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Tricks: CEO Doted on His Wife: Volume 5

Tricks: CEO Doted on His Wife: Volume 5

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Tricks: CEO Doted on His Wife: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019


A man who had taken aphrodisiac and shared a Spring Festival Gala with her, he could not give up that night, she wanted to die a few times …
Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019

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Tricks - Hen YuYangFei



She just likes to eat durian

a City

Another half a year had passed, and Mu Nianyi was already pregnant for ten months. Seeing that the day of her delivery was about to come, these days, she had learned the disguise techniques from Long Meisuo, and was already able to familiarize herself with the techniques.

However, the poison in her body didn't recur as the child grew up, so Situ Jing decided on one possibility. That was, because the child in her body was Su Nan's, other than the poison in his body, there would naturally be an antibody against it. However, this could only extend Mu Nianyi's and the child's life for a short period of time, but wasn't this enough?

Perhaps he could live for an extra year, or two years, or three years. But as time passed, he would have the time to develop the antidote, and the chances of him surviving were also much higher.

had already resigned from her job, and she had also moved into Long Meisuo's villa. In order to accompany her, Zhao Yue also moved in.

Long Meisuo was currently living in his villa in A City. The exterior of the villa was still the same as before, it was just that the interior was different, but Mu Nianyi still felt that this place was very familiar, and unconsciously thought back to the situation back then.

At this time, Mu Nianyi was strolling in the courtyard of the villa with her big belly. The doctor said that if she walked more before the birth, she would feel less pain during the birth of her child.

One, you must be tired! Stop and eat some fruits! "

Just then, Long Meisuo walked out of the hall with a plate of fruits, and placed it on the table in the pavilion and shouted to Mu Nianyi.

Mu Nianyi turned her head, with one hand on her stomach, she slowly walked towards Long Meisuo.

The afternoon sunlight poured down onto the courtyard. Mu Nianyi's face was plated with a layer of soft golden light, and under Long Meisuo's care, her originally small, pointed face had become a lot rounder. Her face was a little less tender, and a little more mature, adding a kind of feminine charm.

It should be due in a few days! Long Meisuo smiled and said to Mu Nianyi.

Mu Nianyi nodded her head, her face brimming with an indescribable happiness and satisfaction.

In the past few months, she had felt the occasional movement in her womb, and the maternal love in her heart had increased little by little.

She suddenly felt that she had been right to choose to keep the child, because she had been accompanied by the child in her womb, and now she was very happy and satisfied.

Mu Nianyi sat on the stool, picked up a grape and placed it in her mouth, then looked at Long Meisuo and asked: I wonder if your master found anyone that is willing to help me?

Long Meisuo laughed, and looked at Mu Nianyi: I was just about to tell you about this! Right now, there are three powers. One is Su Rongkai and the other is Chen Guoqiang, the other one is a little more secretive, and the other one is Qian Ruoshen from the Qian Group.

Qian Rosen? Would there be such a person in the Congee? " Mu Nianyi was curious.

In this period of time, she had learned quite a bit of information about the Gongji Faction from Long Meisuo, but this Qian Ruoshen was not a member of the Gongji Faction!

Qian Rosen isn't a member of the Consortia, but his daughter owns the biggest stake in the Consortia.

His daughter? Mu Nianyi was even more suspicious.

His daughter is Su Li and he is Su Li's real father. Right now, he is standing up for Su Li, and what I want to tell you is that in the past, my master had some friendship with him, so he needed my master's help this time. My master recommended you to him, and after you have given birth and recovered your health, you can go and work at his place. Long Meisuo said indifferently.

Then you said you want me to follow Su Li, but I have some history with her.

Relax, I've already thought it through, this time you are hiding your identity, your identity is a disciple that my master just accepted, you can also change your appearance, Qian Ruo Sen and Su Rongkai have a feud between them, they will definitely think of a way to eliminate Su Rongkai, and at that time, I will definitely help Liu Ye take revenge. Long Meisuo patted Mu Nianyi's hands and comforted him.

Mu Nianyi nodded, thinking, so what if she was helping Su Li, as long as he could use their power to avenge Aunt Liu Ye.

Recite one, I'm back.

Just then, Zhao Yue walked in from outside the door, holding onto a fresh fruit she bought recently, she shouted at Mu Nianyi.

He ran over and looked at the plate of fruits in front of Mu Nianyi and laughed: Looks like Aunt Ying Er really dotes on you. To think that I would actually buy you so many, so expensive fruits.

Little girl, don't I love you? Long Meisuo looked at Zhao Yue and laughed.

I was just joking! Zhao Yue smiled as he sat down on the table, and placed the apple in his hand on the table.

Die, go wash these apples and cut them into pieces. Long Meisuo shouted to the maid not far away.

No need, I'll be fine. Zhao Yue picked up the bag of apples, stood up and ran towards the kitchen.

When Zhao Yue came out again, she had a fruit plate in her hands. The sliced fruits were all stuck together with toothpicks.

Eat more fruits. After my foster son is born, he will be very smart.

So it turns out that you're not being nice to me, it's because you're being nice to your son! Mu Nianyi pretended to be angry and pouted.

That's right! I will treat my foster son well, and when I grow up, I will let her filial piety towards me. This is an investment with rewards.

Then you should buy some fruits that your dry son likes to eat. Mu Nianyi said as she looked at Zhao Yue.

What fruit does he like?

Durian. Mu Nianyi said in all seriousness.

I think you like it! Such a stinky fruit, if you eat it, you'll give birth to a child who smells like durian.

Isn't that especially so?

For the sake of my godson, I won't let you eat it.

I think you're stingy! Right? A durian seems to be your daily salary!

Long Meisuo looked at the two of them who were talking animatedly and couldn't help but laugh. Alright, if you like it, I'll get people to buy it for you.

No need, Auntie Ying Er, I was just joking.

Mu Nianyi said embarrassedly.

Although she really liked eating durian, she couldn't possibly cause trouble for others, right? This was merely teasing Zhao Yue for nothing.

This was truly strange. For the sake of someone else's pregnancy, they would either eat sour food or spicy food. And she just had to love eating durian!

That was the first time she had eaten durian in Long Meisuo's home. Previously, she would always stay far away from Long Meisuo when she smelled it, but she never thought that she would not be able to stop herself from eating it.

Was her child so special that she liked the stink of durian?

The second day, Zhao Yue actually brought back a durian when she got off work for the first time ever. Looking at her painful expression, Mu Nianyi felt a little bit of guilt in her heart.

However, thinking that she had picked up a foster son for free, she started to eat with a clear conscience.


Just as Mu Nianyi was satisfied with her meal, her stomach suddenly started to hurt.

Yueyue, it's bad, it looks like we're about to be born …

AHH! No way! So fast. " Zhao Yue was so scared by Mu Nianyi's sudden actions that she did not know what to do.

Yue Yue Yue, quickly go get Aunt Ying Er and drive to the hospital.

After receiving Mu Nianyi's reminder, Zhao Yue then shouted: Nian Yi is about to be born, quickly help him, and prepare a carriage to go to the hospital.

With this shout, the maid, who was working not far away, started to get busy and started to make preparations.

Long Meisuo came after hearing the news, and got someone to help Mu Nianyi onto the car. She herself drove like she was driving to the hospital.

Nian — you have to hold on, we're almost at the hospital …

Zhao Yue had always been by Mu Nianyi's side. They held hands and transferred power to Mu Nianyi.

Mu Nianyi's face was drenched in sweat, her expression was pained, making people's hearts ache for him.

Relax, we're at the hospital.

With that, Long Meisuo turned and entered the hospital.

There was already a doctor waiting outside. Seeing Long Meisuo's car arrive, he immediately ran over with a stretcher.

Mu Nianyi was carried to the operation room on a stretcher.

Zhao Yue and Long Meisuo were waiting outside the operation room, looking anxious.

From time to time, the two of them would peek inside through the window, listening to Mu Nianyi's occasional screams, they were extremely shocked.

Auntie Ying Er, tell me, will everything be alright? Zhao Yue paced around the corridor anxiously, but sat down on a chair.

Don't worry! It will be fine, I'm an experienced person too. Although this child has suffered a bit, but normally, nothing will happen to him.

But I heard that there were also people who were in trouble, and some of them even suffered massive bleeding. Milord, children … With that, Zhao Yue immediately covered his mouth.

This unlucky thing must not be said.

Long Meisuo laughed: Generally speaking, it is not that serious, when you have children, you will know.

Although they said that, the two of them still couldn't relax.

They were all waiting for the good news from the operation room.

Wa, wa …

A burst of wailing sounds came out from the operation room. Long Meisuo and Zhao Yue stood up happily with smiles that could not be hidden.

The door to the operating room opened and a nurse came out with a newborn child in her arms.

Well, boys or girls? Zhao Yue hurriedly stepped forward and asked.


Then what about Nian Bing?

Don't worry, mother and son are safe.

Let me hug you! Zhao Yue took the baby from the nurse's hands. Looking at his chubby pink face, he was filled with joy.

F * cking son, you finally came out! You made your mother wait so hard! Zhao Yue reached out and poked the baby's tender face, making her skin look as if it was about to water.

Let me hug you. Long Meisuo stood up and took the child.

She placed her right hand on the baby's pulse and frowned slightly.

Aunt Ying Er, what's wrong?

Long Meisuo retracted her hand, and laughed while shaking her head: I'm fine.

Give me the child! I'll take it to the baby bath.

Long Meisuo then handed the child over to the nurse.

Auntie Ying Er, did you see that? So cute! His eyes are sparkling, like a pair of gems, and he's as beautiful as if he was reciting. Zhao Yue pulled Long Meisuo's hand, and it was as if a flower had bloomed on his happy face.

The room was filled with the smell of disinfectant.

Mu Nianyi laid on the bed, her expression was weak, she looked at Zhao Yue and asked: How is the child?

Don't worry, everything's fine! We'll be back in a while. " Zhao Yue bent down and whispered into Mu Nianyi's ear.

Mu Nianyi was still worried and raised her head to look at Long Meisuo. How long can the virus in a child last?

Long Meisuo sunk for a moment, then looked at Mu Nianyi and said: I still can't see it, let's wait for a few months before testing it!

Mu Nianyi nodded, her eyes full of worry.

Don't worry! There's no end to the road. Since you're fine up until now, I think the child will be able to survive. When Master comes up with some medicine, all of you can live a healthy life.

Mu Nianyi knew that this was just comforting her, but other than that, what else could she do? Didn't they already prepare it?

Even if the Death God came, what was there to be afraid of for the mother and son pair going to the underworld? They could only hope that Su Rongkai, the bad guy, could be brought to justice before she died.

Aunt Ying Er, I want to leave the hospital.

Ah? You want to leave the hospital now? " Zhao Yue was a little surprised.

I want to go home and stay for two days. After the child's full moon, I think I can go to B City. Mu Nianyi said as he looked at Long Meisuo.

Long Meisuo nodded: Alright! I'll find a month of sister-in-law to take care of you.

The smell of the hospital was heavy, and the doctor was busy. It was better to have a rest at home than in the hospital!

Thinking about it, Long Meisuo began to make arrangements.

One month later

Mu Nianyi kissed the child sleeping in the crib, unwillingly got up, and said to Long Meisuo: I'll be troubling you to take care of this child.

Don't worry! I will take good care of him, and you must be careful. "

Read it first. Hurry up and make some preparations. Remember that you are my new apprentice, named Yu Man. Situ Jing said as he looked at Mu Nianyi.

Mu Nianyi nodded her head and said to Situ Jing: Please wait for me in the living room with Ying Er and Master. I will pack up and then go out.

Hearing that, Situ Jing and Long Meisuo nodded, and left the room.

After dressing up, Mu Nianyi left the room.

This time, she had changed her appearance to that of an extremely ordinary-looking woman, one that one wouldn't be able to find if they placed her in a crowd.

No matter where you look, you will not be able to find any trace of Mu Nianyi, so Situ Jing nodded her head in satisfaction: Your disguise is not bad, and I think you have learnt the gist of it, not only will you have to change your appearance, your temperament will also have to match your identity as a person in the future.

This face was very changeable, but it was not that easy to change this completely natural temperament.

This was like a peasant girl changing into a noble daughter, but her temperament was still lacking something. This kind of nobility, self-confidence, and elegance was not something that could be learned in a day or two.

On the contrary.

Mu Nianyi was obviously very clever, she hid her intentions well, and could be considered a genius.

It looks like Ying Er is going to fight it out with you back then. Situ Jing smiled in satisfaction and turned to Long Meisuo.

Long Meisuo also nodded her head: Right now, I am already over 40 years old, and have long left the industry. For the future to be able to push forward, it is only natural for us to be eliminated, but what is worthy of being proud is that she was personally taught by me.

As he spoke, his face was full of pride.

Are there any guests at home? At this time, Feng Jianlie came back from outside and saw the strangers in the living room. He asked Long Meisuo.

Long Meisuo's face revealed a sly smile, her eyebrows raised slightly: Look at who it is?


Feng Jianlie sized Mu Nianyi up from head to toe, and said apologetically: This is …

He thought of all the people he knew, but he couldn't think of anyone who did.

Long Meisuo could not help but laugh out loud. She looked at Mu Nianyi and asked, Let me tell you, Uncle Feng, who are you?

Mu Nianyi smiled and greeted: Hello, Uncle Feng.

When Feng Jianlie heard this voice, he stared with his mouth wide opened and pointed at Mu Nianyi: Is this Nian Yi?

Long Meisuo nodded.

You did it? Feng Jianlie looked at Long Meisuo and asked.

Long Meisuo shook her head: Yang Yi is a disciple that I taught, of course she did this herself.

You taught your disciple? Why didn't you tell me?" Feng Jianlie looked at Long Meisuo with a blaming look, to think that his wife had hidden something from him.

Long Meisuo scratched her head in embarrassment: You go out to work everyday and come back at night, of course I don't know, it's just that I don't think there's a need to mention it.

Uncle Feng, don't blame Auntie Ying Er. Aunt Ying Er wanted to help me too.

Feng Jianlie was a little helpless. Didn't Long Meisuo promise that she would no longer meddle in those matters? He just wanted her to be a good mother, a good wife, and lead a comfortable life.

I was the one who handed Nian Bing over to Ying Er. Don't worry, I did not involve Ying Er in any other things.

Long Meisuo also raised her hand: I swear, I am doing my duty. I am only doing a favor for my master, and it was only teaching him a disguise technique.

Feng Jianlie sighed helplessly, Alright then! But if you have anything you want to discuss with me in the future."

Feng Jianlie had after all been a police officer for many years, so he naturally did not wish for his wife to live her former life. Ever since his godfather, who was now his father-in-law, had retired, he had assumed the role of the Director of the International Punishment Police station.

Read it, let's go! Situ Jing said as she looked at Mu Nianyi.

En! Mu Nianyi picked up the suitcase beside him and followed Situ Jing out of the living room.

Situ Jing put Mu Nianyi's luggage into the trunk, opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat, while Mu Nianyi sat in the front seat.

A moment later, the black Porsche sped away.

I think Ying Er already told you about Qian Ruo Sen's situation, right? Situ Jing said as he drove.

Mu Nianyi nodded and said, "Su Li's biological father is the CEO of the Qian Group. Her wife is the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Fu Shan Qian Jiaji.

That's right, that year, Qian Ruo Sen took a sum of money from Su Li's grandfather and escaped to Japan. After that, he met Fushan's daughter, and with her help, he established the Qian Group. Currently, the Qian Group is famous in the world, and about half of the credit goes to Fushan's daughter.

Then does this woman have any objections if she knows that her husband wants to help his ex-illegitimate daughter? Mu Nianyi asked somewhat puzzled.

"She probably doesn't know yet. In the past, even Qian Ruo Sen didn't know that he had a daughter, that's what I revealed to him. In fact, he really loved Xue Yu back then, and their relationship at that time could also be considered a hunger attack.

That Qian Rosen should have a huge chance of winning. I heard that he has contacts with many politicians in Japan.

The financial crisis of the previous few years, as well as the decline in the share price, were all controlled behind the scenes. On the surface, it seemed that the head of the Consortium was the highest leader, but the internal affairs of the Consortium were complicated, and the United Nations had a high political level involved, so it would not be that easy to become the head of the Consortium. In addition to holding a multi-book stake in the Consortium, it would also require the support of high-level politicians.

Only now did Mu Nianyi realize that her understanding of the Consortia was only the tip of the iceberg.

I heard that there was a conflict between the Gongji Faction and Long Feiyu back then. Since the Gongji Faction was so powerful, why were both of them injured?

"The grudge with Long Feiyu was fought by the group led by Su Rongkai, and they did not get help from anyone else. Adding on to that, Long Feiyu has many powers in the country, and has the help of some high officials, if they were to go against him, it would definitely cause some disagreements among the different countries, so the higher ups of the Foundation Establishment stage would naturally consider the benefits and would not fall to their deaths, so they did not want to forget about that conflict. These things are not worth investigating, in fact, there is nothing to investigate. As Situ Jing drove, he introduced the place to Mu Nianyi.

Oh! I understand, I will definitely do it well.

Situ Jing pursed her lips and smiled: You're so smart, but you're actually very suitable for this job, so I'm a little assured with you, but don't drop your guard.

Hearing Situ Jing's words, Mu Nianyi felt as if she was carrying a very heavy moral burden, and her heart felt heavy. However, when she thought about the dead Liu Ye, she mustered her courage.

20 minutes later, Situ Jing stopped in the parking lot of a luxurious hotel.

He brought Mu Nianyi down from the carriage and directly headed towards the main hall of the hotel.

I'm here to look for Mr. Qian.

Miss Situ?

Situ Jing nodded.

Director Qian is waiting for you in the presidential suite on the top floor.

With that, the manager brought Situ Jing and to the elevator.

With a ding, the elevator reached the top floor.

The beautiful manager led them into a luxurious room.

The top floor was a place for Qian Rosen to relax. There was a living room, a living room, and also a place to exercise and swim. Normally, no one would dare to come here when Qian Rosen was not here, as this was his personal kingdom.

The manager brought Mu Nianyi and Situ Jing to the living room, looking at Qian Ruo Sen who was standing by the French window drinking wine, he reminded him: Chief Qian, Miss Situ is here.

Mu Nianyi looked at the tall and big back figure of that man in front of the window and couldn't help but begin to guess what kind of person he was.

Just as he was thinking, Qian Ruoshen turned around while holding a glass of wine and walked towards them. She pointed at the sofa and said, Sit!

Situ Jing and Mu Nianyi sat on the sofa.


What would you like to drink?

Just coffee.

Go get two cups of coffee. Qian Rosen looked at the female manager and said.

The female manager nodded and left.

Mu Nianyi quietly looked at the man in front of him.

His figure was not bad, and his figure was still considered straight. Although his appearance had left traces of age on him, one could still see how handsome he was when he was young. If he did not have some good points, how would he attract Xue Yu and Fu Shan Qian Jianzi!

This is the girl you recommended? Qian Ruochen said as she crossed her legs and looked at Mu Nianyi from head to toe.

Situ Jing nodded, and introduced him: This is the disciple I accepted last year, Yu Man.

You don't seem that old, are you really sure? Qian Ruoshen looked at Situ Jing and asked.

Situ Jing smiled and nodded: Don't worry! This girl is very clever, and is also very quick to learn, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Since you've said so, of course I'm relieved.

Qian Ruo Sen sized up the girl in front of him, his eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at Situ Jing and said: This girl's body is similar to Xiao Li, I think …

Hearing this, Situ Jing's face became a little ugly, and it was difficult for him to say: Chief Qian, you can't be thinking of having Yu Man disguise herself as Su Li, right?

But this is a good idea, isn't it? This identity is best for us to get close to Su Rongkai.

"But Su Rongkai knows Su Li so well, how could he be deceived, and Xiao Li has already disappeared for half a year by his side. Even if she were to return, with Su Rongkai's suspicious personality, she would definitely suspect him.

What if I have a way?

If I were to become Su Li, would I have to marry Chen Yixin? With his personality, he shouldn't miss the chance to get married. Mu Nianyi said unhappily.

You have to sacrifice yourself if you want to achieve your goal. If you are willing to listen to my arrangements, I will agree to anything you want. Qian Ruoshen looked at Mu Nianyi and said.

Since that's the case, why don't we let the real Su Li become our spy? Didn't you say that if you want to achieve your goal, you have to sacrifice yourself? Mu Nianyi retorted.

At this time, Situ Jing glanced at Mu Nianyi from time to time, but Mu Nianyi did not know where she said the wrong things.

Qian Ruoshen looked at Situ Jing with a darkened face, Is she really your subordinate? Why don't you know the most basic killer rules?"

Situ Jing sighed: She's not a killer, although she's one of my disciples, but she hasn't stepped into this industry.

Hearing this, Qian Ruo Sen stood up with some anger, he slapped the table, and said while looking at Situ Jing and Mu Nianyi with anger written all over his face: Situ Jing, are you messing with me?

In the world of assassins, as long as one agreed to the conditions of their employer, one should unconditionally obey their employer's orders. She didn't expect Situ Jing to find an outsider for her.

At this time, Mu Nianyi suddenly stood up, she stared straight at Qian Ruoshen without the slightest fear: I promise to play Su Li, but I will use my own methods to avoid the marriage transaction. Don't worry, I did this to better convince Su Rongkai, with Su Li's personality, she would not obediently accept such a marriage.

Qian Ruoshen looked at Mu Nianyi, and after a long while, said, Alright, it depends on you. Also, this time when you go back, it'll be with the Su Li who lost her memories. I'll consider making up a perfect reason for you.

Mu Nianyi nodded, her expression was cautious.

One month later, the sun had set in the west. The orange sunlight shined on the lush green grassland, and a few leisurely birds were looking for food on the ground. From time to time, chirping noises could be heard.

In the garden, flowers of various colors competed with each other.

A lot of people in hospital uniforms strolled back and forth, talking about whatever they knew.

Mu Nianyi sat on a wheelchair, bored, as he watched the kids play in the distance.

This was a hospital in A city. Mu Nianyi had already been here for a week, and as a patient who got hit by a car and lost his memory, he was receiving treatment here.

What a hot day, but she still had to face Su Li's face as she stayed here.

An Qi, I bought the ice cream. A sunny boy in a white T-shirt ran towards her with two ice cream cakes in his hands.

This childish appearance made it seem like he was at most a high school student. However, he kept emphasizing that he was a university student and had already grown up. He only had a baby face.

In fact, it was Mu Nianyi herself who had bumped into him. Because she pretended to lose her memories, she named her An Qi, something about an angel that had fallen from the sky.

In fact, Mu Nianyi thought in her heart, angels wouldn't fall from the sky, only bird poop would fall from the sky. But if she said that, wouldn't she be calling herself bird poop?

Mu Nianyi received the ice cream and licked it in satisfaction. It was better to be an amnesiac, to command others like a child.

Hot, let's go back.

Mu Nianyi slowly said.

This was awkward! She had learned for a month just to learn Su Li's voice and tone of voice. For this reason, she had stayed by Su Li's side for almost a month, and facing the evil woman Su Li every single day was truly a type of torture. But fortunately, Su Li did not know that the person who had followed beside her for almost a month was her, Mu Nianyi …

In order to make sufficient preparations, Situ Jing had helped her use the world's top skills to help her change her appearance. Furthermore, she had done the exact same as Su Li with her naked body, with the exception of weight, which might not be able to keep up with her weight in the past half a year, right?

It was exactly the same as the scar and the mole. It couldn't be washed with water.

Although Mu Nianyi's heart was still bumpy and uneasy, but since she had already taken the first step, she might as well continue!

Mu Nianyi was always easily immersed in her own fantasies, even when Yi Tian beside her spoke for a long time, she did not hear a single word of it.

Fortunately, she had lost her memories and no one would mind if she were a fool.

In the end, Yi Tian sighed, pushed the wheelchair back and said: You can leave the hospital tomorrow, and then I'll help you complete the discharge procedures.

Mu Nianyi smiled and did not speak. The sweet ice cream had eaten all over her face, Yi Tian took out a handkerchief and gently wiped it away for her.

If she had to depend on a big boy, she would be at ease for a few days! Presumably, Su Rongkai's men would find her within a few days. After entering the wolf's lair, it would not be easy to think of continuing to act so lightly like this.

The next day, Yi Tian came to the hospital to complete the discharge procedures, and she followed the older boy back to his apartment.


I think you must be a rich lady

The apartment was not big, it only had one bedroom and one living room. She was arranged to sleep in the bedroom, and Yi Tian slept on the sofa in the living room.

When there were no classes, he would come back to cook for her and sometimes buy food when there was no time. Ever since Mu Nianyi came here, other than attending classes, this big boy's casual life had revolved around her.

To be honest, no matter how thick-skinned Mu Nianyi was, she still felt a little embarrassed.

The rice is ready, these are all prepared according to the menu. Every day, you have to change dishes before eating. Take a look at the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Red Braised Carp. Yi Tian looked at Mu Nianyi with anticipation.

Mu Nianyi picked up the chopsticks, took a bite of each chopstick, smiled and nodded: En! It's delicious."


Yi Tian's face blossomed with a smile, as he picked up his chopsticks and impatiently took a bite, It's really delicious! I didn't expect it to be so successful the first time.

You've already been in the kitchen for three hours, one dish for one hour. With such seriousness, it's only right that you cook well.

An Qi, this is the first time I've seen you speak so much.

Haha … Mu Nianyi chuckled, and did not speak any further.

She was currently a person with amnesia, so she shouldn't talk too much. She would definitely lose if she talked too much!

Under Yi Tian's strange gaze, Mu Nianyi began to lower his head and eat his meal.

I am mute, I am mute, I am a amnesiac...

She had to be careful, even if it was Yi Tian. It was not that Yi Tian was a threat, but she had to start practicing, and that she was Su Li.

It was not easy to change one's habits after one or two days. It was fine if it was not, but if it was a long time, she would eventually expose her secret, so she had to be extra careful …

Just like that, two or three days passed by, and according to the clues that Qian Ruo Sen leaked, Su Rongkai should be here soon!

Was it because she did not go out often that no one knew she was here?

As he thought about it, Mu Nianyi looked at Yi Tian and said, I want to go for a walk.

Yi Tian nodded: Alright then! I'll take you out and buy you some clothes.

Mu Nianyi looked down at her shirt and started to sweat.

The shirt was Yi Tian's, it was very big, and could even be worn as a dress. The lower half of the shirt was Yi Tian's blue beach pants, which didn't seem like it.

I … Mu Nianyi frowned, feeling troubled.

If she was allowed to wear this, the chance of her turning her head back would definitely be two hundred percent!

Yi Tian saw her doubt and stood up saying, Wait for me first.

When he came back last night, he bought a dress from a stall. It was white and beautiful, and although it couldn't be considered a famous brand dress, the style of the dress was following a certain clothing brand name, so it should be very pretty for An Qi.

An Qi, look, is this dress beautiful?

As he said that, Yi Tian took out a snow-white dress from a bag and showed it to Mu Nianyi.

The style of the dress... So familiar.

In his memories, Su Nan seemed to have bought such a piece for her. She had worn it a few times, but when she looked at it closer, the workmanship was different.

But overall, it was still very pretty. After all, the things Su Nan bought were worth more than 10,000 yuan each, so with Yi Tian's financial strength, he would naturally not buy them.

Looking at Mu Nianyi's thoughtful eyes, Yi Tian was a little nervous. She stuttered: Do you not like dresses like this? Or do you dislike white?

I like it.

With just a few words, Mu Nianyi reached out and took the clothes, then stood up and walked towards the door. She turned her head and said: You should clean up the tableware!

When he came out again, Mu Nianyi's white robes were fluttering, like a fairy walking out from a mural. She was extremely spirited and her aura was out of this world, causing Yi Tian to be stupefied.

So beautiful …

Yi Tian couldn't help but gulp down a few mouthfuls of saliva.

She was even more beautiful than any celebrity he had ever seen. It wasn't because of how outstanding her facial features were, but because her casual actions exuded a natural noble aura.

An Qi, I think you must be a young miss from a wealthy family. Yi Tian stared at it for a long time before inadvertently uttering the words in his heart.

Mu Nianyi pretended to raise her eyebrows in confusion.

An Qi, if you think back to your past, will you leave me and never come back? Yi Tian looked at Mu Nianyi with deep emotions, causing him to be at a loss of what to do.

Oh my god! Could it be that Yi Tian liked her?

Although she was the same age as Yi Tian, in her heart, Yi Tian was still a big boy, and she was a kid's mother!

I... I …"

Mu Nianyi thought about a lot of things in her mind, but she didn't know what to say at this moment.

I got it, how can someone like me be your friend! It's my imagination." Yi Tian lowered his eyes, a little disappointed.

That... No, I just think it's too early. My mind is blank and I can't think of anything."


Hearing that, Yi Tian jumped up in joy.

Was he that happy when she had lost her memory?

Sensing Mu Nianyi's gaze, Yi Tian immediately stopped smiling. He seemed to be taking pleasure in Mu Nianyi's misery, and let An Qi see and misunderstand.

That day, he received a call from a classmate, he went to the hotel to pick up a drunk classmate, and when he returned, he drove his classmate's BMW, and for the first time, he drove such a good car. He was so nervous that his hands started to sweat, and then, right at this moment, he accidentally bumped into this girl.

The time was neither early nor late. She had crashed into the ground in front of his car. Wasn't all of this arranged by the heavens?

Who told him to drive his car so slowly in the middle of the night, like an old ox-cart. Even if he really bumped into her, he wouldn't be able to cause trouble, and she wasn't an angel. She had just come to blackmail him into staying for a few days for free, and also to find an excuse to lose her memories.

About that, can we leave now? Mu Nianyi looked at Yi Tian and asked.

Only then did Yi Tian regain his senses, he immediately nodded, but his face was already flushed red.

Mu Nianyi sat at the back of Yi Tian's bicycle, feeling a light breeze brush past her ears, she actually felt that it was romantic.

It was unknown which girl had said that she would rather cry in the BMW than laugh behind the bicycle.

Actually, Mu Nianyi felt that if there came a day when she could live such a comfortable life with the person she loved, it would also be a type of happiness.

Suddenly, Yi Tian's bicycle stopped, and turned to Mu Nianyi to ask: To the left is the plaza, and to the right is the shopping mall, where are you going?

The mall.

It would be cooler in the mall, but of course it would be better to go to the mall.


She must have been lost

However, when he heard the word shopping mall from Mu Nianyi, he was momentarily in a difficult position.

Unconsciously, he touched his shriveled and shriveled up pockets, wondering how much money he had to buy things for An Qi.

In fact, Mu Nianyi just wanted to go to a place with many people, she did not want to spend Yi Tian's money to buy things.

But in order to prevent Yi Tian from thinking too much, Mu Nianyi suddenly opened his mouth and changed his mind: Let's go to the plaza, I like the music fountain there.

The moment she said those words, Mu Nianyi thought to himself, this is bad, she lost her memories. This is my first time going out,

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