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Freak Concubine: Volume 5

Freak Concubine: Volume 5

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Freak Concubine: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019


"Your father already has a son, even if he doesn't want to admit it, he can't!""Fuck, what happened to the Son?" So what if he had a son? I just won't admit it! ""Brat, you're still a bit too inexperienced. When you grow up in the future, go find your wife! Your mother is your father's! "Powerful women were more powerful, beautiful men were many, and there was a dark family with a perverted genius in each family. They were a bunch of eccentrics. One old and one young, watching how they fought for a woman …
Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019

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Freak Concubine - Han YanBing



In that case, let's think of a way to get out of here! Mo Wenchen nodded and said to Mu Tianling.

Mu Tianling nodded her head and said, "That's right, Brother Mo, I need your help. I need to open a hole at the top of the Heavenly Net Wanxiang Formation, and then leave.

Alright, I'll give you a hand! Mo Wenchen nodded and flew into the air with Mu Tianling.

Mo Wenchen transferred his spirit energy to Mu Tianling, so that he could explode and open the exit.

Xuanyuan Tian pointed at Mu Tianling and the others, shouting, Look, what are they doing?

That's right! Everyone looked curiously at Mu Tianling and Mo Wenchen.

What is this Mu Tianling doing?

Could it be that he wants to break the barrier of this secret realm?

No way!

If so, just give me a noodle and I'll hang myself!

This guy is already abnormal, how come I don't have such good luck? Just a little is good enough! "

Everyone was especially curious and at a loss when they saw Mu Tianling and Yue Yang's actions.

A ray of light covered Mu Tianling and Mo Wenchen, and the two of them broke through the barrier and disappeared into the secret realm.

Where is he?

It can't really be coming out, right?

Hurry up and take a look!

With that, the group of people rushed to the exit, hoping to confirm their suspicions.

Mu Tianfan and the rest also rushed to the exit, which was the entrance.

Mo Wenchen supported Mu Tianling out in front of everyone, causing them to be extremely shocked.

Everyone was pinching their own flesh as they looked at the two people standing in front of them. Only then did they realize that this was not a dream, but real. They had truly broken the barrier of this secret realm.

Wow, why are you pinching me? It hurts!

The pain is not a dream!

Are you for real!

They can't actually enter the secret realm without passing a tablet. This is too amazing!

Oh my god! God, you are too biased! "

BOOM! He didn't know if it was because he had scolded too much all day, but at this moment, he felt like he was struck by lightning.

Eh … Many people were frightened by the thunder and were afraid that they would be struck by it.

Mu Tianfan happily rushed in front of Mu Tianling and hugged him in her embrace. She twirled a few times, then put him down, grabbed onto Mu Tianling and spun a few rounds. He then looked at the wound on Mu Tianling's cheek with heartache, Ling'er, big brother thought he was going to lose you!

Brother, how can it be so serious! Mu Tianling laughed and comforted him.

Lan Zuoyi and the others who had arrived in front of Mu Tianling and the others were extremely shocked. This was the first time in history!

Lan Zuoyi gave a big thumbs up, and said, Tian Ling, you are really strong, you actually managed to come out from inside!

Nothing! Mu Tianling grinned, supporting herself with her body, she looked at the group of people before him that gradually became blurry.

Luo Shaochuan also looked at Mu Tianling with admiration. Tianling, you have truly broadened my horizons! You are the person I admire the most!

Tianling, you truly are the boss that I recognize! As he said that, Xuanyuan Tian happily punched Mu Tianling.

Puff …

Xuanyuan Tian didn't know about Mu Tianling's situation at all, but he didn't expect a light punch from him made Mu Tianling spit out a mouthful of blood.

Heavenly Spirit!


Ling'er! Seeing Mu Tianling spurting blood, everyone started to shout in worry.

Mu Tianling leaned into Mu Tianfan's embrace and sat down on the ground, blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

Mu Tianfan frantically held onto Mu Tianling's face with both hands, Ling'er, what's wrong? Don't scare me!

Seeing Mu Tianling spitting out blood, Mo Wenchen also lost his composure, How can this be! Ling'er, wake up! Don't scare me!

Mu Tianling glanced at the anxious looks of the group of people before him, and only felt her vision turn black as she fainted in the arms of Mo Wenchen, who was beside him.

Xuanyuan Tian looked at his fist, not daring to believe, I just knocked it lightly, how could it be like this!

Look, the wound on his face is black! Luo Shaochuan suddenly pointed to the wound on Mu Tianling's cheek, which was suffused with black spirit energy.

Mu Tianfan clenched his teeth, raised his head and looked at Mo Wenchen. He grabbed Mo Wenchen's collar and punched him.

Bang! After being punched in the face by Mu Tianfan, Mo Wenchen's entire being rushed to the ground, a trace of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth.

Mu Tianfan pointed angrily at Mo Wenchen, You bastard, it was you who poisoned him, wasn't it?

Mo Wenchen stood up, his heart was also extremely anxious. It can't be like this, how could it be poisoned? He quickly explained, I didn't, I really didn't. How did I poison it? I really didn't!

Who else could it be other than you? Mu Tianfan questioned Mo Wenchen, Earlier, I saw you being dishonest and applying medicine on Ling'er's face. So it was to poison his, today I will kill you and avenge Ling'er!

Xuanyuan Hong and Xuanyuan Jun immediately grabbed onto Mu Tianfan's arms and advised, Brother Mu, you have yet to clarify this matter, you can't jump to a conclusion yet!

That's right! Brother Mu, the Son definitely wouldn't do that!

Mu Tianfan clenched both his fists and repelled Xuanyuan Hong and Xuanyuan Jun. Once again, he punched Mo Wenchen's chest.

Mo Wenchen took a step back. With his hands on his chest, blood once again flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

Seeing that Mu Tianfan and Mo Wenchen had grown up, no, it should be Mu Tianfan who took action against Mo Wenchen, everyone was shocked.

Bai Ping checked the wound on Mu Tianling's face, standing up, she shouted at Mu Tianfan, Enough!

Mu Tianfan glared fiercely at Bai Ping, his face full of anger: I will kill him!

Bai Ping immediately explained, Mu Tianfan, don't lose your mind. Mu Tianling was not poisoned because of Mo Wenchen, but because of the black spider!

What? Mu Tianfan and Mo Wenchen both looked at Bai Ping in astonishment.

Mo Wenchen lowered his head, muttering to himself, Could it be that that silver needle is poisonous? Damn it, I didn't notice it!

Mu Tianfan glanced at Mo Wenchen. Although this matter had nothing to do with Mo Wenchen, he would never regret beating him up just now. If he could reverse the flow of time, he would still do the same thing.

Mu Tianfan turned around and picked up Mu Tianling, and asked Bai Ping: Senior Bai, do you know if you have a way to cure the poison?

This... I can only say that this black spider is an ancient beast, and a Darkness Attribute one at that. I need to go back and look at the information on it, and after checking just now, this poison is very strong, different from the previous ones. Bai Ping shook his head and said guiltily.

Xuanyuan Tian hurriedly pleaded to Bai Ping, Royal Grandmother, you must save the heavenly spirit!


Let's go back

I know! Bai Ping nodded his head, and said while escaping from his embrace, This is an antidote pill, see if it can cure the poison, but I think it's still fifty percent!

Mu Tianfan nodded his head, took the pill and placed it in Mu Tianling's mouth, Ling'er, you cannot have any problems!

Looking at Mu Tianling's dark lips, Mu Tianfan was even more worried. She knew that this antidote pill was not effective enough, but it could not detoxify.

Lan Zuoyi immediately comforted Mu Tianfan, "Brother Mu, you should bring Tian Ling back first. Ask Senior Long and the others.

You're right! Mu Tianfan nodded, and immediately held Mu Tianling in her arms gently, allowing her head to rest on her chest.

Mo Wenchen took a step forward, and watched Mu Tianfan carry Mu Tianling and leave.

It was all his fault. If it wasn't for him being unable to catch the needle, Mu Tianling wouldn't have encountered such a situation.

The few elders of the Sacred Hall all walked in front of Mo Wenchen and asked in concern, Son, are you alright?

Looking at the bloodstain on the corner of Mo Wenchen's mouth, they were a little worried.

Mo Wenchen shook his head, using his sleeves to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, looking at Mu Tianfan's disappearing figure, he said, Let's go back, and also investigate how the black spider's poison is detoxified!

Without waiting for the elders to say anything, Mo Wenchen quickly ran back, hoping to save Mu Tianling and swore to not let anything happen to Mu Tianling.

Xuanyuan Tian also quickly said to Bai Ping, Royal Grandmother, quickly go back and look. How can I help the Heavenly Spirit cure the poison?!

Bai Ping rolled her eyes, and said, Of course I know that! Don't urge me to leave like that, I'll go back immediately! Hong'er, you take care of this matter here!

Xuanyuan Hong nodded, and said, I will, Royal Grandmother!

Bai Ping passed all of these to Xuanyuan Hong, and brought Xuanyuan Tian and Bai Yu back to look for information. At the same time, she also asked Xuanyuan Kai if there was any way for him.

Mu Tianfan, who was in his embrace, hurriedly returned to the Villa, and shouted, Master, master!

Tian Fan, it's not proper for you to yell! Yi Tianguang scolded from inside with dissatisfaction.

Mu Tianfan carried Mu Tianling to the great hall, and said to Yi Tianguang who was playing chess, Master, Senior Long, please save Ling'er!

What's wrong? Long Baichuan and Yi Tianguang hurriedly asked when they saw Mu Tianling, who was in Mu Tianfan's embrace.

Luo Shaochuan immediately explained the matter regarding Mu Tianling's poison.

Yi Tianguang extended his hand and pinched Mu Tianling's chin, and together with Long Baichuan, examined Mu Tianling's wounds, frowning: Bai Chuan, do you know how to cure the black spider's poison?

Long Baichuan shook his head and said, No, isn't the black spider an Ancient Beast? Wasn't it already extinct? How is she still alive? If you want to remove the poison from her body, that isn't something that can be found easily!

Then what should we do!? Mu Tianfan shouted anxiously, Master, I beg you, you must save Ling'er!

Alright, don't worry. I'll go back and see what I can do! Yi Tianguang immediately comforted the flustered Mu Tianfan, he knew that the current Mu Tianfan was extremely anxious.

Mu Tianfan gently wiped the cold sweat off Mu Tianling's forehead with a wet cloth. Seeing Mu Tianling tightly frown with a face filled with pain, Mu Tianfan became extremely anxious.

As for Lan Zuoyi and Luo Shaochuan, they hurriedly went to find a series of books to see if they could find a way to cure the poison, and handed the matter of taking care of Mu Tianling over to Mu Tianfan.


I'm not done with you!

Mu Tianfan gently held Mu Tianling's hand as he anxiously looked at Mu Tianling. Looking at his dark lips and black wounds made her heart ache.

Ling'er, you have to hold on! Mu Tianfan encouraged Mu Tianling and blamed herself, It's my bad, it's my useless brother!

Mu Tianling laid on the bed in pain, muttering to herself, Brother Mo, Brother Mo...

Mu Tianfan immediately lowered his head, and his ear went close to Mu Tianling's mouth, asking, Ling'er, what did you say?

Mo … Brother Mo... "

Hearing Mu Tianling calling out Mo Wenchen, Mu Tianfan became even more furious, Damn Mo Wenchen, I'm not done with you!

Once Mo Wenchen returned from the Sacred Hall, he locked himself up in the library. He wanted to find the ancient materials and see if he could find them.

Feng Qilin flipped through the books, searched for information, and comforted Mo Wenchen at the same time, Wen Chen, don't be anxious, it's useless being anxious like this, you will only ignore the crucial points!

Pah! Mo Wenchen held the book tightly in his hands and placed it on the bookshelf. He then looked for the book and said, How can I not be anxious, it's all because I did not protect Ling'er properly, that's why she was poisoned. I must find a way to save Ling'er!

Forget it, I can't persuade you … Feng Qilin suddenly shouted, I got it!

What? Mo Wenchen immediately put down the book in his hand, and ran in front of Feng Qilin: Where?

Feng Qilin pointed to a few words in the book, black spider, an ancient dark attributed demon beast, needs to detoxify the poison in the black spider, it's extremely toxic, and can live for at most a month. It requires a Icy Jade Dragon's Lotus to detoxify the poison, and if there are spirit medicines, it can delay the time the poison breaks out.

Icy Heart Dragon Core Lotus? Could it be another ancient spirit medicine? " Mo Wenchen frowned and asked.

It's an ancient spirit medicine, and is said to be on top of an ice mountain in the extreme north. The Icy Jade Dragon's Lotus is five to six kilometers away from the ice mountain, and is very hard to find! Feng Qilin said as he flipped through his memories.

Mo Wenchen lowered his head and frowned, and said: I'll go look!

Then I can only sacrifice my life to accompany you. Let's go together! Feng Qilin said as he placed the book on the bookshelf.

Mo Wenchen nodded his head, I will go and bring Ling'er out, even if I find her, I can let her consume it in time!

Yes. Feng Qilin nodded and returned into Mo Wenchen's spirit ocean.

Mo Wenchen entered the Villa, and felt Mu Tianfan by his side, so he was a little worried.

At this time, Mu Tianfan carried the water basin out of the room and left Mu Tianling's room.

Mo Wenchen rejoiced inwardly, Good timing!

So, Mo Wenchen immediately sneaked into Mu Tianling's room, and saw the unconscious Mu Tianling. He walked to the side of the bed and gently touched Mu Tianling's face, her face had a look of heartache.

Ling'er, I'll definitely bring you to find the Icy Jade Dragon's Lotus! Mo Wenchen swore.

Mo Wenchen immediately pulled Mu Tianling into his embrace. Listening to Mu Tianling's muttering, a warm feeling rose in his chest because Mu Tianling was still calling him when she was unconscious.

He brought Mu Tianling out of the room and remembered something. Then, he left a piece of paper on the table.

When Mu Tianfan returned to Mu Tianling's room, he saw that Mu Tianling had disappeared from the room, and the water bottle in his hand dropped to the ground, Ling'er!

Mu Tianfan checked the room, but he still did not see Mu Tianling, and saw a slip of paper on the table.



"I know where the antidote is. I'll take Mu Tianling with me.

Mo Wenchen stays! "

Damn you, Mo Wenchen! Mu Tianfan shouted angrily towards the sky.

Mu Tianfan rushed into the library and asked, Master, do you have a way? Did you find any medicine to save Ling'er? Where is the medicine?

Seeing Mu Tianfan so anxious and shaking himself, Yi Tianguang immediately consoled him, Tian Fan, don't be anxious, I am looking for you!

But Ling'er has already been taken away by Mo Wenchen. He said that he already knows where the antidote is, and took Ling'er to look for it! Mu Tianfan immediately said to Yi Tianguang.

What? The Heavenly Spirit was taken away by Mo Wenchen? " Long Baichuan also walked over in shock, and asked Mu Tianfan.

Mu Tianfan passed the paper slip to Yi Tianguang and the others, He did not say where he was going to look. I am very worried, Master, can you guys be faster!

We're looking for something, but we don't have any clues! Luo Shaochuan said to Mu Tianfan while holding onto the book.

Yes, Tian Fan, don't be anxious, since Mo Wenchen already knows what the antidote is, then it means that there is hope to cure the Sky Spirit's poison, we should first take a look at what kind of spirit medicine it is! Yi Tianguang also sincerely and earnestly advised the angry and anxious Mu Tianfan.

Mu Tianfan looked at his own master Yi Tianguang, he could not possibly yell at his master, I know, master, I was afraid that Mo Wenchen would do something that would harm Ling'er, I …

You don't have to worry. Celestial Spirits aren't people who have short lifespans. Let's look for some elixirs first! Yi Tianguang reached out and patted Mu Tianfan's shoulder, consoling him.

Mu Tianfan was very anxious, and also very worried about what Mo Wenchen would do to him.

Bai Ping brought Xuanyuan Tian and Bai Yu back, and went to find Xuanyuan Kai first before telling him everything.

Xuanyuan Tian looked at Xuanyuan Kai anxiously, Royal Grandfather, how is it? Is there a way? Do you know what kind of spiritual medicine it is?

This black spider is actually imprisoned in the secret realm. Sigh, it's really surprising! Xuanyuan Kai said with a slight sigh.

Bai Ping said anxiously, Now is not the time to be surprised, it's time for you to know what kind of spiritual medicine can save the Heavenly Spirit!

Xuanyuan Kai rubbed his chin and thought, This black spider is an ancient dark attributed demon beast, this poison... Even if it's a little difficult, I'm afraid it will die out along with the ancient elixirs!

Then what should we do!? Xuanyuan Tian shouted anxiously, Royal Grandfather, think of a way!

This... I should go to the Compendium Pavilion to see if there is any information there. I'm not completely clear on this ancient information! Xuanyuan Kai said with some guilt, he did not know much about the ancient matters, so he could only say this.

Right, right, right! Quickly go and find him! Xuanyuan Jun hurriedly shouted, his Super-godly Seven Stars still needed to rely on Mu Tianling!

In the sky, Mo Wenchen landed beside a small stream while carrying Mu Tianling.

Mo Wenchen walked to the side of the small stream and soaked a towel with it as he walked to the front of Mu Tianling. He lightly wiped the cold sweat on Mu Tianling's face and then took out a seventh grade medicinal pellet, Immortal Soul-Washing Pellet, and placed it in Mu Tianling's mouth.

Ling'er, Ling'er? Mo Wenchen gently called out to Mu Tianling.

Mu Tianling slightly moved her eyelids, and slowly opened her eyes. Seeing Mo Wenchen's anxious face, he weakly called out, Mo … Brother Mo?


We're on our way!

Ling'er! Mo Wenchen saw that Mu Tianling had woken up and shouted happily, "Ling'er, be worried. I will bring you to find the Icy Jade Dragon's Lotus now.

Mu Tianling extended his hand out from under the cape, and held onto Mo Wenchen's hand, Brother Mo … Thank you …"

As long as you are fine! Mo Wenchen laughed and said, "Ling'er, the most important thing for you to do now is to rest, to rest well.

Mu Tianling said guiltily, Brother Mo, I ask you... I'm tired!"

Silly girl, as long as it's for you, I'm willing! Mo Wenchen

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