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Supreme Emperor: Volume 5

Supreme Emperor: Volume 5

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Supreme Emperor: Volume 5

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Nov 13, 2019


A young man named Qin Feng, who was the ninth son of Dragon Emperor in the previous life, was attacked by his brother in a war, and his army was overwhelmed. Not only that, even his family was killed by his brother and his beloved woman was token away. Unwilling to die like this, he practiced for a full 10,000 years, and finally practiced his martial arts. In this life, he must return to the peak and revenge ten times.☆About the Author☆Dengxia Wuyu is a well-known online novelist. He has rich creative experience, strong writing ability, and has authored many novels. Among his representative works are: , . His novels are loved for deeply describeing the characters.
Lançado em:
Nov 13, 2019

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Supreme Emperor - Deng XiaWuYu



Woosh ~ ~ ~

Sword light flashed like lightning, and time seemed to come to a standstill.

The Sword Qi suddenly erupted, as though it was overturning rivers and seas, and completely shattered Qin Feng's body.

If not for Bai Yu's guidance, why would Mei Heng spend two billion to buy the Nine Ghost Flag?

including when Mei Heng saw Qin Feng's reaction in the box, it was all just an act. It was all orchestrated by Bai Yu.

In this game, Qin Feng made a mistake, he looked down on Bai Yu too much.

Of course, Qin Feng did not understand Bai Yu, he did not expect him to be an incomparably cautious and scheming person.

Bai Yu, you are indeed shrewd, but it's a pity that you are still too confident.

A bloody storm was formed in the air.

Qin Feng's laughter came from within the storm as his body quickly condensed.

Immortal body?

Bai Yu's face changed slightly.

He had already researched Qin Feng and knew that the other party's body wouldn't die.

It was just that this Immortal Body was too mystical and too unbelievable, so Bai Yu did not dare to believe in the information.

However, the scene in front of him made him have no choice but to accept reality.

I had expected you to have such a move, but unfortunately, you took me for granted.

Bai Yu laughed coldly, as though he had already prepared for this.


With a wave of his sleeve, a blood-red dust cloud suddenly scattered toward Qin Feng.

This blood colored dust was called Blood Refinement Powder, it was the special secret weapon of the Blood Refinement Sect.

Once it was stained with blood, it would turn into a raging fire and burn the body of the enemy to ashes.

The immortal body relied on vital energy and blood to be reborn. If there was not a single drop of blood essence left, it would be impossible to create a body out of nothing.

Bai Yu was fully prepared, and could even be said to have calculated everything.


The sanguinary storm was quickly set ablaze, as if it were boiling oil.

This scene was something that Qin Feng had not expected.

Bai Yu's scheming, had already far surpassed his imagination.

Qin Feng, you killed two of my companions. Making you lose your life is already considered letting you off easily.

Looking at the great flames that filled the sky, Bai Yu was expressionless.

Kill me? I'm afraid you're too confident in yourself.

However, from within the sanguinary storm came Qin Feng's cold laughter.


After that, an even more intense and vigorous red flame came out from the storm.

This crimson flame was extremely scorching, comparable to the scorching sun in the sky.

The appearance of this flame, however, had actually refined the poisonous flame from the Blood Refinement Powder. This was truly an eye-opener.

sun fire?

Bai Yu's heart tensed up, and his face changed.

Very quickly, the Blood Fire Storm shrank into a ball and transformed into Qin Feng's main body.

And in Qin Feng's hands, there was another object, a flaming fan.

Is this the Old Monarch Fan?

Bai Yu gasped.

When he accepted this mission, he already knew what Young Master of the Seven Nights's assets included.

Not only was it the five billion crystal stone s, there were also various treasures, pill s, and the extremely important Demonic King secret imperial edict s.

If not for this, Bai Yu would not have been attracted by the Nine Ghost Flag.

Only, he had calculated everything in a million ways and missed out one point, and that was Qin Feng's ability to get what he wanted.

Most people would need a very long time to get used to a magic treasure.

However, Qin Feng was different. In his previous life, he had seen too many treasures and all kinds of treasures. Even if it was two treasure s, they were not rare.

The Old Monarch Fan was not some strange treasure, so Qin Feng could naturally do whatever he wanted with it.

Bai Yu, you are very smart, but unfortunately your situation is too small, your scope of knowledge is too low, and you chose to become a Homo sapiens that people despise.

Qin Feng landed on the ground and looked at the other party calmly.

I don't need to help you teach me.

Bai Yu's efforts failed, and he became angry from embarrassment, as he thrusted his sword forward.

Your talent isn't bad, and your brain is also bright. How about you follow me?

Qin Feng laughed, and suddenly waved the Old Monarch Fan in his hand.


The sun fire whizzed out, turned into a fire dragon, and pounced towards the approaching Bai Yu.


Bai Yu's body shook, and actually transformed into a white light, attaching onto the long sword, instantly splitting apart the flames, and rushing towards Qin Feng.

One with the sword?

Qin Feng was slightly shocked.

In order to reach the level of 'one with the sword', one had to first cultivate to the Immortal Soul stage.

The primordial spirit is formless, the body is corporeal, only the primordial spirit can merge with the magic treasure, and the body cannot.

But at this time, Bai Yu cultivated in some kind of Arcane Art, which actually transformed into a streak of white light, and formed a part of the magic treasure.

One with the sword, his power multiplied.

Facing this sword strike, Qin Feng had the illusion of facing a Instant Death Domain.

In this instant, Bai Yu had already reached Bi Haoyun's level.

five elements in the sky!

Qin Feng did not dare to be negligent, and the Ancestral Dragon Symbol flew out abruptly.

Roar …

A deafening dragon roar came from between the heaven and earth. The entire Mei Jia Village was on the verge of collapse.

That extreme sword strike stabbed at the Ancestral Dragon Symbol, instantly causing five streaks of light to flash out explosively.

In the void, thunder and lightning roared, and true essence exploded in all directions.

Thump, thump, thump …

Qin Feng consecutively retreated seven or eight steps, and ruthlessly crashed into a large tree.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his momentum decreased by quite a bit.

However, Bai Yu was in an even more miserable state than him. His entire body was sent flying backwards, rolling and crawling, as he slid on the ground more than thirty meters away.

Although Qin Feng had achieved this bit of success, it was not something that Bai Yu could break through. After all, the [Five Elements Great Luo] was one of the top Arcane Art s in the Dragon Clan.

This time around, it could be said to be the strongest battle between spears and shields.

If you have Bi Haoyun's cultivation, the person who died today would be me.

Qin Feng wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth.

He did not know why, but he did not hate Bai Yu that much.

This person's potential and scheming was one in a million.

Qin Feng walked in front of Bai Yu and pressed the pike between his eyebrows, Are you convinced?

Haha … How ironic, I, Bai Yu, have dominated Mo Bei for many years, but to think that I would fall at your hands. If you want to kill us, kill us.

Bai Yu sneered coldly.

It would be a pity to kill you. From now on, it will be of use to me.

Qin Feng laughed.

He stared at Qin Feng and said coldly: I, Bai Yu, will only work for myself, I won't work for anyone.

It's not up to you.

As he spoke, Qin Feng flicked his finger, and a strand of unusual light shot into the center of Bai Yu's brows.

The seed of the Puppet was instantly planted within Bai Yu's brain region.


In Bai Yu's sea of consciousness, a huge surge of spiritual force dispersed and the Puppet seed sprouted.

After a struggle, Bai Yu finally calmed down.

Almost half of Qin Feng's sea of consciousness had been squeezed dry.

However, Bai Yu also had an obvious weakness.

Bai Yu was a wandering rogue cultivator who had no one to rely on, no cultivation resources, and no one to guide him.

With Bai Yu's current condition, he might not even be able to cultivate to a primordial spirit in his entire lifetime.

But it was different now, Qin Feng had subdued him, and Bai Yu could be considered as a person of the Emperor Xuan Sect, his weakness would be fixed.

Furthermore, with Qin Feng teaching him, his chances of entering the Primordial Spirit Stage had greatly increased.

Although Qin Feng's methods were rough when he directly planted the Puppet's Seeds, it was still a good thing for Bai Yu.

Bai Yu, you have a sword heart, I cannot forever restrict you, as that will only affect your sword cultivation. But now, you must behave and become my Puppet. In the future, when you show your loyalty, I will consider restoring your freedom.

An enormous thought started to resonate in Bai Yu's mind.

Bai Yu's gaze changed, he immediately knelt down, and said, I will follow Master's arrangements.

Alright, get up.

Qin Feng nodded with a smile and casually waved his hand.

Bai Yu stood up, stood behind Qin Feng, and looked coldly at him.

You … How could this be?

Mei Heng was completely shocked.

The expert that he had invited, had actually been subdued by Qin Feng and turned into his subordinate. This kind of method was simply unheard-of.

Young Master Mei, didn't you want to teach me a lesson?

Qin Feng held his hands behind his back, with a face full of playfulness, he walked towards the other side step by step.

Don't... Don't come over here …"

Mei Heng took two steps back and fell on his butt.

Just now, he had seen the battle between Qin Feng and Su Yun, he was extremely clear about the strength of the two, and he did not dare underestimate them.

If Qin Feng wanted to kill him, he could just make a move with his fingers.

Don't kill me... I'll give you money …"

Mei Heng trembled from head to toe, his crotch feeling warm and emitting steam.

This guy was actually scared to the point of peeing.

Give me money, right? That's what you said, five billion!

Qin Feng did not even bat an eyelid.

Five billion?

Mei Heng almost fainted.

Isn't your Mei Jia Village rich? Just a random Treasure Auction would be able to bring down two billion, and with such a large sum of money, it would be too much for you to take five billion for a life, right?

Qin Feng laughed coldly.

I... I can't take out that much.

Mei Heng said with a sullen face.

How about I kowtow to you a few times? Can you reduce it a little? Three billion?

Mei Heng immediately laid on the ground and prepared to kowtow.

Wait … You're quite smart. You want to cancel out 2 billion with just a few kowtows?

Qin Feng's face changed.

Mei Heng smiled bitterly: Isn't this a man with gold under his knees? I really do not have that much. Even if I were to die, if I were to kill my father, I would not be able to take that much out.

Master, I've been in the Mei Jia Village for a few days, they really can't take out that many crystal stone.

At this time, Bai Yu took the initiative to speak.

Bai Yu was extremely familiar with the Mei Jia Village, and furthermore, he had talked about the trade with Mei Heng. If he was able to kill Qin Feng, Mei Heng would be willing to offer a billion crystal stone as compensation.

The sky-high price of two billion that was shouted out by the Treasure Auction was actually Mei Heng speaking nonsense.

Forget it, 3 billion then.

Qin Feng nodded.

He still had five billion on him, and with three billion on him, he had eight billion worth of assets. He wouldn't be able to spend them all in a short period of time.

Thank you, Lord Qin, for not killing me.

Mei Heng hurriedly kowtowed a few times.

An hour later, he obediently delivered the three billion crystal stone into Qin Feng's hands.

Three billion crystal stone to buy a lesson, in the future don't go around bullying people.

Qin Feng left a word of advice, then left with Bai Yu.

Blue Snow Restaurant.

Bai Yu, tell me honestly, did Blood Refinement Sect send you to kill me?

In a secret room, Qin Feng interrogated Bai Yu.

Indeed, the Blood Refinement Sect is already a Monster stronghold, he is just wearing her outer robes.

Bai Yu answered truthfully.

Who is the true master of the Blood Refinement Sect? Just how many Demon Clan s are there?

Qin Feng continued to ask.

The master behind the Blood Refinement Sect is called 'Mr. Ghost'. She is a nine hundred year old cultivation's' Quasi-demon king ', and is extremely powerful.

Bai Yu said straightforwardly.

Quasi-demon king?

Qin Feng thought.

In the Demon Clan, when one reached 900 years old, they would be called Quasi-demon king, and would be considered to be the equivalent of a candidate to become a Demonic King.

The strength of the Quasi-demon king was close to that of a ninth stage true qi warrior, it was even stronger than Bi Haoyun.

In a one on one battle, Qin Feng was bound to lose without a doubt.

Other than Mr. Ghost, there are also seven or eight greater demons and hundreds of lesser demons.

Bai Yu continued to lecture.

Seven or eight more Diremonsters? It really is a bit tricky.

Qin Feng muttered to himself.

That is to say, in the Blood Refinement Sect, there are still seven or eight people whose strength is about the same as the Young Master of the Seven Nights's.

No wonder a huge Blood Refinement Sect like him is controlled by it.

Qin Feng rubbed his chin and sighed.

Blood Refinement Sect was considered a second rate sect. There were thousands of disciples in the sect and there were more than ten Jindan Stage Elders.

A sect of such a scale had actually become a Puppet of the Demon Clan.

As far as I know, although Blood Refining Ancestor is also a figure in the mortal realm of tribulations, his strength still can't compare to mine. However, we still have a chance.

Bai Yu seemed to have his own thoughts.

You are more familiar with the Blood Refinement Sect, what plans do you have?

Qin Feng asked.

Bai Yu was extremely shrewd and cunning, he was willing to listen to his suggestions.

Even though the Blood Refinement Sect is captured, the Blood Refining Ancestor isn't willing to give up. If we join forces with him and use the Blood Refinement Sect's own strength, we might be able to eliminate the Mr. Ghost.

Bai Yu suggested.

Although this idea is not bad, can you persuade the Blood Refining Ancestor?

This was also the question that Qin Feng was most concerned about.

The Blood Refining Ancestor had the intention to rebel when they were living under someone else's roof. However, whether they could succeed or not, that was very important.

If it was successful, the Blood Refining Ancestor would naturally be more than willing to do so.

But if he failed, Blood Refining Ancestor would be the first one to die, and the entire Blood Refinement Sect would be purged.

The key now was whether the Blood Refining Ancestor had the guts to do so.

Or perhaps, it could be said that Qin Feng had no idea how to convince the other party.


There is one thing I have to admit, Blood Refining Ancestor is very timid.

Bai Yu shook his head and sighed.

Cowardly? That's not easy to do."

You mean, we can help him get through this?

Qin Feng asked.

If this is a condition, perhaps he will be moved.

Bai Yu nodded.

What kind of Cultivation Method is that? How can I help him?

Qin Feng was extremely curious.

I'm not too sure about the specifics of the Cultivation Method either. I only met Blood Refining Ancestor a few times. As for how to help him, it's actually not difficult. He needs a miraculous medicine called the 'blood arhat'.

Bai Yu explained.

blood arhat? Alright, I will go and ask the Second Leader. Maybe he can help me get it."

Qin Feng nodded slightly.

Immediately, he found the Second Leader and told him about his needs.

With the resources of the Blue Snow Restaurant, it would not be difficult to get ahold of this blood arhat.

Mr. Qin, I have heard of this' blood arhat '. I can help you get it, but it will take a few days to manipulate.

The Second Leader replied.

No worries, I will need a few days to prepare.

Qin Feng nodded and smiled.

In the following days, Qin Feng and Bai Yu secretly visited the Blood Refinement Sect a few times, trying to figure out everything about the Blood Refinement Sect.

This battle was extremely critical. It was a battle of revenge for Qin Feng, and at the same time, it was a battle that would affect the structure of the Mo Bei.

If this battle could succeed, it would definitely alarm the entire Mo Bei, whether it was the Human Clan's power or the Demon Clan's power, they would all be in turmoil because of it.

At that time, Qin Feng would make the map of the Monster stronghold public, and the entire Demon Clan would be in chaos.

If the Mo Bei was in chaos, then the entire world's situation would be affected.

Although this influence might not necessarily be good, and would cause the Human Clan to fall into a panic, it was still better to be prepared early than in the face of a disaster.

A few days later.

Mr. Qin, this is what you want.

The Second Leader passed a blood-colored gourd fruit to Qin Feng.

This was a kind of unique medicine that contained a special kind of blood energy. It could help Blood Refining Ancestor break through the cultivation.

The next day.

Blue Snow City, in a secret teahouse.

Do you really have blood arhat?

A middle-aged monk looked at Qin Feng and Bai Yu in bewilderment.

This middle-aged monk was Blood Refining Ancestor. Of course, he had disguised himself.

Someone like the Blood Refining Ancestor, if he were to directly appear in the Blue Snow City, would definitely cause panic.

We came with sincerity, how could we lie to you?

Qin Feng laughed and snapped his fingers.

Bai Yu immediately took out a jade box and opened it, releasing a thick smell of blood.

Smelling this smell, Blood Refining Ancestor followed along as his nose began to frantically suck in the air.

It's this, this is it.

Blood Refining Ancestor's eyes lit up, staring straight at the blood arhat.

However, he quickly retracted his gaze and looked at Qin Feng with a vigilant look, What are your conditions?

Blood Refining Ancestor was not an idiot. The other party had the blood arhat s in their hands and wanted to negotiate with him.

Blood Refining Ancestor is indeed quick to speak, then I will not beat around the bush, I want you to help me out a little, kill Mr. Ghost.

Qin Feng said calmly.

Kill the Mr. Ghost? You guys …"

Blood Refining Ancestor trembled, his face was pale from fear.

Evidently, in his heart, the Mr. Ghost was already an unshakable person, and he didn't dare make a move against the Mr. Ghost at all.

What was even more shocking was how did the other party know of someone like the Mr. Ghost?

"Let's make it clear so that we don't suspect each other. Blood Refinement Sect has not been your sect for a long time, and the real master is your Demon Clan.

Qin Feng laughed again.

How do you know that? This is top secret.

Blood Refining Ancestor's face darkened.

There is no wall in this world that is impervious to the wind.

Qin Feng did not explain any further.

Then, he changed the subject and sneered, You, the dignified Sect Leader, are willing to be a Demon Clan's Eagle Dog? How long do you want to be suppressed by the Mr. Ghost?

This …

Blood Refining Ancestor was at a loss.

He never thought that Qin Feng had already researched him so thoroughly.

I know, you still have ten years of longevity left. If you have the blood arhat, you will have a chance to break through the cultivation, or even step into the Primordial Spirit Stage, roaming the world, and roam unfettered everywhere.

On the contrary, if you were willing to sink into depravity and be suppressed for ten years to turn into a handful of dirt, how sad would that be?

Qin Feng helped the other party analyze the pros and cons.

Blood Refining Ancestor's gaze kept fluctuating, as he struggled internally.

Wise people grasp opportunities, the Saint creates opportunities, and now the opportunity is right in front of you, if the time is not right, why are you hesitating?

Qin Feng asked repeatedly.

He wanted to take over the Blood Refining Ancestor's psychological defenses in one go.

Blood Refining Ancestor was timid and did not have the courage to take this step, but once he steps forward, he would understand.

What a great timing!

Blood Refining Ancestor stood up with an excited expression.

I want this blood arhat, I am willing to help you kill the Mr. Ghost, but you must help me.

The Blood Refining Ancestor said.

He also clearly understood that with his own strength, even if he risked his life, it would be impossible for him to defeat Mr. Ghost.

If he had Qin Feng and Bai Yu assisting him in battle, his chances of success would be much higher.

Leave the matter of killing the Mr. Ghost to us. First, you have to do us a favor and force all the greater demons away.

Qin Feng made a request.

No matter how powerful the Mr. Ghost was, it could only be one person. If Qin Feng and Bai Yu joined forces, they would definitely be able to kill him.

But if there were seven or eight Diremonsters constantly harassing him, all of his plans would be in vain.

Leaving behind the great demon and isolating the Mr. Ghost was the best strategy.

Dismissed all the greater demons? Great Demon Emperor will not listen to me, but I will try my best, maybe I can steal Mr. Ghost's token.

The Blood Refining Ancestor talked to himself.

I'm not trying my best, but I must succeed. There won't be a second chance in this battle.

Qin Feng said in a serious tone.

Alright, no matter what, even if I activate all of the Blood Refinement Sect's disciples, they will still help you stall these greater demons. I can release the Heart Devil Oath here.

Looks like Blood Refining Ancestor has also made up his mind.

He had probably also seen through it. In this battle, one would either die or live; there was no other way.

After both sides had gone through a series of plot, they immediately began to take action.

Blood Refining Ancestor returned to sect first and began implementing his plan. Qin Feng and Bai Yu followed suit.

Since the Mr. Ghost was Bai Yu's employer, Bai Yu was able to use this point to bring Qin Feng's corpse and enter the Blood Refinement Sect.


Blood Refinement Sect.

The main altar was lit up by torches, and the crackling sounds of explosions could be heard from everywhere.

Blood Refining Ancestor looked at everyone and slowly explained.

A great demon said suspiciously.

That's right, the one who caused the destruction of the Nightless Palace was indeed Qin Feng. However, according to the latest news, Qin Feng is dead, killed by the Three Great Homo sapiens s.

Blood Refining Ancestor laughed, showing an extremely respectful attitude.

Qin Feng is dead?

Haha, this is great. The three Homo sapiens s sure have some ability.

Qin Feng is a Successor Disciple of the Emperor Xuan Sect, and also a Champion of the immortal seedling battle. Killing him would give some fear to the powers within the Human Clan.

The disciples of Demon Clan were all overjoyed.

Ever since the Nightless Palace was annihilated, these Demon Clan disciples also found it difficult to eat and sleep.

Because they did not know whether the Central Land had begun to intervene.

But now, Qin Feng had died, and the Emperor Xuan Sect was unable to save him. This meant that the power of the Emperor Xuan Sect had yet to spread to the ice sheet.

Emperor Xuan Sect was a benchmark for sect, and could basically represent the attitude of Central Land.

As long as Central Land did not intervene, Demon Clan would have enough space to carry out the plan of seizing ice sheet, or even the entire Mo Bei.

Alright, let's set off immediately and head for the Celestial Sect.

The Blood Refining Ancestor said.

Wait a moment, for such an important operation, why didn't Mr. Ghost personally announce it?

Yet another person raised doubts.

If Mr. Ghost wants to meet Bai Yu, I am unable to leave for the time being. Only then did you order me to pass on to everyone that this is Mr. Ghost's token. If you do not believe, you can go and ask Mr. Ghost.

Blood Refining Ancestor took out a piece of Black Iron token.

Seeing this token, everyone's expression changed slightly as they revealed a hint of respect.

Since there's something on the Mr. Ghost, we won't disturb you any longer.

The Diremonsters no longer dared to doubt him.

This was the only token, and it was controlled by the Mr. Ghost himself.

The token in Blood Refining Ancestor's hands was a forgery.

Of course, no one dared to believe that the usually timid Blood Refining Ancestor would dare to forge a token and openly deceive everyone.

Go, head to Celestial Sect.

Blood Refining Ancestor waved his hand, and everyone followed him.

Celestial Sect and Blood Refinement Sect were a full ten thousand miles apart. This round trip would take at least three to five days.

Qin Feng, Bai Yu, I have completed my mission, the rest is up to you guys.

Before leaving, Blood Refining Ancestor turned around to take a deep look.

Deep within the main altar.

In a dark chamber, Bai Yu threw Qin Feng's corpse to the ground.

At this moment, Qin Feng was using the Turtle Aura Technique and appeared to be in a state of death, no different from a dead person.

Mr. Ghost, I have completed the mission.

Bai Yu said with a smile on his face.

Opposite him, a middle aged man wearing a red robe, with silver hair flowing down his shoulders, and sinister eyes, slowly walked over.

His body emitted a dense demonic energy, causing people's hair to stand on end.

This is Qin Feng?

Mr. Ghost's voice was hoarse as he glanced at Qin Feng.

It's true.

Bai Yu nodded.

Hearing that, Mr. Ghost's demonic eyes flashed, and a touch of blood light burst out, sweeping over Qin Feng's body.

Mr. Ghost was extremely cautious, he had to confirm that the person lying on the ground was the same person who killed Young Master of the Seven Nights.

With the cultivation of the Mr. Ghost, if one looked carefully, even if Qin Feng entered the Nirvana State, it would be hard to hide it from the heavens and the earth.

However, Bai Yu's expression did not change, this was the outstanding quality of an assassin.

Hmm? Wait, why is there a trace of Spiritual Force?

Mr. Ghost's expression changed.

What do you mean?

Bai Yu pretended not to know.

This person is not dead yet. He seems to have used some sort of method to enter the Nirvana Realm. Whatever, since you like playing dead, I'll send you off.

Mr. Ghost laughed sinisterly, he opened his five fingers and a blood light exploded out.

Dang …

However, just as Mr. Ghost was about to make a move, a clear sound of a gong was heard.

What's going on?

This sound of the gong also slightly startled Mr. Ghost.


And at the same time, Bai Yu made his move without any warning.

A dazzling sword aura, with the speed of lightning, directly pierced towards the center of Mr. Ghost's brows.

This sword attack was too fast and sudden, making it hard to guard against.

Even the Mr. Ghost, the one who possessed the cultivation of nine hundred years, was shocked.

In a hurry, Mr. Ghost suddenly flew backwards, at the same time, his five fingers grabbed towards the sword aura.


The sword light collided with the claw aura and exploded into a cloud of light.

The strong vibration caused Mr. Ghost to retreat a few steps. His palm was directly sliced off, with demonic blood spewing out of his palm.


Mr. Ghost opened his eyes wide.

He was clearly Bai Yu's employer, but why did Bai Yu want to kill him?

It's simple, because Bai Yu is now mine.

At this moment, Qin Feng sprung up and looked at Mr. Ghost with a cold smile.

Did you guys clear the way?

Mr. Ghost was shocked and angry at the same time.

He had never thought that such a proud and arrogant person like Bai Yu would actually submit to Qin Feng, and turn around to assassinate him.

What was even more surprising was that Qin Feng actually dared to come to the Blood Refinement Sect.

You want to kill me? The ignorant are truly fearless.

Mr. Ghost snorted coldly.

Following which, he howled towards the sky and emitted a shrill and special cry, as if he was looking for the rest of the greater demons.

Stop howling, they won't come.

Qin Feng laughed coldly.

As expected, just as Qin Feng had said, no Demon Lord came to assist them even after trying several times.

The sound of the gong was actually a signal left by the Blood Refining Ancestor.

Both sides had long ago agreed that as long as Blood Refining Ancestor took the greater demons far away from the vicinity of Blood Refinement Sect, they would send disciples back to beat the gong and pass on the message.

It was only because he heard the gong that Qin Feng dared to make his words clear.

It's hard for you to cry out now, so I advise you to surrender.

Qin Feng held the Buried Dragon Spear in his hand, and pointed it straight at Mr. Ghost.

Hahaha … What a joke, even without the help of a greater demon, do you think you two can kill me? "

Mr. Ghost was so angry that he laughed instead.

With his qualifications, he was actually tricked by two little brats. This was a great humiliation.

Since you are so stubborn, I will personally send you on your way.

Qin Feng squinted his eyes and his entire body shot out.

At the same time, Bai Yu waved his long sword, and hundreds and thousands of sword beams pounced on Mr. Ghost like a storm.


Qin Feng's spear technique advanced with indomitable momentum like a dragon.

Bai Yu's swordsmanship moved as fast as lightning, sharp and tricky.

He hadn't thought that the combined attacks of these two would be so powerful.

The Myriad Miles Sand Technique was a very famous demonic technique that was said to be cultivated with tens of thousands of Demonic Soul.

Every single Demonic Soul was a grain of yellow sand. Once surrounded by the yellow sand, it was equivalent to being eaten by a myriad of Demonic Soul; it was extremely tragic.

When Qin Feng was fighting the Demon Sea, many of them liked to use this tactic.

Who exactly is this guy? You actually know about the 'Thousand Li Yellow Sand Technique'? "

Mr. Ghost was shocked.

Demon Refining Pot, take it!

Just then, Qin Feng changed his treasure and took out the Demon Refining Pot.

The biggest characteristic of Demon Refining Pot was to refine it, and the core of the Thousand Li Sand Technique was precisely to use the Demonic Soul's power.

Whoosh …

The Demon Refining Pot shook violently, and continued to swallow the yellow sand.

Wu wu wu …

At the same time, a series of mournful wails came from the void, all produced by the Demonic Soul.

Demon Refining Pot? How is that possible?

Mr. Ghost was shocked.

This kind of ancient treasure like the Demon Refining Pot had been lost for thousands of years, but it actually fell into Qin Feng's hands, it was truly unexpected.

Demonic Soul, listen up. Come back here.

Mr. Ghost roared again and again.

Unfortunately, the Demon Refining Pot's power was too strong, and directly pulled this yellow sand inside.

No …

The Mr. Ghost roared hysterically.

The demonic arts that he had painstakingly cultivated for hundreds of years had vanished in the blink of an eye.

This kind of blow was too heavy for ordinary people to bear.

Although the Mr. Ghost had cultivated many powerful demonic techniques, the Thousand Mile Sand Technique was the most important.

Even at the Demonic King realm, the Thousand Li Sand Technique was still very popular.

I will kill you, I will kill you …

Mr. Ghost's eyes were scarlet red, looking extremely berserk.

Woosh ~ ~ ~

And just at this time, Bai Yu attacked again, his body turned into a ray of white light, attaching onto the long sword.

One with the sword!

The Mr. Ghost was in a state of turmoil, and when the Spiritual Force was not concentrated, it gave Bai Yu the chance to attack.

As for the power of one with the sword, Qin Feng had a deep understanding of it. Even if he were to use the five elements in the sky, it would be very difficult for him to escape unscathed.

Although the cultivation of the Mr. Ghost was tyrannical, it could not be unharmed against this sword attack.


Mr. Ghost did not retreat. Instead, he wielded his blood red demon knife and slashed at the dazzling sword light in anger.

Boom …

As the sword and saber clashed, a bloody light shot into the sky.

A huge explosion sound spread across the entire Blood Refinement Sect.

The powerful shockwave caused the chamber to crumble into pieces as the entire mountain burst apart.

A gigantic mushroom cloud rose up, covering the sky and blotting out the sun, causing Blood Refinement Sect to be in darkness.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

From within the billowing smoke and dust, three figures shot out.

Bai Yu's face was pale white, blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

This sword strike had consumed too much of his true essence.

In addition, the Mr. Ghost's Demon Saber is also a treasure of the Demon Clan, it's name is Thousand Leaves of Shouluo Knife.

This demon sword was crafted from star fragments, and then refined from demon blood. It was extremely ferocious, and could be compared to a high-rank earth-step product treasure.

Ordinary Diremonsters would find it hard to use magic treasures.

However, Quasi-demon king was different. Their use of treasures was not inferior to Human Clan's.

Furthermore, this Thousand Leaves of Shouluo Knife was also a Demon Clan treasure, so Mr. Ghost was naturally able to use it well.

Bai Yu and the Thousand Leaves of Shouluo Knife clashed once and suffered a huge blow.

Of course, Mr. Ghost did not feel well either, the demonic energy on his body was fluctuating violently.

Now that the Thousand Li Sand Technique had been taken away, it had some effect on his strength. It was no longer as strong as it was before.

After being struck with One with the Sword, Mr. Ghost was slightly injured.

It's my turn.

Qin Feng sneered. The Star Crusher Bow was already prepared.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The arrow's radiance was like rain, piercing through the air and killing everyone in its path.

Mr. Ghost did not have any chance to breathe, he immediately urged his Thousand Leaves of Shouluo Knife to kill.

Boom …

Explosions resounded one after another as the arrows of light continued to explode.

As they were both high-rank earth-step product treasures, it was naturally difficult for the arrow beams to pierce through the Thousand Leaves of Shouluo Knife's body.

Of course, Qin Feng's goal was only to further drain the power of the Mr. Ghost.

Little animal, detestable …

Mr. Ghost clenched his teeth, it was hard to find a chance to retaliate.

Qin Feng was sparing no effort now, attacking crazily. Two big seas of consciousness, the Mental Fire, and the Five Extreme Miasma Force … All sorts of methods were superimposed on each other.

Every arrow that Qin Feng shot could easily kill a person at the eighth stage of the true qi.

Only, he was currently facing a Quasi-demon king, which showed that the The Arrow of Stars's power was not that strong.

I'll help you.

After a while, Bai Yu regained some of his true essence.

Woosh ~ ~ ~

A sword light flashed out, and the aura penetrated through the rainbow.


Mr. Ghost was struck by the Sword Qi, causing the body to disintegrate and turn into a rain of blood.


Qin Feng shouted.

After the Mr. Ghost s were destroyed, their true form would appear, and in that instant, a very strong demonic energy would surge out.


In the air, the surging demonic energy suffused the air.

From the depths of the demonic energy, a gigantic black shadow suddenly rushed out, pouncing towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng looked carefully, it was a bear demon.

I want you dead.

The bear demon roared again and again, and its gigantic paw struck down.

Qin Feng's fist met it head on and the seventy million bulls' Supreme Force suddenly exploded.


A dull sound echoed out in all directions.

A pillar of light shot into the sky and shattered the thick clouds into pieces.

Qin Feng's body floated backwards for more than three hundred meters, as the muscles on his arms tore apart inch by inch.

On the other hand, the bear demon was completely unharmed, and had only been pushed back about four to five meters.

What kind of pervert is this?

Seeing that, Bai Yu was also shocked.

Furthermore, this was a nine hundred year old bear demon. With a single palm strike, it had the power of over eighty million cows.

In a battle of this level, it was impossible to make up for the difference of ten

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