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Rebirth: Daughter of Marquis: Volume 5

Rebirth: Daughter of Marquis: Volume 5

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Rebirth: Daughter of Marquis: Volume 5

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Nov 14, 2019


She had never thought of this.Would Little Sister Shu play up to her husband? Killed her child? Seize her love?But when she closed her eyes, she knew it was over.Returning from a rebirth.Little Sister Shu was making things difficult for him? He strangled him to death.In his previous life, her husband had once again fallen for her? Sorry.She was going at it step by step, just wanting those people who had done her harm to pay the price. However, she did not want a demon-level character to barge into her carriage. I don't like the way you frown. "
Lançado em:
Nov 14, 2019

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Rebirth - Ni Zi



Qin Huai didn't even allow others to chase after his. Their family didn't need such a useless daughter.

Master, what is there to do? Xue'er is still young and inexperienced. Moreover, where can she, a GIRL, go?"

Mrs Wang was still worried about Qin Xue's safety the most, but since this was Qin Huai's home, no matter what, she had to ask Qin Huai to be the first to speak.

Qin Huai was currently angry and stubborn, even in battlefield. How could he lower his head because of a granddaughter? Of course not.

Don't worry about her. You didn't properly teach her a lesson. Otherwise, how could she be so insensible? Qin Huai had always been strict with his family's teachings, and he always kept to himself. He always said that no matter what, even if it was the Wang family who begged for mercy, it wouldn't be possible.

Qin Huai was very dissatisfied with his own granddaughter, so he wanted to teach her a lesson. But since it was his daughter's house, if he went out and something were to happen to her, the one to be humiliated in the end would be the Qin Family.

Thus, he specially got a few guards to follow behind Qin Xue, as long as they could protect her, to see when she would get angry and when she would return home.

Lady Wang saw that she couldn't persuade her husband, so she silently shut her mouth.

Qin Shaohua never thought that this would be the result. She knew that this cousin of his was restless to begin with and liked to be competitive. It was also good to have a lesson, lest she become ignorant in the future and end up causing more mistakes.

Grandfather, Grandmother, don't be angry, we are all sad for his, but the one who passed away is already dead. Qin Shaohua consoled.

Qin Huai and Wang Shi did not speak.

After Qin Xue left the Qin Manor, she casually chose to rush forward with her head lowered. When she finally stopped, she didn't know where she was right now.

Furthermore, everyone here was a stranger, and they were all looking at her with a strange expression. No matter what, she was born in a family of generals and had some guts, but it wasn't comfortable being watched by others.

The reason why she was being watched was because she was wearing a brocade robe and her hair was tied with precious jewelry. That was why she was being watched.

The Capital City was only this big, Qin Xue knew that she would definitely be able to find a home.

But she didn't want to go home. Every time, no matter who it was, they would only praise Qin Shaohua and not see her. It was as if she was covered up by Qin Shaohua's radiance.

Every time she praised the General's two granddaughters, how could Qin Shaohua be like that?

Second Miss Qin, why are you here? Ling Yi was out on a business today, he did not expect to meet Qin Xue.

In the beginning, when he was a little interested in Xia Weilan, he had already investigated her family background and her relatives.

It was just that in this Eastern District, it was the most chaotic place. Normally, only beggars would come here as refugees, so why would Qin Xue, a weak girl, come to this place alone?

Qin Xue looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that it was Ling Yi. His little sister who kissed him said that Ling Yi was a gentle person, so even though she already had Chief Consort and lateral consort, there were still many GIRL that wanted to marry him.

Immediately having the shyness that a daughter should have, two red clouds flew up to her cheeks: Your Highness, I … … I'm just lost. I don't know, may I trouble Your Highness to send me home?

Ling Yi immediately came up with a plan. For the matter between him and his Xue'er, if he could do it, it would naturally be the best. If it couldn't be considered good, then he would have to find another way out.

If he could rely on Qin Xue to tie the knot in the Qin Creek General, it might be a way to resolve the problem. The Qin Creek had led troops and fought in war for many years, and had some prestige within the army.

If he could get the help of General Qin, it would be even easier for him to succeed the throne. It was just that General Qin had always been an emperor and had never been close to any Prince.

Since it's a request from Second Miss Qin, I naturally cannot refuse it. It's just that I have matters to attend to right now. How about you let my guards send you back?

Ling Yi appeared to be an elegant and refined gentleman, as if his goal was only to help Qin Xue, and he did not have any other thoughts.

Qin Xue wanted to agree, but after thinking about it, she did not want to return home so quickly. Furthermore, if she were to marry into the imperial family, wouldn't that bring honor to the family?

She thought of a good idea: To be honest, I came out alone because of some matters at home, if I rashly went back, I'm afraid that grandfather's Grandmother would be even angrier, so I want His Highness to accompany me back, to plead for me, is that okay?

It was also the home of a GIRL, so there must be a problem for him to appear here alone. However, Ling Yi did not feel that there was any big problem, and thought that it was just a small problem.

Since it was Qin Xue who asked for it, then he would help her.

Since Second Miss Qin has requested for it, I'm afraid that you will have to wait for me. Ling Yi smiled.

He had always been good at using himself. He was good at using all sorts of weapons, as long as it was something that would allow him to inherit the throne and defeat his elder brother, he could do it.

Qin Xue immediately became overjoyed and said: I'll wait for Your Highness.

The more Qin Xue looked at him, the more she felt that she was a very good husband. Although he already had a wife, she heard that Nalan Xueer was not favoured, if there was a chance …

Without even thinking, Ling Yi knew what this little GIRL was scheming. However, this matter was beneficial to him too, so he naturally would not expose his.

The little GIRL was a little more innocent.

Then, Second Miss Qin, please wait here for a moment. I'll be right back. Ling Yi said with a gentle smile.

Qin Xue also tenderly said: "Your Highness, you don't have to worry about me.

The two of them could be said to be in love with each other.

Ling Jue had not been able to see Xia Weilan recently, but he was not idle either. She wanted to set a date for the marriage as soon as possible, so she went to temper Emperor.

Originally, he acted as if he wasn't willing to get married in front of the Emperor. It was just that he was forced by all of you to the point of having no other choice but to get married.

So of course, this task will be given to his old father. Our Battle-King, your highness, Battle-King has always been worried about his son, and has never worried about him.

And so, the Battle-King took his unwilling son to His Holiness.

Emperor was even more surprised when he saw the two. Didn't they just get married not long ago? Why did he come back to the palace so quickly to beg for a wedding date?


Since Emperor has already bestowed the marriage, why don't we set the date of the marriage earlier. Yi'er is already quite old. If we don't get married soon, I don't know when I'll be able to get a grandson."

Battle-King cupped his hands together and said to Emperor helplessly.

Emperor was also helpless, getting married was not impossible, it was just that he felt that Qin Qingli was not able to keep Ling Jue company, so he kept delaying the date by deceiving himself.

Now that he had been reminded by Battle-King, he naturally understood that Ling Jue was indeed not young anymore. He should get married soon, and he couldn't drag this on either.

What royal brother said is right, we can't drag this on any longer. Since that's the case, I'll grant them a marriage. Emperor thought for a while, since everything had already been set in stone, no matter how much he thought about it, he would not go back on his words.

Ling Jue's face was filled with unwillingness, as if he was still unwilling to get married, but he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Ling Jue had always been unwilling to get married. This time, he finally loosened his grip, and naturally, the earlier the better, in case he temporarily changed his mind again.

With a wave of his hand, Emperor set the date to the nearest lucky day.

This matter was done so easily, that Ling Jue and Battle-King did not expect it to be so easy to succeed. However, since such a good thing had been accomplished, it was naturally the best.

It was a big knot in his heart.

Yi'er, you have to live a good life in the future. Don't let down my expectations. The Emperor encouraged Ling Jue as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

All the Prince s were jealous of Ling Jue, but there was no reason other than the fact that he was doted on in front of Emperor.

Ling Jue lowered his head and said respectfully: I've troubled Emperor.

No no, aren't you my nephew? It's only right that you worry too much. Emperor looked a little happy. Although he did not know why, he was really happy.

Since the matter was settled, there was no point staying in Imperial Palace. It was not only because there were too many people around, but also because of Imperial Palace. Indeed, there were some people who liked to be demons.

Thus, the father and son duo bade their farewells to the Emperor.

Ling Jue looked at his father. This time's matter has troubled father once again. If it wasn't for father, how could I have progressed so smoothly?

The Battle-King waved his hands, telling Ling Jue not to be so courteous. "This is what I should have done in the first place, who asked you to be my own son?

Ling Jue laughed, there were some things that he did not tell his father, it was not that he did not want to hide from his father, it was not that he did not trust his father, but it was just that sometimes it was better for his father to know less.

Knowing too much is of no benefit to my father.

There was no point in continuing, and Ling Jue would not mention it again. However, just as he and his father were about to leave the palace, they were stopped by a palace maid.

Your Highness, please hold on.

thought that he had nothing to do with Queen, and furthermore, he was not even close to Queen, his sister-in-law.

What's the matter with the GIRL? Ling Jue looked at his father with a face full of disapproval. He knew that his father would not answer her question. Then he would have to do it himself.

Greetings, Your Highness, Prince Charming. This humble servant came because Queen wanted to invite Prince Charming to her palace for tea.

No matter what, he was still the Great palace maid of the Queen Palace. Even though he was subdued by the Battle-King's aura, he was still neither humble nor arrogant.

Ling Jue couldn't remember what kind of relationship he had with the Queen, but since the other party had invited him, even if he didn't want to go, he would at least have a reason for doing so.

I still have things to do. Why don't we change the day? Ling Jue tactfully refused.

However, palace maid said with a troubled expression: This servant will also listen to Empress Queen's instructions. I hope that Your Highness does not make things difficult for this servant, and can follow this servant. The Queen said it was related to your marriage, decedent.

It was actually related to the marriage, so Ling Jue had no choice but to take a look, after all, he valued this marriage more than anyone else, but he understood that the Queen definitely could not shake it, but he was still worried, as if something had happened.

Ling Jue turned and looked at Battle-King, wanting to see what his intentions were.

If you're worried, then go. This King will wait for you at the manor. Battle-King saw through Ling Jue's intention to go there, and did not stop him.

Ling Jue saluted with his hands folded in front, sure enough, his father understood him quite well, since that was the case, there was no need to say anymore, just go.

Then can the GIRL lead the way? Ling Jue did not say anything polite. He really wanted to go to Queen Town and see what the hell was going on.

He hated it when people threatened him with marriage the most. It had been difficult for him to get one this month, so how could he be so easily threatened by others? Did he really think that he wouldn't dare to do anything?

Please follow me, your servant.

Imperial Palace Ling Jue had walked this path no less than a hundred times. Always because of her bias and Battle-King's protection, even if he did commit a grave mistake, the two of them would still be able to help him deal with it.

However, today was different.


Jue'er, you're here. On the other hand, the Queen seemed very kind as she invited Ling Jue to sit.

Is there something important that the Empress is looking for me for today?

There's no rush for this, the Crown Prince will be here soon, you can talk to him later.

Ling Jue nodded, then sat there and continued to chat with the Queen.

The two of them were waiting here for the Crown Prince's Highness. Originally, Ling Jue thought that the Crown Prince's Highness would arrive soon, after all, the Eastern Palace was not too far away from the Queen's palace.

But after waiting for half an hour, the Crown Prince finally arrived.

During this period of time, Queen had also went to urge him many times for help, which was why he came here now.

Why are you so late? Do you know how long Jue'er has been waiting for you here? Queen had originally thought that since he brought this matter up, he would definitely take it to heart.

His Highness the Crown Prince giggled and said to Ling Jue: I'm really sorry for making the decedent wait for so long, I really have some things that I am unable to leave me for so late, I presume you wouldn't mind.

It would be weird if he did not care, but on the surface, Ling Jue was still smiling as he said: Of course not, I believe that Crown Prince has his own matters to attend to, which is why I have delayed you for so long, of course I should understand and understand Crown Prince.

It could be said to be very considerate.

The reason I called you here today is indeed because I have something I want to tell you. I heard that decedent isn't satisfied with this marriage? If the Crown Prince had a point, he said it.


Ling Jue suddenly had a bad feeling. Don't do that. He had a hard time getting to this wedding.

Ling Jue cautiously asked, I wonder where this news came from? Emperor gave me a marriage, I am naturally very willing, why would you say that you are unwilling?

Crown Prince laughed heartily, then said: You don't have to be embarrassed. Since you don't like her, then don't marry her. Even if she looks like the dead Xia Weilan, it's not worth it for you to marry her.

Ling Jue had to exert a lot of self-control to control himself, he wanted to beat someone up. In the past, he could hit whoever he wanted to, but this person in front of him, although he was silly, he could not brazenly beat someone up.

Why would the Crown Prince say that? Since His Majesty bestowed this marriage on me, it's likely that His Majesty felt that it was appropriate. That's why the marriage was bestowed on me. Your Highness doesn't need to say anymore. Ling Jue said respectfully.

Crown Prince walked in front of Ling Jue and forcefully patted his shoulders, You don't have to be so embarrassed. This matter was indeed done wrongly by the royal father. They didn't even ask for your opinion before giving you a marriage. I have a way to help you.

Ling Jue smiled, and retorted in his heart: Don't tell me this fool wants to make a mess of this marriage for me?

But he still said, "You don't have to do this. Your Majesty spoke with golden words. I believe there's no possibility of change, and neither is His Highness the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince was wearing an apricot-colored python robe, and was indeed one of the most respected figures in Ling. Ling Jue was really afraid that he would cause trouble.

If you don't believe me, when I say that I have a way to help you, then I can help you. If you don't believe me, just wait and see."

Ling Jue finally understood that the Crown Prince was trying to rope him in. Since he couldn't find a way, and had heard from somewhere that he didn't want to get married, he decided to help him out, and gain his goodwill. Afterwards, he would be able to help him.

The idea was good, but it was wrong from beginning to end.

Ling Jue knew that no matter how much he said, it would be useless. Looking at his appearance, he should have already made his decision, since he had to help him no matter what, even though he might not need his help.

Your highness, Crown Prince, is really troubling you. Ling Jue felt that he had to first state his position, in case he didn't understand the situation, This marriage is something that I absolutely cannot do, because this is not only the Emperor bestowing marriage on me, but also what my father expects of me. Furthermore, since I am already old, I should get married. I hope that Crown Prince can think twice about this matter.

His Highness Crown Prince immediately felt that Ling Jue was really pitiful. Forget about the fact that he had raised the elder princess' adopted daughter for so many years, he probably didn't understand anything about the human world. Since there weren't any close GIRL in the Capital City either, after getting married, he didn't have any close wives, so he naturally couldn't form a good relationship with Ling Jue.

Furthermore, she must be a mountain village woman with no spirituality at all. Furthermore, Grand Princess Ping Ning had always been helping Ling Jue, so the Yue Clan did not have any benefits for him at all.

They had truly wronged Ling Jue.

Don't worry, I can help you solve all the obstacles.

Ling Jue was speechless, he knew that no matter what he said, he was still a pitiful person in the eyes of the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince, please do not interfere in this matter. After Ling Jue said this to the Crown Prince, he turned and looked towards the Queen, Esteemed Empress, I still have some matters to attend to, I'm afraid it's not appropriate to stay for long, I will take my leave first.

Queen understood the situation, what was going on?

However, she and Crown Prince shared the same thought, thinking that Ling Jue just did not dare to say it, if he really dared to say it, then it would not be like this.

Since you have matters to attend to, then go back first. Someone came to send you to the Prince Charming. The Queen did not want to keep Ling Jue anymore, so Ling Jue's thoughts were pretty much clear now.

After Ling Jue and the two of them left, there was no point in staying any longer. The other party was not listening to what you have to say, they just followed their plans.

The Crown Prince said hesitantly, Muhou, what do you think? Ling Jue has been rejecting us time and time again, does he really want to get married? After all, when he was his age, his eldest daughter was already four years old.

The Queen twisted the kernels in his beautiful armour and placed it on her lips as she sneered: Saying that I want to get married, I might not be able to withstand the pressure from Battle-King and Princess Ping Ning and the three forces of Emperor. But since we're going to do it, we have to do it well, and we have to let him know.

Doing good things in private wasn't their style. If this matter was successful, Ling Jue would probably be ecstatic.

Ling Jue really wanted to hit his, the mother and son duo did not know what the hell they were thinking, did she really think that if Ling Jue really wanted to escape the marriage, he would not be able to escape?

He didn't run away this time because he really wanted to get married.

But he thought of one thing, at that time when he went back to the capital, he met a Assassin, and it seemed like it was not sent by Crown Prince, because Crown Prince obviously wanted to rope him in, and wanted him to become his helper.

Although it had a lot of enemies in the Capital City, it did not have many that could kill him like this. He did not know when he offended this person either, and just thinking about it made him feel troubled.

However, no matter how troublesome it was, he still had to do something.

For example, he had to think about how the Crown Prince would ruin his wedding so that he could take precautions.

But even with so many things lingering around his heart, he was still a little worried. Could it be that Xia Weilan suddenly did not want to marry him?

Sometimes, he felt that he was the only one who was in love, although Xia Weilan would also tell him that she liked him sometimes.

But a woman's heart is like the bottom of the sea. Who knows when she would suddenly change her mind? Ling Jue was worried about this, he was not even afraid of the interference from the outside world, he was afraid that Xia Weilan would change his mind temporarily, and then, there was really no way to solve this problem.

Ling Jue suddenly wanted to see Xia Weilan. Even if Xia Weilan was going to scold him, he had to go and see her, otherwise, he would not be at ease.

Therefore, Ling Jue decided on the spur of the moment to go see Xia Weilan.

Furthermore, even though she was currently in the midst of marriage, there were still a lot of things that she had to busy do. The Grand Princess of Peace would not allow Xia Weilan to marry Ling Jue without knowing anything.


Therefore, no matter what, she wanted to provide the best for Ling Jue. As long as it was the best, she wanted to give it to Ling Jue.

So for Xia Weilan, it was obviously to be given to him after she had been taught well.

However, Xia Weilan had learned a lot of things not only in her previous life, but also in this life. To her, this was a piece of cake, and it made it easy for her to receive the praise of her teacher.

As for paying a visit to the Qin Family s, it was only for the next two days. Since Princess Pingning had agreed to Xia Weilan's request, he would definitely not go back on his words.

Xia Weilan finished her day's lesson and sat inside her Room. She tidied up her hair and took good care of it.

It hung behind him, looking like an ink-black waterfall. It carried with it a myriad of temptations and postures.

maidservant was helping her comb her hair, she truly looked good no matter how she looked at it.

Miss, your hair is really enviable. Chunzi caressed Xia Weilan's hair and could not help but say.

Xia Weilan smiled, Silly girl, what's there to be envious about. It's just a head of hair, as long as you can take good care of it.

Of course we can't compare to Miss Jin Gui. Moreover, Miss's hair is a little different from ours. It's smooth and smooth, and touching it is even more comfortable than good mink skin.

This little girl's mouth is so sweet. Xia Weilan only thought that she was flattering him and that was why she said that her hair was good.

Spring Gourmet stuck out his tongue when he was at the back, then concentrated on the balm that was specifically used to protect Xia Weilan's hair.

I heard that this is a secret medicine from the palace. A small box is enough for a person like them to live for a lifetime.

Xia Weilan looked at her own face in the mirror. This person was indeed him, but she was no longer the same Xia Weilan as before.

In the past, Xia Weilan was free to do whatever she wanted, but now, she wasn't. She was Princess Ping Ning's adopted daughter, she had a new name, Qin Qingli.

Since you're done, go back down. I need to rest. Xia Weilan felt a little dizzy, and wanted to rest.

Wasn't this what she had wished for in her previous life? Marry a good man, then meet a man in the backyard and live her life in peace. Why would there be a change in this life?

Was it after he followed Ling Jue to the battlefield, or did he take the Master Yunhai as his master? However, he had told her many truths. All living things were equal, and there was simply no one that was more precious or lowly.

However, in this era, it was not very obvious to see the difference in status. If, as a woman, she could only be trapped in the backyard and be taught by a husband, and everything else could not be done, could only be done by a man?

Xia Weilan was getting restless, she was not willing, but being trapped in the backyard, unable to do anything in her entire life, she could only rely on her man.

Since the heavens had given him another chance, she didn't want to be so useless. Just like in her previous life, could there be any changes? However, everything that she had now was still something that she could only do with Ling Jue.

What right did she have to be independent?

Lan Er, what are you thinking? Suddenly, a voice came from behind, causing Xia Weilan to jump in fright.

He was always so elusive. Xia Weilan could guess that Ling Jue would definitely explore her room once again.

But he couldn't guess when, and now it seemed to be this time.

Why did you come here today? Is there something wrong? " Xia Weilan subconsciously thought that she must have something to discuss with him, which was why she came here.

It's fine, can't I see you? How heartless of you." Ling Jue joked.

Xia Weilan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes, Ling Jue really did have a bit of the air of a Child.

He could only helplessly say, If you want to see me, you can naturally do so. It's just that sometimes you have to follow some rules.

However, Ling Jue was not convinced.

What are the rules for me to meet my fiancée? Oh right, let me tell you a good thing. Emperor has already set a date for our marriage on a recent lucky day.

After Xia Weilan heard this, she was not as happy as she had imagined. Instead, she was frowning.

Ling Jue reached out to grab Xia Weilan's wrist, and then asked. What do you mean? You don't want to marry me?"

To think he had been thinking about how to advance the date of marriage. Turns out Xia Weilan didn't want to marry him earlier?

If that was the case, then he was lucky that he had brought the wedding date forward. Otherwise, he would have wasted his chance for nothing.

In any case, even if Xia Weilan didn't agree, this wedding still had to continue. It was impossible for her to not agree, as this was Ling Jue's truest thought.

Xia Weilan laughed and struggled for her wrist, but seeing that Ling Jue was not planning to let go, she did not continue, and only said: "Of course I am willing, it's just that. I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to get married this early. I'm afraid that I won't have much freedom left.

Xia Weilan did not plan to lie to Ling Jue. If even Ling Jue could not believe it, then no one could.

Really, are you sure you didn't lie to me? If you are only willing to marry me because you are worried that you won't be free, then you can be at ease. After you marry me, you may become more free to do whatever you want and do whatever you want with your life."

Ling Jue definitely did not have any intention to joke around. She did indeed have this kind of ability, and if this was what Xia Weilan wanted, then he would give it to Xia Weilan.


Of course I'm serious. Why would I lie to you? Ling Jue pulled up Xia Weilan's weak and small hand and placed it on her own big palm.

"I don't want to be trapped in the backyard forever. I can only teach him a lesson and not go anywhere else.


"Does that mean after I get married? I can go see Master, my old friends, and my grandfather's family.


Then do you want to set up a private school for the bereaved soldiers who died in battle?

Of course it's okay. Besides, I wanted to do this a long time ago. Lan Er is really thinking the same thing as me.


Ling Jue did not lie, it was also because he was in the battlefield this time, and only knew how dangerous the battlefield was when he was in the General.

Their wives and children should naturally be supported by the country. After all, all of them had died on the battlefield, and there was a high possibility that the warriors who had died were the pillars of a family.

However, I have another opinion on this matter, this matter might not need you to do it, but for the country to do it. I will report this matter to the Emperor and have him allocate two taels of silver from the treasury to build a private school, so that the bereaved soldiers can receive a good education.

Ling Jue rolled his eyes and thought of a way. He could actually earn some reputation, and wouldn't need to pay for it himself. Of course, his original intention was to protect the bereaved of those martyrs.

After Xia Weilan heard this, she felt that it made sense, What you said makes sense. Actually, I only wanted to tell you this because I heard Master mention it before. Every time, Master would help those warriors who lost their lives in the battlefield to achieve greater heights. As for those who remained behind, although he had intentions, he was powerless, and that was why I wanted to help him.

At this time, Xia Weilan was really thinking this, and her eyes were filled with that kind of resolute light. As she looked at it, Ling Jue actually became a little foolish.

Because Xia Weilan was originally prepared to go to bed, his clothes were very thin, with only a thin undergarment. Ling Jue had not realized this initially, and had been immersed in the news that she was about to get married to someone else. It was only now that he realized how thin Xia Weilan's clothes were.

Do you feel cold? Ling Jue sat close to Xia Weilan and asked.

Xia Weilan didn't feel anything cold, so she asked Ling Jue: Are you cold? If it's cold, then put this blanket on so you won't catch a cold.

He opened up a small blanket on the bed and was about to place it on Ling Jue's body.

Ling Jue extended a hand to stop her, and then pulled her into his embrace, You must have felt it right? I am very hot right now, but I don't know if you are willing to cool it down for me."

Xia Weilan's face immediately flushed red, Ling Jue was not cold at all, she could even feel the hottest part of his body.

It was just her who was actually a little foolish just now, thinking that Ling Jue had turned cold.

Alright, stop being naughty. If it's really hot, go outside and take a cold bath before you come back. Xia Weilan was really shy. Even in her previous life, she had never been treated like this by a man.

Ling Jue hugged Xia Weilan without letting go even if she were to die: I don't want it, you giving me a hug would make me feel cold, Lan Er, you must be feeling sorry for me right?

What could Xia Weilan say? From the looks of it, Ling Jue really didn't even want face anymore. Even if he said something, he might not even be able to hear it now.

Then... Then carry it." After Xia Weilan finished speaking, she buried her entire face into Ling Jue's chest, not daring to raise her head again.

Ling Jue's heart was in a mess as he thought, look, this is my little darling. Even if he's shy, he's still worried about me, worried about me.

What more could a man like this need? A faint body fragrance came from Xia Weilan's body. It might be the balm she applied after she took a bath.

Ling Jue felt that no matter what kind of smell it was, the smell that floated out from Xia Weilan's body was very nice and fresh.

You smell so good, I'm afraid I won't be able to hold it in. But I want to give you all the best on the day of our wedding. Ling Jue whispered to Xia Weilan with her arms wrapped around his.

He really wanted to give everything he had best to Xia Weilan, and she didn't have the heart to waste Xia Weilan like this. She was worth everything, and this, of course, was one of them.

Although he always spoke in every proper form and always liked to poke fun at others, when he was serious, it was indeed very touching. For example, now, he had deeply moved Xia Weilan.

Once Xia Weilan's mind was moved, she immediately trembled and said to Ling Jue, Let me help you.

Ling Jue lowered his head to look at Xia Weilan who was in his embrace. Her eyes were completely closed, and he looked as if he had just met his death.

No need to force yourself. Since I can't do it, then there's no need. I can bear it. "

Ling Jue did not lie, he was not the type of person that had to be dealt with, and Xia Weilan was obviously willing to help him, it was just that he was not willing to help, and was not willing to let Xia Weilan down.

No …. I didn't force you. You've done so much for me, I just don't want to make you feel bad. " Xia Weilan mustered up her courage and said all these. These words were a huge breakthrough for her.

She raised her head, her eyes shining with an incomparable amount of courage.

Ling Jue didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was only teasing her, but this allowed her to understand even more, that Xia Weilan loved him.

This conclusion made his originally uneasy heart suddenly calm down a lot.

Ling Jue used a gentle tone to coax his: Good child, before marriage, I don't want to humiliate you, but after marriage, you will want me to do whatever I want, what do you think?

Xia Weilan wanted to say more, but she was blocked by Ling Jue, who whispered to her: Don't say anything, just let us be like this, okay?

Xia Weilan's body immediately softened. Fortunately, Ling Jue had still been holding her and was not afraid that she would fall to the ground. But even so, it still made people's hearts moved.

They looked at each other lovingly. The feelings between them were naturally the clearest, and both of them didn't want to ruin the atmosphere. It was filled with love, wasn't it?

Princess, the Prince Charming seems to have entered the manor. Do you need the Subordinate to go take a look? The guard asked with a serious expression as he knelt on the ground.

Actually, Princess Pingning had already sensed it the last time Ling Jue had come. He also knew why Xia Weilan was so nervous the last time she came over.

It was just that she was unable to see through everything.

No need, I would only think it's strange if he doesn't come. Let's go. But keep an eye out, don't let anyone else find traces of decedent. "

Grand Princess Ping Ning did not have much of a feeling towards young love, but one of them was his nephew while the other was his adopted daughter, so she had to have some snacks, to help

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