Mrs. Tigney’s Romance Guides for the 19th-Century Woman

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Mrs. Tigney’s Romance Guides for the 19th-Century Woman

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Lonning Parish holds the standard ingredients for a great romance: a youthful woman with strong opinions of marriageable age, a helpful best friend offering few obstacles to the heroine’s plots, and, of course, a young man who draws admiration everywhere he goes but is decidedly fascinated with the heroine. Naturally, the story of Miss Katherine Caroll has a bit of a snare. Even in her small parish, there are two handsome men vying for her attention: a virtuous vicar with angelic looks and a smart-mouthed gentleman who is the very picture of devilish handsomeness. As Miss Caroll’s heart is torn between them, we learn the stories of other friends in the parish, like the Widow Tigney and her healing heart, and Mr. Duke and his permanently broken one. The lives of Lonning Parish intertwine and teach Miss Caroll lessons, but will she learn them in time to capture a happy ending, or will indecision make the choices for her?

All halcyon days must come to an end; such is the strict rule of time as its cruel sands run low. Miss Katherine Caroll discovers this as her two favorite companions, a virtuous vicar and a jealous gentleman, come to violence over her honor. She must finally choose a lover to court and marry her before the conflict and tension ruins their friendship. But when the loser takes Miss Caroll’s best friend as his consolation prize, tensions rise just as high as before the final choice was made. Is any decision of love really final, or is it all up to chance?
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