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Samba para Parapente: full score

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Samba para Parapente: full score

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A samba for paragliding and for flying. Like the turbulent spring air in the mountains the rhythmicity here is also fairly complex – especially for the left hand of the accordion. And just like there are no rigid rules in the air, and independent and creative acting is demanded from the pilot at any time, this score is no rigid specification of the composer, but an invitation to work freely with the composition. To metamorphose it, to play with it, to search your own way through its melodics, harmony and rhythmicity. To rearrange it and to transfer it for different instrumentation. In addition to the piano score, there is one for the harp, some passages transcribed by Evelyn Huber specifically to make them workable on this unique instrument. The wind instrument score is written in C, Bb and Eb and could therefore also be played by a violin, an alto saxophone or a clarinet. It is particularly suitable as a solo piece for accordion, with a lot of room for improvisation.
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