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Young Master Please Control Yourself: Volume 5

Young Master Please Control Yourself: Volume 5

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Young Master Please Control Yourself: Volume 5

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Nov 6, 2019


After a long night, he asked, "The repair was not bad. Which hospital did you go?"She was smiling charmingly, and all she could see was a sheet dyed red."It's real!"At the wrong time, at the wrong place, Gu Wanqing ran into the man who had caused her so much trouble …However, who said that being in love would guarantee perfection?
Lançado em:
Nov 6, 2019

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Young Master Please Control Yourself - Pang TaoZi



Gu Wanqing sat on the sofa, staring at Zeng Xiangqing in shock. All the questions in her mind were raised. She asked Zeng Xiangqing anxiously, What's this got to do with her?

Zeng Xiangqing's heart skipped a beat. What should I do, what would I say if Xianqing continued to ask?

Zeng Xiangqing sat on the sofa and her eyes seemed to drift. It was unknown what she was thinking about as she sat there in a daze with a frown as if she was scared, I, I'm sorry, it has nothing to do with Mr. Rong. I'm really sorry, my mom, she …

Before she could finish, tears flowed out from her eyes and dripped onto the back of her hand.

Gu Wanqing sat down in front of Zeng Xiangqing and placed her head on her shoulder. She let Zeng Xiangqing cry, but she still used her hand to pat Zeng Xiangqing gently.

She didn't care that Zeng Xiangqing wiped her tears on her shirt and patted her back as she helplessly said, Sigh, since you don't want to say it, then I won't ask, it won't be beautiful if you continue to cry.

However, Gu Wanqing couldn't help but suspect that this had something to do with Rong Ten. It seemed that she had done something about it before she knew it.

Zeng Xiangqing was stunned when she saw this. After nodding her head, she continued to cry regardless of Gu Wanqing's voice.

After a few minutes, the place on Gu Wanqing's shoulder was completely soaked. Only then did Zeng Xiangqing begin to ease up and slowly raise her head from Gu Wanqing's shoulder.

Gu Wanqing ignored the wet clothes and wiped away the tears on her face with a finger on the table, slowly consoling her, Don't cry anymore, you'll really be ugly if you keep crying.

Zeng Xiangqing wiped away the tears on her face and gave Gu Wanqing a bitter smile. She looked affectionately at Gu Wanqing and said, Yes, Yanqing, you're really nice to me.

Gu Wanqing tidied up the hair beside her ear and looked dotingly at Zeng Xiangqing. Be a good girl and calm down first. I still have to go out to talk about a job.

After bidding farewell to Zeng Xiangqing, Gu Wanqing quickly walked downstairs to the company. She placed her bag on the passenger seat of the red sports car and quickly placed her hand on the steering wheel, which received the order to move forward at an extremely fast speed.

At the same time —

How long are you going to give Xianqing the money?

Rong Wan sat on the Zeng family's sofa, looking at her without any expression. She was obviously very nervous while sitting on the sofa, but she pretended to be calm. When did I ask for money from Gu Shiqing? Who are you? Why did you come to my house to spout blood?

Rong Wu held his forehead with his left hand and coldly said while blinking his eyes. His tone didn't give his mother any chance to refute, If you didn't want you, we both would have known. I just wanted to advise you, that's enough!

Ceng Ma's eyes were in a trance. She looked up and down at Rong X and pretended to be calm while sitting on the sofa, but she seemed a bit unnatural. I, I didn't ask for anything. If you don't leave, I'll call the police!

Seeing that her mother still refused to admit it, Rong Ten slowly raised her head. This caused the fear in her mother's heart to deepen as she clenched her fists tightly. It was obvious that she was afraid.

Rong Zhan placed his hands on the arm of the sofa. The fingers on his left hand lightly tapped against the sofa, creating a crisp sound. However, it was like an invisible time bomb in her heart.

Rong Ten looked around the Ceng family and said with disdain, You should be the one who lost the bet when your family turned out like this. Do you really not feel any guilt at all in your heart?

Ceng Niu sneered, Hmph, I don't believe that you would really dare to hit an old woman like me.

Furthermore, Gu Wanqing and my precious daughter are good friends. Thinking of this, Ceng Niang could not help but feel relieved.

Glancing at Rong Zhan, the corner of his mouth curled up in hostility, You must be the Tenth Young Master Rong. Yes, I did ask for money from Gu Wanqing, but what does that have to do with you?

Seeing that her mother asked for money, and was still speaking so peacefully, a fire rose in her heart. After all, she was her elder, so she didn't make things sound too bad. Didn't you say you didn't want it? I didn't come this time just to tell you not to ask for money from her, but also to tell you that gambling really isn't a good thing.

When Ceng Niu heard that gambling was not a good thing, she immediately became angry, Who said gambling is not a good thing? In my opinion, you are not a good thing. Gambling can even improve your health!

No matter how much her mother said, she wouldn't be angry just now. It could be seen how important gambling was in her heart. She almost treated gambling as her life, so it was no wonder that Ceng Xiangqing was so bitter.

Rong Ten looked at her mother shake her head helplessly and threw a bank card on the table. She quickly put the bank card away as if she saw a treasure.

The anger on his face slowly turned into a fawning smile. He cautiously asked for the password to the bank card, Young master Rong, what is the password to the bank card?

Rong X sighed and sighed in his heart, Sigh, she really is a mother with milk. How could Zeng Xiangqing have such a mother, I really feel some sympathy for her!

Rong Shisan frowned, rubbed his temples with his thumb, and said helplessly, This bank card doesn't have a password, just take 200 thousand to repay the debt, don't gamble anymore.

Ceng Ma looked at the bank card and carefully sized it up, as if she wanted to see a flower. She kept muttering, 200 thousand, 200 thousand is good, 200 thousand …

Gu Wanqing got out of the car and walked quickly to the door of the Ceng family residence. She placed her hand on the door and was about to knock, but she heard a familiar voice from inside.

Rong X seemed to be talking to Xiang Qing's mother, his voice full of threat. Then we'll agree to it, the money I gave you is enough for you to spend for a while, right?

Enough, enough!

Gu Wanqing sneered at the door and knocked on her arm that was hanging in the air. However, after a while, Ceng Niang was so happy that her arm bloomed like a flower. She was stunned when she saw Gu Wanqing.

Although she was reluctant, she still understood. When she saw Gu Wanqing, she was slightly stunned. She stood up and looked at Gu Wanqing in surprise. Xianqing, why are you here?

Gu Wanqing glanced at the bank card on the table, but her mother quickly kept it and shouted, What are you doing, what are you looking at?

Gu Wanqing heard her mother's words and sneered. She walked slowly to Rong Wan's side and said contemptuously, Heh, do you still think that Xiang Qing isn't helpless enough? Give her mother some money and let her continue gambling, do you still have any conscience?

Rong Ten frowned as his face was filled with doubt. What did this have to do with Zeng Xiangqing? What did I do now?

Murong Wanru fixed her eyes on Gu Wanqing and said with a puzzled expression, What do you mean?

Gu Wanqing snorted coldly and rolled her eyes at him.


Nothing. Gu Wanqing sneered coldly and walked out of the Ceng Family residence. She didn't know why Gu Wanqing suddenly became like this, or if it was because she had done something wrong.

Rong Shi stomped her foot angrily, but she still didn't have the consciousness to stop. She quickly ran up to stop them, placed her hands on Gu Wanqing's waist and tried to wrap her arms around Gu Wanqing's waist.

However, she didn't expect Gu Wanqing to push her away so hard and slap her face. She glared coldly at him for a moment before turning to leave.

Rong Ten covered his left cheek with his hand and walked out of the Ceng family with disbelief written all over his face.

Gu Wanqing went straight to the nightclub. Zeng Xiangqing was dancing on the stage in revealing dress, which made Gu Wanqing's heart hurt. Gu Wanqing sat below the stage in a remote corner and watched Zeng Xiangqing silently.

Gu Wanqing raised her glass and downed the wine in one gulp. Looking at Zeng Xiangqing on the stage, she felt some sympathy for her mother. She even came to the nightclub to help her mother gamble and was even scolded for being improper. She was not a good girl.

It was normal to meet a few hooligans blocking the way. The noise from the nightclub was getting louder and louder, causing Gu Wanqing to be even more confused.

The music gradually stopped. Looking at the exposed Zeng Xiangqing on the stage, she directly walked over with a sweet smile on her face, How was it? Did I dance well?

Gu Wanqing nodded and pointed at the bench beside her with her arm, indicating for Zeng Xiangqing to sit down. Zeng Xiangqing raised her eyebrows and climbed onto the stool like a child.

Gu Wanqing looked at the 'innocent' Zeng Xiangqing, feeling even more dissatisfied. She raised her glass and toasted Zeng Xiangqing before asking tentatively, Xiangqing, are you happy working here?

Looking at Gu Wanqing's face, Zeng Xiangqing knew what she meant. She looked around helplessly and greeted her friends before turning her head with a smile. I like it. This place can help me relax every day. At least I won't be so tired from living.

When Gu Wanqing heard Zeng Xiangqing's words, she was slightly stunned. Apparently, she had not expected Zeng Xiangqing to say something like this. With a disappointed look, she continued to persuade her, "What's so good about this place? It's so noisy every day.

Zeng Xiangqing glanced at the wine cup on the table as it was finished in one gulp. She felt that it was very funny and repeated Gu Wanqing's words once more, It's noisy, gossips, and resignations. Forget it, I won't resign.

Gu Wanqing looked at Zeng Xiangqing with only pity in her eyes. In order to keep her from working here, she promised, Then what if I help you find a better job?

When Zeng Xiangqing heard this, she seemed like she wanted it, so she immediately stuck her head over and asked anxiously, What kind of job? If you help me find something better than this, then I'll immediately resign.

Looking at Zeng Xianqing, Gu Wanqing burst out laughing. She was still a little girl after all. She had to come to this damned place to live, so of course she would change if she could find a better one now.

Gu Wanqing looked around and said with interest, This place is much better than this one anyway. Let's see if you want to work at my company.

When Zeng Xiangqing heard the word 'mine', the smile on her face instantly disappeared and she put on a sad expression. She held her forehead with her right hand and became anxious, Forget about it, I'll just work here. I'm too used to working here, I'm afraid I'm not used to being in your company.

Gu Wanqing smiled. How could she not know what she was thinking? Blinking, she continued to dig for Zeng Xiangqing and patiently said, Don't worry, I know you're worried that you're not doing well and that someone is scolding you. Don't worry, how can I bear to see you suffer when I'm here?

When Zeng Xiangqing heard that, she stared at Gu Wanqing dumbly. It was as if a warm feeling rose in her heart. No one had treated her well ever since she was young. Even her own mother had used her to help her pay.

Thinking of this, even Zeng Xiangqing couldn't hold back her tears. Gu Wanqing thought Zeng Xiangqing wasn't willing, so she quickly passed a tissue to help wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. She asked nervously, What's wrong, Xiangqing? What's wrong? If you don't want to go, I won't force you. Say something?

Zeng Xiangqing stretched out her arms and hugged Gu Wanqing tightly. She wiped her tears and snot onto Gu Wanqing's clothes and said eerily, Hmph, you treat me so well yet you don't make me cry. I'm going to work at your company, but I don't know if I can do this job well. I've never done it before, after all.

Gu Wanqing couldn't help laughing when she heard Zeng Xiangqing's words. She touched the back of Zeng Xiangqing's head with her hand and said happily, Good girl, this is my little princess Xiangqing. Don't be afraid with me around, I have everything.

She waited until she felt better before she urged again, Alright, alright, let's go and resign. You can report to Luo Clan tomorrow.

With Gu Wanqing following behind, Zeng Xiangqing had no choice but to quit her job at the nightclub. Honestly speaking, she didn't like working here. After all, with her original identity, who would work here if not out of helplessness?

The next day, Zeng Xiangqing excitedly ran to the Luo family. When she arrived at the HR department, she confirmed that the department she worked in was the closest to her.

Zeng Xiangqing could only helplessly shake her head and walk towards the department. Seeing how everyone was busy, she gave everyone a 90-degree bow and gently introduced herself, Hello everyone, my name is Zeng Xiangqing. I hope we can be happy in the future.

Some people seemed to be very shocked when they heard her name. They looked up in disdain and said, Newbie, hurry and get me a cup of water.

Although she didn't really want to, she knew the rules here, so she could only place the things down and help someone pour water. When she put it on the table, she didn't think that person would just push the cup of water to the ground.

He looked down upon Zeng Xiangqing and insulted her in a very unpleasant voice, Oh, isn't this the Queen of Night's, Zeng Xiangqing? How come you have the time to come to our company and play?

Zeng Xiangqing wasn't the type to not return the grievances she had suffered. She sneered in her heart, so she knew her identity. She picked up the cup and placed it on the table, I'm Zeng Xiangqing, if you don't accept it, then go to work at a nightclub.

The person in front of him felt aggrieved when he saw how Zeng Xiangqing had attacked him. He raised his arms and was about to hit her, but was stopped by Gu Wanqing.

Gu Wanqing stood in front of Zeng Xiangqing, looking at the staff member as if she was looking at an enemy. She threw the file on the table and shouted angrily, I invited her! If you don't like her, just come and find me!

The moment Gu Wanqing's words left her mouth, the entire room fell into silence. Especially the arrogant person from before, Zeng Xiangqing couldn't help but admire him in her heart.


Qin Jiayi pushed open the door and walked in. He looked at Zhang Ruqing, who was sitting on the sofa without a care in the world, with a slightly questioning consciousness, and said, Recently, you've been wanting to do something to Xianqing. I'm telling you, as long as I, Qin Jiayi, am here, you won't succeed.

Zhang Ruqing disdainfully rolled her eyes at Qin Jiayi. With a fearless look on her face, she said, How can I ask someone who doesn't even know to knock on the door to stop him from talking loudly?

When Qin Jiayi heard Zhang Ruqing's words, the anger in his heart was ignited. He shouted at Zhang Ruqing, What do you mean by 'you'? Do you mean that I'm not courteous at all?

Zhang Ruqing did not have the slightest bit of fear, and continued to peel the apple in her hand. She calmly sneered and berated, Don't tell me you have one?

Qin Jiayi quickly walked to Zhang Ruqing's side, snatched away the apple in her hand and threw it into the trash can. His eyes were filled with hostility as he looked at her, I'm not. Don't tell me that you're deliberately causing Xianqing to feel good? Will your conscience not be reprimanded?

Zhang Ruqing pushed Qin Jiayi away, but after looking at the apple in the trash can with pity, she could no longer suppress the anger in her heart. She snorted coldly and said, "You should learn to be polite after growing up.

Qin Jiayi surveyed his surroundings before finally fixing his gaze on Zhang Ruqing. He continued to threaten her with a cold voice, Alright then, as long as you dare to hurt her, you will come?

Zhang Ruoqing stood up and was about to walk upstairs, but stopped and said with disdain, Yo, aren't you feeling sorry for that woman by doing this? But I love you so much that I don't even have you!

Qin Jiayi frowned at the wound. He was reluctant to admit that Zhang Ruqing's words were true, but reality was forcing him to admit little by little that Gu Wanqing didn't love him that much.

In order to cover his wounds, Qin Jiayi strode forward and pulled Zhang Ruqing into his embrace, then ran up to the second floor. He opened the door and placed her on the bed. He removed his' package 'and pressed Zhang Ruqing down on the bed.

Zhang Ruqing's arms, which had also matched well with Qin Jiayi's, were raised to cover his neck. Her face slowly grew larger in Qin Jiayi's line of sight, until her lips were tightly entwined.

At the same time —

Only eleven people were left in the huge living room, sitting there in a daze. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't figure out what Gu Wanqing had said that day. Why did it turn out like this?

Besides, she hadn't come home for work recently, and even Rolo didn't care. What was she doing?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. Why was this happening?

Father Rong, when will mother come back? I miss mother so much.

A tender voice gradually sounded out, echoing throughout the entire Rong family. Rong Wan didn't say anything, but walked over and hugged Gu Luo, helping her tidy up her hair.

Seeing that Rong X didn't say anything, Gu Luo didn't give up. He became braver and braver as he continued to ask about his mother's situation, Do you think her mother has eaten yet?

A trace of sadness flashed across Rong Zhi's eyes. He sighed and said, If I could, I would like to know if Xianqing has eaten yet. What about now?

Although Gu Luo was young, he could still see that Rong Shi was feeling uncomfortable. He laid on Rong Hao's body and comforted him, Daddy, don't be unhappy. Mommy may be feeling a bit uncomfortable these past few days.

Rong Ten pinched Gu Luo's small nose, pulling out an extremely bitter smile on his face, and softly asked, How is it? Does Father Rong look like this, isn't he very handsome?

Gu Luo pretended to exaggerate as he covered his small mouth with his hands. His face was filled with disbelief as he exclaimed, Ah! Papa Rong is so ugly, even uglier than Luo!

When he heard that Gu Luo had said that his ugly heart had indeed been hurt a lot, he pretended to be serious and fell down on the sofa, wailing, Ai, Luoluo actually said that I was ugly, and I'm not going to live anymore!

Like a child, Rong Xing angrily snorted and turned his head away. He didn't look at Rolo, but used his left hand to cover his chest as if he suffered a great injury.

Gu Luo covered his mouth and let out a soft laugh. Looking at his adorable father Rong felt really warm in his heart, he pulled up Rong's right index finger and shook it back and forth with an adorable expression on his face. Father, when will mother come back? I really miss mother!

Looking at the wronged expression on Gu Luo's face, he felt his heart ache. How could he not want to go to the capital late? It had been a long time since the last time she came back.

Rong Ten got up first and sat beside Gu Luo, rubbing Gu Luo's forehead with a helpless consolation. Luo Luo's mother will be back soon. Let's wait for her here, give her a surprise when she comes back.

He was still a child after all, so when Gu Luo heard that she would not come back today, he couldn't help crying loudly. He begged her, Daddy, let's go find Mommy then. I miss Mommy so much.

Rong Ten helped to wipe the tears off Gu Luo's face, then said with a troubled expression, Father Rong also really misses your mother, but mother is really busy. If we go like this, mother will be angry. Father Rong doesn't want Mother to be angry.

When Gu Luo heard this, he cried even louder. Seeing Gu Luo act like this made his heart ache; it was just that the child wanted to see his mother, so why haven't you come back yet? Did you not know that Luo Luo would miss you?

Rong Zhan continued to wipe away the tears on Gu Luo's face and threatened, Luoluo, if you cry again, I won't bring you to find your mother. You can go find yourself.

This threat really worked. Hearing this, Gu Luo really did stop crying. He used his small hands to wipe away the tears on his face and confirmed with a sob, Daddy, is what you said true? Are you going to take me to Mommy? Then I won't cry, Rolo won't cry, Rolo wants to find her mother!

Rong Zhi immediately picked up Gu Luo and placed him on the first passenger seat before saying, I'm not helping you look for your mother, I'm thinking of staying late.

Gu Luo didn't look like he was crying at all. He even laughed out loud and pointed at Rong Hao mockingly. Hey, Daddy is missing Mommy now. How can I not be ashamed in front of Rolo?

In just a few minutes, the car arrived at the Luo house. When they reached the office, Gu Xianqing was not there. She called one of her subordinates and asked slowly, Where is your Director Gu?

The subordinate respectfully bowed and said, Our Director Gu is in a meeting and will be back soon.

Rong Wan looked around, but was attracted by his name on Gu Wanqing's desk. He opened the file and found his information.

Gu Wanqing came in and put away the file in panic. She carried Rolo in a daze and said, Why did you guys suddenly come here? Let's go out first.


When Zeng Xiangqing reached Gu Wanqing's door, she was stopped by the assistant. She quickly said, I'm looking for Director Gu.

The assistant looked at Zeng Xiangqing politely and slowly said, May I ask, what business do you have with Gu Xiangqing?

Zeng Xiangqing frowned, then lowered her head and thought for a while before saying, Um, I'm Director Gu's good friend, my name is Zeng Xiangqing.

Upon hearing the name Zeng Xiangqing, the assistant thought that she was Gu Wanqing's friend and quickly said politely, Oh, so it's Miss Zeng. Please come in.

Only after hearing Zeng Xiangqing's words did she reveal a grateful expression. She nodded at the assistant and walked towards Gu Wanqing's office.

Dang — Dang — Dang —

Gu Wanqing heard the knock on the door and slowly put down the file in her hands. Her serious face gave off a cold feeling. Come in.

After the door opened, a wave of retro colors reflected into Zeng Xiangqing's eyes, deeply attracting Zeng Xiangqing's gaze, afraid that she would miss a trace of it.

In the quiet office, flowers were blooming on the retro desk, the clock was striking, and the photos of Gu Wanqing and Gu Luo on the bookshelf were exceptionally dazzling.

Gu Wanqing couldn't help smiling when she saw Zeng Xiangqing's gaze. Xiangqing, you're here.

Zeng Xiangqing's eyes flashed. Just as she wanted to say something, the assistant walked in again and said, Director Gu, Boss Li is waiting for you in the reception room!

Gu Wanqing frowned helplessly. Just as she was about to delay, the secretary seemed to notice her intentions and asked her sternly again, Director Gu, Boss Li said that you must go now, otherwise our contract will end here.

In order to not delay Gu Wanqing's work, Zeng Xiangqing tactfully said, Xiqing, you go first. I can wait for you here.

It was the only thing they could do now. Gu Wanqing frowned and said helplessly, Fine then. Why don't you sit here for a while?

With that, Gu Wanqing and her secretary walked out of the room, leaving Zeng Xiangqing wandering around the office alone. About ten minutes later, a file on the office desk caught Zeng Xiangqing's attention.

This couldn't help but cause astonishment in Zeng Xiangqing's heart. Why did Wanqing investigate? She couldn't help but open it with her right hand. Such a thick file was all investigated by Rong.

Zeng Xiangqing couldn't help but have doubts in her heart. It seemed that there was a problem between Gu Xianqing and Rong Wan. She couldn't help squinting her eyes.

Ring, ring, ring ~ ~ ~

Before Zeng Xiangqing could understand what was going on, a ringtone sounded from the bag. When she opened the bag, she saw the caller on the phone. Her eyebrows were knitted tightly together.

Why did she call me? Did she lose money again?

Originally, Zeng Xiangqing didn't plan to answer it, but her phone's ringtone kept ringing in her ears. Helpless, Zeng Xiangqing's fingers slowly picked up the phone and before she even opened her mouth, she heard the shouts, Girl, where are you going to die? I'll wait for you at home.

Zeng Xiangqing knew that her mother lost money again, so she angrily refused, I still have things to do, so I can't go home.

When Ceng Niu heard her daughter's rejection, she cursed, I gave birth to you, you raised you, yet you don't even listen to me? Hurry up and go home, or else there will be consequences.

Zeng Xiangqing knew what her mother wanted to say and had always used Zeng Xiangqing as a tool. Even when she grew up, she still helped her pay her debts every day. Since she was young, she almost never had a mother's love.

Even though it was like this, he could only helplessly say to the phone, Alright, alright, I understand. I'll go back immediately.

In order to not disturb Gu Wanqing's work, she could only send her a short message in secret. Wanqing, I'll be going back first.

After about half an hour, Zeng Xiangqing returned home. Before she even entered the door, she felt a sense of oppression, but she had no choice but to comfort herself over and over again. This was her home, it was fine!

When she opened the door, her mother was pacing back and forth anxiously. Seeing the door open slowly, she walked in from outside. Her mother hurriedly walked beside her and yelled, You damned girl, you still know how to come back!

Zeng Xiangqing helplessly rolled her eyes at her mother, then directly walked to the sofa and sat down. She put down her bag on the table and looked at her mother in surprise, What did you call me back for this time?

Ceng Ma walked in front of Zeng Xiangqing, pointed at his nose and cursed, You damn girl, I raised you from a young age, don't think I don't know where you're going, you glutton.

Zeng Xiangqing seemed to be infuriated by her mother's words. She glared at the mother and quickly stood up to break off her mother's arm, saying sternly, Say I'm a glutton. Say it, how much do you want this time?

The ferocious expression on her face gradually faded. The corners of her mouth raised into a fawning smile, Xiangqing, look at how hardworking mother raised you up. You can't work so hard, you have to show her respect and filial piety.

The expression on Zeng Xiangqing's face became even more serious, and practically every word was squeezed out from her teeth, Say it, this — — you — — want — more — — less — — money?

Ceng Ma sat on the sofa ingratiatingly, she pulled Zeng Xianqing's hand to her right hand and patted it twice with her left hand, Xiangqing, my darling daughter, I knew you loved me the most. Mom doesn't need that much, Mom only needs 200 thousand.

Zeng Xiangqing was shocked when she heard this number. Right now, her entire body was not even worth 100 thousand, so she pushed her mother's hand away and shouted, 200 thousand, what do you think I'm doing, a ATM? From now on I don't have a mother like you.

His mother's vicious expression returned. Stupid girl, you're a glutton. Don't think that I don't know about your relationship with Gu Wanqing. You should borrow some from him!

No matter what, Zeng Xiangqing would never think that her mother would ask her to borrow other people's money to repay his gambling debts. Her desire to sever all ties with her mother became even stronger, Zhiqing is my best friend, how can you ask me to borrow money from her? I'm helping you repay your gambling debt?

His mother was unwilling. She grabbed the bag on the table and was about to open it to see if she had any money.

Zeng Xiangqing was thoroughly infuriated by her mother's actions, pushing her mother backwards and shouting, What are you doing?! I told you I don't have any money. "

After snatching back the bag and raising her head to look at her mother, Zeng Xiangqing squatted on the ground in panic. She accidentally knocked her mother down and took the knife off the table, directly penetrating her brain, causing her to die on the spot.

Zeng Xiangqing broke down and put her hands in her hair, opening her eyes wide as she looked at her mother's miserable state. Zeng Xiangqing only felt her body turn cold. Trembling, she stretched out her hand to her mother who was lying in a pool of blood and fell to the ground.

Why was it like this? Although she hated her mother, she did not want her to die.

What should I do? What should I do?


Yanqing, I don't have a mother anymore! Zeng Xiangqing sat on the ground and cried for a long time. Finally, she raised her head, as if she had thought of something, and took out her phone to give Gu Wanqing a call.

No one could help her now, only Gu Wanqing.

However, Zeng Xiangqing didn't dare to say that she killed her mother, but that she accidentally fell on a knife.

Hearing about Zeng Xiangqing's misfortune, Gu Wanqing felt a pang in her heart. She consoled, Wait for me at home. I'll be right over.

Zeng Xiangqing didn't have the heart to think about all this. She just hummed and didn't say anything else. She just sobbed softly, causing people's hearts to ache.

Gu Wanqing stood beside Zeng Xiangqing, watching the doctor carry her mother's body out, silently consoling her. But at this moment, a group of people that didn't seem to be easy to mess with walked in and smashed everything in the house without even looking at them. Zeng Xiangqing could only watch as her house turned into this state.

The man in the lead seemed to still be unsatisfied as he walked over to Zeng Xiangqing with malicious intent. He grabbed her chin and didn't give her any chance to resist.

The man in the lead's face curled the corners of his mouth. His gaze lingered on Zeng Xiangqing's body, Oh, how do you plan on repaying your mother's debt to me?

Zeng Xiangqing couldn't help but feel a wave of disgust when she saw the man's fiendish expression. She used all her strength to push him away and glared at him.

The leading man was infuriated by Zeng Xiangqing. He swung his arm and slapped her on her face, then pinched her chin again and spat, You damn woman, it's your fortune that I like you. Do you know what I'm doing? Be obedient and listen to me.

Then, she impatiently tugged at Zeng Xianqing's clothes. Zeng Xiangqing used all her strength to resist, and she was still shouting, I don't want it, save me! No, don't touch me!

His shirt could vaguely see Zeng Xianqing's undergarments. The leader's lust was even stronger. Just as he was about to increase his speed, Gu Wanqing's voice broke in. Stop.

Gu Wanqing rushed to Zeng Xiangqing's side and pulled the man's hand away. She swung her arm to slap his face, and with a 'pa' sound, the whole room was filled with noise. Gu Wanqing hugged Zeng Xiangqing's trembling body tightly and shouted angrily, What are you doing? Why are you touching her?

The man was angered by Gu Wanqing's slap. He covered

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