The Ghost’s Burning Heart

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The Ghost’s Burning Heart

Nota: 5 de 5 estrelas5/5 (1 avaliação)
Duração: série


Jessica finds herself trapped in a paranormal marriage. Though she would rather be with her best friend and lover, Nick, Jessica must first go through the hardships of her life with her supernatural husband. Although her husband, and now herself, can drift from the human to the spiritual world, Jessica never loses hope that she and Nick will be together. Twice Nick comes for her, yet it isn’t until Jessica ends her marriage with a man who can define time, the spiritual world, and a human-like house does she manage to free herself. However, being free and choosing who to love comes with a cost.

Once again trapped by her husband, Jessica figures out how to deal with her next life tied to him. Now that he has brought her back from the spiritual world, Jessica must stay close to him for fear that time will catch up to her. However, when Nick, her true love, risks losing his own spirit to save her, Jessica joins the fight to gain her freedom of not only being free from her husband, but also being free to choose who she loves.

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