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Asura Martial System: Volume 5

Asura Martial System: Volume 5

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Asura Martial System: Volume 5

649 página
6 horas
Lançado em:
Nov 13, 2019


Because of his extremely low talent, Zhao Xin was bullied from an early age. On this day, he was beaten by others and fainted. After waking up, he found that he had accidentally bound the asura martial system. With this system, the progress of his martial art practice had become fast.
With this system, Zhao Xin's talent and his body as well as his martial arts are the strongest in the world. Since then, those who have bullied him obediently become his admirers.
While powerful brings glory to people, it often leads to more dangers. Facing those who are jealous of him and want to defeat him, what would he do to solve them?
☆About the Author☆
Shen Jie Lai De Qie Zi, an online novelist, and his novel Asura Martial System has won many readers' love for its ups and downs storyline and distinctive character.
Lançado em:
Nov 13, 2019

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Asura Martial System - Eggplant FromGod'srealm



Swift Coyote s, wolves were just like its name, they were famous for their speed.

The speed of the second level of the Core Formation Stage was just like a child's walk in front of the Three Stars Demonic Beast.

He wouldn't be able to escape.

He could only fight!

The most important thing was that Zhao Xin started to become excited when he saw the golden light beneath the feet of the Coyote. This was not a small BOSS.

Holding onto the spear in his right hand, Zhao Xin took a defensive stance, preparing to fight the enemy.

Suddenly, the corner of his mouth raised into a mocking smile, as if he was ridiculing the fact that Zhao Xin's second level of the Core Formation Stage was just trash in his eyes.

Holy shit, an animal dares to laugh at me?

Today I'll let you know how powerful you are.

Zhao Xin was completely ignited by the fighting intention, his fighting spirit ignited fiercely, his mind working very quickly to think of a plan to deal with the enemy.

The first strike had the advantage, while the second attack had the advantage.

With that attitude, Zhao Xin made the first move.

His body moved as he leaned forward like a bow, supporting himself with his feet.


His body turned into a ray of remnant Yang, and quickly rushed out. His Silver Dragon Blade s, under his high speed movements, released an ear-piercing cry, and rushed straight towards the Coyote King.

Looking at the human who made the first move, the Coyote King disdainfully sneered and opened his mouth to spit out a few Wind Blade.

Woosh, woosh, woosh ~ ~ ~

The sharp wind formed a Wind Blade attack.

Zhao Xin's heart was shocked, after a few stabs, the Wind Blade had scratched over ten wounds on his body.


The Coyote King's figure flashed and instantly appeared on top of Zhao Xin's head. Without enough time to react, he directly smacked Zhao Xin down to the ground with his claw.

Boom — —

The ground began to crack as dust flew everywhere.

F * ck.

So strong, is this the f * cking Three Stars Demonic Beast? How powerful are ten star Demonic Beast?

Zhao Xin simply could not believe that even the strongest living being of the Nebula Continent, the Scorpio, would not feel such pressure.

His clothes were torn, Zhao Xin tore off his clothes and revealed his well-built body.

The Coyote King floated in the air, looking at the people in the crowd arrogantly.

There were very few people whose Great Green Mountain could match up to him. A human who went to the second level of the Core Formation Stage dared to provoke him, seeking death.

Seeing that there were no movements for a long time, the Coyote King turned around and prepared to return disdainfully. At the same time, the group of Coyote also intended to pounce on Zhao Xin and cut him into pieces.


I haven't given up yet.

With a cold sneer, the Coyote King's expression froze for a moment before turning around.

The only thing he saw as the dust settled, was Zhao Xin's upper body and the scarlet Ratchet Eye giving off strange undulations, like the eyes of the god of death staring straight at the Coyote King, which actually gave the Coyote King goosebumps.


The Coyote King turned around and looked at Zhao Xin who had not collapsed as he let out a threatening growl.


Zhao Xin suddenly burst forth with power, his feet instantly causing the ground beneath him to sink and crack. Like an arrow piercing through the air, his body rushed to the front of the Coyote King in less than half a breath.

Dragon King's Obliterating Wave!

Zhao Xin roared angrily as the Silver Dragon Blade turned into a cannon and aimed its pitch black muzzle at the Coyote's head.

He pulled the trigger.

Weng! *

The Profound Qi surged out like a flood, the veins on its arms bulged as Zhao Xin shouted in anger, You beast, you dare to despise me?! Believe me, you're still f * cking a few hundred years young!

Boom — —

The white light instantly rushed out of the cannon. The Coyote King didn't even have the chance to react before being hit on the head.


Coyote King's body fiercely smashed onto the ground, blasting out a huge pit.

However …

Zhao Xin did not care about whether the Coyote King was dead or not. Taking advantage of when you were sick to take your life, this was the most common way of fighting.

Killing monsters and fighting were two different things.

When you punched me in the middle of a fight, did I slap you? Of course not, it was to crush you, to beat him to death, to not hit his head until it bled, to kneel and beg for mercy, and not stop.

Killing monsters was the same as killing monsters. Once the Three Stars Demonic Beast King Coyote was given a chance to resist, he would not be able to withstand more than a few moves.

As long as they could firmly crush the Coyote King, they would have a chance of retaliating.

Zhao Xin rode on top of the Coyote King's body, and the Silver Dragon Blade aimed at the eyes of the Coyote King and fiercely stabbed down.

A silver light flashed, and the Coyote King's pupils suddenly shrank.


With one claw, he sent the Silver Dragon Blade flying.

Zhao Xin thought that it was not good, his fists frantically aimed at the Coyote King's head and smashed down.


The Coyote King roared in pain.

Zhao Xin's fists rained down, blood splattering everywhere. Zhao Xin's, Coyote King's.

Riding on the Coyote King, they did not even give her the chance to turn around.

The skin and flesh of his fist had been grinded clean, revealing the eerie white bones within.

The intense pain stimulated his nerves crazily. His ten fingers were connected to his heart, and the flesh on his two fists were all grinded away. This kind of pain was no less than using a knife to stab at his heart.


Zhao Xin screamed in pain, crazily, hysterically.

As for the head of the Coyote, it had become even more deformed.

Would Zhao Xin stop at this point?

He could only fight to the death, desperately waving his fists.

Nine Suns Heaven And Earth Palm!

Nine Suns Heaven And Earth Palm!

Bang! Bang!

Zhao Xin did not dare to stop. The Profound Qi descended frantically, with a single strike from the Dragon King's Waves, instantly draining two-thirds of his Profound Qi. Adding the constant usage of Nine Suns Heaven And Earth Palm, the Profound Qi was about to reach the bottom.

With such a crazy strike, the Coyote King would only become even angrier. As long as there was a chance for him to turn around, Zhao Xin's fate could already be predicted.

He looked at the center of the dust.

The hundreds of Swift Coyote in the surroundings were afraid.

They thought they were wolves, the kings of the forest, the most vicious existences. Then, they looked at Zhao Xin's fearless fighting style.

The Three Stars Demonic Beast was swift like the Coyote King, and was an existence at the peak of the Great Green Mountain.

However, at this moment.

Being ridden by Zhao Xin without being able to resist at all.


Warning, the Profound Qi is insufficient, the system is about to stop operating.

The system sounded out.

Go die at ease!

Zhao Xin glanced at the last remaining Profound Qi value and raised his head to howl.

Nine Suns Heaven And Earth Palm!

With a palm that carried the force of a landslide, it smashed towards the Coyote King's badly mutilated head.


In the blink of an eye, the ground under his feet sank more than 10 centimeters, and like a spider, it split open rapidly, turning into ruins within a 100 meter radius.

The commotion gradually died down.

Drip. Drip.

Drip. Drip.

Blood dripped down his fist and splattered on the ground, creating a small flower of blood.

Zhao Xin walked out of the huge pit step by step, and the head of the Coyote King was turned into a pile of mud.

The scarlet Ratchet Eye slowly turned.

An ice-cold, bloodthirsty gaze swept across the entire battlefield. Over a hundred Swift Coyote turned around and ran away in fright.


Congratulations to the host for quickly killing the s, obtaining 300,000 experience, 200,000 Profound Qi s, 1 Demon Core, and a bottle of s.


Congratulations to the Host for successfully levelling up to Core Formation Stage Level 3.

Fresh blood dripped down, and a faint green light emitted from his badly mutilated fists. The pain disappeared, and the skin that had been grinded off began to grow out at a visible rate.

After about five minutes, his fists returned to normal.

The Profound Qi was also full.

There was only one second left before the system would shut down. Fortunately, in the last second, the Coyote King was killed.



What did you say?!

In the Tiger Faction Great Hall, the sect master was furious. Thunder was furious, his eyes were wide open as he stared at the disciple reporting the news.

The disciple trembled from the pressure of his aura and weakly said: Sect Master, it's true, not a single one of the fifty elite disciples have returned.


The black shadow's eyes became sinister as a violent demonic flame instantly burnt the disciple to ashes.

The black shadow's angry voice was trembling.

Jiu Chongfeng, oh Jiu Chongfeng, you really did find a good disciple, to actually kill over fifty of my elite disciples!

Just you wait!

I, Yan Sha, will never destroy your Holy Ruins Sect!

An angry roar echoed in the hall.

Fifty one elite disciples. This was one f * cking one-fifth of his Tiger Faction's combat power, and could be said to be a huge blow to his vitality.


After a long time, the black shadow calmed down, and with a cold voice, a black shadow appeared behind him.

Your final mission is to bury this sect protecting formation within the Holy Ruins Sect and release you and your mother.

The black body slightly trembled as it took the bottle and disappeared from the great hall.

A cunning laugh came from the black shadow within the palace.

Even though he had lost more than fifty elite disciples, his Holy Ruins Sect was still no match for them.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the Holy Ruins Sect Qualification Examination had arrived.

Hey, have you heard? This qualification test will not only test one's strength, it will also be Senior Apprentice Sister's marriage selection competition.

I know, I want to register as well to fight for the Goddess.

Forget it, with your looks, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself? The previous generation's genius, Jun Tianlan, had the highest reputation, and the new generation's Senior Brother Lu Wuyan is only second to Senior Brother Jun Tianlan.

I think the two spots for this qualification test will belong to the both of them.

One is the strongest disciple while the other is a newly advanced genius. I really look forward to the battle between these two. I wonder who Senior Sister Ren will end up with.

Early in the morning, Holy Ruins Sect became lively. Those who participated in the assessment and came to watch the show, in short, it was an unprecedented flourishing day, bustling with noise and excitement.

In the pavilion at the peak of the back mountain.

A young woman leaned on Lu Wuyan's chest and looked up at the sky where the sun had just risen.

Wuyan, Little Sister Wan'er, what are you going to do? Between the new and old generation of disciples, you and Jun Tianlan have the noblest relationship, what if you become the champion? The woman suddenly blinked his watery big eyes and looked at Lu Wuyan and asked.

I don't have any confidence in dealing with Jun Tianlan, and furthermore, it's not like you don't know the relationship between me and Junior Sister Wan'Er. She sees me as her big brother, and I take care of her as my little sister.

Lu Wuyan then intimately rubbed his nose against Xi'er's nimble nose.

Then, she ran out of the pavilion and giggled: Wu Yan, I'll be leaving first. You can keep working.

Lu Wuyan nodded, and sent Xi'er off with his eyes.

Xi'er was an ordinary person, born with a blocked meridian that was unable to absorb Profound Qi, and was the daughter of a normal family in the surrounding village.

When the village was once again met with a mountain bandit and rescued by a disciple of the Holy Ruins Sect Sect, the two of them got to know each other at that time and quickly got to know each other.

As soon as Xi'er left, Ren Wan'er arrived at the pavilion.

Senior Brother, did you see Zhao Xin?

Lu Wuyan shook his head: What? He's not back yet?

Ren Wan'er nodded, and said: Let's go take a look at the mountain gate.

The two of them also descended the mountain and walked towards the entrance.

Suddenly, a group of people walked over.

More than ten inner court disciples were surrounding a young man with a white fan, flattering him nonstop.

Where are you going, Sister Wan-Er? Jun Tianlan blocked their path and laughed.

Ever since he knew that Jun Tianlan had ordered his disciples to assassinate Zhao Xin, the only trace of good will that he had towards Jun Tianlan had completely disappeared.

Those disciples didn't have their brains filled with crap. Zhao Xin didn't provoke them, so why did they want to assassinate him for no reason?

It would be weird if Jun Tianlan was not doing something behind the scenes.

Ren Wan'er rolled her eyes at Jun Tianlan, wanting to avoid him.

Jun Tianlan swiftly blocked in front of Ren Wan'er, her face slightly cold as she said in a deep voice: Could it be that Junior Sister Wan'er is going to the mountain gate to wait for Zhao Xin?

So what if it is, so what? Please call me Junior Sister Ren. My relationship with you is not as close as you think.

Hehe, Junior Wan'er, you sure know how to joke. The first place of this qualification test is definitely mine, but Lord Sect Leader has personally promised that whoever obtains first place in the qualification test will become Junior Wan'er's husband.

Jun Tianlan evilly smiled as he looked at Ren Wan'er's full chest.

Shameless, even if I were to marry a mountain villager, I would not marry a beast with a human face like you.

Ren Wan'er spat, and wanted to push Jun Tianlan who was in his way.

Jun Tianlan was furious, he released his hidden strength and directly pushed Ren Wan'er away.

Seeing that, Lu Wuyan stepped forward to block Jun Tianlan, and shouted coldly: Jun Tianlan, please take note of your words and actions, if you continue to be so presumptuous, I will not show mercy.

Tch, losing at hand, forgetting the pain after your scar healed. Did you forget how you looked three months ago when you were lying at my feet and couldn't even stand up?

Jun Tianlan unrestrainedly mocked.

The corners of Lu Wuyan's eyes twitched. Three months ago, this was the same situation as well.

Hur Hur, three days apart should be spent in admiration, what's more, three months have passed.

Provoke me? You don't have the qualifications to have me make the first move, and have beat you up so badly that you can't get up, I'm going to get scolded by the Master again, if you have the ability, don't shout 'surrender' on the stage.

No one can stop me.

Their cold gazes met, and killing intent permeated the air.

Jun Tianlan turned his head to look at Ren Wan'er, and said with a smile: "Junior Sister Wan'er, once I take first place, I will marry you tomorrow, and I will not let you down.

Do you think Zhao Xin can still return?


Jun Tianlan laughed proudly as he led his henchmen and left. He did not give Ren Wan'er a chance to refute, he spoke as if Ren Wan'er was already his man.

Jun Tianlan knew that in order to take revenge for the Feng Lei brothers, the Tiger Faction had sent fifty Core Formation disciples to encircle and annihilate Zhao Xin.

Fifty Core Formation experts using cannons against a piece of trash with a fourth level Foundation that had shattered his Dantian was simply like beating a mosquito with a cannon.

Junior Sister, forget it, what's the point of arguing with this kind of scum. I broke through to the third level of the Core Formation Stage the night before yesterday and my Master bestowed a Profound Explosion Pill to me. I might not lose to him in the final battle.

Yeah, blow his head off. Ren Wan'er said angrily as she waved her small fist at Jun Tianlan's head.

Lu Wuyan laughed out loud, and the two of them started walking towards the mountain gate.

But after coming to the mountain gate and inquiring about the sect guards, Zhao Xin had yet to return.



Time flew.

He had been waiting for the sun to set in the west, and the sun was about to set.

Jun Tianlan looked at the two who were still waiting at the entrance of the mountain, and a dense rage rose in his heart. How could a trash with a broken Dantian like Zhao Xin be favored by Ren Wan'er, or acknowledged by Lu Wuyan?

He was just a piece of trash, a piece of trash.

Compared to him, Zhao Xin couldn't even compare to one of his fingers.

The hatred in his heart for Zhao Xin grew.

Junior Sister Wan'er is still waiting. She already said that Zhao Xin won't be able to come back, and if I don't see his shadow for a month, he might have already died outside.

A mocking voice sounded.

Ren Wan'er and Lu Wuyan slightly frowned, and ignored Jun Tianlan.

Once the sun sets, the registration will end. Even if he returns, he won't have the qualifications to participate in the assessment. Furthermore, with a trash at the fifth level of Foundation, what kind of waves can he cause?

Jun Tianlan, don't go too far. So what if your Dantian is broken? Zhao Xin is ten thousand times stronger than you.

Ren Wan'er could not bear to listen any longer, and scolded Jun Tianlan angrily.

Any inner disciple in the sect would have a bright future that is tens of thousands of times better than his. As for me, the number one genius in Five Prefectures Realm, I broke through the Gong Xuan Stage at the age of twenty-five, my future achievements are limitless. "

Jun Tianlan said haughtily.

Ren Wan'er revealed an expression of disgust, and coldly shouted: Please leave, even if your talent is above average, it's not worth me to take a look at you.

Ka-cha! *

Jun Tianlan's heart was raging, he clenched his teeth, and clenched his fists tightly.

Looking at Ren Wan'er's back, she bellowed in her heart: Slut, this old man will definitely make you kneel at my feet and beg for forgiveness. If I don't humiliate you to the point of being ashamed, I won't be surnamed Jun!

For a trash who dared to go against a genius like him, Jun Tianlan was extremely furious.

So what if that trash with a broken Dantian comes back?

As long as he dares to come back and register for the exam, unless he meets me, I will let him experience what it means to have a life worse than death.

Jun Tianlan roared angrily in his heart as he glared at the two people before turning around and leaving.

Just as he lifted his leg, Lu Wuyan suddenly shouted loudly: Junior Sister, it's Junior Brother Zhao.

It's really him. He's back. Ren Wan'er could clearly see the figure that was originally laughing excitedly in the distance.

Jun Tianlan's expression froze for a moment, he turned around to look, and to his surprise, he discovered that the figure was Zhao Xin.

He's not dead!

This was the biggest question in Jun Tianlan's mind!

Could it be that the people from Tiger Faction did not find Zhao Xin?

However, Jun Tianlan was not worried at all, with a cold voice from the corner of his mouth, he laughed coldly: Coming back is even better, if I don't personally see you die, I would not be willing.

Seeing Zhao Xin return to the sect, Jun Tianlan cordially stepped forward and asked, Welcome back, Junior Brother of the Alchemy Hall.

Zhao Xin smiled amiably: From Senior Brother Jun's tone, it seems like you don't want me to return.

No no, senior brother, that's not what I meant. Jun Tianlan said this, but in his heart he said that he hoped that you would die outside.

Ren Wan'er suddenly pulled Zhao Xin's hand and walked into the sect. Let's go, don't waste time talking to him.

Alright. Zhao Xin took the opportunity to hold onto Ren Wan'er's jade hands. Ren Wan'er's body visibly moved for a moment, but she did not resist, allowing Zhao Xin to lead the way.

Lu Wuyan quickly followed the two of them.

Ka-cha! *

Jun Tianlan stared at the back of the two as they left with bloodshot eyes. His fists were clenched tightly, and the rage in his eyes was so strong that it could burn people to death.

You two bastards, just you wait, tomorrow will be the day you both die.

Miss, it would be difficult for us to do this. The rules state that you must be an inner disciple or above Core Formation to be qualified to participate.

An elder looked at the angry Ren Wan'er and comforted him.

Ever since Zhao Xin killed Wang Ting of the first level of the Core Formation Stage, everyone knew that he was only at the fifth level of Foundation, but to be able to do so showed that he was definitely extraordinary.

But rules are rules, if you don't have a Pill Congealing cultivation level, then I won't help you register. Jun Tianlan had specifically instructed him to make things difficult for Zhao Xin.

Why? Even someone in the first level of the Core Formation Stage is not a match for Junior Brother Zhao. Why not sign him up? Ren Wan'er stared at the elder with his hands on his hips.

Zhao Xin looked at the girl who was so cute when she was angry, and couldn't bear to break this scene.

Lu Wuyan suddenly walked to his side, and said while laughing in a low voice: Junior Sister Wan'er seems to really like you.

Zhao Xin was startled, and said: I'm sorry, Senior Brother Lu.

Why are you apologizing to me? You didn't think that I was the one that Wan-Er liked, right? Lu Wuyan looked at Zhao Xin in astonishment.

He had known Ren Wan'er for close to twenty years, and he could feel even the slightest fluctuations in Ren Wan'er's mental state.

Even though Ren Wan'er hid her abilities well, he could still feel Ren Wan'er's reliance on him.

Zhao Xin also nodded in astonishment.

Over a decade ago, Wan'er met with an accident. I accidentally saved her!

Lu Wuyan fell into his memories while smiling at Ren Wan'er.

After listening.

Zhao Xin finally understood the relationship between the two of them. It seemed that the best girls like Ren Wan'er still belonged to him.

Alright. Zhao Xin walked forward and pulled Ren Wan'er's hand, then turned to look at the difficult elder and laughed: Congealing a Core Formation cultivation level?

Weng! *

Zhao Xin's eyes became sinister as a wave of Profound Qi fluctuations spread out, and the powerful pressure of the Core Condensation Level 4 instantly crushed the outer elders in the second level of the Core Formation Stage.

Zhao Xin laughed coldly: How is it, do you have the qualifications now?

In an instant, many of the surrounding disciples had noticed this scene.

Core Condensation Level 4!

That was exactly the fluctuation of the Profound Qi in the Core Condensation Level 4!

The way everyone looked at Zhao Xin was undoubtedly looking at a monster. Wasn't he at the fifth level of the Foundation one month ago?

Is he a monster?

Wasn't he at the fifth level of Foundation a month ago?

Did he conceal his strength at that time? That's why they were able to kill Wang Ting? "

That elder's face turned ashen, and his legs trembled so much that he could barely stand. He hurriedly nodded his head: If you have the qualifications, then I will immediately help you register.

With a thought, the pressure of the Profound Qi was removed. The elder immediately helped Zhao Xin to register the assessment information.

When facing such a person, one must use strength to ruthlessly slap their face. Otherwise, they would only be making things more difficult for you.

On the way back to the Alchemy Hall with Ren Wan'er.

Ren Wan'er suddenly blocked in front of Zhao Xin, and asked angrily: Honestly speaking, last time you were clearly at the fifth level of the Foundation, how did you break through to the Core Condensation Level 4 in a month's time?

Zhao Xin looked at his surroundings and saw that there was no one around, he suddenly grabbed onto Ren Wan'er's slender waist and laughed sinisterly: Senior sister, do you really want to know?

Ren Wan'er looked at Zhao Xin's demonic smile, and his cheeks quickly flushed red, looking like a big red apple.

He was stuttering.

Zhao Xin slowly lowered his head, preparing to develop to a deeper level.

Cough, cough, I didn't disturb you guys, did I?

It was unknown when Wei Qiwu appeared, but he had deliberately coughed a few times as he spoke.




Ren Wan'er was surprised, she hastily pushed Zhao Xin away and escaped like a little rabbit.

Zhao Xin rubbed his forehead, and turned to look at Wei Qiwu. You sure know how to cause trouble, just a step away from taking care of Ren Wan'er, your sudden appearance instantly foiled her plans.

Senior Brother Wei, it's not good to behave like this.

Wei Qiwu smiled apologetically: I originally wanted to wait for you all to finish your work before coming back, but the situation is serious and I am extremely anxious.

What does it have to do with me?

sect master personally called for you to go take a look.

Lead the way.

Wei Qiwu brought Zhao Xin and hurried towards the back of the mountain.

Only then did Zhao Xin see a few people standing beside a rock.

Among them were Jiu Chongfeng, Dan Wu Feng, Hall Master Xue Ci, Mu Sa and a few other disciples.

When Mu Sa saw that Zhao Xin had arrived, he anxiously stepped forward and grabbed onto Zhao Xin's hand. You're finally here, quickly come and take a look at this thing.

Zhao Xin was forcefully pulled forward by Mu Sa, and what they were surrounding was a Demonic Beast corpse, a one star flying Demonic Beast, it was a unique means of transportation for Holy Ruins Sect, but what was strange was that this flying Demonic Beast had a distinct array aura around it, its ankles had two dark green circular objects.

What's going on? Zhao Xin asked in confusion.

It was common knowledge that no large formation could be used on living beings. Everyone knew that, but it was not natural for a Demonic Beast to have an obvious array aura on it.

Looking at the serious expressions on Jiu Chongfeng and the rest, Zhao Xin knew that the situation was not good.

Mu Sa said, This kind of thing has already happened many times, and two of the inner disciples had also experienced the same situation. Even the missing Yamazi and Monkey were the same as this Demonic Beast when they found them.


He didn't expect that Yamazaki and Monkey would die like this. Looking at the appearance of the flying Demonic Beast, it seemed to be exhausted.

There had already been a few cases like this. Could it be that someone was conducting some sort of experiment?

Can you see anything? Jiu Chongfeng asked.

He had heard about Zhao Xin refining pills and carving formations.

Zhao Xin carefully examined the Demonic Beast's corpse and shook his head: Nothing.

Jiu Chongfeng sighed, and said: You can go back now, I'll call for you if there's anything.

Zhao Xin nodded and left with Wei Qiwu.

The qualification test was very simple.

Immortal Realm was a place where the strong preyed on the weak. The weak had no place to live, the strong had their own power, and they could rule the country.

The two spots were respectively for the older generation inner court disciples and the new generation inner court disciples.

The majority of the older generation inner court disciples were led by Jun Tianlan, while the majority of the new generation inner court disciples were led by Lu Wuyan.

However, everyone had already determined that the two spots this year would be Lu Wuyan and Jun Tianlan.

The news of Zhao Xin being in the Core Condensation Level 4 quickly spread to Jun Tianlan's ears.

So what if you have Core Condensation Level 4? I will arrange for you to fight him. I must ruthlessly trample him under my feet to use all my strength to humiliate him before I kill him.

One of the disciples nodded his head. The Profound Qi on his body was surprisingly at the fifth level of the Core Formation Stage.

Jun Tianlan looked out of the window at the rising sun, his eyes shining with a ferocious light, a sinister smile on his face.

He wanted Zhao Xin to kneel in front of him and beg for mercy, he wanted to fiercely charge while pressing Ren Wan'er beneath him.

The morning light shone into Zhao Xin's room.

When Zhao Xin opened the door, he saw that many disciples had already gotten up and were rushing towards the Sacred Ruins Palace.

The grand event that was held every three years naturally attracted the attention of many disciples.

This was an opportunity to observe the battles of experts. Watching the battles was not a small breakthrough for him as well. Hence, there were many people rushing over to the Sacred Ruins Palace in the early morning.

Holy Ruins Palace.

It was the hall where the Holy Ruins Sect had been passed down for a hundred years, which contained all of the effort and blood of the Holy Ruins Sect.

Junior Brother Zhao, are we going to the Holy Ruins Palace together? Wei Qiwu walked over and asked.

Zhao Xin nodded, and the two of them started to head towards the Sacred Ruins Palace.

However …

In a place several thousand meters outside of Holy Ruins Sect Mountain, a human cave was visible within the forest, and a large group of black clothed disciples appeared in the forest.

The leader of the black-clothed men said in a low voice: Wait for the signal on the spot. Once the signal appears, everyone will attack Holy Ruins Sect with all your might.

The black-clothed man looked at the bustling Holy Ruins Sect in the distance and laughed sinisterly: Jiu Chongfeng, today is the day your life is lost. The day your Holy Ruins Sect will be destroyed!

Unknowingly, over a thousand men in black surrounded the Holy Ruins Sect.

But the Holy Ruins Sect disciples did not know anything, and did not know that the danger was quietly approaching.

Martial Arts Competition!

This was the only standard for the qualification test. Whoever could fight their way to the final spot would be the winner.

But this time, the qualification test had an incomparably enticing condition, and that was Ren Wan'er's Groom Search Competition. Not only would the first place participant get a spot, they would also be able to return with a beauty.

Many of the disciples who were planning on taking part in the next competition could not help but join in as well.

Zhao Xin and Wei Qiwu arrived at the Sacred Ruins Palace, seeing the sea of people outside the hall, Zhao Xin was shocked.

There must be at least five thousand of them.

There are so many people.

Today is the competition for the qualification examination. Many disciples that went out to complete missions have rushed back. Including the servants and servants, there are around 5000 outer disciples. Wei Qiwu said in a gratified manner. Seeing his sect becoming stronger, everyone would feel proud and happy.

Rumble ~ ~ ~ ~

A dull rumbling sound could be heard. Zhao Xin looked towards the direction of the noise and saw a dozen or so battling platforms appearing on the plaza outside the main hall. The Sacred Ruins Palace was floating, and even the seventeen fighting stages were floating in the air for tens of meters.

Looks like this event is going to be very interesting.

Senior Brother Wei, did you participate? Zhao Xin asked with a smile.

Wei Qiwu nodded his head: Junior Wan'Er is everyone's goddess, at least 80% of the participating disciples are all here for Junior Wan'Er. Although Junior Wan'Er likes you, I want to fight for you as well.

You are under a lot of pressure this time, facing so many of Junior Sister Wan'Er's pursuers, I wonder if Junior Brother Zhao can persevere?

You have to do it, even if you can't. I can't fail you, Sister Wan-Er.


The two of them looked at each other and laughed out loud.

Sect Leader has arrived!

Suddenly, a loud shout resounded through the entire arena, and the noisy scene immediately quietened down.

Jiu Chongfeng brought Ren Wan'er and a group of inner sect elders out of the Sacred Ruins Palace.

The current Ren Wan'er was dressed in a long white skirt and wore a crystal clear crown on her head.

Wow, as expected of a goddess. She's so stunning, even making me drool.

Tsk, Senior Wan'er is mine. Just look at her. I'll be worried with whoever touches her. Zhao Xin wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth, unable to suppress the excitement in his heart.

Ren Wan'er was too beautiful.

The beauty of her face was enough to suffocate anyone.


Be it the inner or outer sect disciples, or the servants, they were all boiling with excitement as they shouted in unison, Goddess! Goddess!

Zhao Xin and Wei Qiwu did not know what was going on in their heads, and started shouting together.



Ren Wan'er also noticed the loud shout coming from the crowd.

Heartforce twitched his mouth and said angrily, What is this guy doing? He's shouting at them, he has no morals at all.

Although he thought this in his heart, he was incomparably happy.

Jiu Chongfeng and the rest sat in the spectator's seating, Jiu Chongfeng stood up and pressed on the ground, causing the place to become quiet.

Starting from now, I hope that the participating disciples will give their all.

The moment Jiu Chongfeng's words fell, an inner elder said: Please come to the competition area to draw your lot.

Let's go. Hopefully, I won't be drawing the lot.

Haha, what's there to be afraid of? When the time comes, we can just go all out. It won't be a disgrace to lose.

Zhao Xin and Wei Qiwu walked towards the spectator stand.

There were a total of eighty people participating in the competition. Although there were five thousand people in the competition, eighty people didn't mean much. However, these eighty people undoubtedly had the power to compete for the qualifications.

This meant that these eighty people were the strongest core strength of the Holy Ruins Sect.

The moment Zhao Xin walked to the spectator stand to draw lots, Lu Wuyan walked to Zhao Xin's side and said softly: Junior Brother Zhao, you must take note of Jun Tianlan's evil scheme. Sect Leader said that if you are not his opponent and immediately shout for surrender, he will personally save you.

Jun Tianlan?

This fellow is really crazy with thoughts of death, I can't let him meet me, if not I will beat the crap out of Jun Tianlan's mouth.

Since Senior Brother Lu isn't fighting with me over Wan'er, then what else do I have to worry about? If Jun Tianlan dares to come and let him come, then I will no longer have the courage to face Senior Sister Wan'er if I'm afraid.

Zhao Xin clenched both his fists tightly under his sleeves, and his eyes shone with a determined light.

Lu Wuyan turned and left.

Very soon, it was Zhao Xin's turn to draw.

Number 3?

The inner sect elder said, Please get into the third ring, your opponent will be on stage soon.

Zhao Xin turned around and looked at the stage that was dozens of meters high. If one did not have a Core Formation Stage cultivation level, it would be impossible to fly up, so this should be the first test to test the disciple's strength.

If he couldn't even fly up there, what right did he have to challenge others?

You can do it, junior brother!

Ren Wan'er encouraged Zhao Xin with a low voice.

Zhao Xin sent a telepathic message to his and laughed: Senior sister is very beautiful today, just wait for junior brother's husband to get first place.

That's not proper. What junior apprentice-brother? You're just spouting nonsense. I didn't say that I'm going to marry you.

If you don't marry me, who are you going to marry, are you going to marry Jun Tianlan?

I don't want to marry that bastard.

Then that means she wants to marry me, haha!

Zhao Xin smiled and walked down the viewing gallery. As he watched Zhao Xin's retreating back, Ren Wan'er cursed under her breath, Scoundrel. Her eyes revealed a deep sense of love.

Jiu Chongfeng naturally noticed the exchange of thoughts between the two, and looked at Zhao Xin with interest. If Zhao Xin did not have the strength to protect Ren Wan'er, he would also not agree with Ren Wan'er liking him.

This was the world.

When Zhao Xin arrived at Stage Three, Profound Qi surged and both of his legs instantly rushed into the sky, firmly landing on the stage.

The stage was about a hundred square meters wide, and the floor beneath his feet was made from special Spirit Stone s. These kind of Spirit Stone s were extremely hard, and even Gong Xuan Stage could destroy them.

Seventeen rings followed one after another. There were over eighty people, and each ring had seventeen people. Each match was divided into two rounds.

The thirty-four of them flew up to the arena.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out, followed by a loud laugh.

Hahaha, Luo Feilong actually dares to participate.

Look at his decaying appearance, it's so hilarious.

Does it hurt to fall down while feeding the fatty?

The scene turned into laughter as dust rose up from all directions beneath Stage Seven. As the dust scattered, Zhao Xin could see a fatty smashing the ground ruthlessly, falling down from the Stage Seven?

Tsk tsk, it hurts just thinking about it.

It hurts, it hurts!

Luo Feilong's face twisted in pain, he muttered while rubbing the fat on his body.

Zhao Xin looked carefully and only now did he realize that the fatty was actually the fatty he met in the Great Green Mountain who was going to sneak an attack on him.

Luo Feilong stood up and shook his fat head, then activated his Profound Qi and jumped up onto the stage again.


This time, it landed on the edge of the arena with great danger, but it did not fall off. Looking at the comical entrance method, the crowd once again burst into laughter.

Hey, you're Zhao Xin?

Zhao Xin turned and saw a tall and sturdy man standing behind him.

I am, are you my opponent?

Wu Gang cupped his fists and said: Inner disciple Wu Gang, fifth level of the Core Formation Stage.

Zhao Xin cupped his fists in return, and said: Disciple Zhao Xin of the Alchemy Hall, Core Condensation Level 4, greets Senior Brother.

Very quickly, two disciples stood on each of the seventeen arenas.

Suddenly, seventeen figures jumped up into the air and rushed towards the arena. They were all outer court elders who acted as judges.

One of them landed between Zhao Xin and the other.

The referee calmly said: There are only three rules, one, whoever gets thrown out of the arena area is the loser, and two, if the opponent ambushes, the one who attacks will lose, and three, you can't use Confluent Spirit Beast, and you can't use any Immortal Apparatus above Three Stars.

Actually, the last one sounded like a piece of crap to everyone.

There were only a handful of people who possessed Confluent Spirit Beast s, regardless of which great clans or Great Power they were from.

Confluent Spirit Beast s were not people who could be subdued by anyone. Many of them would rather commit suicide than become cultivator's servants.

As for Three Stars Immortal Apparatus s?

There was not a single two star Immortal Apparatus left. The most famous one was Jun Tianlan's Four Great Sacred Feather Fan, and even Jiu Chongfeng's weapon was only a two star Immortal Apparatus.

There were no Immortal Master s in the entire Five Prefectures Realm and Immortal Apparatus were even rarer.

Most people only used low level Spirit Artifact, so when Zhao Xin took out one star Immortal Apparatus during the disciple test, Wei Qiwu and Mu Sa immediately agreed.

Do you hear me?

the referee asked again.

The two of them nodded.

Let's begin. The referee stepped back to the edge of the arena.

Countless disciples raised their attention to watch the battle between the seventeen arenas.

Jiu Chongfeng saw the situation in Stage Three and his face changed slightly: Wu Gang? I heard that Wu Gang's strength is almost invincible among his peers, and his dagger skills are extremely brutal.

When Ren Wan'er heard her father's words, her expression slightly changed. Looking at Zhao Xin who was in stage three, he couldn't help but start to worry.

His gaze returned to the arena.

Wu Gang's eyes turned sinister, he instantly exerted strength, and his figure turned into a shadow as he attacked Zhao Xin.

Zhao Xin's body sank, the Profound Qi beneath his feet stuck to the ground, and smashed down with his fist.

He raised his arm to block.


Zhao Xin was forced several meters back with both of his arms numb.


The flying kick swept towards Zhao Xin, who was kicked nearly ten metres away, almost falling off the side of the stage.

Fight back, useless trash.

Wu Gang laughed contemptuously: Jun Tianlan has promised to kill you, so just give me a one star Immortal Apparatus, your life is very valuable.

Killing you this easily is too boring. I want to ruthlessly trample you under my feet in front of Ren Wan'er.

With that said, Wu Gang's figure disappeared. In the next moment he appeared by Zhao Xin's side, his fist punched out horizontally, the wind created by his fist created a gust of wind, causing Zhao Xin's eardrums to ring out.




Zhao Xin was sent flying a few meters away with his face pale.

Looking at Zhao Xin who was being crushed

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