang had moved, the village chief tactfully pulled him away, Please, go take a look. I'm still in shock, and I almost killed my own daughter. I even beat you up. I'm really sorry.

Cao Ziyang despised his hypocrisy.

He was still in shock. His daughter had just revived and he was already thinking about stealing treasures. What kind of father was this?

Of course, Cao Ziyang did not dare to say what he was thinking. After all, that was the village chief, the biggest one in the village. Once they offended him, it would be very troublesome for them.

Cao Ziyang said, It's fine, I wasn't worried.

That's because you understand the general situation. I've always said that you're the most promising person in our village …

Cao Ziyang despised him even more. Normally, the one he looked down on the most was himself, but wasn't he being hypocritical today? He actually dared to say it out loud. His skin was so thick that even swords and spears could not penetrate him. No, I really have to go home. I'll go back and change my clothes. I'll come as soon as I can. I'll definitely pass.

Before the Village Head could react, Cao Ziyang had already escaped and ran towards his own house. The Village Head shouted from behind, Remember to change your clothes and come over. I'll be waiting.

Cao Ziyang exclaimed!

Hurriedly running back home, Cao Ziyang took out the old book and stuffed it under his pillow, and then put the acupuncture bag back into the medical box. After finding some clothes, he immediately went to take a bath. Actually, there was no need for him to be so anxious. Cao Ziyang was still feeling apprehensive because he wanted to see Xiao Jing. Although Xiao Jing had been rescued, the situation was undoubtedly worse.

After showering, he rummaged through a few large drawers in his room. According to Xiao Jing's condition, he brought along five medicinal packs, and Cao Ziyang took a cucumber to bite on, rushing all the way to the Village Chief's house.

Upon entering the Village Head's house, Cao Ziyang could smell the fragrance of chicken and onions. Onion chicken was Cao Ziyang's favorite dish. Two full plates were placed on the table. There was also beer, which could make a person hungry to death.

The Village chief couple passionately invited Cao Ziyang to sit down. The Madame Village Head was in charge of pouring wine, and poured three cups. The village head held them up and said to Cao Ziyang: "Ziyang, come and drink a cup.

Cao Ziyang raised his wine cup and clinked it with the village chief and Madame Village Head. Only then did he notice that Madame Village Head had already taken a bath and changed into an extremely thin set of pajamas.

Cao Ziyang was speechless.

However, this was the Madame Village Head's style. Forget about it being so late, forget about being in her own home, she would often dress like this and stroll around outside. Every now and then, she would provoke the big and small men in the village …

Cao Ziyang shifted his gaze away from Madame Village Head and drained his glass of beer. Madame Village Head poured another cup for him and said, "Ziyang, I really need to thank you this time. Madame Village Head choked with emotions. He did not continue speaking and directly toasted with Cao Ziyang, raising his neck to finish him off, then added more food to Cao Ziyang's cup.

Honestly speaking, this meal, or rather the midnight snack, was already past three in the morning. Cao Ziyang ate unnaturally, because the village chief would always look at him with an evil smile on his face.

I'm full, I'm going to take a look at Xiao Jing. Cao Ziyang wanted to quickly end this unaccustomed feeling.

The village chief immediately replied: No rush, Xiao Jing should be fine …

Then I'll go home first. I still have to work tomorrow …

What are you doing? Rest for two days! The village chief poured a cup of wine for Cao Ziyang, Come, let's continue drinking …

No, I'm going to get drunk if you keep drinking …

The Madame Village Head said, It's fine, I'm sleeping here because I'm drunk. I have an empty room!

Cao Ziyang shook his head. A dragon bed was not as good as a dog's den. He was not used to sleeping in other people's houses and he was not used to getting drunk. Since he did not know, it would be wiser to retreat as soon as possible. However, before retreating, he had to clarify an important matter again: Village Head, when do you plan to get me that piece of land?

The Village Chief said straightforwardly, It's up to you.

Cao Ziyang said, The more the better, of course.

The Village Chief replied straightforwardly, No problem, I will go tomorrow …

Then I'll go home first. Cao Ziyang stood up, pointed at the bags of herbs he had brought with him on the table next door, and said, Give the medicine to Xiao Jing for him to boil in the afternoon. I'll take my corn outside with me.

Madame Village Head also stood up, pulling Cao Ziyang who was about to leave, sticking close, touching his chest, making Cao Ziyang panic. Madame Village Head, on the other hand, was very calm: Don't go yet, sit down, there's something I want to tell you …

Cao Ziyang had no choice but to sit down, otherwise, the Madame Village Head would drag him along until the Village Chief was right in front of him.

Cao Ziyang sat down, the Madame Village Head said: I have a relative in the city, my cousin, Xiao Jing's aunt, who has a daughter. She's almost six years old, but she can't speak. Can I take a look? I won't let you suffer any loss. I'll give you two thousand yuan if I watch carefully. With that, the Madame Village Head took out a handful of banknotes from her pocket and stuffed them into Cao Ziyang's hands, There are three thousand here, and the other one thousand is to thank you.

Three thousand yuan was a huge sum of money to Cao Ziyang, but he could not take it. He had to thank Cao Ziyang for his one thousand yuan, even if it was just money, he had to save Xiao Jing, even if it was strangers. As for the other two thousand yuan, he couldn't accept them even more. What kind of logic was that? He was willing to watch it, but he couldn't guarantee that he would be optimistic about it. If he accepted the money, wouldn't he be hated to death?

Therefore, Cao Ziyang stuffed the money back into his pocket and said, Let's not talk about the money first. I'll go take a look, but I'm not sure if I can see it for myself.

Madame Village Head said, It's fine, you just have to go. This is the fare.

Cao Ziyang put it back. No, I can't take it, really.

Seeing that Cao Ziyang was so adamant, in order to avoid any backlash, the village chief said, Wife, let's take it back first. We'll talk about it later.

Madame Village Head nodded, took the money back, and said: Then we'll go after making an appointment.

Cao Ziyang agreed and left the Village Chief's house. He did not know that because of a decision he made tonight, his life had undergone a tremendous change …


When he got home, Cao Ziyang immediately found some ointment and applied it to his bruised body, then went to sleep.

However, it was clear that Cao Ziyang could not sleep. His mind was going over everything that had happened that day. It was a little out of the ordinary. Cao Ziyang had been living and working steadily for the past two to three years, sleeping early, getting up early, doing farm work, treating the sick, and working as unloading workers in the town during the winter.

However, this was the first time he had been caught by the police, the first time he had dug a grave, and the first time he had eaten midnight snack at three in the morning. But of course, the main reason they were celebrating was because they were rejoicing for Xiao Jing. That was a living being, and at the age when they were in the flower season, they were practically killed off by Village chief couple's stupidity. At that time, it was wrong for him to control the police to escape. However, it was precisely because of this that he did the right thing and saved a person's life.

At that moment, Cao Ziyang missed his grandfather very much. He especially missed his grandfather's words: Don't say that you didn't do anything wrong, that it didn't matter, as long as there was no regret.

Unable to sleep, Cao Ziyang touched a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke.

It was actually a medical book. Although it was old, its value was definitely priceless because the author was a imperial physician during the Song Dynasty, someone Cao Ziyang had heard his grandfather speak of.

The Imperial Physician was called Zhang Erqian. His name wasn't really good, but his medical skills were top-notch, and he was the Chief Imperial Physician of the Grand Hospital. Unfortunately, because her personality was the same as his medical skills, she was first-rate, tough, and did not like to curry favor with the empress. In the end, she was tricked by the Royal Horse and was sent to the army as an army doctor.

Although Cao Ziyang believed everything his grandfather said, he still held a skeptical attitude when his grandfather was telling the story of Zhang Erqian. Because the era was already so long ago, and his grandfather was not involved in historical research, so how could he know so much? However, after reading the first two pages of the book, Cao Ziyang had no choice but to believe...

My god, this Zhang Erqian's description of his own identity and experience, was almost exactly the same as grandfather's.

The only difference was that Zhang Erqian did not die from being shot by an arrow, he was lucky to have gotten his life back, and continued to help the world while concealing his identity, and in the end, ended up at a place like Gouzi Village. And for the sake of protecting his children, he did not pass on any medical skills to his descendants, so he created a self-created medical book to accompany him in death. If a fated person obtains it in the future, he could only spread the knowledge of medicine and not his stories.

Cao Ziyang was hesitant because of a single sentence from Zhang Erqian on the third page. After reading, he would tear down the first three pages and burn them.

Was it really like this?

His medical skills were so high, but he was unknown. His medical skills were passed down, and those who wrote books were not allowed to pass on. It was a tragedy.

Of course, Cao Ziyang admired Zhang Erqian's open-mindedness, which was a virtue worthy of praise.

For example, in this Gouzi Village, when they were repairing the road and the ancestral hall, everyone wanted their names to be on the top of the list. Thus, all of them had to donate more money to make up for their loss of face. In fact, they didn't even need that much money. The village chief would ultimately benefit from donating more money.

After considering for more than ten minutes, Cao Ziyang decided to tear down the first three pages and burn them.

Next, Cao Ziyang leaned against the pillow, and with the help of the weak light from the lamp, he flipped through the pages of the medical book. Next, Cao Ziyang leaned against the pillow, and with the help of the weak light, he flipped through the pages of the medical book.

At nine in the morning, Cao Ziyang was still immersed in the medical book, but he was destined to be unable to continue reading. The village chief came knocking on the door and shouted in an anxious tone, Ziyang, have you woken up? Look at the door …"

The village chief's tone was so anxious, Cao Ziyang thought that something was amiss with Xiao Jing, of course he did not dare delay for even a second, and immediately got off the bed, went outside and opened the door: Did something happen to Xiao Jing?

The village chief shook his head and said, Hurry up and change your clothes. But remember, we cannot tell anyone about what we have taken. With that, the Village Head immediately ran off and knocked on the door next door …

What was going on? Why would he go up the mountain so early in the morning? The Village Chief did not say it clearly, but from the looks of it, it was not a trivial matter. Thus, Cao Ziyang immediately went back to his room to wash up and change his clothes.

The path up the mountain was crowded with many people. Basically, all the men of various sizes were gathered together by the Village Head. In addition, most of them had tools such as hoes, shovels, sacks, baskets, etc. However, no one knew what was going on. The Village Chief did not explain everything to everyone.

When he had just left the village, he had seen many small cars at the entrance. One of them was a police car, the other two were not obviously beautiful, but they were expensive cars, and it was obvious that they were not from the town. They came from the county or

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