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Mr Xu Stay in Line to Remarry: Volume 5

Mr Xu Stay in Line to Remarry: Volume 5

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Mr Xu Stay in Line to Remarry: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019


The whole world knew that Young Master Xu was looking for a woman.It was rumored that the woman had an average appearance and a lowly status.It was rumored that the woman was crafty and had a water personality.More importantly, that woman was his ex-wife!When Xu Yimo saw her again, she was as beautiful as a flower, with a little bun by her side.The little bun asked, "Are you here to be my father's competition?"Xu Yimo: "?"The little bun pointed at the pile of men and proudly said, "Go and queue up. Those are my stepfather candidates over there!"The cold and heartless Young Master Xu from the legends finally understood what it meant to regret when one loved deeply …
Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019

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Mr Xu Stay in Line to Remarry - Xia Hua



This won't do, Big Flower, are you going to let her climb on your head like this? Haven't you been bullied by her for so many years? What are you afraid of her for! She hated herself for not being able to do it. She was too weak, and every time, Lin Doudou would make her speechless. She could not take this lying down.

Lin Gumo stuffed her membership card back to the clerk. The clerk took it helplessly and said, Sorry, madam, this is the rule of our store. Members are given priority.

The clerk didn't want to offend anyone, not only because of Lin Peaches, but also because of her identity. She didn't want to offend any of these big shots, so how could she dare to offend any of them?

Lin Xia Hua could only shake his head in understanding, Nothing.

Big Flower! He stomped his feet anxiously. How could he give away his beloved item so easily? It was not a dress at all, it was a matter of dignity.

Let's go. Lin Xia Hua didn't want to have a direct confrontation with Nutmeg, she just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Even though she was frustrated to the point that she couldn't vent her anger, she didn't want to give up just like that even if she had to pick a fight with Lin pussy.

Wait. Nutmeg suddenly opened her mouth, stopping Lin Xiayuan and Lian who were about to leave.

It wasn't easy to get such a rare opportunity, so how could Lin myrtle miss it so easily? Now that there was a difference in status between them, couldn't they hurry up and show off?

I've given you the clothes, what else do you want? He straightened his neck and spoke angrily.

This person still has no end, right? He was using his status to make a living. Wasn't it because he had the backing of a mayor? She even dared to scold Xu Yimo, let alone her?

Nutmeg took a bag from the clerk. The bag contained the dress she had been wearing, which was now hers.

I won't even take a second look at this kind of dress. If elder sister likes it, I'll gift it to you! Nutmeg took out the dress, hooked it gently with a finger, and held it in front of Lin Xia Hua.

She said that it was something she didn't want, but pretended to be magnanimous as she gave it to Lin Xia Hua. She said that it was something she didn't like, but pretended to be magnanimous as she gave it to Lin Xia Hua, which obviously meant that she was humiliating the school beauty.

What she meant was that Lin Xia Hua was only fit to pick up things she didn't want.

Even standing in front of Lin Xia Hua to block her, the other party is going too far, she could not endure it any longer, Hey, what do you mean, isn't it too much to say! You gave her to us big flowers because you didn't want her, but do you think she's a trash picker? But it's also true that I'm a piece of trash anyway!

Lin Peaches did not care about Lian Ran. Her goal was always Lin Xia Hua and she just wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate her and let her know that their statuses had changed.

Isn't she just a garbage collector? Lin Peaches' earlier words continued to insult Lin Xia Hua.

Lin Xia Hua hadn't said anything at first, she just wanted to stop this from happening and not cause any trouble. There was no need to fight with Lin Peaches over a piece of cloth, but Lin Peaches was far too greedy.

Nutmeg, oh, that's not right. We have to call her Madam Mayor now. The Madam Mayor is trying to make life difficult for me, a mere commoner, in public. Aren't you afraid of being talked about? Besides, I don't think I've had the mayor's wife's wedding wine? "

They had not yet gotten married, but every time Liu Jingyu attended an important banquet, he would bring Lin Peaches and announce her to the public as his girlfriend. However, he had yet to hear the news of their marriage.

As long as he wasn't married, it wouldn't be official.

I'm not the mayor's wife.

You'll get it sooner or later, don't worry. As she spoke of this, Lin Peaches felt a little bit guilty. She also restrained her arrogance a little bit and was no longer as overbearing as before.

I'm not in a hurry. There are people who are anxious to use their identity as the mayor's wife to bully others. I'm worried for you! Lin Xia Hua returned Lin Peaches' words to her. Originally, she didn't want to stir up trouble, but unfortunately, Lin Peaches held onto her tightly. If that was the case, then don't blame her for not showing mercy.

Not to mention that Lin Mei-cai was not the official mayor's wife now, even if she was, it did not mean that Lin Xia-hua was afraid of her.

Liu Jingyu's position as mayor was not that good, so how about he, the mayor's wife?

Furthermore, Liu Jingyu was someone who didn't know how to restrain himself. He didn't know if it was because he was concealing his guilt or because he had suppressed the business from the moment he had ascended the throne. This caused the hearts of the people to boil.

The mayor didn't know how long he would be able to last. As the mayor's wife, there was nothing to be proud of.

So what if I haven't married Liu Jingyu yet? He listens to me now. Do you know what it means for the people not to fight with the officials? There was a threatening tone in his words, indicating that if Lin Xiashua dared to contradict her again, she would instigate Liu Jingyu to deal with the Xu Corporation.

She did not want the Xu Group to be targeted like Shenghong, which would definitely give Xu Yimo a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, she was still unable to hold it in.

Lin Xia Hua's expression changed, he was indeed a little fearful.

His heart began to beat like a drum.

Then do you know what it means to be caught in a cocoon and set yourself on fire? Go back and tell Liu Jingyu that if he really wants to deal with me, I'll be ready anytime!" A male voice filled with magnetism suddenly rang out from not too far away. Xu Zimo impressively appeared in front of everyone, causing them all to suck in a breath of cold air.

Lin Yemao never thought that Xu Yimo would appear so promptly. It was as if someone had rushed over to inform the public that Xu Yimo had hurried over. It was too much of a coincidence.

Lin Xia Hua saw that Xu Zimo had arrived, and immediately let out a breath of relief. Luckily he appeared in time, otherwise, she really didn't know what to do.

Why are you here? Lin Xia Hua stepped forward and asked.

Secretary Song was always by Xu Yimo's side. The two of them were like two babies, inseparable and inseparable.

Secretary Song answered in place of Xu Yimo, Boss Xu just spoke with the owner of the department store, and just happened to see Madam here when we passed by!

So it was like this, a coincidence within a coincidence.

Yimo! Lin Peaches could not help but open her mouth. No matter how much hatred she harbored in her heart, when she saw Xu Zimo, her heart that was as cold as ice suddenly ached.

The mayor's wife is so mighty. She even dares to bully my people? Xu Zhimo did not give Lin Mei-eke any chance to speak, and his eyes were filled with deep hatred.

Actually, there was no need for him to bicker with a woman, but this woman had gone too far by bullying Lin Xia. Did she know that this was his precious baby? How could he allow others to bully him?

Yi Mo, she's the only one in your heart right now. Can't you remember what I've done to you in the past? And I lost a child for you, don't you remember? The moment she saw Xu Zimo appear, all of her defenses collapsed, and her unwillingness surged up once again.

She still couldn't understand.

Why did things turn out like this?

How could a man who loved her dearly suddenly fall in love with another woman? What was wrong with her?


Xu Yimo's face was very dark and cloudy. If one were to talk about the past between him and Linjia, perhaps he would have felt indignant in the past, but now, it only made him feel disgusted.

He then made a 'tsk tsk' sound, and was ashamed of her behavior. Can't you show some face? Didn't you see how the other family members loved each other? Are you that fond of being a mistress?

She already inserted Wang Xiaofeng's marriage and stole the husband of others to her side. She took over the nest of the dead and was still thinking about the husband of others. Could it be that she likes the husband of others that much? The taste was really heavy.

Shut up. It's not up to an outsider like you to interfere in the matter between me and Yi Mo! Lingcun was infuriated. She would not allow others to say that she was the third party because she felt that in her relationship with Xu Zimo, Lin Xia-hua was the third party.

Whoa, what's going on between you and him? You're finished already, all right? I'll have to trouble you to recognize the reality. Don't get involved with others, don't be too embarrassed by it." He was not even afraid, and his eloquence was incredible as well. He would even be able to fight for three hundred rounds with Lin pussy without any problems.

He had been holding back from the beginning, but now that he finally had the opportunity, couldn't he vent it all out?

Yimo! Lin Meizi stared at the man in front of her with wounded eyes. She had been humiliated to such an extent, and now she was putting her pride on the ground to be trampled on. Did he not feel the slightest bit of heartache?

How could he be so cruel? He abandoned me like this? How did he do it?

Madam Liu, please call me CEO Xu. If Mayor Liu were to find out about what happened today, I don't know how he would think of me. Lady Liu, it's best if you don't cause any misunderstandings. Since Lady Liu likes that dress, then just give it to you.

Xu Zhimo went up to hold Lin Xia-hua's hand, and didn't say anything else, because he already had nothing else to say to her, Let's go somewhere else, if there's anything we like, we can buy it. Don't help me save money!

Xu Yimo had a smile on his face. When he looked at Lin Xiashua, his eyes were filled with tenderness. He had already forgotten about Lin Yemao, and his two different states of mind randomly switched.

Lin Xia Hua was still not used to it, but she had nothing to say to Nutmeg. She turned around and looked at Nutmeg. With a hint of pity in her eyes, she said, En, let's go.

Lin myrtle is also quite pitiful, but poor people must have hateful, love a person not possession, but fulfillment.

She had no love in her heart for a long time.

All she had was unwillingness.

Even as she watched Lin Xia Hua and Xu Yimo walk away, she did not intend to follow them anymore. Before leaving, she said sarcastically, Some people truly do not know shame. Not only do they not destroy their families, they even eat as they look into the pot. Shameless!

He finally vented the anger in his heart and left in big strides.

The only one left was Nutmeg, and the dress that had fallen to the ground a long time ago. It was so white that it made people panic, as if it could reflect the ugly behavior in a person's heart.

Lin Peaches' eyes were red. She looked at that dress as if she had seen Lin Xiaxia. She stomped on it twice, then kicked it far away and angrily left the department store.

Why did you quarrel with her? You don't even have to bother with such people. You're too lazy to waste your breath on them!

Xu Yimo and Lin Xia-hua were still strolling around the department store, but Lin Xia-Hua was in a much better mood. With someone helping to push the kids around, she could relax a little, and this store could easily take a look at that shop. Didn't someone just say that she didn't need to save money for him? With these words, his mood naturally wasn't bad.

Lin Xia Hua felt that it was not a big deal. Just a moment ago, someone had appeared in time to help her dissolve the awkwardness. Now, her entire body relaxed.

Who told her that her man was so powerful? In the future, he would be able to do whatever he wanted outside. Naturally, there would be people who would clean up the mess for her.

It's probably my bad luck! Lin Xia Hua replied without thinking, and then she went straight into a clothing store, taking off the clothes that she wanted for the shop assistant to try on.

Shopping like this was really quite easy. Lin Xia Hua felt like she had gained a new skill. In the future, when she shopped, she would have to bring someone to take care of her children.

Somehow, his heart was filled with joy. Seeing someone in a suit with a pair of shoes, yet holding a stroller in his hand and waving it around, he attracted the gaze of so many people around, but that person was completely oblivious, like a fool.

It was a feeling of accomplishment.

So much so that his mood improved along with it.

Xu Zimo shook his head helplessly. He saw a certain someone acting like an innocent child who had lost himself in a clothing store. There was really nothing he could do about it.

Not long after, Lin Xiafua tried out a new set of clothes and came out of the fitting room. He came in front of Xu Yimo and said, How was it? Did it look good?

Xu Yimo propped his chin up with one hand as he looked around with a picky gaze, then shook his head. It's not very pretty. These clothes are too tacky and don't match my wife's noble temperament.

Although Lin Xia Hua felt that someone's words were a bit too exaggerated, she was still elated in her heart. She ran up to him and gave him a f * cking reward, praising: Why are you suddenly so good at talking? Tell me, did you do something shameful?

I swear to god, how would I dare! What I said was true. This robe does not suit your disposition. I think this shirt is more suitable for you! Xu Yimo also walked into the shop and helped Lin Xia Hua pick out another piece of clothing.

Actually, his wife looked good in anything she wore. Just now was just taking advantage of the opportunity to flirt with him. It was just a little bit of interest to enhance the relationship between husband and wife!

Secretary Song could feel the coquettish air even from far away. The two of them were old husband and wife, but they did not blush at all.

He only wanted to stand a little further away and not feel this ambiguous atmosphere at all. He called out in his heart, could he care about the elderly for a while? Old people are not easy! Despite being so old, he was still being fed dog food!

Clank ~ ~ ~

As soon as Lin Peaches got home, she pushed open the door with all her might. Her whole body was emitting a murderous aura, which frightened Lin Mu so much that she didn't even dare to step forward.

Lin Peaches picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed it down at the doll on the windowsill. She muttered to herself, Lin Xia Hua, Lin Xia Hua, you're going to die a horrible death! You're going to die a horrible death!

Mother Lin stood at the door watching from afar. She didn't know who was the one that had angered her and made her so angry. She didn't dare to go up and ask, afraid that the scissors in her hands would be attached to her body.

Bastards! Men and women will die a horrible death! You will all die a horrible death! Lin Xiayuan, I promise you!

Nutmeg finally tied up the doll in her hand until it was a complete disfigured mess. The doll's eyeballs fell out, but she still refused to stop, treating the doll as if it was Lin Xia Hua!

Aiyo, my dear lady, don't prick me anymore. Be careful not to hurt yourself later! Mother Lin was a little worried, but still limped through the door with the intention of stopping him.

Nutmeg became a bit unruly, as she had completely forgotten about the doll. Someone came up to her and grabbed her scissors, immediately becoming her new target. She raised the scissors high in the air and aimed it at Mother Lin, wanting to pierce her.

Ah, don't —


Seeing that the scissors' sharp blades were about to strike down, Mother Lin did not have the time to dodge. She was regretting her decision to rush in at this time. He should have waited for Lin Meikou to finish venting before going!

Mother Lin was so scared that she closed her eyes, not daring to look at Nutmeg's ferocious look. She only felt a cold light flash past her eyes, her heart was in her throat, and every pore on her body tensed up, ready to receive the piercing pain.

Mother Lin held her breath as she revealed a pained expression. If the scissors were stuck in her throat, would half of her life be taken?

One second, two seconds, three seconds …

However, the expected pain didn't come. Mother Lin tentatively opened one of her eyes, immediately scaring her into taking a step back and falling on the ground.

Fortunately, Linjia stopped at the critical moment.

The scissors did not strike her, but the moment she opened her eyes, she saw the sharp tip of the scissors no more than a few centimeters away from her eyes.

Mother Lin patted her chest. That strike just now really scared her out of her wits, but luckily it was not dangerous, otherwise she would really have lost her soul under the knife of Nutmeg.

What are you doing all day? My leg is lame for you, do you want to take my life? You useless ingrate, if I knew earlier, I wouldn't have given birth to you! Lin Mu's heart was filled with lingering fear. She was angry that her own daughter had treated her like this. She couldn't hold back her anger, so she started to curse.

Nutmeg had heard enough from her and had given up hope in her mother, so these words could not hurt her. She built a wall in her heart to protect herself from harm.

Who let you in? Get out! She hadn't finished venting her anger, and she was interrupted just like that.

Who am I for? I did it all for you! What sin did I commit in my previous life to have a daughter like you? Mother Lin had no choice but to get up from the ground, unable to count on Nutmeg to help her up.

She had also come with good intentions to persuade him, but when she saw that Lin Peaches was angry, she was frightened.

In the end, he almost lost his life.

The more Mother Lin thought about it, the more she felt wronged. How could she have such a daughter? How did he teach it?

Actually, Lin Minko also had the same thought. In her previous life, what sin did she commit to have such a stupid and shameless mother? Not only did she lose all of the Lin Clan's assets, she even chose to stay with her.

Didn't I tell you to get out of here? In the future, without my permission, you are not allowed to enter my room! Lin Peaches was also angry, and not only did her mother's words not have the slightest effect of comforting her, they made her even angrier.


Seeing that Mother Lin was still not going to leave, Nutmeg clamored and pushed her out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Mother Lin had originally crippled a leg because of the car accident, and was unable to stand up straight after being pushed down by Nutmeg. She almost fell down the stairs, but fortunately, she grabbed onto the handrail.

You unfilial daughter, is this how you treat your mother? I helped you before, and now that I'm useless, you're treating me like this? Serves you right for not being able to obtain the heart of the man you love, this is retribution! Mother Lin was so angry that she stood in front of the door of Linjia's room and cursed. Her insults sounded so nasty that it made people tremble in fear.

Was this what a mother should say to her daughter?

His mother had long since lost her mother's appearance. His daughter had also lost her daughter's appearance. The mother and son had cast aside their self-interest and did not have any feelings for each other!

Lin Miaomiao, who was in the room, naturally heard her mother's curse. She really hated this foolish woman. If she wasn't greedy, the Lin Clan wouldn't have suffered such a crushing defeat!

Nutmeg viciously threw the doll that she had just poked at the door. The poor doll fell to the ground through the door with its head and body separated, creating a shocking sight.

Someone suddenly opened the door.

Lin Peaches thought it was her mother. She didn't even want to look at her mother as she hysterically shouted, Get out! Don't let me see you again!

What's wrong? How can you be so magnanimous? It was Liu Jingyu who opened the door and came in. He had just come back from the outside and did not know that Lin Peaches had lost her temper at home. Looking at the miserable doll on the floor, Liu Jingyu felt his heart seeping.

He bent down to pick up the broken doll on the floor. His head and limbs were put together, which was what Lin Peaches had said she would only buy when she went shopping with her not too long ago.

It had only been two days, but it had already become like this.

Liu Jingyu felt chills behind his back. Could this be his future?

Even if the doll's head and limbs were put back together, it wouldn't be able to make up for the wounds on his body and the eyeballs that had already fallen off.

Isn't that your favorite? What happened to make my baby unhappy? Tell me, I'll help you teach him a lesson!" Even Liu Jingyu was a little afraid of this Lin cardamom. With the doll in hand, he walked in front of her. When he felt the biting cold killing intent from her body, he didn't dare to get too close.

Lin Peaches was immediately angered when she saw that doll, as if she saw Lin Xia Hua. She reached out and knocked the doll out of Liu Jingyu's hand. The doll couldn't even withstand a single blow, falling to the ground and breaking into pieces.

It's a pity that Liu Jingyu didn't make Lin Mei-eke happy, and he even gave him a fierce beating, Why would I like this kind of trash? Throw it out for me!

What's wrong? Why would he get so angry after going out for just a short period of time? What's that? Tell me quickly!" Liu Jingyu knew that something must have happened, or Lin Peaches would not have been so hysterical.

The anger and hatred in Lin Meizi's heart was not truly vented out, but weighed down heavily on her heart, making it hard for her to breathe.

What's the use of telling you? What can you do to him? The ones who pissed me off are Xu Zimo and that bitch. If you have the ability, you can break the Xu Corporation right now and make that bitch kneel on the floor and lick my shoes for me! Linjia's eyes were red. It had been a long time since she had to vent like this.

His mind was full of Lin Xia-hua and the sweet love that Mo Eyre had for him. The three of them were living a happy life, yet he himself was being tortured. It was unfair.

He didn't dare to offend her, so he could only comfort her, Don't worry, one day I will defeat the Xu Group and avenge you. At that time, you can do whatever you want. Don't be angry, okay?

Liu Jingyu stepped forward and held Lin Peaches in his arms. Lin Peaches originally had some resistance, but Liu Jingyu had a lot of strength, so she was unable to break free. After the motivation passed, she finally became discouraged.

After a while, Lin Meikou's mood stabilized and her tone became gentle. She whispered in Liu Jingyu's ear, I'm sorry, Jingyu. I shouldn't have been angry at you. I didn't do it on purpose!


At this time, Liu Jingyu could still be considered a gentle man. He knew that Lin Mei-zi wasn't angered by any matter, so she shouldn't be so angry.

Alright, alright, it's fine as long as you're not angry. If you have anything to say, you can slowly tell me. I'll make the decision for you, I definitely won't allow anyone to bully you! Liu Jingyu's charm as a man was once again aroused. It was Lin Mei-zi who gave him the chance to feel that his existence as a man could protect his woman.

After Lin Peaches lost her temper, she snuggled into Liu Jingyu's embrace like a little cat. Although she looked docile, her malicious thoughts were slowly brewing. She would not let Lin Xia Hua and Xu Yi Mo off so easily.

This time, she definitely had to make Lin Xia Hua pay a terrible price.

Unknowingly, summer was approaching.

Many things seemed to have been going on for a long time, but they did not go far. Just like Mayor Wang's death, only a month had passed. However, in this short month, many things had happened one after another.

For example, Mayor Liu was trying his best to suppress the business circles, and now the whole business was thrown into disorder by him. He was still thinking about how to deal with Shenghong, and recently, he kept finding trouble with her, causing her to panic.

For example, the He Corporation had recently tried to wrest more business from the Xu Corporation. He Feihe, with a price thirty percent higher than the Xu Corporation's, had already robbed several of the Xu Corporation's suppliers of raw materials. This caused Xu Yimo to have a headache.

He did not know what he was thinking by congratulating Feihe. Using such a high price to purchase raw materials for such a high price was simply too expensive.

How could He Feihe do such a foolish thing?

But he really couldn't understand the reason behind this.

He had already instructed Secretary Song to investigate this matter.

Linjia wanted Zhang San and his father to disappear from the city, but it was too late.

Miss Lin, I'm really sorry, ah, I had good words with my father, but he did not agree to go back to the countryside, I just can't do anything about him. Miss Lin, please give me some time, I will definitely find a way to convince my father!

Recently, Zhang San had been scratching his ears and cheeks in anxiety over this matter. Lin Mei-zi went to the door again, asking him why he had not left yet. It had already been a week.

In order to not let Wang Xiaofeng see anything, they had to leave immediately and disappear.

However, Zhang San kept dragging it out. Lin Peaches really couldn't stand it any longer and came looking for him. Otherwise, she would never be able to set foot in this place again in her entire life.

Do you need more time? I've given you enough time. It's been a week, how much more do you want? Didn't you promise me that you would definitely convince your father? Nutmeg was extremely anxious as she started to argue with Zhang San in the alley at the end of the alley.

The father and son pair hadn't left yet and she was already preparing to make a move on Wang Xiaofeng. However, she had to wait for them to leave before she could make a move.

"I'm sorry Miss Lin, at most three days, I will definitely convince father that if he still doesn't want to return to the countryside with me, I will break off all relations between father and son! Even if you were to faint from the beating, you have to drag him into the car. Zhang San reassured Linjia that he thought it would be easy to convince his father, but he didn't expect his father to be so determined.

He heard that the traditional brewing techniques had to be taught to him and that he had to be proficient in them before he was willing to go back to his hometown.

However, Zhang San had never been interested in wine making since he was young, nor did he feel that this industry could support him. Although he also knew how to brew wine, he was definitely not as adept as his father.

How long would it take for him to learn this?

With just a few decades of hard work, how could he possibly master it?

Nutmeg was anxious, but there was nothing she could do. She could only wait for Zhang San to persuade his father to leave.

Alright, I'll give you three more days. You only have the last three days. If you don't leave now, don't blame me when I turn hostile! Lin Gumo threw down her threat and angrily left the small alley.

Zhang San helplessly looked at the receding figure of Lin Peaches. He could not help but shake his head and sigh. What in the world was going on that forced the two of them to return to the countryside?

He simply could not understand what the women in the big cities were thinking. However, Zhang San had a faint feeling that he was involved in some big matter.

Why is she here again? What are you talking about? San'er, is there something you're hiding from me? As soon as she left, Uncle Zhang came out. He saw her back again. That familiar feeling came over him again. She was the woman in the photo that day.

What had happened recently always made Uncle Zhang feel strange, especially his son, who suddenly and strongly suggested that they go back to the countryside. The father and son duo had quarreled over this matter many times, and sometimes even talked about breaking off their relationship as serious as that.

This woman appeared again and again in their lives, causing Uncle Zhang to vaguely feel that there seemed to be a hidden secret within this small old workshop.

Was there any necessary connection between the woman who had come in that morning and the woman who always appeared at the back door of their house?

Zhang San was afraid that his father would find out about the deal between him and Lin Peaches, so he quickly said perfunctorily, I'm just an ordinary friend, nothing special. Aiya, don't ask so much. Wait until I go back to the village to get a daughter-in-law for you. Next year, I will give birth to a fat grandchild. Wouldn't our family be able to live a peaceful life?"

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang San once again asked to return to his hometown. His tone was very sincere, and he told his his real wish: to go back and marry a wife and live a peaceful life. At least, he was almost 30 years old.

They were just spending their time in the city. When would it be possible for people like them, who had no education or background, to get a new wife?

Hmph, don't think that I don't know your thoughts and don't spend them on proper business. When you learn my skills, that will be your wealth! In short, I won't agree to go back to the countryside until you've completely mastered my skills!" Uncle Zhang's attitude was still very unyielding. This matter could not be discussed with him.

He was only this kind of son, if the skills passed down from the ancestors were not passed down, he felt that even if he died, he wouldn't have the face to face with the ancestors.

Perhaps this was the way the older generation thought. They had already been eliminated by the rapidly developing city, but they still persisted in their original intentions.

Father, why are you so pedantic? Do you want to see our Old Zhang's family die without descendants? Zhang San followed behind his father and continued to threaten Uncle Zhang.

Anyway, he couldn't marry a wife in the city, and none of the women in the city had any interest in him. If this went on, Old Zhang's family would really lose all descendants.


However, Uncle Zhang only gave a slight snort. His attitude had long been clearly expressed, and he didn't want to say anything more about it. He didn't like to pay any attention to Zhang San, so he went back into the workshop.

Lin Gumo had only given him three days. If he could not convince his father to leave the city within these three days, it would mean that he would have to return the money. That was the kind of savings he would not be able to make in half his life!

Lingcun came out from the alley of Old Zhang's Old Wine Workshop. In order to hide from others, she intentionally put on a mask and sunglasses. Soon, she got into the unremarkable black car on the roadside and quickly left.

However, she had thought that she was invisible. However, she was caught off guard by the sight of someone sitting in a nearby restaurant, eating something.

What are you looking at? Why was he so engrossed in it? If you don't eat it now, you'll get tired of it! "

She stared at the car for a long time until it completely disappeared from her sight. She suddenly snapped out of her daze as she heard An ZIhao's urging her again.

I think I saw Nutmeg! No, that must be Linjia. Including this time, this is the second time I have seen her here! He suddenly became alert. Wasn't this too much of a coincidence? If the first time was just a coincidence, then what about this time? What was she doing here again?

This place was not a bustling, high-class area. People living here were all at the grassroots level, relying on their old skills to survive. In general, this was not a place where Lin Gumo could easily hunt.

An ZIhao turned around and looked back. He didn't see anything. He had been pulled out of the kitchen and said that he was going to eat something delicious. He didn't expect to come to this kind of place.

If he had nothing to do, he would not have come to this place so easily. Why would Lin myrtle come here?

Did you see wrongly? Why would she come to this kind of place? You think she's as greedy as you are? " An ZIhao didn't quite believe Lian Ran's words. In this Little East Street, besides the wine-making workers, there were also the round ones that sold wine and wine. Even if Lin Gumo had a good mouth like this, with her current status, she still wouldn't personally come to this place.

She stood up excitedly and told An ZIhao, I definitely didn't see wrong. I even know that woman, Linjukou, even if she turns into ashes. This isn't the first time either. How could I have seen wrong?

Then what do you think she's doing here? An ZIhao couldn't figure out what was going on. Even if Lin Peaches was suspicious of this place, it didn't have anything to do with them.

She shook her head cautiously. She just felt that something was wrong, but she just couldn't figure out what was wrong.

It must not be an ordinary coincidence that Lin Peaches had appeared here one after the other. Perhaps she was hiding some unspeakable secret.

Come on, don't think too much. Hurry up and eat your food! An ZIhao didn't take this matter to heart. He thought that she was just making a big fuss out of it. She was usually the same, making a big fuss over nothing.

However, Lian Ran was very concerned about this matter. She felt that there was something fishy behind it. Maybe it was related to Mayor Wang's death, so when she thought about it, Lian Ran no longer had the mood to eat anymore.

Let's go, I'm going to look for Big Flower! She suddenly stood up and pulled An Ziehao along as she ran outside.

An ZIhao was startled by her reaction. She was still fine just a moment ago, why did her mood change all of a sudden?

Are we going to look for Xia Hua now? Didn't you have some activities in the shop this afternoon? " An Ziteng really felt a bit of a nervous. Thinking about whether or not he would say something out loud made him feel quite helpless.

Don't talk so much nonsense, hurry up and drive! I have something very important to tell Big Flower. While they were talking, the two of them had already gotten into the car, and were urging An ZIhao to hurry up and drive.

Why don't you just make a phone call if you have something to say? Must I go there myself? An ZIhao still felt that if it was really because of the matter just now, then there was no need. Her appearance was not a big deal either.

Maybe she had relatives here?

Maybe there was something important to do?

Or perhaps she just wanted to take a sip of wine?

Aiya, hurry up! I have to tell Big Flower about these things in person. I don't understand! Even though she couldn't think of any possible connection between them, she knew that Lin Xia Hua would have to tell her about such a huge matter in person.

He had no choice but to take LianRan to Lin Xiashua's house. He didn't know when he became Liangran's free driver and spent his days in Lian Ran's wedding shop, or driving his car, leading her everywhere in search of good food.

Lingcun did not immediately return after leaving Small East Street. Instead, she had Old Wang take her to the outskirts. She saw the skin of a snake in front of an abandoned factory!

Snake Skin was the leader of this generation of hoodlums and had been working with Lin Mei-zi for a long time, including the last kidnapping of Lin Xia-hua.

Lin Peaches vigilantly looked around, only meeting at this kind of place could fool people, Have you arranged your things? I must ensure that there are no mistakes, and that she absolutely cannot be allowed to leave this place alive! "

Snake Skin had worked with Nutmeg many times, and the relationship between them was still unclear. This was because their first collaboration had gone awry, including the person who had raped Nutmeg in the hotel.

Don't worry, Miss Lin. Oh, that's not right. We should call you Madam Mayor now. We are brothers, don't you feel safe doing things? It's just that … The only thing that mattered in Snake Skin's eyes was money. Once he had money, he would have everything.

His thief like eyes rolled around in a circle, his index finger and thumb rubbing together, making a gesture of counting money to hint at Nutmeg.

Of course, Lin Peaches could immediately see through his intentions. As long as he could complete the task, money was not a problem.

When have I ever treated you guys wrongly? As long as you can help me with this, you will benefit greatly. Although she was not a millionaire, she was not short on money after following Liu Jingyu.

Liu Jingyu was now an official, as the official's wife, wouldn't it be easy for her to get some money? As long as she hinted casually, who knew how many people would queue up to send her money.

The mayor's wife is straightforward, but this time it's a big deal. After this is over, I will leave with my brothers. This will probably be our last collaboration! The snake skin's words hinted that he was not only greedy for money, he also coveted the beauty of the nutmeg.

He was about to leave the city and would never come back. Why not relive the warmth from before?

The snakeskin did not care about the status of Lin pussy, it was just a woman he had played with before. They were in the business of licking blood on the tip of a knife, and they had done too many things on their hands to count. They were not afraid of any trouble, and this was not a problem for him.

What do you mean? Lin Peaches had a bad premonition. She could feel the light in the snake skin, making her back go numb.


The snakeskin walked around Lin Peaches as he thought back to what happened in the hotel. In that cramped space, a woman's voice still lingered in his ears, lingering in his mind for a long time.

It wasn't that he hadn't touched women before, but those women couldn't even compare to Lin myrtle. Her voice was so melodious, and her figure was so close to perfection. Just the mere thought of it caused one's blood to swell.

I think the mayor's wife knows what I mean, right? Look at how I'm about to leave and I'll never see her again. As the saying goes, husband and wife for a hundred days every night, shouldn't the mayor's wife express her gratitude?" The snakeskin hinted that it was already obvious, so he asked Lin pussy to sleep with him.

Furthermore, the threat in his words was very obvious. If Lingcun wanted him to do what he wanted, he would bring his men to a faraway place and never come back, if not, then he would have his wish granted …

Lin Peaches quivered as she felt the threat from the snake skin. To cooperate with such a person, there was never any need to care about morality. I already promised you money, don't go overboard!

Isn't this request of mine a bit too excessive? The amount of money couldn't be lacking, but this person … Snake Skin rubbed his hands together as he circled around Lin Mei-zi. His eyes revealed a greedy look, and he almost drooled at the sight of this person."

Lin Minko was so angry that her body trembled. In fact, she was both angry and scared. Whenever she thought of what happened that day in the hotel, her terrified voice would tremble. Shut up! Do you know who you're talking to?

But does the mayor's wife know that this is a living human life? How much risk will we brothers take for you? Aren't you going to reward us? Snake skin is a shameless, greedy and lustful.

NO! I definitely won't agree to it. At worst, we can just scatter each other and forget about this collaboration! " How could Lin myrtle give herself up to a rogue like the skin of a snake? Just thinking about it made her feel sick enough.

Lin Peaches was furious. She never thought that the snake skin would make such a shameless request. She would never agree to it.

Nutmeg was leaving, and at most she would start up a new scheme. As long as she had money, there was nothing she couldn't do.

Has the mayor's wife left just like that? Aren't you afraid that we'll make your story public? In any case, we brothers don't really care, but I just don't know if the mayor's wife can get away with it. The snake skin did not chase after him, but Nutmeg heard everything he said.

In any case, a barefooted person was not afraid of wearing shoes. The snake skin had already made up its mind to not give up until it achieved its goal.

How could it be enough to only enjoy such a beautiful creature once?

It was a pity that he wasn't the mayor. He could hold this kind of woman under his body everyday.

It must feel good just to think about it, right?

Nutmeg suddenly stopped. It was impossible for her to back down now. When she had first decided to work with people like Snake Skin, she should have known that they were greedy people.

Lin Peaches gritted her teeth. If she knew that she shouldn't have cooperated with such people, how could she have expected them to be moralists? However, what could they do now? They knew too many secrets, and if they did not fulfill the snake skin's wish, all of their secrets would no longer be secrets.

Madam Mayor, you have to consider this carefully. You don't need me to explain who's more important, right? The snakeskin had a smile on his face the whole time. That kind of smile made one's scalp tingle just by looking at it.

Linnaeus knew she was living on her own.

Of course she knew the ramifications.

She was not afraid of the consequences of exposing her secret, but now, she had yet to achieve her ultimate goal. If her secret was exposed now, then everything she had done before would be in vain.

She had suffered so much just so that Lin Xia Hua and Xu Zimo would have their proper ending. Before her revenge was settled, she could not just end it like this.

Lin Gumo clenched her hands tightly, biting her lips until they turned white. She glared at the snake skin in front of her as her body trembled slightly. Fine, I promise you, but this will be the last time. I don't want to see you again!

Snakeskin's face immediately revealed a proud smile. He knew that his threat would be effective and that Linjia would definitely obediently surrender. He was very satisfied.

Don't worry, Madam Mayor. I promise that I will never appear in front of you again, and I will keep this a secret for you forever! The snake skin promised again, but it was hard to tell if that promise would count.

After receiving such a guarantee, Lin Doudou was finally able to relax. However, when she met the snake skin's eyes, her body was trembling even more violently. Every single pore on her body was clamoring and resisting, yet she still had to do that sort of thing with him.

Madam Mayor, please — Snake Skin stepped aside and made an inviting gesture.

In front of them was the abandoned factory. They remembered the last time they were in that factory, they did something to humiliate Lin Xia Hua.

Lin Peaches' eyes were filled with hatred. If possible, she wished that all of them could die!

But she finally went into the abandoned factory.

About two hours later, Linjia came running out of the factory in a sorry state. Her hair was a bit messy, and the makeup on her face was a mess.

Very soon, he got into the car and fell asleep. Old Wang was startled by the sound of the door closing. Then, he heard someone behind him urge him, Go, let's go!

Old Wang did not dare to ask any further. He had still felt the panic from Lin Peaches. He did not know who she had gone to see or what she had been up to all this time.

Yes ma'am! Old Wang stepped on the accelerator, and the car quickly started to move, quickly leaving.

Just then, the snake came out of the abandoned factory, its face full of satisfaction. One of its hands even pulled up its pants, tightening it around its waist.

Boss, this woman is so coquettish. I never thought that she would agree to such a request! Behind the snake skin was a bald man with a broad waist and a tuft of pitch-black hair on his chest, just like Lu Zhizhen in the water.

He had also used this opportunity to vent his anger. It had been a long time since he last touched a woman, and his second brother was going to protest. She just didn't expect this woman to be so enthusiastic, but unfortunately she wouldn't have the chance in the future.

The snakeskin held a cigarette in his mouth with a proud expression on his face, What the hell is this? There used to be something more exciting, but you didn't follow me then!

For a man, compared to a woman giving her own body willingly, how could there be the stimulation of compulsion? At that time, the coquettish look on Lin Meizi's face was even stronger than today!

Hehehe, then if anything good happens to boss, you must think about me! The big guy laughed in a daze. He felt that he had followed the right person. In the future, not only would he have money, but he would also have women. Life would be so blissful.

The snakeskin patted the big guy on the shoulder. This was the responsibility of their team. When have Big Bro ever treated our brothers badly? We shared good fortune and bad luck together!

Yes, Big Brother is right!

Big brother has never treated us unfairly!

We'll all follow big brother from now on!

The lackeys behind the snake skin also followed suit and shouted, full of worship for the snake skin.


However, that big guy was quite shrewd. Seeing that there was something wrong with the snakeskin's face, he asked, Boss, do you really plan on letting her go so easily?

The snakeskin twitched his nose in disdain, and his shoulder twitched a little as well. He looked at the direction that Nutmeg's car drove off to and took a deep breath, Hmph, wouldn't that be letting her off too easily?

Yeah, boss, why don't we use this opportunity to make another request to her! The big man looked as if he was rubbing his hands together. He felt that he hadn't reached the perfect state just now and hadn't experienced enough enjoyment.

The snakeskin smacked the big guy's bald head and said resentfully, You brat, all you think about is women. Take care of you and your brother. Don't you dare ruin this daddy's big business!

Yes, yes, yes, I'll remember boss! The big man followed and nodded his head repeatedly.

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