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Mysterious King, Unique Love: Volume 5

Mysterious King, Unique Love: Volume 5

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Mysterious King, Unique Love: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019


On the eve of the wedding, Yuan Han raped her future husband, and that woman was actually her half-sister! Then Yuanhan was pushed into the lobby of the wedding and forced to be the bride. At the moment of her despair, he had appeared and taken her away!
Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019

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Mysterious King, Unique Love - Bai Yan



CHENG! CHENG! Something bad happened! The secretary rushed into the office.

CHENG heard the voice and said impatiently, What now? Can't you stop babbling like that! The CHENG hated his secretary for disturbing his so much.

The secretary looked at his boss who was still enjoying himself and the company was about to close down. It was really a merchant girl who didn't know the hatred of her country. The secretary lowered his head and did not speak.

CHENG waved to the woman beside him to leave.

The woman looked at her secretary in dissatisfaction, tidied up her clothes, and walked out. Hmph, bad things are good for me.

CHENG buttoned up his clothes and an ambiguous atmosphere pervaded the air in the office.

CHENG cleared his throat, Speak, what do you want now?

Then the secretary dares to open his mouth. CHENG doesn't know why the Qin Xia group is selling our stocks at such a low price, to the point that our company's bone pieces have already stopped selling! "

What?! CHENG stood up and slapped the table hard, causing the fat on his body to tremble. How did you manage that?! What did I raise you bunch of idiots for!

The secretary was so scared that her legs were trembling and her speech was incomplete. Chen... Calm your anger, CHENG. At the start of the sell-off, the stock market did not fluctuate much and rose instead of falling. We also did not discover the facade we created. " The secretary said helplessly, and could only sigh at Gu Mohan's craftsmanship.

Damn you Gu Mohan, are you determined to play me to death? The CHENG said fiercely. He definitely could not lose to Gu Mohan like this.

CHENG, what should we do next? The secretary waited for CHENG's instructions.

CHENG pondered for a moment. Did you send the photo I asked you to send last time?

Only then did the secretary remember the incident with the photos. They were sent to an employee.

What's the reaction from Qin Xia?

This is also strange, Gu Mohan did not have much of a reaction. The employees over there are all working normally.

When the CHENG heard that Gu Mohan did not take any actions, he became extremely furious. It was really strange.

CHENG decides what to do.

Send an invitation letter and invite Gu Mohan to dinner.

What if he doesn't come?

We invited him. Whether he came or not is his business. If he's here, then let's scout him out. If he isn't, then we can just tell the outside world that he wants to bully the Chen family to their deaths."

CHENG is truly brilliant. The secretary sighed at the skills of the CHENG.

Qin Xia Group.

CEO, the Chen family is inviting you to tonight's dinner. The secretary was shocked when she received the email, she did not expect the CHENG to invite her competitor for a meal.

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrows, seeing through the skills of the CHENG with a single glance. When you return to the CHENG, tell them that I will be attending the banquet tonight. "

The secretary did not understand why Gu Mohan was still walking deeper into the abyss, CEO, this is obviously the banquet of Chang Hong Gate. Why are you going?"

Gu Mohan laughed, Then you don't understand, you're still young.

The secretary still did not understand what the two of them were planning. Please enlighten me, CEO. This subordinate is slow-witted. "

Gu Mohan smiled and shook his head, the older the wiser. Think about it, I bought the Chen Group before. If I don't go now, what will the outside world say about me?

The secretary thought about it. The outside world is saying that we, Qin Xia, are relying on our power to bully others? "

Right. The secretary replied promptly, it was indeed a person at Gu Mohan's side. What would happen if you thought about it?

If we go … The secretary bit her lips and quietly pondered. CEO, I can't think of anything else. "

If he goes, he'll be able to find out what I'm talking about. Isn't that the same as having two birds with one stone? Gu Mohan explained to the secretary about CHENG's conspiracy.

Yeah, why didn't I think of that? As expected of the CEO." The secretary praised Gu Mohan's IQ.

Not if it makes you think of it. Gu Mohan rolled his eyes at the secretary.

As expected of the CEO. The secretary smiled awkwardly.

Gu Mohan took a sip of his coffee. Go and reply to CHENG's email, saying that I'll be there on time tonight. "

Alright. The secretary walked out of the office.

Gu Mohan dialed Yuan Han's cell phone.

Beep, beep, beep. His cell phone rang urgently.

Yuan Han looked at the phone number without any comments. I really don't understand why this person would call me so close.

Hello, why are you calling so close? The phone bill doesn't need money, do you know that it's very expensive? " Yuan Han complained to Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan laughed out softly. Recently, he had been keeping a close eye on the money, preventing himself from wasting any of it. I missed you. "

Wouldn't it be fine if you just called me in, wouldn't it be true?

I'm not talking to you anymore. Let's get down to business.

Yuan Han's face was filled with helplessness as she knew that this was definitely not a good thing. Say it, there definitely won't be any good things. "

Good thing, let's eat a big meal. CHENG has arranged a meal tonight, I plan to bring you along. "

Yuan Han looked extremely confused, as she did not understand why Yun Che would bring him along. CHENG? Is that the CHENG from before? "

Yes, that one. Gu Mohan spoke in a very casual manner, not a trace of emotion could be seen on his face.

Since it's that CHENG from before, then it's even more inappropriate to go. " Since it's the CHENG, then there's even less of a need for me to go. Isn't it just a light burning in the toilet when you take me there?

It's not clear on the phone. Just go. Go home and change your clothes. I'll pick you up when I get home. Gu Mohan explained things that Yuan Han needed to pay attention to.

Yuan Han was extremely unwilling, but when she thought of the things that had happened the last time, she still felt fear in her heart. Why are you bringing me along, and why is it so troublesome to change clothes? "

Alright, be good and obedient. Do you want me to take other women with me? Gu Mohan tried to agitate Yuan Han's possessiveness.

How dare you! I hung up. Yuan Han hung up the phone.

Gu Mohan knew that he would definitely succeed in this move.

Yuan Han hung up the phone, packed her stuff, and called her card to go home and change.

Hey, Sister Yuan Han left so early today.

Ever since the last incident, the people of the company had been extremely respectful, and no one dared to bully Yuan Han again.

Yeah, there's something on today. All of you can do it. Yuan Han quickly said goodbye to the people in the office.

Be careful on the way.

At home.

Mother Wu, I'm back. Yuan Han took off his shoes and entered the door to greet the Mother Wu.

Aiyo, Madam, why did you come back so early today? Mother Wu took the bag from Yuan Han's hands.

"Mother Wu, Mo Han and I will not be eating at home tonight. There's no need to cook our food, I just came back to see if there was any peace and change of clothes. Remember to go and pick Le Le up from school. Also, tell him that Le Le will be back after dinner tonight. Yuan Han explained the things he needed to pay attention to.

Madam, you can eat without worry. Young Master and Young Miss are under my care.

I'll go change my clothes first. When Mo Han comes back, prepare some wine and let him drink it. Yuan Han knew that there would be a war tonight.

When Gu Mohan saw that it was almost time, he went back home to pick Yuan Han up.

Is Madame still up there? Gu Mohan asked the Mother Wu.

Yes, Madame is still changing her clothes on top of it. She told you to drink these soups. "

Oh yeah, I didn't expect her to be so considerate. Gu Mohan drank the soup in one gulp.

Madam, it's also for your own good. Having a woman at home is really different. Mother Wu made fun of Gu Mohan.

Yuan Han put on a conservative yet noble attire, put on a light makeup, and came down.

Gu Mohan seemed to be very satisfied with Yuan Han's outfit, as he nodded her head.

Why are you looking at me like that? Is it okay?"

Madam looks good in anything.

Yuan Han scratched her head in embarrassment, Mother Wu is too kind, I will be proud if you do this.

Alright, this will do. If you wear such beautiful clothes for others to see, then I'll lose out.

With your ability, hurry up and leave. Yuan Han held onto Gu Mohan's arm.

What a dinner party this was.


It was getting dark again, and the busy city was going to fall asleep again, letting the tired body say goodbye to its day's hard work, let it sleep, and accompany the people in the city to sleep. The crescent moon in the sky was gazing at the city and its people with deep affection. Watching the lights of every household go out, it quietly played a Moon Song on the bedside.

CHENG had long since been waiting in advance at the agreed time. CHENG was tasting the red wine with interest, his fat belly shaking.

CHENG, do you think he will come? CHENG brought along his mistress from the office that day.

CHENG hugged the woman's shoulders, He has already agreed, and he will definitely come. Who is he, Gu Mohan?

Speaking of which, I've never seen a real person before. I've seen the pictures on the magazine news all this while. No one said regretfully.

What is it? Are you interested?

Of course I'm interested. I want to see who this man who provoked the CHENG is. The woman coaxed the CHENG happily.

Little fellow, your sweet mouth is not in vain for me to love you so much. CHENG pinched the woman's nose.

The CHENG is here. The secretary reminded CHENG that Gu Mohan was here.

Yuan Han held Gu Mohan's hand and smiled as she stood next to Gu Mohan. The waiter showed them the way. The man was handsome and cold while the woman was delicate and gentle. They were truly a perfect couple.

The lights in the restaurant were gently making people feel dizzy, gently making people unable to see their facial expressions clearly.

The waiter pushed the door open for Gu Mohan.

Aiyo, CEO Gu really has been waiting for you for a long time. CHENG stood up and smiled at Gu Mohan, making it difficult to tell how sinister his smile was.

Gu Mohan pulled out a chair from the side and sat down first.

CHENG is being overly courteous, please take a seat. Gu Mohan showed a very polite look.

Everyone at the table had their own thoughts.

Didn't Director Gu introduce the beauty at the side? The look in the CHENG's eyes made Yuan Han shudder.

Gu Mohan looked at Yuan Han, telling her to calm down. For a moment, I forgot to introduce her, this is my wife, Yuan Han.

CHENG pretended to be surprised. He already knew everything. He never thought that Gu Mohan would actually dare to bring Yuan Han over.

Aiyo, so this is Madam Gu. I was really rude last time. Please forgive me for any mistakes. " As he spoke, he poured a cup of wine to toast Yuan Han.

Yuan Han smiled as she looked at CHENG. In reality, his heart had already been hacked into a thousand pieces. There was no need to be polite in CHENG. The last incident had long since been forgotten. Who wouldn't do something stupid if they drank too much?

CHENG, there's no need to toast her with this wine. She hasn't been feeling very well lately. Gu Mohan rejected CHENG coldly on behalf of Yuan Han.

I didn't expect Director Gu to be so protective of the fairer sex. I'll do it myself then. CHENG drank the red wine in his cup in one breath.

CHENG doesn't want to introduce the young miss at the side? Gu Mohan noticed that the woman beside CHENG was staring at him.

She had never taken her eyes off Gu Mohan before, ever since she first laid eyes on him. She had never seen him in person before. Compared to this pot-bellied CHENG, he really couldn't compare at all.

Only then did CHENG remember that he had brought a woman with him. Hehe, this is my assistant.

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who was referred to as his assistant. Why didn't you bring your wife with you today? Gu Mohan challenged the CHENG step by step.

CHENG laughed awkwardly. This... Don't women always have a few days every month? I didn't come here. "

This madam's health isn't very good. I'll pay a visit to her another day. Yuan Han drank a mouthful of hot tea and replied CHENG.

CHENG looked at Yuan Han embarrassedly, This Miss Yuan is being too courteous, I won't trouble you any longer.

Gu Mohan knew that something must have happened to them as he continued to tease the CHENG. CHENG was not troublesome at all, only women would be easy to talk to. Right, Xiao Han. " Gu Mohan glanced at Yuan Han.

Yuan Han understood what Gu Mohan meant, and continued with her words. Right, I really have to pay a visit to the Madam another day. I'm really sorry about what happened last time. " Yuan Han pushed the last matter towards herself.

CHENG's face gradually contorted, a wave of red and a wave of green, it was really funny.

Seeing that he could not hide it anymore, CHENG decided to just break the stalemate and not let himself be at a disadvantage forever. To be honest, I had no feelings for her for a long time. Last time, didn't you say that I would lose face if I didn't even get a clear idea of what happened? " CHENG pretended to be hurt.

Yuan Han laughed helplessly and smiled at Gu Mohan. The two of them had already succeeded in their plans.

Then we have truly wronged CHENG.

Isn't that so? If only I had a lady like the Miss Yuan. CHENG stared at Yuan Han with her lecherous eyes.

When Yuan Han felt the gaze of the crowd, she lowered her head and started to eat.

I heard that CHENG's company has been in a crisis. Gu Mohan went straight to the point, I want to see what tricks you have up your sleeve.

Oh right, I just want to ask Director Gu to take a bit more responsibility this time. Recently, my company seems to have been bought by a foreign company in large quantities. I was planning to sell it to him so that I could go back to retirement. Who knows, he suddenly doesn't want it anymore."

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrows, and pretended that he did not know anything. Is that so? There have been rumors outside that your company is close to bankruptcy. It seems like there is such a thing?

I really don't have that. Our company is doing pretty well right now. No one knew who said those random words, but that person's mouth must have not been washed for who knows how many years. It's so smelly.

Gu Mohan's face twitched. He was clearly not scolding himself. That was not the case. The way each company operated was known only to the people who operated the company. Who knows if this is the truth or not. "

CHENG poured a cup of wine and was about to toast Gu Mohan, "Boss Gu, let's drink a cup of wine first.

Fortunately, Yuan Han had allowed herself to drink this money, otherwise, she would not be able to survive. CHENG is too polite. "

I wonder what Chairman Gu's plans are for the next few days? The CHENG tried to test Gu Mohan.

This old fox was about to begin his routine. Gu Mohan said slowly, his voice did not carry a hint of emotion. Recently, Qin Xia was planning to buy a group. It's just that this company is a bit troublesome and has not been settled yet.

CHENG sighed as he gulped down a cup of red wine. Good wine, this is really good wine.

This old fox was really going to reveal his tail.

Does Director Gu have any plans to deal with this company?

Gu Mohan slowly drank his cup of wine and said leisurely. No rush, I'm waiting for the call.

Waiting for a phone call? Miss Yuan is already sitting here waiting for a call from some beauty.

Gu Mohan smiled and did not speak. Yuan Han did not care about them and continued to enjoy the feast. After all, eating would be a waste of time.

Let's eat first. We'll be rivals the next time we meet. CHENG suddenly said politely.

Aren't we always opponents? Gu Mohan said this coldly.

Beep, beep, beep. Gu Mohan's phone quickly rang.

You see, Cao Cao Cao will be here as soon as you say it.

CEO, everything's done. The secretary told Gu Mohan the news on the other side of the phone.

Gu Mohan poured a cup of red wine and raised it up. CHENG offers this cup to you. We won't be accompanying you. "

The two of them clinked glasses in their own thoughts. Let's go.

Yuan Han put down her chopsticks and followed Gu Mohan out of the room.

CHENG! Something terrible has happened! The secretary called hurriedly.

What is it? Hurry up and say it.

CHENG... Just a moment ago, the company went bankrupt!

When CHENG heard the call, he sat on the chair with a pale face. He never thought that Gu Mohan would have gotten his hands on his own company so quickly.

Baby! Now it's all up to you! CHENG clapped the back of his hand.

Gu Mohan, I will definitely make you pay me back with interest.


Gu Mohan brought Yuan Han home, and even when he was crying, he was humming a song.

What's making you so happy? Ever since you picked up the phone, you've always been so happy. Yuan Han didn't understand what could make Gu Mohan so happy.

The purchase was a success. Gu Mohan happily told Yuan Han the news.

The acquisition is a success? CHENG's company? Yuan Han did not know what Gu Mohan was saying.

Only now did Gu Mohan remember that Yuan Han did not seem to know about this. I forgot to tell you, I've been buying up the Chen Group. However, it has always been in the process of being prepared. "

Yuan Han was surprised to find that Gu Mohan had already planned for this plan a long time ago. Then tonight's banquet …

Gu Mohan explained the reason for the banquet to Yuan Han. Tonight was supposed to be a Hongmen feast, so he was the one who invited me over. "

Then why did you bring me along? Yuan Han did not understand the use of bringing him along, he had been eating at a place the entire time.

Gu Mohan laughed, You just gave him some pointers, to provoke him.

Yuan Han was inexplicably angry when she heard about her own usage. You, Gu Mohan, actually used me! "

No, no, no. I don't dare to use you, my lord. I think I should just tell him that you are my woman and that no one can touch you. " Gu Mohan looked at Yuan Han and emotionally said these words.

Yuan Han suddenly felt embarrassed, it was fortunate that the lights in the car were dark, otherwise she would have definitely seen her flushed face. Then you should have told me earlier, so that I could prepare myself. "

If I told you, then this act wasn't real, just look at how good your acting skills are. Gu Mohan lightly pinched Yuan Han's face.

It's really true. It's really hard to hide it from me. I was the only one who didn't know about the whole dinner party, and I even said how I was going to take me out of the blue tonight.

Gu Mohan suddenly spoke with sincerity. Xiao Han, you have to get used to this kind of situation in the future. There will always be after such a dinner. "

I know, my current identity is different. I will have to get used to it sooner or later, it's just that I don't have much time to be with Le Le and An. They are still young. Yuan Han sighed.

You should mind your own business a little less. Just go home after you finish your work.

Yuan Han shook her head and said unwillingly. No, I can't be special just because I'm a Madam President. I'm also a employee of this company.

In the future, I will be in charge of earning money to support our family. You will be in charge of being as beautiful as a flower. Okay?" Gu Mohan held onto Yuan Han's hand. Big hands wrapped around small hands.

En! Yuan Han nodded heavily. I've thought about it. When An An grew up and went to kindergarten, I'll come out and help you relieve the burden. "

Alright, alright, alright. You can say whatever you want. Gu Mohan hugged Yuan Han and thanked the heavens for allowing him to meet Yuan Han once again.

Le Le, Mom is back. Yuan Han called out to Yuan Tianle the moment she entered the door.

Mom! Yuan Tianle hadn't seen Yuan Han hug Yuan Han's thighs happily for a whole day.

Come, let daddy carry you. Gu Mohan carried Yuan Tianle high up.

Mother Wu! Is Anthea asleep? Yuan Han wanted to carry Yuan Tianan out to play for a while.

Little Miss fell asleep early, you ate a lot today. Mother Wu reported on Yuan Tianan's situation.

Oh right, Mother Wu, bring Le Yue in first. We have something to talk about. Gu Mohan handed Yuan Tianle over to Mother Wu.

There's something I can't listen to. Yuan Tianle said with grievance.

I can listen to Le Le Le when she is older, so Le Le should hurry up and grow up. Gu Mohan rubbed Yuan Tianle's head, coaxing him.

What's the matter? Why did you become so mysterious? Yuan Han didn't know what Gu Mohan wanted to do next.

Xiao Han, I've thought about it. This happiness cannot stay under Xiang Yunchao's account forever. This had always been Gu Mohan's thought.

Sure, I thought you were planning on going on like this. Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with disdain.

Let's go and get the certificate tomorrow. Suddenly, Gu Mohan proposed.

Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan in shock, What did you just say?

I said, let's go and get the certificate tomorrow.

Yuan Han never thought that Gu Mohan's proposal would be so simple and crude, Were you proposing just now?

Otherwise? Gu Mohan looked at Yuan Han seriously.

Oh, yes. Yuan Han said in disappointment.

What else would it be? Are you going to marry or not? Gu Mohan's tone suddenly became impatient.

Marry! If I don't marry you, who else can I marry? Yuan Han rolled his eyes at Gu Mohan, got up, and left.

Of course. Ai, where are you going?" Gu Mohan saw Yuan Han leave angrily.

Can't I take a bath and sleep? Yuan Han was not satisfied at all with Gu Mohan's proposal. He had never seen anyone act like this before. Why does it sound like a forced marriage.

Have you prepared everything I told you to? Gu Mohan called the secretary, afraid that he would make a mistake.

Reporting to the President, I have repeatedly confirmed this. I promise there won't be any mistakes. When the secretary saw his own CEO, he finally understood. The two of them were also very open to the public.

Oh right, go buy a suit. It will be delivered tomorrow morning.

What kind of dress?

Mm … She doesn't like those that are luxurious, so she might as well buy those that are low-key and low-key. " Gu Mohan knew Yuan Han's style of dressing.

Alright, I understand. The secretary thought there would be a good show tomorrow.

The next morning.

Xiao Han, wake up quickly. We have business to attend to today. Gu Mohan pushed Yuan Han to wake her up.

What time is it? What's more important than sleeping?

We're going to get our certificates today! Gu Mohan reminded Yuan Han.

Yuan Han vaguely remembered that the one who did not count as a proposal yesterday. Oh, it's this. " Only then did she unwillingly get out of bed.

Wait a moment, put on this and put on some makeup. First, Gu Mohan made Yuan Han the most eye-catching woman.

It's just a pass. Why would you look so good wearing it? Yuan Han asked Gu Mohan impatiently.

Let's go to the company first for the celebratory feast and then go get your pass.

What celebration? Yuan Han had already forgotten about the matter of him buying the Chen Group yesterday.

Actually, Gu Mohan had never hosted any celebratory feast, and the number of companies he took in were countless.

Today's company was bustling with activity, with all kinds of delicious food placed on top.

Sigh, why would this CEO suddenly host a celebratory feast?

That's right, it has never been held before. And for the rest of the company."

What do you want to do if you want to eat, play and play?

Yeah, you can't even stop your mouth from eating.

Gu Mohan looked at Yuan Han's outfit with satisfaction. That's right. "

Am I wrong before? Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with disdain.

It's beautiful today. Hearing Gu Mohan's praise of him, Yuan Han's mood improved.

Let's go, we're still poor. Yuan Han held Gu Mohan's hand and walked out of the house.

CEO, the venue is ready. The secretary reported to Gu Mohan.

Xiao Han, I'll wait for you to enter first. I have some things to attend to here before I go in. The secretary is waiting for you there. Gu Mohan began to prepare for it himself.

Where are we going? I'm not very familiar with the people at the company. Yuan Han was helpless as he abandoned her and left.

Miss Yuan, let me bring you in. The secretary stood at the door to welcome Yuan Han.

Thank you. What is he doing?

Just you wait. The Secretary was envious of Yuan Han.

Hey, Sister Yuan Han, you're so pretty today. A colleague praised Yuan Han.

When his male colleague looked at Yuan Han's outfit today, he realized that Yuan Han was very beautiful, but he didn't expect her to be this shocked.

Thank you. Yuan Han drank his fruit juice with boredom, wanting to end this celebratory feast as soon as possible.

Yuan Han! A voice shouted from above him.

Everyone looked at Yuan Han strangely, even Yuan Han herself did not know what was going on.

Will you marry me? Gu Mohan knelt down on one knee behind Yuan Han.

Yuan Han turned and saw him kneeling on the ground. She thought she was dreaming.

Will you?

I do.


The weather was clear and windy.

Gu Mohan kneeling on one knee, at this moment became a scene from history.

The CEO is so romantic. I didn't expect her to be so gentle.

I'm so envious, if only I was Yuan Han.

I heard that the CEO and Yuan Han have known each other for a long time.

Alas, being early is not as coincidental as being early.

More than half of the women in Gu Mohan's proposal company had lost their love.

Gu Mohan stood up and gently put the storage ring on Yuan Han's hand.

It was a low-key ring, and there was a small diamond inlaid on the surface of the monotonous ring. Gu Mohan knew that Yuan Han did not like luxurious storage rings, Yuan Han was different from other women.

Yuan Han looked at the storage ring on her hand. If it was someone else, why would they give Yuan Han such a shabby ring when she was so rich? Only Yuan Han herself knew that this ring contained Gu Mohan's love for him, and he understood what she wanted.

Thank you. Yuan Han's eyes were brimming with tears as she looked at Gu Mohan.

No need to thank me. Gu Mohan caressed Yuan Han's face.

I thought … Yuan Han thought about her proposal yesterday.

Gu Mohan smiled as he looked at Gu Mohan. You think that yesterday was my proposal? Hahaha, you definitely didn't think of that. Gu Mohan looked really unlucky.

Yuan Han pounded on Gu Mohan's chest with the Flower of Tears in her eyes. It's all your fault. Even I was fooled.

Gu Mohan gently hugged Yuan Han, Alright, alright, isn't this fooling around quite happily?

When everyone saw Yuan Han laughing and crying, Gu Mohan hugged Yuan Han, they were truly a pair of golden children.

Kiss one! Kiss one!

A voice drifted out from the crowd.

Everyone understood what he meant and started to cheer for him. Kiss one! Kiss one!

Yuan Han shyly lowered her head. Gu Mohan shot a sinister glance at everyone, and the entire place became silent in an instant.

What are you arguing about? Do you want the year-end bonus? Gu Mohan gave the order, and no one dared to make a sound.

Seeing how strict Gu Mohan was, Yuan Han couldn't help but laugh.

Xiao Han, they said to let me kiss you. What should we do?"

Mm … Then kiss it. Yuan Han lowered her head and shyly nodded.

Gu Mohan received permission as he used both hands to hold Yuan Han's face and kissed him lightly.

Awoo! Seeing Gu Mohan kissing Yuan Han, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Good job, CEO!

The president is mighty! He never expected that the usually aloof CEO would have such a side.

Let's go, Xiao Han. We went to get our certificates. Gu Mohan held Yuan Han's hand and walked towards the door.

En! Yuan Han nodded happily.

Howl! Everyone split into two teams to send off Gu Mohan and Yuan Han.

Gu Mohan used his hands to protect Yuan Han's head as he sent him to the front passenger seat.

You don't need to call me for anything today, just take care of it yourself. Gu Mohan told the secretary.

Yes, CEO. I know what to do. The secretary would definitely not let Gu Mohan get in the way.

Where are we going now?

Of course we're going to get our certificates now. Why?"

Nope. Yuan Han laughed as she shook her head.

I thought you wanted to go back on your word.

No way, I say, will you go back on your word or not?

No, I certainly will not. I'll never let you go in this life.

Then let's kill each other.

Gu Mohan started the car and headed towards his destination.

Civil Affairs Bureau.

Today was a good day. The civil affairs office was packed. But it didn't stop people's enthusiasm.

A low-key sedan pulled up in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The black paint on its exterior couldn't stop its noble heart. People were curious to know who the owner of such a car was.

Gu Mohan got off the carriage first and took out a bunch of roses from the trunk.

So handsome. The woman who was about to get her pass couldn't help but exclaim.

Gu Mohan walked to the front passenger seat and welcomed Yuan Han as he got off.

Xiao Han, we have arrived. Gu Mohan hid the flower behind him.

Yuan Han slowly got out of the car, her snow-white dress showing off her long and slender legs.

So beautiful. Be it men or women, all of them sighed out loud when they saw Yuan Han.

Gu Mohan took out a rose from behind her, Xiao Han, this is for you.

Yuan Han was so shocked that she couldn't speak, When did you buy it, how come I didn't know?

There are a lot of things you don't know. Let's hurry up and go in. Gu Mohan led Yuan Han inside.

Look at others, then look at you. A woman pointed at her new husband and said in dissatisfaction.

Then why don't you take a look at how long the other person has been retreating for. Your little leg. After saying so, the man looked at his wife's legs with disdain.

Is this marriage over yet?! The woman looked at her man angrily.

The man saw that the matter was getting out of hand and hurriedly tried to persuade the woman. A knot, of course. There is no need to marry for the sake of others. "

Then I want a rose too, it's prettier than hers. The woman pouted her lips and pointed at the rose in Yuan Han's hand.

Alright, alright, alright. You can say whatever you want. The man didn't think it would be so expensive to get married.

Look at how many women you have caused to fall out of love. Yuan Han laughed and teased Gu Mohan.

Isn't that good? If it wasn't for the current monogamy, I would definitely find a few more."

How dare you! Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan fiercely.

I think it's good. I want to have a football team. How tired you must be if you say a football team is so miserable. Even Gu Mohan himself felt that this reason was suitable for him.

Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with her hands folded across her chest, Your words are reasonable, it's better for me to say this.

That's right! I always do it for the good of my wife. " Gu Mohan grinned as he looked at Yuan Han.

Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan helplessly. It could be said that he had lost his life to Gu Mohan.

Next! Gu Mohan, Yuan Han. " The staff shouted the names of Gu Mohan and Yuan Han.

Let's go, it's our turn. Gu Mohan held Yuan Han's hand and solemnly walked into the registration room.

Gu Mohan pulled up the stool for Yuan Han to sit on first.

Miss, you are about to become Mr. Gu Mohan's legal wife. From now on you will be protected by the law of marriage. The staff member explained the process to Yuan Han.

Yes, I'm fine with that. Yuan Han nodded in agreement.

Sir, you are about to become Miss Yuan Han's legal husband. From now on you will be protected by the law of marriage. The staff member repeated the same words again.

Yeah, I'm fine with that too. Gu Mohan nodded in agreement.

If there's no problem, just sign here. The staff member pointed to a blank spot on the red paper.

Gu Mohan and Yuan Han signed their names without hesitation.

You two, go over here and take a picture. The staff member pointed at the camera at the side.

Gu Mohan and Yuan Han sat on stools with their backs facing each other and the red color was extremely joyous.

The two of you, lean closer and smile. The photographer looked at the two of them.

Kacha. The camera took the moment.

The clerk pasted the photo on a red book and stamped it heavily. The employee gave the books to Gu Mohan and Yuan Han.

You two, hold it. Here is your marriage certificate.

Thank you. Yuan Han solemnly received the marriage certificate. I didn't expect marriage to be like this.

Gu Mohan took the book, and thought about what had happened during this period of time. It was really a sigh.

What are you thinking about? Yuan Han did not say a word when he saw Gu Mohan.

I was thinking that's what marriage is like.

Yuan Han laughed, Haven't you been married before? Why are you still pretending?"

Before … Previously, it should have been done by the secretary. I don't remember. " Gu Mohan lowered his head in embarrassment.

Alright, alright, I'm just teasing you. Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan's helpless face and found it funny.

Watch how I'll deal with you when I get home.

Tsk, I'm going home to see my child. Go back to work.

Alright. From now on, I will be in charge of earning money to support my family, and you will be in charge of being as beautiful as flowers.

Gu Mohan and Yuan Han looked at each other and laughed.


These two days, the secretary was helping Gu Mohan prepare for the wedding, she definitely could not be careless with the CEO's wedding.

CEO, what else do we need to do for this wedding?

Gu Mohan wanted to give Yuan Han a different marriage. He wanted to make Yuan Han the happiest woman in the world. What kind of wedding do you women like? Gu Mohan asked the secretary, he guessed that most of the women had the same thoughts.

The secretary did not expect Gu Mohan to ask him such a question, but how could he answer when he did not even have a boyfriend? CEO... I don't have a boyfriend. "

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

En... I don't believe you haven't thought about it. As a woman, I should be more or less ready to think about it. " Gu Mohan turned his head around, not knowing how to alleviate the atmosphere.

In that case, maybe I'm not a woman. In any case, I think …" The secretary fell silent.

Hurry up and tell me. Gu Mohan was so worried by the secretary.

According to my understanding of the Miss Yuan. I don't think she likes extravagant weddings.

Only now did Gu Mohan remember that there weren't many people that Yuan Han knew in this city. The closest to her was the old granny. Most of the people invited at the wedding were her business partners. The wedding was only a ceremony.

Yeah, why didn't I think of that?

The secretary sighed. Everyone said that a person in love was a fool, but this CEO's IQ was simply negative.

Is the wedding going on as usual? The secretary asked Gu Mohan about his next plan.

Of course the wedding is still going on! It's just a different method."

Are the numbers still the same?

No one.

The secretary was puzzled as to why they did not invite anyone else to the wedding. What does the CEO mean? "

Just hand the Sweet 'n' Sour stuff over to the partners and it'll be fine. Gu Mohan thought.

Wouldn't it be nice not to invite them to the wedding? The secretary gave his advice.

This is Yuan Han and I's wedding. I plan to bring Le Le and An An on a honeymoon. A travel wedding. Gu Mohan thought that Yuan Han would definitely like it.

The secretary did not expect Gu Mohan to say something like this and settle the matter of the honeymoon and wedding with him. It actually saved me a lot of trouble. As expected of the CEO.

Hurry up and do it, don't tell Yuan Han about this.

I understand, I'll keep my mouth shut.

By the way, help me with the passports of four people. And the ticket, first class. We can't let anyone disturb us. Gu Mohan instructed the secretary.

I'll go have dinner with Grandma tonight. You can prepare a thick scarf and handstockings. I won't take anything valuable.

I got it. I'm going to do it now.

Gu Mohan had thought that the best wedding for Yuan Han would be when they were family.

Yuan Han had been taking care of her child at home for the past two days, living a comfortable life. But she also felt that there was something wrong with it.

Xiao Han, I'm back. Gu Mohan returned home early and changed his shoes at the entrance.

Why did you come back so early today? Yuan Han carried Yuan Tianan to the entrance to welcome Gu Mohan.

I'm going to take you to eat with Grandma today. Gu Mohan said leisurely while changing into his shoes.

Why is it so sudden?

It's not sudden. We've already checked it out and haven't told Grandma yet. Isn't there some kind of three-way back door? Gu Mohan didn't know where to learn about these etiquette.

Wow, how do you know that? Yuan Han was shocked by Gu Mohan's speed.

Of course I know who I am. Wait a moment, let's go to pick Le Le's up from school."

Alright. I told Mother Wu not to cook tonight. Yuan Han carried Yuan Tianan and instructed the Mother Wu.

CEO, I've already prepared everything you need in the car. The secretary lamented that he was getting more and more efficient.

Okay, thank you.

The secretary's eyes widened. Is there something wrong with my ear? I actually heard my CEO say 'thank you' to someone else in my lifetime. The secretary planned to ask Gu Mohan one more time.

CEO, what did you just say?

Why didn't you hear it clearly and want to hear it again? Gu Mohan heard the secretary's question.

No, I heard you. The secretary quickly hung up, afraid that he would lose his head.

Xiao Han, the weather is getting colder and colder. I've prepared some things for Grandma, take a look. Gu Mohan took out the scarf he had prepared.

Wow, it seems very smart. Who taught you when you knew your grandma wouldn't accept valuable things? Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with satisfaction.

I thought of it myself. Who dares to teach me." Gu Mohan rolled his eyes at Yuan Han.

Let's go. It's enough to let the bell pick us up from school. Yuan Han put on her clothes and took her things to the door.

Alright, I'll go drive now. Gu Mohan took his car keys and walked towards the door.

Please take care, Madam.

At the entrance to the kindergarten.

Yuan Tianle had been waiting at the door for a long time, waiting for the driver to come pick him up.

Merry! Yuan Han opened the car door and called out to Yuan Tianle.

When Yuan Tianle saw that Yuan Han had come to pick him up, he ran over excitedly. Mom! Why did you come to pick me up today? "

Today, I'll bring you to grandma's house for dinner.

That's great! I haven't seen Grandma in a long time. Yuan Tianle clapped excitedly.

Le Le, hurry up and get on the carriage. Don't let Grandma wait too long. Gu Mohan urged Yuan Tianle to quickly get on the carriage.

Yuan Tianle hugged and kissed Yuan Tianan the moment he got on the car.

You said that if An An grew up, you wouldn't be allowed to kiss her like this? Yuan Han teased Yuan Tianle.

Le Le, what if my sister gets married in the future? Gu Mohan was curious as to how Yuan Tianle would reply.

Marry? What is marriage?" Yuan Tianle did not understand what Gu Mohan meant.

Marrying someone means that my sister has moved out to live with them. This was the best way to explain it to a child.

No! In the future, I want to live with my sister. I want to make money and raise my sister! Yuan Tianle protected Yuan Tianan tightly, afraid that he would be taken away.

Gu Mohan could not help but laugh out loud, As expected of my, Gu Mohan's son, you are exactly what I thought you were. Gu Mohan nodded in satisfaction.

Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with disdain, Your child is still so young, why is he talking about marrying someone? Besides, Le Le didn't even understand what you were saying.

Who said I didn't understand!? To marry is to be like mother, moving from grandmother's house to father's. Yuan Tianle retorted loudly.

Yuan Han looked at Yuan Tianle in shock, she did not expect these words to come from such a young child's mouth.

Hahaha. Gu Mohan laughed out loud. You see, a father is a son. I've already said that I would understand it if I were to be this smart. I didn't even look at whose son he is. "

Yes, yes, yes. You're the only one who is powerful. Concentrate on driving. " Yuan Han pinched Gu Mohan.

AHH! Gu Mohan cried out in pain. Le Le, your mother wants to murder her husband! "

Humph! You bullied my mother! " Yuan Tianle chose to stand by Yuan Han's side.

You little brat, I'll deal with you when I get home. Gu Mohan threatened Yuan Tianle.

Le Le, don't be afraid. Mommy will protect you. He didn't dare hit his mother.

My mother, protect me! Yuan Tianle saw that with Yuan Han's support, he became even more confident and confident.

Gu Mohan felt a headache, he did not expect his home to have changed, My heart hurts, you two are bullying me.

Don't worry, hubby, I'll still give you a meal. Yuan Han heavily patted Gu Mohan's shoulder. This is my promise to you! "

Gu Mohan held his chest and pretended to be in pain. I am so miserable to be alive right now. I have been living under the hands of the devils every day.

Sigh, don't make it sound like I'm abusing you. I'll just treat you like this.

Fine, fine, fine. I'll listen to you. Gu Mohan shook his head helplessly.


When the old granny heard that Yuan Han and Gu Mohan were going to come, she had already been waiting at the door.

Yuan Han saw that the old granny was anxiously waiting at the door. They're all telling you to hurry up! Look at how anxious Grandma is. " Yuan Han complained at Gu Mohan.

Once Gu Mohan stopped, the reunion would impatiently run towards the old granny with Yuan Tianan in their arms. Grandma, I'm sorry for making you wait. "

The old granny caressed Yuan Han's hands and laughed, I'm fine, I just came out.

Yuan Han laughed embarrassedly, Let's hurry up and go in, the wind is blowing strongly outside.

Sigh, let me give you a hug. The old granny carried Yuan Tianan over from Yuan Han's hands. Why hasn't that kid, Le Le, come? "

Oh, he went to park with Mo Han and hasn't come yet. Yuan Han explained.

Grandmother! jogged over while carrying the things that Gu Mohan had given him. Grandmother!

When the old granny saw Yuan Tianle running over in a hurry, she was almost scared to death. Oh my little ancestor, be careful. If you fall down, your grandmother will feel heartache. "

Yuan Tianle sweated profusely as he looked at the old granny, Grandma, I missed you.

Didn't you see that? Aiyo, why did you lose weight? The old granny caressed Yuan Tianle's face in pain.

It's better to slim down! My father always thought I was too fat to carry. " Yuan Tianle looked at Gu Mohan with disdain.

Gu Mohan glared at Yuan Tianle. This time, he would get into trouble again. Grandma wasn't like that. I didn't say that. "

The old granny looked at Gu Mohan angrily, Alright you brat, wait and see how I'll take care of you.

Yuan Han, who was holding back her laughter beside the old granny, had a face full of mirth. Alright, grandmother, we'll teach him a lesson later. Let's go in and eat first."

Yuan Han supported the old granny into the house, but it was still the same as before. There was no change at all.

Grandmother, did you cook the fried prawns that I like to eat today? Yuan Tianle saw that the dishes on the table were not what he liked.

Yes! If you put it in, it'll get cold and you'll have a stomachache. " She went into the kitchen.

Yuan Han quickly got up and followed her, Grandmother, I'll go. Yuan Han looked at Yuan Tianle with contempt. Don't listen to this child, it will spoil him.

Aiyo, it's rare to come here, you guys are usually too busy to cook for your children. Once or twice is nothing. The old granny doted on Yuan Tianle.

The old granny suddenly thought of something and pulled Yuan Han back, Xiao Han, did he not bully you during this period? The old granny was afraid that Yuan Han would suffer a little grievance.

Nope. Yuan Han smiled as she did not expect the old granny to pay attention to this question. I'm the only one who bullies him, he wouldn't dare to bully me.

The old granny heaved a sigh of relief. That's good, that's good. If he dares to bully you, I will definitely not spare him.

Grandmother, don't worry. He really wants to treat me well. Yuan Han laughed.

Grandmother! Why isn't it done yet?

When Gu Mohan saw that the old granny and Yuan Han had not come out of the kitchen for a long time, he knew that the old granny was dragging Yuan Han inside to ask about her matters.

When the old granny saw Yuan Tianle running into the kitchen, she remembered that the little grandson was still waiting outside. Ah, grandma is coming right away. I just told your mother about it and then forgot about it.

Yuan Han supported the old granny out.

Gu Mohan sat nervously as he communicated with Yuan Han with his eyes throughout the entire process.

What were you talking about just now?

This isn't your problem. I told you not to bully me. Wait a minute, I'll tell Grandmother that it'll be better than yours. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Damn it, who bullied who?

If I say you bullied me, then you bullied me!

Alright, alright, whatever you say is right.

Gu Mohan lowered his head in grievance.

The old granny intentionally sat beside Gu Mohan, Brat! I heard. Ah, no, look, Le Le has already lost weight from starvation."

Gu Mohan sat straight and upright, like a primary school student who had made a mistake and was receiving his teacher's criticism. All this time I was busy at work and it was an old woman taking care of them.

Work is work, home still has to take care of ah, you see the fun, now the child's nutrition is very important. Did you see how thin I was when I gave you Le Le Le?" The old granny slowly instructed Gu Mohan.

Yes, yes. Gu Mohan lowered his head and listened carefully, turning into a good kid in front of the old granny.

What are you, listen to me carefully!

Yuan Han could not help but help Gu Mohan, if he were to continue talking about it, he would not be able to eat anymore. Grandma, you can see Le Le is hungry. Let's eat first. I'll teach him a lesson when we get back. "

Yuan Han hurriedly gave Gu Mohan a meaningful glance to let him eat happily, Come, Yue Le should hurry up and eat. This little stomach of mine is so hungry that it's flat."

That's right, Grandma is already hungry from all the fun. Yuan Tianle pouted and looked at the old granny.

Aiyo, Grandmother has forgotten. I'm sorry, Le Le. Grandmother's bad memory when she's old. The old granny caressed Yuan Tianle's head in pain as she quickly picked up a dozen chopsticks and gave them to Yuan Tianle.

Grandma eats. Mom eats. Dad eats. Yuan Tianle greeted everyone politely.

The dishes grandma lives in are still delicious. Yuan Han ate the dishes cooked by her grandmother and still felt that familiar feeling.

If it's delicious, then eat more. Just let this brat bring you back more. The old granny smiled as she gave food to Yuan Han.

Right, Grandma. Yuan Han remembered that she still haven't told the old granny about receiving the certificate. Mo Han and I already received our certificates two days ago.

Yuan Han took out his marriage certificate from her handbag and showed it to the old granny.

Oh wow, this is really pretty. Xiao Han is so beautiful, this brat … Just barely."

Hearing the old granny's affirmation, he heaved a rare sigh of relief.

Grandmother, don't praise him. You become proud just by praising him. Yuan Han pouted and looked at Gu Mohan with disdain.

This guy actually despised him.

How come you're holding a wedding? This woman has to have a proper wedding. The grandma suddenly became serious.

Yuan Han suddenly became troubled, Grandma, what you said was true. But this wedding is too extravagant, and I don't have any friends here to invite. I thought I was having dinner with you now.

The old granny sighed, not knowing how she should persuade Yuan Han, Xiao Han, why are you so stubborn. The grandma sighed.

Are you going to let her off so easily? The old granny questioned Yuan Han.

There's nothing we can do about it. If she doesn't like me, then anything I say will be useless. When Gu Mohan said these words in frustration, she actually had a different plan in her heart.

Whatever she says, you are what she says. Why are you being so obedient now? The old granny questioned Gu Mohan.

That means I can be in charge? Is it like this? Gu Mohan thought silently in his heart.

Grandma ~ Yuan Han interrupted the old granny's words, She's eating.

Fine, fine, fine. Let's eat. The old granny was helpless against Yuan Han.

Gu Mohan still didn't understand as he continued to eat with satisfaction. His, Gu Mohan's, woman would definitely be the happiest person in the world.

Seeing that Gu Mohan had no reaction at all, Yuan Han could not help but be disappointed. Although she said that she wouldn't hold a wedding, her heart was still filled with anticipation. This was a woman's lifelong dream.

The family members were having a happy meal together.


Yuan Han and Gu Mohan's family did not go straight home after having dinner with the old granny.

Aren't we going home now? Yuan Han watched as Gu Mohan drove further and further away from his home.

You'll know in a moment. Gu Mohan saw that he was getting closer and closer to his plan.

Dad wants to give mom a surprise. Yuan Tianle accidentally leaked it.

Gu Mohan glared at Yuan Tianle. This brat actually dared to sell me out.

Yuan Tianle covered his mouth in shock, almost ruining his father's plans.

Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with disdain, What can your father think of, what kind of surprise is there?

He actually said that I was an idiot. Seeing that you didn't even feel moved, you started crying.

What do you mean stupid? I'm very smart. Gu Mohan asked Yuan Han unhappily.

You can do it, but focus on driving. Yuan Han forcefully brought this topic over.

Gu Mohan stopped his car in front of a house.

Yuan Han questioned what was going on in the house. What are you doing here? Aren't you going home? "

Gu Mohan laughed as he opened the door.

Hello CEO, hello Madam. The man and woman at the head of the queue were both holding wedding gowns.

Yuan Han looked at everything in front of him in shock. She couldn't believe what was happening before him.

Madam, let's try on the clothes first. A staff member holding a wedding dress walked forward and looked at Yuan Han with a smile.

Yuan Han stood in her original spot, unable to react to what had just happened. This... What is this? " Yuan Han looked at Gu Mohan with a stupefied face.

Gu Mohan walked over and gently hugged Yuan Han's waist. Don't you like taking wedding photos? "

Yuan Han shook his head, stunned, When did you prepare it? How come I didn't know about it?

The corner of Gu Mohan's mouth raised slightly as he ruffled his hair. It was all my plan. "

Yuan Tianle clapped excitedly, Mom is really pleasantly surprised.

Yuan Han suddenly realized that she was in the dark. Great! You father and son have deceived me together. "

What is deceit? This is a white lie. Right, Le Le. Gu Mohan glanced at Gu Mohan.

Yuan Tianle understood Gu Mohan's meaning and quickly agreed with him, Yes yes yes, teacher's white lie is not a lie.

Alright, hurry up and give it a try. Gu Mohan pushed Yuan Han towards the pile of clothes.

Yuan Han walked over shyly. Madam, please come this way. "

It was not that Yuan Han had not seen a big scene before, at least she was once the young miss of the Yuan Family.

Gu Mohan watched with satisfaction as Yuan Han walked further and further away from the changing room.

Come, Le Le. Let's take our sister and go test out her clothes as well. Gu Mohan brought Yuan Tianle to the changing room.

Can I wear my dress now? Yuan Tianle simply looked at Gu Mohan, his big eyes blinking.

Yeah, Le Le, please wait, look a bit more handsome. and take pictures with Mom and Dad. " Gu Mohan pinched Yuan Tianle's cheeks.

Then what about sister?

My sister goes to wear beautiful little princess dresses and take pictures with Le Le.

Then, Le Le and his little sister are the princes and princesses. Yuan Tianle cheered as he jumped up.

Yes, yes, yes, you are the princes and princesses in Father's eyes.

Yuan Tianle was jumping in excitement, Young Master, slow down a little, be careful not to fall.

A group of adults ran behind Yuan Tianle.

Yuan Han was dazzled by the pile of wedding gowns. She didn't know which one to choose.

Hello, I … I don't

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