Body of Truth

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Body of Truth

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Duração: série


Local reporter and bonafide burnout Caroline Hedstrom may not have what it takes to become a hard-hitting journalist, but she’s seen enough to know a thing or two about how the world works. For her, life is pretty easy: Write a story, take a paycheck, and go home to the bottle and the barn out back. But when a wave of grisly violence rattles her North Dakota home, Caroline is at a loss for words. As she digs deeper into the story, Caroline discovers just how hot a good search can be, and how dangerous her pride really is. Will the thrill of desire be enough to tether Caroline to the real world, or will her thirst for truth push her over the edge?
When her lust for a real story pushes her to the edge of reason, Caroline makes a decision that puts her in danger. Will the truth be able to free her, or will Caroline pay for her devotion as the peril reaches a new peak?
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