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Country and Beauty: Volume 5

Country and Beauty: Volume 5

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Country and Beauty: Volume 5

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Nov 8, 2019


While the mainland was about to fall and the world was about to be destroyed, Xie Fei's talent started to show up and got noticed. He got on the way of unifing the world. He resolved the crisis step by step in wars again and again, in which he fully demonstrated his military talent. From north to south, from territory to thought, he gradually unified the mainland. He was sought after by beauties. Plus his good reputation has been passed down through the ages.☆About the Author☆Cheng Zhi, an online novelist who is good at different kinds of fictions. Such as urban novels, oriental fantasy novels, and so on. He has written many novels. For example, ,. And is the most popular one.The biggest feature of Cheng Zhi's works is that his novels have grand structure and magnificent content.
Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019

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Country and Beauty - Cheng Zhi



A small fleet appeared in the Yangtze River. There were only six three-storey ships, but they were Five-Tooth Battleship s as well. And at the very center of the underground warehouse, was a boat of prisoners. Among them was imperial guards's traitor, Guo Changfeng. However, these people were now wearing heavy armor, and even those who did not have shackles were tied up into a full circle with leather ropes.

Among the prisoners, there was an old man whose appearance could be said to be extremely abnormal. Gu Dairen called him ugly not because he was ugly, but because he had an abnormal appearance. His face was black charcoal, his eyes were like beans, and his nose was big and eyes were small.

One of them who looked like a fat scholar said to the old man: Master, when we originally teamed up with Shi Le in Xie Fei's backyard, we were about to succeed. As long as we lost our peace of mind, Xie Fei's vitality would be greatly damaged. As long as the Lord wills it, there will be a lot of people who are loyal to the Lord. We can gather troops to occupy the two provinces, and with the soldiers of the two provinces, we can share our hope with the Hu outside the Forbidden Area. This way, Xie Fei will have no choice but to return and rest.

Cao Kuang laughed tragically: It's been too long, if Xie Fei did not make his stand, we might have had a chance, but now, what can I do, even if I am in their hands?

The thin scholar said, But we still have a large number of people at the periphery that are fine. Moreover, we still have the Young Lord. As long as the Young Lord does not die, those loyal to the Lord will definitely support him. In time, the Young Lord will definitely become magnanimous.

Cao Quang also sighed, in the end, they were still an organization that couldn't afford to see the light of day. What's the use of having money. This year. No soldiers, nothing. Having soldiers and no money, you can also rob others; having money and no soldiers. Then they could only wait to be robbed. Although they still had some power in the Jiangdong, but in the recent years, they had spent a large amount of money to do things, especially to buy back the power of the imperial guards, and secretly planted their own trusted aides in the Qin Army. Who would have thought that they would fail?

Forget it. Cao Kuang said: Sima Yan snatched me, Cao Wei and Jiang Shan, and now Xie Fei has also taken over Sima's disease's Jiang and mountains, this is simply retribution. , the butcher, will not leave any bloodlines for the Sima's disease. Although my Cao family is dead, at least our bloodline still exists, but for the Sima's disease, I am afraid that they will not even have a seed left.

The thin scholar felt his heart skip a beat. My lord, do you mean to surrender? But, Xie Fei will not let Sima's disease go, but will he let you go?

Hehe, I'm almost buried to the point where I can't move my neck. Even if Xie Fei doesn't kill me, I'll still have a few more days to live. Not only do we have to fight with the Sima's disease but we also have to be wary of that lunatic, Old Dog Zhuge. I don't understand why Zhuge Liang died indirectly at the hands of Sima Yi and didn't leave anything behind with my Cao family, but why did that old dog chase us down?

The skinny scholar said: Naturally, Zhuge Qingyun will not let us go, let go of the long-cherished wish of a hundred years ago, now that Old Zhuge's granddaughter is the Queen of Qin State, and Zhuge Mingyue's son is the eldest son of the Qin State, he has always lived a long life, in the future he will most likely become the emperor of the Great Qin. The Zhuge's is currently unparalleled, Zhuge Qingyun is the largest external enemy, he will not allow us to destroy the Qin State's foundation.

All the Ship's warehouse were silent.

Li Shan, who was standing on the bow of the ship, said excitedly, After tonight, we will be able to see the Emperor. I haven't seen the Emperor in four years, it's equivalent to the Emperor leading fifteen of us to attack hundreds of Huns directly, how fast is that. It's a pity, the Emperor's hands are too fast, I, Li Shan, haven't even made a move, and the Huns is already dead.

Xu Le couldn't help but feel disdain in his heart. I say, Old Li, those two brats of yours have to mean well too, no matter what North Palace General it is. It's still General Du, isn't that person someone who can take the head of the enemy generals within the army? It's fortunate that you've been staying in Haizhou all these years, otherwise, I would have gone to the Loyal Soul Garden to pay my respects to you. "

F * ck off. Li Shan scolded.

Xu Le smiled. Then he said to Li Shan, What kind of official do you think the emperor will reward me with? I heard that Master Meng is about to return to the capital to report on his duties and will not return to the Haizhou in the future. He is the most powerful official under Minister Wang."

Li Shan said: Little brat, I don't know who you are, but you have not borrowed much from the water army. Although you have not done much, nor have done much, at the very least, you should be a general from the ship, since there aren't many generals in the Qin Army's army.

After all, he had heard that General Fu Bo had bestowed Zhou Yang with the title of general. Xu Le laughed, I never thought that my Xu Family, which has been the water squid for generations, would actually be able to be a general.

Beautiful you.

However, Xu Le hadn't thought that there would actually be people aiming for them.

A small fishing boat appeared in the middle of the river. Such a boat had little attack power, at most capable of carrying a dozen or so people. Although it had been spotted by the water army from far away, Xu Le didn't pay it any heed.

There were more than ten black-clothed men among the fishing boat Ship's warehouse, and the one leading them looked extraordinary. His squarish face and sword-like eyebrows revealed a certain dignity in his eyes, as if he was born with it. This man was one of Zhuge Qingyun's most loyal subordinates, and also his adopted son, Ke Qian. Ke Qian said: Do you know which ship the target is on?

Young Master, according to the news, the target is the warship in the middle.

Ke Qian said: We only have one chance, regardless of success or failure, we must escape by jumping into the river, if we can survive, even if we are caught alive, we are not allowed to say a single word, if not, the entire family will be beheaded, if not, everyone's home will have to pay a thousand silvers, the family will have no worries for the future.

When the small fishing boat neared the ship in the middle by two hundred steps, Ke Qian said: Do it.

As he spoke, the dozen or so men, apart from the captain, all took out a thick cylinder. This cylinder was about one meter long and six inches in diameter. Even the Qin State did not manage to get hold of this item. To put it bluntly, this was a primitive rocket launcher, using the recoil from the gunpowder burning at the back, to shoot this tube out. At the same time, there was an explosion part in the front of the arrow, which could heavily injure the enemies.

This was Zhuge Qingyun's unique weapon that he had created after obtaining the secret formula and power of gunpowder from the Zhuge family members in the Institute of Martial Studies. His name was Zhuge Feihua. When Zhuge Qingyun found out that Cao Qong had actually surrendered to Xu Le, the servant hiding next to Cao Qong reported this matter to Zhuge Qingyun. Although the Zhuge's had helped Xie Fei a lot, they had secretly set up a lot of spies in the Qin State. These people could hide from the Qin Army, but it could not hide from Cao Qong.

After Ke Qian gave the order to attack, a dozen people, a dozen rockets, all went all out at the same time. With a low rumble, the dozen or so fire dragons flew directly towards the battleship.

Boom boom boom A dozen or so loud sounds were accompanied by a shocking explosion. The cabin, walls, battle lattice of the upper level of Five-Tooth Battleship, as well as the boat strings below were all ripped apart by the immense explosive force. The buildings above sunk into the sea of fire, and the Ship's warehouse below immediately entered the water.

On one hand, they were prisoners. Xie Fei had told Xu Le before that there were no more battleships left, they could be rebuilt, but the lives of the warriors had been lost, and they could not be found back. Hence, Xu Le ordered the other battleships to quickly rescue the warriors who had fallen into the water, but they did not have the time to care about the prisoners who were shackled.

After Ke Qian succeeded in his attack, he jumped into the surging river. Luckily, the flow of the river was not very fast in spring, so they swam towards the river bank with all their might. The furious Qin Army Water Army destroyed the small fishing boat, but it was useless.

Although Xu Le tried his best to rescue the ship, there were still more than a hundred sailors on the ship whose whereabouts were unknown. Now, after searching for half an hour, Xu Le also understood that although spring was not as cold as winter, in the river water of no more than ten degrees, the human body's heat would be sucked dry by the river water within an hour. Falling leaves always have to go back to their roots,

Although Xu Le also caught a few Death Soldiers, he didn't get any useful information. The Death Soldiers had all committed suicide by taking poison.

You mean, a dozen or so flying fire dragons strike the warship, and then sink the warship? After a day of sailing, when Xu Le saw Xie Fei, he told him in detail what had happened. Xie Fei was not concerned about Cao Qong's death, but was rather interested in Xu Le's Fire Dragon.

Xu Le knelt on the ground and respectfully replied, Reporting to your majesty, that is indeed the case, those ten or so fire dragons appeared from a small fishing boat about 200 steps away from our warship. The appearance of those dozen or so fire dragons was accompanied by a small explosion, much smaller than the explosion of our cannons, but they are not weak, we had already hit the target ship with our cannons during the exercise, and the situation is the same as well. Not only did the warship start a fire, the strings near the water were blown open a few times, and the river water instantly rushed into the warship, so we didn't have any time to react.

According to Xu Le's description, Xie Fei could conclude that they had encountered an attack from a rocket. However, as a teleporter, Xie Fei knew that although China was the origin of the rocket, the flame arrows that were tied to the arrows only appeared in the later stages of Song Dynasty, and the rockets there could only be used to help the arrows fly more. The specifics of the fire arrows that could be used to kill people were recorded in the Wu Bei Zhi Zhi Zhi book that was compiled by Mao Yuanyi in 1621 AD.

Xie Fei's doubts were growing, and his face was turning darker and darker.

Xu Le thought that Xie Fei was blaming him for his mistake because he lost a Battleship.

After a long while, Xie Fei shook her cute head. Only now did he realize that Xu Le was still kneeling and that he was still scared. Xie Fei said: General Xu, you've worked hard all this time, you can go and rest first.

Xu Le felt as if he had been granted amnesty, and he quickly left. The pressure that Xie Fei was giving him was just too much.

Xie Fei thought, if there really was a person who had transcended over, then that would truly be interesting. To defeat an ancient man who was left behind with a super ancient equipment, this was meaningless, hot weapons were his most favorite, who was this opponent?

Just as Xie Fei was thinking, he was interrupted, Reporting to Your Majesty, Chang An will definitely report this!


A human would never mature, and would slowly mature. Xie Fei had definitely been the emperor for more than a year, and even though the change wasn't too big, his skill at nurturing Qi was increasing. Xie Fei slowly turned his head and looked at the man kneeling on the ground. He was dressed in a red flying fish robe, with a phoenix blade by his waist and a crown on his head. If anyone had seen the movie imperial guards before, they would have definitely realized that the person in front of them was actually imperial guards Da Ming. However, this person was in a rather sorry state. Not only was he covered in dust, he also looked extremely exhausted. Xie Fei asked: What happened to Chang An?

imperial guards said: It was nothing unexpected for Changan, it was just that the hidden stake our imperial guards had placed outside the barrier was suddenly uprooted. 183 secret posts, over 1700 brothers had lost contact with the headquarters, and until now, no one knows if they are dead or alive, command Guo had sent people over to check outside the barrier a month ago, and over 10 of them broadcast like mud into the sea, there was no news at all, but Prime Minister Wang ordered this secret report to be delivered.

Xie Fei opened the secret report and read through it quickly. He frowned slightly. Then, Xie Fei's narrow and long single phoenix eyes gradually became blurry, as a look of deep thought appeared on his face. Zhangsun Yan stood behind Xie Fei with an anxious look on his face, but Xie Fei was obviously thinking about something, and did not dare to speak up to disturb him. After thinking for a moment, Xie Fei turned around and saw that Zhangsun Yan was looking at him anxiously. He could not help but smile and said lightly: "Those trash on the grassland are no longer willing to be lonely.

Zhangsun Yan looked surprised: Your majesty, most of the heterophylla s outside of the Forbidden Area have suffered from severe injuries, the Southern Huns have almost been completely wiped out, the total number of people in the east can only reach a hundred thousand, even if Murong Family Head tried his best, he could only bring out forty to fifty thousand, and if the central region was a little stronger, they can only gather seventy to eighty thousand men, and even if all of their people come together, it would only be a hundred thousand men, not to mention Chang An, even the ancestors and generals of the State can't be afraid of revenge from the Qin State?

Xie Fei shook his head, and handed the information in his hands to Zhangsun Yan, and said worriedly: "Although the Xianbei member is not a big concern right now, but don't forget, the power of the Huns is not just weak on the grassland, six years, the people of the Huai clan, the Qiang clan traitors, the Emperor of ten thousand years, even though in the end they were killed, the people of the clan also suffered great grievances, but in the last ten thousand years, the clan members have always been swaying left and right. They first sided with Liu Cong, then with, they have basically not been worried, but the strength of the Hun clan and I have not decreased.

At that time, Xie Fei had paid a price of close to one hundred thousand casualties to repel Murong Yu, and he himself was merely a Queue length. He was directly promoted to the position of Battalion Commander of the close guard camp, not because of his merits, but because at that time, less than eight hundred soldiers and horses of the close guard camp survived. There were two or three battalion leaders, eight or thirteen squadrons and twenty-one Company Leaders, and in the end, only himself survived.

Zhangsun Yan said: If Your Majesty has seven hundred thousand troops and horses, then Chang An's guards are too weak.

Xie Fei nodded his head, "Right now, Chang An has only left twelve guard battalions, with a total of one thousand five hundred people each, with only twelve thousand of them. Adding that to the two thousand people from the Imperial City, the imperial guards, and the five thousand people from the Luan Wei Fang, there are still no more than twenty thousand of them.

Xie Fei pondered for a moment, then immediately had his men send orders for Du Ceng, Chang Wei, Shi Yue 'Ba Teer' and other generals to come to the tent to discuss the matter.

After an hour, all the generals arrived at the main tent.

Xie Fei went straight to the point: Now, the Hu men are taking advantage of the emptiness behind me to try to invade from the south. I have ordered Qi Yu to lead his troops back to Bashu immediately to guard Chengdu to prevent West Qiang from taking any more chances in the future. If you allow a member of the Qiang Clan to step half a step into our Great Qin's territory, we will enforce martial law.

Ever since Qi Yu followed Xie Fei, he had never seen Xie Fei so strict. Qi Yu cupped his fists and said, Your Majesty, please be at ease. As long as Fifth Army Corps has 100,000 soldiers and one person, he will not let us let you lose an inch of land.

Xie Fei continued to speak, General Du, I now order your department to immediately end the matter of farming and transfer it to the Jingzhou's local government to properly manage the reclaimed land. Then, I order them to bring their food and weapons to Chen Cang and wait for orders.

Du Ceng had always been a person with a straightforward personality.

Xie Fei pointed to the map and said, This place is the northwest fortress, it was built during the Western Han Dynasty. Xie Fei pointed to the map and said, This place is the northwest fortress, it was built during the Western Han Dynasty, it was constructed during the Northern Pass. Xie Fei turned and said, "Ba Teer, your cavalry is fast,

Don't worry, Master. Ba Teer will not disappoint you. " Ba Teer did not care about Xie Fei's status, in short, he was his master. Although Xie Fei had officially abolished the slave system, Ba Teer remained the same.

Xie Fei then said to Chang Wei, I shall leave General Chang's Jingzhou to you. Furthermore, you will need to transfer twenty thousand of your men to head north.

Chang Wei's face was gloomy, Your Majesty, the Yangtze River defense line, even a fifty thousand strong army cannot guarantee success, furthermore there are only thirty thousand troops, I am afraid I am unable to resist the Jin Army's counterattack.

Xie Fei said in a serious tone: We would rather throw all the territories of the entire Jingzhou to Sima Chi than allow the other races to run rampant across China. Even if I am defeated or killed, I am still an indomitable descendant of the Yan Huang family."

Xie Fei then returned to Chang An.

By the time Sima Chi received the news, Xie Fei had already led the troops to Nanyang County.

Sima Chi secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and said to the Director Wang: Sometimes, we really don't know what kind of person Xie Fei is. He was like a complete madman, and was simply a butcher. Back then, during the battle at rami cordis, he massacred over a million members of the s, causing the most powerful Murong Tribe s to be unable to recover, and even killed over a million people in the battle at Liaodong. Shi Le was not any better, he was beaten up by Xie Fei during the battle at Jizhou, and just as he regained his footing, Xie Fei chased after him like a mad dog. He is ruthless to outsiders, he does not have the slightest bit of benevolence or benevolence to the Chinese. He is kind to the Chinese, but do you think those lowly commoners will treat him that well?

The Director Wang pondered for a moment and said, Your Majesty, maybe we can take this opportunity to take back your Jingzhou.

Sima Chi shook his head: If Xie Fei really left, that would be good news, but what if Xie Fei lured the enemy in again, what should we do? We can't lose again.

Just as Xie Fei was rushing towards Chang An, he connected with countless of yurts at the foot of the Yin Mountain. With gentleness as the main factor. The Northern Hun's people, the Xianbei member had all come to the Alliance.

The heterophylla on the prairie were originally a piece of loose sand. Under normal circumstances, they all had deep enmity with each other, and it was common for them to attack each other. However, under the circumstances where someone was trying to lead the way, they actually gathered these Hu people together and formed a great alliance.

Right now, the main forces of the Qin Army have already gathered at the edge of the Yangtze River, more than 2000 miles away from Chang'an. Chang An's defenses are useless, and we have already cleared out all of the nearby Qin State, so with the army heading south, it will take at most 15 days to arrive. Then, there will be people who can provide the army with siege machinery and food, and as long as everyone is willing to work together, it will take only three days to break through Chang An. Cheng Xia tried his best to persuade her.

Cheng Xia was also feeling depressed. Shi Le had actually lost, even that girl of his was still unknown whether she was dead or alive. Cheng Xia was getting anxious, but the elders in front of him were not moved at all. It was as if no matter what Cheng Xia said, they would just stay here everyday to drink and eat. Just don't talk about the South.

Ziche Lu looked at Cheng Xia like an idiot and said, Is Qin State that easy to fight? In the past, Xie Fei was only the ruler of a region, but he could actually defeat Mu Rong Zhan with the power of a province. More than two million troops were killed to the point of death by that Demon King Xie Fei. If the Qin State didn't attack us, we would have burnt incense on the spot. Even if Chang'an was able to defeat him, what could he do about it? The Qin State's army were along the Yangtze River, which was a long distance from Chang An, but if they anger that crazy Xie Fei, who would be able to fight their way to the grassland in a fit of rage, how could we defend ourselves? Use your head?

Although he was ridiculing Cheng Xia, he was indeed slapping the Murong Tribe's face. What could he do, the Murong Tribe now was no longer the Murong Tribe from back then, and in this gathering, the general of the Murong Family had given a lot of attention, not only had he sent out the elites of the younger generation, but he had also sent Murong Han out, and had brought fifty thousand fresh essence. In the prairie where the strong preys on the weak, a person's fist usually means his word. Murong Ke also understood, Murong Han also understood, they were weak now, and did not dare to refute Ziche Lu, nor could they find any reason to, because what he said was the truth.

At the moment, there was a man in a grey Han suit sitting in the corner of the tent. He looked like a hungry ghost as he ruthlessly gnawed on a lamb leg, and the tent was filled with chattering noises, as if he couldn't hear them, and just ate. Although this man was inconspicuous, no one dared to look down on him, because he was Pu Hong, the clan's chief, and he had brought along an army of one hundred and eighty thousand men.

Pu Hong used his sleeves to feel the oil on his mouth, then stood up and said: The Qin person is powerful, Xie Fei can definitely fight him, but even if we don't attack the Qin person, even if we don't attack Chang An, will Xie Fei let us go?

No, absolutely not. Qin State has a population of over ten million and its territory is very big, Xie Fei first fought two battles to the point of annihilating all the people in the east, then joined forces with the Huns to exterminate the Capricorn, and then exterminated the Huns. The Huns was once Xie Fei's ally, and he could even kill his ally, Xie Fei. Will he let us go? It's just that Xie Fei doesn't have the energy to deal with us right now, that's all. How do you say it in Chinese language?"

A fool's dream. Cheng Xia could not help but kiss Pu Hong a few times, these words were too timely.

Right, that's just wishful thinking. Pu Hong said: If Xie Fei has the time to recover his strength, he will definitely not even give us the grass we need to survive in, what will happen to our clansmen then? Did you starve to death?

Murong Ke took the chance and said: We low and fresh warriors are not afraid of death. If we let people starve to death like this, we might as well go and die fighting.

Cheng Xia said, General Murong needn't say such discouraging words, Qin Army doesn't have much power around Chang'an. They are already fighting in the Central Plains, so how can we miss the opportunity given to us by the gods?

It wasn't that they didn't want to fight Chang'an, it was just that they hadn't distributed the benefits to themselves yet. After a few days of discussion, in the end, Murong Tribe was the first in terms of low and fresh Murong Tribe, the second in terms of low and fresh Western Liaoning, the third in terms of soft and gentle, and the third in terms of land and river region.

Of course, Ziche Lu was the Alliance Master that did not give way to kindness. Pu Hong was the Vice Alliance Master, but Cheng Xia knew the Military Advisor. Murong Ke, Murong Han was the vanguard of the army.

The grand group of over seven hundred thousand prairie cavalry gathered at the foot of the Shadow Mountain, preparing to set off.

At this time, Zhuge Qingyun from Brazil also received news from the Grassland Alliance. Zhuge Qingyun said: Are you saying that Elder Cao Quang used the power that they have been working in for for for a hundred years to make this alliance?

That's right, although this is a deadly scheme by Zhang Bin, but Cheng Xia doesn't have enough power to move the Hu of the prairie, but Cao Quang has already secretly used his power to secretly communicate with Sima Chi, using him to pull Xie Fei back.

Zhuge Qingyun shouted in fury, What should we do? Mingyue and Eldest Prince are the ones who have risen to power in our Zhuge Family. No way, immediately call for all our people and our forces to go to Chang An to protect Mingyue and Eldest Prince. No matter what, we have to get them all out of the city.

Clan leader, the majority of our Zhuge Family's forces are in Ba Shu and the Central Plains. Chang An suffered a lot of losses after his previous great change in blood.

As a thinking Wang Meng, he realized that there was a huge conspiracy when the hidden pillars on the outside of the barrier were cleared by the imperial guards. When there was an abnormal movement of the Hu Army a month ago, Wang Meng guessed that their goal was Changan, Wang Meng had also made sufficient preparations, using the imperial guards's power to investigate the latest developments of the Hu as well as to actively prepare for battle. He ordered Changan, in the middle of the fortress, the Guard, after completing the spring planting, would immediately return to the cities and gather all the food and valuables in the villages around Changan at the same time.

Wang Meng sighed to himself. It would be great if we could transfer the 1st Legion and the Second Legion over here.


In fact, the Allied Grassland Army was faster than Wang Meng had imagined, and the twelve defensive city around Chang An had no effect at all. Murong Ke proposed to the Allied Commander-in-Chief Ziche Lu: The troops and horses in the Chang An Guards are too small, they can't play a role in holding back our troops. Since we have to guard the city, we have no way of dealing with them, and similarly, if we split one of them and surround them without attacking them, they wouldn't dare to leave the city to attack us. No one in the field can be a match for the seven hundred thousand Allied Grassland Army.

Wang Meng had already gathered the citizens of the surrounding villages and towns in the area of Chang'an into the Chang'an City. Currently, there were close to a million people in the Chang'an City, other than the 100,000 Guard that were just formed, there were still another 70 to 80 thousand people that could be pulled out of the Guard at any time. This was the advantage of numbers. Wang Meng stood on the tower of the Jingyang Sect and used his telescope to look at the Allied Grassland Army outside the city.

A dense crowd of people's heads moved as far as the eye could see. All kinds of flags were fluttering in the wind. There were totems of cattle, pigs, sheep, animals, as well as totems of tigers, leopards, wolves and beasts. Weapons and clothing were even more varied. Although there were seven hundred thousand enemies, Wang Meng didn't feel much pressure in his heart. Although the allied army had more people, there were disadvantages to everything they did. Not everyone of them was Han Xin, as the seven hundred thousand strong army having a unified command was a big problem. Wang Meng was confident that he could command more than a hundred or two hundred thousand people, but if there were too many of them, he would not be able to manage them. Besides, the allied army was only united for a short time. As the instinct of the human race, who would selflessly take the lead? Attacking a city, especially a strong one like Chang'an, would consume a lot of manpower.

However, there was really someone who could be impartial and take the lead. It could be said that Wang Meng was very familiar with the person at the front, and was Xie Fei's old rival, Murong Han. Murong Han was a true man of the prairie, the type who would always take revenge when there was enmity. Back then, Xie Fei's bloody slaughter had almost annihilated the entire Murong Fei. How could he not avenge such a deep grudge?

Murong Han took out his curved blade, and the bright sunlight shone onto Murong Han's body. A divine halo seemed to appear behind his head, as Murong Han waved the curved blade in his hand and said to the generals beside him, Warriors with low statuses, have you all forgotten the rami cordis's Blood Slaughter? Did you forget the people who died under the Dragon City and Phellodendron?

Surprisingly, the surrounding Xianbei member was completely silent. However, from their red eyes, one could see a strong killing intent and fighting spirit. Under Murong Han's attentive gaze, everyone was unconsciously grabbing onto the handle of their blades. Other than the sneezing sounds of the war horses, only the sound of breathing could be heard on the battlefield.

Murong Han gritted his teeth and said: It is the Qin who massacred our close to two million clansmen, how can we not avenge this sea of blood?


Kill the Qin.

Finally, thirty thousand Murong Tribe cavalry soldiers roared out in anger, their faces revealing a sinister look.

After Murong Han's order to attack the city, the Xianbei member began to move. Thousands of people jumped off their horses and rushed to the walls of the Chang'an City with ladders in their hands.

The nomadic peoples were not good at attacking cities, but the people of the Murong Tribe had rich experience in attacking cities, their strategy was simple, the riders would shoot at the sky from behind, to suppress the defending army on the city wall, and then use the walking apoplexy to carry the ladders up the city wall to participate in the close combat. After being defeated and retreating from the Liaodong, Mu Rong Jun and his army had taken over twenty cities in succession, all because of this simple method.

But was the city of Three Han still considered to be a city? The surrounding area of the city was only a few miles, while the city wall was only thirty feet high, which was about the same as the Central Plains' village. The moat in front of the Vermillion Bird Gate was over a hundred meters wide, which was about sixty-eight meters wide. This distance was a chasm that Murong Han was unable to cross. Many of the fresh soldiers placed the ladders across the moat, then formed a series of front bridges and began to attack the city walls.

At the same time, without even needing Wang Meng's order, the Qin soldiers who was guarding Zhang An used his crossbow to call over the enemies that were attacking the city. The Qin crossbow could be said to be a silly type of crossbow. As long as one aimed at the enemy, even those who didn't know how to shoot, they could learn how to shoot within a few minutes.

Arrows rained down like a violent storm on Murong Jun's shield. The shield made of ironwood was quickly filled with crossbow bolts. Of course, there were some soldiers who weren't so lucky to be shot to death by those crossbow arrows.

At the same time, the Murong cavalrymen behind them started to move their warhorses, charging forward while firing arrows at the defenders on the city walls. Both sides suffered mutual casualties.

After a day of fierce fighting, the Allied Grassland Army had left more than ten thousand corpses behind, and innumerable casualties. The Qin Army who had been guarding Zhang An had also lost more than two thousand people.

However, on the afternoon of the third day after the departure, they were completely exhausted. The weather in May was extremely hot, especially for the soldiers who were rushing, which made the army even more exhausted, especially many of the soldiers whose crotches had been scuffed so badly by the saddle.

When Xie Fei led his troops into the Sublime Bull Mountain Range, Xie Fei ordered the troops to slow down. Xie Fei ordered all the soldiers to only travel about two hundred Li per day, leaving them to rest.

Jia Shun saw that Xie Fei had slowed down his pace, and became a little anxious, Your Majesty, if we march like this, we will travel for at least five more days than planned. When that happens, I'm afraid Chang An will fall?

Xie Fei revealed a strange expression that no one noticed. Then, he suddenly asked, Old Jia, are you worried about Changan, or are you worried about General Luan Wei?

Ah? Oh! This lowly general … This lowly one is worried … Jia Shun mumbled for a long time without being able to say anything.

Xie Fei sighed again, No matter how fast you are, even if we reach Chang An now, we still wouldn't be able to solve the problem.

had already reacted, knowing that Xie Fei was just teasing him. Xie Fei said: The enemy has seven hundred thousand cavalrymen, we are not gods, so we can use these thirty thousand cavalrymen to rashly attack the enemy's camp, and might not be able to return. We are not willing to take the risk, we can only use our greatest strength at the most critical moment.

When the army moves, the food is the most important. The amount of food consumed by the 700,000 strong army is also a huge figure. Could it be that the emperor is preparing to explore the enemy's location and use our cavalry to raid their grain depot? Burn their food? " Shi Yue spoke up at this moment.

Xie Fei shook his head: "As far as I know, the enemy's seven hundred thousand strong army does not have any food at all.

There is no food supply. Then what do they eat?" Jia Shun said in shock.

Xie Fei said: "Everyone, you are no match for me.

This time, the enemy army travelled from the Wei River in the east to the Yellow River in the west, creating a new land thousands of miles long and wide area. All of them were raided by the Allied Grassland Army, gathering the citizens there, first killing the weak and old, then turning them into dried meat. The allied army called these Han people two-legged sheep, which was also the food of their seven hundred thousand strong army. As for the young and strong males, they were even worse off as they were driven around like sheep and cattle by the Coalition Soldiers. As for the females, they were provided to the soldiers for adultery at night, if they tortured themselves to death, they would also become jerky, said Xie Fei as he clenched his fists so tightly that his joints turned white. Xie Fei continued: So what if we burned the food? These beasts are not as strong as us, they simply do not eat the food, but eat humans."

Ba Teer was speechless for a long time. He had always loved to kill prisoners during wars with the Western Regions, but when he heard that the Alliance Army could eat people, he was so frightened that his face turned pale. Even though Ba Teer was ruthless, how could he be angry at this point? Ba Teer said word by word, "Truly inhumane.

Xie Fei said to Ba Teer. Do you know about the wolves on the grassland?

Ba Teer replied, I know. Wolves are fierce and cunning, and sometimes cunning tigers are also afraid of them.

Xie Fei said: "Right now, we are just going to turn into wolves. We will hide in the shadows and wait for the right opportunity to make our move, as long as we attack a few times consecutively, we will completely prevent the allied army from being able to concentrate on attacking the city. I just want to let those people who dared to go against me, Xie Fei, know that.

Early the next morning, the Allied Grassland Army set up twelve assault teams at the 12 gates of the city. Unlike yesterday, the Allied Grassland Army's army had actually used a large number of siege weapons, including arrow towers, catapults, and city hammer. The weapons of the Qin State were all standard equipment, it could be said that no matter which city it was, the defensive items would all be the same, but they were somewhat different. He could see that the siege equipment below the city was not the Qin State's equipment. In other words, this was not captured by the allied forces from the conquered city, nor was it captured. Furthermore, the nomadic peoples on the prairie did not know how to manufacture it, which meant that there was definitely someone secretly supporting them.

Allied Grassland Army shouted as he swarmed forward like a swarm of bees. In front of him was a gigantic wooden shield, and as the gigantic wooden shield slowly moved forward, it was helpless against the gigantic wooden shield and Qin Army's crossbow. What was even more terrifying was the hundreds of throwing machines in the Alliance Army. Although Qin Army's firing range was much longer and the throwing machines were also a bit farther than the Alliance Army's throwing machines, they still could not withstand the fierce bombardment of the throwing machines.

Huge basin-like rocks flew in the air, causing unavoidable casualties in Qin Army. In front of those boulders that weighed more than a hundred kilograms, the Ming Guangkai Armor Qin Army relied on to protect his life was like paper, couldn't even take a single blow.

Wang Meng was helpless. If the allied army were to occupy the city walls, their advantage would no longer exist. Wang Meng could only order his soldiers to fight to the death without retreating. Just then, the bed crossbow s arranged on the walls of the Qin Army began to display their might. The bed crossbow s were powerful, the huge arrows were like a snake spear, their range was also far, the bed crossbow arrows that Qin Army had shot down were like rain, blood immediately blossomed, it was hard to estimate how many people the allied army had lost. However, the allied army had seven hundred thousand people. It was impossible for the allied army to stop in its tracks with such little casualties.

Finally, after paying a huge price for their deaths, the allied army climbed up the walls of the Chang'an City.

Behind the Rushing City Army, there were thousands of archers shooting arrows at the city walls. Although the effect of their arrows was not perfect, it still caused some casualties for the Qin Army.

At this moment, the city wall was like a giant meat grinder opening its bloody mouth, instantly devouring the lives of the soldiers from both sides.


nomadic peoples was born with a valiant disposition, and had an extremely strong field combat ability, but they were not good at attacking. Although the Huns traversed the northern part of China for a thousand years, the number of cities they broke through could be counted on one hand. Great cities like the Luoyang and Chang An didn't even have one. Historically, when Yong Jia was in a mess, the Huns had attacked the Luoyang and burned the Luoyang into a pile of ashes. That was because the more afraid the Eastern Ocean Wang Sima became of Liu Yuan's army, the more he fled without fighting. A hundred thousand Jin Army were all killed by Shi Le's twenty thousand riders in Xiang City. Then, Wang Mi, Liu Yao and Huai Di Sima Chi attacked the Luoyang. At that time, Huai Di, Sima Chi, was about to disguise himself and run away, but he was actually robbed by the people in the Luoyang City. When the Emperor was robbed by the people in the capital city, Sima Chi was definitely one of a kind. At that time, the Luoyang wouldn't even be able to maintain security, how would they be able to resist the enemy? Later on, the Huns occupied Chang'an. It was Sima Xian who left the city and surrendered.

Wang Meng carefully analyzed the situation and came up with a plan. Although the allied army had over seven hundred thousand soldiers, it was not impossible to attack the governor. Rather, it was extremely difficult to do so. Chang'an City was 9800 steps long, 8900 steps wide, each step was 6 feet long, and the circumference of the Chang'an City was more than 50 kilometers. Although the Chang'an City had such a large range, it was still suitable for attacking sixteen locations. Every place was 300 to 800 steps wide, and every place had a maximum of three to five thousand people rushing up. Although the allied army had more than seven hundred thousand people, when they attacked the city, they could only invest a maximum of fifty to eighty thousand people each time.

Qin Army is good at attacking cities, but also at defending cities. It could be said that they had no chance of winning against the Qin Army's weapons. Although it would take a month or two to destroy the Chang'an City wall, the ladders were even more pitiful. The Qin Army had his fire oil, as long as he poured some oil on it and threw a torch and ignited a huge fire, the Allied Soldiers could only watch on the fire and sigh. But Wang Meng could not do that. He knew that when the war in the nomadic peoples went smoothly, they would all swarm over, and without any preparation, they would just run away.

Wang Meng said to Beigong Chun, Command all city gate guards to refrain from using artillery as a last resort, including incendiary bombs and Heaven Bombing grenade, to leave a corner of the city for the allied army. If necessary, leave half of the city for the allied army. But the inner city must not be given an inch of land."

What? Beigong Chun's eyes opened wider than an ox. Traditionally, defending the city has always been able to let the enemy enter the city, but once they do, whether they could defend it or not will become a big problem. Have you guys ever seen a defensive method like this?

However, what surprised Beigong Chun was that, the moment Wang Meng finished speaking, although the generals were filled with doubts, they did not ask about it. The military discipline in the Qin Army was strict and strict, and it had always been prohibited. If you want to break the military discipline, you have to see if your brain is strong enough.

Although Beigong Chun was a straightforward person, he still knew that Wang Meng had always been highly regarded by Xie Fei. Beigong Chun went back to supervise the battle. Beigong Chun saw that the others had left, and then said to Wang Meng: Prime Minister, the Chang'an City is not an ordinary city, there are not only the officials of the civil and military alike, there are also the Empress and the various empresses. If the allied army were to use this as a foundation to attack the city, would we be able to hold on?

Wang Meng said: I have calculated before, Changan has two hundred and fifty-six sentry posts, each of them containing four hundred Zhuge crossbow. Within two hundred steps, the broken armor of the allied forces simply cannot withstand the attack of the crossbow, let alone leaving them with the corners of the city, even if we give them the entire city, we can still rely on the inner city to defend them. As long as the enemy breaks through the sentry post, the fire dragoncar will be used to drive the enemy out.

fire dragoncar Beigong Chun knew that this was the latest weapon developed by the Institute of Martial Studies, it was lighter than a cannonball, and its duration was even stronger. As long as the fire dragoncar was ignited, it could shoot out a fire dragon with a length of 10 meters. Xie Fei did not know about this weapon, because this was something that Xie Fei had developed after he left for battle. If Xie Fei knew about this, he would definitely be shocked. It was just that the technicians of the Institute of Martial Studies were more than three hundred years ahead of Galienkos' invention of the Greek fire. The fire dragoncar used a copper cylinder, and then used a lever to pressure the inside of the copper cylinder. Under the pressure, the fire oil could shoot out ten meters.

Even if we can hold on, why should we do so? Beigong Chun asked in confusion.

Wang Meng chuckled lightly: North Palace General should be harming the northern lands, according to the historical trend, as long as the Central Yuan Dynasty is weakened, they will invade south, and as long as they are submissive, they will bow down to their superiors. This is true for the Huns, and it is also true for the Xianbei member, now, not only are there Xianbei member outside the city, even the gentle people from the northern seas (both Lake Berga today) have come, they were originally the cause of our Great Qin's uneasiness, according to Your Majesty's orders, we should exterminate them. If they don't come, my Qin Army won't be able to travel thousands of miles. It has to be said that during this long journey, the supply of food is a big problem, if they don't come, we can't do anything to them, but they did. I'm going to leave them here. Wang Meng's eyes flashed with a bright light.

Beigong Chun was startled, and felt that Wang Meng had gone crazy. Chang An originally only had twelve thousand troops, plus two thousand guards, two thousand guards, five thousand Luan Guard, it was more than twenty thousand people. Even with the Second Army's eight thousand Heavy Infantry soldiers, it was still less than thirty thousand troops. However, Beigong Chun knew that these hundred thousand Guard s did not have much combat power. It was fine to have them defend the city. It might be possible for them to use one hundred and thirty thousand troops to defeat seven hundred thousand Allied Grassland Army, but it would be impossible to annihilate all of them. At this time, Beigong Chun finally said with a dumbstruck expression: What did you say, I didn't hear wrongly did I? My great prime minister Wang, you actually dare to think about it!

Wang Meng smiled, but didn't seem surprised. He spread out a map of Chang'an and said to Bei Gonggong, Chang'an has always had eight rivers surrounding Chang'an since ancient times. Now look at it. Although Chang'an is convenient for transportation, in total, there are no more than eight main roads and five side roads. There are a total of thirteen roads that lead in every direction. As he spoke, Wang Meng picked up his pen and drew a circle in the county, Jianyang, and Lan Tian. He then turned to Bei Gong and asked, General Bei, do you understand now?

Wang Meng continued, We have 426 cannons, and the allied army's few hundred catapults are simply not enough. Moreover, we still have 135 fire dragoncar s and 10 airships, so it's not a problem for us to defend Chang An. If I don't want the allied army to take half a step closer to the Chang'an City's wall, they definitely won't fight to the death here. Right now, we only have space to exchange time.

Beigong Chun had yet to recover from his shock. Seeing Beigong Chun's blank look, Wang Meng didn't know whether he wanted to cry or laugh. Wang Meng said: North Palace General, you know how to fish right? You must bathe when you're fishing, right?

Beigong Chun nodded his head: What does that have to do with the Chang'an City!

Wang Meng laughed, North Palace General still doesn't understand. This Chang'an City is just like bait, we want to catch a big fish like the seven hundred thousand strong allied army of the prairie.

Beigong Chun frowned and objected, Chang An is the capital of our Great Qin, not to mention the empress and the First Prince, if Chang An is lost, it won't be a shock to the heavens, but it would be a shock to the earth. We had originally obtained the of the He Province, but the hearts of the people there have yet to go to them, if Chang An loses, the Qin State would be finished. Prime Minister Wang, if that's the case, even if the emperor wants to protect you, you'll be torn apart by the angry soldiers.

Wang Meng firmly said, I guarantee that Chang An won't lose anything.

It's fine if you don't want to hear it, but Beigong Chun would be angry if he said it. If the Chang'an City is broken, you, Wang Meng, will be the first to be beheaded. "

Beigong Chun was like an angry bull as he walked around the hall. Beigong Chun thought for a long time, but still smashed his fist on Wang Meng's desk. I don't agree, even if I die, Allied Soldiers won't be able to climb the city wall even half a step, anything can help you, but this method is too risky. If worst comes to worse, when my Qin State recovers back to normal, I, Beigong Chun, will personally lead a army and cut these bastards down. Now is not the time. These words were not said at all, but were actually shouted by Beigong Chun.

At this moment, life became exceptionally fragile. Almost every flash of a blade could take away a person's life. The slabs of rock fell one after another. Allied Soldiers who were climbing up the ladder fell down like dumplings. Screams resounded above the battlefield, but it did not affect the charge of the Allied Soldiers.

The crowded city walls and narrow space were densely packed with both sides' warriors. At this moment, no matter how profound one's martial arts was, it was futile. There was simply no room for escape. They could only try their best to swing their weapons at their enemies or watch as their weapons were thrust into their chests. Survival or death. They had completely forgotten the meaning of life. They wanted to kill, they wanted to kill, they wanted to fight without any defense. They wanted to use their bodies to meet the enemy's weapon. They wanted to exchange their deaths for the enemy's life.

The siege wars were extremely brutal, especially the ones with cold, primordial weapons. This was only a contest of courage, a clash of courage. One Inch City Wall, One Inch Blood.

The advantage of Qin Army was their excellent equipment. Each of them carried a set of Ming Guangkai s, a blade in their hand, and a monster wrapped in steel. Furthermore, the Qin Army was strict and disciplined, with neither going forward nor going backwards. On the other hand, Allied Grassland Army had a large number of people and they had been through many battles. The two armies were at a stalemate, and it was difficult to determine the victor in a short period of time. An hour had passed, and there was no clear victor. Two hours had passed, but there was still no clear victor. Four hours had passed, and the battle was still going on!

Layer after layer of corpses piled up on the ground, and blood was flowing out! At this moment, the city walls were covered in a layer of blood, and its original color could not be seen. What was even more shocking was that the blood on the wall was almost gone. If one were to look from the sky, this was a scene of a bitter war with red as the base.

General. We can't go on like this. We have artillery. Hurry up and blast his mother with cannons. We have Heaven Bombing grenade, why don't we use them, we just have to let our brothers continue bleeding! A one-foot long cut was made on the chest of a soldier, exposing his ghastly white bone stubble. It was a truly terrifying sight. He was not afraid of letting the guards bandage him, since he was staring at the Tong Ling boat with his big eyes while questioning the Anmen Academy Officer He Liusheng, There's no need to leave the cannons, what's the use!? Waiting for the next baby!


An Mun Academy Officer watched the intense battle with moist eyes. It was as if there was something stuffed in his throat, making it difficult for him to breathe. These Guard who had not gone through much training fought with much tenacity, and did not need to give way much to the elite troops of the regular army of the Qin Army. For He Liusheng to be able to do it, he definitely had to rely on his military merits to accumulate all the military power of the An Mun Academy Officer. The number of enemies that died at his hands didn't even reach a hundred, it was at least eighty. At this moment, his face was so red that blood was about to seep out.

He Liusheng frowned, anger rising in his heart. But as a general of the Qin Army, he understood that he had to do it. No matter what decision his boss made, he had to carry it out thoroughly.

He Liusheng said: There's no artillery but you f * cking do it, there's no artillery, and you don't know how to fight. It's only just started, and you can't even take it anymore, what do we do after the ammunition is used up? Or would he just surrender and stop fighting? If you f * cking dare to say anything more, I'll kill you.

He Liusheng seemed to understand now. What to do if they were all finished? That's right, it must be so, the cannons are too expensive, it must be so! He Liusheng bellowed: If you're a man that can stand up, then come with me.

Ziche Lu watched as Allied Soldiers climbed up the city walls and was shot down like a hedgehog by the Qin Army, or was chased down like a duck by the Qin Army. He shook his head, feeling distressed. The Qin Army is really hard to fight … He frowned. Generally speaking, the Chinese are very weak, as long as they light up their scimitar and draw the arrow with their bow, the Chinese will surrender. Generally speaking, as long as they climbed the city walls, they would be able to drive the Chinese out of the city. However, there had been no progress so far. He couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Cheng Xia said: "Esteemed khan, after fighting for an entire day, the soldiers have

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