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Heroes in the Three Kingdoms: Volume 5

Heroes in the Three Kingdoms: Volume 5

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Heroes in the Three Kingdoms: Volume 5

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Nov 5, 2019


The era of the Three Kingdoms was a time of chaotic wars. The times created heroes, and the chaotic times were the best stage for heroes to display their talents. The era of the Three Kingdoms was destined to be an era where heroes emerged.
Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019

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Heroes in the Three Kingdoms - Shui MuSi



This is bad! Fourth brother, something bad happened! Zhang Tie ran in hastily. I looked at Zhang Tie and asked: What's wrong? Zhang Tie looked at me with concern and said, Fourth brother, I said, you have to hold on no matter what! An ominous premonition rose in my heart, and I grew anxious. What happened?"

Zhang Tie lowered his head, and said: Second Brother sent a message to inform Xi Er that he was kidnapped! Out of the thieves that came to rob Mei Lian, two of them were found to be his subordinates, one was Jiang Qi while the other one was Peng An. I think the ones who kidnapped Xi Er and the rest were Yuan Shao's subordinates! I couldn't believe it, so I said, What! The fourth and third generation of the Yuan Family, and the son of Yuan Shao, who was also the overlord of the Lin Family, how could he do such a shameless thing! Mei Lian and Xi Er were robbed? Zhang Tie replied, Yes! I hastily asked, Then, Xiulian, where is my youngest daughter? Is she okay? Zhang Tie replied, Sister-in-law hugged her, so she wouldn't be in trouble!"

I thought of something important, so I said, "Third brother, have you made the checkpoints along the way more vigilant? No matter what, we cannot let Yuan Shao's men bring Xi Er and the others to the army. Actually, I was forcefully suppressing my emotions. Right now, I can't wait to jump out and receive the appropriate punishment from this bastard who dared to hurt my family members!

Zhang Tie answered: Fourth brother, second brother has already given the order to close the post along the way. I believe that it won't be long before we can successfully save Xi Er and Xi Er! I kept saying to myself, We have to take care of their safety! We can't let the two children get hurt! Ahhh! I thought of something and asked, No one in my family was hurt?"

Zhang Tie said, Don't worry! No one was hurt! The enemy failed in their attempt to kidnap and the others. The enemy killed Peng An and the person who accompanied Peng An escaped. When the enemy led his men to rescue Xi Er and the others, they were still too late! What? Even his mother-in-law would be captured? Why? I don't understand, but I'm glad my family is fine. The only thing I need right now is for my son and daughter to come back to me.

For the past few days, I have been extremely anxious, as if I were an ant on a hot pan, constantly paying attention to any news regarding Xi Er and Mei Lian. I also received news that Xiao Ying had already left for the army camp, and she couldn't sit still, wanting to chase after them. When I heard that, I became even more worried. I said, Xiao Ying is coming? What if she had an accident along the way? No! I have to find her! My mind was too strong, I immediately strode out of the tent, and just as I reached the entrance of the tent, I stopped. As the marshal, I control the lives of tens of thousands of people, how could I be so selfish?

I gritted my teeth as I endured it. My expression was extremely ugly as I said, Third brother, I believe that Xiao Ying and the soldiers will definitely help me rescue Xi Er and the rest! I said so, but my heart was in turmoil and I was not sure.

Waiting and waiting, it made me so frustrated that I was unable to eat or sleep well. Zhang Tie came again, he had a smile on his face and looked very excited. When I saw him, I immediately went to greet him and held his hand tightly, asking anxiously: Third Brother, is there any news about Xi Er? Zhang Tie said: Ah, good news! Xi Er and Mei Lian were saved! Sister-in-law has already went to meet up with Xi Er and the others!

I was overjoyed. Are Xi`er and Meryl all right? I asked. Did they have nothing? How is it? It couldn't possibly have suffered any damage, could it? Oh right, who was it that rescued Xiu-Er and the others!? Reward! Definitely reward! Zhang Tie answered, When Xi Er and the others were kidnapped and moved to the border between the two counties, I don't know who leaked the news, so Xi Er and the others were saved. It was a pity that he was unable to catch the other party! However, from the people who were captured, we know that the ones who took Xi Er and his group away were Yuan Tan, Chunyu Qiong and Tao Sheng. After I heard this, I couldn't help but become angry and said, Pass to me the order to capture Yuan Tan and the rest of them. As long as I can capture them, I will cut them into a thousand pieces to vent the hatred in my heart! Zhang Tie clasped his hands, "Yes!

I quickly stepped out and said, I want to personally go and fetch Xi Er and Mei Lian! Tie called out to me, saying, Fourth Brother, as the marshal, how could you leave so easily? Besides, you've already endured the most difficult time, so you might as well wait a few more days! I'll go fetch Xi Er and her here, then I'll investigate more and and the others must definitely capture Yuan Tan! Rest assured! I had to do what he said.

Yuan Tan and the others dared to go deeper into the danger zone to capture Fan Xi and the rest, so how could they be discovered by others, and be saved by Fan Xi? This had to start from a new beginning.

When Yuan Tan and the rest caught up with Fan Xi and his group, they initially wanted to travel an uninhabited route and rush back to the Yuan Shao Army in the middle of the night. They did not dare to travel during the day and specifically chose the places that they did not dare to travel to before nightfall. When they were about to reach the boundary between the two counties, Yuan Tan and the others could not help but relax. However, Tao Sheng was not as relaxed as they thought, because as long as Yuan Tan handed Fan Xi over to Yuan Shao, it would be considered as a great achievement. At that time, the Liu's would definitely vent his anger on Tao Sheng, and Tao Sheng had always been looking for an opportunity to inform Fan Li of his whereabouts, in order to stop him.

Tao Sheng had succeeded, he took advantage of this chance to send the slip of paper to a checkpoint, and the soldiers of the checkpoint reported it up. As a result, they had already intercepted Yuan Tan along the way, and luckily Yuan Tan, Chunyu Qiong and the rest managed to escape.

Yuan Tan shook his head and said, What do we do? Originally, we had wanted to capture Fan Li's little brat and bring him to our father's side so that we could contribute greatly! But he had fled! Damn it! Chunyu Qiong took the opportunity to speak: Young master, don't you think it's strange? Why did people notice us walking down such a small mountain path? Furthermore, even the place where we escorted Fan Li's children into the crowd was completely understood by them, it was simply too strange! It can't be that there's a traitor amongst us, right? "

Yuan Tan thought for a while, then said: That's right! I think so too! Then who do you think it is? Chunyu Qiong said: Which one of us fell behind? Yuan Tan thought for a while, then said: Tao Sheng! Chunyu Qiong said, Yes! Only him! He's the most suspicious one! Yuan Tan shook his head, and said: But he had once saved my family! His father has done him great favors, so it's impossible for him to betray his father! Chunyu Qiong spoke again: Although he will not betray our lord, but I dare not say that he will not betray you! Yuan Tan also felt that it was reasonable, but he was troubled because he did not have any evidence, but he was prepared for Tao Sheng.

Yuan Tan said: Ever since Fan Li's stinky b * tch was taken by him, we have been moving forward carefully. We even have to be on tenterhooks in fear of Fan Li Army's pursuit! Damn it! I don't know how to report it to my father when I get back! When Tao Sheng heard this, he could not help but sneer and thought to himself: Yuan Tan! You have no chance of survival! Haha! I will use Fan Li's army to kill you! After getting rid of you, the third young master's obstacle to becoming the heir to the throne will be removed. At that time, can't you thank me? Do I still have to worry about not enjoying wealth in the future?

Chunyu Qiong asked again: Is Young Noble going to continue with your original plan and head back to Changsha County? Yuan Tan nodded his head, and said: The Southern County is a waterway, if we, this group of landlubbers, were to go, what if we meet the Fan Li Army, wouldn't we fall into their trap? Chunyu Qiong said, Yes! Move on to Changsha County! After all, the water routes there are much less than in the Southern County! Yuan Tan said: This place is close to the defenses of the Fan Li Army, we have to be careful! Alright, get some sleep. We will set off tomorrow! Yes!" Chunyu Qiong agreed.

Everyone lay down, and many of them began to snore. Tao Sheng, who was sleeping outside, could not help but to secretly get up. He looked around, saw that everyone was asleep, and slowly walked away, then quickly ran to the other side. When Tao Sheng got up, Chunyu Qiong realized that he was wrong and peeked at Tao Sheng.

Tao Sheng sneaked over to a sentry point. It was extremely quiet, only a few people were still on guard. Tao Sheng wrapped a piece of paper around the stone and while the patrolling soldiers were carrying him, he threw it towards the patrolling soldiers. When the patrolman saw that the stone had been wrapped in paper, he picked it up and looked around. Seeing that there was no one around, he took the paper to the officer first. Seeing that, Tao Sheng who was hiding in the darkness could not help but smile happily, and left at ease.

At this time, Zhang Tie received the slip of paper that was sent by the guard. After reading it carefully, he took out the note that saved Fan Xi and the others after receiving the note, and compared it with the same words. He thought to himself, The handwriting is the same. It's written by the same person! Who would tell us? Yuan Tan really passed by Changsha County? As long as they caught Yuan Tan, they could use his own methods to deal with him and threaten him with Yuan Tan! But is that true? "

The guard asked, General, what should we do? Zhang Tie thought for a while, then said: It is better to believe it, than not! If I can capture my nephew, I will make him feel worse than death! The orders are to place troops at the location indicated on the paper tomorrow, and the road to Changsha will be guarded by soldiers and horses. Yes!" The messenger went to deliver the order.

Right! Tie Ta remembered something important and told the guard, Let's go! I'll go with you to your post card! I want to know who gave us the information! I would also like to thank him for his help! Yes! The guard then led the way.

When Tie Ta reached the sentry post, he carefully asked the patrolling soldier who had picked up the slip of paper, then looked around and thought to himself, The weeds here are taller than human beings. There are also dense wild vines. Furthermore, this place is connected to the mountains. Who knows, if someone were to hide in the mountains and find the person who sent this note to us, we would definitely be able to obtain even more! Right! Go and find him immediately!"

After making up his mind, he ordered, Men, light a torch and search the mountains! If you find out that there's nobody around, you can lock them up first! Let's go!" At the command of the iron gate, the soldiers lit torches and began to search the area.

It was almost daybreak, but there were still no results. Tie Yi was a little discouraged, but at this moment, someone shouted loudly, Someone come quickly! We found something important here! When Tie Zheng heard this, he rushed forward like an arrow towards the source of the voice. When the iron arrived, he couldn't help but be stunned …




When Zhang Tie arrived, he saw a corpse on the ground. From the corpse, he seemed to have been hacked to death by many people. Who did he have such a deep grudge against that he had to be hacked to death by his enemies? Zhang Tie shouted: Quick! Does anyone know of any generals sent by Yuan Shao to kidnap Xi Er and the others, let's see if they are one of them!

Because Tao Sheng was also the Black Mountain xanthopanax before, the subordinates of Zhang Yan recognized that this was Tao Sheng's corpse, and some of the people from Hebei also recognized that this was Tao Sheng! Tie Ta could not help but feel that something was off. He looked around to see that there was someone who had been here before. The other party had left for quite some time, so he didn't bother to chase after them. Tie Yue could only bring Tao Sheng's body back to the army, thinking that he had been gone for a long time, he was afraid that the army would have problems, so he returned back to the army.

When Tie Yi arrived at the army and saw Xiao Ying and I together, he couldn't help but be extremely happy. I smiled and said to Tie Ta, Third brother, you're back! Great! Tie Qing saw Xiao Ying and said: That's great, Sister-in-law, you came too! Xiao Ying nodded, and said: Yes, third brother, I even came with my mother! I came here because I was worried about the two children! "

Iron asked, Mother? Madame Jiang? Or … Xiao Ying said with a face full of smiles: It's my mother! She also came here because she was worried about Xi Er and Mei Lian. Suddenly, he revealed a puzzled look and said: Mother had requested to meet Yuan Shao before the battle even started, doing this might prevent war! I really don't understand! I was also puzzled. Yeah! I don't know! Seeing my mother's request, I can't go against it, so I'll make an appointment with Yuan Shao in advance! Sigh!

What? Tie Feng felt extremely surprised, and asked, Fourth brother, you really want me to meet Yuan Shao? I nodded. Mother must have her reasons for doing this! I will naturally obey! His heart was in turmoil, and it could only be as the heavens wished.

I asked Tie Ta: Right, Third Brother, have you captured Yuan Tan and the rest who kidnapped Mei Lian? Tie Ta shook his head and said, No! However, I have already sent more people to search the area that leads to the North Jingzhou in Changsha, Southern County and other places! He should be able to catch Yuan Tan and the rest! Oh right, I found out that the person who gave us the note to save Xi Er was Tao Sheng! Tao Sheng was also one of the people who kidnapped Xi Er, what was strange was that he was randomly cut to death by someone! If it wasn't for him telling us where Yuan Tan is, we wouldn't have been able to find his corpse! His corpse has already been brought back by me!

Tao Sheng was cut to death by a random blade? Return the slip of paper to us to inform Yuan Tan of his whereabouts. That way, his death might be related to Yuan Tan! I thought about it. Master, I heard that Yuan Shao's wife, Liu's, was extremely jealous. She had hated Yuan Tan for a long time because she wanted her son Yuan Shang to inherit the father's position. My lord, think about it. If Yuan Tan had done a great deed, he would definitely be complacent, and it would also become a lot more of a hindrance to Yuan Shang's succession. Therefore, the Liu's would definitely not let Yuan Tan succeed! I heard that Tao Sheng is Liu's's trusted aide, the reason Tao Sheng sent him to travel with Yuan Tan, I can see that he is related to Liu's! Maybe it was Yuan Tan who killed Tao Sheng after finding out that he was the whistleblower. If we say that Yuan Shao is at odds with us, it is a good thing for us! Although we haven't used this advantage yet, we'll definitely benefit a lot in the future!"

After hearing this, I agreed and said, Zi Hong, which path do you think Yuan Tan will take to return to Yuan Shao's place? Just as he was thinking about it, he said: I don't think Yuan Tan will wait from Hengyang, Changsha, or the Southern County, it is highly likely that he has taken a detour from the Wu Ling County! Hengyang, Southern County have a lot of waterways, and Changsha County is close to us, so we can defend them tightly that Yuan Tan didn't even dare to go near them, only that the Wu Ling Road is far away. Yuan Tan thinks that our army has even less defenses, so we will definitely go this way! As long as we catch Yuan Tan, Zi Hong thought that we can place a nail by Yuan Tan's side and help him back to Yuan Shao's place, and pin it deep into Yuan Shao's army! At that time, this nail will have its use!

I read, Arrange a nail deep into the enemy? My face lit up, and suddenly I asked, Wonderful! How wonderful! But Zi Hong, who do you think we should choose? He was about to answer: Yan Xing! Yan Xing was a skilled man, but he was bold, and had a trick up his sleeves, so he could be used! There's one more thing, his father-in-law is Han Sui. He used the fact that we killed Han Sui and wanted to take revenge for father-in-law to help him escape. If that's the case, Yuan Tan will have no doubts about this. Good! Zi Hong, go and execute it! "

I remembered something else and instructed, Mother wants to see Yuan Shao. Then, send someone to meet with Yuan Shao in a few days! Yes! Someone's going to do it.

A few days later, Yuan Shao was the first to leave, and he shouted loudly, Piao Xue, I, Yuan Shao, am here! You still haven't shown up! Piao Xue rode a horse and came out. From the moment Piao Xue came out, his gaze had never left her body.

Yuan Shao praised: Piao Xue, so many years have passed, but you are still as beautiful as ever! Do you know how much I've missed you all these years! Piao Xue blushed and said, This Beginner, we are already old, so let's not talk about this anymore. I've asked you out to beg you to retreat and not to fight with my son-in-law anymore! Please! Didn't you say you'd do anything for me? Yuan Shao had said these words before. Back then, he had indeed said those words to Cao Cao Cao in order to court her. Furthermore, he couldn't bear to see her come and beg him for herself. I beg you! " Tears rolled down Piao Xue's beautiful face.

Yuan Shao didn't dare to face Piao Xue's tears. Guo Tu urged his horse to her side, Master, the most important thing is to let a woman … After Yuan Shao heard it, he stared at Guo Tu.

Yuan Shao turned his gaze towards Piao Xue, and said: If Cao Cao and I could only choose one, who would you choose! I asked you before, but now I want to ask you again! Piao Xue lowered her head, it was not that she was hard to answer, but she did not want to hurt Yuan Shao, after all, she had already caused Yuan Shao and Cao Cao Cao to become enemies when she gave him the answer.

Xiao Ying and I looked at this scene in puzzlement. Exactly what happened to their previous generation, Xiao Ying and I are not clear. Tell me quickly! Quickly tell me! Yuan Shao roared with his mouth wide opened, he did not care about his identity, and did not care about standing in front of so many people. Piao Xue, who was shedding hot tears, raised his head, and once again repeated the words that she had said many years ago: It's, it's Cao Cao!" When Piao Xue said this, he covered his face and started crying. It was obvious that Piao Xue did not want to hurt Yuan Shao's heart. The two words Cao Cao were once again clearly imprinted into Yuan Shao's mind, fiercely provoking him. The skin on Yuan Shao's face twitched, and his eyes shot out an angry gaze. His face was full of anger, and he was only forcefully suppressing his emotions.

Finally, Yuan Shao turned his horse around, walked a few times, then stopped and said: Prepare to attack Fan Li Army, I want to eliminate Fan Li, and I still want to kill him. He turned and looked at Piao Xue: Kill the vile spawn of you and Cao Cao! Hehe, I want Cao Cao to be forever sad! Cao Cao had killed his daughter! When I think of Cao Cao's pained expression, I can't help but feel ecstatic! Haha!" Yuan Shao laughed and ordered his horse to return back to the army. Piao Xue couldn't help but cry, as he went up to comfort his mother. I also went forward to comfort them, then I returned back to the camp with Xiao Ying and the others.

It was just that they were being pushed back time and time again. There was also worse news, once Wen Chou and the rest entered the Jingzhou, Yuan Shao's entire army was gathering at the North Jingzhou, and the army of Yuan Jun, who was in a confrontation with me, was increasing. I was very sad, because my advisers and I had no other choice but to hold on to each other. In fact, when Piao Xue saw my anxious look, he couldn't help but be filled with concern and care for me.

Seeing how Xiao Ying was frowning, he felt it was strange and asked: Xiao Ying, what's wrong? Xiao Ying heaved a long sigh, and said: Re, Mother wants to go to Yuan Shao's place, and want to persuade Yuan Shao again! What!? I couldn't sit still anymore, so I got up and walked a few steps, saying, You can't go to Yuan Shao's place! I'm afraid that once my mother arrives at Yuan Shao's place, she will be detained by Yuan Shao! Xiao Ying, you have to persuade your mother more! I knew that Mother only wanted to persuade Yuan Shao to give up the battle because I thought of it! But politics cannot be dictated by personal feelings! Sigh!"

Xiao Ying nodded, and said: En! I will try my best to persuade my mother! I smiled and said: Xiao Ying, you go! Mentor! I still need to meditate a little more! Xiao Ying said gently: You better pay attention to your body! I will go, I will come back later! Hm!" I nodded and looked at the map again.

I frowned, still unable to come up with a good plan to defeat the enemy. Not good! Stand up! Xiao Ying rushed into the tent. I was still looking at the map, and lightly asked: What's wrong? Xiao Ying?

Mother, mother, she … Xiao Ying was so anxious that he couldn't explain it clearly at the moment. I said gently, Xiao Ying, don't worry about anything. Even if the heavens were to be destroyed, I would still have to hold on! Xiao Ying sighed a breath of relief, and said: It's bad, it's bad! Mother went to where Yuan Shao was! What should I do?

Frightened, I paced back and forth anxiously. What? I said sadly. Mother went over to where Yuan Shao was? Why aren't you persuading your mother! Yuan Shao was no longer the Yuan Shao who could do anything for his beloved! Mother, I'm worried for your safety! Even if Yuan Shao did not want to harm his mother, would Yuan Shao's subordinates do anything? Also, Yuan Shao's wife, Liu's, is extremely jealous, and is also extremely ruthless.

Xiao Ying said: Master, what should we do now? In fact, I kept asking myself, What should I do? But on the surface, I had to pretend to be calm and said, Xiao Ying, it's okay! We will save Mother! Xiao Ying knew that I was trying to console her, but her heart was in turmoil.




Someone come! Send my order to send more spies to Yuan Shao to find out more news about the old lady! Yes! When the soldier left, I comforted Xiao Ying again, Xiao Ying, don't worry. There will be news of mother soon! Mother will be safe! Good news! Good news! Someone was shouting outside the tent, and when I heard the voice, I knew it was Xu Zheng, so I called out, Zi Hong, what good news do you have? Come on in!"

Just as he was about to enter the tent, he said: Master, we've already caught Yuan Tan! Chunyu Qiong stubbornly resisted, and was already dead! Pah! With a bang, I put my fist in my palm and said loudly, Okay! Great! Xiao Ying, as long as you capture Yuan Tan, if Mother is with Yuan Shao, we can use Yuan Tan to exchange for Mother! Xiao Ying could not help but be overjoyed. What?" Shang Zheng was surprised, he had initially wanted Yan Xing to act as the mediator to send him back to Yuan Shao's place, but now the plan was going to change! How could he not be shocked?

I saw that Xiao Ying was happy, and in my heart, I was happy too, it was just that I felt sorry. Xiao Ying saw that he was just standing there stunned, and took his leave. After Xiao Ying left, I said to Zheng Zheng: Sorry, Zi Hong, I can't use your plan anymore! Because I can't let Xiao Ying be sad! Sigh! How did the old lady get to Yuan Shao? I said: Mother wanted to advise Yuan Shao to call it off so she can leave. Now I have sent more spies to scout for information! I kept Yuan Tan just in case! " He knew what I meant, so he didn't say anything more. He just felt regretful that he had lost such a good opportunity.

He then suggested, Master, since you have decided to cancel the inclusion of Yan Xing in the Yuan Shao Army, then you should inform Yuan Shao of the news of his capture. If necessary, you should pull Yuan Tan out for his soldiers to see his true face. This way, Yuan Shao would not dare to use the madame to threaten him. Hm! Good! Everything will be as Zi Hong says! I agree.

I was waiting for news and a few days later, a spy came to report. My lord, it is said that Yuan Shao wants to escort the old lady to the rear Xiangyang to imprison her! What? I was extremely surprised and said, Are you able to find out which way Yuan Shao will go to the Xiangyang? The scout handed over the cloth and said, My lord, I have already drawn the route the enemy will take! I unfurled it and said, Do we really have to send people to rob the prison van to save Mother?

While smiling beside me, I asked, Zi Hong, what do you think of this matter? He continued, I think the information our spy found must have been fake by Yuan Shao! Yuan Shao must want us to kidnap the madame, then set up an ambush to kill off our troops! It seems that we can still make the best use of this small scheme! Counterattack!

I think it's possible, but if I win one round with Yuan Shao, would Yuan Shao get angry from embarrassment, and vent all of his anger on Piao Xue? How would I be able to face Xiao Ying then?

When he saw me frowning and knew what I was thinking, he said, My lord, please don't worry! I think Yuan Shao must want to send the old lady to the back so that she can be imprisoned and become a weapon that can threaten us in the future! Even so, don't we have a good nail? As long as the nail is inserted in time, the goal can be achieved!

I looked at him and asked: Zi Hong, do you mean to send Yan Xing back to Yuan Shao's place now? He nodded and said, Yes! This is a good opportunity. We can pretend that we're spending all our efforts on saving the old lady and thus let down our guard. That way, Yan Xing would be able to create the illusion of Yuan Tan being saved! However, there's one more point that I need to add, Yan Xing must bring his family members there. If he were to also bring the families that escaped, Yuan Shao can be at ease.

I was still a little worried, and said: But if we let Yuan Tan go, and Yan Xing is unable to find out anything about mother, then we will lose Yuan Tan's counterattack, what should we do? He was just about to say, My lord, you can't hesitate any longer! It seems like there is no other way! Actually, I also know that it's a good idea, but I'm just afraid that if there's a chance for Xiao Ying's mother, I won't be able to explain it to the person I love! I had agreed to the proposal with a nervous heart.

At night. Yuan Tan was tied up in one place, he had watched the soldiers move around with his own eyes, and was extremely anxious, Could it be that Fan Li is going to fight father? Damn it, I've been captured, what should I do?

In Yuan Tan's mind, he recalled the scene of himself being executed, because when he was caught, he was warned that he would die a horrible death. The moment he thought of the fear that spread through his entire body, his face turned ashen, but Yuan Tan did not know how to escape.

The two soldiers guarding Yuan Tan talked, Master is about to send troops to save the old lady. Although Yuan Shao wants to set up an ambush, how can he hide such a small scheme from Master? Not only could it save the old mistress, it could also destroy the entire Yuan Shao Army! We can kill Yuan Tan then, you and I don't need to spend so much effort to watch over him! Another answer: Okay! Great! Hehe, we can imagine the feeling of a blade, two blades, three blades, and a hundred blades slashing onto Yuan Tan's body! Hehe, you actually dared to kidnap the Young Master, you will make him die an extremely unsightly death!

After Yuan Tan heard this, his entire body shivered. He did not want to end up like this, but other than waiting to be killed, what else could he do? Yuan Tan could only fall into despair.

Just at this moment, Yuan Tan saw a black figure dashing behind the soldier who spoke earlier. With a flash of cold light, the soldier who spoke earlier fell, and just as the other soldier wanted to speak, he was also killed by the black figure who leapt forward, covering his mouth.

Just as he was about to speak, the man raised his index finger to his mouth, signalling for Yuan Tan to be quiet, he walked over to Yuan Tan and waved the sword, cutting off the rope on Yuan Tan's body. Yuan Tan stared at him and asked, Who are you? The man cupped his fists and said: Master, I am Yan Xing, Han Sui's son-in-law. Fan Li went against the will and murdered my father, I always wanted to avenge my father, but unfortunately, I have never had the chance. Now that Fan Li's army is going to fight against the your army, I am taking this opportunity to save Master. I hope that Master can take me in!

Yuan Tan was looking forward to the death of the two guards, so how could he not believe it? Then he nodded his head, and said: If you save me and return to father's side, I, Yuan Tan, will definitely not mistreat you in the future! Yan Xing was extremely happy and said, Alright! Please wait a moment, this lowly general will lead you out! As Yan Xing spoke, he stripped off the clothes of a dead guard soldier and brought them to Yuan Tan. Yuan Tan understood what he meant and put on his military uniform. Yan Xing then took Yuan Tan and left. As the two walked away, the two dead guards got up. They smiled at each other and went to report.

Yan Xing brought Yuan Tan far away from the army camp and arrived in front of a mountain cave, saying: Sir, we are already far from Fan Li's army, my wife is hiding inside the cave, I want to bring them to follow you, Sir, to serve you from the rear! What? Bring a family member? Yes! Yan Xing went in and called his family out. Seeing that, Yuan Tan was overjoyed, he no longer doubted Yan Xing, and said: That's right! After you leave, you must bring your family members to prevent Fan Li from harming them!

Thus, Yan Xing and the rest went into Yuan Shao's army, where there were already soldiers reporting to him. Yuan Shao couldn't help but be extremely happy when he saw that his son had returned safely. After sharing his sorrow and sorrow with Yuan Tan, he turned around and stared at, asking: Tan'er, who is this person? Yuan Tan replied: Yes, my savior! Yuan Shao stared at Yuan Tan and asked: What's going on? Yuan Tan told Yuan Shao about how he saved her and how he brought his entire family over to vote for her.

Yan Xing bowed by the side, and when Yuan Shao looked more closely at Yan Xing and his family, and saw that they were a woman and child, he no longer doubted his eyes, which were filled with tears and respect. Tian Feng, who was watching closely at the side, looked at Yan Xing's family with suspicion. He pursed his lips, wanting to step forward to say something, but after looking at the situation, he held himself back.

Yuan Tan thought of something important and said: Father, it's bad! Fan Li already knew his father's intentions, his army had already been mobilized to counterattack! I wonder if our army has set off yet? Yan Xing also said to Yuan Shao, That's right! I have seen Fan Li's troops being mobilized again and again, it must be a big matter. Fan Li is crafty, please be careful, general! "

Ha ha! On the contrary, Yuan Shao laughed heartily and said lightly, It's too late! I believe our army has already been encircled by Fan Lijun, and the battle over there is already decided! AHH! Father! How can you be so relaxed! Yuan Tan panicked.

Yuan Shao could not help but say angrily: Xian Si, look at you, look at you! How could they be so anxious and achieve such a big thing? Why don't you look like me! You seem to be more steady than me, more able to take on the big responsibilities! Towards his father's rebuke, Yuan Tan's face could not help but twitch. The resentment was written all over his face and rose to the surface, but he couldn't do anything in front of his father.

Yuan Tan cupped his fists and said, Yes! Father taught him a good lesson! This child will definitely be on guard against arrogance and impatience! Yuan Shao was extremely happy and said: That's right! This is my son, Yuan Shao, a member of the Yuan Family born in a noble family! Even though your third brother is younger than you, he can make your father feel at ease! As your brother, you still have to learn from this brother. You can't let your brother continue competing! Yuan Shao reprimanded Yuan Tan in front of so many people, but he raised him up instead. Yuan Tan was naturally furious, but he could not flare up, so he could only endure while blushing. Father's teachings shall be borne in mind! " Yuan Shao's subordinates remembered what Yuan Shao was doing in their hearts. They had expected Yuan Shao to have intentions for the one behind him.

Yan Xing watched all of this and was overjoyed. However, he had only regained his composure, making others unable to see anything, but all of this did not escape Tian Feng's eyes.

Yuan Shao said proudly: Tan'er, father will soon obtain Fan Li's head and take over Jing and Er Prefecture. Then, father will head north to attack Cao Cao and take over Hebei once again. After listening to Yuan Shao's explanation, Yuan Tan remembered that although Yuan Shao had been defeated, it was very easy for him. He thought it was strange, and asked: Father, how did it get so easy for my army to be defeated? What was the secret? Please advise me, Father! Haha! Yuan Shao laughed towards the sky, and said: Defeat? I lost there, but. Haha!" Yuan Shao started laughing again. This action caused Yuan Tan to be unable to make heads or tails of it. He was pleased with himself for quite a while before he explained the reason.




Yuan Shao said: Tan'er, it's fake that I want to send that bitch Piao Xue back to the Xiangyang! Right now, Piao Xue is still imprisoned in our army! It's an illusion that I sent troops to ambush them! I think our army is attacking Fan Li's camp right now! Yuan Tan was ecstatic: That's great! Father, I think our army has already captured Fan Li's camp! Haha!"

NO! Our army was once again repelled by Fan Li! Yuan Shao still had a relaxed expression on his face, as if what he said had nothing to do with him. Yuan Tan was even more confused. Yuan Shao said with a smile, Tan'er, although our army can't take down Fan Li's camp, that doesn't mean our army will be at a disadvantage! I will let the official war begin again, but this time the victor is me! Unfortunately, what I defeated was not Cao Cao! "What a pity!

Ah! Yan Xing was so shocked that his mouth gaped wide open. Sensing that he had lost control of himself, he immediately closed his mouth and pretended as if nothing had happened. Yuan Tan was still not clear as Yuan Shao explained further, The food storage area that Fan Li is in has already been attacked by our army and all of his food has been burnt. If that happens, Fan Li will be in a dilemma! As long as we take advantage of the chaos in his army, it will be the time for us to eliminate Fan Li! Yuan Shao pointed off into the distance, and a wave of black smoke shot straight into the sky. Yuan Shao said complacently, "Tan'er, your father's right!

Father is truly ingenious, Tan'er is extremely impressed! Yuan Tan respected. Yuan Shao laughed and said: This is all my effort! Ju Shou immediately came out and said: "Master, we do not dare to claim credit for this. I had originally wanted to attack Fan Li's camp, but thanks to Tian Yuan Hao's reminder, I thought that no one would have expected Fan Li to attack our camp.

Yuan Shao waved his big hands, and said: Okay! Then both Yuan Hao and the note will be rewarded! Tan'er has returned safely, and our army has destroyed all of Fan Li's rations, shouldn't we celebrate without restraint? Someone, prepare the feast, celebrate! Everyone, please prepare for a feast! Haha!" Yuan Shao's subordinates all followed Yuan Shao.

Yan Xing painfully looked at the smoke of fire in the distance, lowered his head and sighed, then pretended to be happy as he followed Yuan Tan out. Tian Feng secretly called for people to come, and whispered softly, making those people stare at Yan Xing.

It was divided into two parts, one end of each table. As for the Jiao Prefecture's Army …

I defeated Yuan Shao Army, but it was Meteor Shower that reported: The food has been burnt! I was shocked, and without any intention to fight, I immediately led my troops and returned, while Yuan Shao's army took the opportunity to chase from behind, causing heavy losses.

I returned to the camp, feeling extremely frustrated. As I walked faster, I shouted loudly, Damn Yuan Shao, he's really powerful! He actually sneaked an attack on the location where my food was stored. How much food does our army have? I was worried about the food. Zhang Yan reported, All of the grain and foodstuffs at the grain storage area have been burnt. I stared at Zhang Yan and asked, Did you not leave a single thing behind? Wasn't it Zhang Xiu who guarded the grain and grass? I remember that there's still Hou Cheng on the side. I think Han Song is at Zhang Yu's place, right? He's quite knowledgeable, so he should be able to come up with some tricks for Zhang Xiu, right? Zhang Yan replied: Yuan Shao's large group suddenly rushed over, Zhang Xiu was caught unprepared, and escaped together with Han Song, just about to ask for forgiveness. And Hou Cheng is dead! "

Huh? I lost too much this time. Although Zhang Xiu wasn't good at protecting food, how could I not be responsible? I can't see through Yuan Shao's plan, consider it my incompetence! How can I blame Zhang Xiu for harming himself? I then instructed Zhang Yan: Zhang Yan, go pass down my order and tell him that Zhang Xiu is innocent, his official position is still the same! Yes! Zhang Yan left.

When the grain was all destroyed and there was not enough food left in the army for four days, I had to gather the generals to discuss how to get out of this predicament. I asked the generals, but none of them could do anything. Kuai Yue made a plan, and said: Our army's rations are insufficient, it is too late to return to the army to save them. We can only retreat, and use an army as cover, the rest of the army will retreat slowly! I shook my head. No! Kuai Yue said, Why not? My lord, are you afraid that the entire army will be defeated by the order to retreat?

I said, It's not because of this, the real reason is that Tian Feng and Ju Shou are extremely intelligent. If the enemy could stop my defenses and turn around to attack my troops, or use some sort of strategy, when we get hit again, we wouldn't have a chance to turn the situation around! What Kuai Yue said made sense, but he couldn't think of any ideas.

I looked to the right and saw that no one was able to come up with a good idea. I focused my eyes on him again, and saw him shake his head in resignation, for now he had no means of getting out of this predicament.

While I was feeling vexed and seeing that everyone was at a loss as to what to do, I told everyone to go back and have a good rest! However, time is of the essence. If we drag it on like this, all the food will be gone. If we don't fight, we will be in chaos. What else can we talk about? But if they retreated, the entire army would be in danger of annihilation! I can only hope they come up with a good idea.

I couldn't fall asleep that night. Originally, I wanted Xiao Ying and the children to return first, but no matter what, they wouldn't leave, so I didn't force them. I stepped out of the tent and looked at the sky. It was dark and gloomy, and there was only a lonely waning moon hanging in the sky.

I walked aimlessly and could not help but sigh. Today, I was trapped in a place where not only my mother-in-law was still in the hands of the enemy, but even if I could protect my 30,000 brothers who had gone to war, I still did not know.

As we walked along, I unconsciously approached the outside of the tent. I saw Chen standing outside the tent, pacing back and forth, frowning and delighted. I knew that Zi Hong was thinking of a brilliant plan, so I didn't want to disturb him. I just stood and looked at him from afar. Aiya! I thought of it! Haha! I know how to get out of this predicament! " He was shouting excitedly.

I was ecstatic. I quickly walked up to Zi Hong and said, Zi Hong, what brilliant plan have you come up with? Just as he was opening his eyes in surprise, he didn't expect that I would already be here. Just as he was about to greet me, I stopped him and repeated, What brilliant plan does Zihong have?

Chen thought for a moment, then said: Master, do you know the Gu divination in the Book of Changes? I replied, Zi Hong, although I know that there is a Gu divination in the Yi Chuan, but what does it have to do with getting out of this predicament? Just as he was about to answer with a smile, Chen Gong suddenly turned to look for the right one. Seeing that I was here, Chen Gong also bowed.

I looked at Chen Gong and asked: Gong Tai, what business do you have with Zi Hong? It's already so late! Chen Gong took a look, then clasped his hands at me and said: Zi Hong, please tell me, once Yan Xing has any news, I will tell him, no matter what the time. I had wanted to report to my lord first, but when I saw that the lights in my lord's tent had been turned off, I decided to leave it until tomorrow to look for Zi Hong. I didn't expect to see my lord here!"

I understood and said, So that's how it is! Chen Gong, what urgent matter do you have? Chen Gong replied. Chen Gong sent the message, for he was unhappy with his little brother Yuan Shang's father's favouritism, he had decided to endure it for a long time, and would erupt when the time came. And how Tian Feng and Ju Shou planned to break out of our encirclement through the entire night. They want to trap our army. There is also another important piece of news, the Old Mistress was injured severely, Yuan Shao was afraid that the Old Mistress would meet with mishaps, hence he told her to send the Old Mistress to Xiangyang Star Night. "

What? Mother was injured? The hateful Yuan Shao dares to hurt my relatives, I will make you pay tenfold! I jumped with anger. Chen Gong saw that I was fuming so he did not continue. After a while, I calmed my anger a little and thought about which path to take, then asked: Gong Tai, then did Yan Xing say which road he would take on that day?"

Chen Gong replied, Yan Xing said that the other party could have taken the water route in the Southern County and then directly rushed to Xiangyang. There was another important piece of news, Yan Xing said. He said that he had been targeted by someone, and the person who had been targeted wasn't Yuan Shao's, but someone else. Yuan Shao still trusts himself quite a bit! I kept saying, Water route? Good! I must save my mother! Command..."

Wait! Grand Platform, you said that Yan Xing has been targeted? Just as he asked, Chen Gong answered: Yes! Yan Xing repeatedly emphasized that Yuan Shao and Yuan Tan trusted him immensely, and for this reason, they would not send anyone to follow him. What he was sure of was that they had been assigned something else. It was just that he could not determine who it was. However, there was one thing that Yan Xing could sense that Tian Feng was targeting him! It's just that it's not very obvious, and for this reason, even Yan Xing himself cannot be sure! "

He nodded repeatedly and said, Yes! Right! That was the problem! Do you know what happened at the podium? Chen Gong laughed and said: This is exactly what I want to discuss with you. I predicted that the person I would send to follow Yan Xing is Tian Feng. It is not strange for Tian Feng to suspect Yan Xing, but maybe Tian Feng will intentionally leak out this information to test Yan Xing, but I am also afraid that if this wasn't Tian Feng's attempt, I would have lost the chance to save the old lady!

My head is already big. My army has run out of food, my mother-in-law is probably heavily injured, and even my inmate is in danger of being found out.

Just as he was lost in thought, he connected everything together and said with a firm tone, I believe Yuan Shao sincerely wants to send the old lady to the Xiangyang! However …" Chen Gong and I perked up our ears to listen to the rest of the story.




Chen Gong and I listened attentively to what was saying and continued, Yuan Shao truly wanted to send the old lady to Xiangyang for treatment. However, when we are about to set off, Tian Feng will definitely try to secretly persuade Yuan Shao to change the course and bring him to Xiangyang. If Tian Feng does this, firstly, he can protect the hostages, and secondly, he can probe whether there are spies in the army!

Chen Gong lowered his head and thought, then said: Zi Hong is right! Just that Zi Hong, which path do you think Yuan Shao would allow the old lady to take to reach the Xiangyang? Chen Zheng replied, Take a detour around Changsha to Xiangyang! I shook my head. Mother is injured, I think Yuan Shao still has some feelings for Mother. He must want to send Mother to a safe place as soon as possible, if we were to take a detour after walking on the sofa, it would be a waste of time! "

Chen said, Right, Tian Feng wants you to think of the common sense. Tian Feng's wise men want to make the impossible possible. They can't use common sense to judge him! So I am sure that Tian Feng must have gone through Changsha to take a detour through Jiangxia to get to Xiangyang. I was stunned at first, then I thought about it, and what I said made sense. I asked again, Zi Hong, are you sure? He nodded firmly and said, My lord, I dare you to promise me! How could I not trust him when I saw him so full of confidence? He then said, Zi Hong, everything will be done according to your wishes! The topic changed again, and asked: Zi Hong, now that our army is trapped, how do you think we should escape Yuan Shao's pursuit? Why do you say the Gu divination in the Book of Changes, what does it have to do with this?

As he said, The words in the Gu divination have a saying, but the word 'Xun zhi' is a Gu. Therefore, the further implication was that I had secretly transferred the main force, in order to confuse the enemy by making it appear that I was doing so in order to stabilize the enemy and prevent them from successfully escaping the danger. It's just like the peace and serenity of the mountains, when the wind blows down the mountain, it's all right! I know, but what I really want to know is how to do it, so I ask, How? But so it is! I see! When I heard this, my face lit up, and I nodded in agreement. Chen Gong raised his thumbs up.

The next night, the Jiao Prefecture's Army's war drums thumped loudly. There were many soldiers shouting, causing Yuan Shao to gather his troops in panic, preparing to fight. However, all he heard was the sound of the war drums rumbling, and not a single soldier came. Yuan Shao thought it was strange, he summoned his strategists and asked: Fan Li's army is running out of food, do they want to retreat? But it doesn't look like it. If they were to retreat, how could they still sound the war drums? Furthermore, there were quite a few soldiers patrolling the camp! It's really strange! After Yuan Shao finished speaking, he stood up and pointed to the distance, saying: All of you listen, the battle drum never stops for a moment!

Feng Ji pondered for a moment before he stood out and said: Master, could it be that Fan Li's army is trying to use exhaustion to drag our army, and then take the opportunity to break out of the siege? Guo Tu and Xin Ping also agreed, and said: We also think the same!

Yuan Shao turned to Tian Feng and asked: Yuan Hao, what do you think? Tian Feng shook his head and said: My lord, I also do not understand what Fan Li is trying to do! The enemy camp had a large number of soldiers, and the drumbeats were not stopping, so other than the strenuous strategy, Yuan Hao was unable to think of a more reasonable explanation! Yuan Shao then asked Ju Shou: Ze Yan, what do you think? Ju Shou shook his head like a rattle drum, and said: I also do not know Fan Li's intentions!

It must be the enemy's tactic of attrition! Feng Ji and Guo Tu spoke out. Seeing that Tian Feng and Ju Shou did not speak anymore, Yuan Shao agreed with Feng Ji's view temporarily. Yuan Shao said: Send people to keep an eye on Fan Li's army camp, if anything happens, immediately report it, everyone be alert! After all, Fan Li is too cunning! Yes! The crowd accepted the order.

The next day. Tian Feng walked out of the tent and looked at Fan Li's camp from afar. Seeing that Fan Li's Commander Flag was fluttering in the wind, and that there were soldiers patrolling back and forth from time to time, Tian Feng could not think of anything. He went to look for Ju Shou, but Ju Shou did not know what happened either, so the two of them decided to wait quietly.

In the evening, the drum rang again. Tian Feng and Ju Shou left the tent together. Seeing that the other party's Commander Flag was still there, and there were still many soldiers in the darkness, just when the two of them were worried about this, a messenger asked them, Master has summoned them! Tian Feng and Ju Shou could only follow the messenger towards the Commander's Tent.

When Tian Feng and Ju Shou entered the tent, they saw that everyone else had arrived. Without waiting for the two to speak, Yuan Shao asked: Yuan Hao, Ze Dao, the drum sounds again, our army has to be on guard, but we did not see Fan Li's army attack me! All of the strategists came to the same conclusion, that Fan Li used the tactic of tiring out the troops, I wonder what the two of you think?

Tian Feng and Ju Shou looked around at the crowd, seeing that everyone was trying to guess that the other party was trying to stall, and they themselves were unable to guess the intentions of the enemy, they could only nod their heads in agreement. Yuan Shao then stood up and said: Don't bother with the drumbeats, everyone rest well for me. After a few days, when the enemy's grains and fodder have been exhausted, our army will go all out to annihilate the enemy in one go! Alright, everyone, go and rest! Everyone walked out of the tent, Tian Feng looked at Yuan Shao, wanting to say something, but he was not sure. Tian Feng secretly stared at Yan Xing, but was unable to grab hold of his tail for the time being. He could not do anything to Yan Xing, so he could only turn around and leave.

Yan Xing also thought it was strange, he did

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