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God Dominating All Realms: Volume 5

God Dominating All Realms: Volume 5

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God Dominating All Realms: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 13, 2019


If I were a god, there would be no evil under the heavens!If I become a demon, I'll slaughter all the gods!I am a Fiendgod. There is no longer any difference between the heavens and the earth!Stepping into the sky to become a god, purgatory to become a devil, all within a single thought!
Lançado em:
Nov 13, 2019

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God Dominating All Realms - Yuan Jing



On the east side of Azure Dragon Mountain Range was the Ningxi County, which did not stop at all.

Murong Batian suddenly turned around, I heard that you were born in the Ningxi County, Stone City?

Tang Yi suddenly had a bad premonition, and said indifferently: That's right!

Very good! Murong Batian laughed, I wonder if the blood of fellow villagers can help you wake up.

Tang Yi said coldly: Looks like what I've heard isn't comprehensive enough. Just listen!

Oh? The corner of Murong Batian's mouth rose into a cruel smile, Buddhism normally knows how to seek fame, I am giving you all a chance to show off today. My Shen-men has come to be an evil person, to be a good person for you all, how about it?

Tang Yi said indifferently: Please!

Murong Batian laughed coldly: Then let's watch and kill them all!

As the cold voice faded, the Devil Sect continued forward and soon enough, she arrived in the air above a city.


A blood river exploded from the tall man's back. Like an inverted waterfall, it fiercely surged towards the city.

Before the citizens in the city could even react to what was going on, they screamed and fled in all directions. Some of them were slightly slower, and were immediately swallowed up by the blood river, disappearing without a trace.


Miserable screams and alarmed cries reverberated throughout the city. A dense crowd of people were fleeing on the streets, some of them being stepped on, some of them being engulfed by blood river s.

Tang Yi looked at him coldly, killing intent soared from the bottom of his heart, but the Devil Sect was on alert, if he were to rush over, he would not be able to return.

Elder Wuyou closed his eyes, clasped his hands together and muttered. Ning Fengqi also mumbled to himself.


Murong Batian laughed: Isn't Buddhism trying to save people? This is your chance, what are you waiting for?

The sound waves spread out, the frantic crowd within the city finally discovered the people in the sky. The galloping blood river stopped, giving the panicking crowd a breather.

Tang Yi remained silent, whatever he said was unnecessary, he would not fall for the Devil Sect's trick.

Murong Batian would naturally not give up, and said loudly: You guys watch carefully, among the people over there, one is the Great Tang Emperor, Tang Yi, one is an expert from the Buddhism Sect, and the other is an expert from the Tao Sect.

Take a good look at what they are doing. They are praying for you. Why aren't you thanking them?

Countless people looked up with eyes full of pleading. The only ones who could save them were these three.

Tang Yi remained as motionless as a mountain, looking straight at the people of Devil Sect, Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi muttered.

Countless gazes burned like the blazing sun, the kind of pleading making people feel uneasy. Tang Yi thought that he would be able to calmly face it, but unfortunately, he overestimated himself.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The blood river roared past once again, it was unknown how many were engulfed by the blood river, their screams reverberated in the air, begging for mercy. The crowded crowd of people charged frantically out of the city, it was not known how many people died tragically.

A breath of despair was spreading, and the tragic scene was unbearable to look at. Tang Yi stared coldly at Murong Batian, but his heart was blazing with fire.

This was the Great Tang, his people!

Your Majesty, save us!

His wails echoed in Tang Yi's ears, but he did not dare lower his head to look, because he was powerless to change.

Did you see it? Murong Batian shouted: This is a fake Buddhism, no one will save you, in their eyes, your lives are not even worth mentioning. If you don't want to die, join the Shen-men. In the future, the Shen-men will be the true master of the world.

At the moment of despair, there was finally someone who could not hold on and vowed to join the Devil Sect.

Those who are willing to join the Shen-men, kneel down and kowtow on the spot! When Murong Batian's voice rang out, the entire city was filled with people kneeling on the ground.

The blood river swept past the heads of the people who were kneeling on the ground, and those who refused to kneel were engulfed by the blood river.

In less than ten breaths' time, everyone in the city was kneeling on the ground without any signs of resistance.


Murong Batian laughed out loud, From today onwards, all of you are disciples of Shen-men, go spread the prestige of Shen-men around and destroy the hypocrites of Buddhism.

Tang Yi looked at him coldly, suppressing the killing intent in his heart, it was not the time yet.

Do you want to come with me to take a look? Murong Batian was complacent.

Please! Tang Yi was not moved, he could not retreat.

The Devil Sect continued to head east, and wherever she went, she would be burnt to ashes. Tang Yi stared at Murong Batian, as if nothing that happened had anything to do with him.

At this moment, Murong Batian was secretly anxious, his injuries had not recovered yet, and he would need more life force to recover soon. Tang Yi chased relentlessly, he could not persevere for long.

Not long after, another city appeared in front of them. It was none other than Ningxi.


When Murong Batian's cold words fell, the blood river swooped down and wreaked havoc in West Ning City. Countless screams rang out, and the entire city was thrown into chaos.

Old bastard, this can't go on. Helian Lingtian said in a heavy voice.

What's your strategy? Murong Batian's face darkened.

Split the troops into two. Helian Lingtian said.

Murong Batian naturally knew what it meant for soldiers to split up into two.

The problem was that he couldn't stop Tang Yi and the other two if he didn't, if he did, the power by his side would weaken and he would be in a dilemma.

The blood in his body was boiling, Murong Batian's face became even uglier.

Old bastard, make up your mind. Helian Lingtian said in a heavy voice.

Alright! Murong Batian said: "Chen Sheng, Mu Er, follow us. Everyone else, hold them back.

As his voice faded, four figures flew towards the north at breakneck speed.

Tang Yi said in a low voice: Murong Batian wants to escape!

The Elder Wuyou frowned: These people are still very strong, do you want to fight?

Tang Yi looked over coldly. There were still twenty people in Devil Sect, nine of them were in the third level of Deity Stage and eleven were in the middle level of Deity Stage.

What do you two senior s think?

As long as you can protect yourself, you have some confidence. Ning Fengqi said indifferently.

Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi were both peak experts in the middle stage of the Deity Stage and their strengths were not small. Without the suppression from the muscular man, they became more and more confident.


Tang Yi didn't have much time to think about it.

Be careful!

When Elder Wuyou finished speaking, he had already rushed out, the alms bowl was releasing a golden light as it opened up a path, roaring and killing.

Ning Fengqi followed closely behind. The gale whistled in the sky, and in an instant, no one could be seen.

Tang Yi looked in the direction that Murong Batian had escaped in and sighed in helplessness. It would be difficult to find them, but next time, it would be difficult to find them.

Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi attacked together, the momentum behind the attack was overflowing, the 20 experts of Devil Sect surrounded them. The nine third level Deity Stage experts hid in the periphery, not daring to charge in.

And what Tang Yi was waiting for was right now, with the Tyrant Sword in his hands, he flew away like lightning.

When the Devil Sect saw Tang Yi attacking, five people immediately attacked, one of them was at the fourth level of the Deity Stage.

Everyone, please look up to me. Tang Yi laughed loudly, but he was secretly complaining in his heart. He was not afraid of a battle with just the fourth level of Deity Stage, but the problem was that there were still four third level of Deity Stage left, and with his current strength, he was not his match.

Looking at the Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi, it was not as easy as he thought, it would be difficult to determine the victor of this battle in a short period of time.

Seeing the five of them coming at him, Tang Yi's eyes flashed with a cold light, Fight!

The Creation Aura galloped, pushing the Tyrant Sword to its limits, saving him a lot of energy. With his current Genuine Qi, activating ten swords shouldn't be a problem.

With the blood Qi approaching, Tang Yi's eyes was filled with killing intent. He activated the Ten Directions Disillusionment and swept it across.

Tang Yi had absolute confidence in his own soul. Forget about the third or fourth level of Deity Stage, even the fifth level of Deity Stage might not be as powerful as his soul.

When Mei Er from Devil Sect cultivated the Charm Art, it was still a matter of life and death. The key thing was that he took the initiative to attack first, afraid that she would end up like Mei Er.

But at the moment, he had no other choice. Murong Batian's injuries recovered very quickly, and it would be difficult to find him after escaping. Once Murong Batian completely recovers, who can stop him?


A few screams sounded at the same time, and the three silhouettes simultaneously retreated backward. The two of them stopped mid-air, and they let out muffled groans of pain.

Tang Yi was also stimulated by the backlash and felt pain in his soul, but he woke up in a moment. In front of him was a golden opportunity, the Tyrant Sword rushed towards the Old Man at the fourth level of Deity Stage.


The Old Man at the fourth level of Deity Stage was the first to wake up.


Tang Yi was waiting for now. With his current strength, he was not any weaker than an ordinary person at the fourth level of Deity Stage.


Golden light gushed out, and the blood qi dissipated.

Ka-cha! *

The blood colored long knife immediately split apart, the man at the fourth level of Deity Stage turned pale with fright, and hastily retreated backwards.

At this time, the man in the third level of Deity Stage woke up and quickly rushed towards Tang Yi.

did not hesitate to go after the fourth level of Deity Stage or to go back and kill this third level of Deity Stage!


Circulating Ten Directions Disillusionment, he swept towards the man at the third level of Deity Stage. Even fighting against five wouldn't be a problem, let alone one.

When he rushed towards the man at the fourth level of Deity Stage like lightning, he heard a miserable scream. He didn't even need to look to know that it was the man at the third level of Deity Stage.

Spiritual Sense s could only defend against Tang Yi who was just like a four or five-year-old child when he was discovered by the Upper Dantian.


Seeing the Tyrant Sword fall, the man at the fourth level of Deity Stage threw away his broken blade, and the blood Qi around his body surged.

I'm on the verge of death!

Tang Yi laughed coldly, as the Tyrant Sword tore apart the blood red palm print, and dropped down with an unstoppable force.


The man at the fourth level of Deity Stage suddenly tore his left arm off and squeezed it forcefully, causing the bloody light to explode.

Tang Yi was shocked. The man at the fourth level of Deity Stage sucked in a deep breath, immediately swallowing the blood light. His aura soared as he struck out with his palm again, the aura around him becoming much stronger than before.

Let's see how many arms you have. Tang Yi sneered, and quickly slashed his Tyrant Sword downwards.

At this time, the three people from before finally recovered. They rushed over as soon as they saw that the situation wasn't looking good.

You're courting death!

Tang Yi shouted out explosively, his cold eyes sweeping over them. The three people suddenly remembered the pain in their souls, and were struck dumb.

What are you waiting for? The man at the fourth level of Deity Stage roared loudly. Seeing that he was about to die, he panicked.

Too late!

Tang Yi laughed coldly, this hesitation gave him time, the Tyrant Sword slashed across the sky, and the blood light exploded.

The Tyrant Sword swept up into the air and Tang Yi swiftly rushed towards the three people.

The miserable cries caught the attention of the people around, causing Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi to be shocked. They were worried for Tang Yi previously, but now they realised how unnecessary it was.

The experts of Devil Sect were even more shocked, they did not dare believe the scene before them, and thought that it would be easy to take Tang Yi down, who would have thought that it would be like this?


Tang Yi quickly rushed over, jolting the three Deity Stage Level 3 cultivators awake, they gritted their teeth and charged forward. There was also one whose soul had been severely injured, and it was unknown where he had escaped to.

Good job!

After two tries, Tang Yi was full of confidence in the Ten Directions Disillusionment.

Even though the three of them were prepared, their souls still ached as they cried out in alarm.

With his cultivation at this level, life and death could only last him an instant. Just with this hesitation, Tang Yi had already arrived in front of him.

When the Tyrant Sword slashed across, the two of them immediately turned into blood mist and exploded. The remaining one sobered up and quickly retreated.

Too late!

Tang Yi laughed coldly, the Ten Directions Disillusionment swept past again, and the flying man let out a miserable scream, falling from the sky.

The Tyrant Sword flew back and forth with a golden light, bringing about a flower of blood.

Everything happened in the time it took for a spark to fly off a piece of flint. One Deity Stage fourth level, four Deity Stage third level, one person's soul escaping with heavy injuries, four people miserably died!

The battle between Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi became even more intense, both of them were extremely shocked, and wanted to free themselves to help Tang Yi, but who knew that Tang Yi would end the battle first.

Leave this kid to me!

A tanned faced man rushed towards Tang Yi, a cold Qi revolving around him, his eyes releasing a blood light, as though he was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Tang Yi felt chills run down his spine, and anxiously retreated, to his surprise, he was on the fifth floor of the Deity Stage. No matter how conceited Tang Yi was, he would not dare to face the fifth floor of Deity Stage.

With the departure of the dark-faced man, the pressure on Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi decreased by several folds. The two of them fiercely rushed out, smashing a third level Deity Stage into pieces on the spot.

Ning Fengqi was unwilling to fall behind. The gale howled as it carried a silver needle and shot into another hole on the third level of Deity Stage. His soul was unable to escape in time.

In the blink of an eye, another two people died in battle. Devil Sect was immediately thrown into a panic as someone roared: Ignore him, retreat!

The dark faced man also realized that something was amiss, without waiting for him to kill Tang Yi, he would not be able to hold on any longer, so he quickly left Tang Yi and returned.

Unfortunately, he was willing to let Tang Yi go, and Tang Yi would not let them go, he took the chance and chased after them, looking at the three remaining third level Deity Stage.

Tang Yi's soul was not as strong as his, so his Charm Spell would definitely not be able to compare to the Ten Directions Disillusionment. Even Mei Er dared to use Charm Magic, what was he afraid of?

perhaps because of the effects of the backlash from Mei Er, she didn't dare think about it in this way, but now, she was forced out by the Devil Sect.

The third level of Ten Directions Disillusionment was already so strong, what kind of surprises would there be in the future?

Sensing Tang Yi's gaze, the three third levels of Deity Stage hurriedly retreated as two of the fourth level of Deity Stage rushed out at the same time.

Tang Yi's soul shook, and when the Ten Directions Disillusionment was activated, his soul suddenly felt pain, and he immediately stopped.

The backlash just now had slightly injured his soul. Now that he was facing two people at the fourth level of Deity Stage, it was inappropriate for him to move again.

Are you here to die? Tang Yi pointed with his finger and the Spiritual Sense began to move. The two of them immediately stopped.

They still vividly remembered the miserable sight of the fourth level of Deity Stage. They hadn't forgotten.

How can your soul be so strong? The Old Man on the left asked.

Is it very strong? Tang Yi laughed indifferently, It's all because you're too weak!

The two of them looked at Tang Yi with a cold expression. The self-confidence that was born in them just by killing four people in a row had caused them to have no confidence at all.

Although the strength of their souls could not be judged by their cultivation, it was usually equal to their cultivation. The souls of the two were not stronger than the others, so they naturally did not have much confidence.


A blood-curdling screech sounded in the distance, waking the two of them. If they continued waiting, they would lose without a doubt!

There were twenty people blocking three people, and now there were only twelve left.

Hurry up, he's bluffing! The black faced man roared, and the two of them realised what was going on. If Tang Yi really had the power to take down the two of them, why would he hesitate?

Kid, go to hell!

The two of them felt greatly humiliated. In a flash, they became furious and rushed over.


Tang Yi laughed loudly, So it's actually two pieces of trash. Devil Sect is just a joke.

Without wasting any time, he rushed to the battlefield, his eyes locking onto the three people at the third level of Deity Stage.

Seeing Tang Yi suddenly rush towards them, the three of them secretly complained. With their strength, they couldn't stop Tang Yi.

Elder Ning, leave this to me! Elder Wuyou suddenly roared out explosively, the alms bowl swelled up with bright and resplendent light, like a copper and iron wall blocking in front of him.

Ning Fengqi understood and quickly retreated. His body crossed paths with Tang Yi and the gale swept towards the two Deity Stage Level 4 who were chasing after him.

Before the two people could react, the gale had already arrived in front of them and countless silver needles were mixed within.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two Deity Stage s were instantly torn into pieces, their flesh and blood flying everywhere, and even their divine soul was destroyed.

Ning Fengqi's move succeeded, he anxiously turned around and returned, only to hear Elder Wuyou roaring, he spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated, Ning Fengqi had already arrived.

In just a quarter of an hour, nine people died, and one was heavily injured. Whether or not they could stop Tang Yi and the other two was questionable, let alone kill them.

Tang Yi said loudly: Murong Batian left you here to die, do you really want to die for him?

With a cold glance, the faces of the three third level Deity Stage cultivators turned deathly pale.

Cut the crap, kill! The dark-faced man shouted coldly.

Since all of you seek death, I shall grant your wish! Tang Yi flashed and charged towards the three people at the third level of Deity Stage. At this time, the Devil Sect did not have anyone to fight Tang Yi.

The Tyrant Sword spewed out a golden light that shot towards them. The three of them clenched their teeth and rushed forward at the same time, Tang Yi did not dare to use the Ten Directions Disillusionment so easily, in case there were any hidden dangers, furthermore the three of them were not worthy.

The Creation Aura roamed about as it flew through the air. Tang Yi was able to fight three alone with ease.

The Nine-tailed Owlet in the distance roared, and returned with a person in its hands. Tang Yi immediately smiled, it was the person whose soul was heavily injured and was fleeing.


Tang Yi roared out, the aura of the Tyrant Sword exploded again as it fiercely slashed down.


The battle in the sky was intense, half of the ground of Ningxi City was destroyed, and the Gate was congested as wails filled the fields.

And at this time, Devil Sect finally could not hold on any longer.

The last three people on the third level of Deity Stage were killed by Tang Yi, and the seven people who surrounded and attacked Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi were also killed by Elder Wuyou.

Tang Yi used his hands to support them and the remaining six people of the Devil Sect felt complete despair!

Twenty people surrounded and attacked three people. Was there even a need to fight to this extent?

Let's go!

The dark faced man shouted coldly. If he didn't leave now, he would stay here. The six Devil Sect people quickly scattered and fled in six different directions.

You want to leave?

The Elder Wuyou said in a deep voice: Everyone will have one.

Tang Yi gave a long whistle, and the Nine-tailed Owlet flew over. Riding on its back, it chased after a person who was at the fourth level of Deity Stage.

Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi had long since disappeared. With their strength, taking down one wouldn't be a problem.

The Nine-tailed Owlet flew, and very soon saw the Old Man at the fourth level of Deity Stage, Tang Yi shouted: Can you escape?

The Old Man of the fourth floor of the Deity Stage had a dark expression. He knew that he would not be able to escape, and could only turn back to fight. The problem was that he was not Tang Yi's match.

It's not impossible for you to survive. You just need to answer a few questions for me. Tang Yi laughed and said that the Nine-tailed Owlet had already caught up with him and was walking side by side.

What do you want to know? The Old Man on the fourth floor of the Deity Stage was tempted.

Can we stop and talk? Tang Yi was neither in a hurry nor impatient.

Alright! Old Man on the fourth floor of the Deity Stage had really stopped.

What's your name?

Huang Shuang!

Good name, how many dead and revived old fellows are there in Devil Sect? When Tang Yi asked this, the spirit entered the Creation Bead and invited White Tiger out.

When Huang Shuang saw White Tiger, his expression changed slightly. Immortal Beast!

Answer my question! Tang Yi's face darkened.

Only two Divine General Patriarchs! Huang Shuang said.

Tang Yi nodded his head. At first, he thought there were a lot of these old monsters in Devil Sect, but he realized that something was amiss. Now that Huang Shuang had confirmed it, he was completely relieved.

If it was really that easy, how could the Devil Sect be so good? It wasn't that bad back then.

Do you know where Murong Batian will escape to?

I don't know! Huang Shuang shook his head: How can such a thing be known to us.

En! Tang Yi asked again: Where did Helian Lingtian escape to?

Huang Shuang hesitated, but seemed to be struggling, and shook his head: I don't know!


Tang Yi snorted coldly. He could tell that Huang Shuang was lying, but he didn't mind; in any case, with White Tiger here, he didn't mind speaking of it.

Then what do you know? At the very least, I have to show that it is enough to take your life.

Huang Shuang's expression became more and more conflicted. He became more uncertain, but Tang Yi was not in a hurry, it was fine if he did not say it, as long as he was thinking about it.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at White Tiger.

After a long while, Huang Shuang muttered: I don't know much, I've already said everything I need to say.


Tang Yi sighed: I still want to spare your life, but since you do not value it, since you do not want to say it, then I will not say it anymore.

As the sound of his voice faded, the Tyrant Sword howled and slashed forward, golden light surging out majestically.

You're going back on your word!

Huang Shuang was furious, his sword pierced forward with a wave of flames, causing the air to become scorching hot.

You think I'm that easy to deceive?

Tang Yi sneered. No matter what Huang Shuang said, he would not be able to escape death.

After such a long battle, Huang Shuang had pretty much used up most of his Genuine Qi, how could he still defend against Tang Yi?

The Tyrant Sword slashed down, causing the fire wave to tear. The longsword in Huang Shuang's hand snapped and he anxiously retreated.

Can you leave?

Tang Yi sneered as he said this, the Tyrant Sword accelerated to slash, causing the Nine-tailed Owlet and White Tiger to block Huang Shuang's path.


Huang Shuang, who had nowhere to run to, was finally going to fight for his life. Flames roared to the sky, and actually rushed towards White Tiger.

You're courting death!

The Tyrant Sword roared and rushed into the wave of fire. Huang Shuang did not wait to rush to White Tiger's front and his body split into pieces.

Tang Yi laughed coldly as he endured the pain in his soul and dispersed his Ten Directions Disillusionment.

Huang Shuang's soul let out a scream, and the Tyrant Sword slashed over. In an instant, it vanished into thin air, and his soul perished.

The way the Nine-tailed Owlet looked at Tang Yi had changed. Killing the fourth level of Deity Stage was so easy even now.

How is it? Tang Yi turned to look at White Tiger with faint anticipation.

He doesn't know much. White Tiger said in a low voice: But there's one thing that I am interested in. You've met Helian Lingtian before.


Tang Yi was shocked, and tried to recall when he saw Helian Lingtian.

Impossible! Tang Yi shook his head: If I see him, I definitely won't forget.

White Tiger said indifferently: Of course you saw it, it's just that you didn't know it was Helian Lingtian.

Tang Yi came to a realization, You mean Possession? Helian Lingtian possessed the body of someone from the Devil Sect?

There was no other explanation.

White Tiger laughed, Then, how about you guess who it is?

Tang Yi frowned slightly. It was not hard to guess that he was definitely one of the four people who left.

Other than Murong Batian, Chen Sheng was also not the same. The tall and big Old Man should also not be the same.

Murong Jie? Tang Yi was still a little unbelievable. Murong Jie was a descendant of Murong Batian, her talent was not bad, and was not comparable to the Dao Body s, she was also one of the best in the Spiritual Body.

That's right! White Tiger nodded: Then why don't you guess why Murong Batian is staying in Eastern Desolation Land.

Tang Yi frowned and shook his head, he had some guesses, but they were lacking the basis of judgement.

White Tiger said in a deep voice: The reason why Murong Batian wanted to uncover the formation in the Eastern Desolation Land, and did not continue to kill in the Eastern Desolation Land, was only to keep these people here to activate the Corpse Qi Formation of the Blood Sea, so that they can break through the formation!

So that's how it was!

Tang Yi did not expect Murong Batian to be so vicious and ambitious, What else does he know?

White Tiger replied: I don't know either.

Tang Yi frowned, Does he know of Murong Batian's injuries?

White Tiger said: We cannot fight with others, we can only do it once a day, as to when we will recover, he does not know either.

Tang Yi nodded his head, it was already good that he had the news, Let's talk when we go back.

After sending White Tiger into the Creation Bead, Tang Yi returned to Ningxi City. Looking at the ruins on the ground, he frowned.

Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi returned first. Seeing that Tang Yi did not say much, the two of them flew towards the north.

They only stopped after walking more than ten miles away from Ning Xi City. Elder Wuyou asked, How is it?

Tang Yi smiled and said: Of course we can't let him escape. Where are the two senior s?

Ning Fengqi smiled but did not say a word. The answer was already very clear, What should we do next?

The two of them had unknowingly been decided by Tang Yi. After all, Tang Yi had made the right decision these few times. Being unable to keep Murong Batian was a problem of strength, so no one could do anything about it.

If I were Murong Batian, I would not leave the Eastern Desolation Land. Tang Yi frowned slightly. What would he do if he placed himself right in front of Murong Batian?

Murong Batian is heading towards the north, so naturally, we will chase him to the north. What if he goes the other way and takes a detour to the south?

However, this would be a bit dangerous, perhaps it would be heading west!

As Tang Yi said till here, his eyes suddenly lit up. Our reinforcements are coming from the west, so logically speaking, the most impossible direction for Murong Batian to go to is west. This will give him more time to heal. "

Elder Wuyou frowned, What you are doing is not unreasonable, why would he take the risk? Aren't you afraid of being discovered by chance?

Tang Yi said: Murong Batian is only trying to buy time, what's more, even if he's discovered, he's confident that he can leave at any time.

Ning Fengqi smiled and said, Since you are so confident, we will search westward.

Tang Yi said in a deep voice, There's no rush, we need to heal our injuries first.

After a huge battle, everyone was injured. Elder Wuyou looked like he was the one with the heaviest injuries, but actually the injuries on Tang Yi's soul were also somewhat troublesome.

The damage to his soul was not as serious as it appeared to be to his physical body, but it was very troublesome to recover from it.


Whether it was his soul being injured or exhausted, it was extremely difficult to recover, unless there was a specialized pill.

Tang Yi didn't, so he used half a month to recover it.

After this battle, Tang Yi now knew how powerful the Ten Directions Disillusionment was, and also knew that it could not be used easily.

The injuries of the Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi had already recovered a long time ago, and they were waiting for Tang Yi to look at each other in confusion at the same time. Tang Yi had given them too many surprises and surprises.

As the Spiritual Sense dispersed, the Creation Bead began to circulate.

This time, Murong Batian would be even more careful, it would not be easy to find him.

Days passed, but there was no news at all. Soon, one and a half months passed and Murong Batian was not found. However, they met people from the Middle Land.

Ye Xiao and Gu Ling had twenty Buddhism with them, their formation was no worse than the Devil Sect, but it was a pity that it was useless.

Hearing that there were only seven people left from the Devil Sect who had escaped, everyone was dumbstruck and naturally thought that it was the Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi who had done the deed.

The two of them did not deny that Tang Yi understood their intentions, as this was a form of protection for him. Or perhaps it was a form of protection!

With the increase in their strength, everyone immediately spread out to search, extending across a distance of 200 Li, their speed increasing, but unfortunately, they could not find any trace of Murong Batian.

As time passed, their expressions became more and more unsightly. Tang Yi realized that his judgement was wrong, he did not head westward, but immediately turned towards the south.

After half a year, the search in Eastern Desolation Land was more or less done, but they still could not find any trace of Murong Batian. Everyone had already decided to give up and return to Middle Land.

Tang Yi frowned. He had always firmly believed that Murong Batian was in the Eastern Desolation Land, so why couldn't he find him? The always successful Creation Bead also didn't make any movements this time, could Murong Batian hide himself this well?

We should go back. The Elder Wuyou finally opened his mouth, he could not continue wasting time like this, he also had to solve the problems the Devil Sect had.

Everyone's eyes fell on Tang Yi, waiting for his decision.

Tang Yi hesitated for a long time, then said: I know of a way to force Murong Batian out.

Ning Fengqi asked in a serious tone: What way?

Tang Yi said indifferently: Break the array!

Break the formation?

Many of their faces were at a loss, as they did not know what Tang Yi was talking about. However, Ning Fengqi and Elder Wuyou's expressions changed, as they understood what Tang Yi meant.

What are you talking about? A strange look flashed past Ning Fengqi's eyes, and then he became as confused as the rest.

Tang Yi said indifferently: Nothing, everyone go back first, I still have some matters to take care of.

Tang Yi was very dissatisfied with Ning Fengqi's attitude. Since he had said it out loud, he wanted to obtain Ning Fengqi and Elder Wuyou's support.

But now, Ning Fengqi was obviously pretending to be crazy.

It's too dangerous for you to stay in Eastern Desolation Land. Let's go back together. Elder Wuyou looked at Tang Yi, meaning to point.

I've decided. Everyone, let's go! Tang Yi spoke indifferently, causing everyone to become even more confused.

Elder Wuyou frowned, This old man has something to tell you, Old Daoist Ning is also here.

As the three of them left the crowd, Elder Wuyou's expression gradually darkened, and he turned to ask Tang Yi, What do you want to do? Do you know what you're doing?

Tang Yi smiled and said, Of course I know. It's that simple for me to find Murong Batian.

Elder Wuyou lowered his voice: The array formation you're talking about is?

Tang Yi smiled at Ning Fengqi, Senior Ning should be more clear about this than me, right?

Ning Fengqi said: Since you already know, then you should know how dangerous the array is. No one has ever walked out before, do you think you can do it?

Tang Yi laughed, he really did not know how dangerous this array was, but he knew that all arrays had traces to them. There was no perfect formation in the world. There was always a weakness.

Don't you two want to go further?

Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi were both at the sixth level of Deity Stage and even further in to the late stage of Deity Stage.

Ning Fengqi frowned: I don't know if I can find the array, so what if I can find it? Do you think that you can break it?

Tang Yi said in a low voice: Things are man's doing. If it's not so, after Murong Batian recovers, who can stop him?

If not for the sudden appearance of the Devil Sect, Tang Yi would have had plenty of time to slowly improve himself.

However, the truth was pressing on him step by step, not allowing him to do so.

Ning Fengqi shook his head: It's too risky, it's not advisable!

Tang Yi was disappointed, he turned to look at Elder Wuyou, who thought for a moment, You have a plan?

Tang Yi shook his head: No!

Elder Wuyou frowned, This old one can disregard life and death, but I can't abandon Buddhism Sect.

Tang Yi laughed and nodded, I understand!

There was someone that could not be abandoned, but wasn't Tang Yi the same?

Would there be any chance of survival if Murong Batian was not eliminated? If the Devil Sect were to uncover the secrets of the formation, he would definitely be the first one to bear the brunt of the attack.

Therefore, Tang Yi didn't have a choice!

Tang Yi was not that noble, not for the common people of the world, but to protect the people around him.

What would be the result of the Devil Sect's way of doing things?

Then we'll part ways here. Tang Yi said indifferently.

You … Elder Wuyou's face revealed a look of awkwardness, and then he sighed.

Tang Yi smiled and turned to look for Ye Xiao and Gu Ling.

"The two of you, return to the Middle Land immediately and help me inform them. If the situation changes, don't participate. Tang Yi said in a serious tone.

Ye Xiao frowned, What are you going to do?

Tang Yi laughed, Do as I say, maybe before long, you two will be free.

Ye Xiao's face changed, Why?

Tang Yi said indifferently: There's no why.

Ye Xiao said, With your potential, even if Murong Batian recovers, you might not be afraid of him.

Tang Yi knew what Ye Xiao wanted to say. He wanted to find a place to hide, and even if the Human Realm was captured, he could still grow fast. Sooner or later, he would be able to fight against Murong Batian.

The problem was that Murong Batian would not give him that much time, after exterminating Buddhism, Murong Batian would immediately activate the array.

There's no need to say more. Let's do it like this! Tang Yi said indifferently.

We'll go with you! Ye Xiao spoke in a deep voice.

Tang Yi was a little surprised, If anything happens to me, you all will be free to go.

Ye Xiao frowned and said, We will admit defeat. We have to do what we say. Why do you have to look at us so clearly?


Tang Yi didn't expect Ye Xiao to say this, Then it is decided. If I can come back, I will not disappoint you two.

With that, Tang Yi urged the Nine-tailed Owlet to fly towards the north, leaving Ye Xiao and Gu Ling behind.

What kind of person is he? Gu Ling muttered.

I don't know! Ye Xiao shook his head, But he is definitely someone worth following.

Gu Ling said in a stunned voice, You've changed. You wouldn't have said such words before.

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, I haven't changed. I just haven't met anyone I admire before.

Gu Ling asked: You admire him?

Ye Xiao asked, Why should I not respect him?

Gu Ling thought for a moment, It seems not bad, I hope he can return alive!

Buddhism's group returned to Middle Land under the lead of Elder Wuyou and Ning Fengqi. They had already given up on searching for Murong Batian and prepared to use another method to stop him!

In the vast ocean, layers upon layers of dense fog shrouded the entire sea, the spirit-eating worm whistled as it swept over. After a moment, the spirit-eating worm turned and fled.

Chase after him!

Tang Yi activated his Nine-tailed Owlet and chased after her.

This kind of scene continued to play out. Tang Yi was happy that it didn't end there.


Half a month later, Tang Yi frowned slightly, not knowing what to do.

Could it be that my guess was wrong?

Tang Yi was confused. After hearing Chen Xuan mention it, Tang Yi felt that there was a strange connection between the spirit-eating worm and the Eastern Desolation Land array, but he was unable to explain the specifics.

So he started with the spirit-eating worm, hoping to find some clues, but unfortunately, he did not find anything in the past half month.

The spirit-eating worm fled aimlessly under his pursuit, completely devoid of logic.


Tang Yi scolded himself in his heart as being too stupid. Since White Tiger could see through the thoughts of others, he could probably see through the thoughts of spirit-eating worm as well. In a sense, there was no difference.

Thinking about it, Tang Yi invited White Tiger out, and turned to look at the Nine-tailed Owlet, You also go!

After he finished speaking, Tang Yi suddenly felt like he was saying his last words and couldn't help but laugh at his thought.

The Nine-tailed Owlet took human form and bowed towards Tang Yi, Nona, you two gongzis, you won't leave!

Tang Yi laughed, Up to you!

With Martial Emperor here, Liu Qingyu should be about to turn into a god, so she was not too worried.

Whether it was the Buddhism or the Devil Sect, they would not care about White Tiger, regardless of who won in the end. Tang Yi was completely at ease.

As for the decision that the Nona would make, Tang Yi could not change it!

Watching as the Nona disappeared into the thick fog, Tang Yi turned his head to look at White Tiger, I'm counting on you!


White Tiger flapped her wings, cutting through the dense fog, looking for the spirit-eating worm.

One day later, Tang Yi finally understood that the spirit-eating worm was there to raise the Insect Emperor, and the Insect Emperor was sealed inside the array.

Knowing where the base of the array was located, Tang Yi was not happy at all. Destroying the array base was enough to destroy the array, but the problem was that Tang Yi was reluctant.

For that person to set up such an enormous spirit formation, it must definitely be extremely useful. To be able to destroy it like this is truly a pity. If he could make use of it, that would be for the best.

However, Tang Yi didn't know anything about arrays, he could do nothing with just the array foundation. With such a massive array, who knew how many array bases there were. Moreover, they had to find the core of the array.

How many years would it take for him to find the Formation Aperture?

After hesitating for a long time, Tang Yi decided to first meet the array foundation.

It flew towards the north for a thousand li before diving down, breaking through the surface and continuing to descend. It was unexpected that the man had placed his formation base at the bottom of the sea.

The sea water was dark and cold as it rotated. It penetrated deeper into the sea for more than three thousand feet before finally landing at the bottom of the sea.

The Spiritual Sense dispersed and flew towards the south for five kilometers before fiercely slashing downwards.

The mud and sand tumbled, and a golden spirit-eating worm fiercely rushed towards Tang Yi.


He struck out with his palm, causing waves of waves to surge forth. The Golden Division spirit-eating worm rolled along with the waves, letting out a painful cry.


Tang Yi was slightly surprised. As expected of the spirit-eating worm King, actually able to withstand one palm and not die. Despite having only the strength of a sixth grade Demonic Beast, her defense was this strong.

The spirit-eating worm was a strange insect. Ordinary spirit-eating worm only had the strength of a Level Three Demonic Beast, the Winged King had the strength of a sixth grade Demonic Beast, and the insect emperor had the strength of a ninth grade Demonic Beast.

His vitality was also stronger than ordinary Demonic Beast s, it was extraordinary.

The Tyrant Sword continued to slash down, the location of the array base was actually not protected by any formation, no wonder it was so hard to find. Imagine, who would have nothing better to do than to look at what was hidden under the sea?

The bottom of the sea was three hundred feet deep, and the base of the formation had finally appeared before his eyes.

After killing dozens of spirit-eating worm s, there was no longer any form of harassment. Tyrant Sword danced as golden light swept across. In less than two hours, a huge pit that was three hundred meters deep and thirty thousand meters in radius appeared at the bottom of the sea.

Tang Yi stood at the bottom of the pit with a green round platform that was three hundred meters wide beneath his feet.

What a great gift!

Tang Yi was secretly shocked, the outside layer of green jade was used to block the Spiritual Sense's detection, so this was the key, even if the Spiritual Sense swept it, it would not be able to find it.

Let's open our eyes today!

Tang Yi said solemnly. The Tyrant Sword slashed down, the jade flew, and the sea water flooded in.


A ray of white light soared into the sky, green jade shot out in all directions, the sea water rolled and tore apart from the two sides, Tang Yi hurriedly retreated backwards.

Looking up, the white light rushed out of the sea water and straight into the clouds. Tang Yi was dumbstruck.

He knew that this array would be very strong, but he never expected it to be so strong.

The cyan jade dissipated and the base of the formation appeared. high platform made of white jade were thirty meters tall, thirty meters long, and thirty meters wide, exactly the same.

The white jade dais flashed with a purple light and Tang Yi slowly approached. It really was the spirit-eating worm inside.

spirit-eating worm devoured spirit energy to raise her, and the spirit-eating worm King gave her spirit energy. This meant that this spirit-eating worm had lived for at least 4700 years.

How is this possible?

Tang Yi could not believe that, even if the spirit-eating worm had a long lifespan, it was still just a ninth grade Demonic Beast after all.

White Tiger!

Tang Yi anxiously understood White Tiger, maybe he could give an explanation.

This is …

White Tiger's eyes swept across her surroundings, and finally fixed on the white jade dais, her eyes revealing a look of doubt, as though she was searching through her memories.

Tang Yi did not disturb him and waited quietly!

After a long while, White Tiger said in a low voice, If I'm not wrong, this is the Space Splitting Formation.

Void Splitting Array?

Tang Yi frowned, he thought that it was something similar to Corpse Qi Formation of the Blood Sea, an array formation to increase cultivation, but it did not sound like it, What array formation is that?

White Tiger said indifferently: You should know about the various realms. If you want to leave the Human Realm, you need to possess a formidable strength to break through the various realms. If one's strength is not enough, borrowing the power of formations is a shortcut."

Tang Yi came to a realization, You mean that this formation is used to tear apart the barrier? That person set up such a great formation just to leave?

White Tiger nodded: I shouldn't be wrong.


Tang Yi suddenly felt that something was amiss, If that's really the case, then he could have just left back then. Why did he start a war with the Devil Sect? Devil Sect can also use this formation to leave, there's no need to fight to the death.

White Tiger said indifferently: You shouldn't have asked me about this.

Ugh …

Tang Yi laughed involuntarily. Of course, White Tiger did not know about what had happened in the past.

After solving the mystery, Tang Yi frowned, should he leave this array?

Liu Qingyu, Liu Ying, Liu Qingfeng and the others could not leave him behind either. The Space Splitting Formation was the best way to leave this place.

No matter how big the Eastern Desolation Land was, sooner or later, he would be able to dig out those Formation Apertures and bases.

The most important thing was Murong Batian!

Do you have any way to leave the Human Realm? Tang Yi asked.

Of course! White Tiger said indifferently: Since we have reached our cultivation level, we will naturally be able to rush out of the barrier.

Tang Yi frowned slightly, What kind of strength do you need?

White Tiger said: It's hard to say, if it's at the peak of the Deity Stage, maybe we can go one step further!

was slightly taken aback. Old Man Tianji and Venerable One also only had the seventh floor of the Deity Stage.

Of course, Murong Batian and Helian Lingtian were not one of them.

Breaking through to the late stage of the Deity Stage was already so difficult, let alone being at the peak of the Deity Stage, let alone being able to take a step forward.

After reaching the Soul Formation stage? Tang Yi had never thought about this question before. As he spoke till here and as he consulted White Tiger, he suddenly realized that he would have another good Master in the future.

In the words of your Human Clan, it's Transcending Mortality! White Tiger said.

Transcending Mortality? Tang Yi muttered.

That's right, Transcending Mortality! White Tiger slowly said: As the name implies, Transcending Mortality is to bid farewell to the body of a mortal and enter a brand-new world. Humans just like these things that are intentionally mystified. To put it bluntly, it means fusing the soul and the body, becoming one with the fleshly body.

As she spoke till here, White Tiger muttered: What nonsense is this Transcending Mortality, it's still not only a mortal body!

Ugh …

Tang Yi was speechless, but he did understand. To the extent where the soul could fuse with the body, this was the Transcending Mortality.

In other words, the key to Transcending Mortality wasn't raising one's cultivation, but rather, strengthening the soul.

Ten Directions God Codex!

Tang Yi suddenly thought that the Ten Directions God Codex had appeared too timely and everything had been arranged perfectly.

If … Tang Yi hesitated for a moment, before continuing: If you can tear apart the barrier, will it be possible to bring people out of Human Realm?

No way! White Tiger shook her head: The space between different realms is exceptionally dangerous, without a powerful strength, one simply cannot survive. Self-defense is a problem, not to mention protecting others.

Tang Yi frowned, in that case, the Sky Cracking Array could not be destroyed!

White Tiger said in a low voice: I can't, you can!

Tang Yi was slightly taken aback, then suddenly awoke. He thought to himself that he was too muddled, how could he have forgotten about the Creation Bead?

As long as he could send White Tiger to the Creation Bead, of course he could also send the others in. As long as he could leave the Human Realm, the others wouldn't be a problem.

Furthermore, there

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