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My Beautiful Secretary: Volume 5

My Beautiful Secretary: Volume 5

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My Beautiful Secretary: Volume 5

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Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019


The secretary, Gu Yuwei, unexpectedly got to know the top figure of the Jiangyou Group, Zhao Muchen. Zhao Mu Chen was handsome and wise, which made Gu Yu Wei fall in love with him. He fell in love with her from then on. Amidst the entanglement and reality attacks of the secular world, she wanted to retreat time and time again, but each time she fell deeper into the abyss … Could their love reach the end?
Lançado em:
Nov 8, 2019

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My Beautiful Secretary - Da Shu



Tu Yuwen sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, looking sloppy. Seeing Yu Minhong like this, he asked casually: What did you say?

Yu Minhong almost jumped over and slapped him, acting stupid here, you son of a bitch!

Be more honest, I have serious business with you! Yu Minhong bellowed.

What is it? Say it clearly, you always like to let me guess, at this age, you still like to play games like this! Tu Yuwen said casually, he did not care about Yu Minhong's anger at all.

You — — Yu Minhong was so angry that his face and neck were red. This unfilial brat, he really didn't want to see him anymore!

Xiao Wen, talk to your dad properly! Your father has high blood pressure, don't provoke him! Tu Jianghua's mother, hearing Yu Minhong's angry shout, came down from the stairs.

Tu Yuwen rolled his eyes at his mother, thinking: Another nosy one!

He stood up and was about to leave. Did he really not want to return home?

Stop right there! Yu Minhong berated loudly, If you dare to walk out of this door, you will not be my son anymore, and I will not be your father!

Oh, he really did it!

Tu Yuwen turned around and looked at Yu Minhong with disdain, Old Gramps, you're the one who said that yourself, not me! You're the one who didn't want me, the son! In any case, I don't have the surname Yu, I'm not a member of the Yu Family! You better take care of yourself!

After Tu Yuwen finished speaking, he raised his leg and was about to leave the luxurious villa. So be it! Besides, if you say so, it doesn't matter. Blood relations, breaking bones and tendons? He was determined to believe that his father would not ignore him at a critical moment.

Xiao Wen, Xiao Wen — — Mother Tu Jianghua immediately ran over, "Stop being angry, kid, you can't do this to your dad. Your dad did everything, did everything, and did everything for you, and also did everything you shouldn't have done.

Yu Minhong, however, was so angry that he almost fainted!

What a sin! Why did he give birth to such a vile creature? Did he come here to anger him to death? Could it be that a debt collector had come? This child was getting more and more outrageous!

Let him go! Scram! Scram! Yu Minhong said as he covered his chest in anger. He felt a dull pain in his chest, and the pain was increasing by leaps and bounds! His face turned pale.

Old Yu, Old Yu — — Tu Jianghua hurriedly ran over to Yu Minhong's side and helped him to sit down on the sofa, Don't be agitated, don't be agitated! Children don't understand things, so take your time and slowly educate them."

As Tu Jianghua said this, she quickly took out the pill that Yu Minhong wanted to eat, and gave it to Yu Minhong to eat.

Yu Minhong leaned on the sofa, his face turned from white to green, he closed his eyes, and all the thoughts in his mind went out of him!

No success could make up for the failure of a child's education!

He felt that he had failed too much, failed too much! A son of the Baby, forget about becoming a talent, she didn't even learn how to conduct herself! She sat on the foundation that the old tutor had built, eating, drinking, and having fun, but in the end, she was completely dismissive of the old tutor!

What could be more disappointing than having a child being so disappointing?

No! Yu Minhong felt that he had encountered a lot of things in his life. However, no matter how bitter and tiring the matter was, no matter how dangerous the matter was, he had endured it all.

As expected, when Tu Yuwen saw that the old man was so angry that he almost fainted.

He turned around and stared at his father –

If dad was really angered to death, then he was done for! This point, Tu Yuwen was very clear in his heart. The old Gramps was the heaven of this family, the backbone of his career! Without the old man's protection, he was no bird!

Little Wen, my child, quickly come and apologize to your father. Speak a soft word and in the future, be obedient. Don't make your father angry, child! Tu Jianghua said with tears streaming down her face.

Tu Yuwen was a thousand to ten thousand times unwilling. He simply could not bear to see the old man scolding him, berating him, and saying that he was disappointing! Why did he want to give birth to him when she didn't like him? If he didn't have it, wouldn't he have no more worries?

Tu Yuwen still did not move. He would never admit his mistake and apologize! Especially in front of the old tutor!

The old tutor was also in the wrong! If the old tutor had spoken to him properly and communicated properly, instead of always being so haughty and arrogantly criticizing him, he wouldn't be like this! Humph! Why should he apologize? He definitely wouldn't apologize!

Xiao Wen, your father is already like this, how can you still not understand, child! Tu Jianghua was so angry that her heart trembled. If Old Yu was angered to death by the child, this entire family would be finished!

She regretted it now. Back then, she doted on this child and let him take care of everything. But now, what could she do now that things had come to this?

Tu Yuwen remained unmoved as he stood there motionlessly.

Unfilial son — — unfilial son — Yu Minhong pointed at Tu Yuwen and scolded, This unfilial son, he is a person that you are accustomed to!

Tu Yuwen saw that Yu Minhong had recovered and started to scold him again, the anger in his heart suddenly rose, Other than scolding me, what else would you do?

You — — Just as Yu Minhong managed to catch his breath, he was nearly angered to the point of choking back his anger!

Xiao Wen — — Tu Jianghua stood up, and looked at Tu Yuwen with widened eyes. You're going too far! Stand over here and talk to your father!

Tu Jianghua walked over and pushed Tu Yuwen in front of Yu Minhong in anger, Apologize to daddy!

Tu Yuwen did not say a word, and looked elsewhere. He did not appreciate it.

Yu Minhong shook his head, he did not expect this unfilial son to apologize and admit his wrongs. He waved his hand and said weakly: I'll ask you again, is the accident with car number 6 related to you?

Tu Yuwen glanced at Yu Minhong, curled his lips, and said: It's alright!

Seeing him like that, Yu Minhong really wanted to kick him out of the door. But unfortunately, he didn't even have the strength to kick this unfilial son of his like this.

It really doesn't matter? Yu Minhong asked again.

If you don't believe me, then forget it! Tu Yuwen said in a disdainful tone.

Yu Minhong shook his head, and said: It's not that I don't believe you, but you yourself! You know very well what you have done! If you are not able to kill your opponent at this point, you will face a fierce counterattack from your opponent. As long as he finds the opportunity, he will definitely beat you to death!

After Tu Yuwen heard these words, a moment of fear appeared in his heart, but he quickly covered it up.

I said it had nothing to do with me! Tu Yuwen said again. The old tutor's words were most likely to scare him, always scaring him like that. He didn't believe that the old tutor would not save a Baby like him.

Let me tell you two words: Do your best! Yu Minhong said as he stared at him weakly.

Is there anything else? If you have nothing to do, I will leave now, "said Tu Yuwen as he walked towards the door without looking back. He then opened the door and strode out.

Xiao Wen, Xiao Wen — — Tu Jianghua shouted from behind.

Let him go, even if it's a sin on earth, he can still be forgiven, but if it's on his own, he can't live — Yu Minhong said with his eyes closed, but his heart was sinking inch by inch.

How could he believe the words of an unfilial son like Tu Yuwen? However, he would rather believe this unfilial son of his! He really hoped that this matter had nothing to do with this unfilial son of his. In that case, he wouldn't have to worry about anything.

If this unfilial son really did it, then it was really a big joke! If this car accident really sent Zhao Muchen away, then it would be completely clean, but the problem was that the heavens did not let Zhao Muchen get on the car! God gave him a death-saving card! It could only be said that Zhao Muchen was lucky! If they really went, then the one who would die would not be Qiu Zhenhu, the scapegoat, but the real dead ghost, Zhao Muchen!

However, things had gotten to this point. He could only wait and see!

Yu Minhong closed his eyes and weakly leaned against the sofa. Tu Jianghua sat beside him, looking very miserable.

Old Yu, don't always try to discipline the child. He's already so old and is no longer a child. Every time you see him, you curse at him. Can the child feel any better? I said next time, you should put down your airs, talk to him on an equal footing, and change your attitude, okay? I think if you communicate with him on equal footing, he would be able to listen to you, "Tu Jianghua said as she smoothed out Yu Minhong's chest.

Yu Minhong opened his eyes and stared at Tu Jianghua sternly, saying, It's all because of you spoiling him like this since you were young! Why didn't I talk to him properly? Did he do something that pleased me? Ah? Since young, other than causing trouble and causing trouble, what else could he do? I think he's going to kill me and herself sooner or later! He won't stop until he's dead!

Tu Jianghua couldn't bear to hear these words the most! Such dejected words would always be said, but hearing it would always make one feel unlucky!

Old Yu, don't expect him to get better. You keep scolding him and cursing him. He's your own son! Tu Jianghua said with tears streaming down her face.

Your son? Those who are scammed are their own sons, Yu Minhong said, as he felt extremely uncomfortable.

He closed his eyes and waved his hand. Let's go. Leave me alone for a while —

Tu Jianghua still wanted to say something, but seeing Yu Minhong's expression, she swallowed her words.

She originally wanted to help him go upstairs and rest, but she knew that if she were to say a few more words at this time, Yu Minhong would definitely jump up and thoroughly infuriate him.

Thus, she walked into the room and took out a thin blanket to cover Yu Minhong's chest. The air conditioner in the room was on, and she was afraid that Old Yu would catch a cold lying there like this.

After covering Yu Minhong with the quilt, Tu Jianghua then turned around and left — —

— —


Stop feeling bad.

Tonight, after Qi Tengfei received this secret mission from the Taxi driver, he began his secret operation. That was to secretly start the dispatch of Meng Sanyong's death, and also do a good job of pacifying the Taxi driver to prevent the recurrence of the Taxi driver's siege.

Zhao Muchen could no longer stay calm after receiving Qi Tengfei's call. He told Little Zhong to quickly drive back to Yindu Hotel.

Gu Yuwei waited at Wang Yan's home, watching over the drunk Wang Yan. Wang Yan slept for the entire afternoon, from around 4 PM to around 8 PM.

Wang Yan was sleeping soundly, and his head still felt a little dizzy. When she woke up, he found himself sleeping in his bedroomHehe seemed to remember that he went to the Victoria Hotel to drink coffee with Gu Yuwei and the others, then he met that old fogey Shu Qiaofeng at the elevator and started drinking. She didn't remember anything else after that, so why was he at home now? How strange! Who sent her back, and how she got there, Wang Yan could not remember a thing.

She rubbed her heavy head and walked out dizzily to see Gu Yuwei sitting on the sofa and napping, with the television in the living room still on.

Wang Yan finally understood, it was Gu Yuwei who brought her back! Then what about Huang Yunru? Why isn't she here? Where is she?

Wang Yan quietly walked to Gu Yuwei's side and sat down. Before he could say anything, Gu Yuwei had already woken up.

Sister Wang Yan, are you awake? Gu Yuwei looked at Wang Yan in shock, How is it, are you feeling better now?

Wang Yan scratched his head, forcing out a laugh, and said: I'm fine, were you the one who drove me home?

Hehe, it's good that you're fine, I can't drive, you are drunk, Sister Yun Ru was the one who drove you home, she had matters to take care of so she left first, I will stay behind to accompany you, Gu Yuwei laughed and said, Sit here and watch the TV, I didn't expect you to fall asleep, you don't even know when you wake up!

Wang Yan looked at Gu Yuwei with gratitude. Thank you, Yu Wei —

To have such a good friend was also very rare, especially for such a pure and kind girl like Yu Wei. Wang Yan felt that she was someone who could become a true friend.

Sister Wang Yan, we are sisters! Gu Yuwei laughed and said, Are you hungry? I'll cook something for you, what do you want to eat?

Wang Yan laughed and said: "I'll do it, you come and help me, I'm more familiar with it than you. I don't have anything at home, I think there's still some bread, ham, eggs or something in the fridge.

Wang Yan held Gu Yuwei's hand and walked towards the kitchen. It was just that as Wang Yan walked, he still felt dizzy and stars were shining in front of his eyes.

However, she knew that Gu Yuwei was definitely hungry. It was already past 8, and it was long past dinner time. She had to get Yu Wei something to eat! Otherwise, it would be too bad for Yu Wei's friendship.

They went into the kitchen.

It was a large open kitchen, connected to the dining room, and very, very spacious.

Gu Yuwei had only seen such an exquisite and spacious kitchen on TV before.

In the advertisement, all of the kitchen appliances were placed in such a large kitchen. A single kitchen and dining area was only a few dozen square meters, which was equivalent to the size of a low-rent house. Furthermore, people who owned such kitchens usually did not cook at home. Therefore, this kind of kitchen was mostly for decoration. It was a decorative accessory of a mansion. Like Wang Yan's big kitchen, where the smell of oil was hard to come by, the kitchen felt like it was otherworldly.

On the contrary, those who lived in the small kitchens had to cook every day. Some of them even had a smoky feeling. That kind of kitchen was truly filled with worldly pleasures.

Looking at the big kitchen of Wang Yan's home, Gu Yuwei felt that her own kitchen had a very homey smell. It couldn't be said that the kitchen was filled with smoke and burning flames, but the fragrance would spread out everyday instead. Because Mom cooks every day. In the past, back at Long River's hometown, the kitchen was even simpler, and the old house was not decorated much. Adding on the house from twenty years ago, the kitchen furniture was very simple, there were no modern kitchen tools, only pots, tables and cooking utensils.

Wang Yan opened the huge, double door refrigerator gracefully. As expected, there was nothing inside.

Wang Yan opened the vegetable box below him. There were only two tomatoes, one broccoli, a small piece of ham, a few pieces of bread and a few eggs. This was originally Wang Yan's breakfast ingredients. Usually, apart from cooking breakfast, she rarely cooked lunch and dinner.

Wang Yan smiled embarrassedly: I'm sorry darling, I haven't bought anything from the Super Group these few days. This is something that I left over from three days ago, let's just make do and make some food!

Hur hur, so many items are enough! Gu Yuwei laughed and said, I can make sandwiches, broccoli, and also drink some milk.

Haha, alright then. Let's eat breakfast for dinner! Wang Yan laughed and said, You can only let your stomach suffer!

It's so rich, and I don't feel wronged at all. I'll make it, and you can rest - Gu Yuwei said, I can make sandwiches, and then the broccoli will be boiled with water. We'll be able to eat it soon -

You can cook? Wang Yan asked in disbelief. She seemed to have heard from Gu Yuwei that she never knew how to cook.

Could it be that you want to check it out today? Gu Yuwei smiled and said. She took the apron that Wang Yan usually wore and put it on herself.

Hehe, wearing the apron makes you look like a cook, Wang Yan laughed and said, Alright then, today I will test your cooking skills.

Gu Yuwei smiled and nodded, and said: Look here!

He then took out all the ingredients and placed them in the dish wash basin, and began to clean them one by one.

It was true that Wang Yan still felt dizzy, just enough for him to sit down and drink his saliva.

Seeing how Gu Yuwei was washing up and cutting vegetables, acting just like that, unlike the young miss who didn't know how to do anything, she could just sit there and enjoy it.

Gu Yuwei had actually learnt all of this from him.

In the past, before Gu Yuwei's father had gotten into a car accident, Gu Yuwei had never touched a wok, she didn't even know how to cut vegetables with a knife.

However, after her father was injured in a car accident, she seemed to have grown up all of a sudden. She knew how to buy vegetables, and she could also try to make some not very decent meals. After Wang Li came to her house to cook for her during the weekend, he had often helped Wang Li.

Gu Yuwei had never made a sandwich before, but she had eaten and seen Wang Yan make it before, so she fried the eggs and ham according to her own imagination. Then, she cut the tomatoes into small thin slices and used two pieces of toast to heat them up together with the ham, eggs and tomatoes. It looked quite stylish.

In the end, the broccoli was scalded with boiling water. It would be OK if he mixed it with cold water!

When Gu Yuwei placed all these things on the table, she smilingly gave a thumbs up and said: It's really great! I didn't expect you to be able to do it so well! Her level isn't any worse than mine! Praise me!"

Gu Yuwei laughed happily. This was the first time she finished dinner by herself, she only made the ingredients for breakfast. However, it was good that she could eat her fill. Even if it was too complicated, she couldn't do it. She felt that eating like this was good, simple and nutritious.

wang tong, please inspect! Gu Yuwei smiled and made a gesture of treating her to food.

Wang Yan originally had no appetite, but seeing how serious Gu Yuwei was, and how nice it was, she could not reject.

After eating a mouthful of Gu Clan's sandwich, Wang Yan praised again and again, Not bad, really not bad! Yu Wei, try it yourself. The taste is just right, the eggs and ham are all fried very delicately, the taste is pretty good!

Gu Yuwei became interested after hearing her say this. She picked up the sandwich and savored it, It's indeed not bad! It's quite delicious!"

She was already very proud of herself. This was the first time she could cook so well. Did this mean that she had some talent for cooking!?

Just like this, Gu Yuwei and Wang Yan happily finished their dinner.

After dinner, Wang Yan wanted to take Gu Yuwei for a walk in the garden to eat and wake him up. He wanted to keep Yu Wei here overnight so he could accompany her.

Yu Wei, don't go out tonight, just stay at my house. We are going to take a walk around the district! Wang Yan said.

Gu Yuwei was in a bit of a difficult situation. If she did not return, her parents would be very worried. She had called several times in the afternoon to urge her to go back.

I want to stay, but my mother urged me a few times, I promised to go back when you woke up, Gu Yuwei said.

Wang Yan knew that Gu Yuwei was an obedient girl and nodded, Then I'll send you back. Wait a moment, I'll take a shower and change clothes.

Gu Yuwei quickly said: You don't need to send me off, I'll just take a taxi back, there's still a taxi, I won't need to trouble you anymore!

Gu Yuwei was actually afraid that Wang Yan had not fully sobered up and that it was not safe to drive a car with a dizzy spell. It was better to take a taxi.

It's fine, I've already woken up from my drinking, it's fine — Wang Yan said.

There's no need, Sister Wang Yan, there's really no need — Gu Yuwei insisted.

Wang Yan wanted to say something, but his phone suddenly rang.

She immediately ran into her room to take a look at her phone. It was from her partner, Zhang Xianfa.

Director Zhang, what's the matter? Wang Yan said.

Next week, we will be laying the foundations for our Yellow Valley Beach project. There are some things I want to discuss with you — Zhang Xianfa said.

It was late at night. What was there to discuss? Wang Yan was a little unwilling. However, Zhang Xianfa seemed to be more pragmatic, judging from their cooperation this time, Zhang Xianfa was someone who did things, Wang Yan rather admired him.

It's not early anymore. How about tomorrow? Wang Yan said.

I have to leave tomorrow and will be back in three days. That's why I have a talk with you tonight. I'm afraid that I won't make it in time! Zhang Xianfa said.

Alright then! Wang Yan looked at the time, it was already half past nine, Where do you want to talk?

Why don't we meet in Victoria? I'll wait for you — — Zhang Xianfa said.

Now that Wang Yan mentioned that place, he instinctively wanted to vomit! When she thought about how Shu Qiaofeng might be rolling around in that familiar room with all these women, she didn't want to go back to that place ever again!

It's too far, I'm not feeling well today, so I can't drive, Wang Yan said.

Oh, then how about this, how about I pick you up? Zhang Xianfa did not seem to understand the meaning behind Wang Yan's words.

Forget it, come to my house. I'll be in Lantao District Jinzhou, I'll go down there to pick you up, Wang Yan said straightforwardly, completely ignoring the inconvenience of being alone.

Okay, Zhang Xianfa said after thinking for a while, I'll come over now, I'll come over to your place in about 20 minutes.

Ok, Wang Yan hung up.

She quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower, then escorted Gu Yuwei downstairs to take a taxi. Not long after sending Gu Yuwei off, they saw Zhang Xianfa's Oedipus driving over — —


Meng Sanyong's death made the unease in Zhao Muchen's heart grow even more intense.

On the way back to the Yindu Hotel, Zhao Muchen made a decision to return to the capital early in the morning!

It had been a long time since he had returned to the capital.

Little Zhong, reserve a plane ticket for me to return to Beijing tomorrow morning! Zhao Muchen said.

Little Zhong felt it was strange! Why did the boss suddenly think of returning to the capital? Tomorrow was a Sunday with only one day left. Why didn't he leave Friday night, or Saturday morning, and decided on the spur of the moment that he would leave tomorrow morning? Had something big happened?

Alright! Little Zhong nodded. Do you want to book a plane ticket back?

Zhao Muchen thought about it, but he was still unable to confirm when they would return. He could only wait and see when they would return.

The time to return is not scheduled, I will inform you later said Zhao Muchen.

Ok. Little Zhong nodded. He had a rough idea of what the boss was going to do.

If the boss went back alone and didn't bring along his secretary, then it meant that he had important personal matters to attend to. If Little Zhong didn't guess wrongly, the boss must have wanted to meet the Top Heads.

Right now, the situation of the Jiangyou Group was not good for the boss. Things happened one after another, but they all turned into enigmatic cases. Until now, there had been no explanation for the accident case. The Secretary-General, Qiu Zhenhu, had just died without explanation! Now that Meng Sanyong was dead, the matter was truly confusing.

The reform that the boss wants to push after taking office is now a struggle.

It seemed that the boss was going to the capital to seek help.

Returning to the Yindu Hotel, Zhao Muchen told Zhong Ma to buy some Jiangyou Group's local specialties: small fish jerky from the Boyang Lake, both canned and naturally dried fish, and two boxes from the canned ones, eight bottles in each, and two bags in each bag. There was also the fresh chrysanthemum from the Boyang Lake, a favorite wild vegetable from the Uncle Wu. These things were all things that Uncle Wu liked to eat. Although it wasn't worth much, but every time she gave them to Uncle Wu, he would be very happy because this was the taste of her hometown.

Every time he sent these things to Uncle Wu, Zhao Muchen would prepare a copy for him. Politeness! People all had feelings, and after going back and forth, it was only natural that there was an additional bond between the two of them.

He will go to purchase as soon as he receives the order. Fortunately, Xiao Zhong had the help of Zhang Xianfa, the God of Food, and it seemed that Jiangyou Group didn't have anything that Zhang Xianfa couldn't find. He would be able to create whatever kind of game you want to eat or even if you want to eat farm vegetables.

Zhao Muchen then entered the study room, closed the window, drew the curtains and took out his phone, ready to make a call.

After making that important phone call, Zhao Muchen's heart was still a little uneasy. During this period of time, he did not return to the capital, nor did he contact Secretary Yan. Before the two meetings, he had specifically visited Secretary Yan and the Uncle Wu in the capital.

At that time, the Uncle Wu was very kind to him and looked favorably upon him, telling him to work hard and not disappoint the group.

When Zhao Muchen heard Uncle Wu's words, he felt as if he had eaten a pill of reassurance. Uncle Wu's words were meant to tell him that he had a very high chance of becoming Jiangyou Group's assistant.

After getting onto this seat, Zhao Muchen sent a message to express his gratitude to Secretary Yan and told him to pass on his gratitude to Uncle Wu for her love and nurturing. He would pay a visit to Uncle Wu and Minister Yan when he had time to return to the capital.

Yan Liwen had always been very polite with Zhao Muchen, and he had also replied Zhao Muchen with a text message at that time, telling him that his Chief was very satisfied with his performance, telling him to do it properly!

Now, Zhao Muchen felt that it was time to seek help again.

The situation was uncontrollable. For a newly appointed assistant like him, this was an absolute test.

taxi strike was his biggest challenge. The accident had been the most severe warning to him; Meng Sanyong's death had given him even more power!

Zhao Muchen believed that the mastermind must be secretly laughing, waiting to see Zhao Muchen's end.

Originally, Zhao Muchen did not want to go to the capital to seek help, but since things had gotten to this point, he had no choice but to use his last resort.

Yan Liwen's phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.

Zhao Muchen hung up the phone, feeling gloomy and puzzled, a situation like this had never happened before.

Yan Liwen's phone was always on him, there definitely would not be a situation where no one took the call! Moreover, Yan Liwen also knew of Zhao Muchen's phone number, so how could she not answer it?

Then why was there no one on the phone?

Zhao Muchen could not sit still any longer. He paced around the room as his mind started to analyze the various possible situations —

Who knew how many times his phone had rung!

Zhao Muchen grabbed his phone. He was very excited, it was Yan Liwen who called.

Hello, Big Brother Yan! Zhao Muchen respectfully called out. During these two sessions, Zhao Muchen and Yan Liwen came in contact more often. The two of them started to get closer, so Zhao Muchen simply became Yan Liwen's big brother and Yan Liwen became very close to him. In private occasions, they even called each other by their name.

Hello, Mu Chen! I was busy earlier, so my phone vibrated. I didn't hear a sound Yan Liwen smiled and said, Did you return to the capital today?

Usually, Zhao Muchen would only call Yan Liwen when he returned to the capital.

I will return to the capital tomorrow morning. Zhao Muchen said, I would like to pay a visit to the Big Brother Yan, and pay my respects to the Uncle Wu.

Yan Liwen was also aware of the recent events that had occurred in the Jiangyou Group. The fact that Zhao Muchen was able to talk to the Drivers directly was not bad. The leaders had praised Zhao Muchen in front of Yan Liwen because of this: he had guts, strategy, and skill! But then there was the car accident in number 6, and he told the chief, who listened with a stern face but said nothing.

Yan Liwen reckoned that the chief was observing Zhao Muchen's response. These two things were the most challenging and toughest things Zhao Muchen had ever faced since he had become the Jiangyou Group's assistant. This meant that his opponent was already officially showing his might! Whether or not he could gain a foothold in the Jiangyou Group and pursue his own dream of governance all depended on whether or not Zhao Muchen could turn his opponent into a teammate or defeat him. This required a lot of authority and intelligence.

I don't know if he'll be able to see you again after eight-thirty. I'm not sure about this, Yan Liwen said, However, after not seeing you for so long, he has mentioned you a few times as well. I'll report to the chief that you have specially returned to the capital, and wanted to see him — — When that time comes, I'll contact you again, what do you think? "

Thank you so much Big Brother Yan! Zhao Muchen was very touched that Yan Liwen could think this through for him. I brought some Jiang-Nan specialties that my leader likes, Yu Gan'er from the Boyang Lake and the chrysanthemum grass from the Boyang Lake, as well as some Jiang-yang speciality cured meat, I also prepared one serving for the Big Brother Yan. You can try our specialties, it is very interesting.

Chief thinks the most about the taste of home, and likes the taste of home the most, Yan Liwen laughed and said, Then I'll tell Chief, Mu Chen brought wild vegetables and fish from his hometown to visit him, I believe he will be very happy to hear it! "

Thank you Big Brother Yan, thank you very much! Zhao Muchen said.

You're welcome. We're brothers, so let's not say such polite words! Yan Liwen said, Chief is very concerned about the recent happenings in Jiangyou Group, after I received the news about the accident, I immediately informed Chief about it. Chief is extremely concerned about you!

After Zhao Muchen heard this, the surprise and gratitude in his heart became even more unspeakable!

He had already guessed that Uncle Wu would always be paying attention to his situation in the Jiangyou Group, but hearing Yan Liwen personally tell him that, he felt very warm and at ease in his heart. He felt that Yan Liwen was really like a relative to him, he was very considerate when he said those words.

Thank you, Big Brother Yan! Zhao Muchen said emotionally, Recently, something big really happened in Jiangyou Group, so I wanted to imitate Uncle Wu and report to you.

Yan Liwen finally understood why Zhao Muchen wanted to come over.

Zhao Muchen needed to call for reinforcements! The opponents' power techniques were all very powerful, but Zhao Muchen already felt threatened by them. Or perhaps, it could be said that his strength was insufficient, and he needed to obtain the support of his superior.

Okay, wait for my news, Yan Liwen resolutely said.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Muchen heaved a sigh of relief.

He reckoned that the Uncle Wu would definitely meet him tomorrow night. The situation of the Jiangyou Group was something that had to be reversed. The Uncle Wu definitely knew that there were many conflicts of interest here.

Local dignitaries on the governing side, at the beginning of their tenure, met strong opponents, which is very common in the Chinese group.

Therefore, the matter of the emperor and his subjects was repeated in many parts of China. Because if they didn't shuffle the cards, they wouldn't be able to play, let alone play cards!

After Wang Yan sent Gu Yuwei away, Zhang Xianfa's golden Audi appeared at the intersection — —

Wang Yan stood at the entrance of the neighborhood and watched as Zhang Xianfa's car slowly drove in front of her — —

wang tong, get on the carriage, Zhang Xianfa said with a smile. His eyes that shone like a woman's were extremely enchanting.

Wang Yan laughed, opened the door and sat on the first seat.

You point the way — Zhang Xianfa said. Zhang Xianfa had heard of this small district before, because it was currently one of the top big houses of the Jiangyou Group. The people living here were all noble people, but Zhang Xianfa had never come here before, so he was not familiar with the place.


Just follow the signs and it'll be fine, Wang Yan said. His voice was still a little drunk, showing that he was not very clear.

Zhang Xianfa could not help but turn his head to look at her, You have a cold?

Wang Yan laughed and said: No, my head is a bit heavy — —

Do you want to buy some medicine? Zhang Xianfa asked with concern as the car stopped on its own.

No need, I am not that delicate, I will recover soon, Wang Yan smiled and said, but this was the first time he felt that this partner was very meticulous, understanding how to be considerate and take care of others, and he felt a kind of warmth in his heart.

Wang Yan gave the feeling that he was a capable strong lady, as though women like her never needed the care and care of others. In fact, it was precisely Wang Yan who was strong and capable outside, and only after returning home did he ask for his concern.

However, after so many years of fighting and fighting by herself, she hadn't met a good man who truly cared and cared for her.

You really don't need it? Zhang Xianfa looked at her and asked.

There's really no need for that. Let's go, follow the signs and head to the ninth building's car park, Wang Yan pointed at the signs and said.

Zhang Xianfa nodded, the car turned around a bend and drove into the underground parking lot that number nine.

When he entered earlier, Zhang Xianfa took advantage of the street light to look at the environment of the district, it was indeed well-designed.

The district had mountains and rivers, trees, pavilions, leisure paths, and occasional sculptures. It was quite romantic and romantic. With the gentle lights at night, the place was as tranquil as a paradise.

After the car was parked, Zhang Xianfa took the initiative to walk to the front of the car to open the door for Wang Yan.

No wonder you chose this place to settle down. It turns out this place is so peaceful and beautiful! Zhang Xianfa laughed and said, At first, which designer designed this building?

Wang Yan laughed and said: Upstairs, please, we will talk upstairs.

Zhang Xianfa nodded and followed behind him.

Private elevator, entrance courtyard, single door, landscape balcony, all of these are the model of a mansion.

Not bad at all — After entering Wang Yan's home, Zhang Xianfa exclaimed. I had only heard before that the legendary Golden Region of Lanlan Shore was extremely beautiful, but today, I find his even more beautiful than I imagined! I have lived in Guangdong for many years, from the middle to the upper level, I have done all kinds of buildings, low end, middle end, high end, villas and mansions, I have done them all, but today when I saw the design here, I can't help but admire, little girl actually has such a big heart, to be able to make a building so beautiful, to have such a romantic and caring nature, it really isn't simple!

Hearing Zhang Xianfa's beautiful words, Wang Yan's heart was naturally filled with joy. No one disliked listening to nice words, not to mention, Wang Yan was a woman, a strong woman.

Director Zhang is a person who has seen much of the world. I am very happy that this pavilion is able to receive your praise! I believe that our cooperation will be even more so, a perfect match for the world!" Wang Yan said with a smile.

Hehe, of course, to be able to cooperate with wang tong is my, Zhang Xianfa's, honor! Zhang Xianfa didn't hold back in his praise. It was as if he wanted to praise and praise Wang Yan tonight.

Hehe — — The real estate agent of Guangdong is the most powerful, with the largest number of real estate agent in Guangdong, like Green Gui Garden, Hengkang Real Estate, Wanke Real Estate, these real estate agent are all large enterprises of our group, I am too far away, I can only share a piece of the cake and can't walk out, this is my biggest bottleneck, I am unable to break through! Wang Yan said with a smile.

Zhang Xianfa never thought that this little girl Wang Yan would actually have such a big dream, to actually want to create a company like Green laurel Garden, Heng Kang Real Estate and Wake Real Estate. How many could there be in the entire country? Not only did he need a lot of money, but he also had to have a very deep network of connections and contacts in all of the Dacheng Group in the country. For the current real estate agent, it was absolutely impossible to obtain a large area of land in one place without cooperating with a local group. Zhang Xianfa felt that for Wang Yan to be able to create his own brand in the Jiangyou Group and be able to stabilize this position was already quite a feat!

wang tong is really magnanimous! Doing a good job with the group's brand was first priority, only when one had a firm foothold in the locality could he turn his attention to the other City Group s. Doing real estate was a high-risk and high-profit industry, and these two years were the springtime of the real estate Group Field, so as long as he could get a good piece of land and build a decent house, he would not have to worry about the lack of Group Field. Therefore, we must seize these few years' opportunity and develop as fast as possible," Zhang Xianfa said.

Wang Yan nodded. Sometimes, she, a woman, would be very tired when she worked at Group Field. After all, this was the world of men, and if she, a woman, wanted to obtain the chance to live amongst men, she had to be more capable than men. Some would think that since she was a woman, she would have an advantage when she was surrounded by men. However, this advantage sometimes meant that she was at a disadvantage. Therefore, she needed a backer. She needed a man that could support her the heavens.

Thus, she found Shu Qiaofeng and threw herself into his embrace. Only, it was just a trade between them, and Shu Qiaofeng was no different from any other woman. Wang Yan knew that there were a lot of women by Shu Qiaofeng's side, but she had always thought that she might be the most favored one by Shu Qiaofeng's side. Not only did she sacrifice her youth for him, she even shared her wealth with him. Today's matter had told her that it was only her imagination, and Shu Qiaofeng did not take her at all.

Zhang Xianfa appearing at this time, this was something Wang Yan did not expect. If he could cooperate happily with Zhang Xianfa, it would also be a turning point for her.

Wang Yan thought so. Only, he still wasn't very familiar with Zhang Xianfa, and in their first collaboration, there was a need for them to get used to each other.

I would like to hear more about the great plans for development that the Director Zhang has! Wang Yan said with a smile.

Heh heh, I don't want to talk about a great development, I just want to grasp the present and focus on the future! Right now, my priority is to finish the project of the Yellow Valley Beach, Zhang Xianfa said with a smile." Today, I have come to discuss with the wang tong about the foundation laying ceremony.

Wang Yan looked at Zhang Xianfa happily. Actually, it was a small matter, Wang Yan did not need to care about such things, because this project was actually handled by Zhang Xianfa on the surface. Wang Yan was just a partner in development and wanted to share the cake on Yellow Valley Beach. He never thought that Zhang Xianfa would actually come over to discuss something like this with her. Wang Yan really didn't know if he would care about her Peng Cheng Real Estate this much, or if he would just act for her to see.

They're just talking. What tea does Director Zhang like to drink? Wang Yan asked.

Only then did Zhang Xianfa realize that there was a very high-class and exquisite tea set on the table. He had seen a lot of these things at Old Guang's place, but the people from Jiangyou Group did not use them much. He never thought that a little girl like Wang Yan would also be interested in tea ceremony.

wang tong knows a lot about life, but he actually has such a good tea set! I usually drink black tea, in Guangdong drink most of the oolong tea, wang tong like what tea? It's still wang tong's preference! Zhang Xianfa laughed.

I also like to drink black tea and green tea during the day. Let's drink Da Hong Pao, shall we? Wang Yan said.

Fine, Da Hong Pao is very good! Zhang Xianfa replied.

Wang Yan got up and took out an exquisite box from the cabinet behind the sofa, and inside it was the Da Hong Pao.

Not only was there a variety of high-end tea leaves, but also a lot of wine and red wine.

She really was a good woman. Drinking and drinking tea was always a good taste. It seemed that Wang Yan was truly different from ordinary female real estate agent, as he was a high quality female real estate agent.

Zhang Xianfa naturally knew of Wang Yan's backer, or else he wouldn't have cooperated with Wang Yan so easily. The land he had obtained was entirely thanks to the help of the current assistant, Zhao Muchen. Otherwise, with his strength, real estate agent, who had just arrived in the Jiangyou Group, it would have been impossible for him to have such an opportunity. Logically speaking, he should be able to ignore Wang Yan's intentions to cooperate but Zhang Xianfa still encountered a lot of problems in the various procedures for approval. When he was extremely troubled over this, Wang Yan took the initiative to look for the plot of land that he wanted to develop together with the Yellow Valley Beach. Furthermore, the conditions were very loose, and all the approval procedures would be coordinated by Wang Yan himself, and the initial funding could also be given by the Peng Cheng Real Estate. Furthermore, Wang Yan promised that if the cooperation for the Yellow Valley Beach project was successful, they could continue to cooperate and develop a plot of land that Wang Yan was afraid of earlier. Therefore, even after half a year, Wang Yan had still yet to open a trade. She was willing to use that piece of land as a substitute for the right to cooperate.

This meant that the Peng Cheng Real Estate had taken the initiative to extend an olive branch to Zhang Xianfa.

Zhang Xianfa also thought about this matter for a long time. Cooperation was not that easy after all. Furthermore, the value of the Yellow Valley Beach's land was much higher than the land that Wang Yan resided in Liancheng County.

However, what Zhang Xianfa lacked the most was money. If he did not receive a large amount of loans from the bank in a short period of time, his difficulties would follow. If he wanted to eat the land of Yellow Valley Beach, he would need a certain amount of strength, and he was indeed lacking at the moment.

Furthermore, during this process, Zhang Xianfa had also received an important message from someone. As long as he worked together with the Peng Cheng Real Estate, he would be unimpeded in many aspects.

In the end, Zhang Xianfa discussed this matter with Little Zhong, who, combining with Zhang Xianfa's current situation, agreed that he and the Peng Cheng Real Estate should work together. However, if Zhang Xianfa was the main organizer, he couldn't give out the initiative.

As long as he could obtain a better profit and finish this project, he would be able to complete tri-old reconstruction's project as soon as possible. Then, he would be able to make an impact on the project and that would be Zhang Xianfa's credit.

Just like this, Zhang Xianfa agreed to cooperate with Wang Yan's Peng Cheng Real Estate.

One had land and one had funds. It was not necessarily a bad thing for the two of them to work together.

Wang Yan started to make tea, every move was very professional and looked very elegant.

A quality woman, everything she did was pleasing to the eyes.

Zhang Xianfa could not help but take a few more glances. It was also an instinct for men to admire beautiful women.


It was just that when Zhang Xianfa thought about how such a beautiful and charming woman like Wang Yan had been taken over by a man like Shu Qiaofeng, Zhang Xianfa still felt a little unhappy in his heart.

In this day and age, men like Shu Qiaofeng had taken over too much of society's resources. It was because they held great power and had unparalleled authority, that he was able to exchange for so many things that should not belong to him, wealth, reputation, including women.

Zhang Xianfa felt that it was a pity for Wang Yan. Women do have to sacrifice more than men in this line of work. Especially when it came to selling off one's feelings and soul. This required a lot of endurance in order to do so.

Therefore, a woman like Wang Yan, while enjoying a wealth and status that others did not, had also endured the dual torment of having a heart and body that many women could not.

Zhang Xianfa thought so.

Director Zhang, please drink some tea, Wang Yan quickly brewed the tea, the fragrance of the tea filled his heart.

Thank you, you'll know it's good tea just by smelling it. Zhang Xianfa carefully picked up the small cup and took a sip, It's very mellow, very mellow …

Director Zhang is also a person who understands the Way of Tea, Wang Yan smiled and said, Tonight, I've met an opponent who can brew the tea!

Zhang Xianfa laughed, and felt that Wang Yan seemed to have some hidden meaning.

Zhang Xianfa finished the tea in his cup, took out the plan regarding the foundation laying ceremony, and the things related to the preliminary sale, and handed it over to Wang Yan, saying: wang tong, please have a look — —

Wang Yan enjoyed it a lot in his heart. No matter if Zhang Xianfa truly cared about the Peng Cheng Real Estate, or just pretended to look for her, this kind of respect made Wang Yan enjoy it a lot in his heart.

Wang Yan opened up the proposal and read it carefully.

She had been a realtor for so many years, but she had done many things herself. She was very experienced in these tasks.

However, seeing Zhang Xianfa's proposal, Wang Yan couldn't help but exclaim. After all, Zhang Xianfa was a person who had infiltrated a large estate into the regular army.

He used the marketing method of the Great real estate agent in particular for the early stage of the pre-sale. He had already thought of the possible customers that could purchase items of all classes and had various kinds of promotional methods — this was something that the Peng Cheng Real Estate had never done before.

The buildings that Wang Yan had developed were not big, they were small, had a high-class style and high class areas, and they were never worried about the Group Field. But, to make a big building, must have a very good marketing team, in order to let the building play the greatest value.

Wang Yan read the plan carefully and said with admiration, Director Zhang is indeed extraordinary! You're from the regular army, and you're from the discipline department. Very good! The laying of the foundation ceremony, the opening of the market, and the marketing strategy were all arranged very well! Here, I have only one suggestion, and that is the laying of the foundation ceremony, to take into consideration the feelings of as many leaders as possible. This is a tri-old reconstruction project and not just any ordinary building, so the citizens' focus will be higher and the expectations of the group will be higher. The fact that the Assistant Li is able to personally attend the foundation laying ceremony is equivalent to laying a solid foundation for our project!

Zhang Xianfa was very happy to hear Wang Yan's evaluation.

He had real estate experience, but no experience as a boss. Wang Yan had the experience of being a boss, but she was still lacking in regards to the marketing strategy for large buildings. This was because she had been created from a young age by the real estate agent and had yet to break through this bottleneck. This was also why Wang Yan didn't dare to develop that 800 mu of land in Lian Cheng County!

From the looks of it, the two of them were indeed working together strongly and complementing each other's strengths!

The wang tong is very modest, Zhang Xianfa said with a smile. The reason why we came here tonight is to discuss with you. If we still need to amend and supplement, we can do our previous work more perfectly.

You did a good job with it, it's really good — — Wang Yan laughed and said, To be honest, I rarely confirm a proposal like this, but I feel that your proposal is the best one ever. Director Zhang is truly worthy of being called the elite of the land, I believe even more that our cooperation will definitely succeed, and that we will cooperate happily! In order to celebrate the official opening of our first cooperation, I suggest that we drink some wine to celebrate. Does Director Zhang like wine or foreign wine?

Zhang Xianfa looked at Wang Yan and said, Alright! Celebrate the Yellow Valley Beach project that we are about to begin! Wish us victory in the beginning! Would you like some wine?

Zhang Xianfa guessed that Wang Yan was probably the woman who could drink more. Women in this line of work, if they can't drink, will lose a lot of opportunities.

Wang Yan had been in the battlefield for a long time, so he must have been in the same winery for a long time, hence he could drink a little of any wine.

However, Zhang Xianfa only liked to drink foreign wine. After so many years in Guangdong, his eating habits had a great effect on him. He learned to eat less chili, drink more soup, like to eat light habits, and also learned to drink foreign wine. Over time, Zhang Xianfa also became more interested in overseas wine, and indeed, it was better than liquor. Furthermore, drinking a little overseas wine every day was extremely good for one's body, especially for men, it was said that it had a special effect on strengthening the yang.

Alright! Wang Yan answered straightforwardly.

She took out two crystal goblets from the wine cabinet. The tulip shaped cup looked very sparkling and beautiful under the light of the lamp. The feel of it in her hand was very exquisite!

Wang Yan took out the top-grade Hennessy poem and opened the lid.

The golden coloured transparent liquid slowly poured into the cup. It really was like the most beautiful dancers dancing with the most beautiful movements. It was extremely tempting.

The wine that had just been drunk, in Zhang Xianfa's eyes, was like a beautiful, delicate and gentle woman.

The two of them picked up the exquisite goblet as Zhang Xianfa looked at Wang Yan. Wang Yan also smiled at him and just as the two of them were about to drink, Zhang Xianfa's phone suddenly rang.

You're my rose, you're my flower, you're my lover, I'm worried about you …

It was a very loud bell!

Wang Yan could not hold back his laughter! He never thought that Zhang Xianfa would use such a vulgar song to make his phone ring.

Seeing Wang Yan laughing at him, Zhang Xianfa also laughed, and said: Next time, if I change it to let it sing the National Anthem, then it might sound better — —

Wang Yan laughed once again, amused by Zhang Xianfa's expression.

Zhang Xianfa picked up his phone and saw that it was actually Xiao Zhong's phone. At this moment, why did Little Zhong think of him? Seems like there was something important, otherwise Little Zhong would normally stay with Assistant Li at night and would only return home late every day. Little Zhong laughed and said to himself that he did not even have the time to pick up girls anymore.

Could it be that this brat was going to pick up girls tonight?

Old classmate! Zhang Xianfa shouted.

I have something to talk to you about tonight. Where are you? Little Zhong asked directly.

This guy really had something on his mind. Furthermore, he seemed to be in quite a hurry.

What is it? Tell me — Zhang Xianfa said.

I want the fresh weeds at the Boyang Lake, the canned wild fish and dried fish. I also want the cured meat made from farm pork. I want it tonight, hurry up and find it for me. It's extremely urgent! Little Zhong said anxiously.

F * ck me! Whenever something bad happened, it would have to be tonight! Zhang Xianfa looked at Wang Yan and thought for a while. The two of them had just finished talking, and they had only drank together, if he left now, Wang Yan would probably be unhappy.

Thus, he thought for a moment, then said, Brother, why are you in such a hurry? Is tomorrow okay?

Stop bullshitting, if you can wait until tomorrow, I won't tell you that! You must prepare everything for me tonight. This is an order! " Little Zhong said without any explanation.

F * ck! Isn't this embarrassing! In the middle of the night, it really wasn't easy for him to find all these things. The key thing was that he was with Wang Yan! I can't get away from it!

Bro, it's already the middle of the night, do you think you can make some arrangements? We'll order more tomorrow? Zhang Xianfa said as he looked at Wang Yan.

Wang Yan put down his wine cup, left the sofa and walked towards the bathroom.

Seeing that Wang Yan had left, Zhang Xianfa spoke even more directly to Little Zhong.

What are you doing? What is there to be so anxious about? " Zhang Xianfa asked.

"Where are you? Are you trying to pick up a girl? Little Zhong asked.

Zhang Xianfa choked on his question! If he said no, he really was with a woman. If he said yes, he didn't have the ability to get the Jiangyou Group's First Big Sis!

What nonsense are you talking about? I'm working! Zhang Xianfa said with

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