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Super vision Expert in Metropolis: Volume 1

Super vision Expert in Metropolis: Volume 1

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Super vision Expert in Metropolis: Volume 1

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Lançado em:
Oct 29, 2019


Diaoyu university students accidentally opened the mysterious jade, obtained the supreme heritage, since then an unstoppable fight, beat rich young bullies, soaked the school beauty, all the way, who can block the berserk?
Lançado em:
Oct 29, 2019

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Super vision Expert in Metropolis - Guo JiangHu



East China City, in a luxurious room of the Flying Song KTV, the students of East China University, who had just graduated a year ago, were having a gathering here. In the private room, everyone was talking and laughing merrily.

Zhao Yanran, let me toast you!

A youth dressed in Armani said with a smile.

No, I really can't drink anymore.

The person who answered was a girl with long black hair, wearing a white T-shirt and tight denim shorts. Her clothes didn't look ordinary, but it was even more eye-catching because of her beautiful appearance.

Zhao Yanran had been a school's famous beauty when she was in university, and now that she was running a jewelry shop in East China City, she was a rather well-known CEO. This kind of woman, who had a successful career and exceptional looks, naturally became the center of attention in the class.

The man in front of them was called Lin Hao, who was also one of the people who organized the show tonight. He was the Young Master of the Lin Clan Group, a heavyweight in the jewellery industry in the Eastern City, who would dare not to give face to the Lin Clan?

Hey, it took so much effort for us to get together, so of course we should get drunk.

Lin Hao did not retreat at all, and the few people sitting beside him also shouted for Zhao Yanran to drink.

Zhao Yanran could not refuse and could only drink another cup, becoming a little drunk. Lin Hao looked at her slightly drunk face, and unconsciously revealed a smile, as though she had succeeded in her evil scheme.

Zhang Zitao sat at the side and watched everything coldly. The so called reunion was just a show of wealth, obviously a security guard like him would not be enough.

I really can't take it anymore, so I'll go back first. Everyone, have some fun.

Knowing that she was no longer able to drink anymore, Zhao Yanran decided to leave.

Since you said you don't want to drink, then we won't drink anymore. It's not safe for you to leave by yourself at this late hour, how about I send you off?

Lin Hao immediately stood up and said to Zhao Yanran with a face showing that her evil scheme had succeeded.

Zhao Yanran's face was flushed from being drunk and was extremely enchanting as she smiled and said, There's no need, I'll just have Zhang Zitao send me back.

Zhang Zitao?

Lin Hao was startled, why would she ask Zhang Zitao to send her there? Although they were all in the same university, who didn't know that Zhang Zitao was a trash?

It was said that he was now a security guard?

Yanran, it's better if I send you off. Don't tell me that the dignified successor of the Lin Clan is inferior to a little security guard?

Lin Hao sneered as he looked at Zhang Zitao. He really didn't know how he, who was covered in trash, would have the face to attend this reunion.

Zhang Zitao was slightly angry. What happened to his security guard?

How could he not see through Lin Hao's thoughts? Since you despise me so much, I will definitely not let you succeed in your endeavors.

Therefore, he said, Since Student Zhao has asked me to send her back, then I can only humbly accept your request.

With that, Zhang Zitao walked over to Zhao Yanran's side and supported her out.


Lin Hao was furious, the reason why he had his comrades gather here was for Zhao Yanran, they had obviously gotten Zhao Yanran drunk with great difficulty, but Zhang Zitao had actually gotten in first.

Everyone, have fun with Young Master Lin. I'll send Student Zhao back.

Zhang Zitao greeted his and ignored Lin Hao's ashen face as he walked out of the KTV.

Lin Hao's face was frighteningly green. He didn't expect that a small security guard would actually dare to go against him and ruin his plans.

Lin Shao?

a lackey beside him asked.

Forget it, I'll get another chance in the future.

As Lin Hao said that, he looked at Zhang Zitao who was walking out of the door, and a cold light involuntarily flashed past his eyes.

Zhang Zitao helped Zhao Yanran walk to the front of a red colored Porsche by the side of the road. Zhao Yanran took out a key from her chest and handed it over to Zhang Zitao.

Because she was relying on Zhang Zitao, a large gap appeared between the white T-shirt on her upper body and her body. Zhang Zitao was at least 1.8 meters tall, and her gaze was just enough to see the snow-white chest and a deep, indiscernible gully.

Zhang Zitao took in a deep breath.

Damn it, it looked like he was bleeding from his nose!

He quickly opened the Porsche's door and placed Zhao Yanran on the carriage seat. Only then did he realize that his blood had dripped onto the piece of ancient jade on his chest.

He quickly wiped it away, only to discover that his blood seemed to have seeped in. Looking at Gu Yu, a momentary dizziness flashed across his eyes, but he quickly recovered to his normal state.

It's been so long since I've seen a woman.

Zhang Zitao laughed bitterly and shook his head.

He walked to the other side of the Porsche, and opened the door to sit down. Just as he was about to start the car, he inadvertently glanced over and immediately froze in place.

Seated on his right, Zhao Yanran was actually only wearing a white bra and a pair of pale pink underpants. The grand ravine in front of her chest caused Zhang Zitao to be unable to help from losing focus for a moment, the straight and upright pair grew even more mature, and even while sitting, her waist actually did not have a single strand of fat, causing Zhang Zitao's entire body's blood to ignite in an instant.

How did it turn out like this? Why did her clothes suddenly become transparent?


He blinked and discovered that she was still wearing her clothes. It was just that his eyes seemed to be able to see through her clothes and see the color numbers on her undergarments … Even though she was wearing clothes, in his eyes, it was as if she wasn't wearing anything!

Damn, what kind of weird change was this!

Zhang Zitao who was trying his best to hold back the blood in his nose could no longer breathe.


He still thought it was inconceivable, and thought that he was drunk. He rubbed his eyes, and then looked towards Zhao Yanran, wanting to see everything clearly, so she could stare at her soft breasts.

Right at this moment, an ice-cold gaze looked over. Zhang Zitao's entire body shivered, and when she came back to her senses, she discovered that Zhao Yanran was looking at him coldly.

What are you looking at?

Zhao Yanran looked at Zhang Zitao with a slightly flushed face. At that moment just now, she had a feeling that she had been seen naked by him.


Zhang Zitao immediately shook his head.

He became more focused and quickly understood that he had the ability to see through things.

Thinking about that, his mouth revealed a smile, and suddenly realised that Zhao Yanran was looking at him, and he quickly retracted his gaze.

You're not drunk?

he asked in surprise.

Zhao Yanran laughed calmly: In this kind of place, who would dare make themselves drunk?

Zhang Zitao nodded, a girl should indeed have that kind of awareness.

Just as he was about to speak, she saw that Zhao Yanran had already fallen asleep on the chair, and regular sounds of breathing could be heard.

Zhang Zitao was speechless, even ifhe was not drunk, she would not be lacking anything.

He retracted his consciousness, and took advantage of others sleeping to peek at it. He did not do it as a gentleman, but rather, he sneaked another peek before slowly activating the Porsche.

On the way, a phone rang, waking Zhao Yanran up from her sleep. She picked up the phone and lazily asked: Sister Yulan, what's the matter?

Didn't you say that you wanted to buy a Town Security? I came back from Vietnam with a few pieces of top quality stone. It's very likely that you'll be able to obtain the treasure you wanted."

On the other end of the line was a woman's voice.

Upon hearing the words treasure of the shop, Zhao Yanran immediately became spirited and asked: Are you in the shop now?

Mm, if you want it, then hurry up and come over. There are quite a few people who are targeting these few pieces of goods.

Alright, I'll be there right away!

She happily hung up the phone.

Zhang Zitao, can you bring me to Tianfu Jewelry Store?

Zhao Yanran turned and said to Zhang Zitao with a slightly drunk expression.

Zhang Zitao laughed, Just sit properly.

Regarding the stone gambling, Zhang Zitao had obviously heard of it before. As long as one had enough luck, the stone gambling would be even more exciting than winning the lottery.

Under Zhao Yanran's guidance, Zhang Zitao arrived at the Tianfu Jewelry Store, and just as he walked into the jewelry shop, he was immediately startled by the precious jewellery surrounding him. As he looked around, the entire first two to three floors of the Di Hao Tower was actually the Tianfu Jewelry Store's territory.

Looking at the jadeite inside the glass cabinet, Zhang Zitao felt as if he was in a dream.

The cheapest piece he saw was worth more than 10,000 yuan, which was equivalent to the salary of a little security guard like him for three to four months. This kind of thing was not something he could afford to play with.

As if seeing Zhang Zitao's shock, Zhao Yanran smiled and said: All these prices are still alright. Come here with me, I'll bring you to see the emerald emperor — emperor's jade!

Curious, Zhang Zitao followed behind Zhao Yanran and walked to a separate glass cabinet. In the middle, there was a green jade the size of a thumb, pure green, and under the illumination of the lights below, it was filled with an enticing power. Zhang Zitao was immediately attracted by its color, was this the so called Emperor's Green, it was really beautiful.

This piece of Emperor's Green is a treasure of the Tianfu Jewelry Store. Even if I spent a few hundred million of it, I still wouldn't be able to sell it to me.

Zhao Yanran said with a wry smile.

Imperial Green signified the character of a jewelry store. Although almost no one could afford to buy it, without the King Green Town's shop, it would not attract customers with high prices.

Hundreds of millions!

Zhang Zitao almost bit off his own tongue. He himself didn't know how many times he could afford to buy this broken stone in his entire life, it was just too exaggerated, even though it was indeed pretty.

It's really hard to imagine how you got to this point by yourself.

Zhang Zitao smiled bitterly, as if he had entered another world.

My father is quite famous in Huadong City. He relied on the care of his old friend. How could I do this alone?

Zhao Yanran shook her head and replied humbly.

Zhang Zitao nodded his head, he still had some understanding towards the goddess back then. His father was indeed rather famous in Eastern Hua City, but compared to the real estate industry, which was similar to the jewelry industry, the amount of effort Zhao Yanran had put in could be easily determined.

At this time, Zhang Zitao noticed that there were many small and large stone shelves around, and could not help but ask: What is this?

This is stone, the bet is to see if there is any jade inside.

Zhao Yanran explained with a smile.

Zhang Zitao couldn't help but to look at the stones with rapt attention, only to see the skin of the stones starting to peel off layer by layer, revealing the essence of the stones' structure.

At this moment, Zhang Zitao noticed a fist-sized rock that had a fingernail-sized brown color. He couldn't help but exclaim softly.

He was originally able to see through not only a woman's clothes, but also these stone materials!

At the same time, a woman who wore heaven hating high heels and dressed very stylishly walked towards the two of them. She walked to Zhao Yanran's side, took off her sunglasses, and revealed a smile: Little sister Yanran, you're here.

She looked to be around thirty-five years old. Although she was in good repair, one could still see the traces of time on her face.

Although her looks were not bad, she was still lacking when compared to Zhao Yanran.

Sister Yulan.

Zhao Yanran nodded politely.

Is this your friend?

Wang Yulan glanced at Zhang Zitao with slight disdain. His clothes were all on the street and her Tianfu Jewelry Store had never welcomed such a guest before.

Let me introduce you.

Zhao Yanran said.

No need!

Wang Yulan said blandly. As the boss of the Innate Jewelry Store, she really did not think much of such a person.

It was just a small security guard!

It seems like your friend is interested in that waste stone, then give it to him.

Wang Yulan waved her hand and asked her men to take out the waste stone.

Zhao Yanran frowned, she remembered that although Wang Yulan had some power previously, it was not as exaggerated as today. Why did it seem like she saw her enemy.

But she didn't dare to say anything. After all, people had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves.

Is that true?

Zhang Zitao asked in surprise after hearing this. It was as if he didn't mind Wang Lan Yu's contemptuous eyes at all.

You don't think that I, as a dignified Tianfu Jewelry Store, would be unwilling to even give away a single waste stone, do you? These are all appraised by professionals, what flowers can you produce even if I gave them to you?

Just when Zhang Zitao was wondering about his own ability, he was almost able to understand what exactly happened to the ability he had just acquired. Unexpectedly, after hearing that Wang Sis say this, he couldn't help but sneer: What if I really can get something out of it?


Wang Yulan's face was full of ridicule. She really was a country bumpkin who came from a great mountain and had never seen the market before. If he had eyes better than those professional technical workers, then she wouldn't have reached her current state.

If you really can find flowers, how about I give you an emerald hairy stone on the second floor?

Wang Yulan said indifferently.

That's what you said.

Zhang Zitao took out the waste stone s from the shelves, then walked over to the nearby stonecutter and had him open the stones.

The stonecutter looked at the waste stone with disdain, but with the owner present, he didn't dare to say anything so he could only open the stone.

Zhao Yanran, who was at the side, felt a little awkward.

Since Wang Yulan had said that all of them were waste stone, then it was most likely that they were waste stone s. However, Zhang Zitao insisted on opposing Wang Yulan's words.

Although Wang Yulan's way of doing things was indeed excessive, her eyes in this area were naturally much better than Zhang Zitao, an outsider. When the time came, she would not be able to open her mouth at all.

Seeing that it was a waste stone, the stone cutter master was not that careful. He easily cut the fist-sized waste stone to the size of a thumb.

Seeing that there was still nothing, the corner of Wang Yulan's mouth gradually revealed a cold smile.

However, just at this time, a touch of yellow green appeared on the waste stone, and the mason immediately knew that there was something inside, he slowed down his cutting speed. Very quickly, with his skill, the jade inside finally revealed itself, it was the size of a pinky finger, with a light green mixed in the middle.

Yellow Jade!

The surrounding people were all shocked.

It was not that it was that valuable, but no one had ever cut out an emerald from a waste stone's shelf before. This brat's luck was way too good.

Zhao Yanran also looked at Zhang Zitao in slight surprise. Although the Yellow Jade that he cut out was only worth a few thousand dollars, does he really only rely on luck to cut out jade from waste stone?

Wang Yulan obviously did not think that this poor brat would actually have such good luck, and could only look at him awkwardly.

How much is this piece of jade?

Zhang Zitao brought it in front of Wang Yulan and asked.

It's at most three thousand yuan.

Wang Yulan had a face full of disgust. She didn't even want to look at this kind of emerald.

Alright then, I'll sell it to you.

Zhang Zitao laughed and threw Huang Fei over to Wang Yulan.

Wang Yulan caught it instinctively but realized that she had been made a fool of by Zhang Zitao. With a gloomy face, she called for someone to transfer three thousand yuan into Zhang Zitao's card.

Only then did Zhang Zitao walk to Zhao Yanran's side, pretending as if nothing had happened.

I need to go to the toilet first.

Zhang Zitao said his farewells and walked towards the bathroom on the second floor. He had drank quite a bit originally, but now he could no longer hold it in.

After Zhang Zitao left, Zhao Yanran walked in front of Wang Yulan and said apologetically: This classmate of mine has a bit of a stubborn temper; Sister Yulan, don't take it to heart.

Her goal was the emperor green jade, it would not be good if she offended Wang Yulan here.

Wang Yulan laughed: Don't worry, I won't lower myself to his level.

Zhang Zitao walked to the second floor's bathroom. Just as he finished taking care of his life, he felt his whole body become relaxed. Suddenly, he heard a rustling sound coming from the neighboring room.

When he walked out of the bathroom to wash his hands, he saw a man and a woman who were both flushed red. When he saw the two of them, Zhang Zitao's figure instantly froze in place.

It was them!

When the two of them saw Zhang Zitao, they also did not expect his arrival. Their faces were filled with astonishment, and the woman was even more at a loss of what to do.

The two were Yang Jianbing and Zhou Feifei, whom Zhang Zitao had met at his university.

Zhou Feifei was Zhang Zitao's girlfriend, but they were hooked up. Because Yang Jianbing's family background was better, she could still remember the words Zhou Feifei had said to her when she was cutting off her legs.

Zhang Zitao, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself in the mirror? You think you have the nerve to say that you're my, Zhou Feifei's, boyfriend?

That's right, I've been playing with your feelings from the beginning. Is a poor person like you worthy to talk about love?

Zhang Zitao was the son of the police chief of a district in Eastern Hua City. He could not be considered to be rich or handsome, but he was definitely stronger than Zhang Zitao by a lot.

Looking at Yang Jianbing and his wife now, Zhang Zitao's heart did not have a single ripple. It was fortunate that he did not continue walking down the path with her at that time, otherwise he would definitely be the one who would be harmed.

However, they never expected to meet them here. It was truly a narrow path for enemies to cross!

Seeing Zhang Zitao, a playful expression instantly appeared on Yang Jianbing's face as he laughed, The level of the Tianfu Jewelry Store is getting lower and lower, to the point where some cats and dogs can enter.


Zhang Zitao also replied, That's right, this place's grade is really low, to the point of even letting some cats and dogs come to the toilet to 'play'.

Yang Jianbing stared angrily at Zhang Zitao. He and Zhou Feifei had just done some shameful things in the bathroom, but he did not expect Zhang Zitao to find out.

Suddenly, he sneered and pulled Zhou Feifei, who was at the side, into his arms. He wrapped his arms around Zhou Feifei from the back of his waist and looked at him arrogantly.

Your goddess from back then is now in my embrace. How does it feel?

As Yang Jianbing said this, he hugged Zhou Feifei even more tightly as he looked at Zhang Zitao with a complacent expression.

Zhou Feifei, on the other hand, was obviously feeling very uncomfortable in Yang Jianbing's embrace, with her face flushed and ears red, but she didn't dare resist. Zhang Zitao looked at Zhou Feifei contemptuously. She was really blind to such a woman back then.

As the saying goes, a whore is a good dog. It can't be better to describe them as two people over a long period of time.

Seeing Zhou Feifei's humiliating appearance, although Zhang Zitao pitied her, she had chosen to walk her own path. For the sake of a little money, she didn't even have the dignity to do so.

Only you think of her as a treasure.

Zhang Zitao said calmly.

Seeing that he actually did not anger Zhang Zitao, Yang Jianbing directly pulled Zhou Feifei aside, and said with a cold smile: Since you're here, you must have heard of the gambling stones. How about this, the two of us bet here, what do you think?

For some reason, Yang Jianbing liked to bully Zhang Zitao. It was probably because in university, Zhang Zitao was even more popular than him!

Where are the rules?

Zhang Zitao laughed faintly.

First prove that you can afford to buy any one of these hairy stone!

Yang Jianbing mocked.

Any one of the hairy stone on the second floor would fetch a price of fifty thousand, so with Zhang Zitao's economic strength, how could he possibly afford it? It was just a good opportunity to humiliate him.

How do you know I can't afford it?

Zhang Zitao smiled confidently.

At this time, Wang Yulan and Zhao Yanran walked over together. Zhang Zitao smiled and asked: Sister Yulan, do I dare to ask if what you have promised me is true?

Wang Yulan revealed a smile and nodded: Of course I mean it.

When Yang Jianbing saw Wang Yulan's peculiar expression, he could not help but feel somewhat suspicious.

Wang Yulan stood at the side and nodded slightly: I promised to give him a piece of hairy stone.

Yang Jianbing's face turned green, he did not expect that with Wang Yulan's status, he would gift a hairy stone to Zhang Zitao.

In that case, I'll tell you the rules. The two of us will go and choose the stone. Whoever cuts out more jade will have to transfer the money to the winner according to the price of the jade. How about it?

Yang Jianbing glared fiercely at Zhang Zitao, but stared at him.

Zhang Zitao frowned, he did not know what to think.

When Zhao Yanran, who was at the side, saw this scene, he immediately regretted bringing Zhang Zitao over. The two of them were classmates, so she naturally had heard of Zhang Zitao's situation.

If Zhang Zitao was humiliated because he brought his here, it would be his own fault.

What, you don't dare?

Yang Jianbing sneered.

How about this, we'll bet double. In the first round, if you win, I'll pay double. In the second, you continue to win, I'll pay quadruple, until one side admits defeat.

Zhang Zitao stretched out two fingers as he calmly smiled.

The battle between the two immediately attracted the attention of the people around them, and they all came over. Upon hearing Zhang Zitao's words, their jaws dropped, this kind of gambling stone was way too extravagant, the lowest one was fifty thousand yuan, and the value of the jade was very likely to be over a million. If they continued to lose, then what they would lose was already an astronomical figure.

Yang Jianbing looked at Zhang Zitao in shock.

Suddenly, he revealed a cold smile and said, You are courting death! It looks like you truly do not know, as the disciple of the Master Lian Ming, do you think I would be afraid of you?

Consecutive tinnitus!

Hearing the name, the people of Tianfu Jewelry Store started boiling with excitement. Everyone who played rock gambling knew the name Consecutive tinnitus, being able to be his disciple could be said to be the dream of every rock gambler, what kind of luck did this brat have to become the Master Lian Ming's disciple.

Master Lian Ming? I don't know who that is. Accepting someone like you as a disciple probably won't be much better.

Zhang Zitao laughed indifferently, he knew who the Consecutive tinnitus was, so even if they knew each other, did he care?

The crowd went into an uproar. This brat did not even know the Master Lian Ming, he even knew how to bet stone, it must be some rich second generation who was leisurely panicking, but from this brat's body, there was not even the slightest hint of a rich second generation.

Nonsense, choose your stone.

Zhang Zitao said indifferently.

Zhao Yanran, who was at the side, had a face full of astonishment as she looked at Zhang Zitao. In her memory, Zhang Zitao was bright and cheerful yet was a little self-conscious, but couldn't he be as impulsive as he was right now?

Yang Jianbing snorted coldly, he walked to the front of a pile of stones and scrutinized them for around ten minutes. He picked out a hairy stone the size of a human head, and said indifferently: This is it.

Those who were well-versed could immediately tell that the hairy stone was not simple, the chances of it having something to sell was very high. It was indeed the disciple of a master, with sharp eyes!

On the other hand, Zhang Zitao chose a fist-sized hairy stone.

Zhao Yanran subconsciously wanted to stop her. That hairy stone must not be some good stuff!

As expected, he was a layman!


Zhang Zitao's movements looked extremely casual, and he chose hairy stone s that couldn't be picked out. Anyone who knew a bit about gambling rocks wouldn't choose this one.

The surrounding crowd shook their heads. Was this brat not just looking for a beating?

He was dead for sure, seeing that he couldn't afford it, he was definitely going to go bankrupt!

Zhang Zitao, don't make a fool of yourself, how can a person like you be liked by a girl?

Zhang Zitao could not resist and shouted out, even she felt that it was a bit embarrassing. Zhang Zitao's current appearance was like a person who did not even recognize the numbers when he walked in front of a group of bridge players and shouted boldly, I want to defeat all of them!

Cut the crap, open the rock!

Zhang Zitao said indifferently.

Yang Jianbing let out a cold snort, and brought the hairy stone he had chosen over to master cut stone.

This hairy stone of his had a price of 100,000. If he was lucky, he might be able to sell it for several million.

Seeing the level of the hairy stone, the stone cutter master did not dare to be careless, and started to carefully cut the stone.

Very quickly, the outer layer of the stone skin was cut off layer by layer, until a reddish green color appeared. The crowd immediately cried out in alarm.

This was because right now, the entire hairy stone was still the size of a baby's fist.

Seeing this, Yang Jianbing revealed a happy smile, his ability to gamble stones was not something that an ordinary person could compare with.

Very quickly, with the perfect workmanship of the mason, the jade inside revealed its true appearance.

It was a piece of emerald the size of a red and green egg. Although there was a hint of a mixed color within, it still did not affect its overall appearance.

Bean seed red jade!

The surrounding crowd cried out in alarm.

Even though it can't be considered top quality, such a large piece is still worth two to three hundred thousand. As expected of a disciple of the Master Lian Ming, he's really amazing.

Zhou Feifei also revealed a happy smile, the insult Yang Jianbing had previously given her had been completely forgotten.

Seeing that, Zhao Yanran's face turned ugly. After all, she was the one who brought Zhang Zitao here, so he should take responsibility for the things that happened to him today.

Brat, today I will make sure you lose until you can't even remember your next life!

Yang Jianbing pinched Zhou Feifei's perky bottom in front of everyone, he was extremely pleased with himself.

Everyone felt that Zhang Zitao was finished.

Fighting with a disciple of the Master would not end well!

Unexpectedly, Zhang Zitao only let out a light laugh, and handed the hairy stone over to Master Cutting Stone. He did not say a single word, but he had a smile on his face that guaranteed victory.

Hmph, what are you pretending to be garlic for!

Yang Jianbing snorted coldly, he was truly someone who would not shed tears until he saw the coffin, and compared to, he was still far, far off.

Without a word, Rock Cutting Master immediately took action.

The fist-sized hairy stone quickly became smaller and smaller in the hands of Rock Cutting Master.

Everyone nervously stared at Master Cutting Stone. Zhao Yanran worriedly walked to Zhang Zitao's side and asked: Are you alright?

You don't think I randomly chose because I was mad at them both?

Zhang Zitao asked, amused.

Zhao Yanran nodded lightly.

Zhang Zitao was speechless, and said calmly: They aren't worth it for me to do such a thing.

Right now, he was no longer that foolish youth from before. Compared to Zhao Yanran who was standing beside him, Zhou Feifei was like an ugly duckling.

But Zhao Yanran still bit her lower lip worriedly, because the hairy stone in her master's hand was only the size of a chicken's egg.

Seeing this, the smile on Yang Jianbing's face became more and more obvious.

He would win for sure!

But unexpectedly, when the hairy stone was only the size of a thumb, a touch of purple suddenly appeared inside, shocking everyone to the point that they held their breath.

How could that be?

Yang Jianbing looked at the emerald inside in disbelief, slowly revealing its real face, as if it had seen a ghost.


What the hairy stone had cut out was a piece of purple flower, about the size of a thumb.

Ice-seed violet!

The surrounding crowd couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Such a big piece, it should be worth at least a million!

Not only that, I estimate it to be one million and five hundred thousand!

Hearing the voices of the crowd, Yang Jianbing suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

How could this be? He had clearly just randomly picked a hairy stone, how could his luck be so good!

Zhao Yanran also opened her mouth slightly, she looked at Zhang Zitao in shock. He did not look like a novice at all, but instead had a bit of the demeanor of a master.

Yang Jianbing stared at the terrifying Zi Luolang blankly. Everyone was right, this Zi Luolang was worth at least one million and five hundred thousand, his bean seed Red Jadeite was not even worth mentioning in front of her, at the same time, it also meant that in this bet, he had lost a whole three million!

He was not considered a super rich second-generation at all, three million was all he had.

From this moment onwards, he would be bankrupt.

Only one million and five hundred thousand? I thought it was worth a lot of money.

Zhang Zitao chuckled, as if he did not care about this small amount of money.

Although he said this, he was still shocked.

Yang Jianbing was not convinced, but the reality was right in front of him, he had lost.

Looking at Yang Jianbing who was staring at Zi Luolan in a daze, Zhang Zitao laughed and asked.

Do you still want to bet?

Everyone looked at Yang Jianbing in anticipation. This time, it was four times stronger.

If they really wanted to gamble, then the outcome would be even greater.


Yang Jianbing growled, his face completely red. Other than the three million, he still had a few hundred thousand on him.

If you're willing to admit your defeat, then I'll beat you up first!

Zhang Zitao sneered.

Just for a few minutes.

Yang Jianbing transferred three million to Zhang Zitao from his account without hesitation.

He really didn't know how his father got so much money, but he had so much cash on hand.

Zhou Feifei watched in pain as Yang Jianbing gave him three million. Even without the three million, he was still nothing but a rich man.

What about the promised cars and houses?

After transferring the money to Zhang Zitao, Yang Jianbing once again walked towards the hairy stone. This time, his forehead was covered in beads of sweat.

On the other hand, as long as he could defeat Zhang Zitao this time, not only would he be able to take back everything that he had lost previously, he would also be able to throw Zhang Zitao into an eternal abyss.

Very quickly, he selected a long shaped hairy stone, and then walked back with the hairy stone.

Last time, he underestimated his opponent. Never would he have thought that Zhang Zitao was a skilled fighter, and this time, no matter what, he would not fail!

Zhang Zitao glanced at his hairy stone and revealed a mysterious smile. As if he was casually walking over, he casually pointed at it, pointed at a hairy stone the size of an infant, and said with a smile: This one!

Yang Jianbing and those who knew laughed.

Looks like he was just lucky earlier.

This time he had not only picked a small hairy stone, but he also picked one that had a few cracks on it.

This time, you go first!

Yang Jianbing said confidently, he had expected that the hairy stone in Zhang Zitao's hand did not have any good stuff, but looking at the one in his own hand, he was 90% sure that he could cut out a high grade jade, at that time, he would have the chance to turn the situation around.

Zhang Zitao did not object, and handed the hairy stone in his hand to Master Rock Cutting.

Very quickly, Master Cutting Stone cut open the hairy stone. This time, he only cut out a fingernail-sized piece of Red Jade, it wasn't worth much money at all.

I already said that this kid was lucky, but he won't be that lucky this time around.

I really wonder what kind of treasure Yang Jianbing can cut out. This time, the wager was more than four times, I feel like this brat is going to lose until all his underwear is gone.

Everyone was discussing, but they felt that it was normal, as the hairy stone was obviously not good stuff!

Yang Jianbing was finally relieved when he saw this, and revealed a brilliant smile as he walked forward and said: Trash is still trash. This time, I'll definitely get you to return everything with interest. I really admire your luck, but it seems your luck will end here.

Yang Jianbing said with a sneer on his face. He was definitely going to win this time.

Zhang Zitao smiled lightly and crossed his arms. Don't talk nonsense, let's go.

Zhao Yanran looked at Zhang Zitao in shock. He was still able to remain calm at this time, is this really his old classmate?

He was going to go bankrupt soon!

Or could it be that he had absolute confidence in himself?

Yang Jianbing let out a cold snort, took the hairy stone and walked to the side of master cut stone, telling master cut stone to begin.

Very quickly, the hairy stone shrunk in front of Master Beheading Stone. Along with the hairy stone becoming only the size of a thumb, it was still nothing.

Yang Jianbing's face became uglier and uglier. He tightly clenched his fist and stared at the thumb-sized hairy stone.

Impossible, he definitely wouldn't be wrong.

However, the hairy stone continued to shrink until it was nothing more than nothing.



Yang Jianbing was completely dumbstruck. He looked at the hairy stone that had already been shattered in despair,

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