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The King of the Warring States Era: Volume 5

The King of the Warring States Era: Volume 5

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The King of the Warring States Era: Volume 5

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Nov 5, 2019


The seven great states of the Warring States Era stood at attention. Each state had the ambition to swallow up the sea, the whole world, and all directions. In troubled times, evils would arise, and when heroes emerged, the protagonist of this book would rise to prominence in the Warring States Era!
Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019

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The King of the Warring States Era - Long Zhu




Mo Feixuan pondered for a moment, then sighed: If that's really the case, then before long, the world will be thrown into chaos.

Chen Ling nodded his head and said, It is indeed so, but it is still better than fighting endlessly like this. The Mo family strives to both love and attack, defend the weak, and try to restrain the strong to achieve this, in fact, they are destroying a law of progress in history, those small countries with backward production methods, political chaos, the destitute and lustful monarchies, and their rotten cultures, should be reshuffled by the trend and be integrated into a big country to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, the cultural gap, and the way of production. Only then can China move forward, if the ancient country doesn't move forward.

Chen Ling would never forget the recent history, from the beginning of the Opium War, the humiliation of the old China, the Western countries took the lead and completed the industrial revolution, each of them proclaiming democracy and human rights. The countries once talked about human rights to the colonies, different civilizations clashed, and the strong destroyed the weak, only by being strong could they avoid the humiliation of China.

This was the first time Mo Feixuan had heard such a thing. The ancient saints all had different opinions on the rule of the world:

Laozi says to do nothing to govern, the system of small countries, old age, mutual peaceful coexistence do not violate.

Confucius spoke of righteousness and justice, abiding by the etiquette of the king. The ruler was the ruler, and the subject was the subject. He treated the neighbors with respect and did not bully them.

Mo Zi paid attention to both love and opposition to the strong and the weak, constantly attacking each other.

Therefore, the Saints were advising them to stop fighting and live together with virtue. Chen Ling proposing to use force to suppress martial arts, eliminate countries of all sizes, strengthen the centralization of power, and establish a country where everyone could coexist peacefully was completely against common sense.

However, after careful consideration, it seemed that this method was not only bold and arrogant, but also somewhat reasonable, because the ancients had proposed many methods, which had not solved the actual problem. Since the Eastern Zhou Dynasty moved to the capital, when Zhou Tianzi's influence weakened, spring and autumn began, hundreds of dukes fought with each other unceasingly.

They were both descendants of the sun, but they were regarded as mortal enemies. In order to make a small profit, the city had gained some benefits as well as lost a lot of blood. In the end, the citizens had to suffer!

I was instructed by my teachers and disciples to represent the Mo family to join the alliance. I originally wanted to block the alliance and interrogate the dukes on the spot, disregarding morals and doing things the wrong way, but I didn't expect that the logic behind this wasn't as simple as my Mo family thought. At this moment, Mo Feixuan was somewhat at a loss. This was the first time she felt that some of the truths from the ancient times were unclear.

Chen Ling knew that this Holy Maiden was not just for show. He was extremely fond of moving his brain, thought of problems, world philosophy, arithmetic, geography, inventions, various types of weapons, etc. He would also use his own theories to analyze and decipher.

Fei Xuan, let me ask you. What are the main factors in the advancement of society and the development of history?

After being asked, Mo Feixuan replied seriously, It should be the material conditions, a stable environment, rich citizens, no wars …

Chen Ling chuckled, Those are the specific details. In my opinion, they mainly include production relations and productivity. Once the production relationship and productivity are compatible, it represents that the society will advance forward, and history is progressing!

Mo Feixuan did not understand at all, her face full of astonishment: What is production relationship, productivity?

Chen Ling explained, Productivity is a material force that people need to reform nature and adapt to society, it includes labour means, objects of labour, as well as laborers. Productivity is an economic relationship that people don't transfer by their will, which includes the ownership of production resources, the relationship between people and people in production, and the distribution of products. Productivity is the foundation, and it includes science and technology, inventions, new inventions, new technologies, production relations, and so on.

Mo Feixuan's eyes lit up when she heard this, she had never heard of such a novel theory before. After she carefully thought about it, there was some truth to it, and continued to ask questions. Chen Ling patiently explained the Marxist theory of philosophy, for the people of the twenty-first century, even middle school students understood some of the shallow aspects of the theory, because it was popular in political subjects.

But for the warring states and heirs' ages, philosophy still remains in idealism and metaphysics, so how can we know such materialistic dialectics and the new lyrics of later generations?

Mo Feixuan gradually entered the school of thought and understood this way of thinking. She couldn't help but nod her head, just like how when she was in Liao Dong, he shared a bed with Chen Ling, talking like a candle at night.

To think that there would be such a saying. Great King, you have already seen through the current situation and developments. No wonder you have to vigorously carry out the reforms, and even push the other countries to fight …

Fei Xuan, can you stay by my side and help me accomplish this ambitious goal? Witness the rise of the China! Chen Ling planned to unify the six nations and change their name to China. From then on, they would not separate the seven great survivors from the north and south to strengthen the national unity.

I don't want to be trapped under the constraints of some royal power, and even more so, I don't want to live in a caged palace. But I will do my best to help you. For the Mo family, for all the people in the world!

Chen Ling heard Mo Feixuan's firm reply and was extremely excited. He grabbed onto the goddess' jade hand and said happily: That's great, Fei Xuan, I really hope that one day, after completing my great deed, I can live a carefree life with you, and not leave me until I have achieved unity, okay?

Mo Feixuan pulled out her soft hair, rolled her eyes at him, and turned around. You already have so many female friends by your side, are you still not satisfied?

Chen Ling was worried that she would leave, so he grabbed onto the goddess's small waist from behind and wrapped his arms around his weak and boneless, yet holy and fluent body. He said sincerely: Fei Xuan, I really … I really like you …"

After Mo Feixuan heard this, it was difficult for him to keep her calm heart of a fairy anymore. She trembled a little, especially when she was hugged by Chen Ling, he was unable to struggle free, the more she moved, the tighter she felt she was unable to move, and her entire body became weaker.

Let me go!

Don't go!

Did I say I was going?

Chen Ling was overjoyed: Eh, then you agreed to it? His arms loosened a bit.

Mo Feixuan turned around with a sly smile: What did I promise you?

Chen Ling didn't think that the goddess would go back on her words, but there was nothing he could do about it. With a bitter face, Mo Feixuan looked at her and laughed.

Mo Feixuan's tone suddenly turned gentle: Look at you now, you don't look like a king anymore. Where did your ambition go just now? Don't worry, since Fei Xuan has promised you, she will definitely not go back on her words. She will definitely help you accomplish your great objective, stand by your side, and return with success or failure. At that time, whether or not you are willing to follow her is your own business …"

When Chen Ling heard that there was hope, he immediately recovered his spirit from his disappointment. Delighted, he embraced Mo Xianzi passionately and said: "Then that's good, no matter how it will turn out in the future, I just want to tell you, Fei Xuan, that we will walk together through this life, look at the passing of time, look down at the passing of time.


They talked for a long time about how Chen Ling would act as a proton and how he would escape from Korea. He would be caught in the army by the Wei Army and used as a lackey.

The middle Qin was at odds with the five Eastern Kingdom, and at the critical moment, how he had flown back and helped the allied forces of the Eastern Kingdom to defeat the Western Qin Empire, completing this victory in the middle, in which he had barely survived, and how he had escaped by himself, riding alone for a thousand miles, fighting his way out of the encirclement with his sword, Mo Feixuan heard a burst of emotions from him.

At this moment, Mo Feixuan had already tacitly agreed to the Mo family, and would support Chen Ling in everything. He did not plan to destroy this and promote the development of the situation, but of course, she would not tell anyone else about the identity mystery, including the Mo family's Saw.

Therefore, Mo Feixuan became the first person Chen Ling personally told her her identity. Her trust in her also reached an unimaginable level, because there was no mark of a Marquis Kingdom on her body. Unlike Luo Yuyan who belonged to the Qi Nation and the Wei Nation, Bai Ruoxi telling them these secrets beforehand would allow them to make an opposing choice between countries, families, and men.

At the same time, he also wanted to change the way of the Yan Nation and become strong. However, with him around, the way of changing the way of the Yan Nation and making the country stronger would have less twists and turns, but he would have to wait until the conditions to dominate the entire continent and mature, then maybe he could do it, maybe not in his lifetime.

However, when Qin Xiaogong transformed into a strong country, his goal would not be to unify the world.

He believed that the progress of the process would definitely be much faster than that of the Qin Nation. When his Yan Nation had the power to rule the world once, then the Qin Nation who had declined once again since then would probably still be trapped by the Marquis in the Western Region of the Hangu Pass.

Time, land, and man, he would carve them out step by step; now that history had begun to deviate from its original course, it was time for his big hands to take the course of history.

After Chen Ling sent Mo Feixuan away, he was actually only sent to the door. With a flash of white light, he disappeared.

The ancient heroines never go through the main entrance. I just don't know, how about the back door for them to let their husbands in and out?

When Chen Ling returned to his bedroom, Bai Ruoxi was already impatient. She finally found the time to sneak over, and this idiot actually went to her study, could it be that she considered herself a scholar?

Seeing Chen Ling push open the door and enter, Bai Ruoxi was filled with complaints before she disappeared. She threw herself into's embrace and laughed: I've snatched it again, did talented girl Luo come look for you tonight?

No, she sent someone to deliver the invitation.

Oh, still conservative, but I'm guessing that right now on her bed, her mind is filled with thoughts about you. Bai Ruoxi scolded.

There's someone who cares about your husband, that's the proof that Ruoxi has a very high opinion of him!

Bai Ruoxi complained: Tch, stop it, in the future, who knows how many beauties will be looking forward to entering our house, I can't even see them clearly, if we can't protect them, that'll be even harder!

Call me master. Chen Ling avoided this topic and went straight to the topic of tonight.

Bai Ruoxi's cheeks flushed red, her expression was bashful, and then she shyly said: Hubby!



Hehe, that's right. When there's no one else around in the future, you can call me that …

Bai Ruoxi's skin was extremely well maintained. The naturally more expensive young miss was tender and sleek, and when she took off her clothes, her skin was as greasy as a pile of snow. It was truly dazzling white.

Master, your performance today is too astonishing. Poetry is the best in the world, gathering so many geniuses, talents, scholars, doctors, and so many others. I didn't see you reading any books, your writing skills aren't good, why are you so good at poetry? Bai Ruoxi sat up straight, her body shining with white light as she asked Chen Ling.

Hehe, about this, when I was a teenager, I did flip through a lot of books and slips. 'Wealth is the best in learning', and 'Wei Caiji is the best of the best'; those few words are your husband's words!

Come on, I don't believe it, hee hee!

Today you broke the crown of the poem, Ruoxi is very happy, I can see your literary style with my own eyes, tonight everything will be as you say, what do you think, I'll do as you say, okay Hubby?


Chen Ling laughed out loud. Such a rather expensive Giant Jia Clan Patriarch and miss, being taught by him to be so obedient and willing to sleep under him, he felt a sense of pride in being a man, and treated her like a real man!

Ordinarily, women with noble and dignified stately statuses would exude a seductive charm if they were to be touched by love!


The snow had melted, the peach forests were fragrant, the willows were drooping green, the grass was dense, and outside the city, it was spring.

In the morning, Chen Ling went to the yamen of the Duroc's Department, where he checked in routinely. After instructing them on a day's worth of patrolling tasks, he returned back to the house and changed into a brocade robe and green clothes. Under the protection of a bunch of bodyguards and experts, he left the suburbs and went on a date with Luo Yuyan.

The beauty had an appointment and had no choice but to come. Although Chen Ling's safety was under threat, he did not disappoint the talented girl's expectations.

Outside the city, Luo Yuyan's men were already waiting, the maids, guards, and carriage were parked beside the willow tree by the side of the road.

talented girl Luo was wearing a comfortable outfit for excursion today. He did not put on any formal robes, instead, he wore a yellow jacket with a lapel, a skirt that crossed his knees, and a leather belt around his waist. On the leather belt was a set of leather boots with a jade pendant hanging from it, and his hair was combed into a bun.

Yuyan, sorry to keep you waiting.

Luo Yuyan smiled slightly: It's alright, we have just arrived. Let's travel together.

Chen Ling rode in front, Luo Yuyan and the servant sat inside the carriage, the group was close to a hundred people, they were vast and mighty, and arrived at a lake ten miles away from the city.

The waters outside the Daliang City were crisscrossed, and there were many lakes. As the Wei Nation was located at the junction of the north and south, the weather was warm, much warmer than the Yan Nation in the coldest and most bitter of lands.

It was spring outside the city, and the scenery was beautiful. Wild flowers bloomed everywhere, and the birds in the forest chirped non-stop.

The small boat was already prepared for noon so Chen Ling and Luo Yuyan boarded the light boat. The man held onto the oars, and with a shake of the oar, the small boat quickly left the shore and slid towards the center of the lake. The other guards, their servants and servants were making a fire to cook rice on the shore, cooking a picnic and barbecuing.

Today, Chen Ling was dressed in a sky green silk robe with black pine stripes at the collar. His black hair was combed with silk, and he had a delicate and pretty face, as well as eyes that seemed to be painted with a bit of lacquer.If it weren't for the scars on his face, such a free and easy person would definitely be even more handsome and extraordinary.

sat on the boat, facing Chen Ling who was just inches away from him, even if the knife scar was very eye-catching, in his eyes, it did not affect his charm in the slightest, causing talented girl Luo to still watch with infatuation.

Did you sleep well last night? Luo Yuyan asked gently.

Last night? You asked me last night, huh? Hehe, I slept very well! Chen Ling secretly laughed in his heart. Last night, he had tossed and turned many times, and if he did not send Bai Ruoxi out in the morning when there were few people around, the two of them would probably be able to sleep until noon.

Have you and Miss Bai finished yet? Luo Yuyan asked casually.

Chen Ling was a little embarrassed, but he could not hide it. In regards to family matters, it is not good to intentionally hide it from the talented girl, after all, sooner or later they will enter the competition as a family, so he laughed honestly and said: Indeed, right before I went onto the battlefield, Miss Bai gave himself to me, he thought that it would be difficult for me to return alive, so she let go of his disparity in status. Otherwise, with me being a little Academy Officer, how could I possibly make Eldest Miss give up his heart ….

"What's the status? Those are just worldly possessions. With the talent and abilities of the Brother Chen, they could shake the world, and in any marquis or nation, they would be considered as elites among men. Luo Yuyan heard him humiliating himself, and actually asking for justice for him, the woman's logic was truly strange.

In the distance, there were green and short reeds, and close by, there were pine trees and water chestnuts. They grew in the lake, and the water chestnut vine had long green leaves, and the leaves were diamond-shaped, and the stems were purplish-red in color. They bloomed with bright yellow flowers, and floated on the lake.

Perhaps because they were alone, there were no longer any estrangements between the two of them. Coupled with Chen Ling's successful return from before the battle and the fact that his poems took the crown yesterday, it caused Luo Yuyan to have an uncontrollable love and admiration for Chen Ling.

talented girl Luo sat at the bow of the boat happily, raising a clear lake water to sprinkle on the dark green water chestnut leaves. The lake water flowed and gradually condensed into small droplets, the boat slowly moved forward, some of the leaves were pressured by the water pressure, and automatically split into two sides.

Because in the middle of March the lotus stems had just turned green, and it was not yet the time for the flower to bloom, the wild water chestnut had only grown green leaves and had not bloomed.

Brother Chen, I can see that you don't really want to be an official, but when you start running a restaurant, you look like a businessman. Heh heh, maybe one day you plan to learn from Fan Li and return to seclusion to do business.

Chen Ling smiled: As long as it's something that's created by your own effort, we won't fight over it. We'll just rely on our normal operations and live a rich life, what's wrong with that?

Luo Yuyan nodded his head slightly. He had looked down upon merchants before, but after seeing that Chen Ling was truly capable, he started liking him more and more.

Just then, the talented girl Luo took out her flute. Chen Ling rowed, and started playing the flute for the man she loved. The flute's melody was melodious, sweet and gentle, filled with emotions, and was extremely beautiful.

One day, I will be able to let go of all my trivial matters and listen to Yuyan play the zither and play the flute by my side every day. I can just read the poems and talk about them.

Luo Yuyan's heart moved. He was warm and gentle, but he could already hear the hidden feelings in the other party's voice. In truth, there was already some love between the two of them.

Brother Chen, as long as you like it, there will be a day like this. Once you have settled everything and stabilized your footing, maybe one day, Yu Yan will suddenly move into your residence and stay there forever … As he finished speaking, even the talented girl Luo felt a little embarrassed by his generosity.

The lake was full of boats, fine food, and fine wine. Even if he didn't drink it, he would still be drunk. Moreover, there were no other boats around, only reeds and water caltrops. The figures of people on the distant shore were slightly blurry because of the distance.

The two of them sat down on the boat's deck. On the table, there were fine wines and delicacies placed. The woman personally poured wine for him and began to taste it.

After drinking a few cups of wine, talented girl Luo's cheeks immediately flushed red. At this time, his jade-like face was flushed red and his hair was in disarray. His eyebrows were like delicate willow branches, and her bright eyes were like the moon in autumn water.

Do you still remember that sentence you said to me? It really hurt me back then. After Luo Yuyan drank the wine, the girl's emotions naturally leaked out, and her emotions became emotional.

Which sentence? Chen Ling was a little surprised.

That is the first time I have felt the bitterness of parting from her and the grievances of yearning for her. Fortunately, we met again a year later, and the time is different too. Luo Yuyan said with a tinge of emotion.

It was rare to see Luo Yuyan's hidden bitterness, Chen Ling felt guilty, this was a great talented girl whose name shocked the world, if people knew, she would make talented girl Luo sad, and they would group attack him.

Life if only first seen, the beauty of injury can only be fixed in the memory. Maybe one day he would turn around and leave, leaving behind a beautiful figure in the distance, a perfect arc, that would tell of his attachment to yesterday. Perhaps, among the people you know, there have been misunderstandings, gains and losses, you will remember the first time you saw the beauty.

Chen Ling sighed: Life is only like seeing the first time, what's the matter with this tragic autumn wind fan? Equivalency changes the heart of the storyteller, but the heart of the storyteller changes. As soon as Lishan finished his sentence, the night rain fell and the bell didn't resent it. How could it be possible that you were lucky enough to get your hands on such a treasure?"

Right at this moment, with a splash, the waves split and a figure suddenly darted out of the water on the side of the boat. The man pressed against the side of the boat and jumped onto the bow of the boat with a body of water. The entire boat shook because of the sudden appearance of the shadow, but his feet were still tightly holding onto the side of the boat. At the same time, the man raised his right hand.


Just as Chen Ling and the talented girl were deep in thought, the assassin appeared again. This time, he jumped out of the lake and rushed to the deck of the small boat.

Sword light shot out explosively, and a cold energy as straight as a line, condensed into a line and as thick as ice. It revealed an undisguised killing intent, causing the surrounding air to seem to instantly become cold, as all of the killing intent and killing intent headed straight for Chen Ling.

The space in the small boat was not big, so it was unable to execute footwork. Chen Ling had long gotten used to wearing the treasured sword by himself, even when he was travelling with the talented girl, he would carry the treasured sword and use it to protect his life.


If not for the fact that he was a previous Innate Ranker in his previous life, as well as the fact that Zhuang Zi said he needed to train his spirit sense with the sword, he would not have been able to react at all. Now that he had touched the hilt of the sword, he quickly pulled out his treasured sword and blocked the assassin's blade.

Clang clang!

A few crisp sword strikes made sparks fly everywhere, Luo Yuyan cried out in alarm. Before she knew what happened, Chen Ling had already started fighting with the assassin once again.

In a head-on battle, there were no high-class movement techniques. It was a one on one battle!

Facing the test of life and death, his will was firm this time. It didn't matter if she was a Innate Ranker or a Half-step eighth step, if she was a talented girl behind him, he would not be able to dodge her attack at all, or else the assassin would be able to harm Luo Yuyan.


Chen Ling bent his waist and immediately held his sword with both hands, displaying the invincible aura of a warrior on the battlefield, a valiant warrior who would never retreat, an unyielding character who would never retreat, a person who would never fear death. The aura he was emitting right now was the same as the imposing aura he gave out when he fought in the battlefield, the ferocity and boldness of breaking out of the encirclement and fighting for his life.

And this assassin, with his light and elegant build, exquisite curves, and black clothes that covered his body, could not hide his alluring figure. One could see that he was a woman, but his swordsmanship was truly formidable, without any fancy tricks, and his moves were vicious, almost fatal, and his style was fatal; if he didn't kill his opponent, he would definitely not retreat.

The two of them were people with strong willpower and confidence. After exchanging blows, they didn't hold back at all. Within ten breaths, the two of them had already exchanged dozens of blows.

Hey! The female assassin was somewhat surprised. She had originally thought that since the other party was just an ordinary Sixth Order Warrior facing her killing sword technique, just this killing intent was enough to frighten her.

She did not expect that when Chen Ling swung his sword, he was not afraid at all. Furthermore, his aura was grand and imposing.

If one were to say that the most suitable sword techniques for killing people in the world were the sword techniques for professional assassins and the martial arts for soldiers on the battlefield, they were all extremely simple.

At this time, a person's potential was infinitely amplified, their essence energy concentrated, their moves were fast, their defenses were fast, they could use weapons with ease, they could see their surroundings, their desire to live, their contempt for their enemies. People of these two professions had combat abilities that far surpassed warriors of the same level, and they could even challenge people of higher cultivation levels.

Her body was as light as a swallow, but the room she used was too small. After fighting with her opponent for dozens of moves, her arm was a little sore, after all, in terms of arm strength, waist strength and other physical strength, she was still inferior to a man.

However, her Innate Qi was far from being enough to provide her with. Her strength would not dry out, and her true qi would weaken very slowly, unlike Chen Ling and the Sixth Order Warrior who, although their martial power was strong, would consume a lot of physical strength, energy, and strength every time they attacked.

Let's see how long you can last. The female swordsman let out a cold laugh. Her swordsmanship was even more ruthless and tricky.

Just how did Chen Ling offend the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets, to send a lady to assassinate me?

Someone is spending a lot of money to buy your head. Once the Assassin's Alliance gives out the order, we won't take it back. So, you must die! The female assassin clamored, she started to suppress her opponent with her sword aura, the sword beam sealing off Chen Ling's retreat path, and could only fight in the short distance.

Luo Yuyan's face paled, buthe quickly calmed down. After all, she was still a Sixth Order Warrior, but she did not have a sword in his hands. Furthermore, this place was too small, she was unable to fight his enemy together.

Someone is spending a huge sum of money to buy the head of the Brother Chen, how can this be! This time, my Sword Palace will definitely not stand idly by and watch. Luo Yuyan thought in his heart as he shouted out: The Heaven's Secrets Pavilion Assassin Alliance wants to assassinate the General of the Wei Country and interfere in the internal affairs of other nations. This is already a violation of the agreement between the ten Sacred Grounds, it seems that the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion is provoking the other Sacred Grounds' alliance.

Hmph, I don't care about that. I only know that once the order is given, he must die. No matter who he is! The girl was still very decisive. She was not affected by the words of the talented girl at all. Assassin's heart was essential. Otherwise, once the inner turmoil and murderous intent mixed together, her combat ability would be affected and she would no longer be in the best state to kill.

An assassin that had lost the desire to kill was no different from an ordinary martial artist.

At this moment, the female assassin's sword light contained a strong courage to sacrifice her life to kill her enemy. This spirit was the path of an assassin.

Chen Ling quickly exchanged 50 to 60 moves with him, and gradually felt that his strength was insufficient, his mental state was extremely nervous, if there were a few people who were not paying attention, the opponent would find a gap to attack him, thus he shouted loudly: Mo Xianzi —

Every time the tip of her foot touched the water, it would cause only a small ripple to appear. Using the momentum of the roar, her entire body would be able to rush out dozens of meters into the distance.

Oh! The female assassin slanted her eyes and saw this woman in a blue dress fly towards her. Her qinggong was extremely high and as soon as she pulled back her sword, a sharp wave of sword Qi was sent out a few meters away, shooting straight towards the female assassin.

In that instant, the female assassin sensed danger. Her opponent's attacks, regardless of whether it was inner strength, sword intent, or martial arts experience, were very strong. As the sword wind blew against her face, she could smell the approaching danger.

The female assassin stepped on the surface of the boat and leaped up, clashing directly with Mo Xianzi who was jumping over the lake's surface.


The female assassin was startled. Level Eight Warrior had a realm of Purification and Blood Purification that was one level higher than Innate Secret Realm.

After being entrusted with the protection last night and finding out about the assassin, she had a bad temper. The Stinger's League of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets had actually sent assassins to kill the man she liked, they definitely could not allow this to happen, thus he readily agreed to it. Today, he accompanied her on a trip to the outer lake to lure the female assassin out.

At this time, Mo Feixuan did not hold back at all. When she brandished the sword, the sword qi was pulled into threads that swam, causing True Qi to surge. Under the pressure, she and the female assassin clashed with each other and attacked.

Suddenly, the female assassin gave a stuffy groan, as if she had been slapped by Mo Feixuan's palm, causing her to lose her balance. From midair, she fell into the lake, never to appear again, and once she fell into the water, it was as if she had died, and not a single one of them could emerge.


Mo Feixuan floated onto the boat board, her gaze like a sword enveloping the lake. After a while, she didn't make any other movements, her brows relaxed as he sighed lightly, She ran away!

Chen Ling wiped the sweat off his forehead, and his hair started to stand on end, as he asked, Is the assassin the Stinger's League's Luo Sha woman, Zhen Yan?

Innate Secret Realm, full of killing sword techniques, this aura definitely belongs to the assassin's martial intent. However, she has been hit by my palm, so she should go back and heal her injuries in a short period of time without any assassination attempts. As long as you don't go out, I will represent the Mo family and pressure the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets to give up on this mission.

Thank you, Fei Xuan.

Mo Feixuan nodded slightly, and looked at Luo Yuyan who was behind her. When their gazes met, there was a kind of admiration, but what they admired was the other party's strengths, the leader of the sword techniques females, and the one who had only just learned the Crown of Beauty. Both of them were exceptionally beautiful, and both of them secretly admired each other.

There was a special meaning within her eyes, perhaps related to Chen Ling.

Thank you Heroic Girl for acting so righteously, I am Luo Yuyan, and do not know what your name is?

talented girl Luo, I am Mo Feixuan, from the Mo family.

Luo Yuyan was shocked: This lady is Saint daughter of the Mo family, the number one sword artist amongst the world's most talented ladies, today's scene, is indeed extraordinary!

Mo Feixuan said indifferently: Miss Luo is known throughout the world for his talents. I am also very impressed, following the example of my sons and writing novels.

Luo Yuyan smiled and said: No, it's just a history book, it's better to meet by chance than by chance. The assassin is already gone, why not sit down and chat with him?

Mo Feixuan wiped her hair on her ears and then waved her sleeves, the sword in her hand was still in the sheath, but she was not yet done, causing her to shake her head: No, there's still some time in the future, today is a good opportunity for us to travel and be alone, I will not harass you anymore, Miss Luo, we will talk for a long time the next time we meet.

Of course. Luo Yuyan said with a dignified and refined smile as she nodded.

Mo Feixuan glanced at Chen Ling, leapt up, and landed on the lake's surface.

The most powerful female hero of the War Nation's Mountain and River List. I wonder how was her back door? Chen Ling looked at Mo Xianzi's back and sighed.

Luo Yuyan asked from his side: You know the Mormon's Holy Maiden?

Yes, I have some connections with the Mo family, so I am acquainted with the Holy Maiden of the Mormon. Chen Ling's words were blurry. She was acquainted with Mo Feixuan in the Yan Nation, it was not easy to say it here.

Luo Yuyan thought that he had trained in the sword techniques at the Mo family before, so she relaxed and thought to herself, so the relationship between him and the Mo family was actually very deep. However, thinking about the spring trip, how she met with an assassin, she became excited and decided to stay at the lake to worry for Chen Ling, and said: Brother Chen, let's stop here for today, let's go back to the shore.

Chen Ling was also worried that the assassin would return, so he nodded: Alright, I'll row.

After the disturbance from the assassin, both of them had reached the end of their drinking routine. When the wind blew, it was somewhat chilly.

Chen Ling paddled on the small boat as he sat beside him, stretching his hand out to stir up water. When he thought about the assassin's swordsmanship just now, he realized that he still had lingering fear and said worriedly, "Brother Chen, these few days, you have to be more careful, as to minimize travel.

Don't worry, I will pay attention to your safety. By the way, Yuyan, where are you going after this matter of the Seven Heroes?

Luo Yuyan thought for a while, then let out a faint sigh: "I will temporarily leave the beam, and make a trip back to Qi Nation. It has already been a year since I left home, and I'm about to regain my senses.

Chen Ling really wanted to reveal his true identity, pull Luo Yuyan to the Yan Nation, assist the Yan Nation in changing methods, or become the Yan Nation's supervisor for the establishment of the academy, but, this identity was too huge, unlike Mo Feixuan, who knew of his identity as the King of Yan since a long time ago.

Luo Yuyan continued: Don't worry Brother Chen, I will draw up a letter for my master, and have the Sword Palace pressure the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets, in order to cancel the order to assassinate me.

Chen Ling nodded his head, this Stinger's League was truly thorny, like a piece of dog skin paste sticking to you, he could not get rid of him and was always in danger of being assassinated, affecting his daily life. The most important thing was, if he was watched by the killers, he was afraid that his true identity would be exposed.

No, I have to make Chunyu Zhen and the others as close to me as possible, so as to not reveal my identity … Chen Ling thought.

After Luo Yuyan finished speaking, she did not speak again, but only looked at him silently, appreciating the corner of his face. An ordinary change can change the heart of a savior, but an ordinary change will happen to the heart of a savior... How could it be possible that you were lucky enough to get your hands on such a treasure?

Chen Ling turned to the beautiful woman beside her ear and said: Yuyan, when you return from Qi Nation, stay by my side, don't go, okay? You will write books on history at home, and chat with me at night, hold my hand, and …

What else? Luo Yuyan asked shyly.

Hur hur, sleep, sleep!

You're so annoying! Luo Yuyan patted her shoulders, patted her shoulders, and hit her a few times. His peach blossom like face was buried in his body, and he could only laugh merrily, secretly wiping away a few tears. Their emotions intertwined and they were about to part soon.

Both of them were talented and intelligent, but after experiencing a few twists and turns when they were in love with a man for the first time, with Luo Yuyan's independent personality, she was unable

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