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Fame Can Wait

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Fame Can Wait

Duração: 306 páginas5 horas


Most books about people in showbusiness focus on stars, on people who, through talent, sheer luck, or a combination of both, have become household names.


David Scheel could have been one of those. While still in his teens people everywhere who saw him either act or play the piano, were saying "that boy is destined for stardom." And it almost happened, several times. Almost, but not quite, as time after time fate stepped in and showed she has a cruel sense of humour.


This is the story of someone who, despite innumerable obstacles, finally achieved success - if not fame - not only in his native Australia but also in the West End of London and from coast to coast across the USA.


Actor, concert pianist, satirist, writer and composer, David Scheel is the creator of arguably the world's longest running solo musical comedy performance, Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player. New York's Broadway magazine recently called David "the funniest pianist in the world", whilst the prestigious BBC Arts Review wrote: "He is as funny as any, wittier than most, and, uniquely, a concert pianist of international stature." Small wonder that for more than 20 years Scheel has been regarded worldwide as the successor to the legendary Victor Borge.


He is also a respected writer and campaigner on environmental issues, and can therefore be accurately described as a Renaissance man when that term is these days over used, and all too often inappropriately applied.


This is a refreshingly candid memoir, sometimes alarmingly serious, frequently deliciously funny; a story of one man's 40-year journey through the wild jungle of theatre, TV and music.

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