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The Underworld Clerk: Volume 5

The Underworld Clerk: Volume 5

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The Underworld Clerk: Volume 5

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Nov 15, 2019


Geng Yun, the man with a broken heart, had occasionally become an accomplice of the underworld. From then on, he had changed his identity in the world of life and death, fear and excitement becoming the main hues of his life! Surrounded by all kinds of beauties, including the cold female doctor, the tyrannical female special police and the pure little Daoist nun, Geng Yun was growing up in pain and happiness. A wealthy merchant? Political pride? Evil spirits? — All of you, behave! Geng Yun went from being frightened at first to enjoying his work later on. Advancing from a small police officer to the deputy chief of the police department of the Underworld step by step, he completed the magnificent transition from a little otaku to the most ferocious man in the Underworld.
Lançado em:
Nov 15, 2019

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The Underworld Clerk - Lan Mao



To endure, right now, Geng Yun could only endure it, he had no choice but to endure it. That force was not directed towards Geng Yun's soul, but rather towards his body. That feeling, even though the soul was in the air, he could still feel the true existence of that energy.

This situation continued for around ten minutes. Finally, Geng Yun felt that the energy in the distance wasn't surging anymore, and most of his original strength had been condensed and released. At this time, the little flag also quickly flashed for a bit, and the distant image of the flag also returned to Geng Yun's side.

Li Zimu was completely dead. His soul s had now been refined into a wave of energy and entered Geng Yun's body. Geng Yun was actually very afraid in his heart, afraid that Li Zimu was going to steal his body away like those cultivators in the novels of the immortals.

However, when Geng Yun recovered his senses with the soul, he did not feel anything strange. Instead, it was the soul energy in his body that seemed to have doubled compared to before.

This surprised Geng Yun greatly, but he knew that it was probably because of the power, but how did that power come about, and why did it produce kidney function such a situation, Geng Yun did not understand.

As for the things that Geng Yun did not understand, he would not intentionally think about it, so at this time, he did not think about it anymore, because what had happened had already happened, and his own enemy had already been exterminated, so he himself was very light now, even if someone were to find trouble with him, he might not be able to increase his cultivation, but because of the soul's growth, when he was going against other people, his true strength would definitely be much stronger than others.

After tormenting for so long, Geng Yun should have been very tired. However, because the soul received a strong supplement, Geng Yun did not feel tired at all, instead, his mind was brimming with energy. Thus, he recalled that just now, it was as if Shang Min had come to call him.

Thinking about it, Geng Yun laughed, then quickly got off the bed and pushed open his own door.

The door was pushed open by Geng Yun, but the first thing he saw were four shocked faces.

The four girls had four different expressions, but all of them had the word 'surprised' written on them.

Coughing lightly, Geng Yun looked at the four girls. Helplessly, he spread out his hands and said: I say, why are you all staring at me like that? I am a monster?

Geng Yun, what did you do inside the house? Shang Min asked at this time.

Ahem, what can I do in the house? Geng Yun asked curiously, but he could also guess that when the few girls came to find him, they might have pushed the door open, but he did not know what had happened.

It turned out that the three girls on Bai Yanran's side, after tidying up, had naturally thought of eating with Geng Yun and Shang Min, so the three of them came over together to look for the other two, but what they did not expect was that Shang Min suffered a setback in front of the house, so they decided to ignore Geng Yun and instead find three girls to eat. However, just as they turned around, they met three people, whom the four of them studied for a moment, and the other three also pushed open the door in turn.

As a result, the four of them were extremely worried for Geng Yun, but that door, with an unknown magic power, actually made the four of them not dare to approach it, causing them to be stunned and at a loss of what to do.

And when Geng Yun pushed the door open, walked out, and appeared in front of them, the four of them were even more helpless. This was because they never would have thought that Geng Yun would actually be able to walk out safely at this time.

After all, there was nothing inside the house, so where did that feeling come from?

These things could not be understood, but with Geng Yun's appearance, the four girls were relieved, for the time being, they could be considered relieved.

Don't be like this, am I not fine? That must be your hallucination, right? It's fine now anyway. Can we eat now? I'm starving to death here. Geng Yun said while grinning, but he secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. After all, this period of time was indeed thrilling, and more importantly, these girls did not charge in nor receive any injuries. This was what he was most happy about.

The five of them ate a meal together, and the meal they ate was rather happy. After all, the current Geng Yun, being able to eat together with these girls and even just getting rid of a great enemy was the happiest thing in his heart.

However, he was not without worry, because no matter what happened to Bai Deli, or how he was doing with the Underworld Police, he was worried about them. Although he was happy, he was not at all worried about them.

Everyone left happily after death, but Bai Yanran was not very happy, because Geng Yun did not go back to sleep with him, but instead went back to his own room.

Although she was slightly unhappy, she had thought about it before. Geng Yun and Shang Min lived together in the same house, so the relationship between the two must not be simple.

This question had bothered him for a long time, but no matter what, he could not fight for it now. What was his capital? Bai Yanran could only shake his head and smile bitterly. In the end, Bai Yanran followed Du Xue and went back to the house s.


As for Geng Yun and Shang Min, they had both gone back to their own rooms to rest, but only said that they were resting, but Geng Yun was currently unable to sleep because he had a huge knot in his heart that he had not opened yet. It was that the current Underworld Police's group was not considered small, and he had rarely interacted with them.

However, it was already too late to think about it. After all, everything had happened, so what Geng Yun needed to do now was to find a way to settle his own life, and then figure out how to deal with those people who wanted to target him and stir up trouble.

Since he knew that it wouldn't be dangerous for the time being, Geng Yun had a good night's sleep as well.

When he woke up the next morning, it was already around ten in the morning. Looking at the time, Geng Yun smiled bitterly, what a fellow, he had already slept for more than ten hours s, it seemed like the past few days of tormenting had exhausted him.

Geng Yun laughed bitterly, and after he got up, he took a look. Shang Min had already left the room, and after he found a neighboring room, he discovered that the three girls were actually still sleeping soundly. It was as if their fatigue of the past few days had exploded all at once.

If Li Zimu died, then that would mean that he had lost his biggest enemy. Then temporarily, no one would buy or kill them, and under these circumstances, Geng Yun would be able to have a temporary peace.

He thought about it for a while, it had been a long time since he last looked for Jia Bo, so he decided to go to the Public Security Bureau. After all, the things that he had done these past few days, was more or less, if Jia Bo had heard of anything, he would go and see if there was any news about him.

He had stayed in the house s for almost two days. Now that he had come out, he was more or less not used to the ultraviolet light, he smiled bitterly and put on his Underworld Police's spectacles s, then strode towards the Police's Bureau.

Now that Geng Yun had put on his glasses, he could immediately distinguish who was the normal person on the road and who was ghost Gu. However, he was no longer the person who would jump when he saw ghost, and he was already used to this feeling.

His footsteps were quick as he passed through two streets, heading straight for the Police's Bureau.

Geng Yun now had a car, and the car was given to him by Bai Deli, but he did not want to drive it. Walking around would increase the Yang Qi in his body, so he chose to walk.

After walking past two streets and turning a corner, he would reach the Police Bureau after walking past two streets. However, just as Geng Yun was walking past the third street, beside him walked a tall and slender beauty with quite a bit of temperament.

Although she was called a beauty, when Geng Yun quickly walked past her, he did not notice her at first. However, because the moment the two of them walked past each other, Geng Yun realized that there was a rather sinister shadow flashing past the girl's body. Although the shadow was very faint, Geng Yun was able to see it clearly.

And because of this, Geng Yun paid attention to this beauty.

His footsteps paused for a moment, then Geng Yun stopped. He quickly turned back, made a 180 degree turn, and directly followed him.

The ghost probably knew that Geng Yun was Underworld Police, so when he passed by Geng Yun, he blinked, and probably avoided him. However, after passing by Geng Yun, he went back again.

Therefore, if Geng Yun wanted to chase after his, the first thing he needed to do was to remind this beauty. He also wanted to see what exactly this sinister and terrifying ghost that flashed in front of his eyes was.

Just now, when he took a quick glance, Geng Yun felt that although this thing looked like a human body, it was not as simple as it looked, which was why it piqued his curiosity.

Moreover, Geng Yun's duty was to apprehend a few ghost who were causing trouble in the Yang World, so from a work perspective, this was a mission that he had to do. Thus, he quickly turned around and chased after the beauty's back.


Geng Yun had to be extra careful as he quickly followed his. He was a beauty after all, and he couldn't possibly tell his that there was dirt on her just by going up there.

If that were the case, it would be against the rules, and that wouldn't do.

As a result, Geng Yun liked you only following him, and hoped to be able to catch that ghost in a remote corner. As for that girl, Geng Yun didn't dislike his since he was a beauty, and he liked his very much.

However, what Geng Yun did not expect was that the girl's footsteps were so fast, he actually chased him for less than a block, and the other party's figure was already very far ahead.

Damn, isn't this girl leaving way too fast? Geng Yun thought to himself, but at this time, he sped up his pace, and immediately released his own phrenic locking technique. He started to use his Yin Energy to chase after that girl.

However, at the turn in front of him was a huge shopping mall. When Geng Yun tracked his to a place like this, he could clearly feel that the girl seemed to have entered the mall.

Yeah, girls all want to go shopping. This is a normal thing. Geng Yun thought in his heart as he walked in.

The market was very big, it was more than ten storeys tall. Logically speaking, if one wanted to go shopping, they would have to get on the elevator, and Geng Yun felt that the girl had walked towards the elevator. Thus, Geng Yun also quickly walked over, hoping to catch the ghost beside the girl at the elevator's location.

However, this Ideas was Geng Yun's own. He never asked the other party if they were willing to give it to him.

Because, when Geng Yun had just walked to the mouth of the elevator, before he even raised his head to look at the elevator, he suddenly felt as if his neck tightened all of a sudden. After that, he could clearly feel that he had already started to suffocate, when he heard an ice-cold voice come from behind him: Why are you following me? What are your intentions?"

Even though Geng Yun said that he was suffocating, his mind was not in a mess. Thus, he was able to quickly analyse that he was caught by the girl who was following him, and that her move was simply too beautiful, to the point that he did not even have the slightest ability to resist.

Cough cough, you, cough, let go. Cough cough, let me go before I speak. Geng Yun felt suffocated, and he couldn't even speak, how could he explain it?

The girl behind him seemed to have also felt that the man who was being controlled by her because she had used too much strength was not able to stand her manipulation and was suffocating.

She also understood that she had yet to figure out who the other person was and why she had been followed. In this kind of environment, it was impossible to kill him.

Hurry up and say it, or else I won't be polite. The girl's cold voice sounded once again, making Geng Yun feel awkward. This girl was even more cool than when he was acting cool.

As he was thinking this in his heart, Geng Yun's body had already turned around a little. Then, he was able to stand up straight and say with a bit of helplessness, I'm a Warlock. I can see that behind you, there's … cough … there's something following you.

A Warlock? Something? Aren't you following me? Are you not human? " The girl's voice became colder and colder, she simply did not believe what Geng Yun had said.

Cough cough, don't use too much strength. Listen to me. When the girl heard Geng Yun's words, she became a little angry. She used more strength in her arms, causing Geng Yun to suffocate.

After relaxing a little, the girl looked around to see that there were not many people around. Thinking for a moment, she pulled Geng Yun to the side of the stairs, and said with a loud voice: Tell me the truth.

Cough cough, my young mistress, what I have said is the truth. There really is a dirty thing following behind you, and that thing is very peculiar … Geng Yun was about to continue speaking, but at this moment, he suddenly felt someone heavily slap him on the head. Then, he felt his head grow a little dizzy.

Stop playing games here. Let me tell you, I'm a soldier. If you continue talking to me about this, I'll definitely send you to the local police station. The girl's voice was even colder, how could she believe this. Moreover, he was a female soldier from the special forces, his skills were not ordinary, if she wanted to put on an act in front of him, she would be courting death.

Geng Yun was speechless. Was he doing feudal superstition? If one were to speak the truth, it was indeed a little bit. However, that was the truth. Could he really say that there was nothing at all? If he said that, then he was lying.

However, not only did the woman in front of him not believe him, she even acted quickly and ruthlessly. It seemed that if she didn't admit her mistake and continued to talk to him, she would be taken away by him and sent to the police station.

Geng Yun was not afraid to go there, but things could not go that far. After all, he could not reveal his identity as the Underworld Police, and even if he was considered a warlock, he could not possibly reveal such a damned thing to the public.

Therefore, at this time, Geng Yun felt helpless, but after thinking about it, he decided that if a person had such a fate, it would not be easy for him to change it. He wanted to save his, but he refused to appreciate his help, so what did he care about her? Even if those below were to find trouble with him and say that he did not work, they would not be able to find trouble with him.


She only let Geng Yun go after admitting his wrongs. If he did not admit his wrongs, he would send Geng Yun to the Public Security Bureau to spread the word that Feng Jianxuan had committed crimes.

Geng Yun was helpless, upon meeting such a young miss, what could Geng Yun do? Under such a situation, Geng Yun could only admit that he was wrong, and in the end, the female soldier seemed to have hit Geng Yun a few times and left.

This time, Geng Yun did not dare to chase after her, because he knew that if he did, they would still be in for a good beating.

After being released by the female soldier, following the female soldier's departure, Geng Yun could only smile bitterly, now that he had nothing else to say, since he had met with this issue, he no longer had any intentions of looking for Jia Bo, and should return home instead.

Thinking about it, when Geng Yun walked out of the shopping mall, walking back to his own home, Geng Yun shook his head helplessly. Right now, he felt extremely helpless.

However, just at this moment, his phone rang.

Taking out the mobile, he took a closer look at it and could not help but be startled, because the mobile's number was actually Jia Bo's.

This kid, what's going on? I want to go find him, but he called me. Geng Yun laughed bitterly, but that was fine, since he was the one calling, he might as well ask about the situation.

After he picked up the phone, Geng Yun asked: I'm talking about Boss, what's with you, I was planning to look for you, but you called.

Damn, you're still talking about me, and I'm still looking for you. What's going on with you? I haven't heard from you in such a long time, what are you planning to do? " Jia Bo started questioning Geng Yun.

Laughing helplessly, Geng Yun talked about some recent things, then said: Alright, I'll go over now, is the reason you called me about this?

Not really. There's something good I want to talk to you about. I'm sure you're interested. Jia Bo said with a smile.

Oh? What would I be interested in? Geng Yun also found it strange, what was he so interested in? He really couldn't wrap his head around this matter.

Mm, you'll know when you get here. Come over immediately, I'll tell you in detail. Hearing Hu Qian's words, Jia Bo couldn't help but smile, and then said this and hung up the phone.

Geng Yun could not figure out what exactly it was, but hearing that Jia Bo had said such good things, it must be really something good. Thus, he turned around and walked towards Jia Bo's work unit.

He came to Jia Bo's building. Because this was the Public Security Bureau, Geng Yun did not want to go in. Therefore, he called Jia Bo to ask him to come out.

Jia Bo quickly ran out and pulled Geng Yun to a small restaurant.

Jia Bo ordered some dishes inside the restaurant, then ordered some beer, and started drinking with Geng Yun.

After drinking two cups of wine, Geng Yun finally opened his mouth and asked, "I say, Old Jia, what is going on?

Aha, actually, this is a very good thing for you, because right now, the country is not averse to such things like the number of feng shui techniques. Furthermore, in the current situation, there's a competition held to try to select some people to help the country with some things. Smiling, Jia Bo raised his hand and drank the cup of wine in front of him as he spoke.

What? Competition? It can't be? " Geng Yun frowned, he was curious, how could a country hold such a competition? Logically speaking, it should have been like what the female soldier said when he came. His story should be a feudal superstition, so it was impossible for the country to support it, right?

You don't have to worry, this is an organization organized by a department of the country. As for what kind of organization it is, you don't have to ask until the competition is over before you know where exactly it wants you. So during this period of time, you just have to prepare.

Did you register for me? Hu Qian widened his eyes. He really did not expect that Jia Bo would actually register for the competition without even discussing about it. This matter was truly a bit too much for him.


Furthermore, Geng Yun had also thought about it, if they really were to participate in this kind of competition, it would be somewhat dangerous.

How many experts there were in this area in the entire country, and how many Underworld Police, could he be considered strong? Even if he signed up, he might not even be able to win against them, thus, Geng Yun helplessly shook his head.

However, Jia Bo's words caused Geng Yun's eyes to light up, because this competition was indeed held by the Empire, but the competition's name was very good, it was a type of academic discussion, and most importantly, the participants this time were all talented youths of the younger generation.

In other words, this time, there would be no older generation participating, so the probability of Geng Yun winning would be very high.

This time, the conversation involved around two hours, and after that, Geng Yun left as well. He made an agreement with Jia Bo that in two days, he would go to Jia Bo's home to investigate the situation, because the competition would begin soon.

Geng Yun returned to his living quarters. He wanted to tell Shang Min and the others about this matter. After all, this matter was of great importance. Most importantly, his relationship with these girls had advanced by leaps and bounds during this period of time. If he did not say anything, he would be letting them down in the future.

What Geng Yun did not expect was that after he went back, he told the few girls that they were all extremely happy and agreed to let Geng Yun participate.

And in the end, even Liu Xianxian came. Although she and Wang Shan felt that it was weird that there were a few more girls around Geng Yun, but at this time, they couldn't get into an argument with Geng Yun. After all, Geng Yun had something more important to do.

However, when the few girls heard about this, Geng Yun actually discussed this with Shang Min.

Although Shang Min did not know who Underworld Police was, there were some things that Geng Yun could tell him, especially that Geng Yun had also told him before that he knew a little about the Yin Yang Spell. Regarding these things, Geng Yun did not lie to him, and at this time, Geng Yun really wanted to analyze the situation.

Geng Yun and Shang Min did not manage to come to a conclusion, as this matter was not only mentioned by the two of them, as they said it like that, although the matter was clearer, it still increased the scope of the search.

Originally, Shang Min thought that it was because there was some kind of problem in the country, but after Geng Yun's analysis, she realized that it was not so, but rather that there was some sort of problem the country really had, and that the army should be able to solve it, thus the matter became more complicated.

The outcome of the discussion between Geng Yun and Geng Yun was naturally that Geng Yun would leave first, and Shang Min would investigate the situation through their social connections. If there was any news, the two of them would meet again, and most importantly, it would be best to find out what kind of organization that mysterious organization was before anything happens.

On the third day after Geng Yun left the house, he went straight to Jia Bo's house. When they arrived at Jia Bo's house, he was immediately pulled by Jia Bo into the house, and tightly shut the door. After that, he pressed Geng Yun onto the sofa and had a happy expression, as if he was dancing with joy.

Geng Yun, you brat, you are really lucky, the competition is held for you alone. Jia Bo was currently like a child, standing in front of Geng Yun with great joy.

had wanted to find such an opportunity, but he also had one thing. And that was that in the situation in front of him, the Yin Palace would definitely have many talented people, and the youths participating in the competition would definitely not be few. Although he had some methods, who would dare say that he was unrivalled under the heavens?

Don't underestimate the heroes of the world, these were Uncle Fu's usual catchphrase.

Although Geng Yun did not understand it in the beginning, but after travelling for a long time in society, he still agreed with what had said. After all, there were some things he had seen that he could not compare to, even though under certain circumstances, it was not entirely true that he had the ability to defeat his opponent.

Jia Bo seemed to be able to see through Geng Yun's thoughts, he couldn't help but pat Geng Yun's shoulder and sincerely say: Young man, young people should have the courage to challenge others, you are so young, don't be too low-key when doing things, sometimes, when you should be able to stand out, don't be timid, what kind of person are you?

I know, I'm working on it. Geng Yun had a bitter smile on his face. He naturally knew that the other party was worried about him, but he couldn't be too flamboyant on this matter.

Oh yeah, when you came in, you were frowning. Is there something that can't be resolved? Tell me about it. " Jia Bo said.

Mm, I did want to tell you about this too. Geng Yun took a deep breath, slowed down a bit, and finally told Jia Bo about the recent details. As for what he was thinking, he also told Jia Bo in detail.

Of course, with regards to Li Zimu, Bai Deli and the rest, related to his own identity and responsibilities, these matters, Geng Yun had only casually mentioned it.

Of course, Jia Bo had also heard that Geng Yun had left out a portion of the information, but that was not important. He believed that Geng Yun had the right to choose whether he wanted to say it or not, thus, at this time, Jia Bo mainly focused on the things that Geng Yun had said after returning.


According to common sense, there should not be any estrangement between the businesses. There should be such a huge competition between all of them, and there should be so many of them. Jia Bo also frowned. He also felt that this matter wasn't that simple.

That's why I felt that it was strange. When I came out, the first thing I did was to come to your place. I hope that you can help me think of a way to clarify things and pay more attention to the recent events on these levels. Geng Yun had a helpless look on his face, he himself truly did not have the ability at the moment, and wanted to make this matter clear, especially regarding the matter that required him to quickly investigate, so other than Shang Min going to investigate, Geng Yun also wanted to ask Jia Bo to help him investigate, since Jia Bo was the Police, after all, it was very convenient to investigate, and his network was also very wide. Especially in certain aspects, it was much better than Shang Min.

When Jia Bo heard Geng Yun's words, he naturally agreed without hesitation.

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