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The Master Bodyguard: Volume 4

The Master Bodyguard: Volume 4

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The Master Bodyguard: Volume 4

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Lançado em:
Oct 17, 2019


Zhao Long was an ordinary high school graduate. When he signed up for the army, the Goddess of Luck had cared for him and joined this mysterious army. From then on, his life was going to be very different …
Lançado em:
Oct 17, 2019

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The Master Bodyguard - LenghaiYinshi



I calmly stood in front of Yang Ming, the red Boxing Gloves in my hand was still worn backwards, my thumb pointing downwards, causing another wave of laughter.

Hey, the gloves are on the wrong side of your body! Yang Ming reminded as he raised his head.

I shook my head. It's alright. I'm used to it!

Yang Ming ignored me and walked a few steps closer to me. He used his teeth to inhale a breath of cool air. All of a sudden, he felt extremely comfortable. You guys come together, let go of the fight, don't take it easy. Of course, do not carry any burdens, even if you lose to me, it will be alright! " Yang Ming proudly raised his black Boxing Gloves and fiercely threw two punches into the air. His speed was astonishing, and his punches were extremely fierce, causing the security guards to cheer.

I smiled and stood still. Captain Yang, the two of us will have to play. As for the three of them, don't participate! I pointed to the three security guards who were already equipped and ready to go — Sun Shitou, Liu Cheng and Zhao Yulong. The three security guards were immediately stunned, they stared at Yang Ming with longing eyes.

Yang Ming was stunned for a moment. He thought that this fool's tone was not small, and probingly asked, You don't regret it?

I nodded. It would be better if I could take all four of them at once!

Yang Ming sneered, Fuck, you're quite noble. Alright, I agree! Then, he waved to Sun Shitou and the other security guards: All of you can watch from the side, get down! Yang Ming was exceptionally proud in his heart. He thought, The person this captain wants to deal with the most is you. This is even better. One on one, watch this captain make you feel embarrassed in front of the entire team and the two senior executives!

Hearing Yang Ming's words, the three security guards immediately took off their Boxing Gloves and heaved a sigh of relief, as if they had suddenly been liberated, excited and happy.

To me, they simply bow down in gratitude …

When I stood together with Yang Ming, there was a huge contrast. Yang Ming was tall and muscular while I was of a neutral height and build. Compared to him, it was like comparing a lion to a monkey.

Amongst the two hundred or so team members present, many of them had good relations with me and were worried for me.

Fu Shengbing hummed Zhou Jie Lun's Double Slicer as he hugged his arms proudly in front of his chest. He was waiting for the start of the good show quietly, and his face was already blooming with happiness. She had been looking forward to Yang Ming being ruthless and beating up this silly security squad leader until he could vent the hatred in his heart … She would always remember that fiery slap, damn it, it almost ruined her face!

Fu Shengyi anxiously pulled at the corner of her sister's clothes. His face was filled with fear, and his mouth kept humming, Holy Spirit, Earth Spirit, Class Rep Zhao, work hard … She did not care if the rhyme did not rhyme, but these words of praise came out of her mouth in a panic.

The boxing competition officially began …

Yang Ming's black gloves once again drew a beautiful straight line in the air, as an opening statement.

I only slightly raised my hands in a fighting position.

Yang Ming stood on his tiptoes, his body swaying like a boxing master.

I just stood still, looking at my opponent.

Yang Ming shouted, I'm punching out! If you want to use your full strength, I won't let you off!

Then he swung his fist.

He was very fast and his footwork was also very fast. In my eyes, I could clearly see every step and every blink of his eyes.

The boxing made Yang Ming extremely excited. After tidying up my wish, he was able to unleash the full potential within his body. Using the method of boxing to educate his subordinates was one of Yang Ming's most proud methods!

Thus, he would not show mercy.

His first punch struck me squarely in the face. In his opinion, I had no room for evasion. He believed in his own fist speed.

I didn't have any motivation to defend myself at all. This quick punch was aimed right at my face --


What was going on?

Just as Yang Ming's fist was about to hit my head, my head tilted slightly and I easily dodged it … Moreover, before Yang Ming could react, he saw a red object stop in front of his eyes.

Yang Ming clearly saw — — That is my Boxing Gloves!

Moreover, this patch of red was only a centimeter away from Yang Ming's nose.

If I didn't stop, Yang Ming's nose would have been broken …

This punch was simply too fast. It was as fast as lightning.

Yang Ming was stunned.

But he had no choice, and in an instant his head jerked back, dodging the fist that had stopped in front of me. However, a string of cold sweat abruptly appeared on his forehead … He realized that his opponent's punch was as fast as a ghost, and he had underestimated his opponent too much. Furthermore, the opponent was too strong. His strength could not be described with words.

He was prepared to use this opportunity to launch a sneak attack. Although it was a boxing competition, there was no rule forbidding the use of one's feet. Yang Ming had no choice but to use this tactic.

Yang Ming first waved his fist in front of me. Then, his right leg shot out at an incredible speed towards my lower abdomen.

However, I lowered my body while pressing down with my right hand to block, easily neutralizing Yang Ming's sneak attack.

Yang Ming secretly thought to himself: His defense is so fast!

However, before Yang Ming could continue his attack, he suddenly sensed a strong gust of wind and stopped in front of him.

That kick was too fast!

Before Yang Ming could react, a foot stopped firmly in front of him.

The leg was only about a centimeter away from Yang Ming's face.

The entire audience was shocked! Everyone's mouth was wide open in shock!

The two hundred plus security guards, including the Fu Shengbing Sisters, were all stunned!

Yang Ming's eyes flickered as he broke out in a cold sweat, frozen on the spot.

How could he dare to retaliate? What qualifications does he have to fight back?

Yang Ming was sure of his victory, but he didn't expect that in just two moves, I would have defeated him twice with an absolute advantage!

He had done his best!

He didn't dare look at my face.

This was the first time he felt such a great humiliation. The strength of his opponent was ten thousand times stronger than he had imagined.

My foot stopped in front of Yang Ming for five seconds. The surrounding atmosphere also froze for five seconds. Yang Ming's body also trembled for five seconds …

At this moment, the air was very tranquil, so quiet that one could hear the sounds of breathing in the surroundings.

The moment I stopped with lightning speed, the world began to boil.

I indifferently looked at Yang Ming, who was sweating profusely in front of me, and asked, Captain Yang, do you still want to compete?

Yang Ming glanced at me pathetically, as depressed as an eggplant. His face was flushed as he experienced a shame he had never felt before.

Of course, he did not know that the security class monitor standing in front of him had once been a world-class rogue champion!

He did not reply. He only sighed and returned to his office.

Clang! Clang! A sound came from the office. It was unknown what he was venting his anger on.

The Security Force members of the Yi Shidong Class all rushed forward and surrounded me.

As they exchanged words, everyone's faces were brimming with an incredulous smile.

Class Rep Zhao, you are so awesome at boxing, why didn't you say so earlier? If you had said it earlier, I would have acknowledged you as my master!

Class Rep Zhao, you have broken the legend of the Captain Yang being undefeatable in the Company … You are simply an idol in my heart! "


Following that, the other class leaders and members of the class also gathered around as they discussed amongst themselves …

The discussions and adoration of the team members stimulated Yang Ming, who had gone into the office to hide, and he heard the office door being heavily kicked. With a ka sound, the office door was closed.

Fu Shengbing and Fu Shengbing stood in their original position for a long time.

Fu Shengyi's face was brimming with a smile, the awe-inspiring movements were still being played in her mind. In her opinion, this seemingly ordinary class monitor had given her too many surprises and surprises. Just what kind of person was he? It was hard for people to understand him. He was like a mystery, and every time he solved a mystery, he would give off a sense of excitement.

Yes, he easily broke the unbeatable legend of Yang Ming.

From then on, the saying 'Fighting with Yang Ming = courting death' was no longer valid!

Moreover, this matter will definitely shock the entire Hua Tai Security Company!

Damn, he's too handsome! Fu Shengbing's eyes were still fixed on the technique he had just displayed, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Although he hated that Class Rep Zhao Long, he was shocked!

Fu Shengbing thought: If he did not slap his in the face in the beginning, maybe I could have become good friends with him, or even dump my disappointing husband and develop with him. Because of his image in his heart, because of this boxing contest, suddenly changed from a cockroach that he really wanted to crush to death, to a fierce tiger coming down the mountain with a strong male aura. She liked manly men, and he liked hard-fist models. Her boyfriend was a top student in school sports. He knew martial arts and had good physical fitness … However, how could he be willing to let go of Zhao Long? He had never been hit since he got out of his mother's womb, and it was such a resounding slap on the face!

As a result, even if his image had become somewhat lofty in his heart, hatred was, after all, hatred. It would not be easily resolved!

That slap was not that simple!

Fu Shengbing's expression gradually changed from incredulity to worship, then to applause. But in the end, it returned to a state of disdain and hatred.

Fu Shengbing thought in his heart: No matter how high your martial arts level is, I'm still afraid of the kitchen knife. I will take revenge for that slap sooner or later!

Fu Shengbing turned his head and saw his sister Fu Shengyi looking forward with adoration. He could not help but scold his, Sheng Yi, let's go home!

The smile on Fu Shengyi's face suddenly stopped, and he pouted as he pleaded: Sis, let's stay here a little longer, it's so lively!

Fu Shengbing scolded him: Stupid my ass, if Yang Ming wins, then there's still a need to stay. But that smelly Class Rep won, this lady is annoyed!

Fu Shengyi held her sister's arm and said, Sis, can you not be angry at Class Rep Zhao? Didn't you worship those white-browed chieftain type heroes? I feel that the Class Rep Zhao is quite similar to them!

Is he even worthy to be compared with the white-browed chieftain? Fu Shengbing took out his cell phone and looked at the picture of the 'white-browed chieftain' that was set as wallpaper.

Fu Shengyi was right, his sister was a hero who worshipped those who had great martial arts skills and roamed the world, her personality was a bit heaven-defying, most girls loved to watch romance novels or love dramas, but she was different. She liked to watch wuxia novels or wuxia TV dramas, which made his fall madly in love with the main character, Xu Liang.


Fu Shengbing turned on the music player, and it started to play the theme song white-browed chieftain, the powerful melody instantly filling the entire basement:

He was the hero of the day;

He has a heart of the sea and the sky;

He was a peerless chivalrous figure;

He had superb martial arts.

To fight against injustice with righteousness and righteousness;

Two ribs in a knife proud life;

His story is widely spread;

and his story is being told, and it's being told, and it's going to be said, "Oh, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God!

… ….

While listening to the song, and looking at the Class Rep Zhao that was being chased around, Fu Shengbing was startled.

Damn, against the background of this music, that shitty class rep really does have the air of a chivalrous hero!

… …. His dark expression, his unfathomable eyes, his good manners — there was something different about him!

For a moment, Fu Shengbing was infatuated with her.

But when he thought of that slap, that feeling immediately vanished.

Sis, let's go and comfort big brother Yang. He might be feeling very uncomfortable right now … … The kind Fu Shengyi said again.

Fu Shengbing frowned and closed the music player on his phone. Annoyed, he replied, No time. Yang Ming is not as cowardly as you think! As Fu Shengbing spoke, he pulled his sister's arm and urged her: Come, follow me home!"

I will not answer. I still need to talk to the Class Rep Zhao later! Fu Shengyi laughed.

Fu Shengbing rolled his eyes at her, and said: Then I'll go back first, if I lose you, I won't care!

Sis, why are you in such a hurry to go back? Can't you stay with me for a while longer? Fu Shengyi felt wronged and said.

Fu Shengbing said impatiently: I need to go back and check the internet for the update on < Old Demon Black Mountain >. If he doesn't update, I'll smash him to death with two bricks!

Fu Shengyi looked at her sister with a wronged expression, and muttered: Sis, you're almost crazy because of the wuxia novels!

Fu Shengbing laughed coldly: I just want that feeling! Little kid, you don't understand!

After saying that, he disappeared into the basement …

Fu Shengyi looked at his sister's figure, and could not help but sigh.

Then, the kind Fu Shengyi walked into Yang Ming's office. She knew that Yang Ming was feeling a little depressed right now, so she had to comfort him …

Fifteen minutes later, Fu Shengyi came out from the office. Luckily, Yang Ming had managed to calm himself down and she felt a little gratified.

The security guards outside the door had all dispersed. Fu Shengyi glanced left and right, but he did not see the shadow of the Class Rep Zhao, and felt a bit disappointed.

Just as she was about to move, a familiar figure appeared before her.

It was me.

Fu Shengyi immediately smiled and called out to me: Class Rep Zhao!

This girl has some sense of propriety. In public, she doesn't call me Big Brother Zhao.

Fu Shengyi skipped over to me and saw that I was holding a bag of Engraved Cleansing Powder in my hands. Where are you going, Class Rep Zhao?

I said smilingly, I'm still washing the clothes in the washroom. I haven't had the chance to wash them!

Fu Shengyi laughed and said: Class Rep Zhao, washing clothes is a girl's business. In the future, I will take care of all your clothes. In the future, I'll help you wash it!

I felt flattered. No need, Sheng Yi, thank you.

Fu Shengyi snatched the sculpted detergent from my hands and said: It's a deal then …. Class Rep Zhao, go and ask for a leave of absence to send me home. Come to our house, it's very close!

I rejected it thrice, but when I saw Fu Shengyi's pleading eyes, I knew that if I did not agree, it would disappoint Fu Shengyi.

I just nodded.

Knocking on the door of the captain's office made me feel somewhat complicated in my heart. After all, I had just given Yang Ming some face, so I wanted to ask him for a leave of absence … It was a bit of a show-off.

Yang Ming's face did not look good. There was a pile of torn pieces of paper on the table, but no one knew what it was. The office was also in a mess. Four or five pairs of Boxing Gloves were strewn all over the floor, and the laptop on the table seemed to have been abused by Yang Ming.

Seeing me come in, Yang Ming threw the toothpick for picking teeth onto the ground, and once again used his little finger to dig. He said expressionlessly: What is it, Class Rep Zhao! His tone clearly lacked a lot of confidence.

I replied, I want to go out for an hour.

Yang Ming smacked his lips and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying, Go, go … …

Thank you Captain Yang, then I will write a note asking for leave first! In my memory, he had never agreed so readily to leave.

No need... No need to write anymore. Just come back on time. Yang Ming said softly.

I nodded. It looked like Yang Ming had taken quite a blow today. His voice was as gentle as a woman's!

Just as I was about to leave, Yang Ming suddenly asked, Class Rep Zhao, can you tell me what you were doing before you became a security guard?

Only the heavens knew how much courage Yang Ming had spent with these words!

I turned around and smiled. I'm a soldier.

Where do you want to be a soldier? Could it be that you're a special guard, or a special forces soldier?

Something like that! No, I replied.

Yang Ming was at a loss... Because he knew clearly in his heart, ordinary special forces were not even worth mentioning in his eyes.

When I came out from the captain's office, I saw that Fu Shengyi had already come out from the washroom, and even took out a plastic bag to put away my clothes. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed inside, there were his underwear and socks … Letting Director Fu wash it for him with two thousand gold was too shocking, right?

Halfway there, I asked tentatively, Sheng Yi, how about I send you to the door? You go back yourself.

Why is that, Big Brother Zhao? The moment they left the house, Fu Shengyi's way of addressing him became more intimate.

Your sister doesn't welcome me. I said.

Fu Shengyi laughed heartily: That won't happen! You don't know, when you defeated Captain Yang's Big Brother Yang, my Big Sis was almost mesmerized to death by you, and she said … He said you were too handsome! My sister, she likes to read martial arts novels. She has always treated people with strong martial arts skills as her own Prince Charming. You were so incredible that you managed to stun her … She won't blame you!

It can't be? I asked.

It's true! Fu Shengyi said cutely.

I chuckled, but I didn't decline either.

Tianlong Tower, 2nd floor, room 202. It was the Fu family's two sisters' new residence.

Typical three rooms, two halls, complete with furniture, appliances and luxurious decorations. The entire room was filled with a delicate fragrance.

Fu Shengyi poured me a cup of tea, took some fruits and placed them on the tea table. He took the clothes out of the plastic bag and put them into the washing machine.

I ate a banana and heard the hum of the washing machine. It felt like a dream. Other than my mother, there are only two girls in this world who have washed their own clothes. One is my ex-girlfriend, You Meng, and the other is Director Fu's two thousand gold, Fu Shengyi.


That little girl Fu Shengyi, was too cute and too kind …

I got up and walked to the washroom.

Fu Shengyi was squatting next to the washing machine, using his hands to wash my underwear … A few scatters of laundry powder splashed on her black stockings, forming tiny bubbles. Half of her smooth thighs were exposed, while a few traces of moisture could be seen on them. Her small hands, as exquisite as jade, gently rubbed it. A smile still hung on her face, and the dimples on his cheeks were especially clear. The fork in her chest was faintly discernible as a deep, small cleavage that signified the fullness of her chest …

Fu Shengyi who had just turned seventeen and already matured, who knew how she would shake the masses after growing up …

There was a burning sensation on my face.

Sensing my arrival, Fu Shengyi slightly blushed as she explained, Big Brother Zhao, I need to wash my underwear by hand before I can come here, hehe!

I didn't know what to do. I felt more and more that I was being too cruel, actually having Director Fu's daughter wash my underwear for me!

Fu Shengyi said as he washed, Big Brother Zhao, give me all of your clothes that you want to wash in the future. I'll help you wash them. Since we're so close to each other, it's very convenient to have a washing machine at home!"

I was at a loss, feeling that all of this was not really real … Yet the little Sheng Yi in front of him was so real, so cute, so naive, and so beautiful!

She was just like an angel!

Fu Shengyi rubbed his neck for a while, feeling that the Motorola L7 phone hanging around his neck was a hindrance, he raised his head and said: Big Brother Zhao, help me take my phone, it's not good!

Oh. I took the phone off my good neck and a natural scent filled my nostrils, drowning out the pungent smell of washing powder.

I couldn't bear to watch any longer, so I turned and left the washroom.

It's very dramatic... Thinking about how Fu Shengyi would wash my clothes, I felt both pity and shock.

What ability did he have to be cared for by the Fu family's two thousand gold?

I went out on the balcony and looked out. Outside, the lights were on, the sounds of cars and engines were endless, and I could even hear the faint sound of music coming from several nearby concert halls.

A few pieces of clothes were hanging out on the balcony. They were all girl's clothes, such as a sexy bra and lace panties. I don't know if it's Fu Shengbing's … or Fu Shengyi's ….

A light breeze blew in through the cracks of the balcony window.

Suddenly, a pair of red lace panties on the clothesline slipped down, unable to bear the external force.

My hands were quick. Before this piece of clothes landed, I caught it in my hand. It felt soft and smooth …

… ….

Just at this time, Fu Shengyi's sister Fu Shengbing rushed out of the bedroom and shouted the moment he stepped out: Sheng Yi, Sheng Yi … Hurry, hurry, give me the account number I gave you to apply for at the starting point, then dream of entering Shen Ji. I've waited for half an hour and still haven't updated, smashing two of his bricks isn't satisfying, and then smashing two of his bricks from your account so that he won't update …

she shouted angrily as she hurried this way, and suddenly she found herself standing on the balcony of her house.


Wasn't that the smelly Class Rep? Why is he here?

Ah... Why was he still holding his lace panties in his hand?

At this time, Fu Shengbing was only wearing a simple set of white dress, extremely short. The bottom part of his body was just hidden, his pure white thighs were exposed, and a pair of red line slippers was on his feet. After all, this was his home, and he could dress up as he pleased.


She stared at me with her mouth wide open in shock and a ferocious look in her eyes. Her eyes were filled with a cold and mocking glint. He also saw the Class Rep Zhao holding her small underwear on the balcony … Let's see how he will end this!

Seeing me hang my undergarments on the clothesline again, Fu Shengbing cursed: Rascal! Great hooligan! I didn't expect a smelly security guard like you to be such a hooligan and have such wild thoughts about me using my underwear, right?

Just as I was about to explain, Fu Shengyi had already arrived as if caught on fire. Hearing his sister's call, she hurried over before he had time to wipe her hands. Her delicate hands were covered in washing powder and foam. Her body was also wet.

Seeing this, while rubbing the moisture on his hands, Fu Shengyi asked curiously: What's wrong, Big Sis?

Fu Shengyi pointed at me angrily and asked his sister, Why did you bring this smelly security guard and big pervert to our home?

Fu Shengyi innocently said, Sis, why do you say that about Brother Zhao … The Class Rep Zhao? I asked him to take me home. Sis, can you stop hating Class Rep Zhao? You saw it today, the Class Rep Zhao is very powerful, he even beat big brother Yang Ming!

Powerful my ass! It's just a big pervert! " Fu Shengbing scolded.

Sis, you're not allowed to falsely accuse a good person! Fu Shengyi pouted his lips and glared at his elder sister. His beautiful eyes were filled with grievance and dissatisfaction.

I wronged him? Ask him what he did! Fu Shengbing had the potential to be a shrew. Both of her arms were crossed in front of her chest as the furious flames burned fiercely, causing her not very full chest to slightly move up and down.

I smiled wryly to myself. I helped her pick up her undergarments with good intentions, and instead got bitten by her?

As expected, Fu Shengyi turned to me and his small mouth trembled. He softly asked: Class Rep Zhao, you, what did you do just now?

I blushed and explained, I …. Just now, a piece of clothing was blown to the ground. I picked it up. It was only then that I realized that even though I had done a good deed, it was still hard to explain in such a situation.

After Fu Shengbing heard this, he sneered and said, Pick it up? That is so nice to say... I don't believe it. My underwear fell off when I didn't take off my other clothes. Besides, you didn't drop them when you didn't come. Do you have to wait until you did? What a joke! Trick a three year old child?

Fu Shengyi could not care so much, he wiped his wet hands on his body and pulled his sister's arm: Sis, isn't it just a set of clothes? What are you doing? This is the first time Class Rep Zhao has come to our house, you are …

Before he even finished speaking, Fu Shengbing had released his little sister with one hand and pushed her away as he scolded, Go to hell, what does this child know!? I've seen a lot of these kinds of perverts. Seeing a girl's underwear makes one's imagination run wild …"

Fu Shengyi asked innocently: Sis, what do you mean by underwear control?

Fu Shengbing frowned, and scolded: Sheng Yi, are you really dumb or are you just pretending to be? Underwear control means that men are controlled by underwear, seeing a girl's underwear is like masturbation, some... Some even take underwear … He didn't finish the sentence because it was too hard to say anything.

Sis, how could a man be controlled by underwear? Fu Shengyi asked again.

Fu Shengbing was both amused and angered by his sister's ignorance. He thought to himself: They were all born from the same father and mother, why is there such a huge gap between us?

Sheng Yi, you need to surf the internet more in the future. How ignorant! Now even the children in kindergarten know more than you do! Fu Shengbing frowned and complained to his sister.

Fu Shengyi looked at his sister innocently, and said grievingly: Sis, you're laughing at me again!

Fu Shengbing was lazy to tease his again, so he returned his attention back to me.

I walked out from the balcony. Fu Shengyi was afraid that his sister would attack me again, so he said to me softly: Class Rep Zhao, let's go. Let's go to the living room!

You're not allowed to leave! Fu Shengbing ordered.

Immediately after, Fu Shengbing quickly walked to the balcony, tore off his red lace panties from the clothesline, and quickly opened the window and threw them outside.

This way, Fu Shengbing's heart could be considered to be satisfied. He sneered at me: Whatever you touch, this lady won't wear even if I throw it away!

I shook my head and chuckled. Miss Fu, I know that you have complaints about me … …

Fu Shengbing snatched back the words he was about to say and shouted loudly: Big opinion!

However, I must remind you that your young miss' temper should be changed. Otherwise, you will still be at a disadvantage when the time comes! I continued.

What are you talking about? You actually dare to teach me … Just as Fu Shengbing was reprimanding his with all his might, he suddenly heard a gust of wind. The window was still open, and a cool breeze pierced in from the outside. The hot wind blew his hair into a mess, blinding her eyes. Even the thin white dress on her body fluttered with the wind …

The wind blew Fu Shengbing's skirt up, revealing his thin, white underwear. After all, her skirt was too short, light and thin, unable to withstand the gentle breeze.

Spring had broken out!

Fu Shengyi quickly shouted at his sister: Sis, Sis, Dress, Dress!

While shouting, Fu Shengyi tugged on my arm and anxiously said: Class Rep Zhao, turn back ….

I turned, wondering what this was all about.

However, he was not lazy to fight with Fu Shengbing.

Fu Shengbing used the Great Art of the Demoness and used both hands to press down on his pants. Then, he heavily closed the window and scolded, This damn weather!

Fu Shengyi's eyes flashed, and laughed: Sis, there is wind outside! Now you believe your clothes were blown off by the wind? You can't blame Class Rep Zhao for picking it up for you with good intentions …

Before he finished speaking, Fu Shengbing angrily waved his hand and said, Shut up! In his heart, however, he was thinking, There is indeed such a possibility …" His underwear was so light, and it did not fit on the clothes rack … Did he really wrongly accuse this smelly Class Rep?

So what if he was wronged? So what if he was wronged once? What a pity it was that she threw away the lace panties, that was Joeline Jocelyn, the name tag, it was so expensive!

Fu Shengyi looked at her sister aggrievedly and said: Sis, you only know how to be fierce!

With a faint smile, I walked into the living room.

Fu Shengyi followed behind me, preparing to continue washing the clothes.

On the other hand, Fu Shengbing did not continue to rage. After thinking for a moment, he ran downstairs like a wisp of smoke and picked up his underwear …

After Fu Shengyi finished washing his clothes, he turned to me and said shyly, Big Brother Zhao, there is something I need to discuss with you!

What is it? I asked as I smoked.

Fu Shengyi's face slightly flushed, and said: Big Brother Zhao, your clothes have been washed. Can you take it back to dry with a plastic bag? I'm afraid that if my sister saw me hanging around the house, she would scold me! I am sorry, Big Brother Zhao. She looked at me pleadingly.

Yes. I don't know what to make of this innocent, beautiful little girl. I even thought, how can there be such a kind and pure angel in this world? It was already a myth that a wealthy family would wash the clothes of an unknown security squad leader. After doing so, they would apologize to him as if they had done something wrong. Looking at Fu Shengyi's clear eyes, my heart was deeply moved.

Fu Shengyi took a plastic bag and packed my clothes, sending me downstairs. He smiled and said, Big Brother Zhao, from now on, let me help you wash your clothes. You need to free up some more time to manage your clothes.

I chuckled. There's no need for that, Sheng Yi. Thank you.

Fu Shengyi pouted: Why? Big Brother Zhao, do you find me unclean?

I shook my head, only to realize that Fu Shengyi's body was still drenched from washing his clothes.

Hehe, I'm so happy to wash your clothes! Big Brother Zhao, you are the most outstanding Squad Leader I have ever seen! Fu Shengyi laughed.

Don't praise me...

Easy to be proud, right? Hehe, I hope that you can one day become the pride of Security Company Hua Tai! Fu Shengyi said happily.

I gently smiled. Listening to Fu Shengyi's satisfied words, all of my worries would be thrown away.

After bidding farewell to Fu Shengyi, he returned to the basement to hang up his clothes. Only then did he realise that there was an additional fragrance on his clothes, not the smell of washing powder but the smell of Fu Shengyi's body.

Just as he finished drying his clothes, he heard someone shouting in the corridor, Zhao Long, where am I, come out!

His voice was rough and grand.

I followed the voice and saw the owner of the voice in front of the captain's office.

A tall and robust man who wore imitation public security short sleeves was shouting while frowning and rolling his arms.

I know him, he's the business department manager, Ah Yong, who got the title 'Two Great Terrorism' from Yang Ming.

Manager Zhao is looking for me? I asked. Speaking of which, this Ah Yong has the same surname as me.

Seeing that his prey had appeared, Ah Yong frowned and crossed his arms. He frowned, and the word 'King' vaguely appeared on his forehead. He looked very similar to Hong Kong movie star Cheng Kui An, so the guys he was very familiar with all called him 'Big Fool'.

Fuck you! You're Zhao Long?! Ah Yong asked deeply. Before this, Ah Yong did not pay attention to me, he only heard about his second or third year in the capital, and started paying attention to this name. Today, the headquarter had just received a salary. This godly person immediately became lustful and insisted on coming to Wangjing to try out the taste of Miss Korea. Yang Ming was the boss of the Wangjing Squadron, so they naturally had to meet. Moreover, he also wanted to meet with the little class monitor who dared to challenge Chairman A to a fight.

I hated people who used dirty words like Manager Zhao the most, so I reminded him indifferently: You are disappointed, I don't have a master!

Ah Yong was surprised. This little security guard was awesome, he was still not willing to scold him?

Compared to Yang Ming, Ah Yong's reputation was definitely above nothing. He himself was born into a gang, sold Ice Poison at a music hall, and even spent time in prison. This was a character that could fly into a rage if he said something incorrectly. He was different from Yang Ming, Yang Ming was still able to use some of his playthings, but he couldn't. I'm just going to go straight to the point. I'll go to whoever I want to go to. The reason Director Fu dug Ah Yong out from the company was actually because he wanted to borrow a knife to kill someone. Generally speaking, the people who recruited the Security Company were all intermediaries, and the majority of these intermediaries were made up of gangsters from the underworld. Usually, the intermediaries wanted to introduce the security to the Security Company, but it would be a little difficult.


Why? Because being a security agent was a big deal, just like trafficking in human beings. Introducing a security guard to the Security Company, at least one hundred and two hundred years away, there would be three to five hundred security guards during festivals. The black intermediary relied on coaxing the migrant workers into making a living, using coaxing and even violent means to hand over the job seeker to the Security Company, in order to obtain a large amount of fees.

As for Ah Yong, Director Fu had arranged for these dark intermediaries to be dealt with, because there were a lot of benefits involved … In front of Ah Yong, those hooligans did not dare to be too presumptuous. It was because Ah Yong came out early and he also had a lot of brothers in the underworld.

As such, no matter how many good people there were in the Security Company, especially when one was the leader, it was impossible to be a kind person!

Unless one had the ability to do so, one would be toyed to death!

Seeing that my tone was straight, Ah Yong called me into the Company Leader's office.

Seeing this, Yang Ming hurriedly dodged out of sight.

What Ah Yong wanted to do, he did not dare interfere. Besides, if he really wants to take care of me, then that's exactly what Yang Ming wants …

Ah Yong frowned as he looked at me, the word King on his forehead disappeared, he lit a cigarette and said roughly: Zhao Long, sit down and chat! Ah Yong seemed to have touched my profound gaze, because he suddenly lost control of his emotions.

I sat across from Ah Yong and didn't say a word. I quietly watched the manager who looked like Cheng Kui'an.

Brat, you're awesome. The chairman of Party A dares to offend him. Have you eaten a leopard's gall bladder? Ah Yong also wanted to use this matter to teach me a lesson. He was a busybody. He was the manager of the department, so it was one thing to deal with those hoodlums. However, he liked to interfere in matters outside of his scope of work. Anyone he disliked had to intervene.

I asked, Is this the reason why Manager Zhao is looking for me?

Ah Yong slapped the table, the word King on his forehead became clear once again: Fuck you, why are you spouting so much nonsense!

I said, Manager Zhao, I just said that I don't have an uncle!

Ah Yong was stunned at first, but then he laughed at himself. He was used to being bullied like this, after all, he wasn't used to it.

Are you tired of being a class monitor? Ah Yong laughed until he was angry, then squinted his eyes and looked at me.

I said smilingly, Manager Zhao, this doesn't seem to be something that you should be worrying about, right?

Ah Yong felt like laughing. It was all too sudden, he couldn't take it anymore … After entering the Security Company, there had never been anyone who dared to speak to him in such a manner — of course, with the exception of Director Fu.

Heh, you're quite unreasonable, Class Rep Zhao! Ah Yong said in a rather intimidating manner.

I smiled indifferently, I don't dare to. I'm just telling the truth.

Ah Yong slapped the table again, and cursed: F * ck you, don't you know that Brother Yong is very angry? The consequences will be severe! The 'King' on his face became even more prominent.

I knew who he was, so I didn't want to get entangled with him. I stood up and declined, "Even if Manager Zhao doesn't have anything to do with me, I'll go back first.

And then he wanted to walk out!


Before he even reached the door, he heard Ah Yong's order.

I stopped, Ah Yong had already stood up and walked over, the word 'King' on his face also relaxed.

I'll go with you! Ah Yong pulled at the corner of his clothes with his big and sturdy hands, tidied up his clothes, and said.

Ah? The change in Yin Qing was too fast!

A false alarm!

I naturally did not refuse. After putting on my hat and taking my walkie-talkie, I brought Ah Yong and rushed to the Yi Shidong Hotel.

On the way, I looked at Ah Yong a few times and realised that there were a few dried things at the zipper of Ah Yong's blue pants … It's like a scab. Only now did he understand why Ah Yong had turned the tables on him. Although Ah Yong and I have never interacted before, his reputation is extremely well-known in Hua Tai Corporation. For example, when Ah Yong led people to beat up the team leader for a certain event and when a team member disobeys him and got him to use his fist to 'teach' them a lesson … And so on, so on, of course, other than that, Ah Yong's name was also derived from his' lecherous act '. According to legend, once Ah Yong had closed himself off in the Operations Department and watched the A footage of him hitting the airplane. Of course, these were spread by Ah Yong himself. He had never hidden his lustful nature … As such, this was a terrifying man who did not have any mysterious feelings to him!

As expected, Ah Yong also revealed the truth to me. As it turns out, his main reason for coming to the capital was to find a place for the Korean girl at the Yi Shidong Hotel, and for this wish, he was prepared to pay this month's salary as a bonus. As Ah Yong lifted his belt, he asked me, Xiao Zhao, I'll give you a difficult mission. Help me inspect who is the most coquettish amongst all the Korean girls in this hotel … Also, can you break the relationship between us?"

I replied, I'm not familiar with them. I don't know any of them.

Ah Yong frowned, and retorted: F * ck …. Damn it, it can't be, right? You brat, you fooled around at Yi Shidong Hotel for nothing!

I smiled and said, I'm in charge of security and not a staff member of the KTV department!

You have to understand that, don't you? Look at that bastard Yang Ming, he has fooled several of them … Not good, Xiao Zhao! Ah Yong sneered.

While she was speaking, the Yi Shidong Hotel was already revealed in front of her.

The security guard at the east gate recognized Ah Yong, he stood up straight and gave a dignified salute: Hello, Manager Zhao … Why did the Manager Zhao come to Wang Jing?

Ah Yong ignored him and said to me instead, "Fuck, no wonder Boss Fu praised you at the company's backbone meeting, you did a good job leading your team!

I jokingly said, Don't praise me, it's easy to be proud!

Ah Yong bared his teeth and laughed, Sh * t … F * ck you! I said you're fat and you're breathing too much!

I suddenly feel that Ah Yong is a little cute. This guy was ferocious, but he was also a bit stupid. It was like a character in a Hong Kong movie where the movie star Cheng Kui An was … Even if he were to change his way of speaking to other people, I would no longer try to compare myself with him.

A few fashionable beauties from the acting department walked over shoulder to shoulder, talking and laughing. Ah Yong was instantly stupefied by what he saw … These girls had good figures and were all over 1.7 meters tall. They were all dressed in revealing clothes and had long legs with jade-like arms, exposing their navels. Are these the hotel ladies? This is too perfect! " Ah Yong looked straight at the beautiful girls and asked me.

They are dancers from the acting department. They perform every night when guests are having a buffet! I said.

An actor... I thought it was a chicken! She's dressed up so coquettishly!" Ah Yong complained.

At this moment, another beauty came out of the elevator. Her footsteps were thumping as she walked towards them.

Ah Yong's eyes immediately lit up, even the thing in his crotch suddenly awakened like a sleeping lion.

The beautiful woman was dressed in a fashionable Han dress. Her sky-blue skirt was heavily dotted with red cherries, shiny yellow and violet sequins. Lights flashed in her hair, and a special glow seeped into her face. Her long hair draped over her shoulders and neck. A light breeze blew, causing a few strands of her messy hair to dance in the wind. A black belt was tied around her waist, blocking the originally slightly fat Han Gu. As she walked, she inadvertently held onto a strand of hair on her shoulder with one hand and moved the other hand slowly with her other hand following the rhythm of her body. The other hand, she wore a pair of elegant black leather shoes on her foot. The crystal accessory around his neck vibrated slightly with each step, emitting a pleasant sound.

This woman had a threatening air of heroism between her brows, and her entire body was exuding the aura of a noble.

Ah Yong was dumbstruck and his mouth gaped open for a long time. Xiao Zhao, what is this beauty doing? " Because of this woman's appearance, Ah Yong felt that the beautiful acting girls from earlier had instantly lost their luster. Under the protection of this beauty, those few girls could no longer be considered as beauties.

I said indifferently: She is the chairman of the Yi Shidong Hotel, Jinquan!

Ah Yong looked as if he had been knocked on the head. But his eyes never left the slim figure of the golden bell. She is the Jinquan that you were against? F * ck your grandfather, he's so righteous! Brat, you're quite capable. You don't even fawn over such a beautiful boss and instead, you're actually opposing each other … You are truly manly, Brother Yong admires you! " As Ah Yong said this, he glanced at the valiant and formidable golden bell undisguised.

When Jin Ling noticed me, her eyebrows creased slightly. However, she didn't stop and instead, quickened her pace.

As he brushed past them, a burst of fragrance wafted through the air.

After a long time, Ah Yong finally regained his senses and entered the hall accompanied by me.

Ah Yong said without hiding anything: Xiao Zhao ah, I don't have enough money, it's only enough for me to fight him alone, next time I'll invite you to pick up girls!

I gave a faint smile and left the lobby.

After about an hour, Ah Yong came out of the lobby and found me at the east gate.

Fuck you … The little brother was disappointing and dismounted in less than ten minutes. Han Niu'er was indeed pretty and sexy, but it was too expensive … Three thousand yuan, and it felt good for ten minutes … Sigh! Ah Yong shouted in regret. Actually, every time he looked for Young Miss, he would be in high spirits, but after finding her, he would feel some regret. He was a typical member of the Moonlight Clan. At least half of his monthly salary was spent cleanly within two days, and the type of consumption was always related to women.

For some reason, Ah Yong seemed to be extremely interested in me, and so he started to chat with me with great interest. The security guard at the east gate was quite quick-witted, he even tried his best to flatter his class monitor in front of Ah Yong, while exaggerating the fact that I defeated Yang Ming, causing Ah Yong to be stupefied.

I didn't know it, but he's a practitioner son! We'll spar another day when we have time! Ah Yong grinned.

I replied modestly: I don't dare to be conceited in front of the Manager Zhao!

Ah Yong frowned and cursed: Fuck your grandfather, what are you afraid of! It's not a fight!

As he spoke, Ah Yong also felt that it was weird. He changed his catchphrase of 'fuck your grandpa' to 'fuck your grandpa' in front of me.


On the second day after Ah Yong returned to the company, Shi Yun, the manager of the Finance Department, brought Zhao Guangcheng to the Beijing Squadron and paid the members.

The squadron was so close to her new home, and in a few minutes they had arrived at the captain's office.

Who is Shi Yun? It was none other than Director Fu's new wife, who was also Fu Shengyi's stepmother. Fu Shengyi called her Auntie.

Boss Fu could be considered as having good eyesight. Shi Yun was indeed very alluring and feminine, in her thirties, but her appearance was still around twenty years old, making her look young. She was wearing a colorful dress, snow-white skin, thick makeup, and false eyelashes. In the blink of an eye, she seemed to be filled with killing intent.

Usually, the core members of the security guards with even a bit of status in the company would call Director Fu Fugue, and call Shi Yun Sister-in-law.

… ….

When it was time for me to collect my salary, Fu Shengyi wanted to flip the pages of the Wage scale, and reminded Shi Yun: Aunty, my dad said last time that Class Rep Zhao is doing pretty good work, and he wants to give me a bonus. Hehe, don't forget! Then she smiled at me mysteriously, sweetly.

Indeed, aside from the one thousand yuan salary, Shi Yun also gave me a reward of five hundred yuan. Of this one thousand and five hundred dollars, Shi Yun turned the sky and turned the earth upside down three times before handing it to me for me to sign. Then, she did not forget to remind me, Class Rep Zhao, since Director Fu has given you so many rewards, you better not disappoint Director Fu's kind intentions!

Without waiting for me to speak, Fu Shengyi smiled brightly and said, Class Rep Zhao has worked hard. He definitely won't disappoint my father!

Every time Fu Shengyi said a word, Yang Ming, who was checking his time table at the side, frowned. To be honest, he had never been this disappointed before. Ever since he lost his boxing training a few days ago, he discovered that my team members had all supported me to death, and even the two vice captains had gradually distanced themselves from him. Even Fu Shengbing did not worship him as he used to do, he even pestered him to teach her boxing … How could he not be disappointed?

[Did I get isolated by a little class rep when I was such a mighty man?]

Just as I was getting my salary and preparing to leave, a figure suddenly walked in.

It was Security Force's vice-captain Li Quntao.

Yang Ming cursed, Damn it, how can you not know the rules? The final leader of the squadron!

But Li Quntao ignored him, looked at the manager of the administration department, Zhao Guangcheng, then looked at the financial manager, Shi Yun, and said: I am here to expose Captain Yang's corruption!

A single sentence shocked everyone present!

When Li Quntao reported this to the public, Yang Ming had been using his authority to embezzle the salaries of the members. Seven or eight members of the Wangjing Squadron had long left their posts, but Yang Ming did not report it to the company.

When Yang Ming heard this, he nearly collapsed. However, he still wanted to fight with everything he had, so he cursed, F * ck, what right do you have to frame me?

Li Quntao pointed to the time table in Yang Ming's hand and laughed: Based on the time table, a few members have long since left, but their names are still written on the time table, don't you think that's a problem?

Shi Yun immediately questioned Yang Ming, Captain Yang, is what this security guard said true?

Yang Ming still wanted to hide it and said, Sister-in-law, don't believe him …

Zhao Guangcheng was the smart one, he immediately took over the examination desk and let Li Quntao identify the security personnel that were not in service. In this way, even Yang Ming would find it hard to justify his actions.

Yang Ming, who had always been cautious, never thought that he would be defeated by a vice-captain that he promoted.

On the other hand, I can see that Li Quntao is a knowledgeable practical practitioner. When the wind blows, he could also feel that Yang Ming's days of glory are numbered, which was why he took this opportunity to attract the attention of the company's leaders. could be considered a person with ambition and ambitions, he knew that he definitely wouldn't have any development under Yang Ming's hands. His only hope was to step on other people's shoulders and climb up, and use the exposure of Yang Ming to attract the attention of the company's leaders. The company's leaders might put him in great importance because of his righteousness.

Was this considered selling the owner for honor?

Not in my eyes. This was because Yang Ming wasn't worthy of his brothers protecting him.

If Yang Ming could have the slightest bit of respect towards his subordinate, Li Quntao would not have made Li Quntao look so bad!

As they say, karmic retribution!

After confirming Yang Ming's corruption, Shi Yun flew off the ground angrily and said to Zhao Guangcheng: Old Zhao, Yang Ming is too much. We'll report this to Boss Fu when we get back! Shi Yun would never give up on money. Although she had a good impression of Yang Ming before this, it would affect the interests of the Fu family. The salary of seven to eight team members added up to a total of five to six thousand a month. This Yang Ming was simply too audacious!

Zhao Guangcheng nodded his head, but instead called me out the door. He gently spoke to me while stroking his shiny middle head, Class Rep Zhao, let me tell you, Yang Ming has committed a heinous crime this time, and Director Fu might even use this as a reason to remove him. This is a good opportunity for you, watch over Yang Ming closely these few days, don't let him do something so rash and desperate … After giving me a bunch of confused instructions, Zhao Guangcheng was finally relieved. He snapped his fingers and smiled at me.

I just nodded, and I couldn't say anything about it.

After that, the Manager Zhao patted my shoulder and said: Do your job well, I trust you!

Then he entered the captain's office.

At this moment, Yang Ming was like a fat cow waiting to be slaughtered. He no longer spoke, and his face was burning. He really wanted to find a gap to hide in.

Was his heroic name ruined?

Manager Zhao and Shi Yun then praised Li Quntao a few more times, praising him for taking care of the situation. The company would definitely not treat him unfairly, wait …

Manager Zhao did not make a decision about Yang Ming's situation. He was a man of his word. Before Director Fu made up his mind, he absolutely could not alert Yang Ming, lest Yang Ming fell into a desperate situation. But Shi Yun was different. Shi Yun stretched out her slender index finger, pointed at Yang Ming and cursed: You ignorant Captain Yang, the company is spending so much money on you, yet you still dare to do such a thing. Someone like you, scram as soon as you can, Hua Tai Corporation does not lack trash like you …

Zhao Guangcheng tried his best to give Shi Yun a meaningful look and even tried to change the topic by saying something, but Shi Yun refused to listen. Instead, he grumbled at Zhao Guangcheng, Old Zhao, don't interrupt me …

Regarding this, Yang Ming merely hung his head. No matter how amazing he was, he did not dare to be arrogant in front of Boss Fu.

On the other hand, Fu Shengyi had a kind personality and took the initiative to plead for Yang Ming, Auntie, this is Captain Yang's first time committing a crime, please forgive him …

Shi Yun said resolutely, I cannot forgive you! He could no longer be a captain. Who knew how much money he had embezzled from the company … Also, Yang Ming doesn't work that hard, so what's the use of letting him stay with Miss KTV in the bathroom all day long … After all, she was Director Fu's woman, so she was confident when she spoke.

Fu Shengyi shook Shi Yun's arm and said, Auntie, please forgive this time Captain Yang … Why not give the Captain Yang a level lower, and have the Class Rep Zhao be the captain in the capital, the Captain Yang be the vice-captain, and work with the Class Rep Zhao … This is considered punishing him, is that not okay?

The kind and cute Fu Shengyi, when begging for mercy for Yang Ming, didn't forget to mention the incomparably lofty Class Rep Zhao in her heart.

In her heart, the Class Rep Zhao would always be her most powerful support and entrustment …

… ….

However, this time, the mistake did not send Yang Ming to the guillotine. When Manager Zhao and Shi Yun returned back to headquarters, they added oil to the fire and wasted a lot of words in front of Boss Fu, but they still could not bring down Yang Ming. Of course, it wasn't that Director Fu didn't want to deal with him, but he felt that the time was not ripe yet.

Yang Ming, who had been nervous all this

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