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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 3

The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 3

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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 3

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Lançado em:
Oct 11, 2019


Abandoned baby Cao Ziyang obtained an ancient medical book, learned the strange method of medical treatment in the city, triggered a huge earthquake in the medical field...
Lançado em:
Oct 11, 2019

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The Imperial Physician in the City - Mei SanNong



Cao Ziyang: No.

Fang Nan: Then I should be talking to you when I get back home!

Cao Ziyang: I'll go to Japan in two days. I don't know how long I'll be there, so I'll wait for my return.

Fang Nan: Why are you suddenly going to Japan? To work?

Cao Ziyang: Yes, that's right.

Fang Nan: Actually it's fine. It's also good to take the opportunity to broaden my horizon. Don't worry about me, I'm in great health.

Cao Ziyang: She was overworked and had insufficient manpower.

Fang Nan: I think so, she didn't eat anything so she went back to her room. I'll eat, so I won't talk to you anymore.

Seeing that Fang Qian would not call, Cao Ziyang had no choice but to sleep. Sometimes, he suspected that Fang Qian was intentionally playing him, but just as she was about to sleep, Fang Qian called him, as if time was on!

Cao Ziyang answered, Big Sis, I am seven to eight hours faster than you are. It is already late at night, can you please finish what you want to say in one go?

Fang Qian said: I have to think about it, no? You don't need time to consider?"

That's your problem. Why are you bothering me? I'm not your slave, but you're my grandson. What did you do to this grandpa when you were pretending to be a grandson? To think you still think you have reason to do so.

I won't waste time with you. I will give you Wu Chunfeng's compensation, and you can get him to cooperate with Vice President Wu to settle Li Xi's matters. You can do whatever you want, I'll settle the score with you after I return in four days.

Alright, let's settle the score. I'll be waiting for you.

Fang Qian hung up the phone, and Cao Ziyang continued to sleep.

When he woke up on the second day, Cao Ziyang immediately called Wu Chunfeng. Wu Chunfeng was safe, he was eating breakfast and when he received Cao Ziyang's call, he immediately said: Ziyang, what business do you have with me by calling me early in the morning?

Wu Chunfeng spoke so strangely? Isn't that obvious? Could it be that Huang Suning was helping him? A megaphone? Thinking of that, Cao Ziyang said: Nothing much, Fang Qian wants you to find Vice President Wu and settle the score with Li Xi, and let me pass the message.

Sure, no problem.

If there's nothing else, I'll hang up first …

Ziyang, you just woke up? Your voice sounds weird, just like your spring uncle. Recently, all of you have been acting weird, is there something that you're hiding from me? Huang Suning's voice could be heard...

Cao Ziyang broke out in a cold sweat. He had guessed correctly, but fortunately, he replied, No, what is it that I'm hiding from you?

It's good that you don't have any.

Yes, I'm hanging up …

After hanging up the phone, Cao Ziyang continued to sweat profusely. He was lying to Huang Suning, if one day something were to happen to Huang Suning, she really would not know how to face it, in any case, the person Cao Ziyang did not want to deceive the most was Huang Suning!

After smoking for a while, his spirit came back. Cao Ziyang quickly got up, went to wash up, changed his clothes, and went to work …

Back at the hospital, Cao Ziyang opened the breakfast he bought on the way back. Just as he was about to eat, Ouyang Qiu suddenly opened the door and walked in.

Ouyang Qiu shook her head, walking to the opposite side of Cao Ziyang and sat down: I want to chat with you.

What day do you want to talk about during the office hours?

I still have 10 minutes to eat, eat.

I'll wait ten minutes before I eat. Cao Ziyang then closed the plate of breakfast again, Speak, are you looking for me for help again?

Why do you think that of me? Am I that kind of person?"

Isn't it?

Of course not.

Fine, this is what you said. Don't go back on your word.

I won't let you help me, I just want you to help me!

Cao Ziyang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There's a difference?

In my understanding, there is. And it is very big.

You really should see a neurologist.

I'll go take a look later. Let's get down to business first. Ouyang Qiu revealed a bashful smile, I heard from Xiao Xiaoyi that you guys are going to Japan, right?

Right, don't tell me you want to follow?

No, even if I wanted to, if you wanted to, you wouldn't be able to get a certificate, right? Saturday. Ouyang Qiu maintained her bashful smile, I want you to bring me an original set on my behalf... The uniform is coming back.

Cao Ziyang was flabbergasted for three to four seconds and cursed: Is there something wrong with your head? The temptation of uniforms?

I'm not looking at it. I guarantee it, you know, all those that are bought here are pirated copies, and the quality is especially bad. Often the goods are returned wrong, piecemeal, completely unqualified, and of no quality.

If you aren't looking for it, why are you here? Gift gift? Seeing Ouyang Qiu nod her head, Cao Ziyang scolded him again, You are really crazy to give me such a gift."

Don't worry about it. It's not really a gift, it's just … It's not convenient to say. In any case, isn't it just a small matter? I will repay you. You must bring it back for me, or else you will die. Mm, I've finished … Ouyang Qiu hurriedly got up from his chair, I'm at work now, you eat breakfast, don't send me off, I've already given the lunchbox Xiao Xiaoyi to me, just like this, I'll wash up and wait for your return, to comfort you well … …

Ouyang Qiu left quickly, and when the door closed, Cao Ziyang cursed out loud. What the heck was this? ~ Is this Ouyang Qiu? It was shocking time and time again, to the point where they were dumbfounded.

Carry or not? This was a problem! After being at a loss for two minutes, Cao Ziyang started to eat his breakfast again. After finishing his breakfast and reading the medical records, he went to the treatment room to look at two patients. That way, everyone would have time to observe Cao Ziyang's skills. Their acupuncture skills were usually treated with electricity, and Cao Ziyang even used the most ancient hand acupuncture. It was worth observing because they didn't have any techniques. In Cao Ziyang's opinion, electrotherapy was a lazy method. If one used too much of it, one wouldn't even know how to use it. This development was unfavorable to him. But one thing is not otherwise, the effect of electrotherapy is sometimes better than the hand needle, depending on the nature of the treatment!

He went back to his office, drank a cup of tea, sorted out his medical records, and wrote a report on how to improve the medical environment in his department. After all, he had been at work for so many days, so he knew what was wrong and what was not.

When it was noon, Xiao Xiaoyi had just reminded Cao Ziyang that it was already time to eat lunch. Suddenly, the office door was pushed open, and a figure wearing tight clothes walked in.

The person who came was Tao Ranran. As soon as he closed the door, he took off his hat, scarf, and sunglasses, and said to Cao Ziyang: Looks like I'm very lucky. Dr. Cao you are here.

Cao Ziyang said, If it's only five minutes, I won't be here.

That's why I said I was very lucky!

Come and sit! When Tao Ranran came over and sat down, Cao Ziyang looked at her face and said, You've lost a lot of weight, isn't your rehearsal hard? Pay attention to nutrition."

Busy working. Sigh, I'm already used to it. Tao Ranran revealed a smile, a sincere smile, not the kind of professional smirk that would appear on a fan's face, The reason I came looking for you is because your right leg is a little uncomfortable, either it's a sprain or your rehearsal is too excessive.

Cao Ziyang said, Where's your company's doctor? They don't care? "

Not good. I told him to scram …

The stars were hard to serve, but Cao Ziyang was very happy that Tao Ranran could trust him. Let me show you, go to the resting area, please.

Tao Ranran first walked towards the resting area, then took off her shoes and socks. Cao Ziyang put on his medical gloves and walked over, using Tao Ranran's jade-like legs to wrap them around her body to examine them. In fact, he didn't need to ask, just squeeze hard and Tao Ranran would cry out in pain, but it wasn't a big problem, it was just that his bones were inflamed, and she could just apply some medicine on them.

Cao Ziyang took off his gloves, went to wash his hands, and said: Okay, wear some shoes, it's not a big problem, just a little bit inflamed. I'll give you some medicine to paste back, you can stick it during rehearsals, but I still recommend you take two days off, but it doesn't seem like you can do it, so you have to do it this way, except during rehearsals, including sleeping …

Tao Ranran said: Wouldn't it be better if we stick it out now?

Alright, don't wear it for now, I'll go to treatment room to get it.

Tao Ranran acknowledged him, and Cao Ziyang immediately walked out. He went into the treatment room and brought back six medicinal pastes, tearing one of them to help Tao Ranran stick to one of them, he kept the other five in his bag.

After Tao Ranran put on her shoes, Cao Ziyang handed the bag over to him: "You don't need to pay, you can leave now. Be more careful, normally after rehearsing a hot bath, you can soak in it for a little longer, and also frequently go for regular massage, you need to go to the Tuina Department of the hospital or something like that, don't do it in a beauty shop outside. Their technique is bad, they don't work properly, and the best time for massage is limited to half an hour.

Mm, I'll remember. Thank you. Tao Ranran stood up and stretched, This medicine is very cold.

It was just the beginning. There will be a burning sensation later on, but it won't be too big. Also, you might be allergic to something like a red rash. Last time, your hands didn't do it. Feet. I don't know, and probably won't either.

I understand, thank you. My assistant is still waiting for me outside. I'll be leaving first. I'll treat you to a meal after I get busy for a while.


Cao Ziyang sent Tao Ranran out to the corridor, and watched him leave before returning to her office to retrieve his phone to prepare to eat. But just as she was about to leave, his phone rang. It was Wu Chunfeng calling, but upon receiving the call, he realized that the one who was speaking was Li Xi! Could it be that Wu Chunfeng was controlling Wu Chunfeng? Impossible, Wu Chunfeng was a mercenary under the protection of the thick-browed man.

Cao Ziyang was especially nervous inside, he barely managed to maintain his composure, and barely managed to laugh: Li Xi, I didn't think that you would actually dare to call me.

Li Xi said: You have always known who I am right?

Cao Ziyang told him the truth, Right, ever since you gave me a bottle of water with a problem, I already knew, even Fang Qian knew, that she was going to play it by ear. How is it, is it fun?

All of you are very good at acting.

Cao Ziyang laughed twice: Compared to you, we are still far behind. But the result tells us that either we win or we have the best acting skills, sometimes there will be accidents, but I do not want to waste my breath on you, where is Wu Chunfeng?

He's by my side, we're at headquarters in Hua Hai, I borrowed his phone to call, I want to ask you a favor.

Wu Chunfeng was fine, Cao Ziyang let out a sigh of relief, and was more polite to Li Xi: You begging me, this is a new matter, tell me!

I beg you, let Fan Haiyang go.

What do you mean?

If not, I would have left long ago. If not, you think that Wu Chunfeng would have been able to find me? I'm the one looking for him! "

You're not looking for me?

Because if you don't talk about the company's matters, you definitely won't believe me. Since you want to look for Wu Chunfeng, why don't I look for him first?


You really know how to think, you really know how to do things, and you speak the truth. However … Cao Ziyang sighed, "I think it's strange, is Fan Haiyang really that important to you? You know who he is, and in fact, if he didn't want to go astray, he would be safe. You follow Fang Qian every single day, you should know that Fang Qian is actually not that cruel.

This is my problem and it has nothing to do with you. However, you are right, phalanx is indeed not that cruel. Li Xi gnashed her teeth, It's all because of you, and I have to admire phalanx for one thing, she really knows how to use you, or else she wouldn't have won so beautifully. Even if she set a trap that she thought was perfect, and it was another one, if it wasn't you, phalanx would definitely fail, definitely fail. However, it's also because of you, otherwise I reckon that we would not have been able to leave the Nanhu Lake safely …

I don't want to argue with you. You said that my men have captured Fan Haiyang, I don't know. I have to ask, but first, you have to give me a reason. Is it your request? To be honest, this request is worthless, because I don't have any friendship with you at all.

Not to help me, but to help yourself. Didn't they want to take the three million? Can't I give it to you?

Three million? Cao Ziyang was truly speechless towards her, Alright, you give three million first, and then let them go. I'll let them contact you, but the transaction between you two has nothing to do with me.

It's not that simple. What I mean is that I want your people to help me send us to the port. I can add two million to your people.

Cao Ziyang reacted, the relationship was that Fan Haiyang could not return the loan with a high interest and wanted to escape, but he could not do so without help. Otherwise, why would he run so easily? Cao Ziyang did not dare help, Li Xi, do you think I'm an idiot? I helped you escape, so don't you creditors want to find me? You're really naive. You're still thinking about plotting against me before you leave. You really won't change whether you die or die. I'll make you sound like an idiot. You think of a way yourself, forgive me …"

Li Xi said loudly: Don't hang up for now, I want to ask clearly, are you sure you want to do this?

"Isn't that nonsense? It's already benevolent of me to let you go, but I still have to send you away.

You're not sick, you only have no choice! Li Xi sneered, You have a little girlfriend called Xiao Jing who is studying at the Academy of Arts right? If you want her to be safe, you'd better help. Otherwise, I won't be able to guarantee her safety. Of course, if I'm safe, I'll let her go back to school …"

Xiao Jing? Li Xi actually shamelessly controlled Xiao Jing? At the same time, he said coldly: Li Xi, I'm warning you, if you dare do anything rash, I swear to you that I will cut you into a thousand pieces, make you die without a burial ground, and then repay your family with a tooth for a tooth, so that they will end up like you.

Li Xi said: I am so afraid, truly. So you have to help me choose between five hundred and fifty points for your little girlfriend, or do you want to perish together with us? Your life is worth a lot, so it shouldn't be the latter right?

You're talking nonsense.

I knew it. I was truly afraid. Thus, the choice was in your hands. I advise you to not be angry and make a good choice.

Cao Ziyang calmed himself down, he felt that Xiao Jing's choice was the right one, the path was already different. If such a danger was even close to Xiao Jing, then it shouldn't be possible! In this situation, although he was not sure if Li Xi was trying to scare him, Cao Ziyang dared not take the risk and could only agree: Alright, Li Xi, I can promise you that I will send you off, but I must put forth my shameless words first, don't provoke me, otherwise the words I just said will become reality.

Li Xi quickly replied: Of course, the logic is simple, you're the best, I understand, I'll wait for you, you let them call Wu Chunfeng, now, immediately, I don't want them to get into trouble.

Cao Ziyang understood that Li Xi did not want to give him time to react, but he had to fight for this: I want to talk to Wu Chunfeng first.

Not yet. With that, Li Xi hung up the phone.

Cao Ziyang still had a bad mood to eat, so he quickly went back to his office to call Xiao Jing. He called him, called him, and asked him about Xiao Jing's condition, but Xiao Xiao actually said that she didn't know, but Cao Ziyang really wanted to scold her, but it didn't make sense to curse at her, and there would even be another person who would be worried. Hence, she hung up the phone and called Wang Lingzhi instead. Why did you capture Fan Haiyang? "

Wang Lingzhi said: Let him pay, if he doesn't, we'll catch him and beat him up, then...

What nonsense is this? I already said that there's something wrong with your way of doing things, and now something has happened, it's all because of you capturing Fan Haiyang. If not for you capturing him, his people would have already left the Nanhu Lake. "However, anything you say now is useless. I'll give you a number after I hang up and you can call a person called Li Xi and discuss it with him. She will give you 5 million and you can send his to the port.

Why? Li Xi was surprised, You want to let Fan Haiyang go? He said he owed forty million in usury, and I know him, and I've already informed him that I'm going to give him the money when I get it.

Cao Ziyang wanted to die: Wang Lingzhi, I don't know how to tell you this, but there is really a big problem with your way of doing things. I understand now why you are still a hooligan! I don't want to speak anymore nonsense, but as long as it's something involving Fan Haiyang, from now on, you must first ask for my opinion! Although I was the one who told you to take money from Fan Haiyang previously, I didn't make you take it in such an idiotic manner. And now, you better listen up and don't hand him over. And immediately move to another place and let the mercenaries go back and protect them, you must not let that forty million creditor see Fan Haiyang.

Wang Lingzhi was a little muddled from Cao Ziyang's scolding, she wanted to go berserk, but after thinking about it carefully, the calm Cao Ziyang started to get anxious, it was definitely a big disaster, so his voice was a bit floating, and he was a bit afraid: Aren't I going to offend that guy now? I can't afford to offend them. Their methods are much more crude than Xiao Yue's …"

Cao Ziyang sneered, You only know how to be afraid now? What have you been doing?

Isn't it because I don't know? I was just listening to your suggestion to get money from Fan Haiyang, how would I have known that such a thing would happen? Why the hell did you let him go? This will offend a lot of people!

I can't tell you the reason, you have to let it go, and then I'll think of a way to deal with the creditor. It's fine even if you offend him first, but after you transfer, it's best to turn off your phone and don't let him find you. He won't be the first to know that you don't want to give him to him, or even that you'll protect him when he leaves. When Wang Lingzhi had a reaction, Cao Ziyang continued, Then, you tell the thick-browed man that you put a tracking device on the part of Fan Haiyang that is the least likely to be discovered. The thick-browed man is a mercenary, so if you don't understand, I won't explain it to you, but after all, even if I send Fan Haiyang away, I want to know where he's going and know his whereabouts at any time. That's what this means.

No problem, I know what you are doing now. Listening to the thrill, I admire you more and more, aiya, if you are my advisor, in time, I will definitely dominate the Nanhu Lake and bring honor to my ancestors.

Cao Ziyang couldn't be bothered to care about her. With her IQ, bravery, and his ability to rule over the Nanhu Lake, this was simply nonsense!

After hanging up the phone, Cao Ziyang sent Wu Chunfeng his number. He then sent a message to Xiao Xiaoyi, asking him to call for a meal. Xiao Xiaoyi was rather quick, she brought the meal back in ten minutes, then put it down and left. Cao Ziyang knew that since Xiao Xiaoyi was unhappy, she had to suddenly go to Japan. Other than taking leave from work and going home with her boyfriend, she couldn't even watch Tao Ranran's concert anymore. How could she, a little fan who loved Tao Ranran to the core, be happy?

Cao Ziyang casually ate a bit of food and went to the resting area, leaning on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling, waiting for Wang Lingzhi to call. Luckily, Wang Lingzhi did not move.

Damn it, did something happen?

As Cao Ziyang was lost in his thoughts, a knock on the door interrupted him. It was Old Head Han who came in, and he was walking by himself, his steps becoming steadier and steadier. He was in a very good mood, so his voice was very pleasant.

Cao Ziyang said, That's because you're in a good mood. You're in a bad mood and won't like anything, just like when you first saw me.

I liked you back then. Haha, but you seem to be in a bad mood … The Old Head Han had already walked over and sat on the sofa next to Cao Ziyang. You really don't look good. Come, tell this old man what you have in mind. As long as it's not a matter of affection, I should be able to give you some advice.

Would Cao Ziyang say it? It was hard to say, so he could only force a smile and say, What bad luck. It's just a matter of love.

Staring at Cao Ziyang's eyes for a bit, Old Head Han said: Then you should tell me, I don't think I have ever seen you have a girlfriend before, are you trying to fail or something? What are you unhappy about?"

No, I'll help you change the medicine. There's no need for acupuncture, you're getting better and better.

Is that so? Old Head Han sighed, his expression was gloomy, If you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have come, Old Kong wouldn't have gone fishing alone …

Why are you fishing again?

Didn't I say that the weather today is good? But since you're here, it's good to talk to you. Do you have a girlfriend or not? If you don't have it, let me introduce you to a lady of some noble family. Some of them are …"

Cao Ziyang felt a chill run down his spine. Well, do you think a small peasant like me would be suitable for a lady of a noble family?

Why not? Why do I have to listen to you? It sounds like the advertisement I made for you last night was for nothing … Old Head Han was a little unhappy, Don't always look down on yourself. You are no longer that little farmer's name, your name is already out in the open, who doesn't know your Dr. Cao?"


What I mean is, I'm just a boor, so I'm not suitable. Introduce me to a young lady from the Shangguan Family. I don't even know how to get along with her.

Hey, brat, you don't know how to change. You will have to work hard even if I introduce you two. It's not a blind date, so why do you feel uncomfortable? According to your logic, do you also feel uncomfortable when I introduce you to so many friends?

You win, I'll go get the medicine …

You want to run? Are you still a soldier?

Cao Ziyang was speechless. The Old Head Han was too concerned about him, giving him all kinds of help, establishing connections, helping with the promotion, and even wanting to introduce his girlfriend.

After taking some medicine from treatment room, he gave it to Old Head Han to change into. Old Head Han said, I think it's best if I don't disturb you. I'll go back and fish with Old Kong.

Didn't you say that you can't go back to the military?

This place is boring. Many people have come to visit. Sorry for the trouble.

Where's Chief Han?

He left in the morning. Let me tell you that you've already completed your task. There isn't much of a problem. People can release him in a few months.

Thank you!

Say thank you. Old Head Han stood up. Let's go, I'll change the medicine myself tomorrow. I'll see you at the airport the day after tomorrow.


When the Old Head Han left, Cao Ziyang immediately dialed Wang Lingzhi's number, and this time he finally got through.

Cao Ziyang said: Wang Lingzhi, are you busy?

Wang Lingzhi said: Yes, I just hung up the phone, everything was done well, we moved to a place very close to the port and after receiving the money, we can send the people to the port in five minutes, we have completed the mission.

Cao Ziyang asked, How do you charge? How? Where's the tracking device? "

The tracking device has been completed and the money is waiting. I probably will be there soon. I prepared to receive the money before I told you. I didn't expect you to call me yourself.

Okay, stay in touch. Cao Ziyang hung up the phone and called Wu Chunfeng. It was still Li Xi on the other side, Cao Ziyang said: Li Xi, you better move quickly, quickly transfer the money and release the person …

Li Xi said: I'm more anxious than you are, and I'm moving now. You can rest assured, I will definitely keep my promise. As long as we can escape, I will definitely let them go.

Of course I'm not worried. If you don't let me go, I will find you at any place in the world. I will let you know what it means to live a life worse than death.

I know, that's why I let him go.

Cao Ziyang hung up the phone and waited again. What a tragedy!

After walking around in the treatment room and returning to his office, not long after he sat down, the Vice-Principal Mao arrived. He held a newspaper in his hand and laughed happily as Cao Ziyang said, Principal Mao, there seems to be something good going on.

Right, I'm in a good mood. You should be in a good mood too after reading this newspaper. Vice-Principal Mao handed the newspaper in his hand to Cao Ziyang, President, I apologize. You can go to Japan without worry, I have done what I promised you.

Cao Ziyang took the newspaper and looked at it. It was a rural newspaper, a small newspaper. However, there was a very serious statement from the president of the association. It was not a title, but a person.

Vice-Principal Mao said, Even though it was a little tricky, you didn't explain it clearly at that time, did you? I think it's enough, don't be too fussy …"

Cao Ziyang passed the newspaper back to Vice-Principal Mao, saying: I do not have much requirements, I just want him to respect others. Now that he has publicly apologized, I can accept it.

Hehe, that's more like it. The other party is the guild leader after all. Our academy has to entrust a lot of things to him … Vice-Principal Mao smiled craftily, But this is not my credit, it is yours, or perhaps the Old Head Han's. The old chief has brought us many things, look how beautiful the advertisement was last night, you and the old chief are sworn brothers, does the president dare to not apologize?

You really are a merchant.

Yes, he's also an insightful businessman. Since I found a treasure like you, I'll tell you about it when I have time. I still have other things to do, so I'll give you a gift the day after tomorrow in the morning!

Cao Ziyang made a inviting gesture, and Vice-Principal Mao left.

After the door closed, Cao Ziyang let out a breath of relief and called Chen Bin in. The medical history was given to him, as well as the correction book, to let him contact the higher ups. This task was originally Xiao Xiaoyi's responsibility, but if Xiao Xiaoyi wanted to go to Japan with him, she could only leave it to Chen Bin to do.

After Chen Bin left, Cao Ziyang took out his phone and sent a message to Tian Wen, telling him that Fang Qian's plan had been completed and her work had been completed. Originally, it would have been better to call and say something about this. However, Cao Ziyang did not know if he could say it out loud, so he finally chose to send a text message.

Tian Wen had a reply, and it was very quick: I understand, congratulations, at the same time, I'm sorry!

Cao Ziyang: You didn't let me down, didn't I say that? That's your choice. As long as you think it's right, I don't have the right to point fingers.

I felt that it wasn't right, I was in a trance at the time, and I regret it now, and may not be able to save him, but I still wanted to do my best to make amends. So yesterday, after leaving my position with the phalanx, the phalanx had already approved it.

This was something Cao Ziyang did not expect, and Tian Wen actually resigned? And she didn't even want money? Cao Ziyang immediately regretted what he had said to Tian Wen! But if he didn't say those words, how could he say them? Was telling Tian Wen that doing this was the right thing to do? He doesn't mind? But he clearly did mind it!

Cao Ziyang did not know how to reply to Tian Wen anymore. He typed a few words, deleted, again and again and again and again and again and again and again. In the end, Tian Wen couldn't wait anymore and sent another message: Maybe it's already too much effort for you to talk to me now. Sorry, I understand.

He felt that he had committed a sin. Although the first responsibility was still Tian Wen's responsibility, if that person was not him, Tian Wen would have received a lot of money, moreover, he would have a good future, and would not be like now, where he would not have money, no job, and would not feel good …

After thinking for a long time, Cao Ziyang typed out another short message and sent it over. The result was that it could not be posted!

Had he been pulled over by Tian Wen?

Cao Ziyang sighed, deleted his text message, lit a cigarette and smoked in frustration. Wang Lingzhi suddenly called and said that she had received the money and was going to bring him to the port.

Cao Ziyang said, Are you sure the tracking device won't be a problem?

I've already asked and tried again.

Have you been discovered?

No, it's hidden in her hair. She wouldn't even notice if she changed clothes.

Wash your hair?

This... Washing your hair might be a bit of a problem, but it's possible!

That was why he gave Wang Lingzhi this suggestion. Whatever Wang Lingzhi said now, hshecould understand that the high technology would definitely be wrong. Hopefully it wouldn't be discovered. Then, as long as she sees Xiao Jing, he would ask the coarse browed man to capture Fan Haiyang and Li Xi back. She had to explain this matter to Wang Lingzhi beforehand: Wang Lingzhi, let the mercenary follow and find a boat, you have to be quick, when I give you a call, immediately capture Fan Haiyang back, don't show yourself, don't let those people that Fan Haiyang met before show themselves, don't let them know that we captured him, in any case, don't make any mistakes, and bring the tracking device back secretly, and don't leave any evidence behind.

Alright, I understand … Wang Lingzhi laughed, I feel that what I am doing now is the real deal, I am very excited, my blood is boiling. I admit that I can be very calm in the face of death, because if I go out and mess around, I have to accept this result. I see, just like a calm person, but I am really not a meticulous person, so I always make mistakes. Luckily, I have a bunch of good brothers, but now I understand, there are far from enough good brothers, and there are still some high class people to deal with. If it's not fierce, then it's enough, we have to use our brains."

The first time Cao Ziyang saw her, she was just a piece of meat on the chopping block, but she was indeed very calm. Even though she gave in in in the end, the courage she displayed before could not be denied: You know what's good for you, but knowing that it's a good thing …

Thank you, really!

Cao Ziyang shivered. It's disgusting, so don't talk about it. I've been cursing you all day, so don't get angry.

Of course I'm not angry!

Then that's it!

Cao Ziyang hung up and called Wu Chunfeng. This time, the one who answered was Wu Chunfeng, and said that he was sending him to the pier.

When Fang Honglie comes back four days later, I don't know how Fang Qian will explain it to you. I feel that Fang Qian, this woman, can't be trusted, and being by her side is too dangerous. I suggest that you carefully think about your path, and taking the reward to leave the Hua Hai Group is a good choice. "

Wu Chunfeng said, Ziyang, you've become... I've become familiar with it and have made great progress. Now, you'll all be giving me your opinions. Moreover, you'll be able to handle the situation very well. It has some meaning of planning, and turning the tides of the world around …"

Cao Ziyang said, The more shady you are, the more you will grow. You're exaggerating too much …

Honestly speaking, I know a lot of young people, and my company has a lot of young people, but they don't have as many potential as you. You have a good character, but sometimes it's best to not fight for it.

Cao Ziyang was a little embarrassed by Wu Chunfeng's words, spring uncle, let's not talk about this anymore. Li Xi is still in your car, but Xiao Jing still doesn't know what's going on! This matter was still a problem, Wu Chunfeng would definitely already know of his relationship with Xiao Jing, so he had to think of a way to explain it clearly!

Wu Chunfeng said: Alright, we will talk about this matter later. I also have many feelings about it, but there is still another way to leave, die first, then think about it!


The phone was cut off, and they were waiting again. Cao Ziyang was most afraid of waiting, but it was still good to see the situation. Xiao Jing would be fine, but she did not dare act recklessly, unless she and Fan Haiyang did not want to live!

After waiting for half an hour, Wu Chunfeng's phone call came in again. The person who spoke was Li Xi: Cao Ziyang, I have reached the pier, I will do what I promised, but in an hour ….

Cao Ziyang said, You don't trust me?

You don't trust me either, right? I just want a guarantee, not a grudge between you and me. At the very least, I already can't afford to pay you back at this point, but I still have to speak to you on behalf of Fan Haiyang. He will come back, he will definitely come back.

Alright, I'll be waiting for you anytime! Cao Ziyang sighed in his heart. This pair of husband and wife really deserved to die. He brought them back right. I'll wait for you for an hour. At the same time, I wish you a pleasant journey.

Thank you for your blessing.

After hanging up the phone, what Cao Ziyang needed to do now was to patiently wait for an hour!

Time is a wonderful and terrible thing. Some people say that it is magic, and no matter how many injuries or unforgettable memories there are, they can be slowly worn away with the passage of time. It will take away the good and the bad. Another person said that it was a poison. Many memories, many injuries, they were all trapped within its circle, slowly levelling up, causing the pain to become even more painful. In fact, it had been quietly passing by, but the change had always been in the hearts of people.

Take an hour, for example. An hour in the midst of happiness is just a fleeting moment. If he was in pain, one hour would be like a year in which he would be able to live through the vicissitudes of life! All he could remember were fragments of Xiao Jing's happiness. Her beautiful figure, her beautiful smile, her happy expression, in fact, Xiao Jing had always been simple and happy, and from a young age until now, she had always lived a very peaceful life, and she shouldn't have been involved in the worldly affairs of the world!

However, because of him, Xiao Jing's originally peaceful life started to change. Although it didn't become chaotic, it was obviously no longer calm. He himself knew that he should actually be hiding in a faraway place, allowing Xiao Jing to continue her happy life. However, there was always a reluctance to part ways that made it difficult for him to make a decision. However, after this matter, as long as Xiao Jing could ultimately be safe and sound, he could be forgiven.

Look at what happens three years later. If it really is a fated marriage, it probably won't be broken even in a storm. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fated to be …

After suffering for half an hour, suddenly, Xiao Xiaoyi ran over nervously. Director Cao, Vice-Principal Mao invites you to the cardiac surgery's meeting room.

Cao Ziyang said, What happened?

Consultation, there's a big problem with Gao Qian. Most of the directors have gone, so you have to go as well …

This was serious business, Cao Ziyang did not dare delay, and immediately followed Xiao Xiaoyi out of cardiac surgery's conference room.

Pushing open the door, it was indeed as Xiao Xiaoyi had said, the majority of the directors were here, all of them were experts and professors. However, since the President Lin was not here, and had gone to some other place, the meeting was presided over by the Vice-Principal Mao.

The moment Cao Ziyang sat down, the consultation officially began. Vice-Principal Mao began to introduce the situation, and then he began to speak. The scale of this consultation was much larger than the one held for Fang Nan last time. As for that person, Gao Qian, he was a member of the Municipal Committee, so everyone was rather nervous. Although this is very unfair, if it was a normal patient, they wouldn't be nervous, but there's no other way. This is the portrayal of our current society.

Of course, the condition of being high and dry was indeed very dangerous. Previously, after undergoing nephrectomy, there would be acute rejection later on which caught him off guard, because with today's technology, rejection rates were actually very low. The patients usually didn't follow doctors' instructions and didn't eat or drink as much as they liked, resulting in them not taking care of themselves! Of course, this was not the case with acute rejection. However, this was even worse than regular chronic rejection. If one couldn't handle it properly and couldn't handle it properly, it was a fatal matter.

Now, to deal with this, you have to do the operation again, and the drugs are out of control. But where would they find donations? Matching takes time. After all, he was old and all his functions were regressing. Last time, the operation was already very dangerous, but this time it would be even more dangerous. Not doing it would be even more dangerous.

Seeing Cao Ziyang remain silent, Vice-Principal Mao asked: Dr. Cao, what do you think?

Cao Ziyang said, What can I say? Divide what you need me to do, I don't understand. "

You're the one who's coming back to life. I need you to save my life.

Now is the time for discussion. There is no time for formal rescue. Looking at the time, there were still ten minutes to an hour. Cao Ziyang said, I still have ten minutes. I have something else to do, so you should hurry up and continue …

Right after Cao Ziyang finished speaking, the atmosphere became a little strange. The only person in the whole courtyard who dared to speak to Vice-Principal Mao like this to his face was Cao Ziyang. Of course, it was not that Cao Ziyang was impolite to the Vice-Principal Mao, but his mood was really bad. He did not know if Xiao Jing was dead or alive, so how could he care about other people's lives? Besides, aren't there so many experts? He wasn't the most important one. He was just a Chinese doctor, what kind of advice could he give when it came to large-scale modern surgery?

Vice-Principal Mao was not dissatisfied, he smiled and continued to speak. After some discussion, he formed a few treatment plans, a treatment plan, an emergency treatment plan, in fact, it was quite complicated, but it was a life and death situation, he could not afford to lose, he had to think about everything clearly, because he did not have much time to think about the problems during the operation, and life would always be the problem!

Ten minutes quickly passed, but Cao Ziyang did not go out. He was waiting for the phone to ring and held it in his hands. Although Vice-Principal Mao and the experts were still talking, Cao Ziyang did not hear a single word they said.

After waiting for another five minutes, his phone finally rang. It was an unfamiliar number, Cao Ziyang apologized to the Vice-Principal Mao and the experts, then quickly left the meeting room and pressed the answer button. It was Li Xi, and as soon as Cao Ziyang picked up the call, she said: Cao Ziyang, thank you very much.

Cao Ziyang said, I don't want to hear this nonsense. Since you have left, please honor your promise and let them go.

Don't be anxious, Fan Haiyang has something to tell you.

Cao Ziyang raged, I have nothing to say to him. Release him immediately!

Li Xi did not reply. There was a noise coming from her side, and then Fan Haiyang's voice rang out, Cao Ziyang, the weather today is extremely good, suitable for us to go out to sea. But I don't like this feeling, the feeling of fleeing.

Cao Ziyang said, You are bringing shame upon yourself. Didn't you say that the one who loses would definitely be me? And the result? If I can take care of you once, I can take care of you countless times. Even if you come back one day, as long as you have ulterior motives, you will still lose, forever and ever. This is your life, and there's no cure for it.

You're wrong. Although I had to run this time, I did not lose. Otherwise, what did I lose? I didn't have anything to begin with, so I was just borrowing strength to fight. What does it have to do with me if I lose? Of course you can say that I have no conscience, no humanity, whatever you want. Fan Haiyang let out a cold laugh, and said, The reason why I'm chatting with you is because I want to ask if you know of a saying: Leaving is to come back."

Alright, I will be waiting, but for now, I am too lazy to waste my breath on you, so I'll just give the phone to Li Xi.

I like to see you in a hurry. This is just the beginning. When I get back, you'll be even more anxious.

The winds and waves are strong on the sea. You can calculate it when you get back.

Then I won't trouble you. Goodbye!

A commotion sounded from the other end of the phone, then Li Xi's voice returned. Cao Ziyang, your little girlfriend is actually very safe, I just gave three thousand yuan to one of her classmates to trick her into going to the KTV to sing. Of course, the most important thing is to break her phone, so she can go back by himself at night … Li Xi laughed, then continued, Wu Chunfeng doesn't seem to know about your relationship, I think you should think about how to explain it. I won't contact Wu Chunfeng, he's still at the port, so give him a call and tell him that he can leave, otherwise he wouldn't dare to.

Being tricked, Cao Ziyang felt really weird. He was angry, but also rejoiced, Li Xi, this move of yours is very brilliant. I admire you, but don't you think this move is shameless? Everyone has relatives, so I hope that this will not happen again. Otherwise, I will return it to your family ten times over and let you know what it feels like.

Li Xi said: "I am sorry, I am an orphan. Your warning is of no use to me, but I have to say, I am not that despicable and shameless, I just have no choice but to make such a joke! Don't worry, I will just go for you if I have any vicious moves, I won't go for your family, if not I would have already killed Fang Nan. Although I am bad, I am not bad to that extent, and if not for my wife and son, I still know about it.

Li Xi hung up the phone, Cao Ziyang felt that it was strange, what Li Xi said was not bad, it was probably just that Fan Haiyang was bad!

Sighing, Cao Ziyang called Wu Chunfeng, who picked up the call quickly: How is it? Is there something with Xiao Jing?

Cao Ziyang said: It's alright, we were fooled by Li Xi. Xiao Jing was just singing on a certain KTV, Li Xi bought a classmate of hers to bring Xiao Jing over, then broke her phone.

How do you know that Li Xi is telling the truth?

You can come back now. I'll contact Xiao Jing's classmates to make sure everything is alright before I take action. "

Okay, we should talk tonight. I'll call you.

Wu Chunfeng ended the call.

Cao Ziyang was stunned for a moment, then called Xiao Xiao, telling him to find out which student brought Xiao Jing to sing?

Xiao Xiao asked: What are you looking for Xiao Jing for? What happened? "

Cao Ziyang said: It's fine, I just want to know if Xiao Jing is alright. Quickly get to the bottom of the matter and give me a call, quickly.

Xiao Xiao acknowledged and then hung up.

It was another tragedy!


I can guarantee your safety

Walking out of the tunnel, Cao Ziyang lit up a cigarette and took two puffs. He then returned to the meeting room to listen to the experts' discussion until his cell phone rang again ten minutes later.

In the end, it was Xiao Xiao who called. Cao Ziyang answered: How is it?

Xiao Xiao said: Tell me first, did something happen? Otherwise, if you don't say it, I won't say it either.

After weighing the pros and cons again and again, Cao Ziyang said, Something has happened. You don't need to teach me. I know what to do, especially after this.

It's good that you know this. Xiao Jing is doing very well right now, we have already contacted each other, I will go and fetch her back now. I also want to ask her something else. There's a program next week that's a little dangerous, it's best if Xiao Jing doesn't join in.

I didn't want to speak to you anymore. I just wanted to know if Xiao Jing was alright, are you sure? "

Of course I'm sure.

Alright, that's it.

After hanging up the phone, Cao Ziyang immediately called Wang Lingzhi, telling him to take action and bring Fan Haiyang back.

Wang Lingzhi said: How can I tell his creditor? Didn't you say that you were responsible?

It's fine as long as you explain it to him on face, and then you cooperate to capture him and bring him back, you don't owe him anything, and this was originally someone you caught before, so it's a favor to you and it's reasonable that you didn't give him any, so of course it's best if you contact him while you send those mercenaries out, remember what I told you before, and don't expose us. "Cao Ziyang said.

Wang Lingzhi replied: Mn, I understand.

If everything goes well, you don't need to report to me. Then, you can wait for me at the entrance of the Chinese Medical Hospital at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. I'll take you to see Xiao Yue. You can bring her, but it's best if you don't, because I can guarantee your safety.

Thank you, I'll go first.

After hanging up the phone, Cao Ziyang heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to return to the meeting room, the consultation ended, and Vice-Principal Mao walked out with his experts. Cao Ziyang could only return to his office.

Was this an accusation? Cao Ziyang thought like this, and said: Vice-Principal Mao, what is it?

The Vice-Principal Mao did not sit down, but instead said while standing: Nothing much, the consultation was considered a success. I was just a little worried, and hoped that you could come back tomorrow afternoon and take a look.

Tomorrow noon? Cao Ziyang was puzzled for two seconds, then said, Is there a suitable match?

There is no problem in this aspect. I have the information in the past, so finding a match is not difficult. What is difficult is the surgery, as well as the various conditions that may occur during the surgery. There is also the post-operation care and maintenance.

What time tomorrow noon?

10 points. You will go to Japan the day after tomorrow. Originally, you should have been resting and resting. There was no other way. Don't be emotional. It was just a sudden incident!

Rage? Cao Ziyang was a little depressed, Just now in the meeting room, I was talking on the phone. Do you think I'm in a bad mood?

Isn't it?

Am I that kind of person? Of course not, it's just that something happened to my family. It's fine now, I know she's safe and sound. Everything is fine now …"

Oh, that was a misunderstanding. I apologize. That's alright. Remember to come back tomorrow at 10 o'clock.

Alright, I'll definitely be back on time.

The Vice-Principal Mao left. Cao Ziyang stretched his body and sent a text message to Xiao Xiao, asking if he had seen Xiao Jing yet. Xiao Xiao said and quickly replied. Just two words, I saw it. Cao Ziyang was completely relieved at this point, and let this matter go on like this. After busily doing this for a few days, it had become extremely chaotic, and other than obtaining Wang Lingzhi's friendship, he had also lost quite a few things. For example, Tian Wen, he had even put Xiao Jing and Wu Chunfeng in danger, and had quarreled with him in all sorts of ways.

When it was time for him to get off work, Cao Ziyang quickly packed up and walked towards the orthopedic floor. Along the way, they saw many nurses, who greeted him with smiles all over their faces. When Cao Ziyang walked over, they were screaming and discussing, making Cao Ziyang feel vain and uncomfortable at the same time. This was because these nurses were all playthings of the hospital leader, at least they used to be, truly pitiful.

Walking to the reception desk, Cao Ziyang knocked on the table and said to the nurse who was reading a magazine inside, I'm looking for Bai Rou.

The nurse looked up and realized it was Cao Ziyang. She immediately stood up with a smile and said, It's the Director Cao. Wait a moment, I'll go call for you right away …

Cao Ziyang said, Thank you!

The nurse ran off with a red face, and after a while she pulled Bai Rou out. She said to Cao Ziyang: Director Cao, I've called Bai Rou over for you, my name is Wu Tong, you have to remember me, you guys talk. I'll be going now, I won't disturb you guys …

Cao Ziyang's face turned cold!

Bai Rou said, Brother Ziyang, what can I do for you?

Cao Ziyang said, Let's talk outside!

Bai Rou acknowledged and followed Cao Ziyang out. However, when they arrived outside, she spoke first: Big brother Ziyang, that Wu Tong is interested in you, if it's inconvenient for you, I can help you tell her that you have a girlfriend. But why haven't I seen Sister Fang Nan for a long time?

Cao Ziyang said, You are not contacting her yourself? Actually, Fang Nan wasn't my girlfriend, but your brother misunderstood me. You know who your brother is, even if I say that he wasn't your brother, he wouldn't believe me, so I didn't explain.

Bai Rou had a strange look on her face. Really? Isn't Sister Fang Nan your girlfriend?

"You won't ask around yourself? Fang Nan stayed in the Chinese Medical Hospital for a long time.

I've heard of it, but... I believe that love will develop over time, so it's not strange that you guys are lovers, right?"

You really are your brother's sister.

Hur hur, of course.

I'm too lazy to explain it to you, but it's not like that.

Then should I tell Wu Tong? Tell me, do you have a crush on Wu Tong? You don't need to use me like that. As long as you say it, I will definitely help you without saying a word. For a leader like you who has his or her eyes set on someone, he or she would basically dare to rush up against him or her, thinking that it has nothing to do with normal life. "

Cao Ziyang was a little mad: What Lu Qiufeng? You don't have a fever, do you? If I tell you the truth, will you understand it better? "

Bai Rou revealed a mischievous smile, Hehe, alright, but I still have to say, there are still many older sisters who have good feelings for you. Bai Rou laughed mischievously, Heh, alright, but I still have to say, there are still many older sisters who have good feelings for you.

If you dare, I'll make you cry rhythmically. With that, Cao Ziyang took out all the cash from his wallet, which was more than 2000 yuan. He passed it to Bai Rou and said, Take the money first and spend it. I will go to Japan the day after tomorrow for a business trip and an exchange meeting. Remember, be a good boy and don't go around everywhere just because I'm not here. If I know, I have to beat you up, especially not to go drinking, okay? "

Bai Rou patted her chest and said, I'm a good girl, don't worry!

I hope so.

How long are you going to Japan?

I don't know what to do. Too little money? Not enough?

No, there's no need for that much. Just give me five hundred.

Cao Ziyang stuffed all the cash into Bai Rou's hands, Take it, I'm leaving …

Do you want me to pack your things tonight?

No need.

Then why are you giving me money now?

Are you insane? Is there a relationship between the two? Cao Ziyang rolled his eyes before continuing, I'm afraid I'll forget about it tonight. Go back to work, I'm off duty. Let's go …

Bai Rou put the money in her pocket and waved goodbye to Cao Ziyang.

Cao Ziyang walked straight to the parking lot, got in his car and drove out. He circled the street twice, wondering what he could buy to take to Japan? He then found a bank to withdraw

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