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Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow: Volume 5

Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow: Volume 5

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Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow: Volume 5

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Nov 14, 2019


Ever since I was young, I was an orphan. There was always a mysterious person who sent me money by letter to live with me, until I graduated from university and lived by myself. The mysterious person told me to go to a place called Green Rock Village and enter the Bei family mansion to search for something.Female ghost search for husband, metal coffin spirit sealed, return of undead, demon of ghost doctor and play … That was how my life began.Furthermore, I did not expect that all of this was my fate. Furthermore, it was a curse that I could not escape from …
Lançado em:
Nov 14, 2019

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Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow - Nong FuShenQuan



Other than the professor, according to the Photos s that were involved, there was no one else present to see that woman. I wanted to ask Xiao Bai and Li Ruoxi about this matter, but I knew that asking would be useless.

During the time he was in the army, his left leg suffered an irreversible injury. Although he had recovered his original appearance after recuperating, he could no longer join the army, and normally studied art and painting at home to earn a living selling paintings. Other than the story, I have a hobby, and that was to become a Antique, often going to some old goods supermarkets to play with ancient texts that others had forgotten.

The last person to be here is the old man. He is the owner of an antique shop, but in reality, some people in private say that he is selling Antique s, but there is a high chance that all of them are counterfeits, so very few people come to buy them. However, this owner has recently changed his way of doing business and usually shows off his antiques, but his goal is to attract customers, customers to deceive him, allowing him to spend a large sum of money to buy fake goods in his hands.

According to the corroboration at the scene, the Owner of the antique shop met with the military personnel here, mainly because a week ago, they went to the antique shop and saw a bottle in the Owner's hands. It is said that this bottle came from the Ming Dynasty, and the price is not cheap, and it is a rare good product, but the price of the antique shop's Owner s is too high, so this matter has never been discussed properly. Thus, the Owner of the antique shop met with the military personnel and ate in this restaurant.

As for the mysterious woman, he had never seen her. As for why the professor had appeared in the dining room, the police had asked around and found out that the professor had been visiting the dentist at around one in the afternoon. After seeing the dentist, he had not eaten since then, which was why he had come to the restaurant at two in the afternoon after seeing the dentist.

There's a little business here that doesn't understand why that woman, no matter who she is, says she's never seen it before.

Other than the two parties involved, there was also another Attendant. According to Attendant, there was only one other person that was eating that day, and that was the professor. Other than me, there was no one else around, could it be that the woman that was eating next to the professor disappeared without a trace?

I picked up the Photos that Li Ruoxi gave me. I took a look and there were about two of them. The first one was taken, mainly from the food on the table.

At that time in the dining room, I didn't quite remember the exact details of the other party, but now that I look at it, it fits my impression of him. On the top of the mountain, there was a steak, and there was even a bottle, which looked a little like an ocean wine.

Looking at this point, it is extremely disadvantageous for me, because no matter how I look at it, there is only one person in Table eating!

Thinking about it from another perspective, in the eyes of the onlookers, it was very possible that the culprit was really me, the professor who was eating alone, but suddenly, he was shot in the chest, the bullet left in the middle of his chest, and the handgun in my hand was the only handgun present, no matter how I looked at it, the result of my excavation was that I personally used the handgun to kill the professor.

But only I know that I didn't kill him. The moment I raise my head, the other party is already dead.

I'm afraid that I have fallen into a conspiracy, other than these two Photos s, there is also a case record. After an autopsy, the only wound the professor has is the gun in front of his chest, and the time of the shot is the same as when I ate my meal!

After Li Ruoxi passed all these to me, she could only say in the end, "I believe you are innocent. But in front of the law, if you want to use legal means to defend yourself, I'm afraid you can only rely on yourself.


However, once I escape, I will probably never be able to clear my name. At that time, my identity will become a fugitive, and if that's the case, I won't be able to enter this ancient city at all, I might become a wanted man in the entire country.

I shook my head. Since I had already made up my mind, I should do it openly.

After I said this, I would only let the two of them go back. The next day, I would face the judges in the court.

I thought that the next day would be a long trek to another place, but I didn't expect that outside of the ancient city, there would be a big court. It seemed that the local people were very obedient to the law, the whole court was much larger than I had imagined, and had enough space for three floors, and we were going to the first floor of the hall. The big court was 600 square meters large, and at the very edge of the court, most of the seats were filled with people.

The ones on the left are also our people. I have so few words to say, but only Little White and Li Ruoxi have a huge difference when compared to the other party.

If you look carefully, you will see that they are all students of the same age, and these students are all disciples of the professors. With faces full of anger, they are full of hatred for me, and it is not so much a trial, but rather they look like they wish that they could pull me down from the stage and tear me into pieces.

According to the information, he lived in the ancient city, and was dressed somewhat similar to the people in the ancient city. He was dressed in cloth clothes, had a Japanese knife on his body, and was holding a fan in his hand. Surprisingly, there was a Japanese warrior's head on his head, which made his appearance very strange, and even brought a spectacles with high myopia.

In the center, there was a large judge who looked strict and selfless. He looked to be around 50 years old, had a face full of stubble, a full beard, and wore a set of Suit. He was extremely neat.

After the judge's hammer had struck three times, the Judges shouted loudly: Alright, the court is in session now, everyone is quiet. Defendants, according to the Witness on the spot, the professor was having his meal by himself yesterday at 2pm, at this time, you are holding onto a handgun, directly going to kill the professor, do you have anything to say?

Even though I know that this is a legal proceeding, I still find it laughable. If I don't say anything, wouldn't I be convicted? I immediately patted Table and said, "Of course there's a problem, I've already looked at the explanation for the case. Firstly, the case stated that Professor and I were sitting on the same Table, but in reality, that's not the case. There's still a woman at the scene, but no matter what, I couldn't find her.

Before he finished his speech, the other party's lawyer knocked on the Table and said to me, "Wait a moment, don't speak nonsense while pregnant. According to Witness, you are the only one on the spot, there is no woman, and people created out of thin air cannot become proof. In the court, only evidence is the thing that speaks, and that is your own unreliable memory, it is completely useless.

It looks like the war has already begun.

Xiao Bai nodded towards me, meaning that no matter what I said, it would support me. He said that even until now, I have not found any evidence that would be beneficial to me, so I said it straightforwardly, "You said that there is evidence and evidence, but there are no bullets in this handgun. Secondly, at least you need proof.

The lawyer looked displeased at my words, but according to the procedure, I have a right to ask for that.

Not long after, two Witness s walked onto the stage. In that instant, I was in a deathly situation, the Witness had confirmed the identity of the day and the antique shop as well.

They immediately expressed their opinions. According to the military personnel, at that time I was discussing the price with this Owner, and during our conversation, I happened to walk right next to the professor, and suddenly took out my handgun. This professor shot in the back, causing the professor to die on the spot.

As for the antique shop, he also said the same thing. Even worse, the Attendant beside him did the same.

Furthermore, the Attendant was exaggerating the situation and took out a set of drawing s. That map was just a temporary conversation location in the Attendant.

After taking out the map of the Attendant, he said to the rest, I believe you all have seen it clearly. At that time, I had already marked the positions of the people on the map, which means there is no way that the mysterious woman is the real culprit.

Judges also nodded his head, and also asked Attendant to bring the evidence over. It was just that in that instant, I noticed that there was some hesitation in Attendant, but after hesitating for a bit, I still passed the evidence in my hands to Judges. This tiny detail was completely captured by me, but after Judges finished looking at the evidence, he immediately raised the water paper in his hands, and prepared to sentence me for this crime.

As the two of them talked, I could clearly hear every word. Then I slapped the table and shouted, Wait a moment, officer, you must know that if you lie, it will most likely lead to an ancient injustice trial, and your crimes will be inevitable!

After I said this, the lawyer immediately stood up and pointed at my nose. I have an objection. You are threatening me. There is no basis for it!


As soon as the case began, I was forced out of the dead end, I didn't even have a chance, but unfortunately the other party's quick pace was immediately stopped by me, and I thought that something must have gone wrong here, causing their duties to almost collude, I carefully observed everyone's expression, these two words and the waiter, clearly they were not familiar with each other before, at least they weren't friends, but their language was so the same, there must be something wrong here, I'm the only one who knows, their testimony was all fake.

I patted Table and said, Since you want the evidence, I'll let you see it now. I'll let you die a clear death!

With regards to this matter involving my life, of course I wouldn't be courteous. After I roared loudly, I immediately threw out a piece of Photos. This piece of Photos was given to me by Li Ruoxi the day before.

I pointed at Photos and said, "You previously said that I was suddenly shot from the back by a professor, and you have also confirmed that you have personally witnessed it, but it is very obvious that there is a huge contradiction between the facts of the Photos and what you just said, and you have also seen inside the Photos. The bullets of the handgun pierced directly into the deceased's chest, and did not penetrate his body.

After I finished speaking, I immediately stood up and interrogated the two of them. After the two of them told their lies, they felt guilty and immediately lowered their heads in silence. I said with narrowed eyes, Master Judges, I want to hear their testimony once again. Obviously, you will never see the instant I kill someone, because that moment does not exist at all!

At the same time, the other party's lawyer felt a little anxious. During this period of time, my results have made me ask a few useless questions, but luckily, this Judges is still rather impartial. When it is time for me to use my powers, the other party would definitely not force me to give up his authority.

Under my interrogation, the two of them repeated what they had seen with their own eyes today. This didn't have much use to me, but it could at least prove that they were lying before and that no one had ever seen me kill anyone.

According to what this military personnel said, when he was bargaining with the antique shop, he suddenly heard a gunshot from behind him. When he turned around, he saw me holding a handgun and standing right next to the professor.

The other Witness is that antique shop. At that time, he did not even see me fire at all, so at that time, the antique shop replied: "I'm sorry, I only said that I saw you kill someone, but in reality, I just wanted to follow this military personnel, that's the military personnel, and that's my client. If you disobey him, then I'm afraid my business would be in vain.

The Judges immediately hammered and pointed at the two Witness s as he complained, This is a court, so don't spout nonsense if you don't see anything. Otherwise, if the other party wanted to sue them, both of you would have accused wrongly. What are you doing? Say it again. If there is the slightest lie, I will not forgive you this time!

The antique shop was shocked, and almost threw the bottle on his body onto the ground. But luckily, due to a sudden inspiration, and the moment they touched the subway station, the Owner acted like a young man, and picked up the Antique. After the Owner picked up the bottle, she gasped for breath, and then said slowly: Actually, before the sound of the gunshot, I didn't even see the situation of the Table, I was still lying on the ground!

Hearing the words of the other party, the Judges sighed. I am also very surprised, what is this fellow doing in the dining hall?

antique shop scratched her head in embarrassment, put down the bottle in her hand and explained: Actually, when the gun was fired, I was lying on the ground looking for money?


Before I could ask, the Judges directly asked, What currency?

However, whether it was from an economic point of view, or from a green shelf, they were all expensive and real treasures. When antique shop was submitting the piece of gold from the professor, he said: Actually, before the gunshot, I suddenly realized that the piece of gold in the pocket had disappeared, this piece of gold was something from the Qing Dynasty, and I heard that it could bring good luck, I really don't know why it disappeared on the day of eating, so I thought that I dropped it on the ground. It's a pity that I haven't found it yet, so when I heard the gunshot, I thought that it was just a murder case.

After he finished speaking, the three of them nodded their heads, although no one saw me shoot with their own eyes, they all thought that I was the murderer, so they immediately patted the Table and said: This is simply presumptuous, I have already said it before, at that time there was a lady present, your testimony was not accurate, you do not even have the qualifications to be a Witness!

When I shouted to this point, the lawyer pointed at me and shouted, Stop wasting your breath, young man. Even if they have falsely testified, that woman did not exist. That is not the reason for your story!

When Judges heard this, he also nodded his head and said to me: "Whether it is from the confirmation of the Photos or the Witness, there is indeed no such woman. Besides, you have also seen it, at that time, there is only a steak, a bottle, and a goblet, even the tableware is only one, then you walked over empty-handed, thus there is nothing that can prove the existence of that woman.

Indeed, looking at the tableware Photos at the scene, everything was a piece of cake, it was simply invulnerable!

I thought for a moment, but was unable to find an outlet for it. Judges picked up the hammer, putting on makeup, and just as she was about to make her judgement, Ruo Xi suddenly reminded me: Idiot, sometimes you just don't have to bite off more than you can chew. Think about it from another point of view, something that might not necessarily have proof is here!

In court, the distance between Li Ruoxi and I is different, and our identities are also different. I can't interact with him too much, just a few words would be sufficient.

After Ruo Xi said this sentence, he was immediately pulled to the side by the court personnel and was forbidden from talking with me. The other party's words completely reminded me, and at this time I said to Judges, "I still have one more question, I hope to receive a perfect answer from you. Say, when the time comes, before we go to the Western Restaurant, you all went to the dentist first.

After I asked this question, the opposing lawyer immediately patted Table and said hatefully, You are simply wasting your time. The professor is unable to see your dentist's face and this case, it has nothing to do with you at all!

I shouted back, It is not up to you to decide whether or not there is a relationship. The law has the final say, and I have the right to look at this evidence. It is not a reason for you to deprive me of my rights!

After a war of words, Judges still agreed with my idea. I could clearly see that Judges didn't really believe in the existence of a mysterious woman, but it was purely for the sake of fairness, to give me the chance to exercise my rights.

The other party's lawyer quickly gave me a record book from the hospital and said to me, This is the evidence of the other party seeing a dentist. Take a look for yourself!

He opened the record book and remembered it very clearly. At 1: 30 yesterday, the doctor came to a dentist's clinic that was full of incense. The clinic also issued a booklet that the patient wrote down every time she came to the hospital.

It was clearly written that the professor had a worm in his penultimate tooth, that the tooth was deeply rooted and couldn't be removed, that the only way to remove the tooth was to remove it completely, and that the professor and the doctor had agreed to remove the tooth tomorrow.

The nature of the news was indeed the evidence that the professor had seen a dentist, but it was for this reason that I also found an alibi!

This was because it was written on the little book: "Tomorrow morning at 9 am, the patient will undergo tooth extraction. During this time, the patient must maintain his teeth and not become inflamed.

Looking at this, I completely displayed this page in front of Judges, and pointed to the contents inside, Mr. Judges, I'm afraid you have already seen it clearly, according to the doctor, before the teeth are extracted, you are not allowed to eat anything, but at the scene of the crime, there is actually a steak on the table, and it was eaten halfway, which means that the steak is not something the professor would eat, there is someone else at the scene!


After I submitted the information that I have, the Great Judges standing in front of me continued to pick out brow s, his eyes reddened as he stared at the two Witness s. Looking at them acting like this, I heaved a sigh of relief in my heart, whether or not the judgement of the court is fair, the most important thing is that the Judges has a very important controlling power. Although the legal system of our country is not in the first instance, those who are not convinced with the judgement of the court can continue to appeal, this way, it will take a lot of time.

Judges looked at the two Witness s and asked again in a righteous tone, "Let me appeal once more. This is a righteous court, and if you want to be a forgery, you will be punished and charged with it. Please reconsider.

Although they already knew the answer, but after the other party asked again, the two Witness s started to stammer as if they could not say anything. It was alright, the key point was that the two of them were looking at each other, seemingly communicating with their eyes!

I've also said that these two people don't know each other at all. They are only doing business in this hotel because of the transaction. But if that's the case, then there's no need for these two people to communicate at all.

The military personnel looked at the person selling the Antique, perspiration trickling down her forehead, and in this gap, I suddenly realised something, that it was that Attendant!

From the beginning till now, Attendant has always been standing in the space between these two Witness, and when he looked at the Antique's home, his eyes wandered continuously for a moment. I felt that his eyes were not looking at the Antique's house, but at that Attendant.

It was just a Attendant. From the social perspective, this matter had nothing to do with the military personnel, and the two of them didn't even have anything to do with each other. But why did the military personnel keep staring at him?

I re-examined the Attendant and found that there were a few oddities within. In a court of law, there are many people who would never go there in their lifetime. Anyone who comes here for the first time would definitely be terrified.

But from the moment the Attendant came in, he had always been a man of his words and stood upright in the court. He had never been intimidated by such an occasion.

At this time, I heard someone on my right cough lightly, and turned around to look, it was Li Ruoxi, the little girl. This time, Li Ruoxi did not speak to me, and continued to wave her hands in a mystifying manner, and continuously used her sign language to send me a message. Under everyone's gaze, Judges naturally saw what this girl was doing, but she was helpless, and could only open her eyes, because the law in the court forbid anyone from whispering, or disturbing the court.

But Li Ruoxi's actions, were neither whispered in each other's ears nor disturbed the court, it was completely something that did not appear in the books of the law. I understood this martial skill, Li Ruoxi's meaning was that she wanted me to find the piece of evidence that Attendant had given me.

Attendant did not directly answer Judges. Before this, when he had pointed out that I was a murderer, he took out a piece of the drawing s from the restaurant, this drawing s was completely hand-drawn, and it was drawn using a temporary oily pencil, but I have to say that the other party's memories were still vivid. Although this drawing was rather rough, the specific location and the layout of the tables and chairs were basically correct.

Reading it again, I discovered an important piece of information. However, when I flipped the page, I saw the bottom of the corner where the drawing came from.

To be exact, it was the source of this piece of paper.

Just when the two Witness s were unable to answer my question, I turned around and said to Judges, "Lord Judges, it is useless for you to continue asking this question. The two of them didn't dare to say anything, and the reason why these two Witness s are lying is because there is an even stronger force controlling them behind the scenes.


When I said till here, the Judges was shocked, but the opposing lawyer immediately slapped the table and refuted: You better not point it out, I believe that this person does not exist. Although you are a Homicide without a doubt, I do not wish to add a slander on your body!

I sneered and replied, You said slander is a crime, but I don't know which is more serious than forgery!

Judges saw that the two of us were about to start arguing again, he quickly knocked his hammer and said a few quiet words, but there was no change at all.

When Judges asked me this question, I had already prepared a piece of paper immediately. This piece of drawing was given to me by Attendant, I turned it over and pointed to a corner on the back of the drawing: "Judges, take a look at this piece of drawing, what is important is not the content of the drawing, but a small signal on the back of the drawing. This piece of drawing's lower right corner has three words written on it, called 'Police Department'.

Before Judges even asked about it, he lowered his head and said, It's very troublesome. If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have presented this drawing as evidence. To be honest, I am indeed not Attendant. My true identity is Sheriff in the Metropolitan Police Department!

Everyone present was shocked by this sentence. Judges tapped the hammer and asked back, as he always did, Then can you please state your true identity and goal.

Although the Sheriff was still wearing the Attendant's clothes, he looked at us with his sharp eyes and explained to us, "The reason why I did not reveal my true identity, is because I feel that it has nothing to do with this case, but since it has already been exposed by you, then it is better for me to tell you about it. To avoid further misunderstandings, I actually have a secret mission under

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