Death on A1A

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Death on A1A

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Retired NYPD Detective, Perry Savant aids the investigation of multiple deaths of homeless men in Miami. Perry suspects the one person who couldn't possibly be involved: the beautiful philanthropist who funds organizations that house and feed the homeless. As Perry's investigation is hindered by a battery of lawyers, can Perry seize the one piece of evidence tying her to the murders before it is lost in the Atlantic Ocean? Can he stop a ruthless murderer before too many homeless men die?


Aided in his investigation by Miami-Dade Police, Sunny Isles Police, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Savant moves methodically in his investigation to discover facts that add up to the only person that must have committed these horrendous crimes. But she could not have done it! And yet, Perry Savant eventually uncovers the murderer—or did he???

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