Five Monologues for Lockdown

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Five Monologues for Lockdown

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A collection of five monologues combining the issues of personal isolation during the Coronovirus-related Lockdown with personal experiences and realities. The monologues are provided by five individuals from the village of Rookery Down in the Sussex Downs - (1) a retired lady caring for her stroke-disabled husband, (2) a lonely man suffering from social anxieties recovering from depression afer redundancy, (3) an aspiring actress inspired by Hamlet's soliloquy to write her own which releases long-suppressed questions about her own origins and identity, (4) a widower who links his voyeuristic tendencies in life to the past influences of his dead wife, and (5) a village busybody who wishes to convert the tradtional village carnival into a modern destination event in the style of modern festivals and refuses to accept that her ultimate social rejection is related to her own unbending stubborness and overbearing attitude. The five monologues are intended for performance but may also be integrated into a study of Lockdown experiences at this time of social examination.

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