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Duração: série


Jessica Marx is a full-time shop girl and a part-time witch living among the mortals in Ybor City, Florida. She uses her powers of divination and enchantment to help deserving customers at her boutique find love, turning special articles of vintage clothing into time machines, portals to other dimensions, and wearable glamour spells. Even though she’s still a new witch, her love spells seem to work (sort of) and Jessica gets a boost of good vibes every time she helps make a love connection. Too bad Jessica can’t conjure a love spell for herself…

Jessica Marx has been working hard all year redeeming herself and using her witchy ways to help others find love. However, with Valentine’s Day approaching, she can’t help but feel a little sorry for herself. Discouraged, Jessica is just about to give up on love, until a handsome customer shows up looking for a particular pair of blue jeans. She finds herself invited to an impromptu art exhibit, followed by an even more unexpected date that opens up Jessica’s eyes and brings a number of surprises. Will Jessica get her long-awaited happy ending, or will her witchy ways leave her lonely for the rest of her days?

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