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Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived: Volume 5

Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived: Volume 5

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Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived: Volume 5

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Nov 14, 2019


Originally, he had wanted to rely on space to bring his disciple around the world, but who knew that the tyrannical prince would surround her in this world. Every day, there would be a discordant scene from OOXX. Covering his face)Sister Ghani ~This lord was crafty and had killed many people. He stood right in front of the wangfei, massaging his chest and back like a loyal dog. This was all done for outsiders to see! At night, they were like wolves and tigers, and even their beds were damaged! (123456789) Clutching his face again)In order to help the prince ease his growing passion! With a wave of her hand, a notice was posted to vent the desires of the royal family!
Lançado em:
Nov 14, 2019

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Lovely Princess, the Prince Arrived - Zhi HuanBuAi



Xiao Wen Ming said as he opened his eyes and looked at Yun Daimeng with his watery eyes.

Yun Daimeng walked in front of him and said: I'm here to see if I can clear out the black fog in your body.

Xiao Yu said in a low voice, Didn't Madame say before that we would have to fight against that island to find a solution? Why did he say that he had a way now? You wouldn't deliberately find an excuse to get close to me, right? This Shaw also seemed to have some sort of inexplicable hostility towards him! It was his first time meeting this person. He had never offended this person before, right?

Yun Daimeng: Do you want to see or not! You're not going to look at me anymore!"

Xiao also said: Please do as you wish, Madame! Then he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Yun Daimeng rolled his eyes at him, she turned and was about to leave, but after thinking about it, since this man hated him so much, why didn't she treat him, so that we wouldn't meet again in the future!

He turned around, walked back to him, and grabbed Shaw's wrist.

Why are you trying to seduce me when your man isn't around anymore?

Hearing that, Yun Daimeng slapped his head: A free gift like you, who is weak without even two taels of meat on your body and cannot withstand the wind, even this Madame despises you! With that, she channeled the white fog into Xiao Wen Tian's body, and surrounded the black fog together with the white fog from before, then began to nibble at it.

Ooh ~ So comfortable!

This captivating voice made Yun Daimeng unable to directly let go of it. It was too disgusting!

Seeing that the number of black fog was getting fewer and fewer, Yun Daimeng kept going at it until all of them were devoured by the white fog, then followed Yun Daimeng's finger and entered her body!

You actually destroyed the black fog in my body!

Yun Daimeng: Rest for a few days. I'll come over to check on you again after two days. If there aren't any more of these black fog, that would mean there aren't anymore!

With that, he turned around and left!

Not long after Yun Daimeng returned to her room, she saw Pan Yu rushing over immediately! Madame, Yanzhi has been injured! Hearing that, Yun Daimeng stood up and asked: What's going on?"

Pan Yu said: While Madame's servant is walking, I'm telling you, if you don't go, I'm afraid Yanzhi will lose her life!

Yun Daimeng saw that her words were urgent, she did not dare delay any longer! She hastily followed Pan Yu out.

Surrounding a group of people not far from the pavilion elder's courtyard, Yun Daimeng squeezed through the crowd. Looking at the rouge that was propped up by Feng Qiansi, she then looked at the mighty Chang Li's disease and asked, Were you the one who injured my maidservant?

Chang Li's disease raised his head high, his face haughty and arrogant as he said: This kind of lowly slave, should be sold to the picket fence courtyard, so as to not attract others' seduction!

Pan Yu helped her up from the ground, and when she saw her knees, she glared fiercely at Chang Li's disease and asked, Did you break her knees? After Yun Daimeng heard this, she looked at rouge's knees and said, It seems like Chang Li's disease will not rest until you're dead!

Saying that, he took out a Pills from his bosom and said: Eat it!

Yanzhi looked at Chang Li's disease with eyes filled with hatred, opening her mouth and eating the Pills that Yun Daimeng handed to her. She, Yanzhi, has experienced countless lives and deaths, but she has never suffered such humiliation before!

Madame, this servant is fine!

Yun Daimeng: Chang Li's disease, how did this Madame offend you? You are actually so cruel to her!

Hmph ~ That slut, you are asking everywhere about my Madame, do you think it's an offense?

Yun Daimeng replied, I was just inquiring about you. How could you be so cruel and cripple her legs? Chang Li's disease, what kind of unspeakable things did you do? You're actually so afraid of people asking around?

After saying that, she looked at Chang Li's disease, and a few silver needle suddenly shot out from her surroundings. When these silver needle were just a few centimeters away from Chang Li's disease, they suddenly stopped! My maidservant is much more expensive than you, so you have to pay for the medical expenses! "

After saying that, a few silver needle s pierced into Chang Li's disease's body in an instant, and she was unable to move. Aunt! "

Yun Daimeng looked at the girl who was supporting the Chang Li's disease, and a poisonous silver needle instantly pierced into the girl's body. What did you do to me? "

Yun Daimeng shrugged her shoulders: Nothing, this Miss likes to sow discord and cause trouble, so this Madame will seal your mouth, that's all!

With that, he walked towards Chang Li's disease one step at a time. A pair of small pure white hands grabbed onto Chang Li's disease's face and said: "This Madame won't kill you today. This Madame will match incense and trample you under his feet in broad daylight.

After she finished speaking, she fell to the ground with a kick, her small foot fiercely stepping on her face. Her smile was like that of a demon as she said: This Madame's enmity, when the competition ends, this Madame will personally seek justice for her. At that time, it will be the unlucky day for your Zhang Family!

After that, he searched through Chang Li's disease's pockets and jewelry, and after doing all that, he turned to Pan Yu and said: Pan Yu, let's go!

Want to leave? I'm afraid it's not that easy! "

Pan Yu pointed to the man who suddenly walked over: Madame, it's him. She's the one who injured Yanzhi. Yun Daimeng heard that it was someone from the Power of the Five Elements, and laughed: I have also killed a few people from the Power of the Five Elements, I wonder how is her cultivation level?!"

Saying that, he looked at Yanzhi and said: Today, the Japanese Madame will help you collect some interest! Speaking up to here, she was surrounded by a dense number of silver needle. Some of these silver needle were big and some were small, and all of them had poison on them.

Needles and swords have no words to say. Everyone, it's better to stay away from this place to avoid being used as a shield by others!

The man's face was dark as he watched people retreat far away. A drop of sweat flowed down from his forehead, as long as any of these silver needle stabbed into his body, he would probably die from poison!

He had originally wanted to bring a few people s over to use as shields, but who knew that after hearing what the woman said, those commoners would run faster than rabbit.

The silver needle around Yun Daimeng thrusted towards the man. The man used her sword to knock the silver needle to the ground, but the moment those silver needle fell, they floated back up and pierced towards him once again. The man immediately became flustered!

The man's fireball had fused a portion of the silver needle and a portion of it had been washed away by the water! Do you think this is enough? The Power of the Five Elements's spirit energy is limited. If you use up all of it, how are you going to replenish it? Haha …

Yun Daimeng's body was still surrounded by dense numbers of silver needle …

After repeating the same thing over and over again, the man's physical strength gradually depleted, and his spirit energy was almost depleted too. The original fireball could only fire out a few small sparks now, and several silver needle could be seen piercing into his body.

This woman clearly didn't have any cultivation … Why?

He fell to the ground, unwilling to accept the outcome.

When Chang Li's disease saw the man fall to the ground, he said in shock: Big brother ~ ~ You ~ actually killed this Madame's big brother ~ You have such big guts!

Yun Daimeng: Che ~ This Madame, who did you think it was, turned out to be your brother! Chang Li's disease, remember this moment today, because not long from now, your husband's and your parents' families will all be annihilated by the fact that you injured my maidservant!

With that, he took Pan Yu and rouge and walked away!

F * ck, this woman is really amazing! How could those silver needle listen to her command? "


This woman is truly amazing. Then how could Chang Li's disease's brother Li Qiankun just be killed like that? And not even a skeleton is left!

First, let's not talk about whether the Zhang Family will find trouble with her, just that the current Li Family will definitely not let her go! "

Li Family has been domineering for many years, when did she ever suffer such humiliation? His own son was killed by a woman in public. You must know that Li Family only has this one son! Yun Daimeng did not care about the people watching the show or the gossip, and quickly returned to the Pavilion Elder's Courtyard with Yanzhi. After taking the medicine, her entire body was paralyzed, and she did not feel any pain.

Yun Daimeng: I'm going to treat her now, Pan Yu, come over and help!

Yun Daimeng busied herself for a while, and then laid the rouge on the bed. Yun Daimeng took out the surgery kit, gave her a local disinfectant, and then treated her bit by bit, picking out the broken bones from within. She used the white fog s to regenerate her kneecaps, and after doing all of this, poured the spirit spring into her skin and external injuries!

He actually took it as good as new!

Yun Daimeng: Come down and take a look!

Yanzhi got off the bed, walked two steps, then kneeled in front of Yun Daimeng and said: Thank you Madame for saving me. If not for Madame, Yanzhi would have already become a cripple!

Yun Daimeng: What nonsense are you talking about? With this Madame here, how can you become a cripple? But in order to prevent others from noticing, why don't you lie on your bed for a while?


After today's events, Yun Daimeng was once again deeply aware of the importance of this subordinate's ability to improve!

The photoencephalon sensed her thoughts and said, If you want them to be more powerful, quickly memorize those sixty types of herbal medicine. When the time comes, you can refine the Meridian Slicing Marrow Slicing Paste. At that time, I can also cultivate Power of the Five Elements!"

Yun Daimeng, Is what you said true?

photoencephalon: This photoencephalon never lies! Humph!"

Yun Daimeng locked herself in her room and chewed on a book. Beiming Han still hadn't come back at night, he had cultivated to the point where he didn't even want daughter-in-law anymore! Yun Daimeng was somewhat aggrieved …

After she had memorized the second kind of herbal medicine, she thought of how she would be able to amaze the world with one feat three days later, and attack that bitch, Chang Li's disease, and thus make a set of distilling apparatus using her Spatial machine room!

photoencephalon: 'You actually use such a low IQ item!?

Yun Daimeng: This thing's purification effect is very good!

photoencephalon: "You have so many Spirit Stone to use in your space, why do you have to use manual? You can totally use the machine room s to create machines that are not controlled by human hands.

Not using human hands? Did he rely on electricity?

photoencephalon: Using Spirit Stone s, one piece of the Spirit Stone can be operated for half a year, and all of them can be used as one.

Hearing that, Yun Daimeng's eyes widened, how did she not know that the Spirit Stone had such a ability?

photoencephalon 'The Spirit Stone itself is a type of stone that is rich in energy. Its energy is compressed within the stone and can be converted into power through special methods.'

Yun Daimeng vaguely understood that this Spirit Stone was equivalent to a modern electric bottle. Only after it had filled up the electric light would it be able to move the electric train forward!

This Spirit Stone should be the same as an electric bottle!

Yun Daimeng: Then make one!

According to the photoencephalon's instructions, not long after, something jumped out of the machine room. It looked similar to the distilling apparatus, but it was more exquisite, like a work of art.

Furthermore, it was not made from glass s, but rather the red ore that Yun Daimeng had collected before. This object was extremely hard, and could withstand the endless energy from Spirit Stone!

Yun Daimeng looked at the small thing in her hand and asked: How do I use this thing?

photoencephalon: Go pick some fresh flowers! Yun Daimeng picked a bucket of fresh flower petals from the ground according to the photoencephalon!

photoencephalon: 'Put this tube into the Petal Bucket and add some Spirit Spring Water, pearl!'

Following the photoencephalon's explanation, Yun Daimeng operated step by step, and the tube that was as thick as an infant's arm sucked all of the pearl's petals and spirit spring water into the container at the top of the barrel. The flower petals and the pearl were minced and turned into a sticky paste! The pearl Paste was sent to another container for further purification …

'Now place the prepared bottle below the surface. This will only require manual injection! '

Yun Daimeng's hand was on the handle, aimed straight at the mouth of the bottle, and gently pressed down on the handle. A very rich fragrance, caused Yun Daimeng to become intoxicated! You can make such a good thing with just the rose petals and the pearl? "

While sighing, he filled the small porcelain bottle with all of the complaints!

Only now did she realize that what she had done with the distilling apparatus before was trash. The things in her hands were the best of the best ~

photoencephalon: What's this? Right now, you're only using normal flowers. If you use spirit flowers, the effect..."

Spirit flower?

Yun Daimeng: photoencephalon, why don't we grow some Spirit Flowers, I also want to see the effects of the balsam that the Spirit Flowers have on one's face.

photoencephalon: No Spirit Flower Space! 'I need you to find it yourself! ' It was as if someone had mercilessly poured cold water on her passion!

Yun Daimeng: photoencephalon, do you have any beauty books?

photoencephalon: "Didn't you know how to use the machine room's search abilities?

Hearing that, Yun Daimeng slapped her forehead, that's right! She had actually forgotten that space had this ability, and ran to print more than ten kinds of formula s that could look good for their beauty! She wanted the effect to be fast and the ingredients to be simple! As she fiddled around in the space, more than ten balsam were produced, and each bottle was labeled with her name. She then took out a rose and washed her face, then placed the balsam onto her face.

Stupid woman … She became so excited just like that? Now that the spatial herbal medicine seed had been activated, at that time, forget about these beautiful objects, even Pills would be here!

The previous master made the machine room so that when the next master of the dimension didn't know how to refine pills and medicines, he could easily create Pills s!

Looking at her skin that was a lot whiter and purer than before, Yun Daimeng felt an uncontrollable joy. She was too shocked! With this machine, Yun Daimeng was 100% sure that he would be able to win against Chang Li's disease that little bitch.

photoencephalon: "Don't be happy too early, there are quite a few people hiding in the Vanguard Country like crouching tigers and hidden dragons. It's good for you to keep a low profile! In case you still haven't grown up, this photoencephalon will have to change its owner again! '

Yun Daimeng, ... Was she arrogant? Is there? Is there?

She was just excited! Very happy, that's all!

photoencephalon: "When you dueled with that whatever Li Qiankun today, all of your silver needle were melted by the fire of the five elements. That Li Qiankun is also a Yellow Rank Power of the Five Elements Cultivator! But the other two types of Attributes … You might as well use red stone to forge some embroidery needles. When the time comes, you'll be much better off than silver needle s. Hearing the photoencephalon's suggestion, Yun Daimeng took out a few pieces of red stone and threw them into the machine room.


Looking at the stone that was pierced through, she thought to herself: With these carnauba, even if she meets a strong enemy, she would be able to take care of it a little. Hmm ~ This carnauba could also be considered one of her trump cards, if she combined the carnauba with the blood fog of the blood toad, her killing power would definitely increase by a lot! The more she thought about it, the more confident she became. After putting away the carnauba, she happily exited the space!

At this time, it was already very late, and Yun Daimeng had fallen asleep excitedly.

Early the next morning, she was awoken by Pan Yu, the Li Family's men had come to make trouble! She threatened to avenge Li Qiankun! After Yun Daimeng put on the Clothes, Xiao Xingyi stood outside the courtyard and said: North Lady, you should still go and hide, this Li Family will deal with it!

When Yun Daimeng heard this, she said: I didn't go ask them for compensation for this Li Family, but they actually dared to come looking for me. Naturally, I want to see what the hell the Li Family actually has!

Xiao Xingyi: This Li Family is the same as the Zhang Family, they are both branches of the Imperial Family, this Li Family is a family that makes incense, their skills in making incense are even praised by the Imperial Palace's Empress Mother!

Hearing this, Yun Daimeng couldn't help but think of the Cai Family in the northern profound world. Back then, because of her own opening of the thyme, the Cai Family came here to cause trouble, but not only did she manage to obtain the title of an imperial merchant, her family even fell to the ground!

It looks like this Li Family is going to follow the old path of the Cai Family!

Yun Daimeng: I got it!

Xiao Xingyi accompanied Yun Daimeng to the door. At this time, Guan Mingxuan, Zuo Yi and twenty dark guard s were standing at the door! I heard you were looking for me! "

The Li Family saw a Little Women standing at the entrance, looking at them arrogantly. You're the one who killed my son? "

Yun Daimeng: Your Li Family and Zhang family are really like snakes and rats in a nest! It's all because my son can't do it, but my father. I was the one who killed the man, but my maidservant was also heavily injured. If I cannot find the good medicine, I will be paralyzed in bed for the rest of my life.

The life of a direct descendant of a family, was actually compared to the life of a maidservant.

Chief of the Li Family: How can a lowly maid be compared with my son!

Yun Daimeng: How can a playboy be compared with the maidservant of this Madame!

The Chief of the Li Family pointed at Yun Daimeng's hand and trembled. He was obviously very angry. The pain of losing her son made him wish he could hack this woman into a thousand pieces. Seeing that the Chief of the Li Family was furious, Yun Daimeng bit her own nails and blew: "Chief of the Li Family, if you want to take revenge for your son, this Madame will give you this chance. In the incense competition between me and the Chang Li's disease, if you win, this Madame will listen to you.

After hearing what she said, Chief of the Li Family's gaze changed. He himself had inherited hundreds of years of the family's history, so he didn't know his limits and wanted to compete with her. At that time, he would be able to avenge his son! No one else could say anything either!

This Old Man promises you, in order to prevent you from cheating, please sign the contract and post it on the cloth screen!

Yun Daimeng replied, Alright! This Madame promises you!

Yun Daimeng signed the contract, and similarly signed it three times in one go!

The Chief of the Li Family left in a fit of rage.

Returning home, Chief of the Li Family called over his butler, Bring out our Li Family's family heirloom and send it to Wan'er. This Old Man must be absolutely safe!

The butler said: That Little Women is a person who doesn't know his place. Even if he doesn't have our Li Residence's family heirloom, he will still lose for sure. With the family heirloom of the Li Family, he will lose for sure!

Chief of the Li Family: If This Old Man wants that slut, he's definitely going to die!

As for Yun Daimeng, under Xiao Xingyi's surprised gaze, sshe walked back with light steps! North Lady, you … This Li Family is famous for being the head of incense production, you … Yun Daimeng laughed upon hearing this: What are you afraid of? If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. At this time, Pan Yu, who was at the side, laughed: Although that Li Family is a rich family who makes incense, compared to our Madame, he is still far from being able to compare!

Seeing the two master and servant forging, Xiao Xingyi shook his head: If I really lose, This Old Man will give up this old face and will not make it difficult for North Lady!

Yun Daimeng: Thank you!

Pan Yu moved closer to Yun Daimeng and said: Madame, the competition is tomorrow, what do you need me to prepare for?

Yun Daimeng: Everything is ready!

Pan Yu: Madame is confident!

Yun Daimeng: Are you suspecting that I am not a match for your Madame? Pan Yu waved her hand: This servant did not mean that! Yun Daimeng rolled his eyes at her, then threw out three small porcelain vases. One for you, one for rouge, and one for Zuo Yi!

Zuo Yi held the small porcelain jar in his hand and couldn't wait to open it. Yun Daimeng held him down and said, Open it when you get back!

Therefore, the three women didn't wait for Yun Daimeng and ran off like a wisp of smoke …

They were …

Guan Mingxuan had some doubts, he opened his mouth to ask …

Yun Daimeng: You'll know when the time comes!

Guan Mingxuan, ...

Yun Daimeng returned to her bedroom and closed the door. After entering the dimension, she began to collect flowers, jasmine flowers, roses, peach blossoms and more. She even grinded the pearl into powder and put it into a bag.

He filled a bottle with Spirit Spring Water and after everything was ready, he would wait for tomorrow's PVP!

It wasn't until after waiting for the most anticipated incense making competition that Yun Daimeng reorganized her things. After eating breakfast, she went to Beiming Han and changed a batch of Spirit Stone for him before bringing a group of people to the plaza.

Arriving at the square, he looked at the densely packed crowd! With a smirk, he said: I never thought that there would be so many people, could it be that they are all here to watch Chang Li's disease stripping Clothes dancing? Pan Yu smirked. Madame, these people are probably here for you!

However, these people were destined to be disappointed! The bottle of balsam that Madame gave him yesterday, after he cleaned it himself and washed it clean for fifteen minutes, his face looked as if it had changed.

This kind of effect, ordinary people would not be able to achieve!

When Yun Daimeng got up onto the stage, she placed the pails filled with flower petals in front of her one by one, allowing them to be inspected.

What is this white powder?

Seeing the judge's confused face, Yun Daimeng laughed: Exclusive formula!

Hearing this, the referee didn't ask any further, but when he saw the small bottle in her hand, he asked, What's in this bottle?

Yun Daimeng: Exclusive formula! It was the exclusive formula again!

Humph! You are deliberately trying to be mysterious. There will be times when you cry later on!

Yun Daimeng: Who's laughing until the end won't know!

With the sound of a gong, the match began!


Yun Daimeng sat on the praying mat and closed her eyes to rest. The people below him were all whispering to each other.

It seems like this woman will lose for sure.

She doesn't know how to make incense.

Poor Little Women, he will soon... Hehehe ~"

As time passed, and until the incense was halfway burned, Yun Daimeng finally began! He saw her take out a small object from the space …

This is … Chief of the Li Family was excited, his eyes burning with greed as he stared at the thing in Yun Daimeng's hand!

After Yun Daimeng skillfully operated it for a while, when the machine stopped, Yun Daimeng placed a bottle of balsam s into the porcelain pot. It was sealed well, placed at the side, then the second type, and then the third type! By the time the incense was burnt to the ground, the third type of balsam had already been squeezed together!

I wonder what kind of balsam this Madame is producing?

did not mind the referee's first question and indifferently said, There were a total of three kinds of balsam. Among them, there was the Rose balsam, the Peach Blossom balsam and the Jasmine balsam! These balsam s are all made from fresh petals and exclusive secret formula through multiple processes!

Then what about Madame?

Chang Li's disease looked up proudly: I am the one who made the Xiang Jian Wan!

What? Xiang Jian Wan? The legendary Xiang Jian Wan? Oh my god!

Chang Li's disease: That's right, it's a Xiang Jian Wan. The user can release its natural fragrance in fifteen minutes.

Yun Daimeng looked at the black pill, as well as the pungent smell spreading in the air.

The Xiang Jian Wan is almost transparent, is this woman sure he's not making poison pills?

After Yun Daimeng heard this, she asked, 'Could the Xiang Jian Wan be an improved version?'

photoencephalon: 'No!'

Yun Daimeng was relieved when she heard it!

Madame Zhang, is this a Xiang Jian Wan? Isn't the Xiang Jian Wan almost transparent? Why did it become this dark and unassuming here? Are you sure it was eaten by a human? Are you sure it won't poison you to death?

Chang Li's disease: Don't even think about talking nonsense. How can I not eat the Xiang Jian Wan that I made?

Yun Daimeng shrugged her shoulders: But I can see that Zhang Madame's Xiang Jian Wan is indeed scary!

Chang Li's disease: Have you seen a Xiang Jian Wan? Have you never seen anyone who is afraid of losing and talking nonsense?

Yun Daimeng shrugged her shoulders: I have never seen but heard of it before, this Madame might even be able to produce a real Xiang Jian Wan!

What? You dare to spout big words even though you haven't seen them before? Then make one for us big guys to see! "

That's right, aren't you afraid of your tongue being cut off when you talk big?

Sigh ~ It seems like this Madame is not very smart!

Madame saw that she was extremely familiar with the way to create balsam, and knew that she might actually be able to do it.

You can drop it!

Hearing the questioning voices below, Yun Daimeng laughed, the few people in front were obviously Chang Li's disease's people, and the people behind them were just ordinary spectators.

Chang Li's disease: Then show it to this Madame!

Yun Daimeng glanced at Chang Li's disease and lightly said: Who wants to use your Xiang Jian Wan for? When the competition ends, this Madame will naturally make you convinced of your defeat!

Chang Li's disease: Hmph ~ When the time comes, this Madame will see how you look like taking off all your Clothes!

After that, he went to find a Female from the audience. That Female walked around in the audience and did not have any other smell on her body, with her hands holding onto Chang Li's disease's Xiang Jian Wan! At this time, Yun Daimeng kindly reminded: Miss, eating this Xiang Jian Wan will kill you, please think about it ~

"Life? This Miss saw that you intentionally stopped them because you were afraid of losing.

Yun Daimeng saw that the other party was not listening to her advice, and did not say anymore!

Below is my Madame's balsam. Which lady would like to try? Silence reigned below the stage. Apparently, no one wanted to test her abilities.

Suddenly, he heard a voice: I am willing to try!

This sound... Yun Daimeng's mouth twitched as she looked at Xiao Wen Ming who was walking up the stage step by step.

Yun Daimeng: Since you are willing, then come up!

Xiao also jumped onto the stage, looked at her once, and sat on the prayer mat. That stinking brat! Xiao Xingyi scolded, and jumped up and down on the stage.

Yun Daimeng took out a basin of water from her spatial space, placed the essential oil soap to the side and said, Wash your face first!

Xiao also said, Help me wash it!

Yun Daimeng was so angry that she wanted to kick him off the stage. Both of her hands clenched into a fist and she gritted her teeth: You better think about it, this Madame will help you wash your face, you might even have to twist your mouth!

Xiao Zi also said: This young noble is not worried about the superior medical skill of the North Lady!

Don't worry your head, this is clearly looking for trouble!

Yun Daimeng took out a pair of gloves from the spatial space, put it on, and said: Since that's the case, let's begin!

Damn it, you actually made our Madame look like the maidservant!

Xiao Xingyi felt a bit uncomfortable listening to him. His son was naturally mischievous, and now that he was going to fight with the North Lady, he himself was powerless, he couldn't possibly go up and snatch the person away could he?

Yun Daimeng also washed Xiao Wen Ming's face, opening the balsam's porcelain jar, a rich yet not pungent fragrance started to spread out in all directions!

What a fragrant smell!

What's the use of just smell? It depends on the effect!

In order to prevent others from not paying their respects, Yun Daimeng purposely painted half of Xiao Wen Li's face as well …

Next was to wait! Just as they were waiting, the girl who took the Xiang Jian Wan suddenly foamed at the mouth and fell to the ground, his entire body twitching! How could this be? Xiang Jian Wan does not have this kind of effect. "

Seeing the girl who had fallen to the ground, Yun Daimeng said to Pan Yu, Feed her a Antidote Pill!

Chang Li's disease: What do you want to do? If you let her eat this pill, the competition will consider it your loss. I just need to wait a little longer …"

Seeing that the Chang Li's disease refused to be saved by Pan Yu, Yun Daimeng said to everyone: It's not that this Madame is not willing to save anyone, it's just that this Chang Li's disease is doing his best to stop it! This Madame is also powerless!

Both of her hands were around her neck as she looked at Yun Daimeng with fear in her eyes. Her hands reached towards Yun Daimeng as she said in an intermittent voice, Help, save me ~

Only then did she give Pan Yu the chance to save her. It was just that Pan Yu had not yet stuffed the pill into the girl's mouth, when the girl's body suddenly stopped moving!

Dead, dead!

Yun Daimeng jumped off the stage and grabbed Female's hand. She was sure she was poisoned!

He took out his needle bag from the space and quickly saved her!

Along with the continuous acupuncture on the young girl's body, the 'dead' person let out a slight cough!


Heavens! He actually came back to life!

Who the hell is she? The medical skill is actually so amazing!

If it wasn't for the help of this Madame, this Miss would have perished.

Chang Li's disease had tried his best to stop them from saving us, and it was all thanks to this Madame.

Everyone below the stage were discussing, causing Chang Li's disease's expression to turn ugly!

Just then, Pan Yu walked onto the stage, and said to Xiao Wen Li: Sir, it's time! As he spoke, he used a jade strip to shave off the balsam on his face and took out a towel to wipe off the balsam that had not been shaved clean!

His face ~

What a mystical balsam!

After wiping, your skin is as tender as a polished piece of jade! If I had known earlier, I would have gone up on stage! Some had faces full of regret! Looking at Shaw's face was full of envy!

Although the poison in the girl's body hadn't been completely cured, her life was still safe.

Yun Daimeng walked up the stage once again, looked at Chang Li's disease, and said: You've lost!

Chang Li's disease: I didn't lose, and it was you. If not for you giving this slut a dogshit pill, my Xiang Jian Wan would have already taken effect!

When Yun Daimeng heard, she really wanted to slap her to death. She said angrily: There is a main ingredient in the Xiang Jian Wan, it is the sweet scent of magic taro, the environment for the sweet smell of magic taro is extremely harsh, and can't be found. Therefore, you used the sweet corpse of magic taro instead, it is very similar to the sweet smell of magic taro, I do not know if you purposefully ignored it or not, one is a hallucinogenic poison, and the other is not, you used the sweet corpse of magic taro instead of the sweet scent of magic taro! That's why this girl was almost poisoned to death! "

Impossible, you lied to me, didn't you say that you can produce Xiang Jian Wan? If you have the ability, then make one of them, and make this Madame accept her defeat wholeheartedly! The Chang Li's disease was certain that Yun Daimeng did not have a herbal medicine like Mo Yutang.

Yun Daimeng: Today, this Madame will make you convinced of your defeat.

After saying that, he began to prepare the materials!

When she took out a completely undamaged sweet potato, Zhang Family Head felt like his heart was going to stop. All these years, it was precisely because the Zhang Family found it difficult to create Xiang Jian Wan, causing her status to fall by a thousand feet. Other than the balsam, there was nothing else that could give out this kind of incense.

Yun Daimeng looked at Zhang Family Head in disdain, and threw the entire sweet potato into the new type of equipment, and then added the required medicinal material s bit by bit. As she continued to add things in, the fragrance in the air became stronger, and this kind of smell was very intoxicating!

When the machine stopped working, Yun Daimeng opened the lid, and an even stronger fragrance floated in the air. What an enchanting fragrance!

This was the Xiang Jian Wan, it had a captivating charm!

Yun Daimeng took out the Xiang Jian Wan! Who wants to try? "



Let me try! Looking at Xiao Wen who was standing on stage and not getting down, Yun Daimeng ignored him and pointed at one of the Female: You!

Xiao Yu continued, This Young Master is clearly standing here, why don't you let me try?

Yun Daimeng: Xiang Jian Wan s are for women. Why would a man like you eat such a thing?

Shaw also: Why can't men eat?

Xiao Xingyi: Stinking brat, stop making a fool of yourself on the stage, get down!

Xiao Zi also said: That won't do, I, the young master of the Xiang Jian Wan also want to try it!

Yun Daimeng could not be bothered with this crazy man. She passed the Xiang Jian Wan to the Female on stage and watched her swallow it!

As time passed, Female's body gradually started to exude an enchanting fragrance. This kind of fragrance was very faint, although faint, it was very intoxicating. This was the true Xiang Jian Wan. Madame Zhang, where are you going? "

Looking at the Chang Li's disease that had descended, Yun Daimeng asked. The Chang Li's disease that was walking forward paused for a moment, and then … She wanted to run, but with so many spectators, how could she run?

As they pushed and pushed, they were caught by Pan Yu and Zuo Yi! The two of them lifted her onto the stage!

The judge then walked out from the crowd and said, It is clear that the outcome has been decided, and the final victor is North Lady!

As the referee's voice fell, Chang Li's disease coincidentally fainted. Pretending to faint? "Pan Yu took out a steel needle from his storage ring and fiercely pierced it into Chang Li's disease's butt! With a wail, Chang Li's disease sprung up from the ground and waved his hand to slap Pan Yu's face!

In the end, Pan Yu grabbed onto her wrist and shook it fiercely: Zhang Madame, you have lost, shouldn't you keep your promise from back then? And there's also the Chief of the Li Family. Back then, he had made a bet with us Madame that the loser would have to pay five million silver taels!

I never thought that this North Lady would earn ten million silver silver!

Also, get Madame Zhang to kowtow and dance with her naked Clothes!

If this Zhang Madame really does that, then the Zhang Family's letter of rest is here!

Who can you blame? Who wants to compete with North Lady in producing incense?

North Lady, my daughter is ignorant. If North Lady can let my daughter go, I am willing to offer a million silver s! Hearing that, Yun Daimeng grinned: This Madame is not interested in silver, let's just let Madame Zhang dance!

Chief of the Li Family: North Lady, my Daughter won't dance this way no matter what! Seeing the Chief of the Li Family's tough attitude, Yun Daimeng sneered: At that time, this Madame repeatedly told her not to compete, but she did not listen! And now that the Chief of the Li Family did not honor the bet, does he think that the Madame is easy to bully? Or do you think that the audience is easily deceived?

This was actually just a bet between Yun Daimeng and Chang Li's disease, but with just a few words, she had involved everyone.

That's right! We heard it all! Whoever lost, will have to dance naked with their Clothes. At that time, the North Lady also repeatedly told her not to compete with him, but she refused to listen to him. Not only will they compete, she even made a bet of kneeling down and taking off her Clothes! And now that you have lost and are going to go back on your words, do you think we are all fools?

Seeing someone stand up for him, the others that you disapprove of were born one after another to denounce him.

"Father, I don't want to kneel down to this slut, and I don't want to take off my Clothes.

Chief of the Li Family: I wonder how North Lady will let my daughter off!

Yun Daimeng looked at the audience and said: About this, this Madame is not an ignorant person. If you want me to let her go, it's not impossible, but this Chief of the Li Family is prepared to pay five million silver silver s and have Madame kowtow to apologize to this Madame's servants. This Madame will not hold it against her rudeness.

What? Kowtow to a maidservant?

This …

At the

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