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Garro: Galaxy's End

Garro: Galaxy's End

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Garro: Galaxy's End

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Dec 21, 2019


Perfect for lovers of Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000 and magic!

Humanity’s extinction is inevitable.

The galaxy is burning with the flames of war as humanity is relentlessly besieged by the Order; a group of four very lethal alien races each with their own sinister motive; as they seek to enslave humanity.

When Grand Master Garro of the Magi Order; humanity's group of magical individuals; and his team of superhumans stumbles across a plot to decimate the Galaxy bring back an ancient horror. 

Their boring mission is transformed into a dire race across the stars to prevent this dark plot reaching fruition.

If Garro and his team fail, then humanity will fall!

Meanwhile, darker forces gather on Jupiter as the Cabal's plans to decimate humanity enter their final stage.

The Cabal are ghosts.

Few know of their existence.

If their plans succeed, then humanity will be ruled by tyrannical monsters.

But there is hope, Hugo is one of Garro's agents. Death given form. 

But can Hugo stop the Cabal’s powerful forces before Humanity’s Fall?

 And can Hugo find their mystic leader and cut off the head of the Cabal once and for all? 
If he doesn't then how many people will die?

Buy today to experience this thrilling sci find fantasy adventure!

Lançado em:
Dec 21, 2019

Sobre o autor

Hello, I'm Connor Whiteley, I am an 18-year-old who loves to write creatively, and I wrote my Brownsea trilogy when I was 14 years old after I went to Brownsea Island on a scout camp. At the camp, I started to think about how all the broken tiles and pottery got there and somehow a trilogy got created.Moreover, I love writing fantasy and sci-fi novels because you’re only limited by your imagination.In addition, I'm was an Explorer Scout and I love camping, sailing and other outdoor activities as well as cooking.Furthermore, I do quite a bit of charity work as well. For example: in early 2018 I was a part of a youth panel which was involved in creating a report with research to try and get government funding for organised youth groups and through this panel. I was invited to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party and how some of us got in the royal photograph.Finally, I am going to university and I hope to get my doctorate in clinical psychology in a few years.

Amostra do Livro

Garro - Connor Whiteley


Scared the galaxy is. War-torn it is.

Much has happened in the galaxy since the creation of this tale.

However, you must first know where it all began before you can even see the journey’s end.

For now, the galaxy has changed. Too much has been lost.

It all began in 2,100 AD- when humanity began to travel further afield from the Earth as a result of humanity’s want to conquer and control.

Therefore, less than a hundred years later, we conquered most of the stars, to begin our vast empire.

For another hundred years, we sailed the stars in the Golden age of Man. I am finding all types of wonders.

Although, our love of hunting new land had grown too fierce.

That is when the Age of Man fell.

Due to when we found the jungle world of Samiud. We got violently attacked by the Order. A group of alien races working together to conquer the stars.

Over time they saw humanity as cheap labour. Consequently, they want Man to bend their knee to them so; we can complete their labour.

The four alien races were:

The Cineachans- a humanoid race with a snake’s head. Plus, they abused their great magical powers to mutilate defiant slaves.

The Cinealthans- a monstrous, beast like race that only want to massacre and kill all life.

Furthermore, the Basicans a dying vampire race that wants to use humans as their last lifeline. That tends to use gargoyles as foot soldiers.

Finally, the Iarannthans are humanoid robotic beings. That has monstrous plates of living metal instead of body parts. Lava is their blood.

To defend humanity against the countless threats of space. The Republic got formed, where it represents all humanity.

Moreover, to kill these aliens, three fractions of humanity’s army got created.

These are the hammers of the Republic; they are hope and doom, death, and life. They are the Angels — three-metre-high men for humanity that have been preferred by Man through years of genetic research.

We will cover more of their abilities, but they’re what people wish they could do with their strength and lethalness.

The Magi Order was an order created by Supreme Grand Master Jeremy with Grand Master Garro. People with magical ability to be used to kill threats to humanity. In the body, Magi are like their magicless cousins the superhuman Angels, but they are like Angels naturally without the genetic implantations.

Furthermore- there are always 666 Magis in service. Of course, there are more people with magical powers. However, if they don’t join the Magi Order, they are forced to wear a suppressive bracelet that prevents them from using magic, even if it is for good.

However- for the average everyday person, they can join the weak marines. This fraction is the lowest and easiness to kill. Though, what they lack in power. They gain in numbers.

Right then now you know the basics on to the story, and then shall we?

After Grand Master Garro and his team of Angels disobeyed a direct order from the Chancellor; the Leader of Humanity; in which they attacked one of the Order’s many headquarters in a losing apocalyptic battle. Against orders, to gain a well worth sweet tasting victory.

They were sent on a boring check-up duty to an old research centre in space after a distress beacon was lit.

Nevertheless, is everything as it seems?

Do Garro and team know what lies at the base for them?

Probably not.

Whatever it is. It’s the starting point of the Galaxy’s end!

Chapter 1

Storming out of the Kingfisher; a large aerodynamically perfect blade like transport in an ocean blue colour; were Garro and his team of indestructible Superhuman Angels.

Garro, as well as his team members, were all ancient friends. They had served together unbroken for five hundred years.

Also, they wore a heavy bright orange five-centimetre-thick steel ceramic armour. That was near undoubtedly bulletproof. Although, since Grand Master Garro was a Magi, his was a dark, dirty grey colour with bright golden rims on the shoulder pads.

In the Angels’ hands laid a Railgun. It was a slim, slender gun. That shoots out boiling pieces of metal. Attach to their waists were grenades and other combat instruments.

Nonetheless- Garro carried a long metallic staff with a triangle with a ruby eye design on top in his left hand with various cryptic details on the staff from a forgotten age.

Subsequently, in his right hand was a special type of dark blue Railgun. That was enhanced. To make it even more lethal.

The hanger in which they had landed in was nothing more than a tin box.

Garro scanned the surrounds. Picking up on all the noises and traces however small; because Angels have a supernatural ability to detect things. Plus, Magi have a more acute version.

Garro- I detect heat signatures down the corridor, a member of Garro’s team said, called: Claire. She spoke in a serious, posh America-like voice. For she had seen the real horrors of war, but these horrors had shaped her into a knowledgeable person and an expert marksman.

I know, but all of the humans are dead or taken prisoner. Probably taken to the dead planet of Slaughter to be processed when the Order attacked, Garro explained, sensing as well as smelling the death in the air. He walked with caution into the corridor.

Which was a long, endless pentagonal loop of cold silver walls.

His team followed.

Inside Garro’s helmet, he continued to read the flow of data that he as receiving. Detailing everything from structural blueprints to DNA traces.

Garro, team, I hacked into the command network and found the footage for the execution of the worker, Kontana; Garro’s AI; explained. She spoke with a high pitch, gentle authoritative voice.

We push on, Garro boomed.

However, when they turned the corner. A group of Iarannthans was waiting for them. They were all metal wolves.

They strike.

Shots screamed across the corridor.

With the wolves firing wild shots from their mouths while the Angels fired aimed controlled shots.

Garro stood there. Waiting for the time to strike.

Like lighting three of the alien wolves leapt onto Claire.

Inside her armour- Claire heard millions upon millions of tiny teeth. Attempting to chip away at her shield.

Out of nowhere, a giant lightning bolt. Vaporized the wolves. It was from Garro’s staff.

Get up and fight Claire. Everyone purge the alien beasts! Garro commanded.

I am not dying today. You monsters from the darkness! With those words, Claire got up. Firing every single shot at her attackers.

Hew; a three and a half metre Angel in the team; spoke in a deep voice: Shall I Garro?

Garro nodded.

As soon as Hew got permission. He drew two long black swords from his waist and stretched his hands. To become a tornado of death. Then he launched into a melee.

A shot ran straight pass Garro’s right ear from behind.

Garro turned around. To

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