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The Fortune-teller Next to the Beauty: Volume 5

The Fortune-teller Next to the Beauty: Volume 5

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The Fortune-teller Next to the Beauty: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019


The fortune-teller went down the hill. All sorts of beautiful ladies came forward together to change their fate, borrowing heaven-defying luck to come rolling over. Beautiful women, please wait a moment, I see that you don't look too good, there's a big barrier of evil, I'll help you find a bone to help you, there's definitely a way to save you.
Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019

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The Fortune-teller Next to the Beauty - Qianlong Wuyong



A Hundred Years of Humiliation, A Journalist Participating in a Press Conference Is Beat Up!

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Jin Kehuang has fallen into a deep coma. It's unknown whether he is dead or alive.

A debt of blood paid for blood, severely punishing the culprit. I plead for the government to thoroughly investigate the culprit who messed up the press conference!

There were countless Chinese websites, morning newspapers, afternoon newspapers, evening newspapers, and even some television media that were filled with these extremely provocative headlines. On the websites and television screens, there were even scenes of groups fighting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs's press conference.

The worst part of the report was that all the reports attached the matter of Liu Jingtian arson and beating people to it. Furthermore, in those reports, there were intentionally or unintentionally mentions of this evil incident, and it was very likely that it was related to a certain Chinese founding elder.

Countless media practitioners began to move towards the Yanjing, preparing for a large-scale demonstration that would allow the Government to speed up the process of catching the culprit.

When the important members of the government in Yanjing city received an interview from the reporters, they also showed their anger towards this vicious incident. They proposed to the government that they should quickly come up with a solution to find the culprit who beat them up and give the people of the country an explanation!

The attitude of the Fusang was even more unyielding than ever. Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng personally entangled himself with the menstrual flag and led the embassy officials to wave his fists in protest, asking the Government of China to arrest the murderer as well as to report Liu Jingtian's case of arson and assault.

The fire was still burning, as many reports were published one after another. Coupled with the help from people with ulterior motives, this incident had already spread to every corner of China. Even some farmers in the countryside, when they had finished farming and were sitting on the ground, would discuss the gossip and guess the final result of the incident.

The development of the matter became more and more unexpected, and the discussion surrounding the incident was even more moving. Countless people reprinted the case of Liu Jingtian setting fire to people on Weibo, and added their own understanding later on. Finally, these netizens came to a conclusion. Today's era had already become a deceptive one. No matter how hard the senior worked, there would always be people after him!

Deceitful era?! Many of the overseas media had started to cover the incident that happened in China, but many of the people whose heads were already going crazy from the blood rush did not notice that in this incident, the Chinese media and Ministry of Foreign Affairs had strangely maintained their silence, as if they were in the wrong and did not dare to retort.

Lin Bai was clear about the reason for the officials to keep quiet, and the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were clear as well. At this moment, they were all waiting, waiting for the storm to reach its most violent point. They were suddenly using their full strength to shock everyone, and at the same time, they were taking in those people with ulterior motives who were making a ruckus in this incident!

The speed of the violin's zither grew faster and faster, and the fiery passion that was about to burst out from within was about to explode, causing the interior of the castle-like villa in Yanjing City to be filled with a gloomy and dark feeling.

There was a thick layer of black velvet all over the place, and not a single bit of sunlight could be seen from it. Even the two lamps in the corner of the room were wrapped in a thick layer of black gauze.

In the living room of the villa, there was only a faint red light flickering, reflecting the handsome side face of a man that was like a knife cutting and axe cutting. He was extremely pale, with blue veins popping out on his slender wrists and a black robe on his body. If it wasn't for the fact that the cigar in his mouth was burning, his entire aura would have been connected to the room.

The music in the room reached the climax of the movement, and the hands on the man's lap began to beat slowly on his knees, following the rhythm of the tune. It was clear that the man in the chair enjoyed the pleasure from the music, but the most obvious thing was that he was in a good mood.

Jiyaaa! The heavy wooden door was pushed open slowly, and a ray of light came in from the door. The man on the chair suddenly clenched his hands and placed them in front of him, as if he was extremely afraid of the light. Upon seeing this, the old man wearing a black robe walked in and let out a soft sigh. After which, he slowly shut the door.

The development of things is going according to plan. However, according to my calculations just now, Eastriver Tai Lang had mysteriously died. If there was no error in the divination, then he should have died at the hands of that person! The black-robed old man respectfully walked in front of the young man and spoke in a low voice.

The young man waved his hand, then continued to quietly enjoy the feast of hearing the violin playing. When the song finally came to an end, the strings of the violin were trembling to the point that they were about to break, the young man slowly leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and slowly released his breath, as if he was enjoying the aftertaste of the music.

You said that Taro Donghiro is dead? The young man raised his hand and took a puff on his cigar. After exhaling a thick cloud of smoke, he slowly asked: Then did Lin Bai do anything else? Did Liu Family react during the chaos?

No! Unexpectedly, it was quiet. I felt that it was because our plan was too flawless, so they couldn't find any mistakes. That's why they were so silent! After all, all of the public opinion is on our side right now. If they dare to react, then what awaits them is an even more ferocious attack from the public opinion army! " The black-robed old man muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment before speaking.

The young man's face revealed a smile, and said indifferently: Dao leader, we have fought with Lin Bai before, so we have some understanding of his nature. Don't you think that now that he's so silent, it doesn't match his previous personality at all? Furthermore, since he dared to attack Tai Lang of the Dongjiang River, it means that he must have someone to rely on, and feels that there is no need to keep his life!

As he spoke, the young man clenched his fist even more tightly. The veins that were already obvious on his fist were now completely exposed, as if the mere mention of the name Lin Bai would make him extremely angry.

I've thought about it and carefully examined all the steps we've taken, but I didn't find anything wrong with them. Even if he had the evidence now, it would not be able to turn the tables around! The black-robed man shook his head, and continued speaking slowly: Of course, with my understanding, Lin Bai is not someone who will let this go easily!

Let's not bother about him first, but let's stop our contact with the Fusang first! The young man took a deep breath and continued, How is it with you, the Small black cat? It took us a lot of effort to get this kind of Phantom Transformation. I hope you won't disappoint me.

The bad luck brought by the Three Lives Fire is still the same. Although this old Daoist has used the array formation to minimize its impact on you, I still can't let you be exposed to the sun. Otherwise, all my efforts would have been in vain! The black-clothed cultivator said, I will definitely do my best to become a Yin Spirit. It's just that its wisdom is complete, so the process of killing it for our use is incomparably difficult!

The international competition is about to begin, I want to wait until that day when I launch my ultimate counterattack against Lin Bai. I hope that before that, you can tame that Phantom Transformation Spirit! The young man closed his eyes and thought deeply for a moment, then asked: You told me before, there seemed to be other people that attacked Lin Bai, and contacted those people?

Not yet, but I have already sent two teams to search for those people. As soon as they have any news, I will report them to you as soon as possible! When the black-clothed Daoist heard the young man's words, he slowly let out a sigh of relief, before respectfully replying.

The young man nodded his head and gently waved his hand. I understand. You may leave! Bear in mind that the connection between you and the Fusang should be severed as soon as possible;

The black-clothed Daoist raised his head and looked at the young man. His lips moved a few times, wanting to say something more. But in the end, he didn't say anything. He turned around and walked out of the villa's hall.

After a long time, the room returned to silence. The young man who was originally sitting on the sofa slowly stood up, turned around and walked to the French window on the side of the hall. After pondering for a long time, he stretched out his trembling hand and pulled open a corner of the curtain.

As the heavy velvet curtains were drawn back, the hot afternoon sun rushed into the room. As soon as the young man's pale and long fingers came into contact with the sunlight, it was as if his fingers were being burnt by a piece of charcoal, causing them to rapidly become red and swollen!

The young man's hand unconsciously trembled as it was scorched by the sun's rays. The curtain that was originally held in his hand was also quickly lowered, but the last bit of light was able to clearly see the young man's face. If Lin Bai was here, he would have definitely discovered that this young man was the person he had set up a triad to ruin his future life, then disappeared without a trace, Chen Beihuang!

Lin Bai, everything that you have done for me, as long as I, Chen Beihuang still have a breath of life, I will make sure to repay you even more! You, the Liu family, and all your women will die in my hands! Right now, this is just a small interest that I have to collect in advance!"


Ji Xiang, what's the situation outside? Did any domestic reporters come over? " Tian Zhongyesheng had an unconcealable joy on his face as he looked at Tian Zhongjixiang who was dressed in her traditional cherry red dress and was in front of him and asked anxiously.

He knew that his life was already hanging by a thread. If he did not make use of this press conference to beat up the reporters, as long as he appeared in the embassy, only death awaited him.

However, the good news was that even until now, the development of the situation was still within his plans. As long as this matter was successful, the Liu family would be in an irreparable abyss and at the same time, the internal department of China would be thrown into chaos. Things were progressing so smoothly, how could he not be happy!

The domestic reporters have all arrived, and the Chinese authorities have finally given their answer. They will hold a press conference this afternoon to deal with the matter of Liu Jingtian setting fire to the people and to the reporters. They will respond to the outside world! The joy on Tian Zhongjixiang's face vanished, and he revealed a doubtful look as he continued, But for some reason, I don't know why, but this time their attitudes are extremely unyielding, completely different from the past!

Chinese people are like this. They like to hide their identity and this matter involves the big bosses of the imperial court. That's why they have such an attitude. But now that all the evidence is on our side, even if they have more reasons, so what? After Tian Zhongyesheng arrogantly laughed for a while, he continued to ask: Has there been any news from Grandmaster Dongjiang?

Master went out to look for someone yesterday, but there's still no news from him. I've already sent some of Yin Yang Ladies to look for someone! Hearing Tian Zhongyesheng's question, the worry on Tian Zhongjixiang's face deepened, and he softly said: Wild Monarch, I keep having the feeling that this matter isn't this simple, especially at such a critical juncture, where the Grand Master is actually missing!

Don't worry, Grandmaster Dongjiang is the number one Yin Master in our Fusang. Nothing unexpected will happen! Tian Zhongyesheng's face revealed an obscene smile, and said: Little sister Ji Xiang, things are progressing so smoothly, should we celebrate for our victory in advance? Two days ago, I found out that your Yin Yang Way has a method to absorb water, I wonder if you know how?

While he was speaking, Tian Zhongyesheng's hand gently pulled open the collar of Tian Zhongjixiang's uniform, the right hand carelessly rubbing on it, while the left hand quietly extended behind her back, intending to take off Tian Zhongjixiang's uniform.

The kimono is notoriously difficult to wear, but it is also the easiest to take off in the world. Tian Zhongyesheng's hand lightly tugged at Tian Zhongjixiang's back, and the entire set of clothes instantly fell off from both sides. Tian Zhongjixiang's snow-white body was instantly exposed to the air.

You're so annoying. You're still thinking about such things at a time like this! Tian Zhongjixiang pretended to be bashful and bashful, he extended his hand and lightly patted Tian Zhongyesheng's chest, but before his hand could reach his front, had already limply collapsed into his embrace.

Tian Zhongyesheng laughed obscenely, her hands were moving up and down, the color of the room suddenly rose, the sound of her breathing resonated throughout the entire embassy, but all the staff seemed not to have heard her, it was obvious that they were used to this pair of incestuous siblings!

Liu's arson wounded the case, plus the press conference injured the reporter. This matter now involved not only the diplomatic affairs of two countries, but also the respect for media practitioners at home. Whether it was the actual newspapers or magazines, or the television media, or even those portals and websites, they all attached great importance to this matter.

When Government of China announced that they would release the investigation results on these two events at the Fisherman's Dock, countless media flooded in. Not only were there domestic media, there were also some internationally renowned television and television station reporters.

But for some reason, Government of China, who always cared about the order of the venue, allowed the reporters to enter. What surprised these people the most was that Liu Jingtian, who had never appeared after the arson case, actually accepted the interview as well. It was said that the person behind the arson case, Master Liu Yucheng, was also there himself.

The moment this news spread, countless other media outlets also followed suit. The normal order of the fishing platform had been completely disrupted. As the venue for the press conference was too small and could not accommodate too many reporters, it was moved to the conference hall of the fishing platform. Even so, the conference hall that could normally hold 3,000 people was packed full of seats, the number of short spears could not be counted.

I've never seen such a confident family. They set fire to people and even sent fighters to beat up reporters. Now they actually dare to appear in front of us. We'll have to ask them a few questions later to make things difficult for them. We'll see how they answer our questions!

That's the truth. Since they won't let us off easily, then we can't let them live too comfortably either. We have to tell them that although we don't have guns at our waists, the brushes in our hands are the best weapons!

Many reporters were filled with righteous indignation towards their peers. After hearing the news that Old Man Liu and Liu Jingtian were going to participate in the press conference together, they secretly made their decision.

These Chinese people really like internal strife. The embassy's plan this time is really too good. As long as this report is out, the disgust towards China will be even deeper! When the Fusang reporters heard the whispers of the Chinese reporters, their faces revealed a proud look.

Time flew by, and not long after, a clamor suddenly sounded out in the auction. It turned out that Tian Zhongyesheng and Tian Zhongjixiang had finally completed their great task of bringing down the phoenix with an abnormal ruddiness on their faces, as they arrived at the venue!

Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, may I ask what your attitude is towards the holding of this press conference? What is your view of the series of events behind the arson case? Seeing Tian Zhongyesheng, the Japanese reporters swarmed over like houseflies, and asked with smiles on their faces.

Tian Zhongyesheng showed a humble expression, and after he chuckled to the surroundings, he said leisurely: We believe in Government of China, they will definitely give a suitable answer to this matter!

If Government of China's reply cannot satisfy Fusang, then Ambassador, what will you do? Hearing Tian Zhongyesheng's words, all the Fu Sang reporters anxiously asked. They did not wish for the world to be in chaos.

Tian Zhongyesheng cleared his throat, and said in a deep voice, If Government of China's response is not satisfactory to our embassy, we will organize a large scale protest against it, and ask Government of China to give us a reasonable answer! And this time, the Fusang Government has also expressed that if the reply is unreasonable, we cannot rule out any excessive actions!

Excessive behavior?! The surrounding Chinese reporters' faces were ashen, cursing at Liu Jingtian in their hearts. If it wasn't for him setting fire to them, how would the already tense situation become even more tense? If something bad had really happened, then their Old Liu family would be the sinner of China!

On behalf of the Fusang Government, I express our condolences to all our media friends who have suffered from inhumane treatment in China. This kind of irrational and violent behavior is extremely repulsive in our Fusang Government, and this time, I will definitely protest against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tian Zhongyesheng felt that the fire was not hot enough and poured another ladle of oil into the fire. Hearing his words, the silent Chinese media began to discuss, even the foreign governments were protesting against this evil incident, Government of China's inaction, really made the media feel cold, at the same time they made up their minds, in a moment they would ask a question more ruthlessly!

The sun shines brightly, justice is in the hearts of the people, the truth of the matter lies with us, the Government of China, we will definitely give a reasonable explanation. As for Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, you don't have to put on such an act. There are some things that I can't tell you right now, but the heavens and the earth know it, I know it. Now that you've said it too crudely, if something unexpected happens later, the one with the unsightly face will be you!"

Just as Tian Zhongyesheng was about to take advantage of the situation and start another wildfire, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened the door and walked in.

What kind of attitude is this?! Could it be that your Government of China treats the victims in such a manner? I reserve my rights. If the outcome of this matter is not satisfactory to me, I will contact Fu Sang to decide whether or not to withdraw from Hua Xia! Hearing the spokesman's words, Tian Zhongyesheng's heart thumped, but he still acted as if he was right.

The spokesperson gently shook the information in his hand and said indifferently: Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, please return to your seat. The press conference is about to take place, and I believe that Government of China's investigation results on this matter will definitely be satisfactory to you!

We want to see the perpetrator of the arson case! We want to protest, protest against the Government of China protecting the criminals! We want to protest against the injustice! Seeing that the situation was not looking good, the surrounding Fu Sang reporters waved their arms in protest, each and every one of them appearing to be righteous and indignant.

Just then, the door to the conference hall was pushed open, and Liu Yucheng, who was dressed in an unqualified military uniform, but was in high spirits, walked in with Liu Jingtian's support. After scanning the chaotic surroundings, the old man slowly said:

We are here, but whether or not we are the main culprit is not up to you people to decide! The Heavenly Dao is in the hearts of the people, and right and wrong are the subjects of public debate. I believe that all of you will definitely be satisfied with the results this time!


That's right, the Heavenly Dao is in the hearts of the people. I want to see just what proof do you Chinese people have to be so arrogant! Tian Zhongyesheng stood up and looked at Old Man Liu with disdain, then said indifferently: The deceitful nature of the Chinese people really haven't changed. Even though we were taught by the Great Eastern Asian Common Region back then, it still hasn't changed after all these years!

Great East Asia Jubilee Circle?! Old Man Liu slowly raised his head, stared at the one and a half meter tall Tian Zhongyesheng in front of him, and asked: What did you say just now? What was called inferiority? What's called the comradeship circle?!"

You haven't even heard of the Great East Asian Community. Old man, are you confused by life?! If not for the education our Fusang gave you back then, how could we have your current China! Tian Zhongyesheng raised his head, his voice full of disdain!

Old Man Liu was angry, completely angry! As if a tiger that had been stepped on, he quickly walked in front of Tian Zhongyesheng, raised his arm high, and then slammed it down heavily!

Pow! A resounding slap across the face resounded throughout the arena. Everyone was stunned! With Hu Lao Xiong Feng here, even though Old Man Liu was close to the age of a hundred, his strength was still as young as it was when he was young. With this slap, Tian Zhongyesheng's left cheek raised up high, and a mouthful of his molars fell off, blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

Intimidate the entire audience! This slap had really entered everyone's heart. No one could have imagined that Old Man Liu, who was already so old, would actually have such a fiery temper, and even hit people at such a crucial moment, that even Tian Zhongyesheng himself did not expect that Old Man Liu, who had suddenly gotten injured, would not even be able to dodge.

Power! Violence! Shame! All of the Fu Sang Media present were like wild dogs that had their hairs standing on end as they rushed towards Old Man Liu, chattering and roaring endlessly, flames ignited in their eyes, as though they wanted to eat Old Man Liu alive.

Seeing Tian Zhongyesheng's miserable state, Tian Zhongjixiang screamed out, extended a sharp fingernail, and pounced towards Old Man Liu. But before he could even reach Old Man Liu, he was stopped by Liu Jingtian. Liu Jingtian was someone who had fought his way out of the military compound. He had seen all sorts of fights in his life, so he managed to block her in front of the old man in a matter of seconds.

Stop! Old man, don't worry. I will definitely make you pay for your recklessness. I will also make you Chinese pay!" Tian Zhongyesheng reached out and grabbed Tian Zhongjixiang, pulling her back to his side. After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand, he said to Old Man Liu with hatred.

Old Man Liu laughed coldly, and said indifferently: Back then, that heroic kid didn't even dare to be this arrogant in front of me, what are you worth?! Go back and ask your ancestor who sent them rolling back there! With a cowardly face like yours, how dare you expand the East Asian Co-Prosperity Circle in front of me? Let me tell you, we Chinese have long stood up!

The old man's voice was loud and clear like a bell. The sound effect within the meeting room was already extremely good. His voice lingered around the room for a long time. When the Chinese reporters heard Old Man Liu's words, they all felt a kind of impassioned feeling in their hearts. If it wasn't for the fact that Old Man Liu was the mastermind behind beating up the reporters, all of them would have definitely rushed over to shake hands with the old man!

Incomprehensible! We will definitely do a good job of reporting about this on the international scene. We will get everyone who has a conscience to stand out and denounce you for your power in China! We will definitely make you pay the price for your actions! Fu Sang clenched his fists tightly, seeing Old Man Liu's unkind words, if not because of Old Man Liu's identity, they would have already exchanged punches with him!

Old Man Liu snorted, then slowly walked towards the stage, he glanced at the reporters below and said: My greetings to all of you, my friends from the media! I am Liu Yucheng, and all the things that have happened before have caused great harm to you all and have greatly affected our reputation in China, so I will explain this to you all today!

Before I explain, I would like to invite everyone to watch a video that I obtained through my private channels. After everyone has finished watching this video, everyone will see who is wrong and who is wrong. Everyone should have a public opinion in mind!

As Old Man Liu spoke, he extended his right hand and raised the USB in his hand. He nodded to the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and indicated for him to open the projector in the conference room!

Hearing Old Man Liu's words, Tian Zhongyesheng felt as though he had fallen into an ice cellar, he stared at the USB in's hand, his entire body trembling uncontrollably, his thoughts flying nonstop, he was thinking about the information in his hand!

When the video was opened, they immediately heard hurried panting. Everyone was startled, and looked at Old Man Liu awkwardly. Could it be that Old Man Liu had gone insane, and had actually used this video of a most likely island moving romance as evidence, and even played it in such a public place?!

What does your Government of China only mean by this?! A yellow video appeared in front of so many of us! Could it be that this is the evidence?! The Fusang reporters below the stage looked at the scene on the big screen and shouted at Liu Yucheng.

Old Man Liu laughed coldly, and said indifferently: Are these things evidence? Look carefully, especially Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng and the lady beside you, both of you need to look clearly at the details in the video, and see if there is any deviation from your memories!

Tian Zhongyesheng was startled when he heard it, then he raised his head and stared at a corner of the video on the big screen, the more he saw, the more he felt that this place looked familiar, after a moment, cold sweat rolled down his forehead, his entire body trembling even more! He was shocked to realize that the location recorded in the video was actually his bedroom before the FuSang embassy was destroyed!

The man in the video was clearly weak. After a short moment, he climbed down from the woman in the video and turned his head to look in the direction of the camera. That oily pink face, if it wasn't Tian Zhongyesheng's, then who could it be? And the woman beside him, wasn't she Tian Zhongjixiang who was currently standing by his side!

All of the Chinese reporters looked at the trembling Tian Zhongyesheng in ridicule. They never thought that the people of the island would be this abnormal, to the point that they would not even let their own little sisters go.

But before they could finish their discussion, Tian Zhongyesheng's and Tian Zhongjixiang's conversation sounded out from the side of the sound box. Not only was the content extremely obscene, but they had also told them all the details about framing Liu Jingtian, and some of the details were extremely detailed!

This isn't real. This is something that you guys came up with using your computer. I definitely have never done such a thing before! Tian Zhongyesheng shook his head like a mad dog, panicking as he looked at Liu Yucheng, who was on the stage, and said in disbelief. He really couldn't think of anyone, who had recorded these videos, and he actually didn't know anything about them at all!

Liu Yucheng berated him coldly: You should have the guts to admit what you have done. Could it be that you Fusang men don't even have eggs under your legs?!

Although Old Man Liu's words were extremely vulgar, they went deep into the hearts of the Chinese reporters! They resented that Liu Jingtian only pitied him and did not fight, but at this moment, they suddenly knew that Liu Jingtian was innocent, and they themselves were fooled by those Fusang Dwarves, causing their hearts to be filled with indignation. Hearing Old Man Liu's words, they couldn't help but cheer!

Impossible, these are all unreal. Everyone, don't believe that they are lying. These things were all synthesized by them to frame me and Ambassador Tanaka! Tian Zhongjixiang also panicked to the extreme, he waved his hand, and shouted at the reporters in front of him.

Liu Jingtian took a step forward and said coldly, If you think those videos are fake, we can get experts to check them out! Previously, we had been enduring it all because we wanted to give you, the Fusang Embassy, a chance to confess your crimes. However, after waiting for so long, you all still did not have any reaction, so we cannot tolerate any longer and have to reveal this matter!

Impossible, absolutely impossible! There's no reason why I wouldn't know you guys are filming these things! Seeing Liu Jingtian being so domineering, Tian Zhongyesheng knew that the paper could not contain the fire, so he fell to the ground, raised his head and looked at Old Man Liu, and shook his head.

Old Man Liu coldly snorted, and said indifferently: There are too many things in this world that you don't understand, and we Chinese aren't weak, but patient. We are giving you a chance, and right now, it is you who aren't cherishing it, no one can blame you!

I refuse to accept this! Even if he was framed by me, you still can't say that you were not the one to point out that those people were beaten up by the media! Tian Zhongyesheng clenched his fists, staring straight at Old Man Liu, he gritted his teeth and said.

Old Man Liu smiled and nodded, then said slowly: I knew you would use this matter as your shield, but I'm afraid you will be disappointed once again. Guard, bring that person here!

After a series of scolding sounds, a disheveled man with a moustache was pushed into the meeting room by a few guards!

Friends reporters, you all saw those thugs in the fishing platform that day! You all should be able to recognize that this is the person who led the group that day! Old Man Liu pointed at the moustache man, and said coldly: These are not the main points. The most important thing is, when the people from the Yanjing's camp caught this scum, he was preparing to harm a young lady from China!"


The crowd was in an uproar, all the Chinese reporters were glaring at moustache man who was standing on stage, their eyes filled with anger. If it were not for the fact that they were in the fishing platform, they would have pounced on him right now and beaten him to death!

His heart can be destroyed! Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, you keep saying that you want to seek justice, then let me ask you, you have done so many cruel things, what kind of explanation should you give our Liu Family, and what kind of explanation should you give to our China?! " Old Man Liu took a step forward, stood in front of Tian Zhongyesheng and bellowed.

Old Man Liu was like an angry lion, his voice was like a bell, shaking the entire place. And at this moment, the killing intent that had been accumulated in the dozens of years of the army and horses on Old Man Liu's body was naturally released, scaring Tian Zhongyesheng to the point that his butt fell on the ground!

What nonsense are you saying, this is all fabricated by you using your power! Our Fusang is a nation of etiquette, how could we possibly do such a thing?! Tian Zhongyesheng trembled as his eyes looked all around him. Clenching his fists tightly, he explained.

Old Man Liu gave a cold laugh as he turned his head to look at the moustache man on the stage and said in a deep voice, Do you want to say it yourself, or do you want me to force you to tell me the truth?

I admit, I'm from Fusang. I deserve to die! moustache man had long been scared senseless by the atmosphere in the meeting room. Now that he was frightened by Old Man Liu, he said with a trembling voice in broken Chinese, But all of this was planned by Tian Zhongyesheng and Tian Zhongjixiang, the dog and his brother. I am just a little pawn, just spare me please!

Representative Jin, you are the host of that day's press conference! Come here and take a look, was this kid among those people back then?! Old Man Liu did not care about the trembling moustache man, he turned and looked at Jin Kehuang who was covered in bandages, and said gently: You can just relax and say so, with me here, no one will dare to do anything!"

Hearing that, Jin Kehuang walked towards the direction of moustache man, the moment he saw the moustache man, Jin Kehuang's hand immediately started to tremble, and his eyes were filled with even more hatred! Although moustache man was currently being beaten black and blue by his Yanjing army, Jin Kehuang immediately recognized that he was the man who had beaten him up with a baseball bat that day!

That's right, that's him! It was he who rushed into the venue with his men that day! Jin Kehuang pointed at moustache man, and turned to Old Man Liu with an apologetic tone: Old Man, I misunderstood you in the past!

I don't blame you. This is all the fault of the Fusang Dwarfs. It has nothing to do with us Chinese people! Old Man Liu waved his hand and said.

The meeting room was completely silent. Even if a needle were to fall, it would be clearly heard. All the media reporters were sitting blankly on their seats, looking at everything that was happening in front of the conference hall.

These Chinese media people did not expect the truth to be like this! Everything was actually planned by these Fusang Dwarfs. And their intentions for doing these things were vicious to the extreme. They actually wanted to use this as a chance to stir up internal conflict in China. Pity that they were used by people as guns and even laughed foolishly!

At this moment, they felt an inexplicable sense of guilt towards the Liu Family. At the same time, they were filled with enmity towards these Fusang Dwarves. If it weren't for those Fusang people, would they have done such a thing to their compatriots?

They originally thought that everything was reasonable on their side and that their plan was flawless, but they never thought that when it was clearly about to be a moment of complete victory, the Liu family would actually use the ultimate counterattack. Furthermore, this combination of their punches was truly marvelous, making them speechless, and their teeth could only swallow into their stomachs with their blood!

As for the foreign media, they were unable to conceal the joy on their faces. They never thought that these two incidents would have such soul-stirring twists and turns, and even more so, that there would be a sudden turn of events. This was such a good news material, what could be more illustrative of the habits of a people than this!

Give us justice now! Liars have to pay the price, even beating someone up has to pay the price! Give us an explanation! "

Let them know that us Chinese people are not easy to bully!

Right, let's take care of these guys. They must be tired of living to dare to instigate a relationship between our own people in China!

With one person taking the lead, all of the Chinese reporters in the conference room stood up, and looked at Tian Zhongyesheng and the other people from the Fu Sang Embassy with their fierce eyes, waving their fists, they roared out together, their words were filled with the anger of someone who has been fooled!

Everyone, quiet down. Listen to me! Old Man Liu saw that the situation was already out of his expectations, and lightly patted the microphone in his hand, and said clearly: Previously, our Liu family chose to remain silent, because we wanted to figure out who exactly is doing this kind of thing, and we are not willing to suspect that our friends who are wearing clothes and carrying water will do anything that would harm our feelings!

On the day before the press conference was held, we were still being scolded and rebuked countless times. Even I, who was over a hundred years old, did not dare to enter the military compound! You and I are Chinese relatives who share the same aura and blood is thicker than water. I don't care about any of this! However, what makes me angry is that these Fusang people will do such a bloody and violent thing to you all in my name!

If the person is doing it, the heavens are looking at it. Justice is in the hearts of the people! The video I have posted is from an unknown person. He has witnessed evil, and he has given us proof that we can defeat it! Let us give our applause to this gentleman, and we thank him! Thank you, everyone! You are only blinded by righteousness, and righteousness is what we Chinese believe in the most!

Old Man Liu paused for a moment, then pointed at Tian Zhongyesheng and said in a heavy voice, Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, is this the kind of grievance that you speak of? Or is this what you Fusans call the truth?! I would like to ask you, have you, the Fusans, forgotten how you lost the war sixty-eight years ago?

"And what's most infuriating is that these reporters who are attending are all the best in their industry! They do not have three feet of green peaks in their hands, but they do have a red brush, and yet you all are so ruthless to them. When you sent people to wave your staff at them, did you ever think about what the Heavenly Dao was?!

"We Chinese love peace, we believe in justice! But what we are even less afraid of is the ulterior motives of some people! Today, I will only, on behalf of China, put forward the following conditions to the Fusang: first, apologize publicly to China worldwide; second, compensate everyone for the losses suffered by your malevolent journalists; third, remove from office the current ambassador and punish him according to law.

Old Man Liu took out a piece of paper filled with words and read it one by one. After reciting over twenty words, he finally let out a breath. His grandson's temper was similar to his grandfather's, which was true, Lin Bai's extortion at Longhu Mountains was indeed inherited!

This old general, I'm sorry! Fu Sang who was unwilling to give up stood up, looked at Old Man Liu and said solemnly: I would like to ask if you can publicize the real information of the person who took this video, if not, I will question its authenticity!

All reporters at the conference will receive a copy of the videotape without any technical processing. If you have any questions, you can take them to the laboratory for an appraisal! Of course, if you really want to meet the cameraman, you can also look for him in private. I also welcome you to do so, because I want to repay this debt of gratitude!

Old Man Liu smiled and said, his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, but his words were filled with an unquestionable strength!

The reporter who did not give up, Fu Sang could only sit down in embarrassment. However, the viciousness in his eyes remained! At this moment, he was cursing Tian Zhongyesheng in his heart. This idiot actually knew nothing about such a secretive video being taken by someone else, if it wasn't for him, how could the Great Fusang Empire bear such humiliation!

May I ask if you have any other questions that you need me to explain? Or rather, who else would doubt the authenticity of this video? We might as well ask the experts to come over and do an on-site verification! " Old Man Liu looked around at the gathered reporters, and said with confidence.

No one said anything. The Chinese reporters were feeling ashamed of the Liu family, so they naturally wouldn't raise any doubts about the authenticity of the tape! And they naturally chose to believe what Old Man Liu had said!

As for the reporters from Fusang, they were the ones who understood the truth of the matter the best. They knew that it was meaningless to argue about the authenticity of the video at this moment in time! And if they were to continue arguing at this moment, not only would they prove their low moral character on the international scene, but they might also be beaten up by these passionate Chinese reporters!

Ambassador Tian Zhongyesheng, this is the explanation I gave you. Are you satisfied? Old Man Liu slowly walked in front of the fallen Tian Zhongyesheng, whose face was ashen, and coldly said: In the future, we will use schemes and tricks in Hua Xia, so let's first think of who taught you guys the art of culture, and who initiated the thirty six strategies!

Tian Zhongyesheng raised his head and looked at the pale Tian Zhongjixiang beside him. He did not say anything, and as his body trembled, he immediately drowned himself on the spot!

He knew that he had really lost this time with no suspense, and there was no longer any kind of technique to reverse the situation. It was also at this moment that he understood why there was no news of Dongjiang Tai Lang after his trip, because there was a 99% chance that this head of the Yin Yang camp had already been buried in Hua Xia!


The sun shines brightly! Fusang's evil heart did not give up and he even laid a lie to frame the Chinese youth and beat up the media!

Thieves cry out to catch thieves, unjustly speaking, in the heart of the heavens. When water falls, rocks will rise out of the sun, and the ambitions of the bandits of Fusang will be completely revealed!

Lying to the heavens, Fusang framing China, stealing chickens is a waste of rice!

The people from the media all bowed to Old Man Liu respectfully as they passed by him. That video that he released was like iron evidence. Not only did it prove that the Fusang people harbored evil intentions and coveted China, but it also proved that these reporters were blinded by justice!

The shame they felt when they thought of how their men had pointed their guns at an old man who had given his youth and blood to the Republic was hard to dispel, and the hatred they felt for the Fusans was even more difficult to dispel. Therefore, as soon as he returned from the fishing platform to his department, he began to draw up speeches such as The Sharp Sword Attacks on Fusang!

At the same time, the Chinese officials and media, who had been silent all this while, also began to denounce this vicious incident committed by the Fusang with their own television stations or websites. Their words were intense and unprecedented!

Thieves cry out to catch criminals. It was clearly a crime they had committed, but they wanted to pin this blame on an old man who had made a huge contribution to the founding of the Republic! And they even wanted to use this incident to cause internal strife in China so that their Fusang could reap the benefits! There was actually such a shameless person in this world!

Regardless of whether it was the hot-blooded young man in front of the internet or the elderly people in front of their televisions, all of them were clenching their fists tightly after reading these earth-shattering reports. Their eyes were filled with hatred for Fu Sang! Countless posts were being posted on various social networking sites. The Liu family, which was viewed as a fierce flood, had now become a national hero in the eyes of the Chinese citizens!

In a short moment, everyone was paying close attention to the development of this event. Many netizens and citizens spontaneously began to demonstrate in front of the Fusang's embassy, protesting against the evil deeds done by the Fusang!

Not only was the entire China denouncing the Fusang, even the international media were all expressing their regret at the actions of the Fusang. Furthermore, many internationally renowned business leaders, when interviewed by reporters, claimed that because of this incident, they had to reconsider the credibility of the Fusang Merchant, and temporarily cut off some business activities with the Fusang.

The unprecedented panic was also an unprecedented humiliation! At this time, the Fusang was in complete chaos. The intensity of Hua Xia's reaction this time, as well as the international condemnation of the Fusang, had completely exceeded Fusang's political expectations. Many of the conscientious Fujimori were ashamed of the government's evil deeds, but they also took to the streets to protest and demand a thorough investigation.

Incredible, this is a one-sided battle! Furthermore, this should be the most devastating attack Fusang suffered after the financial crisis. This huge financial nation fell into a strange circle of public relations crises. After this incident, I don't think anyone will believe in this country anymore! A prominent BBC media official said in an interview that he was shocked.

A famous financial critic in the United States had even claimed that because of the impact of this incident, Fusang would probably be as severely injured as she was previously by the financial tsunami! It has to be known that the Chinese market had always been an important sales base for the Fusang, and after this event, his market share in China would be greatly reduced!

After the interview with the reporter on the financial side, the well-known financial critic lamented, I really hope to meet with that unknown person who revealed the truth of this incident. This Jedi Counterattack is not only a classic case of the diplomatic community, but it is also a method that even the financial world would think of as a top genius!

The pressure of public opinion came overwhelmingly, Fusang Government, who had originally thought that with the passage of time, the malicious result would disappear, only to realize that not only did the public opinion not disappear, but it had become more and more fierce, and their words were becoming more and more intense, even some of the domestic media had begun to request the Fusang Government to reconcile with China as soon as possible, in order to resolve the vicious effect of the incident!

We are ashamed of everything that happened at the Fusang Embassy in China. The matters that happened today were all done by Tian Zhongyesheng alone, it had nothing to do with the Fusang Government! But taking into account the international influence as well as the feelings of the Chinese people, our Fusang Government will accept the conditions put forward by the Chinese side as an expression of our sincerity!

Fusang Government originally thought that the pressure on international public opinion would be greatly reduced after he made this announcement, but he never expected that this move of his would have the opposite effect! Government of China forcefully responded, saying that Fusang Government's concessions this time were without sincerity, and it was also because they completely did not recognize their own mistakes in showing them, and thus absolutely did not accept their so-called 'sincerity'!

At this time, a one-sided situation had also appeared in the international media. Everyone, without exception, was condemning Fusang Government. At this point, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that Fusang Government was definitely involved, but they actually pushed the blame onto the Ambassador alone. This was completely unjustifiable!

The international financial tycoons also expressed their disappointment at Fusang's response. This was not something a responsible government would do!

We Chinese people are not so easily fooled, the Fusang Government must face up to his mistakes, and must also sincerely apologize, otherwise not only will the Chinese people not forgive their crimes, the people of the international community will also denounce Fu Sang for what he has done! During the press conference, the spokesman Jin Kehuang spoke with confidence and conviction, her words were extremely intense!

There were no longer any suspense to the developments of the matter. Under the joint denouncement of both the international and the national forces, the Fusang Government was besieged on all four sides.

Forced into a corner, the head of Fusang Government personally held a press conference. He expressed his regret for what the Fusang Embassy had done in China, and also expressed that the Fusang Government was responsible for this matter! At the same time, he also said that not only would he apologize to the international media, he would also personally go to China to express his apology.

Brat, let me tell you, not only did you save our Liu family, even those few elders are very satisfied with your performance. Just now, they called you to ask if you had the intention to join them as an official! It was rough outside, but Liu Residence was calm and tranquil at the moment. Under such a good mood, Old Man Liu held onto Lin Bai and chatted non-stop!

Lin Bai waved his hand, and said with a wry smile: "Old Gramps, you don't have to humiliate me anymore! I know what I am thinking, but once I enter the field, my career will be as deep as the sea. This kind of thing can only be endured by my cousin, I can't afford it! Furthermore, old man, do you think that if even I become a official, then wouldn't others be even more envious of our Old Liu family?

Whatever you say, brat! But you did really well this time. I heard from someone that the Fusang is in a mess right now, and many companies have even stopped working under the pressure of international public opinion. Their financial losses are not any less than the losses during the financial crisis back then! " Old Man Liu had never had a good impression of Fu Sang, so he laughed heartily at Lin Bai.

Lin Bai said, Old master, you know very well that when I was doing this, I did not think too much into it. I never expected that the tape would have such a good effect, please do not blame me for this!

I can't even praise you anymore. Just pretend I didn't say anything! Old Man Liu smiled bitterly and shook his head: What plans do you have next? Are you at ease at home waiting for my fat grandson to be born, or do you want to continue to wander around?

Back then, when I was in trouble in Europe, and also went to Mexico, I owed Elder Chen Baian a favor! I'm too embarrassed to refuse, so I should stay in the country for the time being. " Lin Bai said humbly. Although the old man didn't oppose his practice of the art anymore, in the end, he still had his grudges.

Old Man Liu slowly nodded his head, and softly said: Grandsons have their own blessings, do whatever you like. Don't wait until you get older and feel regretful about something, but there is something that you have to promise this old man. You have so many women by your side, you must definitely make them open up a path for us, Old Liu!

When Lin Bai heard the old man's disrespectful words, his face couldn't help but turn ashen. He rushed out of the room in a panic, afraid that the old man would say something that didn't match his identity!

Kid, you've seen some ghost, why is the monkey in such a hurry?! Lin Bai had just rushed out of the large courtyard, and after panting for a few times, he was hit by Chen Baian who coincidentally arrived in the courtyard.

Lin Bai laughed bitterly: I guess I will pass today by the hands of the two of you. Speak, why have you two come looking for me? First, I'll tell you, I'm not going to do this kind of thing anymore! "

Old man, when did I ask you to steal from me? You make it sound like I'm a thief from a chicken! Chen Baian glared and bellowed, but his words could not hide the smile on his face. The methods Lin Bai used to deal with the short man Fusang were extremely suitable for his taste. His originally good impression of Lin Bai became much stronger at this moment!

Lin Bai said: Elder Chen, if you have something to say, quickly say it, don't hide it so easily, my family's old man just gave me a mission, I need to hurry and finish it!

Three days later, the international phase art competition will be held in Kaifeng. I'm looking for you for this matter! Chen Baian's face became gloomy!


Although Lin Bai had long since been prepared in his heart, he had not expected that the day would actually come so quickly for the International Phase Art Competition!

What's wrong, don't tell me you're scared? Chen Baian saw the hesitation in Lin Bai's tone, and laughed: Lin Bai, this doesn't seem to be your style, I never heard of you having stage fright!

That's because you don't have a deep understanding of me. I was born afraid of big battle! Lin Bai laughed and teased. He was not afraid, but he did not like to do things that would cause others to see his face in public. At the opening of the International Photography Competition, there would inevitably be a lot of media outlets reporting on the event. If someone revealed everything that they had done in the past, it would be troublesome.

How could Chen Baian not know what Lin Bai was planning in his heart? He said with a smile, Don't worry about these things. I have not come only to find you, but also Old Man Liu. If he were to personally speak out in front of the media, and wanted to see whether or not those people had offended him, his secret would not be exposed!

Then I'll have to thank Elder Chen. You should know that my family's old man is prejudiced against me when it comes to cultivating the art. Lin Bai sighed, and said to Chen Baian sincerely. He couldn't help but be moved by the meticulous consideration of the old man's question.

There's no need to be polite with me! Chen Baian shook his head, frowned as he looked at Lin Bai and said softly: Even after Dong Jiang Tai Lang died, there's still no news from that Small black cat, right? Has anyone at Fusang talked about the things that happened here?

No, I went to the Fusang embassy a few more times, but I couldn't find any trace of it. I also asked Tian Zhongyesheng and Tian Zhongjixiang about it, but they both didn't know anything. I said that Dongjiang Tai Lang was the only one who dealt with the twists and turns behind the scenes, but now that he's dead, I will ask him about it underground! Lin Bai shook his head and sighed.

Furthermore, from the sound transmission the Small black cat gave him

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