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Neuro-Hijacking Manual: The Gifts & Charms that Hijack You + Me

Neuro-Hijacking Manual: The Gifts & Charms that Hijack You + Me

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Neuro-Hijacking Manual: The Gifts & Charms that Hijack You + Me

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Jan 23, 2020


WARNING: some people will NOT want you to read this Manual because it reveals invisible patterns that influence human relations, conflict and politics. And if you read this Manual, then those patterns cannot be used against you anymore. So, it is good for you, but not good for people who want to use those patterns against you.
This Manual is Part 1 of 3 in a revolutionary 3-Part Series (The Guardian's Playbook) that will give you god-like levels of transpersonal intelligence and allow you to fortify your position as a wise and moral leader within your business and community. This Manual is not a medical journal (despite the name). It is a sophisticated blueprint to navigate social/business relationships and negotiations, created after extensive experience in high-end corporate consulting, politics, diplomacy, mediation and litigation, backed by 1,000GB intelligence on human dynamics, including psychology, persuasion, theatre studies, linguistics, military history and more.
This Manual synthesises and explains 11 neuro-hijacks (called "Gifts & Charms") that can hijack human relations. It comes with a bonus Pocket-Sized Swiss Army Knife of 20 powerful tools designed to manage these neuro-hijacks wisely and ethically. There is NO filler content. It's all no-BS practical formulas, frameworks, tips and tools, with case studies, examples and some references to elaborate certain points.
Side effects of this Manual include:
· an ability to rapidly uncover your own internal-wiring
· improved mental health
· terminator-like discernment to pick the subtext and motivations within social settings
· an incredible power to move people (without coercion or dirty tricks) to do the right thing and become their best selves
· renewed and unwavering focus to achieve your goals
· special skills to resolve conflicts, settle office politics and improve relationships
· greater psychological power and leverage in negotiations.
This 3-Part Series is suitable for progressive leaders who manage people and are open to receive some no-BS guidance they can apply today in practice without a brain transplant, selling their soul to the devil or Nixon-levels of paranoid.
This is How to Win Friends and Influence People on steroids for a 21st Century, no-BS world.

Lançado em:
Jan 23, 2020

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Neuro-Hijacking Manual - Jamie Nuich


Why Me? 

I am NOT a doctor. And that's a good thing. Because it means that I cannot hide behind my title or medical jargon to persuade you. In fact, I will resist the urge to cite medical terminology to impress you. Instead, I will be using greater wisdom - real-world experiences in dispute resolution practice and epistemology (the knowledge of knowledge) - which is only going to benefit us both in the long run. 

I am the leading authority on special intelligence in negotiation and conflict resolution practice on the planet. Yes, you read that right: the planet. Why?

For starters, no-one else has claimed the title. So I got lucky there and pulled a Christopher Columbus.

But also I have won prestigious tertiary, state and international awards in mediation, negotiation, trial advocacy and diplomacy and earned my stripes running over 2,000+ seriously juicy deals and disputes in litigation, business and mediation (from $1 to $7bn, pedestrian gripes to monster litigation). I've run trials, appeared at the UN, with equal measures of experience managing relationships that work well for SME businesses, in high-end corporate consulting, politics and diplomacy.

I have read 500+ books on human dynamics - from psychology, persuasion, linguistics, hardcore philosophy, litigation, military history, theatre studies and more - to formulate my own brand of wicked smart intelligence (without the wicked part).

I run Dispute Intelligence², a bad-ass special intelligence program like the Matrix in negotiation and conflict resolution practice for a handful of exceptional candidates who make the cut each year (less than 0.00001%).

And I've developed a life-changing system, called the Modern Guardian's Playbook, that will transform you (yes, you, spilling your coffee, who goes to Google for answers and doubts if he/she can) into a walking, talking modern-day Solomon. This system will teach you a completely original and ethical approach to shrewdly manage yourself and others in business and conflict, with god-like psychological powers (without 20 years experience, an MBA, a brain transplant, selling your soul to the devil or developing Nixon-levels of paranoia). 

First, Some Context ...  

I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret. Thousands of years before Daniel Goleman dazzled us with his breakthrough work on emotional intelligence and amygdala hijacks - even centuries before neuroscientists started studying the brain and psychologists started studying the mind - philosophers were freaking out big time. Why? Because they knew the incredible power of emotions (positive and negative) and trickery to change minds. (Don't worry - I am going somewhere with this.) 

Their biggest fear was: 

How do we keep society in tact when a big chunk of the population is so basic and easy to trick and an even bigger chunk of the population is so greedy and eager to exploit that basicness? 

Maybe they didn't add the basic part, but you get the picture. Did you see the movie Parasite last year? That's the level of trickery they were worried about. 

There’s a moment in one Platonic Dialogue between Socrates and another guy that captures this fear perfectly. Socrates leads the conversation, saying: 

"…don't you agree with me in thinking that men are unwillingly deprived of good things but willingly of evil?  …

Well, then, by those who are constrained or forced I mean those whom some pain or suffering compels to change their minds.  … 

"And the victims of sorcery I am sure you too would say are they who alter their opinions under the spell of pleasure or terrified by some fear." 

Yes, he said: "everything that deceives appears to cast a spell upon the mind."

"Well then, as I was just saying, we must look for those who are the best guardians of the indwelling conviction that what they have to do is what they at any time believe to be the best for the state. Then we must observe them ..." 

"...and again we must subject them to toils and pains and competitions in which we have to watch for the same traits ... then ... must we not institute a third kind of competitive test with regard to sorcery and observe them in that? 

Just as men conduct colts to noises and uproar to see if they are liable to take fright, so we must bring these lads while young into fears and again pass them into pleasures, testing them much more carefully than men do gold in the fire, to see if the man remains immune to such witchcraft and preserves his composure throughout, a good guardian of himself and the culture which he has received, maintaining the true rhythm and harmony of his being in all those conditions, and the character that would make him most useful to himself and to the state."

(Plato, The Republic, at 413-414)

From this vantage point, all the drama of life - all the theatrics, everything that seems so intense and chaotic, all the crap that drags you down and makes you feel bad - is all just a charade designed to mindfurk you. It's there to get you to react, fall into line and change your mind so that you will bow down and surrender to the status quo. 

To quote the legendary Bertrand Russell: 

The social psychologists of the future will ... try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black ... It is for future scientists to ... discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray. (Bertrand Russell, The Impact Of Science On Society)

The game is rigged to separate those who can see through the game (and even construct the game itself) from those who will buy into it and fall for the belief that snow is dark grey (or even black).

Those who fall for the game and take the bait end up disqualifying themselves from ever becoming guardians or progressing ahead in life. They cancel themselves out of the race. 

Allow me to put this another way. 

If you tell a child (who believes in Santa Clause) that Santa Clause has died, then the child would get upset. But if you tell an adult (who knows that Santa Clause doesn't exist) that Santa Clause has died, then the adult wouldn't think much of it. 

In the same way, you wouldn't get upset if you knew that most of what was going on around you was the stuff of Santa Clause. You wouldn't lose heart over a game of musical chairs. 

You wouldn't lose heart over a game of musical chairs. 

That is easy to say on paper. But it's not so easy to maintain that unwavering mental clarity in the real world where you are bombarded 24/7 with advertising, propaganda, deceptions, agendas and emotions that are trying to compel you to change your mind. 

This is why in the text above Socrates says that not just anyone could do the job of a guardian. Could you imagine if the wrong person were in charge and were easily seduced by passing trends? We'd all be in trouble then. No - guardians had to be thoroughly vetted and suitably qualified. 

What would a guardian look like today? 

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama spring to mind. 

Or if the old masters were to post an advertisement on Seek today, it might look something like this: 

Looking for highly intelligent leaders to consult at the highest levels of governance, socio-political marketing, meta-psychology and social engineering.  

Must be: 

woke AF 

cool under intense pressure 

unfazed by next level shirt tests and blitch checks

able to resist overwhelming spells of pleasure and terrors of fears

immune to trickery and deceptions (ie., mindfurks) and be able to break into and out of Plato's Cave

pick the disturbed characters, be able to manage them and find a place

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