Under the Roses

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Under the Roses

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Duração: série


On a side street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, beneath an ordinary-looking flower shop, is a modern-day speakeasy that only those who have a password can get into: Under the Roses. It’s an exclusive spot where the fashionable are served more than cocktails. Enter a world of elegance and debauchery; sexy burlesque dancers; wild jazz musicians; tattooed bartenders; and a mysterious owner who monitors everything that happens. Under the Roses is always alive with seduction and entertainment of every kind.

On a Members Only night at a sexy speakeasy, Olivia finds herself playing a new game with new and secret rules. She is first examined by a couple, she then follows various clues to find the hidden door she had heard about. She may think she understands the game, but is she ready for what is behind the red door?

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