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Long Marriage Journey: Volume 5

Long Marriage Journey: Volume 5

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Long Marriage Journey: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019


Everyone knew that young master Zhou had a bride that was as beautiful as a fairy since he was a boy. Wherever he went, she would follow! But who knew that one day, this daughter-in-law would suddenly go missing …
Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019

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Long Marriage Journey - Mai Dou



The surroundings were completely empty. Most of the items had already been removed, leaving not a single trace behind.

Yu Hua Qing stood in the villa for a long time. She knew that she wouldn't be able to find anything else, so she prepared to retreat.

However, she had not expected to see Zhou Xing Chen just as she was walking out of the door.

Zhou Xing Chen wore a high collar windbreaker, and his entire body exuded a sharp aura that made him look deep and cold. He had brought a few men in black behind him and was walking towards Yu Hua Qing at a leisurely pace.

He lightly swept a glance at Yu Hua Qing, and a hint of profoundness flashed across his eyes.

Yu Hua Qing's heart skipped a beat. She pursed her lips and looked at the tall and cold body that was slowly approaching. Suddenly, she tightened her grip.

Miss Yu Hua Qing, long time no see.

Swallowing her saliva, Yu Hua Qing forced herself to calm down. She tilted her head up slightly, the corners of her lips curving upwards slightly. She seemed rather surprised to see Zhou Xing Chen. Young Master Zhou, I didn't expect to see you in Holland.

She extended her hand in a graceful gesture, attempting to shake hands with Zhou Xing Chen.

However, it was clear that Zhou Weiqing did not give Yu Hua Qing any chance to win him over. He glanced indifferently at the hand, not moving at all, as if he could not see Yu Hua Qing's goodwill at all.

His eyes were deep, and his pupils were like overturned ink. They were so deep that no one could see through them. He just stared at her without blinking, as if he wanted to see something.

As if he could see Yu Hua Qing's misgivings, he smiled gently, Unfortunately, I think we came by the same thing, right?

Sweat seeped out of her clenched hands. She smiled and pretended to be innocent. Young Master Zhou, I don't understand what you're saying.

You don't understand? His eyes slightly narrowed as he lightly glanced at Yu Hua Qing's pale face.

He slowly narrowed his eyes as he took two steps forward. The aura around his body suddenly became sharper. He smiled lightly, Yu Hua Qing, I'm warning you, don't play any tricks behind my back. You know, you won't have a good ending if you offend me.

Zhou Xing Chen's lips curled up slightly. He lowered his head slightly to close Yu Hua Qing's ear, a trace of malice flashing through his eyes.

Don't think that just because you rely on that old man from the Yu family that I don't dare to touch you. You can try.

He wasn't a fool. Since Yu Hua Qing knew that he and Jia Er hadn't died, the first person she went back to should be a relative of the Yu Family to consolidate her power. Why would she suddenly appear in Holland?

Unless it was really just as Mom had said, to investigate Liang Jia's information?

Narrowing his eyes, he stared at the woman in front of him even more maliciously.

Hearing Zhou Xing Chen's words, Yu Hua Qing's hand tightened slightly. She lifted her head and smiled at him, looking coquettish and innocent. Young Master Zhou, how could you think like this about me? I thought you guys survived the last time because I was lucky.

Young Master Zhou, you know about me. How could I dare to do something like that after what happened? I don't think I have the guts, right?

Seeing that Zhou Xing Chen's eyes were just as malevolent as before, Yu Hua Qing's smile grew even wider. If I had done anything petty, you would definitely know. I've come to the Netherlands for a personal matter.

She raised an eyebrow, gesturing Zhou Xing Chen to look around. You see, Young Master Zhou, I'm only here to take a look at the villa and to build some properties. I don't know what the thing you're talking about is. "

With a faint smile, Yu Hua Qing looked at Zhou Xing Chen's cold expression, seemingly calm and indifferent.

It was as if he was here to buy a house.

Unlike the tension in the villa, Liang Jia was currently walking on the road tiredly. Her hair was already soaked, and her clothes could be soaked through.

She didn't know how long she had been walking or how far she had gone. All she knew was that right now, she only had one thought in her mind, and that was … that it was Zhou Xing Chen who had called.

As long as he made a phone call, everything would be over.

In front of her was an empty grass field. Liang Jia only took a few steps before she sat down and rested.

Her physical condition was already not very good. During her battle with Ouyang Ye, she had practically not eaten for days and nights, and now it was exceptionally difficult for her to walk.

She reached out her hand to stroke the mask on her face. She was still not used to this kind of thing. Still, she had no other choice. She had to wear it until she could call Xing Chen. This was her only hope.

The wind gently blew through Liang Jia's slightly curly brown hair, revealing an exquisite, white, and beautiful face that had a European style. She had used the only bangle left behind by her mother to exchange for this mask.

Wiping the sweat on her forehead with her slender fingers, Liang Jia once again remembered the scene inside the operation room.

It was her. She knew there was nothing she could do. She wanted to trade the blue bangle with the plastic surgeon. If she could escape without any surgery, she would give the bangle to her.

Unexpectedly, the plastic surgeon agreed without hesitation, agreeing to Liang Jia's request. He even had the thought of changing the nurse into the appearance Ouyang Ye had wanted, with the intention of keeping the nurse by her side.

What was even more unexpected was that the nurse actually agreed to it.

Thinking about the greedy look that the plastic surgeon had in his eyes, Liang Jia felt extremely uncomfortable.

After all, that was the only thought her mother had left her.

If she hadn't been forced into a corner, she definitely wouldn't have done this.

Gritting her teeth, she slowly stood up.

The plastic surgeon had some conscience. Knowing that she was escaping, he had not only helped her get out of Ouyang Ye's house, but had also pointed out a way for her.

Her heart ached when she thought of what the plastic surgeon had said at the end.

Walk along this road and you'll see a farm and promise they'll lend you a phone. The woman smiled coquettishly as her eyes narrowed, Thank you for the bracelet. I've been looking for this for a long time.

Oh right, that mask of yours, without the unique antidote, can't be taken off for the time being, you can rest assured.

Slowly walking along the dirt road, Liang Jia suddenly realized that her hands and feet were almost unable to move. Her vision seemed to be covered by a layer of fog, and her vision began to become blurry …

No, no.

Can't fall down yet

Taking a deep breath, she struggled desperately.

She haven't find a place to borrow a phone yet, so how can she just faint like this?!

The wind gently blew at Liang Jia's long brown hair. Liang Jia's face became incomparably pale as her body suddenly went limp, and she abruptly fell onto the concrete path that had been opened up in front of her.

Under the quiet sun, the wind blew unrestrainedly through the open fields. Liang Jia's white face revealed a trace of charm as she knitted her brows and slowly closed her eyes.


The intense confrontation didn't last long. Zhou Xing Chen narrowed his eyes, watching Yu Hua Qing's indifferent expression. He knew that she had gained nothing in return.

Although he didn't know whether or not she had come here because of Jia'er's pursuit, since he knew she had gained nothing, he might as well let her go and lengthen her fishing line. Perhaps he might even be able to gain some benefits.

After making up his mind, he squinted his eyes and lightly glanced at Yu Hua Qing's back. A sharp killing intent flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Relax, he hadn't forgotten yet. Although she hadn't come to find Jia Yue, they still hadn't settled the debt on the cliff yet.

After all, Yu Hua Qing could still use this opportunity to find out the clues about Jia Yue.

Looking at the bodyguards in black walking around, he raised his head and looked at the European villa. He asked lightly, Have you found any important clues?

Just in case, this sort of thing still needed to be done.

After all, he didn't have any clues, so he could only guess and investigate.

He couldn't let go of even the slightest bit of hope!

The black bodyguards quickly gathered to report back to Zhou Xing Chen. One of them even respectfully bowed down. Young Master, we've found a lot of junk within this room. It looks like someone has lived here before!

Zhou Xing Chen's body stiffened. He suddenly grabbed the man's collar, his eyes sharp. Are you serious? Is there really anyone who has lived here? "

Yes, young master. The other bodyguard seemed to want to rescue him, so he immediately stood up and said, Young master, it seems like the people here are trying to evacuate temporarily, so many things can't be collected in time. Some things that aren't personal are left untouched, and they remain the same.

Could young master be …

But it could also be because of the debt and not having enough time to pack up.

The man wanted to speak, but he swallowed his words when he saw Zhou Xing Chen's expression.

These bodyguards in black had followed Zhou Xing Chen for many years, and they knew of some basic tracking techniques. Although Yu Hua Qing's men had made a mess of the area just now, it couldn't stop them from discovering this.

It was precisely because they had followed Zhou Xing Chen for so many years that they didn't know whether to continue or not when they saw the expression on his face.

After all, his expression …

Narrowing his eyes, Zhou Xing Chen's heart was heavily shaken. He jerked open the collar of the bodyguard in black, his eagle-like eyes sharp as if he had regained some life. Go, look around. Ask the people around you! See if anyone lives in this villa! Will there be any strange sounds? "

Jia'er really might be here!

A light rain gradually fell from the sky, and small splashes of water began to appear on the muddy road. Liang Jia was still peacefully sleeping, like a child who knew nothing of the world.

The golden-brown haired woman dodged the rain and was about to go out to collect her clothes.

The farm was so big that she had to walk the muddy road to get to the other end of the cabin.

However, she didn't expect to see a pale European beauty sleeping on the muddy road as soon as she took two steps forward. She looked very much like the Sleeping Beauty from the legends.

The woman was stunned and a little surprised.

But she was an older woman after all. She quickly calmed down and ran forward a few steps to check on Liang Jia's breath. The woman's face immediately revealed a happy smile.

After thinking for a moment, she frowned and ran back.

She had to call her husband to save the beautiful Sleeping Princess!

As the rain continued to fall, the sky grew darker and darker. Lightning and thunder flashed in the sky, causing Zhou Xing Chen to feel uneasy.

The bodyguards in black were very fast. Even though it was raining, it had only been two hours and they had already interrogated everyone nearby. At this moment, they were holding Liang Jia's photo as they slowly walked towards the farm.

The Dutch weather was cold and hot, and the black bodyguard's face was covered in sweat from the long walk. He looked up at the busy couple in front of him, reached for his phone, opened the screen, and asked in fluent English, Excuse me, have you seen this woman in the photo?

The photo he used was of Liang Jia's private life that Zhou Xing Chen had secretly taken.

No makeup, brown hair, black eyes, typical classical beauty, very beautiful.

The woman and the man looked at each other and shook their heads.

Other than the Sleeping Beauty they had saved on the farm, they hadn't seen anyone else, let alone such a beautiful Chinese woman.

Moreover, that sleeping beauty had a typical European and American face. She couldn't even be considered to be a Chinese woman.

Narrowing his eyes, the man sighed. Seeing the two of them shaking their heads, he did not force them. He just thanked them and put away his phone before continuing to ask about the next store.

How could he know what he had missed on the farm?

Silence reigned in the room. A beautiful European woman with curly brown hair was sleeping quietly on the couch. She was oblivious to everything that was happening around her, and even more unaware that she had missed a chance to be saved because of her mask.

The sky gradually darkened, and the bodyguards in black finished their search. They returned to report to Zhou Xing Chen.

Zhou Xing Chen couldn't wait any longer. The moment he saw the bodyguard in black, he grabbed him by the collar and asked for information.

How is it?! Is there any news of my wife?

Unfortunately, this time Zhou Xing Chen was disappointed.

The bodyguards in black looked at each other, looked at each other, and shook their heads.

As for Zhou Xing Chen, he sighed and lowered his head. I'm sorry Young Master, we didn't discover anything.

They walked through the nearby towns and streets, but still didn't have the slightest bit of information regarding Liang Jia. Even the people living near the villas didn't find anything out of the ordinary, because they hadn't noticed anything at all.

In this situation, it was undoubtedly a blow to Zhou Xing Chen.

He gave her hope, and then gave her a slap!

Letting go of the man's collar, Zhou Xing Chen's expression became dark and gloomy. Tightly clasping his hands together, he took a deep breath.

Heh …

Sure enough, he had thought that there would be hope. There was simply no hope at all!

Jia Yue wasn't here, he was overthinking things!

Narrowing his eyes, Zhou Xing Chen forced himself to calm down. Go find someone to follow Yu Hua Qing and see what she's up to. Are you really buying real estate! "

Clenching his hands tightly together, Zhou Xing Chen almost couldn't control his own strength.

Despite the fingernails digging into his palms, his eyes were deep.

Yu Hua Qing was his only clue!

No matter how little hope there was, he could not give up!

Perhaps the moment he gave up, Ciaran would have lost her life.


He already knew that searching for Liang Jia wouldn't be so successful.

Yu Hua Qing narrowed her eyes and pulled open the curtains of a small inn that was not too far away from the villa.

Through the gray curtain of rain, she looked at the few men gathered together in the distance. Her dark red lips slightly curled up as she gently pursed her lips, No news at all?

This sentence was said to the man behind him who was pretending to be ordinary.

The man slightly lowered his head and respectfully bowed, nodding as he said, Yes, Miss. Even Young Master Zhou did not have the slightest hint of Xia Jia. As far as I know, Zhou Xing Chen and his men searched the entire town, but were unable to find any clues regarding Miss Xia Jia.

As she closed the curtain, Yu Hua Qing's eyes darkened, Alright, I understand.

He gently turned his body to look at the reporting man, but Yu Hua Qing no longer said anything. She pulled her coat over the bed and started to wear it, pulling up the cuffs of her coat, and Yu Hua Qing picked up the LV bag she had just bought. You stay in Holland and and see if Ouyang Ye will come back, or if he's still going to make a move. Remember, don't alert me. If there's any news, tell me immediately.

She cast a glance at the man, then casually left the room with her red lips slightly raised. Then I'll leave first.

The mantis stalks the cicada, and the yellow sparrow follows.

Zhou Xing Chen, it's up to you to decide what to do.

She had left them here not only to guard against Ouyang Ye, but also Zhou Xing Chen.

However, to Yu Hua's surprise, after Zhou Xing Chen's fruitless search, he returned back to the country instead of staying in Holland. However, what he did not expect was that Ouyang Ye would return to Holland as soon as Zhou Xing Chen left.

Ouyang Ye's men were fast. In less than an afternoon, they had called to say they had caught a plastic surgeon in a hospital in the Netherlands.

Could it be that she, this idiot, didn't know that even if Jia Jia Yue underwent plastic surgery, it would be very difficult for anyone to imitate her in everything? Just the habits of the movement itself could easily be exposed!

Gripping his hands tightly, a trace of malice could be seen in Ouyang Ye's eyes as he coldly stood up and walked out of the cabin door.

Alright, he wanted to see where his little girl could run to!

Where is he? He took the gun that the person beside him handed to him. His eyes darkened and he gently wiped the gun with his hand. Bring the person here right now!

Just as Ouyang Ye finished his sentence, a few men came over with the plastic surgeon in tow.

Upon seeing Ouyang Ye, the woman's face was filled with uncontrollable panic. Her pale face was devoid of any color. Young Master Ouyang!

Playing with the unfamiliar Chinese language, the Caucasian woman's face was so dry it was hard to see the slightest color. She stammered as she looked at the gun in Ouyang Ye's hand. Her pupils contracted. Young Master Ouyang, let's talk properly. I was wrong, Young Master Ouyang, I …

Hmph, just admit defeat.

Ouyang Ye's eyes narrowed slightly as he loaded the gun and stared coldly at the woman in front of him.

He placed his finger on the trigger and raised his hand slightly. The dark hole was pointed at the woman's forehead without hesitation!

Speak, his voice was so cold it sounded like he had fallen into an icy cave. Ouyang Ye's gaze turned heavy, and his entire body began to exude a cold aura. Where the hell is she now?

The woman seemed to be stunned, as if she had not expected Ouyang Ye to be so ruthless, directly aiming the gun at her forehead!

Her body trembled as her limbs stiffened. Young Master Ouyang, I … I don't know.

He slightly curled his fingers and was about to fire.

But before that! I made a mask for her! Afraid that Ouyang Ye would attack her in the next second, the woman's sharp voice trembled a little as she lost her tone. I made a mask for her and told her to run away.

Speak clearly, what is going on?! Ouyang Ye frowned, obviously starting to get impatient.

She kneeled towards Ouyang Ye and began to explain in detail. She also didn't expect that this classical Chinese beauty would be so important to the man in front of her. She thought that Liang Jia was just a woman he could throw away for fun.

Lowering her eyes, she no longer dared to act impudently. It's like this, this woman is very smart. Before she entered the operation room, she had already guessed that we were plastic surgeons.

She said she was very fond of her face and didn't want a face lift, and she made a deal with us to keep us from having an operation, and she said she could give up her position and let the nurse be your wife. And the nurse will be rich and well off.

Subconsciously concealing the subject of the bracelet, Fiona tried her best to justify her actions and push everything to Liang Jia, Then she gave us a suggestion. She asked me to make her a mask, saying that this way she could steal the day and change the day. No one will know where she will go.

After I made her a mask, I pointed her the way. I don't know where she went. Biting her lower lip, Fiona's blue eyes shone with a faint light. I really didn't hide her from me, Young Master Ouyang.

He sized Fiona up and down. Ouyang Ye seemed to be doubting the authenticity of her words. After a while, his fingertips loosened a little and he got someone to give her a drawing set. What mask? How does it look like?

Draw it for me!

The hand holding the black spear suddenly exerted force, and a trace of killing intent flashed across Ouyang Ye's eyes.

The woman bit her lips. She was afraid, but she was still a plastic surgeon. She was familiar with the mask. Her hands were trembling as she bit her lips and slowly drew, afraid that even the slightest mistake would cause her to be hurt by the sharp weapon from the black hole.

After drawing for a few minutes, she finally finished. Her underling took away her painting and held her tightly before handing it to Ouyang Ye.

Ouyang Ye narrowed his eyes, his pupils reflecting the beautiful European face. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. After a long while, he suddenly threw the drawing paper in his hand, letting it fall into the hands of the man next to him.

Go, find that human face on the screen and search house by house!

Narrowing his eyes, he stared closely at the woman kneeling on the ground. Seeing that she was lowering her head and biting her lips, his gaze became even deeper, slightly tightening the grip on the gun in his hand, his hands clearly showing the joints, That mask should be like what you drew. If there's anything wrong with this painting, if I can't find her, I'll kill you!

Do you understand? His gaze turned serious as killing intent gathered in his body, Before I find her, I'll leave you with your dog life. If I can't find her, then you'll disappear with her!


It was night, and the lights were bright.

Zhou Xing Chen frowned as he sat at the front of the sofa, his eyes glued to the phone in his hands, unwilling to let it go.

It had been a full eleven days.

Counting this trip to the Netherlands, Liang Jia had been missing for eleven whole days.

Eleven days! He had used every method at his disposal, but he just couldn't do anything about it. He simply couldn't find her. For eleven whole days, it was as if Liang Jia had disappeared, making him unable to find her.

He clenched his fists tightly and didn't dare to look away from the screen for even a second, afraid that he would miss out on some important information.

Ren Chengyan stood behind Zhou Xing Chen quietly with a glass in his hand. Seeing him stare at his phone without blinking, a bitter feeling rose in his heart.

Ever since he had returned from Holland, Zhou Xing Chen's mood had somehow worsened day by day. She probably knew that it was probably because she couldn't find Liang Jia.

Placing the glass in front of the man, Ren Chengyan bit his lips and smiled, Xing Chen, it's been a few days since you last ate. If this goes on, your body won't be able to take it anymore.

If you don't want to eat, at least drink something.

Looking at Zhou Xing Chen's bloodshot eyes coldly staring at his phone, she felt both heartbroken and sad. I'll definitely find it. Don't worry about it for now.

Thank you. Zhou Xing Chen silently received the cup of water, his voice hoarse and low. Recently, sorry to trouble you. You've followed me to so many places."

No, that won't happen. I'm the one who insisted on following you. Afraid that Zhou Weiqing wouldn't let her stay by his side, Ren Chengyan lowered her gaze. It was my choice. I want to know if Big Sis Liang's condition is good or not. I want to know if she's safe, so …

Just as Ren Qianxing was about to plead with Zhou Xing Chen not to let her go, the phone on the table suddenly rang. Zhou Xing Chen's eyes narrowed, and he quickly grabbed his phone.

It was the company's secretary.

Rubbing the space between his eyebrows, a dejected look appeared in Zhou Xing Chen's eyes. What? Didn't I say not to call me if there's nothing important? No one was as important as Jia Yue.

With a dark expression, Zhou Xing Chen's expression didn't look too good.

Young Master Zhou! On the other end of the line, the secretary seemed worried that Zhou Xing Chen would hang up, so he hurriedly said, Young Master Zhou, all of our company's computers have been attacked. For some reason, it hasn't worked. Furthermore, the customer source is currently being drained.

Someone was attacking the Zhou clan?

A name immediately flashed through Zhou Xing Chen's mind: Ouyang Ye?

Clutching his phone tightly, Zhou Xing Chen's eyes were like a rolling black ocean, almost devouring everything in sight. Can you find out where the attack is coming from? What about Young Master Jin? Didn't I leave the company matters to him for the time being? "

We can't find the source of the attack yet. Young Master Jin is trying to salvage the situation, but the situation is still not looking good!

Frowning, Zhou Xing Chen tightened his grip on his phone. He hung up the phone coldly, his voice icy. Alright, I understand.

The sky brightened as the heavy rain began to subside.

Ouyang Ye was sitting in a cold, damp room, leaning lazily on a chair, squinting his eyes at the struggling woman in front of him. The hand that was playing with the gun did not stop. He lightly glanced at the woman, and his other hand kept drumming the table. It was obvious that he was getting impatient.

Someone stumbled in from outside the door and, with a hint of urgency, knelt down beside the man.

He panted hurriedly, his face filled with urgency. Young Master, we found Miss Xia Jia unconscious on a farm! When we found her, she was indeed wearing that mask!

Ouyang Ye immediately stood up. Ignoring the man who was still kneeling on the ground, he rushed out.

The rain had stopped, and soon they were on the farm, driving down a muddy road.

Ouyang Ye frowned, his heart full of roiling anger. Although he knew that Liang Jia was smart, he didn't expect her to be so capable as to actually flee from his side and even design a mask.

If he really could not guess that woman was not Liang Jia, perhaps Liang Jia really would have passed through the ocean without anyone noticing!

Holding his fists tightly, Ouyang Ye narrowed his eyes and pushed open the door, walking into the room.

Inside the room, a warm air conditioner was on, everything arranged in an exceptionally simple fashion. Liang Jia was lying on the bed inside the room. The couple had long since been subdued. They stood to the side, looking at Ouyang Ye with fear, trembling all over.

Someone had already brought the doctor over and made her kneel straight on the ground.

Ouyang Ye sat on the edge of Liang Jia's bed and looked at her condescendingly. His intention was clear, he wanted her to take out the antidote to remove the woman's mask.

Very quickly, his hands filled up a little warm water and entered. After fusing the antidote and warm water together, he lightly smeared the antidote on Liang Jia's face.

In just a few moments, the mask floated into the air.

Ouyang Ye's eyes darkened as he suddenly took off her mask.


The one under the mask was precisely Liang Jia, who had plotted to escape from his side!

The moment the mask was taken off, everyone was a little stunned, especially the couple. When they saw Liang Jia's face, they were clearly stunned.

The man sitting by the bedside already uncontrollably released an ice-cold aura. Narrowing his eyes, Ouyang Ye forcefully grabbed Liang Jia's shoulder!

Perhaps it was because Ouyang Ye had used too much strength, but Liang Jia wrinkled her brows in pain, and slowly came to her senses.

Faintly opening her eyes, Liang Jia still didn't know where she was.

Feeling the burning gaze from above her head, Liang Jia was jolted awake all of a sudden. Her pale lips moved slightly, as if frightened. She subconsciously shrank back. Ouyang Ye?

Her heart turned cold as she slowly looked at the antidote and the doctor in custody.

Little by little, they sank into the ice.

She looked coldly at Ouyang Ye, the corners of her mouth slowly curling into a self-deprecating smile.

Had he been discovered so quickly?

She didn't even have time to run away.

He didn't even have time to give Xing Chen a call.

You're finally awake. Ouyang Ye's pupils were cold, and no emotion could be seen in them. His eyes were fixed on her, as if he was afraid that she would run away again in the next second.

His large hand pulled at her palm, and his tone was low and deep. Jia Xing, you really have the ability to make me search for you!

Her eyes gradually grew colder and more indifferent as she looked directly at Ouyang Ye. Her face was pale, but her eyes were very hard. Ouyang Ye, what do you want?


There was no one in the mansion. Yu Hua Qing was leisurely making the woman in front wipe her nails, looking relaxed.

The phone on the table vibrated, causing her lazy eyes to frown.

Ye Zichen picked up the call with a hint of indifference on his face. What is it?

Miss, we did find Ouyang Ye's whereabouts in the Netherlands! He flew back to Holland at noon today. The man on the other end of the line said hoarsely, But for some reason he just stayed in Holland for an afternoon and then took the plane somewhere else."

I found out that Ouyang Ye is returning to London. Miss, what do you think we should do?

Yu Hua Qing suddenly sat up from her seat. Her eyes flashed with a bright light and her tone became excited, Are you sure he's going to London? Did he bring a woman?! "

Miss, the flight was certain to go to London, but they did a good job of keeping it a secret and did not see any women. You see …"

No need for that, immediately book some tickets for me. I want to fly to London immediately! Yes. Yu Hua Qing narrowed her eyes and made her decision without hesitation. And you stay in Holland and see if he comes back. "

She quickly hung up the phone, a trace of malice flashing across her eyes.

Very quickly, Liang Jia fell into her hands.

She retracted her hand and turned around to walk towards the wardrobe. She didn't notice that outside the window, there was a man with a telescope observing her from afar.

After removing the earpiece that was connected to the bug in his ear, the man lowered his head and quickly took out his phone to make a call.

Young master, there's something you wanted me to do. I just overheard a phone call from Miss Yu. It seems she wants to fly to London immediately.

Beside the tall building, Zhou Xing Chen's pale, handsome face was reflected in the glass of the window. His brows were furrowed as he held his phone, and he asked with a hint of surprise, Did she say what she was going to London for?

Miss Yu spoke with some reservations. She didn't say it very clearly, but from the looks of the situation, she was very anxious. The man picked up the binoculars again and looked at Yu Hua Qing, who had changed her clothes, preparing to leave. Young Master, what do we do now? "

The man's face was cold. He turned around and lightly tapped the desk. His eyes narrowed as he said, Send someone to follow her and see what she's up to. If she has any questions, report them to me immediately.

The company wasn't done yet, but it was clear that they had started to take action.

Then after so many days, would Jia Yue already have …

Restraining himself not to think too much, Zhou Xing Chen hung up the phone.

The door was pushed open — —

The man gasped for breath, a hint of anxiety in his voice. He held on tightly to the handle of the door, his face pale from running for so long. He stared into Zhou Xing Chen's dark eyes, Young Master Zhou, there's a message from the Netherlands! There were photos and videos they had sent over to take in the meeting room! Ouyang Ye seems to have gone back to Holland. "

Someone saw him on the streets of Holland!

Zhou Xing Chen's heart skipped a beat, and his dark eyes lit up. He quickly placed his phone on the table, stood up, and quickly headed for the meeting room.

Finding Ouyang Ye meant finding Jia Yue.

Just as he was about to leave the office, his cell phone rang.

Tick, tap, tap … The sound shook the tabletop. It was so expectant, so desperate …


In an extremely luxurious apartment, Liang Jia sat on the British sofa with a cold and expressionless face.

She looked indifferently at Ouyang Ye, watching him walk around to pick out her wedding dress.

The gigantic scroll painting unfurled in front of her, depicting all sorts of designs. The design was as beautiful as a mermaid skirt, and the wedding dress design was as exquisite and luxurious as a princess's skirt, yet it did not even make her want to glance at it.

Ever since she had arrived in London from the Netherlands that day, she had been unable to figure out Ouyang Ye's thoughts. She had no idea what he wanted to do, and she still remembered that day in London when Ouyang Ye had tossed his mask on the ground without any scruples, allowing her to see the crazy anger in his eyes.

He coldly lifted her chin and looked at her from high above as he swore with madness in his eyes. Liang Jia, you won't be able to escape. After tonight, you'll be completely another person and no one will be able to find you.

That kind of tone, it was as if he was about to destroy everything. If he couldn't get it, then he would be destroyed!

She felt as if Ouyang Ye had gone mad. Ouyang Ye was not listening to her at all, and she didn't even know what he was going to do next.

Furthermore, she had not expected that Ouyang Ye would tell her in her presence that he was going to marry her as soon as they returned to London today. Moreover, he had even asked her to choose her wedding dress in front of her; he clearly knew that she did not want to and could not marry him!

She felt vaguely uneasy, as if she had overlooked something. When she thought about the day in Holland when Ouyang Ye had bent over and whispered something to the plastic surgeon, her forehead suddenly throbbed.

But right now, she had no other choice. The current her was only a puppet. No matter what, she couldn't make the decision on her own.

She frowned as she looked up at Ouyang Ye's somewhat sinister face.

Seeing Ouyang Ye wave his hand in dissatisfaction for them to tear up the design, Liang Jia suddenly stood up. He looked at Ouyang Ye, who was looking at her indifferently, and gave him a cold look. I need to go to the toilet.

After turning a corner, Liang Jia's spine finally relaxed.

In the tranquil bathroom, Liang Jia used cold water to slap her face. Her entire body and mind felt unusually tired.

Staring silently at the woman reflected in the mirror, Liang Jia let out a sigh. She raised her hand to look at her watch, and her long eyelashes trembled.

At this point, he had to go back or Ouyang Ye would suspect again.

Pushing the door open, her expression became somewhat cold. However, her eyes narrowed the moment she stepped out of the door.

Not far from the door, Ouyang Ye was shouting escort her bodyguard, who was leaning against the door of the corridor. He was chatting with his cellphone and didn't notice that she had already walked out.

Reaching out a hand to touch her earlobe, a smile suddenly hooked up on Liang Jia's white and exquisite face.


Lowering her head to remove the earring from her earlobe, she gently took a few steps forward.

After this lesson, Ouyang Ye had already collected all the valuable items from her body. Only

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