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Arrogant CEO Addictive Dote on Wife: Volume 5

Arrogant CEO Addictive Dote on Wife: Volume 5

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Arrogant CEO Addictive Dote on Wife: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019


For the man she loved, she gave it her all. Even the child of a mistress could be seen as having come out …But she didn't get the response she wanted.She went from disappointment to despair. She only felt that her hopes were all gone …"Song Huaishuang, do you really want to die that badly?"The man's voice was cold, with a hint of anger that could not be hidden."Song Huaishuang, remember, in this lifetime, regardless of whether you live or die, don't ever think of leaving me!"
Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019

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Arrogant CEO Addictive Dote on Wife - Ling DianYiDu



When Yue Jinnan and Zhao Mengying followed Song Huai Shuang down, they had a few guesses.

Lowering his head, he saw Song Huai Shuang carefully pull at the corner of his clothes: Yue Jinnan, um, Ke Xin came back specifically because of our marriage. I still haven't come, so I'm treating her to a meal!

Seeing this, Zhao Mengying, who was carefully observing the interaction between Song Huai Shuang and Yue Jinnan, felt his heart skip a beat. Without mentioning anything else, just from Song Huai Shuang's action, saying that there was nothing between them, Zhao Mengying was the first to not believe it!

However, it was unknown if Song Huaishuang had realized the change that had occurred to her.

Yue Jinnan enjoyed Song Huai Shuang's rare obedient performance. His bright and limpid eyes made people want to give up everything in the world to her.

In addition, Yue Jinnan really liked hearing Song Huai Shuang talk about us, especially the reason for An Ke Xin's return from her own mouth. As a result, even though An Ke Xin had a straight face and was brimming with killing intent, in Yue Jinnan's eyes, she was much more pleasing to look at than before. Furthermore, he was unwilling to reject any of Song Huai Shuang's requests.

Ke Xin, it's our mistake. The day after today is not as good as the day after, why not have a meal together? Yue Jinnan said in an understanding manner, his gaze sweeping across Zhao Mengying's body, and leisurely added: If Secretary Zhao has nothing else, then let's go together.

He remembered that Song Huai Shuang and Zhao Mengying's relationship was not that bad. When these three little girls were huddled together, they would often call and chat with each other.

Just as Zhao Mengying was about to reject, her arms were immediately pinched, her peripheral vision looked at An Ke Xin who was brimming with killing intent, the one who started it all arrogantly snorted, clearly showing his intent of threatening her.

She smiled with a good temper: Then I'll be troubling President Yue.

If Ke Xin was really allowed to eat alone, then would truly have a bad temper. If she followed along, even if something bad really happened, with her there, he would at least be able to hold her back a bit.

Since Song Huai Shuang and Yue Jinnan were on a 2 o'clock flight in the afternoon, Yue Jinnan directly drove them to a private restaurant that was not far from the airport to eat. The dishes were very tasty, and most of the times when Yue Jinnan flew back, he would only eat at their place.

Compared to other places, the price was a little expensive. However, among those who could eat near the airport, who would be lacking money, much less someone with the status of Yue Jinnan or Song Huaifeng?

When they arrived at the private box, An Ke Xin followed the principle of never saving Yue Jinnan money and specifically picked out the expensive dishes. As she read the names of the dishes without being advised, the waiter at the side paused for a few times as he wondered if she could finish eating all of the dishes with her little body.

Moreover, An Ke Xin did not have any intention of restraining herself, she was clearly showing that she wanted to let Yue Jinnan know that she, An Ke Xin, was not satisfied with Song Huai Shuang marrying him!

Zhao Mengying was a little annoyed, afraid that this foolish girl, An Ke Xin, would actually offend Yue Jinnan. She secretly kicked her below the table, signalling her to restrain herself.

An Ke Xin pouted unhappily. When Zhao Mengying threw a kick at him, she unhappily passed the menu over to the waiter: Alright, that's all for now.

Zhao Mengying almost choked on her saliva. She ordered a table of dishes by herself but she said that it would be temporary now. She helplessly touched her forehead, and did not dare to look in Yue Jinnan's direction anymore.

An Ke Xin didn't really understand Zhao Mengying's worry. After hearing her cough, he simply thought that she was sick and did not know that it was caused by him, so she worriedly patted Zhao Mengying's back. Her tone of voice was worried and innocent, and at the same time, carried some helplessness towards the devilish brat.

How old are you already? Why are you choking on water? Tsk tsk. An Ke Xin shook her head helplessly. That little appearance really looked like she needed to be beaten up more than she needed to.

As she spoke, she also didn't forget to give Yue Jinnan a provocative look. She swore that if Yue Jinnan dared to have even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction with her dishes, she, An Ke Xin, would do everything possible to save Huai Shuang from the hands of a great demon like her.

Unfortunately, Yue Jinnan seemed to have guessed what she was thinking about, and the corner of his lips curled up into a faint smile.

Zhao Mengying really wanted to die so much that she felt like it. She had thought that An Ke Xin would be naive, but she didn't think that she would be naive to such an extent.

She just wanted to be quiet!

She really did not think that the interactions between An Ke Xin and Zhao Mengying would be so interesting in front of Yue Jinnan. She knew An Ke Xin's intentions;

How could Ke Xin not think? How could Yue Jinnan, who was intelligent, fall for her tricks? Furthermore, not to mention the things that Ke Xin had ordered just now, even if there were ten more tables or even over a hundred more tables, for a person as wealthy as him, it would be nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

Sir, do you need anything else? The waiter checked the items An Ke Xin had ordered again. After confirming that there were no errors, Yue Jinnan asked.

All of the waiters had sharp eyes, so they could naturally see that in this group of people, Yue Jinnan was the one who made the final decision.

After Yue Jinnan added a few dishes that Song Huai Shuang liked to eat, he indicated for Zhao Mengying to order a few dishes: Secretary Zhao, you don't have to be polite with me.

Just based on the table that Ke Xin had ordered, Zhao Mengying was already a little overwhelmed. How could she order more, she waved her hands and rejected: No need, President Yue, there's enough food for us to eat.

Hearing this, Yue Jinnan had not yet spoken, when An Ke Xin, who was at the side, pulled on Zhao Mengying's sleeves in disappointment: Is this something that can't be eaten!? It's about ordering dishes!

If Zhao Mengying had not stopped her, she would have ordered this menu from the beginning to end to extinguish the fire!

An Ke Xin's voice was not soft, and Zhao Mengying was a hundred percent sure that Yue Jinnan had heard him. Even the attendant at the side could not help but cover his mouth, obviously amused by An Ke Xin's actions.

She could not help but sigh in her heart. That was true, how could Yue Jinnan take notice of such narrow-minded people like them? Thinking of this, Zhao Mengying couldn't help but cry in sympathy for An Ke Xin.

Ke Xin, if you still have anything you want to eat, you might as well order more. Song Huai Shuang said with a smile. She was just here to watch the show.


After eating an uncomfortable meal, no matter how An Ke Xin was angry at Song Huaishuang for getting kidnapped by Yue Jinnan, she could not change the fact and sent Song Huaishuang to the airport while puffing her cheeks.

Yue Jinnan had probably guessed that the three of them had something to say that they wanted to say, so he took a wrong step and waited for Song Huai Shuang who was not too far away. He had maintained a good distance from her, allowing him to see her every move, but also not be able to hear their conversation.

He's pretty discerning. An Ke Xin was so angry that her cheeks were bulging, her eyes were round, and she looked like a greedy squirrel.

Hearing that, Song Huai Shuang and Zhao Mengying could only shake their heads and smile, and did not make any comments.

Huai Shuang. Zhao Mengying had a lot of things she wanted to say to Song Huai Shuang, but she did not know what to say. Thousands of words were stuck in her throat, and the last words she said were: I hope you can be happy.

These words came too suddenly, but the blessing in his words was something that Song Huaishuang could not ignore. She tilted her head with a hint of confusion on her face.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Zhao Mengying's sudden blessing was like a small stone smashing into a calm lake, causing ripples on the surface.

Song Huaishuang smiled awkwardly as she said, Why would you suddenly say that?

On the side, An Ke Xin's expression was even more ignorant than Song Huai Shuang. She frowned as he listened to the two of them speak, her cheeks were puffed up, and she did not feel angry at all.

Meng Ying, Huai Shuang and the other two are really too annoying, to actually play Mummies in front of her! She understood every word, and even the meaning of every word, but looking at their expressions, An Ke Xin knew that her guess was wrong!

Meng Ying, can you guys not twist and turn your words? I think so much that my head will hurt! An Ke Xin couldn't help but interject, refusing to admit that she didn't understand what was going on.

Looking at Song Huai Shuang's overly nervous expression, Zhao Mengying smiled lightly. Children, what do you need so much knowledge for?

With that, she naturally touched An Ke Xin's head. Her smooth and smooth actions were no different from coaxing a child.

Suddenly, a trace of helplessness appeared on Zhao Mengying's face. However, she was very clear that her helplessness towards An Ke Xin stemmed from her envy of her for her naive and innocent personality.

Ignoring An Ke Xin's obvious exaggerated moans, Zhao Mengying turned to face Song Huai Shuang. Qing Ling's eyes beneath the golden silk mirror had lost their smile, and was filled with seriousness. At the same time, her voice was extremely gentle.

Amidst the bustling crowd, Song Huaishuang could clearly hear her voice. It was as if every word was engraved into her heart, deeply engraved in her heart.

Huai Shuang, you're being merciful.

Song Huai Shuang felt like she was struck by lightning. She opened her mouth blankly, and was not willing to admit what Zhao Mengying had said, how could she be soft-hearted? How could she be soft-hearted in front of Yue Jinnan!

It had to be Zhao Mengying who was speaking nonsense. In this world, the person who could not make her soften her heart was Yue Jinnan!

The words of refutation flowed down his throat and around the tip of his tongue, but when Song Huai Shuang met Zhao Mengying's clear and sharp eyes that seemed to be able to see through everything, she was unable to say anything.

After a moment of silence, it slowly began to spread around her and Zhao Mengying. Even the mentally ill An Ke Xin, who was groaning unhappily, felt something was wrong, and carefully observed their faces.

Huai Shuang, Meng Ying, how are the two of you? The weird atmosphere infected An Ke Xin, and she could not care about being angry, so she asked carefully.

Zhao Mengying laughed with a normal expression and rubbed An Ke Xin's little head. To her, he was like an ignorant little sister in a family, full of patience: If there's anything that can happen to the two of us, you better not think too much, just randomly think it over.

Even if An Ke Xin didn't say anything, just by looking at her current appearance, Zhao Mengying could guess what was going through her mind.

An Ke Xin unhappily snorted, the caution on her face had disappeared, she unhappily protested: Who's brain has been opened, your brain has been filled, all of you suddenly became serious, my little heart is completely scared by you, my baby needs compensation!

You still need to compensate me. Didn't you eat too much at lunch? Zhao Mengying helplessly poked An Ke Xin's white and tender forehead, she just could not understand how she could make people both angry and want to laugh.

An Ke Xin was very active in the atmosphere. Obviously, Zhao Mengying's strength was not strong, her white and tender forehead did not even have a single red dot.

Song Huai Shuang was tickled. The atmosphere that was mixed with a little stiffness flowed back into it, giving it a warm and gentle feeling.

Zhao Mengying looked at the time, it was almost half past one: Huai Shuang, take what I just said for granted, it's getting late, quickly go and complete the procedures.

Have a good time. she finally said.

Song Huaishuang pursed her lips and forced out a smile. If it were any other way, Song Huaishuang would not have taken it to heart. However, it was just that one sentence.

Song Huaishuang was not willing to admit it. She was afraid that if she continued to think about it, she would end up with a worse ending.

She shook her head, trying to get rid of her troubled thoughts, and used her strength to wave at Zhao Mengying and An Ke Xin: I'll be going first, when you two go back, be careful on the road, don't let Ke Xin drive away.

An Ke Xin had an impatient temper, her driving skills could barely be said to fit in, allowing her to drive the car back. Song Huai Shuang was still more at ease with Zhao Mengying.

Huai Shuang, you're discriminating. What are you doing wrong? When An Ke Xin protested, she was extremely confident in her driving skills.

She didn't know that every time she drove, other people would sweat cold sweat for her. However, this fellow was completely heartless and didn't know how impulsive his actions were.

Zhao Mengying pulled An Ke Xin and nodded: I got it, you should go back quickly. Huai Shuang, sometimes you don't have to be too rational when doing things, following your own heart is also a good choice.

She hesitated for a moment, but still chose to speak her mind.


On the way back, An Ke Xin was unhappy about the loss.

She was so depressed that Zhao Mengying seemed to be complaining. She felt that her driving skills were being looked down upon, especially when Zhao Mengying really took the car keys from her hands.

No way, Meng Ying, you don't believe in my driving skills either. She gloomily watched as Zhao Mengying started her beloved car, while she herself was driven to the front passenger seat.

Zhao Mengying started the car, took a glance at An Ke Xin from the corner of her eyes, and gave a concise answer, I treasure my life a lot, and am very satisfied with my current life.

An Ke Xin:

She weakly waved her hand. When she accepted the truth, she didn't forget to mutter under her breath, You and Huai Shuang are attacking me down there. Be careful of my friendship with you guys!

Zhao Mengying declined to comment. She concentrated on driving and pretended that he did not hear her nonsense. 365 days a year. She always liked it when Ke Xin An would have a stroke from time to time for a day or two.

As for her so-called 'friendship ends', hehe, it would be weird if he trusted her!

Sigh, where is this? It's not the way back to your home! Without Zhao Mengying's cooperation, An Ke Xin's pitiful drama could not continue, and as she looked bored to death at the scenery by the window, she asked.

Zhao Mengying shot her a glance, and calmly replied: Who told you I went back to my apartment, I'm going to the company, Han Yi is working overtime by herself.

While they were talking, the car coincidentally stopped in front of a restaurant. Zhao Mengying stopped the car, unfastened her seatbelt, and walked towards the confused An Ke Xin, and slowly added half a sentence: I think it's time for him to eat. I'll pack one for him and bring him over.

These were extremely frank words, not concealing the fact that he doted on his boyfriend at all!

An Ke Xin watched's actions as she descended the carriage like flowing water. She deeply felt that she had felt the deepest evil intent that came to him from this world.

Do you think she has a boyfriend?

An Ke Xin blinked his eyes, forcing the wetness out of his eyes, as though she was looking at the sky, the sky was completely blue, and was extremely pleasing to the eye, but where are you!

After Zhao Mengying got off the car, she realized that she had said those words too impulsively, why did she forget that her fiance's whereabouts was still unknown.

He took the finished food and returned to the car. Seeing that An Ke Xin had the same smile as before, Zhao Mengying heaved a sigh of relief, put the food back and started the car: I'll visit you at the hotel after work.

Zhao Mengying couldn't do anything extra either, she could only try her best to accompany her so that she wouldn't think too much into it.

Who wants you to accompany them. If you have the skills, you might as well accompany your President Han too. Don't let him get seduced by some random cat or dog. An Ke Xin curled her lips. She was quite jealous of her good sister specially bringing food to Han Yi.

Fine. An Ke Xin did not recognize her kind heart, so she did not force him. She nodded seriously, and spoke in a serious tone: I also feel that I need to accompany my family's Han Yi, and cultivate my feelings more.

An Ke Xin:

I don't want to talk to you anymore, you know how to anger me! An Ke Xin rolled her eyes. She was determined to let Zhao Mengying know that she was very angry.

Oh right, Meng Ying, my plane tomorrow. An Ke Xin was really not used to facing parting, let alone the pretentious words she used when they were leaving. She took a deep breath and pretended to be calm as she said, I'll be leaving at seven tomorrow morning. You don't have to send me off, it just so happens that you can accompany your President Han for a bit more.

The car that was moving forward suddenly staggered forward for a while, and the unprepared An Ke Xin, under the normal circumstances, leaned her body forward, and was pulled back by the safety belt. You're still talking about how reliable your driving skills are, but it's still not as good as mine! I almost hit the back of the car in front of me.

An Ke Xin pretended to say it casually, but her teasing tone was full of her unwillingness to part.

Zhao Mengying started the car once again, and when the car was stable and on the road, she asked softly: Why are you in such a hurry?

She had made up her mind that after Ke Xin An returned, she would not stay here for long, yet she did not expect that she would leave in such a hurry. She had just bid her farewells to Song Huai Shuang, and was about to send him off, when her sorrowful emotions multiplied by several times.

Not in a hurry. An Ke Xin raised her head and looked up, trying her best to not let herself cry out in shame: I originally intended to say it, but I didn't expect that guy, Huai Shuang, would beat me to it.

How long will it take this time? Zhao Mengying's heart sank, and forced herself to calm down.

I don't know, maybe two or three months, maybe … Even longer than that, until they found him, Ke Xin An would probably not be able to come back.

The joyous atmosphere inside the car slowly dissipated. Even though they were already downstairs at Han Yi's company, the two people in the car didn't make any other movements and just quietly sat there.

For a long time, the two of them did not make any unnecessary movements.

Alright, why are you making it seem like you're leaving me forever? I just left for a short time, it's not like I'm not coming back. An Ke Xin patted Zhao Mengying's shoulder, purposely revealing a fierce look: Zhao Mengying, let me tell you, you must be happy, and have a good time with Han Yi. The things of the past will be over, you have to see now!

Don't look at how smart you are. You have a nose and a face when persuading Huai Shuang, but you are just a fool yourself. An Ke Xin sniffed strongly and continued, You, don't be too worried about what you do. Han Yi belongs to you now! It's yours, Zhao Mengying!

An Ke Xin always looked like she was laughing, but that did not mean that she did not understand some things.

It was just that, if a person lived in this world, they would seem boring and cause trouble for themselves if they cared too much about it. Therefore, Ke Xin simply followed her heart and lived as she wished, happy only for herself.

What the heck are you acting like a little adult? Zhao Mengying was both moved and amused by the fact that An Ke Xin was able to say such words. She strongly rubbed An Ke Xin's little head and said, Enough, just take care of yourself, don't worry about me blindly. I'm already such a big person, so what I should do and what I shouldn't do, I have a plan in my heart.

Pausing for a moment, Zhao Mengying added: Ke Xin, I do not guarantee that nothing will change, but the sisterhood between us will not change.


Why are you back so soon? Han Yi knew about the matter of Zhao Mengying sending Song Huai Shuang off, and her exquisite peach blossom eyes fell on the dishes that Zhao Mengying had specially packed for him. Her gaze softened a bit as she said, I was really lucky to meet such a good girlfriend in my previous life.

Zhao Mengying smiled absent-mindedly: It's nothing. I just returned after sending Huai Shuang to the airport, but you have been busy working at the company. I guess you didn't even have time to eat.

Your diet is irregular, be careful not to have a severe stomach condition. Speaking of which, Zhao Mengying was really speechless. In the past, when she was working under Song Huaishuang, Song Huaishuang had a stomachache, and after coming to the Han Family, Han Yi had a stomachache as well.

This guy and this guy didn't take his body seriously!

When you get older, you'll suffer. Zhao Mengying's heart ached for Han Yi's body, and she couldn't help but mutter these words to him. She could be said to be self-disciplined, it was really shameful of her body, especially when her target had become Han Yi.

Han Yi opened the bag and ate. As he listened to his girlfriend's words, his eyes were filled with a fawning smile: "Alright, it's my fault. I know I was wrong.

When Zhao Mengying didn't come back, Han Yi had always been immersed in her work and didn't even think about eating. Now that Zhao Mengying had brought food over, and the smell of it wafted out, he finally realized that she was hungry.

He was eating so much that he gulped down his food. Zhao Mengying looked at him and could not hide the pain in his heart. She hurriedly poured a cup of water and placed it beside Han Yi's right hand, afraid that he would choke from eating.

After waiting for Han Yi to finish eating, Zhao Mengying thought about it and felt conflicted for a long time. Finally, she decided to speak the truth, Han Yi, did Song Huaichun come over here just now?

She nervously looked at Han Yi, keeping a close eye on every single one of his little movements, afraid that she would miss a single one of his actions.

Every woman, before when facing a man who had lived for a long time, would become as vigilant as Detective Holmes. No matter how cold Zhao Mengying's character was, she could not maintain her composure in the face of such a situation, especially under today's special circumstances. It was already her limit to endure until Han Yi finished eating before asking about it.

Zhao Mengying greatly treasured this relationship. Similarly, she did not wish to make Han Yi look dirty and filthy, nor did she want to let a small detail easily destroy the relationship that they had painstakingly built up. So, after hesitating for a long time and hesitating for a long time, Zhao Mengying still chose to ask.

She didn't want to be stuck between the two of them.

Han Yi was chewing on the food in his mouth, hearing that, he was immediately choked on the food in his mouth, and started to cough violently. Zhao Mengying quickly passed the cup over, but her floating heart sank because of the man's reaction.

She wasn't willing to say things that she thought very badly, but just based on Han Yi's current performance, Zhao Mengying was unable to deceive himself and tell himself not to think too much about it.

Song Huaichun was a woman that Han Yi had raised before. After returning to Han Yi's side, Zhao Mengying warned herself not to ask about Han Yi's previous life, but she had still more or less heard of Song Huaichun's name, and more or less knew about the things that Han Yi had done for Song Huaichun.

She was also an ordinary little woman. Because of Song Huaichun's relationship with her, she sometimes felt complicated when facing Song Huai Shuang.

Han Yi drank a mouthful of water and relaxed his stomach a bit. He didn't answer and instead asked, Who told you?

Her voice was very calm. If one listened carefully, there was even a hint of a smile on her face. It was as if she really didn't care about this question.

Zhao Mengying couldn't explain her current thoughts, she only felt that her mouth was filled with bitterness, her heart had sunk to the bottom, and was slowly wrapped up by the cold ice.

No one told me I saw it with my own eyes. While Zhao Mengying was carrying the food and waiting for the elevator, he coincidentally bumped into it.

Song Huaichun seemed to be very preoccupied with her thoughts, as she kept her head lowered throughout. Naturally, she did not notice her passing by him, but Zhao Mengying was different. She had previously studied Song Huaichun carefully because of Song Huai Shuang, so she could not get a better understanding of her body's movements.

Han Yi heaved a sigh of relief. If there really was someone who spoke nonsense in front of Zhao Mengying with their eyes shut, he would have ripped off that person's skin: She encountered some difficulties. I hope that I can help her.

He explained in a perfunctory manner, completely unaware of the woman in front of him and thus felt uncomfortable.

Meng Ying, you can't be suspecting that there's something between her and me that can't be let down, right? Han Yi seemed to have guessed some kind of unbelievable thought. At the same time that he said it, he also laughed.

He pulled Zhao Mengying's hand, the white, long and slender hands were perfectly wrapped up by his big palm without any cracks. Han Yi squinted his eyes in satisfaction, the passion in his peach blossom eyes made people feel that it was all a kind of mistake.

Meng Ying, you're my girlfriend, the person who will accompany me throughout my life. You're so good to me, how could I possibly do something that would let you down! He patted Zhao Mengying's hands, wanting to make Zhao Mengying relax.

Zhao Mengying lowered her eyes. The lens had become the best tool she could use to hide her emotions. It was unknown if every single woman who was immersed in love would become cautious and calculating.

For example, since Han Yi said so much, Zhao Mengying only noticed one sentence. Han Yi said that she was so good to him, and that in Han Yi's heart, she was the only good.

She felt as if her heart was blocked by cotton candy. She felt bitter and uncomfortable and used a bit of strength to pull out her small hand from the man's big palm. The smile on her pretty face was so perfect that people couldn't find any fault with it, Maybe I was too busy these few days and thought too much.

Han Yi let out a sigh of relief, his hand slowly tracing the lines on Zhao Mengying's face. His long fingers rested under her thick and dark circles, and his tone was filled with pain. These few days, you've been busy with work, and worked hard, so you didn't even have time to rest. I'll give you a day off, have a good night's sleep, and come to work after adjusting yourself.

These words were both warm and touching.

Perhaps because the matter of Song Huaichun coming over, had too terrible of a feeling for Zhao Mengying, so when she heard these words, her first thought wasn't that she was moved, but rather, it was that Han Yi was trying to do something behind her back.

Zhao Mengying could not help but bite her lip, wanting to use the pain to drive away all of her random thoughts.

Alright, I'll go back and rest. Zhao Mengying was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions if she stayed behind. She would do something that even she herself despised: Han Yi.

As he walked to the door, and his fingers touched the doorknob, Zhao Mengying suddenly stopped and called out Han Yi's name.


Will you stay with me?

Han Yi naturally turned his head and looked towards Zhao Mengying's direction, the bewilderment in his eyes was clear, the corners of his lips slightly raised, as though he was filled with deep emotions.

What's wrong?

Zhao Mengying held onto the door handle, there was a color in Qing Ling's eyes that Han Yi could not see clearly, his heart skipped a beat, just as he was about to look, the other party was already smiling beautifully.

She asked, Han Yi, will you stay by my side?

Han Yi was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting. He nodded and said in a pampering tone, Of course, we will always be together, always.

He was very sure.

Zhao Mengying laughed again, her delicate and pretty features spread out like a fine ink painting, attracting everyone's gaze fatal. Under Han Yi's stunned gaze, she suddenly blinked her eyes mischievously. Han Yi, I will remember your words.

She would remember it for the rest of her life, so she mustn't do anything that would let her down!

After they boarded the plane, Yue Jinnan could feel that Song Huai Shuang was feeling down, as if she couldn't even muster up the energy to talk. She just sat there lazily, as if she didn't even have the energy to talk.

Did Zhao Mengying tell you something? This was the only reason Yue Jinnan could think of.

Song Huai Shuang was like a cat whose sore spot had been stepped on as she instantly exploded, her reaction was extremely intense: What nonsense are you spouting, Meng Ying didn't tell me anything.

She secretly cursed herself for being a pig's head in her heart. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down and said, I'm tired. I want to rest. Don't think too much about it.

With that, Song Huai Shuang took out the eyepatch and put it on, causing her to look blind without feeling annoyed. However, Zhao Mengying's words were like an enchantment, she kept bringing it back to Song Huai Shuang's ears, causing her to be unable to calm down.

Yue Jinnan rubbed his nose helplessly. Before this, who would have thought that she, Song Huai Shuang, would treat him like this?

However, facing Song Huai Shuang, Yue Jinnan could not even release a little bit of his anger, it was not because he did not dare, it was because his heart ached!

He smiled helplessly. The deep emotions in his eyes softened as he looked at Song Huaishuang's angel like sleeping face. He carefully pulled the blanket on her knees, afraid that she would freeze.

Huai Shuang, wake up. Wake up, we're here. Song Huai Shuang originally did not want to see this face that troubled her to no end. She never expected that she would actually fall asleep in a daze.

He rubbed his eyes sleepily and only woke up when the flight attendant reported once again.

People were coming and going in the airport, it was very lively. The man had decided to spend the honeymoon with Song Huaishuang and did not bring anyone else with him.

The long-legged man pushed the luggage with one hand and the other hand, not forgetting to put his arm around Song Huaishuang's shoulder, carefully protecting her, afraid that she would be pushed into a corner by the crowds in the airport. With his careful and careful appearance, it was really hard for Song Huaishuang to believe that the person in front of her was really Yue Jinnan.

The cars sent by the hotel were waiting outside. When they saw Yue Jinnan coming out, they immediately helped them pack their suitcases and explained the interesting places on the island to him along the way. They had to be careful of every detail.

When she was young, she had yearned for this place and had done a lot of homework. At this moment, she was also listening to the local people explain the interesting things on the island, which slowly piqued her interest. She listened with great interest, and from time to time, she would give her own opinion.

The other party saw that Song Huai Shuang was interested and spoke with even more vigor, Madam, you came just in time for the liveliness of our island. It's too much of a coincidence.

What liveliness? Song Huaishuang asked curiously. The other party's high-spirited appearance had aroused her interest.

Our Prawdao has beautiful scenery, but if we rely on this, it wouldn't be so lively! The manager made a small fuss, his smile was candid and carried a hint of mysteriousness, Mrs. Yue, do you know how Prawdao got popular?

Song Huaishuang really did not know about this question. She racked her brains to think about it, as if she remembered that the Prawdao was a tourist attraction for couples. There were many reasons that she had not thought about before.

At that time, the only thought that Song Huai Shuang had towards the Prawdao was to one day be able to come and play with his lover. Therefore, no matter how rich Song Huai Shuang was at that time, she had still specially skipped over this place and considered it to be the most beautiful existence in her heart.

Waiting, hoping, to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Prawdao with the people you like.

It's because of the spokesperson! The manager laughed proudly: It was the endorsement by the famous stars that made Prawdao slightly famous. It was also because of this unique scenery that this Prawdao gradually became a tourist attraction.

A beauty paired with a beautiful scenery is indeed a pretty good method. Song Huaishuang quickly figured out the crux of the matter. She could not help but clap her hands and smile, The lively thing you are talking about, isn't it related to the spokesperson?

Madam is indeed extremely intelligent. The person in charge praised him generously: That's right, the spokesperson for our Prawdao has been changed every four years. This time, it's a new spokesperson who has come to take a promotional video!


Only after arriving at the hotel's entrance did Song Huai Shuang truly understand the meaning of the word lively that the manager had spoken. The bustling crowd tightly wrapped the hotel as they continuously cheered and cheered.

With the help of the manager of the hotel, Song Huai Shuang and Yue Jinnan went back to their room through the other way. They were overly enthusiastic about the people, and it was hard for them to bear.

I wonder which celebrity has become the spokesperson for such a popular celebrity. Song Huai Shuang was speechless. She had returned with the help of the hotel staff. She only knew that the entrance was very lively, but she did not know the specifics.

Yue Jinnan was afraid that the more people there were, the more crowded it would be, and children would be hurt. He was extremely responsible for this kind of work, he would definitely not let her join in the fun, he could only feast his eyes.

The room they decided on was on the fifth floor. Standing in front of the large French windows, they looked down from above. Suddenly, Song Huaishuang's eyes focused and a hint of disbelief appeared in them.

How could it be her?

When his soft mutterings reached the ears of the man beside him, Yue Jinnan asked, What's her? What did you see?

He raised his head and saw that something was wrong with Song Huaishuang's expression. He stood up with some worry and walked to Song Huaishuang's side. Following her gaze, he was able to see the flashing lights very clearly.

Seemingly the instant he saw the Flash Card, Yue Jinnan's expression changed. He darkened his face and forcefully turned Song Huaishuang's face to the other side: Don't look, it's dirty eyes.

No matter what, Shen Lili's appearance did not need to be described with the word dirty, not to mention that she was now a famous celebrity. If her fans heard this, who knows how angry they would be!

It was just that Song Huai Shuang did not expect that it would be such a coincidence, that the Prawdao's spokesperson just so happened to be Shen Lili, and that she had come to take a film for him when he was playing around with her.

A series of coincidences made it difficult for people to not think too much about it!

Song Huai Shuang could not help but glance at him from afar like a light board. Under the bright neon light, the girl's sweet smile looked even more innocent.

Her curved eyebrows and eyes seemed to be able to smile sweetly all the way to the heart.

Shen Lili, you really don't know face to face, when she thought of the scenes she had gotten along with Shen Lili, Song Huaishuang could not help but sigh in her heart, feeling that had some sort of lingering eerie feeling.

Let me make a call. Yue Jinnan's brows never relaxed when he saw the figure of the person on the flash lamp. At this moment, when he heard Song Huaishuang's sigh, the frown on his forehead deepened, and his wrinkles could be clearly seen.

Song Huai Shuang immediately understood why Yue Jinnan wanted to make the call. She anxiously stopped him from doing anything: Yue Jinnan, you don't need to do it, it's just shooting a promotional video.

She did not doubt his ability, so changing Shen Lili's endorsements might be a little troublesome, but for men, it was not really a big deal. Song Huai Shuang was not willing, she only felt that she did not want to waste her energy on an insignificant person.

It wasn't necessary, and it wasn't worth it.

Yue Jinnan stared fixedly at Song Huai Shuang with his black eyes, as though he was trying to discern if she was speaking the truth. His words were filled with a probing tone: Are you sure?

The end slightly rose, clearly showing the suspicion of the man.

Song Huai Shuang looked away and nodded calmly. She used her actions to tell Yue Jinnan that she really did not have any intentions of forcing it.

At most, she would just stay in Prawdao for a few days, trying to be careful and avoid as much as possible. Song Huai had learned from the manager of the hotel that it would only take two or three days for the spokesperson to make a movie. From the looks of it, Shen Lili had been here for at least a day.

However, at this moment, Song Huai Shuang had never thought that there were some things that could not be avoided just because you wanted to. What was about to happen was something that no one could stop.

Wait a moment. The panting girl ran over and entered the elevator. When she saw the person inside the elevator, she blinked her eyes in extreme joy: Brother Jin Nan, what a coincidence, I really didn't expect to bump into you in Prawdao.

The excitement in his words was obvious.

Yue Jinnan subconsciously looked in the direction of Song Huai Shuang. Her expression was indifferent, and did not fluctuate at all because of Shen Lili's sudden appearance.

In the past, he still wanted to know how Shen Lili seduced his mother and made her continuously speak up for her. He was curious about the reason between the two of them.

But, when Yue Jinnan did not even care about Mother Yue, Shen Lili, something that could barely be considered as Mother Yue's subordinate, would naturally not be noticed by him.

Shen Lili seemed to not have noticed the man's perfunctory attitude in the slightest as she continued to laugh merrily: Brother Jin Nan, we are really too fated, I'll be going to the beach to film later. Do you want to come and watch?

The entertainment circle was a place that was best at casting wind and shadows. As long as Yue Jinnan came over, there would naturally be a lot of news being spread.

How could Yue Jinnan not think of something that Shen Lili could think of? He rejected her coldly and pulled his over to his side, hugging her tightly. No need, I and Huai Shuang want to go play alone.

He emphasized the two words' alone 'and did not believe that Shen Lili could still pretend to be stupid at this level.

The smile on Shen Lili's face froze, and was quickly rectified. Her sweet smile became wider, and she looked extremely sincere: Big sister Huai Shuang, so you are here too.

The way he said this was as if he had just seen Song Huashuang and was extremely astonished.

Song Huai Shuang's heart felt like it was being trampled on. Yesterday, she was still praying that she did not run into Shen Lili.

Hearing Shen Lili's feigned shock, Song Huai Shuang was extremely annoyed and did not want to leave any face for him. I have been here the entire time, you didn't see me, tsk, it seems like you need to go and take a look at my eyes.

She was so big that she didn't see a single living person. If that wasn't blind, then what was it?

Immediately, a few suppressed laughter came from the elevator. Shen Lili did not expect that Song Huai Shuang would speak in such a ruthless manner.

Song Huai Shuang looked at the descending numbers impatiently. She regretted helping her block the elevator to find a job for herself!


As Mother Song changed into her shoes, she carefully looked in the direction of Song Huaichun's room, afraid that she would appear out of the blue.

Song Huaichun came out with the cup, just in time to meet Mother Song's vigilant gaze. The wrinkles on her forehead deepened, but her tone was calm and emotionless: Mom, you're going out.

Mother Song stammered and nodded her head: I have something to do, I need to go out for a bit. Huai Chun, if you have anything you want, I can help you bring it along when I go out.

Perhaps because he was guilty of being a thief, Mother Song's words unknowingly became more frequent.

Song Huaichun's brows furrowed even more. From her vantage point, she was able to see Mother Song's face clearly, although she tried her best to hide it.


Song Huaichun raised her eyebrows, feeling that the matter had become more interesting. Her face was still cold and indifferent, and her expression did not change much: No, it's good that you are busy with your own matters.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that there was something she was hiding from her. She was afraid that if she tried to kick her out, she would have to stay in the villa or else she would never leave.

You're late. Mother Song looked around cautiously. Just as she sat down on her chair, she heard a gloomy voice which almost scared her to death.

Seeing that, the look of despise in Mother Yue's eyes became even deeper: You will know the reason why I called you over on the phone. Quickly take that fox like daughter of yours away, I will definitely not accept her as our Yue Clan's daughter-in-law!

When he thought about how Yue Jinnan had specially brought Song Huai Shuang out to play, Mother Yue felt as if he had swallowed a fly. He wanted nothing more than to make Song Huai Shuang disappear in front of her face.

However, Yue Jinnan had protected that bitch Song Huai Shuang very well. For a time, Mother Yue had no other choice but to start from Mother Song.

Therefore, this was the reason for their meeting today. He hoped that Mother Song would have a hint of an eye and quickly bring her daughter away!

When Mother Song came back to her senses, she rubbed her hands together. She was extremely shameless: My daughter is already old, what do you want to do, it's not something a mother like me can do. Before you came to me, did you not know that our relationship is not good?

Hmph, with just those few words alone, he wanted her to bring Song Huaishuang away. How could there be such a cheap thing in this world!

Mother Yue probably never thought that Mother Song would be so shameless, as her face turned red from anger and the wooden monument in her arms became tightly clenched. "You have the face to say these words to me, Song Lin Lang. Don't you feel a bit guilty and intimate when you

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