Remember When?

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Remember When?

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Duração: série


As he sorts through the stacks of boxes his attic, Peter comes upon a collection of Polaroid photos that he took at a friend's birthday party about twenty years earlier. By flipping through the photos, however, Peter remembers that this was no ordinary gathering of friends; each and every person ended up in a sultry encounter with another guest. Some romances only lasted for the night, while others endured for years before life pulled the couple apart. In hopes of sparking some old passions, including his own, Peter makes copies of the photos, tracks down the addresses of the now-separated group, and sends the memories out into the world. Upon receiving the photos, the party’s attendees find themselves jarred by the intensity of their recollections. And just as Peter had envisioned, the images spur a series of hot and heavy reunions.

With very little information about what lays ahead, Marjorie buys a long-distance train ticket to see her old flame, Peter. Inspired by recently-uncovered photos of the night the two met long ago, Marjorie seeks to revive their grand romance, hoping this version will last a bit longer than one evening. The long train ride, luckily, gives Marjorie a chance to deal with pressing matters from both what they’re leaving behind and what they’re traveling toward, including gauging Peter’s romantic interest. When, at long last, the train arrives and Peter and Marjorie come face-to-face, will their connection with Peter be as powerful as Marjorie remembers?
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