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Duração: série


Phoebe, a graphic artist in her thirties, has come to loathe her boss. To distract herself from being in her presence, Phoebe turns to her go-to workplace coping strategy: dreaming up sexual fantasies between her and a superior. When she later recounts this practice to her therapist, Phoebe is drawn back through her work history and the various fantasies she has concocted over the years. But will these escapades remain forever contained in the realm of Phoebe’s imagination?

Fed up after another frustrating week at work, Phoebe decides to extend her weekend and take a personal day. She begins her day off by going to a nearby café for coffee and a pastry. After she finishes her snack, she lingers, caught up in a good book. To Phoebe’s shock, however, she sees Jack, her old boss from the library, enter the café. Hoping to avoid awkward small talk, Phoebe tries to hide her face, pretending to not have noticed him. Jack, however, takes things into his own hands when he approaches and strikes up a conversation. To Phoebe’s surprise, he seems to have fond memories of her. As the two get to talking, unexpected possibilities emerge.

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