Cataclysm: Live Fire, #4

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Cataclysm: Live Fire, #4

Duração: 46 páginas37 minutos


Hunting down the White Death Yakuza exacts a punishing price for new Police officer Tessa Newbridge. Just when she thinks she can't pay the price necessary to save the country from disaster, the situation goes from bad to worse.


After several excruciating weeks, she finally wins her place on the LAPD Narcotics squad, only to discover hidden enemies and hidden clues around every corner. Can she and her new allies survive the cataclysm in store, or will the insidious criminals of the underworld defeat their best efforts to restore law and order?


Every victory comes with a bitter cost. Every breakthrough leads to an even worse disaster. In the end, life and love just might be too much to ask. Solving this case might demand that Tessa pay the ultimate price for what she believes to be right.

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