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Legends in Chu and Han: Volume 5

Legends in Chu and Han: Volume 5

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Legends in Chu and Han: Volume 5

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Oct 25, 2019


The young instructor of the special forces, Long Tian Yu, had participated in protecting a treasure unearthed from the Mystical Royal Tomb, and accidentally went through time and space, arriving at the end of the Qin Dynasty. At this time, the Great Qin Empire was already in a state of turmoil, with dragons and snakes rising from the ground, metal horses rising from the ground, and wolves smoking everywhere.
Lançado em:
Oct 25, 2019

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Legends in Chu and Han - Long Zhu



The night was dark, the stars were shining, and the entire Pengcheng's Forbidden Palace was lit up.

Fan Zeng, Han Xin, Long Qie, Ji Bu, Xiang Sheng and the other generals all withdrew from the palace, leaving Xiang Yu alone on the high seat, looking at the magnificent Dragon Pillar's Eaves and white jade walls, feeling a little impatient and slightly disappointed in her heart. Half of the Central Plains was in her hands, but she did not have a single close female friend accompanying him.

Overlord, Lieutenant Xiang Zhuang requests an audience! A royal guard reported.

When Long Tianyu came back to his senses, a tall and handsome youth immediately went into the hall and kowtowed towards Xiang Yu, This subject, Xiang Zhuang, has not failed in my mission. I have already invited my sect's disciples to come down the mountain to assist Overlord.

Hearing that he had received help, Xiang Yu's mood became slightly more relaxed, Where are they now, and how are their sword techniques?

Xiang Zhuang replied respectfully: They are outside the palace, a total of seven of them, their sword techniques are all at the Sword Sect level.

Xiang Yu was stunned, then asked: Sword Sect? What does the sword faction mean?

Xiang Zhuang replied, "Four hundred years ago, when spring and autumn was at its peak, hundreds of clans were fighting and the sword sect was filled with warriors, and when the warriors formed the wind, the sword arts sect formed a perfect system. The schools that were passed down were Mormon, Qing Yi Sect, Ancient Sword Sect, Heavy Profound Sect, Dance of the Winds, and Carefree Sect, and so on. At that time, the sword arts experts divided the sword techniques into five realms: Sword Disciples, Swordsmen, Sword Sword Sword Sword Sect, Sword Saint, and Saint.

Xiang Yu heard about the different realms of swordsmanship for the first time and asked curiously, Then what should my current level of swordsmanship and sabresmanship be?

Xiang Zhuang concentrated and said: "The Overlord Sword Technique is at the late stage of the Sword Sect, if you use the Overlord Saber, its power would be comparable to the ranks of the Great Swordmaster s, my master has always said, the realm of sword techniques is your own comprehension of sword techniques, the cultivation of the sword and not your killing skills, thus, it is not completely equal to your ability to fight.

"Zhuang saw, the strength of the Overlord's Saber Art was not weaker than the sword arts experts at the early stage of Great Swordmaster, even when facing off against a master, he still had some power, the reason why he did not enter this realm was because he had more than enough spirit, but was unable to open his acupoints, and could not communicate with the surrounding world, he could not return to the original source of his power. It is said that he is a Sword Saint at the highest realm, a Sword Saint, who can stand up and his body seems to be one with the surrounding world.

Xiang Yu's eyes lit up when she heard this, carefully considering the meaning behind it. He was a person who was born with a strong will, and when she encountered stronger people, her potential was limitless, and upon hearing that she was still in the later stages of the Sword Sect, she was still in the realm of Great Swordmaster, Sword Saint, the desire to challenge him rose in her heart. If there was a Great Swordmaster expert as a sharpening stone, then her fighting strength would increase even more quickly.

Be it in terms of speed, strength, agility, or tenacity, they had already reached the limits of the human body. To break through the limits of their body, it was too difficult, they had to comprehend the true essence of the way of the sword, the way of nature, and communicate the essence of nature to the acupoints of the human body, allowing the body's limit to continue to extend, breaking through the physical barrier. Not only did the sword technique greatly increase, most importantly, the body's ability to absorb the essence of nature, prolonging the life.

Xiang Yu suddenly thought of something his father had once told him, twenty years ago, he lost to Li Mu and escaped from different countries. At that time, she met Sword Saint Cao Qiu Dao at the Qi Nation Palace and almost died under her sword, and at that time, she was lucky that his father's blade art had neared its completion and she mistakenly thought that it was only a seven moves agreement. She was extremely confident, relying on her desire to survive, her will towards swords, her ability to utilize the environment, and her lack of will.

Xiang Yu was very interested in the realm of sword arts, and asked: Xiang Zhuang, do you remember that there was a sword saint named Cao Qiu Dao in the Central Plains? Is his swordsmanship really saintly?

Xiang Zhuang answered thoughtfully: "According to my master, although the Qi Nation Cao QiuDao was known as the Sword Saint back then, she had not reached the realm of Sword Saint. Instead, she was at the peak of the later stages of Great Swordmaster, barely able to step half a foot into the realm of Sword Saint.

Xiang Yu had heard these words and benefited a lot from it. It turned out that his father's Cao Qiu Dao had only half a foot into the Sword Saint realm, and his swordsmanship had already reached the peak. What would happen to his Early Sword Saint? It seemed like he had stayed at the top of a bottle, as if he had broken through his body's limits, he had completely comprehended the true essence of the blade realm, and was only able to enter the Great Swordmaster Realm. At that time, he would be able to recover his essence, energy and divine freely, and not only with his unreasonable physical strength, defeating Long Tianyu would be a piece of cake.

Oh, if you don't mind, please invite your senior and junior sister into the hall! Xiang Yu suddenly came to a realization that he had forgotten to call upon the sword arts experts outside the door.

Yes! Xiang Zhuang stood up and left the palace, after a while, the doors opened again, Xiang Zhuang led the five men and two women into the hall, all of them lined up in the center, their auras converging, but their footsteps were extremely light, their Qi extremely long, holding onto different swords, giving them a sense of elegance.

Xiang Zhuang introduced the Chu Ba King: This is Senior Brother Nai Zhuang, Qi Yuan, his footwork is nimble and his sword is long; this Senior Brother Guan Shaofeng has superior arm strength and practices a heavy sword; this is junior brother Nan Gong Qi, making him a pair of double-edged swords, his left and right hands equally agile; this is junior brother Xi Songyang, with a short sword in one hand, specializes in cautious fighting and assassinations; this is our senior brother, Ding Zhuiwu, who is also the strongest swordsman of our Xuanyuan Sword Sect, specializing in left-handed sword, approaching the late stage of the sword faction.

After introducing the five of them, the five swordsmen bowed towards Xiang Yu and said respectfully, Greetings, Overlord!

He stared at Ding Zhuiwu, thinking that amongst all the people, he was the only one with the highest sword skills, almost catching up to himself. This feeling was purely due to the subtle effects of the Qi, which was a type of innate reaction to those who could pose a threat to him.

Everyone, come here from Min Yue. It must have been hard for you. From today onwards, you will serve as an assistant to This King. You will be able to raise your rank and lead a thousand troops. It won't be a difficult task! Xiang Yu's tone was dignified and her voice was deep, giving off a domineering aura.

The five of them were stunned upon hearing this, as if they had instantly sensed King Chu Ba's sword cultivation, as if he had approached the Great Swordmaster. It was no wonder that Xiang Yu was rumored to be invincible in the world, a self-made blade technique, with the demeanor of a grandmaster, it was indeed true.

I will definitely be an assistant overlord to complete the great cause of the Central Plains! The five of them said in unison.

Xiang Zhuang then introduced the two pretty female swordsmen beside him to King Chu. One of them was elegant, had a petite and well-proportioned body, and looked like she would attract tender affection. She was seventeen or eighteen years old, and her eyes were clear.

This is this humble subject's junior, Zhao Ting'er. He has studied the sword for ten years and has advanced to the early stage of the sword faction a few days ago. He is known as a first-rate swordsman. His tone was laced with emotions, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the two of them had feelings for each other.

The other was dressed in a light blue Jingbu Dress, with delicate features, bright eyes and white teeth, her pure face without rouge, like a lotus blooming in the water, and a beauty that was one in a thousand. Her figure was slim, waist as thin as a willow, and her dress was tight, not affecting her use of the sword in the slightest.

This is my senior sister, Ye Feixuan. She entered the sect a year before me, but her age is about the same as me, her sword arts is ranked second in our sect's female sword, and the one who is ranked second is Chu's female disciple, Li Yueyao.

In the end, he actually stood up, walked down the throne, and arrived in front of her. He reached out his hands to support the beauty's lower jaw, and said with a manly air: Tonight, why don't you practice the sword with this king?


The sturdy figure of the Easternum Palace shuttled back and forth. Under the starlight, sword Qi roared and the sound of two swords clashing did not stop.

Clank, clank … Dang, dang, dang …

Ye Feixuan's body was delicate and beautiful, her footwork was light and agile, causing her sword to be extremely proficient. After ten or so rounds, she no longer dared to fight against the Overlord's Thunder heavy sword, so the strength of her arm was naturally inferior to the man, not to mention that Xiang Yu was born with godly strength, and was able to resist the cauldron, which made him far from ordinary. As a result, Ye Feixuan relied on her exquisite sword techniques and footwork to quickly move around the battlefield, not fighting face to face off against the opponent, finding a crafty angle to counterattack.

Xiang Yu, on the other hand, did not have any scruples as she unleashed the Mo Zi sword technique's attack and defense at the same time, opening and closing wide, forming a sword aura around him, the might of the thunder was powerful, the sound of breaking the air was powerful, the whistling sound was terrifying.

After exchanging more than ten blows, Ye Feixuan was unable to endure anymore. Her beautiful face was dyed with a layer of red, and because the battle sword had exhausted her energy, she started to breath anxiously, and her chest started to tremble violently.

The metal sword in his hand was over eighty jin. After fighting for a while, his body was also slightly covered in sweat, carefree and carefree, it had been a long time since he had felt so comfortable, as he had vented out the grudge and anger that he had been suppressing in his heart for a long time through a battle with the beauty.

Of course, if Xiang Yu had used her full strength, Ye Feixuan might have lost in ten moves. However, this was not a fight to the death, nor was it a simple sparring of the sword dao, but a fight against the beautiful female sword wielder in front of him. He had imprinted her silhouette in his heart, to reduce the damage that Yu Ji and Li Yueyao had done to his heart.

He was forced to accept the conditions and gave up two women he loved, winning half of the Central Plains. If he could make a choice, he would rather lose two beauties than take the city, because the city could be recaptured with his own bravery and elite skills. But once a woman was gone, it would be hard to obtain one without the other.

Moreover, exchanging a woman for a city in front of all the dukes, made him feel a kind of humiliation, an extreme humiliation in his entire life. He vowed to defeat Long Tianyu, and make him hand over all his women to protect his life one day, and then properly humiliate the other party.

It was almost midnight, and under the flickering red light, the beauty was like a rainbow. Ye Feixuan was still supporting with all her might, she seemed to have sensed the pain in Xiang Yu's heart, and was not willing to give up, even if it meant her death.

Clang …

With another sword strike, Ye Feixuan was finally unable to withstand the force and was forced back seven or eight steps before she could barely stabilize her body. The pain in her right hand was numbing and her wrist was bleeding, but she bit her lower lip and stubbornly stared at Xiang Yu, showing her unyielding attitude.

Xiang Yu did not continue to attack, but put down the heavy sword in her hand, raised her head up to the sky and roared like a dragon or tiger, the roar lingered over the entire Forbidden Palace for several minutes, the depression that had suppressed for a long time had finally settled down a lot, at this moment, he was somewhat exhausted, but also somewhat relieved.

After he finished roaring, Xiang Yu calmed himself down and walked towards Ye Feixuan. His steps were steady and powerful as he stared at the beauty under the light of the fire, his eyes filled with intense desire for possession. He walked up to her and pulled her right hand, gently asking, Are you alright?

Ye Feixuan shook her head, her eyes staring straight at Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu tore off the corner of her robe and gently wrapped it around Ye Feixuan's wrist, she said unyieldingly: From now on, you are my woman.

Ye Feixuan's body trembled, she stared at Xiang Yu, bit her lips and said coldly: I don't want to be a substitute.

Xiang Yu bitterly laughed, holding the beauty by her waist as she sighed, There aren't any substitutes, because at this moment in my heart, there aren't any women. You, are perhaps the only one tomorrow. The meaning behind her words was that he had already forgotten all about the woman that was once in his heart.

Ye Feixuan was stunned for a moment. Then, a surprised look flashed across her eyes but she still could not believe it and asked: Really?

Xiang Yu carried Ye Feixuan's delicate body and walked towards the palace, and said firmly: There are some things that I have to let go of, otherwise, I will never be able to surpass myself, let alone an even stronger opponent. In order to defeat Long Tianyu, in order to break through the sword sect's barrier, I have to regain my confidence and will. In the future, only my woman, Xiang Yu, will be protected by his life!

Although the majority of the people supported Long Tianyu, believing that he was the benevolent and righteous Lord, there were a few who liked Xiang Yu. They believed that he had a personality and courage, especially when she heard Xiang Zhuang talk about how Xiang Yu deeply loved Yu Ji and Li Yueyao, and how she was actually unable to extricate herself from it. This kind of man who was infatuated with her caused her to be curious.

Ye Feixuan leaned on Xiang Yu's chest, listening to the other party's powerful heartbeat, her entire body felt soft, and thought to herself: Senior Sister Yueyao, since young, because of your talent in cultivation and your high status in the sect, it has always covered me, why would I ever lose to you, why should the entire sect respect you, tonight, the Overlord of West Chu will no longer love you, I will make you regret getting him, and your man, in the future, must submit to the Overlord.

Xiang Yu hugged the beauty at the waist as the desire in his body boiled up. She thought to herself, after tonight, I need to recover my peak state, break through blade techniques, comprehend the way of the sword, and become one with the person who is truly one with the blade like my father, reaching the realm of blade master. Maybe after going through this change of heart, I can break through the limits of my body in one go, allowing my blade techniques to progress further, and then, I will be able to catch up with the two freakishly talented younger brothers of Yun.

After a long while, a beast-like roar and painful scream came from inside the room, as the little Plum Blossom said goodbye to Ye Feixuan's childhood. Xiang Yu, who had a beastly personality, saw Luo Hong working even harder, and following that were the creaking sounds of the headboard shaking, and intense screams.

… ….

Above the vast prairie, the starry sky seemed to connect with the horizon in the distance, and the vast prairie seemed even more spacious and limitless.

Under the starlight, there were tens of thousands of tents on a fertile grassland. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians were living here.

A white-clothed youth holding a silver gun was practicing her might under the starry sky. She was full of vigor. Circle after circle of silver light and spear shadows were as if they were real. A flood dragon spitting out its core, sweeping away thousands of enemies, domineering and unparalleled in the world … After executing a series of spear strikes, her entire body's blood vessels gushed out, and her acupoints communicated with the essence, energy, and spirit of the world, filling each spear with explosive power and lethal power.

One year of saber training, 10 years of sword training, 100 years of spear training.

In the past, in the entire Chu Nation, only Ji Yanran's spear skills were excellent. Now, after Xiang Yun had inherited hherparents' blade techniques, sword techniques, and spear skills, she had fallen in love with the long spear, and her natural talent and perception was extremely high. At sixteen o'clock, his spear skills had already passed the mother stage.

Suddenly, the light in the air faded as Xiang Yun raised her spear with one hand and stood upright in the air, like a spear. The grass and trees on the vast prairie around him swayed gently in the wind, as if he was the only one left standing there, as if she was the ruler of the world.

Big brother … A beautiful voice came from the camp behind him, followed by a Ferghana Horse dashing out, immediately riding a beautiful young lady, with skin like cream, eyes like autumn water, beautiful like the future generations. Dressed in a warrior's attire, it revealed a flawless body, slender and graceful like a divine jade, beautiful like a divine jade, magnificent like a jade.

The young lady leaped up, flew off the horse's back, and smiled charmingly at Xiang Yun: Third brother, I heard that you were going to bring your troops to the Central Plains. I also want to experience the scenery of the Central Plains, third brother won't reject it, right?

Xiang Yun looked at his sister lovingly, and smiled: "Yu Xin, I am sorry, but Master Father does not let me bring you there. Furthermore, Aunt Fang will not agree that you should go to the Central Plains and take risks. This girl was the precious daughter that Wu Tingfang had given to the young dragon.

Xiang Yu Xin pouted his lips and said coquettishly: Third brother, don't you love Yu Xin anymore? Third brother, you can just let Yu Xin go with you. I promise to listen to you, and my sword arts are not low either, enough to protect myself, not to mention that with Third brother here, other than Father, who else is your match in the world? Can't you protect him?

Xiang Yun laughed bitterly and nodded: Alright, there are still seven days until the army comes out. I will go discuss it with my father, aunt and the others again next time, and bring you to see the world, to meet Big Brother and the heroes of the Central Plains! With that, she looked towards the east sky and thought: I hope that Long Tianyu will not disappoint me, the feeling of being unrivalled and lonely is really uncomfortable!


The next day, when the first rays of the sun shone down, Long Tianyu stretched his body comfortably, but now, he felt relaxed, as if all the cells in his body had relaxed, leaving the battlefield far behind. He decided to let go of this restriction.

Long Tianyu saw that the little girl had her eyes half closed and had not fully awakened yet, but her heart was already tied to him. She only needed to gently stand up to be subtly sensed by the beauty, and as she lovingly supported the beauty, she pinched her cheeks and laughed: "My wife, it's time to wake up.

Hearing this, Guo Yuying's face turned slightly red, her cherry lips started yawning, her jade arms were stretched, the curves of her body were perfect, and there were nice curves around her.

Long Tianyu saw his wife's cherry red mouth and his entire body shook. But it was just a day's worth of time, and early in the morning was the perfect time to train the body and nurture the mind, if you had any desires, it was too vulgar, thus, you put away your lust and righteously said: My wife, quickly put on your clothes. Your husband is the person who has done great things, and should never indulge in pleasure on the bed.

Guo Yuying giggled and hit him twice: Come on, I still don't know who amongst the heroes in the world can be as good as my husband. Two talented girl s, three famous girls, each of them can make one of the noble lords drool in envy for them, but the husband has them all, and there's also Qian'er, the four of us, who probably can't even compare to the heroes of the world.

Long Tianyu stopped his wife's soft waist and replied with a smile: Since ancient times, which Sovereign King is not the seventy-two concubines of the Three Palaces and Six Academies? I, Long Tianyu, have only kept the woman I love by my side, who can blame me for my emotions? Right now, society is like this. Humility and courtesy are just used to restrain ordinary citizens. For the powerful and powerful kings and nobles, there are many women left behind. This shows just how attractive you are, how powerful you are, how strong you are, and how strong you are …"

Guo Yuying's face flushed red as she said, What kind of nonsense is this? No wonder Big Sister Wan'er said that when husband speaks, even if all of us sisters add up, we won't be able to beat you.

Long Tianyu smiled, Alright, let's stop arguing for now, today is the day of Second Son's discussion with the various generals and the minority clan leaders. Du Qingyun will definitely send someone to invite me, then you can follow me and find a chance to get to know the female envoys of the other tribes, set up a relationship, and rope them in. Remember, don't slip your mouth, we are the Xiao Clan of Chu Merchant, you have to display your wealth and status, and be generous in giving gifts to them.

Guo Yuying nodded her head: I understand this, Ying Er grew up in a big family, and was used to the rich and powerful lives of her family, so she doesn't need to learn from him intentionally. She has already gotten used to it, but the sisters have already made a rule that you are not allowed to attract flowers or grass outside, and Qian'er repeatedly emphasized that other than Sichuan Phoenix, which was equally famous as her two big sisters, the other few barbarian girls should not be brought back to the palace.

Long Tianyu blushed with shame: Is your husband that kind of person? Seeing that they love each other, don't worry, as long as they don't offend me, I will definitely not provoke them.

Guo Yuying rolled his eyes as she said, Don't worry, just take a look at these princesses in the imperial palace, who are you trying to provoke, don't you think you're the first one to do so? You're the first one to wish for me to stop when you see me, and I've heard that these barbarian girls are all free to do anything they want, and whenever they see a man they're willing to do so, they'll offer up to me on their own accord. Husband, you should restrain your charm well.

Long Tianyu thought that if this girl knew that he was the one who obtained Pure Yu Wan'er, she would definitely laugh at him for being her husband. But when it comes to charm, this was something that I brought along from birth, I couldn't restrict it even if I wanted to. Long Tianyu unconsciously thought about last night's meeting with Ji Zichen at the Lakeview Pavilion and felt that it was a bit of a pity.

The two of them got off the bed, and called the servants guarding outside the door to come in and clean up. The two servants were brought over from Han Chuan, and were in charge of Guo Yuying's daily life.

He felt a little sorry for himself, but he couldn't refuse them. Otherwise, these two female servants would definitely feel that he had not taken care of them properly, but they would be scared and uneasy. Moreover, from their satisfied expressions, it seemed that serving others was also a kind of happiness, so they couldn't help but sigh with emotion: this evil old society was really too exciting.

Not long after, a servant from the main courtyard of the mountain villa brought in breakfast, and after the meal, two guards came over to invite the Mr. Xiao to discuss things in the hall. Long Tianyu thought that whatever was about to happen, had to come eventually, so he agreed and walked down the bamboo forest path with Guo Yuying's jade hands, under the lead of the guards at the front and back, straight to the meeting hall.

The meeting hall was in the backyard of the main hall of the Cloud Bamboo Villa, and it had to follow a bamboo path all the way up, around the Sage Gathering Hall and the Elegant Wind Hall.

Because he had guessed yesterday evening, he did not appreciate the entirety of the villa. At this moment, he saw that the villa was arranged in an orderly manner with a beautiful scenery. The bamboo forest was verdant and green, and bamboo leaves were rustling in the wind.

Sunlight scattered down from the gaps in the bamboo forest, scattering down shadows. The paths within the forest were dark, and as the leaves fell from the trees and the surroundings became silent, it made the place seem even more elegant and graceful.

Mr. Xiao, the hall is in the courtyard. A guard politely cupped his hands and pointed.

Long Tianyu looked inside a courtyard and saw that the entire Ya Courtyard was filled with guards. The long spear was accompanied with a longbow and sword, similarly not falling at all, appearing majestic and awe-inspiring. Clearly, they were all elite soldier s of the Villa, and there was absolutely no problem with their loyalty at all.

Long Tianyu and Guo Yuying walked into the courtyard. No one stopped them, and they directly stepped into the hall, which was extremely large, with both sides being over thirty meters wide and long, with the main seat at the top. There were secondary seats on both sides, and in front of them were truly empty spaces.

There were four rows of people seated on the left side of the hall. There were two rows of wise scholars and foreign delegates as well as two rows of generals and warrior swordsmen. Some of Qing Yi Sect's representative disciples were among them.

At the first table, there was a woman dressed in a white profound robe. Her figure was graceful, her curves were beautiful, and her snow-like skin was even more tender and beautiful. Her head of shiny black hair was naturally draped over her shoulders, and her pair of long eyelashes were filled with spirit energy. Her nose was perky, her red lips were smooth, and her jade-like teeth were unparalleled, her unmatched face seemed to be covered in a light mist that was untainted by the mortal world. She was the proud Ba Clan she had met last night at the pavilion, Ji Zichen.

It's you! Ji Zichen was still wearing the indifferent and elegant expression just now. When Long Tianyu stepped into the hall, she frowned and her face flushed.


Long Tianyu's and Ji Zichen's gaze met and paused for a moment. A look of mutual appreciation surfaced in their eyes, and they couldn't help but think of last night's meeting at the elegant pavilion in the middle of the lake, the short exchange, and the faint care they had for each other, were all deeply imprinted in their hearts.

That night, it was the first time in Ji Zichen's life that she could not sleep, and upon returning to her room, she found it difficult to fall asleep. Her rough and unrestrained figure and the outline of her heroic aura kept rolling back and forth in her mind, and the more she controlled herself, the harder her thoughts became to stabilize.

Ji Zichen felt the man's burning gaze on her, and her cheeks became slightly hot, afraid that others would see through her, hence she turned her head away. At this moment, she was no longer the daughter of a chief, but a shy little girl instead.

Long Tianyu's gaze skipped past her and he was about to glance at the second beauty when he suddenly spoke out, Mr. Xiao, please come over here. As he spoke, he pointed to the second seat on the left below, one of them was Lin Lan, the two grandmaster swordsmen, and the other was General Tang Shihan who was under Du Qingyun.

The fourth to follow was the strategist Lu Sheng, then General Yang Xuanye, advisor Jiang Xiao, then row after row were the brother and sister of Lieutenant Yang Peng, General Vanguard General Kong, Wei Zhendong and more than ten other people, including Huang Qting, Xiao Sizhe, and seven to eight others. All of them were Du Qingyun's trusted aides and strategists, who were secretly summoned here from various places.

Long Tianyu took Guo Yuying's hand and walked over, and sat down on one knee. This was the only formal posture in ancient China, it was placed on the heels, and sometimes, in order to express the seriousness of her speech, she would leave the heels of her feet and kneel for the rest of her life. This practice was only cancelled in the history of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Just as the two of them sat down, someone called out softly from behind, Elder Sister Ying Ying.

Guo Yuying turned her head and saw Du Bingyue, who was disguised as a man. She smiled, It's the young prefecture lord, why are you still wearing men's clothes?

Du Bingyue smiled like a flower: It's inconvenient to be a woman, and since I am still a disciple of the Qing Yi Sect, naturally I will be dressed in green. Oh right, don't call me the Little Princess, call me Yue'er, we are already so familiar with each other, there is no need to be so formal.

When Long Tianyu heard it, he couldn't help but laugh. This unruly girl is actually familiar with us, he had only known us for a few days and called us familiar. You don't even know our real names and identities, and even tried to befriend us!

Du Bingyue noticed the change in his expression from the side, frowned, and snorted: Lecher, who are you laughing at?

Long Tianyu suddenly turned around, shot the Canton Princess a glance, and teased: Anyway, I'm not laughing at you, what can you do about it?

When Du Bingyue saw his indifferent and unrestrained attitude, her face tensed up and turned cold. She pouted her lips and looked at him coldly, as if she wanted to stab him twice to vent her anger. She said angrily: I think it definitely has something to do with me, do you want to deny it?

F * * k, this girl is invincible. Even Level 2 female Warriors aren't this tyrannical.

Long Tianyu did not try to defend himself, otherwise, his words would have been even more outrageous. He thought that the person arguing with a madman was a fool, the real man would not argue endlessly with the fake brat.

He returned his gaze back to the hall. At this time, more than eighty percent of the seats were already occupied, and after a dozen people had filled the hall, all of them sat on the floor with their feet on the ground, their upper bodies straightened, and their hands were placed on their knees.

Only Long Tianyu's gaze was not the least bit afraid as he looked towards the other side. Seated on the right side of him was an old man and a young girl from a different race, both of them were wearing a big round felt disc like robe, their clothing was strange, and there was some Miao race aura about them. The old man looked to be close to sixty years old, but his looks were directly filtered out by him.

Her eyes were flowing like waves, as if they could captivate the soul. Wearing a blue satin dress, she had an exquisite curves, her figure was vividly displayed, the sleeves of her shirt had a beautiful cloud pattern, the silver pieces on her chest were decorated with glittering silver, and her eyes were also filled with curiosity as she looked at Long Tianyu.

The two pairs of eyes clashed, but the woman didn't have a shyness or retreat. Instead, she looked at him generously, like a tigress staring at food, and started to devour it all. Long Tianyu felt a bit uncomfortable. Why did it seem like he had never seen a man before? Staring at me like that made me feel a bit embarrassed.

But then he thought: Would a man like me be afraid of you? His mind became one as he focused his attention on the face, eyes, cherry lips, jaw, chest, waist, and the gap between the legs of the Miao Family's holy maiden. His gaze swept across her as he tried to find a way out.

Luo Feiyan looked at his actions and expression, her jade teeth half-revealed, her upper lips slightly lifted, outlining a charming and enchanting smile, and a faint blush appeared on her snow-white face. She thought to herself, This Ah Gou, interesting.

Long Tianyu hated that he couldn't see through her clothes, he wanted to see if she was embarrassed or not, this foreign woman is releasing himself, after staring for a long time he smiled at me, if it was a female from the Central Plains who was not scolding and shameless, he would have already come and spank your ears.

Guo Yuying saw that her husband's eyes were about to pop out, and was extremely angry. He had just been reminded in his room not to provoke other girls, and now he just sat down and glared at them non-stop, and then used her hand to viciously pinch him.

Long Tianyu gasped, and immediately shifted his gaze away, skipping past the Miao Family girl. Seated on the third seat on the right were two people, one was a middle-aged man, the other was a young lady, who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old, with a high nose, wide eyebrows, thick skin, white skin, fresh and beautiful skin. She was wearing a very colorful long dress, with long braids coiled up into a bun, and a head handkerchief embroidered with colorful flowers.

Behind them were two other minority messengers, one to flirt with, one to tease, the other to tease, and the two rows of people in charge to accompany them were the warriors and clansmen of the two tribes, dressed in different attire. Long Tianyu took a glance, and before he even had time to take a closer look, he heard a sound of a bell ringing, and the meeting started.

Du Qingyun looked at the crowd, he was approachable and he did not lose his dignity: "First, I am grateful to the allies that came from afar for supporting me, and for coming to support me, this time, Qing Yun was forced to be helpless in this competition to seize power. Big brother Du Xiaochuan is a ruthless man, in order to obtain the position of the King of Shu, he has achieved his ambition of expansion outside the country, he has joined hands with the Ancient Qiang people in the Western Highlands to enter the Sichuan, that was born in Tibet, was not educated yet, and was addicted to killing.

Not to mention that the Han Army will take revenge on us, when we attack the to vent our anger on the people, we can't even resist the barbaric actions of the Ancient Qiang people. Therefore, in this competition for power in the Sichuan, we have to work together.


After Du Qingyun explained the situation, everyone present sank into shock and silence. The great heir had colluded with the Qiang people in the Tibetan Plains to enter the Sichuan and kill off the local villages. He had even sent people to assassinate the most famous and strongest of the dukes in the Central Plains, King Long Tianyu.

Miao Emissary Yi Nong asked, King Han? Oh my god, is it Long Tianyu, the one who wiped out the million strong master in Great Qin? It is rumored that he is the descendant of a god, and there are no enemies in the Eight Desolations Six Harmonies. It is just like how our ancient Nine Li Tribe's War God Xing Tian, our great prince went to assassinate him. If the Duke of Han gets angry and the troops charge into the Sichuan, all the tribes will suffer.

The Yi family's envoy was also frightened, That's right, that's right! What should we do? He won't start a massacre on the Sichuan, right?

The other few clansmen panicked as well. They talked amongst themselves, afraid that the Han Army would kill their way into the Ba Shu Land, and snatch and suppress the barbarians like they did when the Qin Soldier first entered the Sichuan. They had almost massacred all the clansmen in the area.

Long Tianyu looked at the crowd discussing about his name, and felt gloomy: Am I that terrifying? It was like a god of death, so my name was actually this resounding!

Guo Yuying reached out his hand and grabbed the husband's big hand. She twisted his hand to say: Master, they are so afraid of you!

Du Qingyun waved his hand and continued to speak, "Everyone, don't panic, this matter is not to the point of no return. As long as Clan Head Li and I work together, defeat Du Xiaochuan, and successfully seize control of the entire country, then fix the documents and report the culprit to the Han King. If we compensate him with the compensation by cutting off the territory and obtaining the tribute by the age of ten, I believe that the Han King's anger will be quelled, not to mention, I heard that the Central Plains people said that the Han King's commander was a righteous teacher.

All the generals and strategists looked at Long Tianyu, although they had seen him last night, they did not see him. Other than Ji Zichen and Luo Feiyan, the rest had a curious and cold look in their eyes.

Cough. Long Tianyu coughed dryly and organized his thoughts, then said: "After my name is Xiao Ling, I have traveled around the whole Old Territory, and have some understanding of the various families and merchants, especially in the recent year, where the winds and clouds have surged around the Central Plains, and when the West Qin s have paid more than ten generations of monarchs to unify the world, they have contested and conquered the six nations for war, but in the end, they have only taken a year's worth of time. Because our Xiao Family manages private salt cloth, and sells it to many dukes and dukes, we have a greater understanding of the current Eighteen Kings of the Central Plains, so we do not need to say that we are heroes. In his heart, he thought that he had always been diligent in his work, to the point of boasting. It had been a long time since he had boasted about himself, and his level had obviously dropped quite a bit.

National self-government?

When Miao, Ba, Yi, colleague, Bai and other minority emissaries heard his words, they were astounded. Some of them even began to fervently discuss among themselves.

Really? Mr. Xiao, is what you said true? Was the king that easy to talk to? A righteous teacher, how benevolent is that?

Not injuring the citizens in the slightest? I have never seen such a soldier before?

Will he treat the non-humankind as an equal? The people of the Central Plains all see us as barbarians! "


Long Tianyu smiled and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this matter is absolutely true. Right now, the Hanchuan region has already begun to promulgate these policies, abolishing slavery, compiling documents into the Han nationality, treating all the barbarian races as equals, the Ba Shu Land is close to the Hanzhong region, and it may not even take a year for these policies to be implemented. At that time, the Han Army will be aware of this, and when the Han Army treats the enemy and the person who descends, they will always be frank and lenient.

There were a few people here who had a good grasp of the new situation in the Central Plains, and all of them nodded in agreement with this point of view. To submit to the Han Army and protect its peace and citizens from massacres was the most straightforward way.

looked at Long Tianyu and thought carefully about what he had said and felt the same way. Compared to Lone throw and Shu working together, they would not be able to escape this calamity, so it would be better to submit to the Han Army, and maybe gain an extra chance to survive. In any case, the Ba Clan Elder and the Ba Di Pu people did not have the ambition to return to their country.

I never thought that he would have such a long-term vision. It's a pity that he's a businessman. Otherwise, if he was to form a united army, with his courage and intelligence, he would at least be a formidable figure! Ji Zichen thought, as though she felt that it was too much of a pity to become a merchant in the Mr. Xiao.

When Luo Feiyan heard this and stared at Long Tianyu, the smile on her face became even wider. She did not expect this Ah ge to understand so much, to have such a rough appearance, full of heroic spirit, and full of manliness, much stronger than the Little White Brothers in the clan.

Her bright eyes blinked, obviously interested by Long Tianyu's provocative words. She had heard about the culture and beauty of the Central Plains since she was very young, and listening to him explain the great hero of the Central Plains, she felt a little yearning in her heart.

Although the other clan elders and aides were excited, they weren't completely convinced. After all, as a merchant, no one could guarantee the credibility of his words. They would only completely believe it if the Duke of Han personally told them.

Du Qingyun stood up, waving both of his hands in front of him, stopping the crowd's discussion, he spoke in a cool tone: Everyone, it is still too early to say, Sichuan is in a mess, we should first settle the internal strife and stop the killing, otherwise Sichuan will be in a mess, go and serve Han Army will be looked down upon by Han Army, only by stabilizing us Sichuan, clearing out the internal strife, we will have the qualification to negotiate with Han Army, and then we will have the power to win, and only after that will we still have the ability to protect ourselves, we will not be trampled upon!

If not, with our identity as slaves that have been exploited, we will go beg for help. Even if the Han Army killed off the people of the Qiang people and the great prince, they would not look down on us, as we are fighting against the internal strife of the Sichuan, we still have to rely on our own efforts! Su Yun said with a loud voice. This … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this …. Advisor Lu Sheng took the opportunity to chime in.

Whatever Second Son says we will do, we will follow. We, the Miao Family, are willing to send out 5000 strong soldiers to assist! The Miao Family elder suddenly shouted in a high voice.

My Yi Clan will also send out five thousand Earth Stooped Wolf Soldiers to fight, resisting the invasion by the Qiang people! The Yi family representative also shouted.

And we also want to seduce him …

Our White Clan …

All the different clans expressed their willingness to simultaneously send troops to support second son's army and force it towards Chengdu to fight against Du Xiaochuan's men and Cang Yuan Qiang's army. A civil war was about to break out in Sichuan.

Du Qingyun sat down with a smile, and spoke with dignity: "Our first target is the Zitong County, and this is the last barrier leading to Shu. After occupying this city, we can block the attack of the Han Army behind them and protect the door, then Great General Tang Shihan can lead a troop of ten thousand men to come out from Suining and approach the Chengdu, and attract my big brother Du Xiaochuan's attention in the name of the Obey King. I will lead Yang Xuanye, Kong, and Wei Zhendong and the Wanghan to directly stab Chengdu's heart, and through Mianyang, Deyang and Wanghan to both sides of the east and west side to assist our troops in their actions.


After discussing for an hour and a half, the agreement was finally completed. Long Tianyu was also assigned a mission, other than providing some money as financial aid, he also had to send a portion of the family to participate in the competition for Zitong County, of course, he took this opportunity to inform the family to send some people over to help, which had the approval of the successor. Thus, he planned to use this opportunity to send hundreds of [Dragon Tooth] special forces to enter catalpa, and secretly take control of the place.

This was what mantis stalks cicadas, while the oriole was right behind it!

Long Tianyu was secretly happy that the meeting was over. Then, a bell sounded, and many servants walked in from outside. They dragged their wine jugs, cups, and pots to add some food and wine to the table.

These maids were all around seventeen or eighteen years old, and they moved swiftly between the seats. The fragrance of their clothes wafted in the air, instantly adding a lot of vitality to the discussion hall.

This prince pays his respects to all of you! Du Qingyun raised his noble cup and invited the guests and generals present to drink.

We reply to the Crown Prince! Everyone returned the greeting politely. After all, the person on the stage had to be the crown prince.

After finishing a glass of wine, he began to drink his own wine as he tried to strike up a conversation.

Just then, the Ba Clan's Heaven's Pride, Miao Holy Maiden Luo Feiyan and the Yi Clan's Moon Goddess Liu Xin left the discussion hall. Long Tianyu had not seen enough and was wondering why they had all left the banquet, it was simply too depressing.

Du Qingyun suddenly smiled and said: "Everyone, today, Ba Clan, Miao, and Yi Clans, the three proud daughters of heaven, have come to the Cloud Bamboo Villa, and each of you have prepared one of your own clan's zither techniques and dancing performance.

Alright! This stunt caused everyone to cheer. These three women were famous in their own clan for their peerless beauty and unparalleled dancing skills. Even their own clansmen rarely saw a beautiful woman dance, yet today they had to watch three consecutive scenes.

Originally, the three girls were sent by the various clan chiefs to form an alliance with the heir to the King of Shu. In order to stand out in the marriage alliance, they had prepared prizes beforehand and faintly felt like they were competing with each other.

Long Tianyu sighed in his heart, these three beauties were all one in a million, moreover they had characteristics and temperament that the women of the Central Plains did not, and gave off a carefree feeling. Perhaps these women had grown up in a minority tribe, their personality were simple and honest, and had not been influenced by the feudal culture of the Central Plains, giving others a feeling of candor.

Although he did not have a strong possession of them, it was a pity that three of these beauties were given to the son of the King of Shu. He was slightly unwilling in his heart, in terms of the abilities and status of a hero, in front of the almighty and powerful Duke of Han, the identity of a King of Shu was not worth mentioning, let alone a son who had yet to gain power. If not for the fact that he wanted to reduce the casualties of the soldiers, he planned to take down the Sichuan safely. He did not need to bow down and personally take action, instead, he directly sent his army in.

Especially when he thought of the helpless look in Ji Zichen's eyes before he left, Long Tianyu's chest was inexplicably blocked by panic, so he took the chance to get up and take a breather.

The path was clear and quiet. Sunlight shone through the dense bamboo branches, shining on the mottled shadow on the ground. A clear wind blew, and the leaves swayed along the branches.

Long Tianyu stood in front of the bamboo forest, and peered through the gaps between the trees to gaze upon the scenery of the mountain range. He sighed, how could he persuade Zichen? In my opinion, there is no meaning at all, because the alliance between the two sides is not reliable to begin with. Only the true interests of both sides can be firm, not to mention, a sickly King of Shu and a fallen heir is worth the support of these tribes. Even if she married him, the fate of the Sichuan would not be in his hands, and the fate of the Sichuan's minority would not be decided by him either.

Mr. Xiao... What are you doing here? A woman's voice sounded from behind Long Tianyu.

Long Tianyu turned around upon hearing the voice and saw that it was Ji Zichen. He was still dressed in a white gown, pure white like fairy feathers, with his long hair draped over his shoulders, simple and elegant, beautiful to the point of toppling nations, and a light body smell. Long Tianyu was spirited, and laughed lightly: Miss Ji, aren't you going to change into a song and dance? Why are you here?"

Ji Zichen shot a glance at him before stepping forward. She was only a few feet away from him, but she suddenly turned and stood shoulder to shoulder with him, and her eyes seemed to be looking at the scenery at the foot of the mountain. However, she did not seem to be looking at the scenery.

There are a lot of fallen leaves in this garden, so it's obviously my best friend. Actually, I don't have much to do. I was just feeling a bit emotional. Just now, the hall was a bit annoyed, so I came out to take a breather! On the other hand, you are about to appear. Don't you want to prepare yourself to become the Courtesan Belle? Long Tianyu asked tentatively.

Unexpectedly, Ji Zichen sighed quietly at the side: What's there to prepare for, for some reason, I don't have the mood to care about it anymore. I wish I wasn't some princess of the Ba Clan, how good would it be if I were an ordinary girl, I could choose my own life and happiness!

Out of the corner of his eye, Long Tianyu was secretly staring at her breasts, waist and waist. Suddenly, he heard Zichen's hidden grievances, and was a little taken aback: Miss Ji, I didn't think that you would suddenly feel emotional about it, but different people have different worries, if you are really an ordinary girl, perhaps you have other troubles, as the saying goes, 'pulling a knife out of a river is better, drinking a cup of water to ease your worries'; Life is always full of hardships and frustrations, if you want to truly free yourself, you have to stay away from the world.

Ji Zichen gazed at him lovingly, the aura of a confidante filling her heart. She softly sighed: Sir is truly talented, your words are fresh and refreshing, causing people to become intoxicated, was it all mister's doing?

Did I write this poem? Of course not, but can you tell me Li Bai? He couldn't do it either, so he could only pretend to be a talented person.

Yup, you can put it like this, the young lady's name is Zichen, she has a noble and pure personality, and should not care about such mundane things, there is nothing in this world, she is a mediocre person.

Ji Zichen shook her head, and looked at the wild flowers in the forest: Women and flowers, are actually the same principle, when they bloom, it is also the most beautiful moment of their life, but after spring, they will fall like leaves, crushed in the dust, no one can remember the fragrance when they bloomed, if they were not cherished by others, what's the point of blooming and falling in this life? Her words were serene and profound, filled with sorrow and regret for life. The originally noble and pure girl, at this moment, was like a woman who had deep grievances.

Long Tianyu was infected by her faint sadness. Suddenly, a poem came to his mind, and he blurted out: By the broken bridge outside the inn, lonely and homeless, sad and alone at dusk, with wind and rain; unwittingly struggling in the spring, jealous of the entire group; There are also some special existences amongst the women. Even if they were to be crushed into dust, the fragrance would remain in the hearts of others.

Ji Zichen's body trembled, her eyes became misty once again, as she thought to herself that she was enemies. She felt that the more she got along with this man, the more her willpower was worn out, the sadness she felt, the conviction in her heart, that she had sacrificed for her clansmen, had begun to waver.

Then will the Mr. Xiao keep Zichen's fragrance in his heart? She suddenly gathered his courage and looked up into his eyes, longing for an answer, even a sentence, that would leave a good memory.


Facing a pure and beautiful woman who had some hints, even with Long Tianyu's outstanding self-control, he still could not help but feel nervous. Could it be that this girl has truly fallen for him? By God, I was serious and didn't seduce her. I just talked about it from an appreciative point of view. It can't be that charming, right?

Long Tianyu coughed dryly, then said: "Of course I will. Miss Ji was playing the zither under the Moon at the center of the lake like a fairy, the zither music was melodious and the concept beautiful, how can I not be unforgettable? Fiction. Text

After Ji Zichen heard the other party's praise, she felt joy in her heart at first, but then, she felt the other party's perfunctory attitude. She shook her head and sighed: What you remember is the sound of their zither, but not Zichen. In the past, I didn't have much feeling towards marriage, and I even wanted to compete for talent with the young ladies of various clans and win the prince's favor. But now, I am extremely afraid."

Long Tianyu acknowledged and asked: Afraid, what are you afraid of? Are you worried that you won't be able to beat Miao Yi's Holy Maiden?

Ji Zichen's white cheeks flushed red, and she said bashfully: Sir, to be honest, when I was young, I had a heroic dream. I dreamt that I would marry a handsome, talented, cultured, and talented hero as my husband, and that I would live a wonderful life, all these years, I have studied Chinese music, chess, paintings, poems, poems, essays, etc. Although I can't get everything to the essence, but I can just barely amuse myself, enjoy myself and study alone, all these are my dreams to accompany me and my husband to discuss literature and dance.

Long Tianyu nodded slightly, thinking that since ancient times, beauties and beauties loved heroes, women with talents and beauties, and also constantly cultivated themselves to improve their temperament, all in order to wait for the arrival of the MC. It was so that

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