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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 9

The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 9

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The Imperial Physician in the City: Volume 9

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Lançado em:
Nov 24, 2019


Abandoned baby Cao Ziyang obtained an ancient medical book, learned the strange method of medical treatment in the city, triggered a huge earthquake in the medical field...
Lançado em:
Nov 24, 2019

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The Imperial Physician in the City - Mei SanNong



Right now, we're afraid that someone else will beat us to it. If so, then the trouble we'll be facing won't be small. Tie Cheng's background had let him know that it was too simple for her to do anything to the Iron Eagle in the M Nation. He had already experienced it firsthand, and after Cao Ziyang's example, he decided to warn himself that he must not offend women, especially intelligent ones.

I don't think so. Something happened in the middle, so the goods were moved. As long as we can find out who transferred them, everything will be fine. Cao Ziyang still felt that those things must have been moved away by the guard. As for why that person did not use those things to create wealth and power for him, Cao Ziyang did not understand either.

"The problem is here, with the current situation, we cannot find anything in the country, they cannot even leave, much less do anything. Se Linnuo is too ruthless this time, he forced them step by step to such a state, he actually has a lot of respect for Se Linnuo now, for a woman to have such courage and talent, it makes everyone look at her in another light. Unfortunately, if Cao Ziyang had been able to do it better, this plan would have been perfect. Unfortunately, she was still a woman.

Didn't you say to cooperate? Tie Cheng reminded Wen Xiao. There were some things that they didn't have to do, they had free labour.

Wen Xiao looked at Cao Ziyang embarrassedly. He really wanted to smash Tie Cheng's head to see what material was inside, how could his head become like this. Didn't he see that your good brother is only a little better? There was no need to hit him again, was there?

Cao Ziyang was not as weak as Wen Xiao thought he was. Since he had thought it through, he would naturally not be like last night, where he felt that she was being unreasonable, was it not because she had suffered a loss? Since ancient times, there had been many people who had suffered losses because of women. There was no need for him to continue on with a meaningless matter.

I think so too! Cao Ziyang stated his position. He indicated that at this time, if they didn't take advantage of the Mafia, they would be in trouble. After all, their current situation was caused by their own hands, so he didn't blame them for not cooperating well.

Wen Xiao looked at Cao Ziyang seriously. After confirming that he was indeed normal for now, he stood up and said: I'll contact them right now!

Wen Xiao naturally knew what they were looking for, and he decided to let the Black Hand Group do this. However, taking into account Cao Ziyang's situation, he did not take any action. Since Cao Ziyang was thinking the same thing, what else was there for him to worry about?

The Godfather felt that it was natural to receive Wen Xiao's call, and after hearing what he had to say, he didn't say anything further. He directly hung up the phone and started to arrange for people to investigate, to see what had happened in the place Wen Xiao and the rest were talking about in the past two years. Then, he picked up the phone and called Se Linnuo who was busy right now, telling her the current situation.

Do as they say and organize the information. I'll go over personally tonight! Se Linnuo hung up after saying that.

However, her eyes were still on her phone. Since Iron Eagle had already started to do something, it meant that Cao Ziyang had already calmed down. After last night's struggle, she understood what she wanted, so she felt that she needed to have a good talk with Cao Ziyang! Actually, the only thing she wanted to do was to find Cao Ziyang and the others. Unfortunately, she was at her wit's end.

Her current situation was very bad, because after the news about the Island Nation came back, she was famous in the circle, and there were clear photos being sent to the FBI, if it was any ordinary person, they would have already been convicted and handed over the case over. However, Se Linnuo's background let the people above know that this method would not work, because Se Linnuo was now the only person in the entire family who could be considered to be in direct contact with her. Perhaps there was no connection between them in other matters and they were always in a state of disagreement, but everyone in his family had one thing in common, and that was pride!

This kind of person would not allow himself to live the rest of his life by relying on outsiders, so regarding Se Linnuo, their attitude must be unyielding. This kind of unyielding attitude was not only reflected in the matter of them trying to cover Se Linnuo with all their might, it was also manifested on Se Linnuo's body. They felt that she simply did not have the ability to do anything alone, felt that she was not perfect, and thus received endless amounts of training, training! This caused her to be short of time. This was also the reason why she gave Cao Ziyang's task to her godfather instead of doing it herself.

Otherwise, if she were to be discovered, she might not be able to get anything in the future, and she might even lose what she originally was, which was something she absolutely wouldn't allow. In the past, she wouldn't take such risks, but now, for Cao Ziyang, she had to do this.

So at night, when she brought all the information she had found in the villa, she directly passed it to Wen Xiao. Without wasting any more words, she walked up to Cao Ziyang and said: We need to talk!

When Cao Ziyang saw Se Linnuo, he knew that he had to force himself to stay calm for the entire day. Even if he was trying to console himself, he still couldn't control his emotions towards Se Linnuo, so when Se Linnuo said that they needed to talk, he instinctively wanted to reject. He did not know what would happen when they were alone together, but his dignity as a man made him know that this was not the time to be a deserter.

I need to borrow him from you for a period of time. Don't worry, if I want to do something to him, I don't need to worry about you! Se Linnuo told Wen Xiao and the others that the temperament that she currently possessed was no longer that pitiful and delicate woman that they had met back then, and his forceful attitude made it impossible for them to refute her.

What do you mean? Cao Ziyang felt that something was amiss. If they were just chatting alone, there was no need to greet Tie Cheng and the others unless …

I don't have much time. I don't have time to waste here with you. Now you must come with me. I'll tell you the details from the car. I'll arrange for your return! Se Linnuo's recent movements had already caught their attention, if she were to do something that the family felt was amiss, they would definitely send him off. She did not dare guarantee that anything that could be hidden from the Iron Eagle could also be hidden from those old fellows inside the family.

Good, good, good! Let's go! Please!" When Cao Ziyang wanted to refute him, Wen Xiao immediately struck his hammer down, not caring about what Cao Ziyang was feeling awkward about right now, he directly pushed Cao Ziyang to Se Linnuo's side.


Don't worry, we will study it carefully. At a time like this, you don't have to be so respectful to your duty, Wen Xiao can stabilize himself, you don't have to worry. Tie Cheng realized that Wen Xiao was helping out from the side, and interrupted Cao Ziyang!


Don't worry, I'll tell everyone about you going out. Don't worry, come back early! Wen Xiao was not talking about the people from Iron Eagle, but Mo Chou who was still sleeping in his room and had no idea when he would wake up.

Cao Ziyang looked at the two of them singing in unison and felt a bit powerless. This group of people?

Don't be shy, I can't eat you! Se Linnuo looked at Cao Ziyang's current state and felt very anxious. She did not have much time left, so she did not have much time to waste here.

But you can lie to me! Cao Ziyang's words were actually a bit aggrieved. Mo Chou could tell that this was supposed to be a hilarious joke, but now she couldn't laugh at all. The pressure on her immediately dropped.

Cao Ziyang also noticed that the atmosphere was bad, and quickly said: Isn't it dry time? What are you thinking about? Hurry up and go!"

Se Linnuo regained his senses, and without saying anything further, he led the way, and Cao Ziyang followed suit!

After they left, Tie Cheng and Wen Xiao glanced at each other and began to laugh loudly.

Did you hear that? The grievance in Cao Ziyang's voice, I never thought that he would also become like this!" After they finished laughing, Wen Xiao who was lying on the sofa said to Tie Cheng.

Yeah, it really doesn't match with him. No matter how I hear it, it sounds like a child's reaction. Tie Cheng agreed from the side, but in his heart, he was secretly envious: This kid is really lucky!

Cao Ziyang had talent that others could not reject, his exquisite looks and clever brain, but these were not things that Tie Cheng envied. He envied the woman beside Cao Ziyang, but it was not because his woman made him envious, but rather, it was because all the women around him, without exception, truly loved him.

Up till now, Tie Cheng had been living through all kinds of hardships and suffering during the first half of his life. It was very impressive in the middle, but it only lasted for a short period of time. Before he could even react to what he was going to do to his grandmother, he had wanted to take care of his. The only thing he could do now was to endure it well, and after his grandmother's hundred years have passed, he would fight for himself again.

Wen Xiao looked at Tie Cheng with a complicated expression. He seemed to have thought of something and frowned. However, it was only for an instant. After that, he waved the information in his hand as if nothing had happened and said, Don't sigh so much. Let's finish the research first.

On the highway, a red sports car was running at an unbridled high speed. Inside the carriage, Cao Ziyang and Se Linnuo were silent. Lina was thinking about Cao Ziyang's words. She knew that Cao Ziyang was not interested in the matter, so would he still be with her? Thinking of this, the car sped up even more.


Where are we going? Cao Ziyang did not dare praise Se Linnuo's speed and asked. Originally, he didn't plan to hear Se Linnuo's reply. He only wanted her to divert her attention and slow down a bit.

Just like her, Se Linnuo slowed down his car as he answered Cao Ziyang's question: Come to my house!

Your home? Cao Ziyang didn't know which family he was talking about. Could it be the home of her high ranking father?

Actually, the place I'm living right now isn't any family. After all, apart from the servants and coach, I'm the only one here! Se Linnuo said this in a dull tone, as if it wasn't something worth worrying about.

When Cao Ziyang heard this, he suddenly thought back to what Se Linnuo had told him about her family's situation, and felt sorry for him. However, in the blink of an eye, he also thought that Se Linnuo was lying to him, and he did not know if what she had said before was true or false.

Ha! Cao Ziyang laughed at himself, laughing at himself for putting on an act. He was disgusted with himself for being like this. This was not him, he was wise and calm. He should not have become like this just because of these things.

Although Se Linnuo did not see Cao Ziyang's expression, he roughly knew what he was thinking about. He explained: I've told you that it was true before, I've never lied to you about it. If I tell you about our meeting now, would you believe it was an accident?

I don't believe it! Cao Ziyang expressed it very straightforwardly. Such a coincidence could only be arranged intentionally, so how could there be any real surprises?

Regardless of whether you believe me or not, I still want to say it! As for believing that it was Cao Ziyang's power, she could not make the decision, What I said to you is true, but you have to think carefully about it, if it was not a coincidence that you guys met me at that time, I would definitely not be able to live past now. I did find out about what you guys took away with me, but back then, my emotions were not stable enough, so I punished Godfather a bit, and because of my sister's matter, I rushed to the island. That was a very sophisticated plan, and it should not have happened. Why should I sacrifice myself!

After listening to Se Linnuo's words, Cao Ziyang thought carefully. Adding on his intuition, he knew that Se Linnuo was not lying, but in this play, the one who was lying was actually him, and was a self-righteous lie. His fate had nothing to do with Se Linnuo, it was all up to him.

I'm sorry! Seeing that Cao Ziyang did not say a word, Se Linnuo opened his mouth to apologize.

Didn't you say you weren't lying to me? Do you need me to apologize for anything? Knowing that the real situation did not make Cao Ziyang any better, he became even more depressed. He did not know where this feeling of oppression came from.

Even if I'm not lying, the fact that I'm taking advantage of our relationship later on is an indisputable fact. I apologize! Se Linnuo wasn't the kind of person who would be proud and awkward, it was her fault. Naturally, she would admit that she was wrong, but don't forget, you did not comply with the agreement and took what belonged to the mafia.

Cao Ziyang was surprised, Then you're saying you're not wrong at all, I asked for it? When Cao Ziyang asked this question, he realized that if it was according to what Se Linnuo said, he was indeed reaping what he sowed.

Like I said, I apologize for taking advantage of our relationship. Se Linnuo was very sincere as she believed that this was probably the time when she was the lowliest person in her entire life. The most hateful thing was that when she was nine years old, she had been locked in the basement for two whole days without any sunlight or food. The reason was because she broke a dress, but most importantly, she didn't break it at all and that person forced her to admit her wrongs, but at the last moment, she didn't even lower her head.

The feelings between us? How laughable, what sort of feelings do we have? Cao Ziyang was currently very anxious. He completely disregarded Se Linnuo's actions and kept protecting himself like a hedgehog, while at the same time hurting others.

I know you're not calm right now, so I won't care! Se Linnuo was stung, but she had no choice but to lower her head.

Why am I not calm down? I'm very calm right now! I know, if I didn't think too much of myself, if I hadn't been tempted, if I hadn't been soft-hearted when I saw you cry, everything wouldn't have happened now, so everything would have happened on my own! It was because he realized that it was normal for her to do all this from Se Linnuo's perspective, and the abnormal one was himself. He had been depressed for a long time, and discovered that the reason why everything had turned out like this was because of him. Se Linnuo was not at fault, but how could she be?

Se Linnuo did not say much, but the increase in the speed of the carriage signified her current feelings. She had thought that if Cao Ziyang did not understand, or was angry, she could do whatever she wanted, because she had indeed covered their feelings with a veil of benefits. However, Cao Ziyang's current situation left her at a loss for what to do. Cao Ziyang was now a bull with a bull's horn, so she had nothing more to say.

Once again, the car fell into silence, preventing Cao Ziyang's anxious emotions from leaking out. It was the same situation until Se Linnuo returned home.

The place Se Linnuo lived at was within the strict administration area. The houses here had once appeared in the newspapers as they were the gathering places for retired soldiers who had fought in the battlefield. However, that was a long time ago. The people living here now were their descendants. They were all people with status and status. So, even if you had the money, you still wouldn't be able to buy a place like this. In this place, there was a curfew at night. If that time passed, no one would be able to enter.

Only now did Cao Ziyang know why Se Linnuo said that she did not have much time to stay in the villa. It should have been not long after they entered the main gate of the district that the main door closed.

Se Linnuo parked his car in a forest that wasn't in a parking spot, and got off. Cao Ziyang naturally followed suit. However, Se Linnuo did not go to the villa that was closest to him. Instead, he was walking around in the forest, and just as Cao Ziyang was about to ask if she was strolling in the forest with him, he realized that Se Linnuo had already stopped.

Cao Ziyang looked at the villa? Then, looking at the rope hanging from one of the bedrooms on the second floor, he thought of what happened next.

Sure enough, Se Linnuo glanced at her, and began to climb the wall using the rope. However, even if she wore quite a few shoes, Se Linnuo's movements were not obstructed in the slightest, and it could be seen that this was something she often did. After Se Linnuo entered, Cao Ziyang also started to climb. Maybe it was because he had calmed down a little, but he still had the energy to think that such a scenario would happen to his lover who he had a secret meeting with. The two of them were already in a situation where even if they were enemies, it would not be too difficult.

When Cao Ziyang entered the room, he knew that this was Se Linnuo's bedroom, because Se Linnuo was currently changing his clothes in front of the wardrobe, and did not mind his presence. Cao Ziyang originally wanted to avoid him, but a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

He suddenly knew why he was so anxious and angry, because he thought about it, if the one who seduced her on the ship was not him, but Wen Xiao, or perhaps Tie Cheng, or maybe Li Yan, then Se Linnuo would do the same thing as them. What Se Linnuo liked was not him, but his current identity, and it had nothing to do with him.

You hide for a moment!

When Cao Ziyang thought about it, Se Linnuo opened his mouth and interrupted his train of thoughts. Cao Ziyang was feeling down, and without asking why, he went obediently into the toilet in his bedroom.

The next second, there was a knock on the door.

Come in! Se Linnuo replied as he laid on the bed.

The servant brought in water and medicine and placed them on top of Se Linnuo's bed. Then, he bent his waist and said to Se Linnuo. Your medicine is here! Just now, Madam called to ask about your situation, but Miss knocked on the door and didn't respond. I think Miss has already gone to sleep, so I told Madam to call me again tomorrow! "

Although he called her 'Miss' with a respectful attitude, Cao Ziyang didn't hear any hint of respect in the servant's voice and only mechanically spoke to her.

Perhaps I slept too deeply just now, but when I came back in the afternoon, I was too tired. I will call my mother tomorrow, you can leave. I'm still feeling dizzy right now, leave my things in my room. I'll pack them up in the morning, you can leave now!

When Se Linnuo said this, he was very delicate, making Cao Ziyang think of the Se Linnuo on the ship. Back then she was the same as he was now, he realised that Se Linnuo didn't even need to intentionally act or anything like that, because these things could already be absorbed into her bones, it was already easy to use.

The servant replied, Yes! Then he left.

Come out! Se Linnuo's voice returned to normal, making Cao Ziyang feel that it was a little funny.

Now I want to know, when are you telling the truth? Cao Ziyang knew that this was not the time to talk about this, but he still asked.

From the age of 9, I know that if I want to live well, there is no such thing as true or false! Se Linnuo was still lying on the bed and did not get up, answering Cao Ziyang's question.


I really don't understand your world, and I don't want to understand it. Just now, I thought of something! Cao Ziyang did not want to be entangled with this kind of thing, because Se Linnuo's expression when she said that was somewhat irresistible, so he did not want to change the topic and wake himself up.

What? Just like Cao Ziyang thought, Se Linnuo was also not willing to talk about this, so he was happy to follow Cao Ziyang's rhythm.

If I hadn't been the one responsible for getting close to you on the ship, what would have happened to you? Cao Ziyang asked straightforwardly. This was the reason why he was so conflicted. He did not want to think too much about other things, because the more he thought about it, the more confused he became. This was not a good phenomenon.

I don't know! Se Linnuo knew Cao Ziyang's intentions, and knew the answer Cao Ziyang wanted to hear, but she really did not know. Seeing Cao Ziyang's face darken, Se Linnuo continued to speak: I like your sincerity, your gentleness, and your vulgarity, as well as the things you said on the deck of the ship that night. Your ambition and temperament are all things that I like. I've always been listening to them say that there's no reason why I like a person, but that's why I like you. Maybe that's why you're like that, maybe it's because you're like that, maybe it's just for a while, but it's also true that I'm fond of you because of that.

Se Linnuo felt that he didn't need to hide anything in front of the people he liked, so she spoke to Cao Ziyang based on the deepest thoughts in her heart. She hoped that Cao Ziyang would understand that she liked him, but she didn't know if she liked the real him, and she liked the warmth she felt when she was by Cao Ziyang's side. Was what she fell in love with just an illusion?

Cao Ziyang looked at Se Linnuo in a somewhat stunned manner, because what Se Linnuo had said was the truth in front of her. It meant that Se Linnuo did indeed like her, without a doubt, but what about him, I have many women, and I will not offend anyone for anyone, because they have given a lot for me, and even if I have to spend my entire life, it will not be enough to repay them.

Se Linnuo didn't know what Cao Ziyang meant by saying all of this, but he still followed his words: I know! I have investigated you from the very beginning till now, I have investigated everything about you!

I don't know if I really like you, but I will feel sorry for you. I care a lot when I see you living in such a fake situation, and I feel very agitated when I think that you might not like me, and I hate you when I know that everything that happened to you at that time was all for the things in my hands. And last night, when you let us go, I would have been scared, I don't know why I was scared at that time, it was clearly a way of living, but I didn't want it. But now I know why, because I'm afraid I can't see it. When I determined that you were working with the Iron Eagle, I was unhappy, not because I wanted to stay, but because I was left behind as a failure, this made me very unhappy!

When Se Linnuo heard Cao Ziyang, he did not jump in excitement nor did he cry from being touched. Even his heartbeat did not increase much, but he felt a sense of happiness flowing out of his bones.

This made her smile happily, and she stretched out her hands from under the blanket. Cao Ziyang immediately went over to hug her. He felt a sense of relief, a very relaxed feeling!

Before he came here, he had thought about what he might do to Se Linnuo. Hit her? He was afraid that he would really do such a thing after losing his mind, which was why he was unwilling to leave the villa just now. Or maybe he was simply trying to make her feel stronger, venting his negative feelings on her, and then he would cooperate with her without any hesitation. He would pretend that this person had never appeared in his life and use his time to deal with everything that had happened in the past. However, he did not expect it to be like this. Seeing Se Linnuo drive a car, climb a wall, and even deal with such a large group of hypocritical people just because he wanted to return home, all of his negative emotions had been worn away, and only slow pain remained.

Thinking up to here, Cao Ziyang gently bit on Se Linnuo's shoulder, causing Se Linnuo to suck in a cold breath.

Cao Ziyang realized that something was wrong and immediately pulled open Se Linnuo's pajamas. He saw the bruises and swelling on her shoulders and the scars from her excessive exercise.

What's going on? If Cao Ziyang did not remember wrongly, her previous injury just so happened to be the case. What was the situation now?

This is very normal. Right now, I'm the only direct heir to the family, because when I was young, the center of gravity was on my sister. Now, they feel that I'm lacking no matter how they look at me, so receiving some training is very normal! She wouldn't tell Cao Ziyang that she was doing this on purpose, not to let him see her heartache. Instead, she needed an excuse to rest and go out to find him. Being injured was the best choice.

I want to know what kind of environment you are living in to make you what you are now! She would fall in love with someone because she couldn't stand being attracted by their warmth. After thinking about it, he still had a little bit of luck. Luckily, this person was him.

You don't want to know! When my sister died, I felt like I'd fallen into hell. No, from the first day I came to this house, I felt like I had fallen into hell!" None of the people in there seemed to be human beings, but rather machines, the kind that ate people without spitting out their bones.

I want to know! He wanted to know what it was that made a woman look like an angel, but she lived as if she were in hell, guarded, camouflaged.

If we were to be together in the future, you would eventually find out. I don't want to talk about it right now, okay? Right now, she was carrying too much of her burden. Furthermore, the majority of the reason was because of Cao Ziyang. Since she said so, she was afraid that it would add another burden to their relationship.

Sure! He knew that they would definitely be together in the end. With their natures, as long as they chose one another, they would not easily let go of one another's hands.

Shall I go back tonight? Cao Ziyang asked, but his meaning was clear.

Go back? Do you think you can go back now? Se Linnuo looked at him, and laughed! This was not a place where anyone could go out of here just because they wanted to come in. Furthermore, she did not plan to let Cao Ziyang go back in the first place. She had thought about it, since it was something she wanted, she definitely had to get it.

Are you sure you want me to stay? Cao Ziyang said as he groped Se Linnuo's body.

Se Linnuo laughed, and then used an alluring tone to speak next to his ear: Of course, my room has a good soundproofing! You can do whatever you want!

Se Linnuo was wearing pajamas, so there was no need to do anything. When they met each other, Se Linnuo was not embarrassed like the usual women, Cao Ziyang knew that she had already experienced her passion inside the villa, but back then, he had only talked about it.

The last time you were in the villa, did you report how I felt? Now that he thought about it, there were too many things about Se Linnuo that were not right, but he had completely forgotten about it. Thinking about it now, Se Linnuo was not wrong when he said that Se Linnuo reaped what he sowed, it wasn't that his opponent was too strong, but that his own anxiety had hurt him.

Yes! Se Linnuo said honestly. In this situation, there was no need for her to hide anything from Cao Ziyang.

Then how do you think I should punish you? As Cao Ziyang spoke, he lit a fire on Se Linnuo's body.

Why did you punish me? Se Linnuo asked curiously.

That's because you don't trust me. Do you think you should be punished?

As long as you're happy! Se Linnuo smiled and successfully took down Cao Ziyang. Without further ado, he began the most primitive form of punishment.

When the enthusiasm and peace returned, Cao Ziyang suddenly remembered to ask a question.

What is your relationship with the The Mafia? Why do I hear the Don calling you Master? He didn't pay attention to it then, but now he started to pay attention to this detail. After all, in this era, the relationship of a master was too ambiguous.

She belongs to my mother, to the side of my own mother. Actually, after I entered this house, I had completely broken off all relations with my mother. Even if she died, I would only know about it a few months later when I heard gossip from the servants at home. That was when I was twelve years old. Now that I think about it, this should be the first time that I completely revolted against this family. After returning to my previous home, I saw him lying on the bed half-dead. I saved him, so he started following me. Although he didn't know anything, perhaps because he was my only memory of my mother, I asked him to help manage the Mafia. The Mafia had internal operations, and it didn't matter who the godfather was. But he seemed to have a desire for power to a certain extent, so he let him. He's probably the only person I used to be able to throw a tantrum, beat around the bush, and still follow me as usual." It was just like last time when she shot him because of his sister and Cao Ziyang, but afterwards he would still stay by his side and not have any bad intentions towards her.

Why does it sound like the plot of a lovesick man? Cao Ziyang frowned. No one was related to him, so how could someone do this?

What nonsense are you talking about? He's old enough to be my father! It seems like he used to be someone from some ancient family, and has a strong obsession in this area. As long as he is determined, he will follow them for the rest of his life." It was as if even if her mother was gone, he would still be guarding that shabby house!


Forget it! I am just jealous, why is it that the one accompanying you is not me, he would not actually go and eat the jealousy of someone over a hundred years old! " He, Cao Ziyang, still had some self-confidence. He and his godfather, even without looking, would still choose him.

You won't be able to do it! When Se Linnuo said this, he was very sure, and to Cao Ziyang, it was very uncomfortable!


Because no matter what? Even if I didn't have any sense, I wouldn't hurt you. I won't use you to vent my emotions either! Se Linnuo looked at Cao Ziyang and spoke with deep affection.

NO! You don't need it, you can vent your dissatisfaction on me in the future. Your weird emotions, it's the right of a girlfriend, and it's also a man's responsibility! "

Are you serious? Se Linnuo looked at him strangely. Could it be that Cao Ziyang was someone who was inclined to be abused? You are looking for a beating even when you are being gentle with him?

Don't look at me like that, I'm very normal! Cao Ziyang said, Se Linnuo's thoughts had already been seen through by him, Whoever says to vent your emotions must be beaten up and scolded, let's drag the conflict onto the bed. If not, you can bully me as much as you want! As Cao Ziyang spoke, his hand began to move on Se Linnuo's body again!

You pervert! Se Linnuo laughed and scolded, he was grabbed by Cao Ziyang by both his hands and lifted them above his head, his body flipping over her body. He first admired the worded scene on her body, and then asked with a low and hoarse voice: Do you want to try again?

Of course!

It was destined to be a sleepless night.

You said that Cao Ziyang has been gone for so long and hasn't returned. Has he been unable to keep his mouth shut? Tie Cheng looked at the night sky outside and asked Wen Xiao who was still reading the information beside him.

That's right! He's probably dead now! Wen Xiao replied.

Really? I was just joking!

He's so drunk! Wen Xiao was depressed, did Tie Cheng really believe that Cao Ziyang would come back today? Indeed, it was best to stay away from him in the future. Otherwise, his IQ would drop too!

On the second day, Se Linnuo let Cao Ziyang get on the carriage earlier, and left before the sun had even risen! With the same wild speed, how could Cao Ziyang ever dare to ride in her car again?!

Slow down. This thing is good, but there are too many accidents. Let's take it easy, okay?! Initially, Cao Ziyang had planned to endure it, but in the end he was still defeated by the speed that was getting faster and faster, and he gave Se Linnuo some advice with his weak voice.

I can't be late for my training! Se Linnuo explained, and did not speak anymore, and seriously drove, and Cao Ziyang knew that this was not the time to speak, and quietly slept by the side.

After Cao Ziyang returned to the villa, there was still a smile on his face. Perhaps it was because the reason he had parted ways with Se Linnuo just now was too sticky, causing him to truly feel a sense of love.

He's back!

Mo Chou's voice made Cao Ziyang's face stiffen a little, En! She then changed the topic when she saw that the only person in the living room was her, Where did Wen Xiao and the rest go?

They said that they found something on the information Se Linnuo brought over yesterday, and that they are studying it in the guest room? Mo Chou suddenly thought of the awkward moment when the two of them were facing her in the morning, which made her a little confused. When she mentioned Se Linnuo, Mo Chou asked Cao Ziyang: Did the misunderstanding with you, Gen Selinnuo, be resolved?

Cao Ziyang, who was about to walk into the study, felt his heart skip a beat when he heard her question.

Hmm, I've explained it clearly. It was indeed a coincidence that we met each other. Later on, she knew that our identities meant that we would not take the initiative to tell the truth to the enemy. I understand! At that time, if Se Linnuo had said that he was a member of the mafia, they probably wouldn't have believed him. Furthermore, both parties were initially lying, but he had been hurt by his pride earlier on.

Perhaps Cao Ziyang's performance was too obvious, Mo Chou said straightforwardly: For you to be able to find a girl like her, you must have some dog shit luck. I didn't know that she is such an angelic person with such ability, how could he fall in love with someone like you? I can't figure it out, I really can't figure it out!

After Cao Ziyang heard Mo Chou say so, he knew Mo Chou wouldn't mind. In fact, Mo Chou had experienced this kind of thing before, so there was no need for him to be so nervous. Perhaps the things that happened recently were too many, and the accidents were too many, making his heart become more sensitive.

I'm sorry! Cao Ziyang said to Mo Chou after thinking for a while.

What are you apologizing for? It's not like I don't understand what kind of person you are. It would be weird if you could really become as good as jade one day, wouldn't it? " Mo Chou looked at Cao Ziyang with disdain.

Seeing this, Cao Ziyang walked over to Mo Chou and asked, What kind of person am I?

Mo Chou seriously replied, A pervert that can't do anything to the lower half of the body! Actually, saying that he was a pervert would be letting him off easily, as he was someone who relied on his lower body to live. Se Linnuo's matter was already proof of that, and in front of a beautiful person, Cao Ziyang's IQ had dropped by at least three times.

I believe that every man in the world lives by his lower body! As for the question of the pervert, we can continue our discussion in bed tonight. How did I end up being a pervert?

Cao Ziyang whispered seductively into Mo Chou's ear. Anyone who knew him would know what Cao Ziyang was thinking.

Why are you in such a bad mood so early in the morning? You must go and see Wen Xiao and the others to see what exactly has happened. This matter, I can see that Se Linnuo is very serious about it, and if you do not succeed, I believe that she will not let you off scot-free! Right now, it was not the time to discuss about this. It was best to see what Wen Xiao and the rest discovered.

Good! I'm going to the study room, aren't you going to take a look? In fact, he was already a little surprised when he saw that Mo Chou was alone. Could it be that Wen Xiao and the rest had realized something and decided to avoid Mo Chou? What's going on?

Mo Chou was planning to go together, but he suddenly remembered the awkward situation the two of them faced in the morning and shook his head, Forget it, I don't know what happened to them. They might have done something to make me feel guilty, but I couldn't figure out what happened after thinking for a long time. If it was because of him and Cao Ziyang, there would be no need for it. Mo Chou couldn't think of anything else that would make Wen Xiao and Tie Cheng feel awkward.

Don't bother with them. Let's go out for dinner later. I'll take you out for a good stroll! Cao Ziyang knew the reason behind their actions, but he did not say much. He thought that they could go out now, so he said a few words to Mo Chou to bring her out for a stroll.

You can go out now? How could it be solved in just two days? Does that mean that the matters of the Iron Eagle were resolved as well?

In the morning, Se Linnuo told me that they had done something to make the police think that the people reporting the matter were a group of delinquents, and that we, as just mercenaries, are about to leave after completing our mission, so as long as we do not go out to do anything that would arouse their suspicions, there should be nothing wrong. Se Linnuo had specifically mentioned it to him before, so he could bring Mo Chou out for a stroll now. As long as there was no conflict between them, nothing bad would happen, but he did not want anyone to guess at his plans, because even if they did not capture Cao Ziyang and the others, the case could not be avoided!

Alright then, I will make some preparations. You should go and have a talk with Wen Xiao and the others first to see what they have discovered. Actually, Mo Chou didn't have much interest in shopping, but he had been too depressed recently. Now he didn't have to be timid, so he was a little excited.

Cao Ziyang answered and went to the study room. The moment he entered, he found that the inside of the study had become like a battlefield, leaving him at a loss as to how to proceed. The floor was lined with information. Cao Ziyang took a quick look and noticed that there were natural disasters.

He's back! Looking at these things together with someone who didn't have an IQ in his rectum was really too much of a torment. Not only was Tie Cheng unable to help them, he even asked them where they were from and asked them about it, making him unable to speed up. He had obviously finished reading these things in the past three to four hours, but now he had spent more than two times the time he had.

Yes! Cao Ziyang nodded and asked, What did you discover?

Hearing his question, Wen Xiao immediately pulled out a few things from the dense and dense information, and said: Look, this is Se Linnuo's order for the area around the villa. No matter how coarse she is, she was able to get a clear handle on everything that has happened here in the past two years, look at what you can see from these things?

Wen Xiao was shocked when he saw this piece of information. He had investigated that place so clearly in just a day, and this ability was too different from the mafia that he had seen in the past. It made him feel as if the mafia had been hiding its true power. However, he didn't know what made the Mafia look so terrible in his country, but they were on the same side now. He did not need to worry about anything, but the future was not yet known to him. Therefore, he definitely needed to carefully investigate the Mafia.


You want to say? Cao Ziyang looked at the information in his hands, roughly understanding Wen Xiao's conjecture.

I knew that you would be able to tell, Tie Cheng! Look at that Zi Yang, I don't even need to say anything more, I can see it. I just don't know what's the point of you struggling over a plan that hasn't been implemented yet. Wen Xiao was about to explode with anger when he said this. He knew that Tie Cheng was not very smart, but he did not think that Tie Cheng was not smart to the point of being stupid. After explaining it to him for a long time, the reason why was conflicted was not because of his guesses, but because he was constantly talking about a plan by the Bureau of Meteorology, or if the plan did not work in the end.

I just don't get it. I just asked a little bit. I remember there was a sentence called 'no shame in asking'? He really couldn't understand how that manor could have anything to do with weather, then he had some doubts about the American Weather Service, then he had some ideas about what was going on, and then he had some questions about what was going on. Cao Ziyang returned.

Oh yeah, I didn't ask you. Have you made up with your wife yet? Right now, it's on someone else's territory. She has the final say, yet you didn't do anything to make them angry, right? Tie Cheng actually wanted to ask directly, did the two of you start fighting? Who won and who lost? Thinking about it later, Cao Ziyang should not be so stupid as to beat up Se Linnuo, a woman, and a woman that would make others want to protect him.

Once he talked about Se Linnuo, Cao Ziyang's thoughts went astray, Alright, there are no problems, the matters of the Iron Eagle have been resolved!

So fast! How did he do it? " Tie Cheng thought that it would at least take four or five days, since he understood the methods of the people up there. With so many suspicions, even if Se Linnuo did something to them, it would definitely arouse their suspicions for a period of time, but he did not expect it to be resolved so quickly. He wanted to know what exactly was going on.

Wen Xiao originally wanted to remind them about their sudden change in topic, and what was most important now. Hearing Cao Ziyang's words, he was also curious as to how Se Linnuo did it.

She directly got the members of the mafia to donate a sum of money to Li Yan's family, then took extra care of Li Yan's future affairs. Cao Ziyang was surprised when he heard that she had only done these two things.

High! By doing so, she would naturally arouse suspicion from the higher-ups, and then, she would direct the direction of the investigation towards Li Yan. Since Li Yan could be used by the mafia, then there must be some weakness. If the mafia could find out, then those people would naturally find out as well. If they know about our current situation, they would definitely think that we found out something, which is why they had such a huge reaction. Adding to Tie Cheng's previous performance, it's simply a complete victory, much more than how we need to go back and think of an explanation to make others believe us. You little rascal, you are simply picking up a treasure! " Wen Xiao looked at Cao Ziyang with a face full of envy.

Hehe, that's true! Cao Ziyang was very proud of himself.

Then you said that Se Linnuo will donate more money to Li Yan's family? What Tie Cheng was concerned about was always being in a different place than them. If there were anything else, Wen Xiao would not have said it, but after what Tie Cheng said, he realized that with Li Yan's status, this amount of money was definitely not a small amount.

She didn't say anything about this. Don't worry, she knew it well. Since she was the one who instigated this, it's only natural that she bear the burden! Cao Ziyang had also asked, but Se Linnuo said that it did not matter, so he did not say much. After all, her identity was there, so money was definitely not a problem.

Then let's quickly look at this information and settle this matter as soon as possible. Let's just treat it as paying her back! Cao Ziyang's relationship with Gen Selinnuo was at such a place, so Cao Ziyang did not think it was anything important. However, in the end, it was because of their greed that they got into this mess. There was nothing wrong with what Se Linnuo did in the past, if he stood from her standpoint, then the things he did would definitely be much more decisive and ruthless, thus, it would not work if Se Linnuo took responsibility for this. At that time, it would not be good for him to just directly say that she needed to return the money, so it would be better for him to repay this favor in a different way. After all, from the positions of both the Black Hand Guild and the Iron Eagle, they, the Iron Eagle, could not afford to owe such a favor.

Mm, that's fine too! Cao Ziyang naturally knew what Wen Xiao was thinking and had no objections. The information wasn't really that important, but there had been a heavy rainfall in the country a year ago, which had caused a flood not far from the manor. If it continued to happen, it would have serious consequences, so the government decided to draw the flood into an unimportant place, and the manor was located in a place that was a little like a sunken basin, so it was chosen. But the rain had come as soon as it was said, and gone as soon as it was said, and there was no need to carry out the final plan.

This was originally a small matter, but thinking about it, if that batch of items was really there, then if it was carried out, the items would definitely all be scrapped, and moving them out would be the best decision.

Now the question arose. Since they had moved out, it meant that the whereabouts of the items had always been known to someone. As for the purpose of these people doing this, they were protecting the items, not taking them for their own, which meant that only they knew the whereabouts of the items. Furthermore, the greatest possibility was that he was being protected by someone, so he must have left some form of connection behind.

But did they find anything other than a voice transmission in that place?

What about the little thing we found at the manor? Cao Ziyang asked, he felt that there must be something inside, he absolutely did not believe that it was caused by carelessness.

It seems to be in Mo Chou's hands! Wen Xiao thought of this and rushed out to call Mo Chou in.

Mo Chou, is the thing you found in the manor still there? Cao Ziyang was afraid that Mo Chou might accidentally lose it, and so many things happened after that. That thing was so small, so it was not strange that it was lost, but if it was lost, then it wouldn't be found.

In my room! Mo Chou was actually very interested in that thing. In fact, she already had a special interest in that thing, so she planned to stay behind and do some research. She originally planned to start doing it when she first came to this place, but who knew that so many things would happen that she had almost forgotten about.

"Do you have any way of seeing if there's anything inside? I remember it was recorded and sent out. It might have left something behind.

Sure! I'll go right now! Mo Chou hurriedly left. This aspect of her was her forte.

Then I will first contact the Iron Eagle to see what the situation is like over there! Tie Cheng also went out together with them.

I've finished looking through the remaining information, it's all because of that Tie Cheng fellow, causing me to not even be able to finish looking through it. Wen Xiao also found something to do, making Cao Ziyang feel that he was obviously free no matter how he looked at it. Since it was not the right time to use him, he sat by the side and started chatting with Wen Xiao.

"Oh right, Tie Cheng told me about his situation. Cao Ziyang really wanted to know what kind of thing could make Wen Xiao obediently listen to him.

I can't tell you that. Who do you think would expose their weakness to others? Isn't that just asking for trouble? Wen Xiao immediately rejected her. He was not a fool like Tie Cheng, and said everything he knew.

Hearing this, Cao Ziyang was not surprised, Wen Xiao was a completely different person from Tie Cheng, who could talk about this with her without any worries, but Wen Xiao could not, he was a smart person, and knew the importance of weakness to a person, Li Yan's fate was to teach him a lesson, if a person had a weakness, then he would have times where he could not control himself, and Wen Xiao, who had strong desire to control himself, would definitely not tolerate such a thing happening, but Cao Ziyang was also not easy to deal with.

I can't say I'm on the same side as you?

We are indeed on the same side now, but no one knows what will happen in the future. You are different from us, we are tied to the words' Iron Eagle ', but you are free to go, and whether you want to stay or not depends on your own thoughts. Wen Xiao did not stop to walk around Cao Ziyang. They were all smart people, and sometimes, smart people and clever conversations were the most frank, because they did not know what the other party was thinking.

No matter what happens in the future, I will definitely not go against Iron Eagle! Cao Ziyang thought to himself that he would not go against Iron Eagle. Even if there would be any conflicts in the future, he would definitely compromise.

Because of Mo Chou? Wen Xiao felt that he was just asking despite knowing the answer. The only thing that could make Cao Ziyang retreat was emotion!

It's also because of you and Tie Cheng! Although he did not have the intention to stay in the Iron Eagle forever, his feelings towards Wen Xiao and the others were not fake.

Wen Xiao pulled his head out of the data, looked at Cao Ziyang and was a little surprised. In fact, Wen Xiao liked smart people, so he liked Cao Ziyang a lot. But recently, Cao Ziyang made him feel that something was going on, that something was changing right from the moment Tie Cheng mentioned the organization. Now, hearing Cao Ziyang say this, he would be surprised.

"I feel that ever since Tie Cheng talked

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