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The Female Boss Falls in Love with Me: Volume 5

The Female Boss Falls in Love with Me: Volume 5

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The Female Boss Falls in Love with Me: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019


Not long after the wedding, he was abandoned by his beautiful wife, and the next day, he was tricked by a villain and lost his job. After that, he entered a shady private enterprise. A little person who was discriminated against and bullied, gradually started his legendary game of rights. He created a legend of the city with a small platform, but when he looked back, he realized that the height he stood was enough to overlook the world...
Lançado em:
Nov 5, 2019

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The Female Boss Falls in Love with Me - LenghaiYinshi



To be exact, Huang Xing was very disappointed with Xu Wenguang's performance!

He had clearly done something wrong, but he was actually blaming others nonstop. This is a very repulsive way of doing things.

Originally, Huang Xing had wanted to do his best to help Xu Wenguang out with a hundred thousand yuan. But after hearing his words, Huang Xing felt that helping this kind of person was not worth it. It really wasn't worth it.

Huang Xing walked over, and gently patted Xu Wenguang's shoulders to try to suppress the waves in his heart: Director Xu, you have to start thinking about everything! As a Chief of Staff, if you only had such a realization, I'm afraid I would be very disappointed in you. You must know that in this matter, no one owes you anything. On the contrary, it is you who owes others!

Xu Wenguang coldly snorted, his emotions becoming more and more agitated: Disappointed? The one who is disappointed and in despair is me, it's me, Xu Wenguang!

He pounded his chest and sighed. However, this three hundred and seventy thousand was not given to you. Or would you still be pointing fingers at me as you are now? I'm afraid you.

Huang Xing ruthlessly interrupted Xu Wenguang's words. Xu Wenguang, who are you referring to?

Xu Wenguang said: As the director of Xin Meng Plaza, I will naturally listen to your management. But you have no right to tell me anything about it. I am who I am. Why, am I wrong, am I? Xiao Yan, how much is she worth? Yet, she still wanted to seek compensation from me, a commoner, of more than 300,000 yuan. Isn't this being heartless? I am a part of the Xin Meng Plaza, how much contribution have I made to the Xin Meng Plaza? Could the Xin Meng Plaza not afford this amount of money? Maybe the Xin Meng Plaza's turnover for an hour, would even far exceed this amount?

Crazy, absolutely crazy!

At this moment, Huang Xing finally understood!

Xu Wenguang was so anxious that he jumped over walls like a dog jumping out of a wall. Perhaps in his opinion, he was also a victim of this traffic accident. The rich ought to give way to the poor. When an individual is attacked, the company should take the initiative to take responsibility for the employee.

Ridiculous, ridiculous!

Huang Xing frowned and sighed: Why do you think that?

Xu Wenguang asked: What do you want me to think? 370 thousand, how do you want me to live? Selling the house, where do we live? The life that was originally considered blissful in our family would soon become hellish and hot … Did you just watch the show? Are you satisfied? Do you want our entire family to beg in the streets before you're satisfied?

In that moment, Huang Xing was stunned!

He really could not imagine Xu Wenguang saying such a thing!

Huang Xing could not help but berate angrily: Director Xu, no matter how much your family has become hellish, no matter how deep the waters are and how fiery you are, it was not caused by me, Huang Xing, it was not caused by Xin Meng Plaza! You brought this upon yourself! What the fuck are you yelling about? The whole world owes you, doesn't it? I warn you, if you keep making trouble like this, I won't pity you!

After berating him, Huang Xing looked at the pitiful and hateful Xu Wenguang in front of him, and the depressed feeling in his heart had eased up a little. However, he immediately thought, was what he just said too much? Should she understand Xu Wenguang after encountering such a predicament? After all, he was currently out of control.

But Huang Xing could not understand, Xu Wenguang was already considered to be in his forties, with abundant experience and age. Encountering such a setback was akin to going insane. Biting into people everywhere, wasn't this a little too exaggerated?

Xu Wenguang seemed to have been reprimanded a little by Huang Xing, and started to mutter to himself. "Alright, I admit defeat, I deserve to die, I am destined to encounter ninety-one tribulations …

he muttered as he walked out of the general manager's office.

Huang Xing sighed, he did not know whether to pity him or not.

As the saying goes, poor people must have something to hate!

More than ten minutes later, Fu Jie called and asked Huang Xing to go over.

Fu Jie's office.

Huang Xing pushed the door open and entered. He was holding a neutral brush as he looked at a piece of white paper on the table.

Seeing Huang Xing coming in, she waved his hand, signalling him to sit.

As Huang Xing pulled over the chair, he lamented: I really never thought that Director Xu, he … Sigh, I was so angry just now that my lungs exploded.

Fu Jie said. You can be forgiven. I think we should help him!

Huang Xing sighed, and said: I had originally wanted to help him, I had even wanted to take out a portion of the money from my own money and help him out of this crisis. But just now, after what he said, I changed my mind. A person like him was really not worth sympathizing with. He should accept this punishment. Perhaps this punishment would help him become more mature. The way he acted when he was in trouble was not in direct proportion to his age.

Fu Jie asked: What did he say to make you so angry?

Huang Xing shook his head and laughed bitterly: "He actually told me that …. He scolded Xiao Yan and the company in front of me. He said that the rich should give in to him and the company should pay for him! He is the chief executive of the company. He also said that we were all watching his jokes and looking forward to his hellish life.

Fu Jie was startled: "It can't be, Director Xu would say that?

Huang Xing emphasized: I didn't expect it either. Perhaps, perhaps he was too anxious. Sigh, it was too unstable.

Fu Jie thought for a moment, then said: Just now, Director Xu came over to find me, and he even gave me a suggestion. So I came to talk to you.

Huang Xing asked: What suggestion?

Fu Jie said. He wanted to conduct a donation campaign within the commercial district. If one person was in a difficult situation, the eight forces would support him.

Huang Xing laughed in shock: To think that he could think of it!

Fu Jie said: There are thousands of employees in the Merchant Shop, each person gets an average of one hundred gold coins, I think that's enough. Even without this donation, I can help him out. Three hundred and seventy thousand was not a large number. What I'm worried about now is, once this precedent is set, will there be more of this happening?

Huang Xing nodded his head: This precedent is not allowed. I suggest that he take responsibility for his own mistakes. Let him buy a lesson!

Fu Jie countered with a question: Is this too cruel? Three hundred and seventy thousand might have been a devastating blow to his family.

Huang Xing said: The crux of the problem is, right now, he is completely unable to recognize his own mistakes. He even felt that … He felt that it was only natural for the merchant house to pay this sum of money on his behalf! This kind of concept was very terrifying.

Fu Jie said: It is indeed scary! But we really are. She was going to sit back and do nothing?

Huang Xing said: Take the opportunity to act. He definitely had to. But it depends on how. You can help him for a while, but you can't help him for a lifetime. He had helped him this time, so the next time, he would naturally leave his mistakes to the group to pay. If the vicious circle continued, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Fu Jie pinched her forehead and the bridge of her nose, seemingly having a complicated feeling.

… ….

Returning back to the office, his mind was still replaying the argument he had with Xu Wenguang, and he couldn't help but sigh.

The understanding Tao Fei always appeared when Huang Xing was unhappy. He poured a cup of hot coffee for Huang Xing and asked with concern: What's wrong, Boss Huang?

Huang Xing evaded: No … Nothing.

Tao Fei asked: Why are you unhappy about that?

Huang Xing replied: It's nothing. Go ahead, I'm fine.

Just then, Ouyang Mengjiao walked in mysteriously. Seeing Huang Xing and Tao Fei talking, Ouyang Mengjiao coughed fiercely, saying, Yo, yo, yo, it's good to have a secretary. When working, I'm not lonely.

Huang Xing raised his head and looked at Ouyang Mengjiao, and frowned: What do you mean?

Ouyang Mengjiao said: What's the point of it? Envy, jealousy, hate. Also give me a handsome assistant so I don't have to be depressed, how about it?

Huang Xing replied: I never heard that the Supervisor needed a secretary.

Ouyang Mengjiao's eyes were wide open as she emphasized: "Is there a mistake?

Huang Xing took Ouyang Mengjiao as a general. Chosen usually bring their own followers, don't you know?

Ouyang Mengjiao was instantly speechless!

After a while, Ouyang Mengjiao walked over, patted Tao Fei's shoulders and said: Secretary Tao, you can leave for now, I have some important matters to discuss with you.

Oh Tao Fei left tactfully.

Huang Xing glanced at Ouyang Mengjiao: What's the matter?

Ouyang Mengjiao leaned in and softly said: "Just now … Just now, Director Xu went over to find me.

What? Huang Xing was shocked: Why is he looking for you?

Ouyang Mengjiao said. Such a big man, she almost cried just now. So pitiful. Three hundred and seventy thousand, it is torturing our Director Xu to death!

Huang Xing frowned: This Old Xu! This was simply outrageous! Did he want the whole world to know that he owed someone 370,000 yuan?

Ouyang Mengjiao tsk-tsked, "Aren't you being too heartless? He's your employee, you're your subordinate! Not only did you not help him, you actually … You are still gloating?

Huang Xing said: Am I taking pleasure in your misfortune? When he was in trouble, I was the first to arrive at the scene and put in all the good words for him. Otherwise, do you think this three hundred and seventy thousand is enough? Bentley, he hit Bentley! Moreover, I finally understood that Xu Wenguang didn't even want to pay for the compensation even if he was beaten to death. He just had to find everyone to complain, maybe one of them would soften their heart and become his scapegoat. Let me tell you, Ouyang Mengjiao, this time you definitely cannot be merciful. He wanted to teach Xu Wenguang a lesson! Did you know, just now, he was with me. You're arguing with me! I feel like beating him up!

Ouyang Mengjiao opened her eyes wide, she could not believe that the words she just said came from Huang Xing: Really? Why are you being so fierce? She didn't intentionally crash into the car. Besides, if you aren't willing to help, aren't you willing to allow others to help?

Huang Xing said: Since yesterday, I have always been considering to pay a hundred thousand for him. But today, seeing him like that, I changed my mind. Some people were truly unworthy of being pitied. Perhaps, as his superior, I should not speak ill of him behind his back. But I couldn't control my emotions.

Ouyang Mengjiao asked: How did he offend you? How did she make you so angry? In my opinion, you are a very generous person.

Huang Xing emphasized: Until now, he still hasn't realized that it was his own mistake! Furthermore, he even forced the blame onto the Bentley s, saying that the b * tch was so rich, and that he still has to pay the three hundred and seventy thousand. He also wanted to convince me to let the company pay for his wrongdoing. This was insane! The Bentley owes him? The company owes him?

Ouyang Mengjiao nodded her head: It sounds a little excessive. At such an age, how could she be so unstable? However... Say, if I help him, will he do me a big favor and. And then support me without hesitation, on my side?

Huang Xing stared at Ouyang Mengjiao in shock and said in a focused manner: "You …. You're beautiful!

Ouyang Mengjiao was startled for a moment, and then she immediately caressed her cheeks bashfully: This is the main topic, why … What's wrong with you? Am I really beautiful?

She put on a cute look, as if she was very sensitive and satisfied with Huang Xing's praise.

Huang Xing immediately added; I mean … What you want is beautiful!


With these words, Huang Xing struck the floor with all his might.

It was as if she first held him up in the air and was feeling proud of herself, then she let go and fell head first, bleeding profusely.

Ouyang Mengjiao frowned, he glared at Huang Xing and his teeth chattered: I … I... I'm ignoring you! This was too heartbreaking... You!

Huang Xing felt very innocent: What's wrong, what's wrong?

Ouyang Mengjiao asked in reply: What do you think happened? It was not easy praising her for once, it was beautiful. The result was still beautiful! Aren't you bullying me too much? You don't have to be so sarcastic!

Huang Xing emphasized: I'm not sarcastic! I'm just talking about it.

Ouyang Mengjiao pouted and said in a wronged tone, "But in the past …. You often praise me like that. Do you remember?

Her words caused Huang Xing to be stumped for words. Then, he could not help but recall every single detail of that small rented room a few years ago.

To be exact, those beautiful times were very beautiful. It was so beautiful that no one dared to even think about it! Ever since the day she and Zhao Xiaoran had parted ways, she, Ouyang Mengjiao, had appeared in time. Her cuteness and beauty was like a box of recovery medicine, unconsciously diluting Huang Xing's emotional pain. She was as beautiful as a river, with willows and waves. She selflessly took away most of the pain on his body, and with a special kind of concern and love, she once again evoked Huang Xing's definition and desire for love. So much so that for a period of time, Huang Xing practically confirmed that Ouyang Mengjiao was his life partner.

However, there was still one more Fu Jie in this world. Fu Jie's existence was irreplaceable in Huang Xing's heart. For Fu Jie, Huang Xing could give up everything, and forget about everything. As his relationship with Fu Jie progressed, it was as if in this world, everything was no longer important.

However, even though it was the case, the beautiful memories of his and Ouyang Mengjiao's past were abnormally clear in his mind.

Every morning, she was the first one to get up and sit on the edge of the bed and look at herself, or scratch the tip of her nose with a furry key ornament and giggle, or slap herself on the buttocks and shout, Sloth pig, get up, the sun is going to blow your fart.

This sort of nostalgia, this sort of emotion, it was as if it would never be forgotten.

This was an eternal crystal. In Huang Xing's heart, an incomparably hard longing had already formed.

… ….

At this moment, Ouyang Mengjiao could obviously tell that Huang Xing had already drunk his way back to the rented apartment. She could tell that he still missed those beautiful times. A faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. This smile contained both happiness and helplessness. It was to the extent that it was as if she was looking at Huang Xing with eyes that contained so many women's thoughts and secrets, waiting for him to enlighten her.

Ouyang Mengjiao heaved a sigh of relief, as if he was purposely not paying too much attention to the man in front of him, who he loved and hated at the same time. She looked away and pretended to be unconscious as she stared at Huang Xing: Do you really think I shouldn't help Director Xu? For me, it was once. The best chance to win him over.

Huang Xing was startled, his thoughts passed through space and time, returning to reality: Using 370,000 to win over someone who has no bottom line, do you think it's worth it?

Ouyang Mengjiao said: It's not worth it. But I urgently need to gain a foothold in the Xin Meng Plaza! I need everyone's support!

Huang Xing countered: What's the use of that?

Ouyang Mengjiao tsked: Of course it's useful. You and Fu Jie were born and bred in this world, so you and Fu Jie are naturally ingrained in it. But I was halfway out of the house and had just transferred over. If there was no one to support me, then wouldn't I become the commander in chief?

Huang Xing emphasized: It's enough for Fu Jie and I to support you.

Ouyang Mengjiao pouted: Tch! Well said! You and Fu Jie are eyeing me covetously, you wish that I could be transferred away right now! Who would believe your lies!

Huang Xing replied: Where's that?

Ouyang Mengjiao said: Not yet? You are against me all the time, and you are against everything I say.

Huang Xing said: The key is to discuss on the spot. We support those who are right, and we oppose those who are wrong.

Ouyang Mengjiao said: Alright, I won't argue with you about this. After work tonight, wait for me. I want to have a meal with you. Or you could have. Please ask me.

Huang Xing said: Sorry, someone has already booked up for tonight.

'What?! ' Ouyang Mengjiao's pupils dilated: Who booked it, male and female?

Huang Xing put his middle finger between his lips and said softly: Secret.

Ouyang Mengjiao said: Then it must be a girl! Hmph, your status and position are no longer the same. Your contact with other women has also become bigger. The women beside you are even more beautiful and fashionable now. He has almost forgotten all about me...

As she spoke, her mood suddenly became gloomy.

Huang Xing was startled.

He could feel the bitterness in her heart.

He was also sad!

But reality was reality, and they had to face it bravely! Just like the time where Huang Xing and Fu Zhenxin's love for each other came and left, it had come and gone as quickly as it came. That indescribable beauty could only turn into a beautiful memory in the end.

Ouyang Mengjiao stood up, but he did not greet Huang Xing and walked to the door.

When she was about to step forward, she turned her head to take a look. Her eyes were filled with helplessness.

Around 4 PM, a mysterious figure visited Huang Xing's office.

When she appeared at the entrance of Huang Xing's office, Huang Xing was instantly stunned!

It was actually Fu Zhenxin!

In Huang Xing's memory, Fu Zhenxin had never come to the Xin Meng Plaza before! Not to mention coming to his office. She was no longer the Fu Zhenxin who was flirting with her, and in her heart, perhaps, she had always been filled with hatred towards him.

Huang Xing was stunned for a moment. He seemed to have sensed Fu Zhenxin's footsteps just now, but when she appeared in front of him, he felt that it was as if he was hallucinating.

'What? You don't welcome me? ' Fu Zhenxin blinked his eyes and stared at Huang Xing.

Today, she was wearing a very beautiful and fashionable woman's cashmere skirt. Her body's shape was still as perfect as before.

Huang Xing stammered. Huanhuan … Welcome... Welcome...

Reaching out for Fu Zhenxin to enter the office, Huang Xing casually asked: Why are you here?

Fu Zhenxin lightly walked to the front of the sofa and sat down as he said: Why can't I come? Here are me, the closest of friends, and the most. The person.

Huang Xing was stunned! Of course he knew that the person Fu Zhenxin was most familiar with was Fu Jie. But the last sentence is' Most. The person ', she deliberately omitted the middle adjective. Huang Xing might be able to sense that this person was definitely him. The middle omitted adjective, should be the word 'hate'.

Or perhaps, she simply could not find any derogatory adjective to describe her.

Huang Xing laughed awkwardly and sat opposite of Fu Zhenxin.

Fu Zhenxin looked at the walls and furnishings in the office and nodded slightly: You have quite the taste, the layout of the office is not bad!

Huang Xing said. It's all the work of the secretary, tidying up for me every day. I'm a lazy person now.

Fu Zhenxin said: It seems like you weren't that diligent before?

Huang Xing stressed: I have been very diligent, but I have not been discovered by anyone.

Fu Zhenxin said: I didn't see it. I'm here to look for my elder sister. We have to go out to participate in a meeting tonight... One... A birthday feast.

'A birthday feast? ' Huang Xing asked: What birthday banquet?

Fu Zhenxin explained: It's my aunt! Sixtieth birthday!

Huang Xing said: My aunt?

Fu Zhenxin said: Why do you need to say that? If they weren't nuns, who would have the time to go! When my sister and I were young, my aunt doted on us. In our hearts, Auntie was the same definition as our mother.

Huang Xing nodded. Of course it was time to go.

Fu Zhenxin suddenly looked at Huang Xing mysteriously and said softly: "As my future brother-in-law … Are you. Should we also fight for an opportunity to meet with our families?

Huang Xing was suddenly stunned and said: "I … I'm still. Still not going. Besides, your sister and I must make sure that one person is in the mall.

Fu Zhenxin asked Huang Xing: What, are you afraid of spending money?

Huang Xing laughed bitterly: What's money? How about this, I'll go down and buy some gifts, so you can bring them over for me to express, okay?

Fu Zhenxin shook his head: Not good! You have to do it yourself.

Huang Xing replied: I wasn't prepared at all. Besides, your sister, she definitely won't let me go.

Fu Zhenxin said: How did you know? How could he know without trying?

Huang Xing laughed: I don't dare to try. Right now, your sister is really fierce.

Fu Zhenxin emphasized: Please, my sister has always been fierce, okay? Hmph, you dare to backstab my sister, be careful that I report you to my sister!

Huang Xing said:...

The two of them exchanged words. On the surface, it seemed as if they were speaking in harmony, but in reality, they were hiding something.

Once a pair of lovers, thus become a prospective relative, prospective brother-in-law and sister-in-law's relationship. Such a subtle change was a type of pain in their hearts. However, they had to hide this pain deep in their hearts and try to face each other in a peaceful manner.

This was an irreconcilable contradiction.

Even though they had no other choice.

After a while, Fu Zhenxin stood up and said to Huang Xing: I'm going to go look for my sister.

Huang Xing shook his head: I'm not going, you go yourself.

Fu Zhenxin said: Then are you not afraid that I would really report you in front of my sister?

Huang Xing laughed: I'm used to it, I'm already used to it.

Fu Zhenxin suddenly opened his eyes wide: What do you mean? What did he get used to?

A woman is always sensitive. Originally, Huang Xing's few unintentional words had touched upon Fu Zhenxin's sensitive nerves.

Fu Zhenxin immediately followed up with an attack: I'm just saying it, since when have I ever told you about it? I'm used to it, too, as if I'm talking bad about you to my sister every day. Who are you!

Huang Xing quickly explained: That's not what I meant.

Fu Zhenxin asked: Then what do you mean?


Huang Xing was seemingly speechless.

This Fu Zhenxin was still as weird as before.

Seeing that Huang Xing was adamant on going, Fu Zhenxin did not force it and headed straight to Fu Jie's office.

Huang Xing stood at the door and looked at her beautiful back before fading out. Countless beautiful fragments gathered in his heart, transforming into a special type of bitterness.

Where were the oaths and relationships?

Huang Xing felt that he had let down this innocent little girl.

She had loved herself so much.

However, thinking back on his past conflicts with Fu Zhenxin, Huang Xing always felt that it was like a movie, a bizarre storyline, an exciting change in personality, complicated emotional choices … It was like a dream. The result of waking up from the dream was nothing more than a dream. All that was left for him were some scattered but very deep memories.

Thinking back to how Fu Zhenxin once hated Huang Xing to the bones, and had even plotted to expel him many times. Of course, this might have been due to the coincidences in the suburbs. An accident of a toilet accident allowed Huang Xing to see Fu Zhenxin's body clearly. Fu Zhenxin was angry and resentful at the same time, and immediately ordered Cao Aidang to expel him. Fortunately, he had coincidentally met Fu Jie, and was able to slowly resolve the crisis. The following days were filled with burning passion. Fu Zhenxin was at odds with Huang Xing, and had even tried many times to get rid of this thorn in his side. It was a good thing that Huang Xing was blessed and always met with danger!

What was even more inconceivable was that a random incident of a hero saving a beauty had completely changed the bad impression that Fu Zhenxin had of her, and established a good image of him in her heart. Thus, an unexpected love story was born. They came together like a piece of lacquer.

But God likes to joke with people.

Huang Xing had always thought that Fu Jie was an angel that was out of his reach. Unexpectedly, while she was partnered with Fu Jie, Fu Jie had a good impression of him too. Hence the dramatic question: a pair of sisters, how should I choose?

In the end, Huang Xing chose Fu Jie. He had chosen the angel of his chosen one, the irreplaceable angel.

This also meant that it would harm Fu Zhenxin!

Many thoughts lingered in his mind. Huang Xing sighed helplessly. He was unable to forgive himself for his guilt towards Fu Zhenxin.

At this moment, the faint sounds of arguing became clearer and clearer.

Huang Xing listened attentively, and it sounded like the voice of two women.

What was going on? Huang Xing tried his best to judge the direction and origin of the sound based on its frequency and characteristics. Basically, the sound came from the easternmost area, the bathroom location.

After the sound of footsteps, Tao Fei hurried over. Seeing Huang Xing at the entrance, he said anxiously: Boss Huang, something happened over there!

Huang Xing asked: What's the matter?

Tao Fei said in a trembling voice. Manager Zhao and Li Rong … They were arguing and almost attacked. I can't dissuade you. He couldn't persuade her at all... How fierce!

Huang Xing frowned and asked: Which Manager Zhao?

Tao Fei blurted out: Zhao Xiaoran!

Ah? Huang Xing was shocked! It was actually them!

One was his ex-wife, the other was an open girl who was always having an intimate relationship with him.

Huang Xing did not have time to think, and quickly walked over.

The clear and melodious sounds of arguing became more and more obvious.

Zhao Xiaoran: You clearly did it on purpose!

Li Rong: Who did it on purpose? Do you think your feet are precious? Do you think I want to step on your stinky feet on purpose?

Zhao Xiaoran: Li Rong, you better not cause trouble for no reason! I didn't offend you, why are you looking for trouble with me?

Li Rong: Who do you think you are? Causing trouble for you? Tsk, you're worthy! Who doesn't know about Zhao Xiaoran's way of doing things? How many men have you been with?

Zhao Xiaoran, you bastard! You.

… ….

Vaguely hearing the contents of the argument between the two, Huang Xing could not help but perspire!

In the washroom, there were already a few people persuading them to stop. As for Li Rong and Zhao Xiaoran, they were both staring at each other with red faces and ears.

Seeing that the general manager had arrived, not only did the two of them not try to restrain themselves, they started arguing even more fiercely. Li Rong directly grabbed a handful of water from the water cage and poured it all over Zhao Xiaoran's face. I really can't understand how Boss Huang fell for you back then! Let me say, with your character, you still have the nerve to marry? Fortunately Boss Huang broke with you, otherwise …

Zhao Xiaoran's face flushed red, he reached out his hand to wipe off the water on his face: Li Rong, shut up! What do you think you are? Look at you.

Huang Xing was too angry, he raised his voice and shouted: All of you shut up!

The two fell into a short period of silence, glaring at each other.

Huang Xing looked at the two one by one, then asked: What's going on, you two?

Li Rong took a step forward and bellowed: Earlier, when I went to the toilet to wash my hands, I accidentally stepped on her foot … Yet, she … She flew into a rage and cursed me for not having eyes!

Zhao Xiaoran snorted coldly and interrupted: "Were you careless? You did it on purpose! You purposely followed my foot and stamped on it! If you did it on purpose, would I make a fuss about it? I, Zhao Xiaoran am not a petty person.

Li Rong said: You are! You are!

Zhao Xiaoran: Li Rong, you better not push your luck! I didn't offend you, so why did you do this to me?

Li Rong: I didn't offend you either, you made a fuss yourself!

… ….

Huang Xing was worried that the situation would worsen, and the impact would be too severe, so he simply waved his hand and shouted sternly: "Come to my office! You two! Immediately!

Then he turned and walked back.

In these short few dozen steps, Huang Xing felt as if he had walked a century. He really couldn't understand how these two could have gotten into a fight. Logically speaking, they were all old colleagues of Xin Yuan company, old partners, and should have a good relationship with each other. Since they came to the Xin Meng Plaza, it was natural for them to take care of each other and care for each other. He hadn't thought that he would almost fight because of such a small matter!

The more Huang Xing thought about it, the angrier he got!

After calling the two to the general manager's office, Huang Xing sat down and lit up a cigarette, wanting to hear their explanation.

However, the smell of gunpowder from their bodies became even stronger. The moment they entered the office, they started cursing at each other again!

'Shut up! Shut up! ' Huang Xing shouted angrily again.

There was a moment of silence.

Huang Xing looked at the two of them, the flames of anger seemed to have filled the entire room. Huang Xing took a deep drag on his cigarette and said righteously. You? What kind of an image was this public place where people were making a ruckus! In my opinion, you are all from Xin Feng company, you are all Fu Zhenxin's right hand men. The Boss Fu saw that you were all talented so she broke the rules and brought you here. This allowed you to develop on a larger platform. As for you guys, after just entering the job for a short period of time, you already … Do you want others to watch the show, and let them know that Xin Fang company's people are all those kind of scarecrow, undisciplined people? Who can you blame for all this trouble?

Zhao Xiaoran replied first: Boss Huang, first of all, I apologize for this matter. I really don't want to look like this. But she. She was making trouble for me all the time, and I couldn't help it!

Li Rong immediately attacked: Who's causing you trouble? All of you are in the same company, and you have to use the same public restroom. It's hard to avoid a situation where you might bump into each other. Do you even need to go through with it?

Zhao Xiaoran emphasized: If you had really stepped on me by accident, it's impossible for me to get angry at you! You are. He was looking for trouble! Li Rong, I know, when you arrived at Xin Meng Plaza, Boss Fu did not make you a manager, he made you a normal employee. I became a Deputy Manager, but you felt that it was unfair and unbalanced. So I'm not the type of person who likes to look at me unfavorably,

You're always making things difficult for me. I can only bear with it. But just now, you know how heavy that kick of yours was? My feet are probably swollen now. Aren't you bullying me too much?

Li Rong: Who cares about your lousy Deputy Manager! Deputy, empty, without real power. Do I have to be that jealous of you?

However, Zhao Xiaoran's words had somehow woken Huang Xing up a little. He understood Li Rong. She was a very emotional girl, her emotions were often written on her face, and her ambition far surpassed that of ordinary people. Because of the distribution of her duties, she had always felt depressed, even drinking alcohol every day. Last night, he had tried so hard to persuade her, but to no avail. Therefore, from this angle, Huang Xing felt that the possibility of Li Rong taking revenge on Zhao Xiaoran was very high!

But this was just speculation. There was no conclusive evidence. Therefore, Huang Xing was also unable to clear the case.

Besides, there were no camera cameras in the washroom, and there were no eyewitnesses. It seemed very difficult to know the truth.

Therefore, the only way to deal with this matter was to fight each of the twenty big shots!

Huang Xing calmed his emotions and said: No matter what, the two of you violated the staff rules at the same time. According to the company's rules, each person makes a deep review of the document and each person will be fined 500 yuan!

Zhao Xiaoran was obviously not convinced, she retorted softly: This is not fair! This war, had been single-handedly caused by Li Rong!

Huang Xing emphasized: I don't care who caused it, it's impossible to beat it! Both of you are responsible! Furthermore, you are a Deputy Manager, a Managers. Just based on this rule, you should bear an even greater responsibility! But the reason why I dealt with you today was for the company's discipline and also to discipline you for Fu Zhenxin! Tomorrow morning, before I go to work, I want your review book to be on my desk! There was also a fine, directly delivered to the finance department! I won't let you read the review at the meeting, but I want you to admit your wrongs. Can it be done?

Zhao Xiaoran's expression slowly eased, but under this calm state, it seemed as if there was a huge grievance hidden within. She stared at Li Rong with a peculiar gaze, her lips twitching: Boss Huang, I want to talk to you alone!

Li Rong immediately attacked: Don't try to get close! What's the use of trying to get close? You better take care of yourself!

Zhao Xiaoran said: Aren't you afraid of losing your tongue? I am the manager, and I have the authority to report directly to the general manager!

Li Rong coldly snorted: It's a pity that he's a vice president! You should report it to your direct leader! You aren't even one and a half levels away from Boss Huang!

Zhao Xiaoran asked: What about you? I say, you don't even have the right to stand here!

The conflict between the two of them, had escalated even further, until Huang Xing's head was about to explode!

Two women acting together, these words were not false at all!


With no other choice, Huang Xing looked at the two of them separately and said: Alright, then I'll have a chat with the two of you alone.

Li Rong frowned: Why should I hide first, and not her?

Huang Xing emphasized: One by one! Today, even if I have to dig three feet into the ground, I have to untie the knot in your hearts! The two of you, make me worry so much!

Li Rong glared at Huang Xing aggrievedly, and unwillingly turned around and left the office.

Huang Xing made Zhao Xiaoran sit down.

At this moment, for some reason, his heart was abnormally calm when facing his former wife. He was even used to living without her. He was used to treating her like a colleague at work.

Zhao Xiaoran was still as beautiful as before, but her face looked as if she had aged a few years, or maybe she was just mature. Her eyes that looked at Huang Xing seemed to contain some other element. This element, or perhaps a nostalgia for the past life, and a remorse for one's mistakes.

Huang Xing lit up another cigarette and took a sip of his tea.

Zhao Xiaoran said: You still can't change your bad habit of smoking. This habit was bad for the body.

Huang Xing scratched his head and said lightly, I know. Then he stared at her and raised his voice. But I'd like to know what's going on with you two.

The corner of Zhao Xiaoran's mouth twitched, and let out a bitter laugh: "Didn't you notice, that ever since Li Rong came to Xin Meng Plaza, she had become a completely different person? In the past, when we were at Xinben Company, we got along very well. We could even be called good sisters who helped each other. But after entering the Xin Meng Plaza, she had completely changed. She became less fond of me, and even looked at me with a hostile look. The smell of hostility. Moreover, she often spoke ill of me outside. Today, when we went to the toilet and came out to wash our hands, she purposely stomped on me with all her might! How could I not be angry?

Huang Xing countered with a question: Were they really stepping on purpose?

Zhao Xiaoran promised sincerely: No! I, Zhao Xiaoran, have never wronged anyone. According to my analysis, it's precisely because Li Rong was an ordinary employee after coming to Xin Meng Plaza that her emotions were unstable. She pushed all of these responsibilities onto me. She felt that the Boss Fu was unfair to him. I can understand her. But I couldn't stand her. For this, she treated her former good friends as enemies. I'm very. It was painful. But you know, when I saw her before, it was like seeing a sister. Now, when he saw her, she felt as if a Japanese devil had come to him! Can you understand how I feel?

She touched her chest, as if using a special kind of body language to make Huang Xing believe her words.

Huang Xing slightly nodded his head: "I can feel it too, she is indeed a little troubled to think about it. All of you were brought here by the Xin Meng Plaza, and all of you were Managers s who were relatively valued. However, Boss Fu did not give her any position, allowing her to become a normal employee. Anyone would be displeased by this. I hope that you can continue to think of her as a good sister, helping her encourage her when she is at his most helpless, helping her to come out of the shadows of his thoughts earlier. I have tried to persuade her these days, but the effect was not obvious. She seems to be. It felt like he had been possessed.

Zhao Xiaoran echoed her words fiercely: That's right, that's right! She just went berserk! She valued her position too much! I wanted to make up with her, just like before. But she wouldn't. She's ignoring me now, and she's even making trouble for me, saying bad things about me. How do you expect me to live in peace with her and even care about her encouraging her?

Huang Xing thought for a moment and said: You can have a meal and chat with her. What she needed the most now was the consolation and advice of a bosom friend.

Zhao Xiaoran coldly snorted and said: Heart to heart? How could I have the chance now! Even if we ate together, I was worried that she would poison my food! Right now, she could use any means she wanted!

Huang Xing said. You think too much of her … Too much. She wasn't really a bad person. For the time being, she could not come out. His mind was preoccupied with this matter, so she did not think in the right direction. As long as we guide her out, she'll be just the same.

Zhao Xiaoran shook her head. I've given up on him. I'll just treat it as losing this friend of mine.

Huang Xing said: You are older than her by several years, you can be considered her elder sister. At a time like this, you have to let her go easy on you!

Zhao Xiaoran said: I'm afraid that she will beat me to death! She really wanted to give me a smack on the head right now!

Huang Xing said: Using virtue to repay a grievance, is the best way for you to deal with things now.

'Repaying a grievance with virtue? ' Zhao Xiaoran shook her head: I am not that noble. If others bullied me, would I pretend to be happy and let her bully me?

Huang Xing said: Then it will depend on your ability! You are now also the Deputy Manager and the leader of the Chamber of Commerce. As a leader, the most important task was to manage. Guan He Liang – these two words. He had to manage and understand. Logically speaking, all he had to do was straighten out their relationship. Take the positive and let it move in a better direction. Negative, adverse factors, organic harmony, become benign factors. This is what you have to do, and also an aspect of testing your ability.

Zhao Xiaoran tsk-tsked. She, Li Rong, isn't a staff member of my Chamber of Commerce, why would I care about that? They didn't try to please him!

Huang Xing stressed: Just because I'm not right now doesn't mean that I'll never be! Everyone has both good and bad parts, no perfect person. Including me and you. It's all the same. Li Rong is still young. In terms of experiencing setbacks, she cannot be as objective as us. It was easy for her to walk into a kind of self-strangulation and misconception. This requires our leaders, friends and colleagues to help her and care for her.

Zhao Xiaoran said. I understand all these profound truths. But how can I help her when she's so against me?

Huang Xing replied: That will depend on your ability.

Zhao Xiaoran shook her head: I can try. But I don't have much hope. I have always been very confident, but in this respect, I am not confident.

Huang Xing sighed: I think you should fight for it! There were no difficulties that could not be overcome, and there were no people that could not be enlightened. Isn't it?

Zhao Xiaoran said: Of course I'm willing to give it a try. However...

She did not finish the sentence. Maybe she just wanted to leave a space for Huang Xing to make beautiful associations.

After that, Huang Xing told Zhao Xiaoran to retreat and called for him.

Li Rong put on a wronged look, complaining to Huang Xing the moment he entered the door: I feel very annoyed seeing her now! Look at her proud look, isn't he just a Deputy Manager? He seems to be even older than a Boss Fu official! Hmph, what a petty person!

Huang Xing said: I think that this is entirely your imagination!

'Illusion? Li Rong frowned, she was not in a hurry to sit down, but wanted to quickly explain: I'm not seeing things wrong! Yes, she was beautiful, but so what if she was beautiful? All day long, she was just like that rich and beautiful lady. I'll cut it! Who doesn't know who?

Huang Xing casually said: You're also pretty beautiful, even more beautiful than her.

This sentence that he had originally said unintentionally caused Li Rong to be overjoyed. Her dejected mood instantly eased quite a bit: Is it true?

Huang Xing said: Of course it's true! You don't need to compare yourself with her. Each of you has your own merits.

Li Rong caught on to the meaning behind her words: Then tell me, in your heart, which one of us has the most weight?

Huang Xing frowned: I am not going to discuss who's more important right now! I'm investigating a serious disciplinary violation between the two of you! In my mind, everyone's starting point is the same. Whoever did the best, whoever worked harder, would have more weight. This weight is not fixed.

Li Rong pouted and said: Anyways, don't blame me for what happened today! She had accidentally stepped on her foot! And then she lost her temper! It was that simple!

Huang Xing asked: Is it really that simple?

Li Rong said: What else can we do? The truth was right in front of her eyes!

Huang Xing said: Don't play any tricks in front of me! Li Rong, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you can become the driving force behind my work, not a hindrance! Of course, if you do this, the one that will affect you the most will be yourself. I know, ever since you came to Xin Meng Plaza, you have been feeling wronged. She didn't act like a manager, but an ordinary employee. I made it clear to you last night that this is only temporary. The Boss Fu must have her thoughts. How could he know what was going to happen if he lost? On this point, the Boss Fu and I are fair to everyone!

Li Rong turned around, stealthily rolled her eyes, then turned around and asked: Is it really fair?

Huang Xing replied: It's not that it's unfair, the time is not right yet. Let me ask you the truth, were you doing this on purpose?

Li Rong questioned back: What on purpose?

Huang Xing emphasized: Stepping stone! Did you intentionally step on her foot? Revenge? Jealousy? Vengeance?

Li Rong replied: No way! What makes you think that? Oh, did you believe what she just told you? Don't listen to her. How could she speak the truth? Thinking back to how she cheated you, even becoming someone else's mistress, giving you that kind of a hat, don't you think …

Perhaps he had realized something, and thus, Li Rong stopped what she was about to say.

Huang Xing was disgusted that others would bring up such sad memories in front of him. Knitting his eyebrows, he raised his voice and said, "Don't talk about running around all over the train! What I'm asking you now is, was it intentional! Have you always been dissatisfied with her being a Deputy Manager?

Li Rong raised her head, as though she had mustered up a great deal of courage in that instant: Yes, so what? I just don't like her! A thousand dislikes!

Huang Xing was stunned!

Li Rong then added: "She is one of those hypocritical and conceited slut!

Huang Xing coughed lightly and frowned. Don't be so quick to pick a fight with everyone. In my opinion, I shouldn't have brought you to the mall! You should be allowed to continue working at Xin Feng company! Didn't you get along well with each other back then?

Li Rong emphasized: Back then, she wasn't this cocky yet. Now, she had changed.

Huang Xing asked, I'm afraid the person who has truly changed is you?


These words, caused Li Rong to be stunned for a moment.

Her rich expression suddenly froze, and her mouth seemed to be opening as she looked at Huang Xing: Have I changed, I haven't? I just became more. I can't leave you any more.

With that said, Huang Xing was completely stunned!

Huang Xing coughed lightly and frowned: What nonsense are you spouting, you!

Li Rong thoughtfully lowered his head: Sorry, I lost my composure.

Huang Xing was worried that if time went on for too long, she would still be blabbering nonsense in the office, so she said straightforwardly: I have my own conclusion on this matter. I think, you, Li Rong, are the one who has started this mess. Your current thoughts are very dangerous. If not for the timely correction, you might not even be able to maintain your current position! What the Boss Fu needed was a person who could yield and act subserviently, a person who wasn't someone who would give up after suffering a little setback and even take revenge on someone else … An irrational, narrow-minded person! Do your best! Remember to give me the book before you go to work tomorrow!

Li Rong asked in a soft voice: Isn't this a little too heartless?

Huang Xing emphasized: I think it's already kind enough!

Li Rong pouted: I don't think so.

At this moment, the familiar yet sexy sound of footsteps came from outside.

Fu Jie?

Huang Xing was startled, and in the next moment, Fu Jie pushed open the door and entered the room.

Soon after, Zhao Xiaoran also walked into the office.

Li Rong slightly nodded her head, and called out 'Boss Fu'. After greeting her, she retreated to the side, and Zhao Xiaoran tactfully retreated to the corner, as if he was waiting for something.

Or was it a storm?

It was very obvious that Fu Jie might already know of this matter.

Fu Jie practically stood in the middle of the office, she looked at Li Rong and Zhao Xiaoran separately, her expression surprisingly calm. But in the calmness, there seemed to be a hidden power. This kind of energy was similar to a volcano. Once it erupted, its destructive power would be infinite.

But unexpectedly, the volcano did not erupt. Fu Jie looked at Huang Xing indifferently: Finished?

Huang Xing nodded: "You already know?

Fu Jie frowned slightly: How could I not know that there was such a commotion?

Huang Xing was worried that Fu Jie would punish them more severely, so he covered for them: Actually it's nothing much, just a little bit of friction, just a little bit. Just a few words. It's probably because everyone's working under a lot of pressure these days.

This kind of explanation surprised the dumbstruck Zhao Xiaoran and Li Rong at the side.

They never thought that Huang Xing would think of such things for them at such a critical moment.

'Small frictions? ' Fu Jie raised his brows, and coldly snorted: Small frictions? If he didn't deal with it in time, he would probably lose his life!

Huang Xing laughed: Life? How could it be so exaggerated!

Fu Jie did not argue anymore, but pointed at Zhao Xiaoran and Li Rong, using a commanding tone to protect them: "You two, stand against the wall!

Her killing power was finally revealed!

Li Rong and Zhao Xiaoran timidly stood at the corner with very awkward expressions.

They were all like children who had done something wrong.

To a certain extent, Fu Jie, the beautiful boss, was much more intimidating than the male leaders and superiors! At this point, they had already experienced it when they were at Xinben.

Fu Jie folded his hands behind his back. His belly was moving up and down obviously, as if he was suppressing his anger. She slowly stood in front of the two of them, using an eagle-like gaze to stare at them, not daring to look them in the eye. Fu Jie pointed a finger at their faces and said angrily: You guys, you've disappointed me so much!

Li Rong stuttered: Boss Fu … I... I was wrong.

Zhao Xiaoran followed: "I … I did wrong, too. Let me review!

Huang Xing was immediately stunned! They didn't even have the attitude of admitting their wrongs even after working so hard for them for half a day. On the other hand, when Fu Jie stood there, they were all stunned like eggplants. And then, he had to admit his mistake!

What did this mean?

Huang Xing had a moment of reflection in his heart.

Perhaps, it was because he was being too merciful in management?

Fu Jie stared at Zhao Xiaoran at first and asked again, Where did you go wrong?

Zhao Xiaoran glanced at Li Rong from the corner of his eyes, and stuttered: I shouldn't have quarreled with Li Rong. My heart is too. Too narrow.

Fu Jie stared at Li Rong again: What about you?

Li Rong said. I shouldn't. He shouldn't have turned hostile towards Zhao Xiaoran. After stepping on her, not only did I not apologize, I even said that I hurt her. I'm willing to take the blame.

F * * k, the two's replies are clearly not the same version as before!

Huang Xing suddenly felt like he was being fooled! Just now, these two people were arguing about their grievances and dissatisfaction in front of him. But now, how did he become so intelligent?

Could it be …

But after thinking about it again, Huang Xing started to console himself.

Perhaps it wasn't that his prestige wasn't high and his deterrence level was low. Rather, it was because he had some sort of affinity with them, making them all willing to speak heartfelt words with him. However, Fu Jie was different. She was the high and mighty Big Boss, and normally, she rarely spoke and communicated with the people below her in private. So everyone looked at her as if she were an untouchable figure of power, and was intimidated at first sight, not to mention speaking from the bottom of their hearts in front of her.

Fu Jie frowned: What should I say to the two of you? Hm? You are all elders of my Xin Edge Company. I brought you here to the Merchant Shop to provide you with a larger platform to learn more! Not everyone could enjoy such benefits! I view you all as the hope of Xin Yue company, the hope of Xin Meng Plaza, and even the future right-hand men of I, Fu Jie. But you? How did you repay me? Not thinking about how to work properly, but because of these trivial matters all day long, noisy, stirring up trouble! This time, I must deal with all of you seriously! On top of handling the results from the Boss Huang, I still need to add punishment!

Immediately after, Fu Jie turned to look at Huang Xing: You also have to take responsibility! He would be punished along with it! I'll go to the meeting tomorrow morning at breakfast time. You'll have to make an oral review in front of everyone. Now, you tell me about your decision to deal with both of them.

Huang Xing replied honestly: For the written review, each person will be fined five hundred yuan.

'Five hundred dollars? ' Fu Jie bellowed: 500 is not going to be enough! At least a thousand! Write a review, read it at next week's staff meeting! I don't believe I can't kill this wind!

Li Rong and Zhao Xiaoran were both subdued by Fu Jie's domineering aura, their hearts in their throats.

Fu Jie looked at the two of them again, and asked: Do you two have any objections to this decision?

Almost at the same time, they said, No.

After the judgement was over, Fu Jie left in a hurry.

At the door, he turned and said to Huang Xing: Boss Huang, come with me!

Huang Xing 'oh', and waved his hand towards Li Rong and the others, signalling them to leave.

Following Fu Jie to her office, Huang Xing saw Fu Zhenxin who was sitting on the sofa in front of him. There was no one else inside, just the two of them.

Huang Xing sat down, he habitually wanted to take out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, but suddenly felt that he could not bear to use second-hand smoke to attack these two beautiful women, so he gave up.

However, this small movement could not be hidden from Fu Zhenxin's Divine Vision. She couldn't help but say, If you want to smoke, smoke. What are you afraid of?

She still knew herself so well!

A strong wave of warmth flowed into Huang Xing's heart.

But unexpectedly, Fu Jie suddenly emphasized: You're not allowed to smoke! Smoking was strictly prohibited in the office!

Huang Xing thought, that was so domineering!

But he liked it! He liked Fu Jie's domineering attitude! It was an unparalleled beauty! This sort of violent aesthetic, combined with her devastatingly beautiful appearance, formed an almost perfect woman. This kind of woman could charm almost any man in the world.

She was the most beautiful and the only one! Huang Xing's love for her had never decreased. Even though they were old lovers, old colleagues, seeing each other almost every day. However, Huang Xing still did not see enough.

Huang Xing was silent for a moment: How dare I, how dare I!

Seeing this, Fu Zhenxin could not help but laugh and say: "It can't be, Brother-in-law, you were oppressed by my sister to this extent right?

Fu Jie frowned, and used a questioning gaze to stab Fu Zhenxin: You, what did you call him?

'Brother-in-law! ' Fu Zhenxin emphasized: Is that right?

Fu Jie said: If you keep talking nonsense, I will tear your mouth apart! He was in charge of a company and was in charge of it all by himself, how could he still be so unorthodox! When will you grow up?

Fu Zhenxin stared at Fu Jie with a wronged expression and

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