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Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 4

Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 4

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Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 4

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Oct 24, 2019


This is a strong respected era, the era of only the strong will survive. There are countless races and countless geniuses, but they are just a little dust in the world.

Among them, there is a powerful young man who came from the barren. He showed his extraordinary strength all the time. He is proficient in martial arts and medicine, fighting the strongest enemies, fighting against the strongest nation. He lead human beings to reach the top of this world.

☆About the Author☆

Ying Duzui, a well-known online novelist, most of his works are fantasy. He is a contracted author of a literary website, has a large number of fans, and his novels are loved by readers for their outstanding writing skills.

Lançado em:
Oct 24, 2019

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Sovereign’s Great Path - Ying DuZui




The pure spiritual energy was separating.

This caused Teng Yan to feel shocked, curious and worried. After all, the existence of pure spirit energy was too strange, too special. It had to be said that it was impossible for a warrior to form spirit energy without leveling up to the Spirit Concentrating Stage in his dantian, even if it was Condensing Reality Realm martial artist's spirit energy, it would only start to form, and only when one reached the level of celestial realm would they be able to form spirit energy in their dantian.

Where's Teng Yan?

Even if a martial artist didn't have spiritual energy in their dantian, they would still have spiritual energy.


However, during this period of time, because of the help of the pure spirit energy to the source soul, Teng Yan had never paid attention to it, he even thought that the existence of the pure spirit energy was beneficial to him. But at that moment, Teng Yan had no choice but to worry.

Split into two?

Is it good or bad?


Without waiting for Teng Yan to think any further, the pure spirit energy within his dantian was already split into two. Two strands of pure spirit energy spiraled within Teng Yan's dantian, exactly the same as the pure spirit energy from before. However, at this time, a sudden change occurred again. The two strands of refined spiritual energy began to absorb the spiritual energy in his dantian.

His speed doubled.


Teng Yan's expression became extremely serious.


But the mutation happened again.


Other than absorbing the spirit energy in his dantian, the two pure spirit energy continued to supply the source soul with spirit energy. This caused the nearly depleted source soul to be replenished with energy, as if it was reborn. At the same time, the speed of the source soul being supported by the two pure spirit energy doubled.


The sudden turn of events made Teng Yan not know whether to be happy or worry.


However, the source soul did not care about Teng Yan's feelings. Other than continuing to supply the soul flame's consumption, it began to crazily absorb the two drops of pure spirit energy. At the same time, the source soul also started to absorb the spirit energy from its dantian.

The pure spiritual energy was absorbing the spiritual energy.

The source soul was absorbing the spirit energy.


This scene made Teng Yan feel extremely bitter.


Even if Teng Yan was able to absorb the Heaven and Earth aura at a terrifying rate, it did not seem to be enough to satisfy the absorption of the pure spirit energy and source soul. Since his body was not participating yet, once his body participated, it would be impossible for him to absorb the spirit energy at such a speed.

Teng Yan?

The current Teng Yan was like a bottomless pit.


The innumerable amount of spirit energy would rush into Teng Yan's dantian and he would be completely absorbed in an instant.

The pure spiritual energy was strengthening.

The source soul was growing stronger.


And happy.


He did not know how much time had passed, but it felt like a thousand years. Just as Teng Yan was about to become numb, the source soul in his dantian suddenly shook, and woke Teng Yan up. At the same time, the source soul also underwent a qualitative change.


Sensing the situation with his soul origin, Teng Yan was shocked.

He had actually broken through.

Star level 2.


Without waiting for Teng Yan to wake up from his excitement, Teng Yan's body suddenly shook, the pure Spirit Qi stopped absorbing the Spirit Qi, and quietly spiralled inside Teng Yan's Dantian, and the source soul also stopped absorbing the Spirit Qi, and quietly stayed inside Teng Yan's Dantian, providing the soul flame's consumption.

Everything was quiet.


Sensing this scene, Teng Yan could not help but be taken aback.

Crazy absorption.

Could it be to separate pure spiritual energy?

Was it just to let the source soul advance?

Phew …

Teng Yan could not think too much about it. The refinement of the Spirit Grass was not over yet, and as for everything else, he could only wait until it was over before understanding it better. The breakthrough of his soul had instantly improved Teng Yan's condition by quite a bit, but it was not much better. Compared to before, Teng Yan's face was now even more pale, his clothes were already soaked in sweat, and even Teng Yan who was sitting cross-legged on his bed had accumulated a pool of sweat.

He was in a sorry state!


Teng Yan did not hesitate to retract his energy and focus all of his attention on the Spirit Grass in his hand.

Thirty-one pure balls.

At this moment, there was only one spiritual herb left that had yet to be refined.


Teng Yan did not hesitate at all and started to use his soul flame to refine the last Spirit Grass. Following the source soul's breakthrough, Teng Yan's speed of refining the Spirit Grass increased by a lot, in a moment, the Spirit Grass was all refined and turned into powder, disappearing without a trace, leaving behind only a pure ball.

Thirty-two pure balls.

Refinement completed.

But at this moment, Teng Yan could not be happy at all, nor could he get excited. In fact, all Teng Yan had was helplessness and difficulty. It was for nothing other than the fact that although he had finished refining the thirty-two Spirit Grasses, Teng Yan had consumed a lot of them and refining the Life Continuing Pill was much harder than ascending to the sky.

Refining spirit grass?

This was just the first step in the soul refining process.

It was also the simplest step.

Core Formation!

This was the second step, as well as the step that consumed the most energy.

But now?

Teng Yan felt his condition, and at the same time, looked at the thirty-two pure balls in his right palm that were wrapped in spirit flames. The corner of Teng Yan's mouth couldn't help but twitch a little, and now he finally understood why the Life Continuing Pill was a second grade spirit pellet, but was instead used by a third grade spirit pellet.

Grade two medicinal pill?

This was simply a high-grade medicinal pill.


It was too difficult.

Pill Condensation?

Given Teng Yan's current condition, it was almost impossible.


In the next second, Teng Yan clenched his teeth.

Give up?

Teng Yan definitely would not give up.

Let's go all out!

Not only for himself, but just for Tang San, Teng Yan felt that it was necessary to stake it all. Although refining the Life Continuing Pill had failed now and he could wait for his soul cultivation to level before continuing, wouldn't it be better if he could wake Tang San up as soon as possible? After all, Tang San had ended up like this because of him. Every day, he would feel a sense of guilt and longing.


In the next second, Teng Yan activated his soul flame again.

However, it was extremely difficult.


Under the oppression of Teng Yan's soul flame, the thirty-two pure balls kept getting closer and closer, continuously fusing. But even though it had only just started, Teng Yan's forehead had already started to sweat uncontrollably, and even Teng Yan's body was trembling slightly.

The two pure balls fused into one.

Very quickly.

three, four, five

More and more pure balls began to fuse and condense.

Drip, drip, drip.

However, Teng Yan's sweat was rolling down his body like a drizzle.

His body was constantly approaching the limit.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

An hour later, Teng Yan was lying flat on the bed. He breathed in large mouthfuls of air, his body completely drenched, his complexion pale to the extreme. There was even a trace of unwillingness, regret, and deep disappointment in his eyes.

He had failed.

In the end, Teng Yan still failed.

Pill Condensation?

When Teng Yan absorbed the tenth ball, he could no longer hold on. Not waiting for Teng Yan to give up on himself, he had already collapsed on the bed instinctively, and the essence refined from the spirit herbs had also lost control, instantly turning into energy and dissipating in the air.

No more.


It wasn't that he didn't want to persevere.

But he could not persevere.

Life Continuing Pill?

Although it was only a second grade pellet, Teng Yan knew clearly that with his current cultivation, it was impossible for him to successfully refine a Life Continuing Pill.

Although he really wanted Tang San to wake up early.

Although Teng Yan still had 10 antler grass in his hands.

Although Teng Yan could refine it again.

But Teng Yan still chose to give up.

Temporarily giving up.

After all, although Teng Yan was unwilling in his heart, he was also clear that even if he continued to persevere, he would still not be able to obtain the result he wanted. If he were to continue, not only would Teng Yan definitely not succeed, he would also lose this last chance to refine a Life Continuing Pill. After all, the last time he had refined a Life Continuing Pill was when the time came.

Buy it again?

Teng Yan didn't care about the money, but thinking of how Hairy Ball had stolen 3000 yuan, he felt like it was a huge sum of money.


That must be a sky-high price.

I can't afford it.

Therefore, Teng Yan chose to temporarily give up.


That could only be said to be Teng Yan's foolishness.


After a while, Teng Yan once again sat up from the bed, and directly sat down. If he wanted to save Tang San, then he would have to increase his own soul power as soon as possible. Only then would he be able to refine a Life Continuing Pill and let Tang San wake up.


At this moment, Teng Yan was determined to make himself a Level 3 Alchemist as soon as possible.

Elder Tang, don't worry. I will definitely refine the Life Continuing Pill for you as soon as possible. His eyes even carried a trace of persistence. From this moment onwards, Teng Yan had decided to abandon all distracting thoughts, and throw himself into cultivation with all of his heart and soul.

Chaotic Capital?

With the existence of Situ Wuqing and the others, there was no need for him to worry.

Herba Echinacea?

There was no point even if Teng Yan was anxious.

The only thing left was to cultivate!


Time was like water, time was like a song.

The sun was setting in the west, and the sun was setting in bright colors.

The afterglow of the setting sun enveloped the entire land, soothing the bustling city.

Violet Cloud Imperial Capital.

As one of the three great secular empires, the Kingdom of Zi Yun Capital was definitely the most bustling and noisy city in the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun. At this moment, under the setting sun, the streets were still bustling with people. Everyone had a different expression on their faces.

There was joy.


There was sadness.

There was also pain.

Their expressions were different, but they were all different.

Ten meters of the city wall;

It stretched for a thousand miles.

As the capital of the Kingdom of Zi Yun, the defense of this place was naturally the strongest existence in the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun. The ten-meter-long wall extended for a thousand li and built the entire imperial city into an impregnable fortress. It was definitely the strongest method of defending against external enemies. Not only that, every ten meters, there was a soldier dressed in armor standing proudly on the city walls.

They were soldiers.

They were the heroes guarding this pure land.

The setting sun gave off a valiant and valiant air!

At this moment, a person was standing on top of the ten-meter high wall near the city gate.

A young girl.

Her clothes were white like snow and her figure was light and graceful.

The wind blew, but he was still the same.

She was wearing a long skirt that fluttered in the wind.

Her three thousand cyan colors danced in the wind.

One person.

He just stood there quietly.



She was like a statue, unmoving.

To be at peace with the world;

Isolated from the world.

The setting sun shone on the young girl's face.

A peerless beauty.

A devastatingly beautiful woman.

The sun set brightly.

However, there was an expression of incompatibility on the young girl's exceptional face.

There was longing.

There was concern.

They were filled with anticipation.

The setting sun, the cool breeze, the young girl, and the city wall.

Like a poem or a painting.

It was a tragic poem.

It was a picture of an injury.

The soldiers on both sides looked at the young girl in front of them. Their eyes were filled with absolute respect. As the number one beauty in the imperial city, as the patriarch of the Teng Family, the girl in front of him was definitely a proud daughter of heaven. Her excellence was also indisputable, because she, the current Teng Family was definitely the number one family in the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun.

She, Qin Feiyue!

She was a beauty that could topple empires.

She had overflowing power and influence.

But now …

Looking at Qin Feiyue in front of their eyes, the eyes of all the soldiers flashed a trace of loneliness, sadness and confusion.

It was as if they were infected by Qin Feiyue.

One year.

It's been a year.

In a year's time, at this time of day and day, Qin Feiyue would always come to this place, unhindered by rain or shine. Then, she just stood there quietly. At this moment, it was as if she had turned into a statue. She just stood there quietly, looking into the distance. Standing there, for two hours.

Never changed.

She seemed to be waiting for something.

She seemed to be anticipating something.

But no one knew.



That was all anyone could feel.

Today was the same.

It was the same at the moment.

Qin Feiyue's clear eyes looked far into the distance, and deep yearning flashed within her eyes. It's been a year, where are you? In the next second, a faint voice sounded from Qin Feiyue's mouth. The longing on her peerless face also became deeper, and the worry for her also became denser.

One year.

Teng Yan had already left the imperial city for an entire year.

He left here a year ago.

A year later, he still hadn't returned.

Where are you?

Just one sentence, but it brought forth all of Qin Feiyue's thoughts.

She had completed her oath.

Teng Family?

He was fully deserving of being the number one family in the imperial city.

Even the royal family couldn't match him.

However, he had yet to return.

Three years? Are we really going to wait for three years before you return? Or have you already … Thinking about what Teng Yan had said back then, Qin Feiyue's calm voice rang out, but halfway through her words, she stopped for a while, No, you definitely won't be harmed. Three years, after three years, you will definitely return as the King, but unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore. After she finished speaking, a trace of loneliness and helplessness flashed past Qin Feiyue's eyes.

Three years?

She really didn't have time.


Suddenly, a berserk aura erupted from the imperial city.


The berserk Qi was like the roar of a ferocious Martial Beast, shooting up into the sky and spreading to the entire Violet Cloud Capital. That berserk aura, that fierce aura, that even more terrifying aura instantly engulfed the entire capital, causing the entire capital to sink into chaos and into a deathly silence.


It was as if the entire world was about to collapse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even the earth was trembling.

What was going on?

What happened?

This sudden turn of events caused the entire Violet Cloud Capital to fall into a state of shock. Especially the commoners, who were fleeing in panic. They even felt that the world was coming to an end and they were extremely terrified. A trace of fear and shock flashed across the eyes of all the warriors in the imperial city.

Their hearts trembled!


This was definitely the aura of a peerless expert.

Swish Swish Swish

Everyone was stunned on the spot.

Swish Swish Swish

Everyone's gaze once again fell on the center of the violent aura.

Teng Family.

This terrifying aura came from Teng Yan.

Imperial Palace.


When this terrifying aura swept over, in a courtyard far away from the Imperial Palace, an old man who sat cross-legged with his eyes closed suddenly opened them. His deep eyes shone brightly, and his gaze looked in the direction of Teng Yan's family in an instant: It's been a year, and you're finally going to come out. In the next second, the old man's excited voice rang out, his face carrying a trace of uncontrollable excitement. After that, he closed his eyes, as if nothing had happened, as if he didn't care about anything at all.

It was still the palace.

In the depths of the palace, in an inconspicuous place, a magnificent palace rose from the ground. However, not a single person could be seen in its surroundings. Even the entire structure was filled with a faint aura of death and desolation. Above the main gate of the palace, there was a violet-gold plaque, and on the plaque, two white words were carved: 'Cold Palace'.

A vast palace, a desolate cold palace.

Deep within the palace.

There were three people in that quiet room: a middle-aged man, a middle-aged woman, and a young man. At this moment, the three of them were looking in the direction of Teng Yan, but without exception, all of their expressions carried traces of uncontrollable excitement.

Father, grandpa has come out? At this moment, the youth suddenly asked.

Probably. The man's voice was calm and collected, but even with his strong self-control, his face still revealed an excited and excited expression. He couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief the moment he felt the terrifying presence.

The middle-aged man.

If the senior officials of the Kingdom of Zi Yun were to see this man, they would definitely be extremely shocked.

Zi Qianhao.

His Majesty, Kingdom of Zi Yun.

The exalted Emperor.

But now, he actually appeared in the Cold Palace? Wasn't that shocking enough?

Drunken Fragrance Pavilion!

Kingdom of Zi Yun's Number One J Courtyard.

Young Master Teng's favorite.

In a room in Drunken Fragrance Pavilion, a white clothed young lady was quietly sitting there. The young lady's veil fluttered and it was impossible to see her appearance clearly, but even the young lady's graceful and curvy body was enough to make countless of animals go crazy for her.

At this moment, the young lady in white was also looking in the direction of the Teng Family with her clear eyes.

Heh …

The young girl lightly smiled.

This is going to be a good show. It's finally going to be a good show in the capital. Moreover, some people are probably going to suffer. Hur Hur. In the next second, the young girl's gentle voice rang out, as if it was the sound of nature.

His heart trembled when he heard this;

Listening to this was simply fascinating.

Phew …

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the open window.


The gauze covering the girl's face was instantly lifted.

A delicate face.

A face of devastation.

A peerless beauty.

She was not one bit weaker than Qin Feiyue.

Above the city wall.

Qin Feiyue felt the terrifying aura sweeping over from behind her, and she, who had always been looking off into the distance, finally turned around at the same time. Her beautiful eyes looked in the direction of Teng Yan's family, and she couldn't help but reveal an infatuated smile.

It's been over a year. Grandpa is finally coming out. After that, she frowned once more, This time, my grandfather's injuries are not light at all. He actually used an entire year's worth of time to treat his injuries. And there was no sound of movement or wind before that?

Healing injuries?

If Teng Yan had heard Qin Feiyue's words, he would definitely be extremely shocked.

He went into seclusion.

Teng Yan had always thought that his valiant grandfather had chosen to go into closed door cultivation in order to break through to a higher realm. However, Qin Feiyue said that Old Man Teng Yan needed to go into closed door cultivation to recover from his serious injuries. The most important thing was Qin Feiyue saying that the Old Man Teng s had all been using nine parts of the human body since a long time ago.


In the next second, Qin Feiyue retracted her gaze.

However, this time around, grandfather has obtained a blessing in disguise. From the looks of this aura, grandfather should have already come into contact with this step, right? Following that, Qin Feiyue's indifferent voice sounded out. At the same time, she did not stay any longer and directly walked down the city wall, towards the Teng Family.

Old Man Teng came out of seclusion.

Teng Yan was expelled from the imperial city.

Qin Feiyue knew that — A year from now, her thunderous fury would definitely engulf the entire imperial city!


An aura that shocked the entire city.

When one person exited, the entire city was in an uproar.

Even before the Old Man Teng came out of seclusion, they had already caused such a huge commotion, and the entire city was in turmoil. No one knew, but everyone could feel the impending storm. There was even a monstrous anger that could shake the heavens.

One year ago, the evil youths of the Teng Family were chased out of the capital.

His whereabouts were unknown.

It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Teng Yan?

He was the well-deserved young lord in the capital, but everyone knew that this young lord was the precious son of the Old Man Teng. Regarding Teng Yan's care and care, Teng Yan's father had already reached a point where he was blindly indulging himself. Everyone in the imperial city knew very well that no matter what kind of mistake Great Evildoer Teng made, the Old Man Teng would help him settle it.

Whose fault?

Old Man Teng never asked.

Teng Yan?

His surname was Teng, and he was his grandson.

This was a valiant old man.

This was even more so an unreasonable old man.

It was also because of him that Teng Yan was able to reach the position of the number one evildoer in the imperial city. Any one of these warriors were not something Teng Yan could afford to offend, it was all because of the Old Man Teng supporting him.

To provoke Teng Yan?

That was to provoke this old man.

But now …

A year ago, Teng Family's vicious young master had already been chased out of the imperial city, and because Old Man Teng had always been in closed-door seclusion to attempt to break through to an even higher realm, he had no way of knowing about this matter. Now that Old Man Teng had come out, this matter could no longer be hidden.

Exiting from seclusion.

That would mean a breakthrough.

Should have been excited.

But now?

Sun's son was gone.

His whereabouts were unknown, and it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Where did this excitement come from?

What kind of difference could this be?


A towering rage.

Teng Yan?

That was the only bloodline of the three generations of Teng Family s.

No one knew if he was dead or alive?

This undoubtedly meant that the Teng Family would lose all descendants. Facing this kind of situation, how could an old man like him endure this patiently?


This must be the wrath of thunder.

One year later, Old Master Teng Yan came out of seclusion.

But the entire imperial city knew that when Teng Yan had left the true inner circle of the imperial city, they had already felt the impending storm and the anger of the Old Man Teng. Everyone's gazes could not help but turn towards the most magnificent building in the imperial city. They thought of that domineering woman.

Liu Zhen.

Just a year ago, how arrogant was she?

How insolent she was a year ago.

Expulsion from the imperial capital?

Wasn't this what she was all about?


If the Old Man Teng came out, how would she face it?

Imperial Palace.

Liu Zhen was currently feeling apprehensive and uneasy.

One year ago, she had successfully chased Teng Yan out of the imperial city. The only regret she had was that she did not manage to successfully kill Teng Yan. However, Liu Zhen didn't have the slightest bit of regret regarding what he had done, it was only regret. After returning that day, she did not follow her original plan to leave the imperial city. Instead, she chose to return to the Imperial Palace and continue being her concubine.


Feeling that terrifying aura, Liu Zhen knew that the one from Teng Family was about to come out.


After thinking about it for a while, Liu Zhen immediately gave up on this idea. If she were to leave at this time, then all the hard work she had put in in in the Imperial Family for all these years would be for naught. Furthermore, Liu Zhen had made up his mind that the Old Man Teng wouldn't dare to do anything to him, after all, it was Teng Yan who was in the wrong.

A falling out?

If that moment really came, then Liu Zhen didn't have anything to be afraid of.

Kill him?

That would definitely arouse the displeasure of the royal family.

After all, no matter what, she, Liu Zhen, was still a concubine of the Imperial Family. If the Old Man Teng dared to kill him, he would definitely enrage the Imperial Family, and at that time, there would even be an absolute conflict between the Imperial Family and the Teng Family. The most important thing was that one year later, Celestial Sect of Wonders had made a lot of preparations. Even if Old Man Teng wanted to kill him, he might not necessarily succeed.

Heh …

Thinking about all of this, Liu Zhen's face revealed a faint smile.

She was infinitely confident.

Teng Family.

The terrifying aura of the Old Man Teng engulfed the entire imperial city. As the location of the Old Man Teng, he naturally took the brunt of the impact. At this moment, everyone in Teng Family was staring at the secret room in the backyard of the Teng Family. Without question, this was the place where the aura had surged forth from before, and also the place where the Old Man Teng had gone into closed door cultivation.

The old master is coming out of seclusion?

Everyone in Teng Yan's family were extremely excited.

Old Man Teng?

He was definitely the pillar of support for the entire Teng Family.


Qin Feiyue?

Although Qin Feiyue managed the entire Teng Family in a neat and orderly manner for a year and she was even more so the current Patriarch of the Teng Family, who had obtained the recognition of everyone, compared to the Old Man Teng, Qin Feiyue was not considered much of a person. In the entire secular world, only the Old Man Teng was able to completely control the entire Teng Family.

This was also the reason why Teng Yan had fearlessly given his military order to Qin Feiyue.

General order?

It was just a symbol.


In the Teng Family's residence, a fat youth felt a terrifying aura and the fat on his body trembled. He looked towards the direction of Old Man Teng's closed door cultivation in shock. This person was none other than A Fu. And the current A Fu was already the main butler of the entire Teng Family, helping Qin Feiyue to control the entire financial authority of the Teng Family.

Looking at the secret room, A Fu's body trembled.


A drop of sparkling and translucent liquid rolled down from the corner of A Fu's eyes.

It was a grievance.

It was pain.

That only made him angrier.

A year ago, Teng Yan was kicked out of the imperial city, but no one stood up to speak for him. At that moment, how helpless, how painful, and how angry was A Fu. However, A Fu knew that by relying on his own strength, he was unable to change everything. He could only suppress all of the grievances, helplessness, pain and anger in his heart.

This year, A Fu helped Qin Feiyue take care of the entire Teng Family.

This year, A Fu was constantly worrying about Teng Yan.

In this year, A Fu was also constantly waiting for Teng Yan's return.

The Teng Family became famous.

However, what A Fu saw was completely different.

Young Master?

He seemed to have been forgotten for a long time.

Only she.

In the entire Teng Family, only he and his young madam were still worried about him, so this made A Fu hate him to the extreme.

A year.

Teng Yan had gone missing, and it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

A Fu was in pain.

A Fu was even more furious.

However, at this moment, when he felt that Master Teng was about to come out from closed door cultivation, the emotions in the bottom of A Fu's heart immediately tilted, as though he had found his outlet, and tears continuously rolled down from the corners of his eyes. At the same time, his fat body did not have any hesitation as he rushed towards the secret room at a speed that exceeded the limits of his body.

He wanted to complain.

He wanted to seek justice from the Old Man Teng.

He wanted to take back everything for his young master.

He wanted everyone to pay the price.

The woman?


He had to die!

Teng Family.

A Fu knew that in the entire Teng Family, only the Old Man Teng truly loved Teng Yan.

Swish Swish Swish

As A Fu ran, all that was left behind was his fat back and two streams of sparkling and translucent liquid that sprinkled down in the air.

In the backyard of Teng Family.

This was a bamboo forest, and in the middle of the bamboo forest, there was a secret room. This was also the place where the Old Man Teng would go into closed door cultivation. At this moment, a person was quietly standing at the door of the secret room. His eyes contained a hint of burning excitement, and also a trace of gratification, that person was none other than Uncle Nan.


At this time, A Fu's fat figure also appeared in front of the secret room.


Seeing A Fu, Uncle Nan could not help but be taken aback.


However, when he saw the tear stains at the corner of A Fu's eyes and the tears that were still rolling down, Uncle Nan could not help but be stunned, A Fu, what are you doing? Who bullied you? Immediately after, the Uncle Nan's surprised voice rang out and his brows furrowed slightly.

This was the first time A Fu cried like this.

A Fu?

She grew up together with Teng Yan.


He had never seen A Fu shed a single tear.

But now …


However, before A Fu could reply the Uncle Nan, the stone door to the secret room had already been opened, and a berserk aura instantly surged from within the secret room. In a flash, it disappeared without a trace.

This was a 50-60 year old white-haired old man. Although he had already passed the year of destiny, his entire body gave off a feeling of vitality.

A crane head and a child's face!

The old man wore a long green robe, and every movement he made carried with it the aura of someone in a superior position. In fact, there was even a hint of danger. His pupils, in particular, gave off a feeling of dread, as if a sharp sword could pierce through a human's soul in an instant.

He didn't get angry, but he gained power instead.

Teng Hong.

Teng Yan's grandfather.

At this moment, the Old Man Teng had a faint smile on his face.

A gratified smile.


Before Old Man Teng could even notice the Uncle Nan and A Fu in front of him, A Fu had already pounced in front of him, Master, you have to avenge the young master, Liu Zhen that slut kicked the young master out of the imperial city, and has already been a year, yet the young master's whereabouts is still unknown, even to the point of him being unknown. A Fu did not hesitate as he clenched his teeth and shouted in an angry voice. As he spoke, his tears could not help but gush out once again.


Hearing this, Old Man Teng's body shook violently.


The smile on his face disappeared without a trace.


When that shocked gaze fell on A Fu, that pair of eyes burned with a trace of anger!


Teng Yan was kicked out of the imperial city?

A year ago?


Hearing what was said, Old Man Teng's expression darkened, a hint of chilliness flashed across his vigorous eyes. He glanced at A Fu, then shifted his gaze from A Fu to Uncle Nan.

He needed an answer.

Uncle Nan only nodded slightly when he saw the look in Old Man Teng's eyes.


In an instant, a wave of overflowing anger surged out from Old Man Teng's body.

Fury erupted from those eyes.

Killing intent surged from his body.


At this moment, Old Man Teng seemed to have turned into a completely enraged Martial Beast.

Teng Yan?

It was his grandson.

That was even more so his reverse scale.

Who did it? In the next second, that cold voice came out of Old Man Teng's mouth. That voice was extremely cold, and that voice was extremely cold, but that voice was filled with anger. Although it was only three words, it completely showed the anger in Old Man Teng's heart.

It's Liu Zhen, and that Zi Yuner. Without waiting for Uncle Nan to speak, A Fu's angry voice sounded.

Liu Zhen?

Imperial Consort?

Zi Yuner?

The Great Princess of Kingdom of Zi Yun?


Hearing that, the Old Man Teng snorted coldly, Nan, come with me to the Imperial Palace. In the next second, Teng Yan's father also shouted out in a voice filled with anger. He directly swung his sleeves and then, without the slightest bit of hesitation, without the slightest bit of hesitation, he directly walked toward the front courtyard.

Why was Teng Yan chased out of the imperial city?

He didn't ask.

One step;

His anger surged!

Go to the palace?

A Fu could not help but be taken aback.


A trace of excitement and excitement emerged in A Fu's eyes.

Go to the palace?

Naturally, it was to avenge Teng Yan.

A Fu had already waited an entire year for this day.


The Uncle Nan didn't pay any attention to A Fu, and kept up with the Old Man Teng's footsteps.

This day?

This scene?

Uncle Nan had already anticipated this a year ago.

Father, you came out of seclusion? When Old Man Teng and Uncle Nan just walked out of the backyard, they coincidentally met Teng Zhantian who was running towards them. At that moment, Teng Zhantian looked at Old Man Teng and spoke with a slightly excited voice.

At the same time, Qin Feiyue was also watching the scene before him from a dark corner.


Old Man Teng's furious gaze instantly fell on Teng Zhantian.


Teng Zhantian could not help but be taken aback.


Suddenly, Old Man Teng aimed a kick at Teng Zhantian. That kick was sudden, and the kick was extremely fast, Teng Zhantian did not have any chance to react, nor any chance to defend, he did not even have the chance to resist.


A dull sound echoed.

Teng Zhantian's body flew backwards like a kite with its string cut.

Five meters away.


Teng Zhantian's body heavily fell to the ground.


Teng Zhantian immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.


Three meters away, when Qin Feiyue saw this scene, she couldn't help but frown.

He made his move.

The Old Man Teng actually dared to attack Teng Zhantian.


Even if the Old Man Teng knew that Teng Yan had been chased out of the imperial city, he wouldn't need to be angry at Teng Zhantian. Although Teng Yan had warned Qin Feiyue to be wary of this Teng Zhantian, during this past year, Qin Feiyue had not discovered anything abnormal. The most important thing was that the matter of Teng Yan being chased out of the imperial city had absolutely nothing to do with Teng Zhantian.


and should not have fallen on Teng Zhantian's body either.

Qin Feiyue frowned.

He couldn't figure it out no matter how he thought about it.


did not hesitate at all and crawled up from the ground with difficulty. His right hand held the abdomen that had been kicked by Old Man Teng Yan, and at this moment, that heart-wrenching pain swept over, causing Teng Zhantian's body to tremble slightly. However, Teng Zhantian did not care about any of this, nor did he wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Shut up.

The moment Teng Zhantian opened his mouth, Old Man Teng's angry shout directly rang out.


Teng Zhantian could not help but be taken aback.

Hmph, you still have the face to call me father? Let me ask you, were you there when Yan'er was kicked out of the capital? Immediately, the Old Man Teng's furious voice sounded out, and her vigorous eyes that were filled with anger stared straight at Teng Zhantian. This was not a question, but a question.

I'm here.

Here, and you still have the nerve to say you're here? As they spoke, Old Man Teng had already walked in front of Teng Zhantian. His furious eyes stared straight at Teng Zhantian, Yan'er, who are you? It's your nephew, it's your elder brother's son, NMLGB. Now that your nephew has been kicked out of the imperial city, what did you do as an uncle? Could it be that there is no one left in Teng Family? You can't even protect a child?


While speaking, Old Man Teng kicked Teng Zhantian's body again.

It was still the same position as before.


Receiving the attack, Teng Zhantian instantly knelt on the ground.


He spat out another mouthful of blood.


Teng Zhantian knelt on the ground, both hands clutching his abdomen, and felt the heart-wrenching pain, as though even his internal organs had been shattered. He was unable to stand up any longer, and his bent over body continuously trembled and twitched, and the large beads of sweat on his forehead also dripped down along with the heart-tearing pain.


Seeing this scene, the corner of Qin Feiyue's mouth could not help but twitch.

Old Man Teng.

Her current grandfather.


This was too fierce, too heartless.

Teng Zhantian?

That was his son.

However …

It had always been rumored that Old Man Teng was an extremely protective, overbearing and even unreasonable person.

In the past, Qin Feiyue didn't believe it.

Right now, Qin Feiyue was in a mess.

Although it was also Teng Zhantian's fault that Teng Yan had been chased out of the imperial city, he had not done his best to save Teng Yan. If Teng Yan did not want to leave, then perhaps no one in the entire capital would be able to chase him out of the imperial city. This could be explained from the time he was in the Teng Family's arena. But Teng Zhantian was different. In the face of the situation of the other day, even if he wanted to save his, it would be useless.

Was it wrong?

He did.

But even if he was in the wrong, Old Man Teng was really too harsh on him.

nine parts of the human body?

That kind of kick was not something Teng Zhantian could endure.

And this was his son.

Now scram back to your own room for me. It's a month's time and I won't allow you to leave the Teng Family even half a step without my permission. This way, you won't embarrass yourself by going out. If you dare to take a step out of Teng Family without permission, see if I don't break your legs. The Old Man Teng stared at Teng Zhantian as his furious voice sounded. Then, he no longer paid any attention to Teng Zhantian and directly headed outside.

The Uncle Nan followed closely behind.

Uncle Nan did not say a word from beginning to end.

He didn't even stop them.


The young master of the Teng Family was kicked out of the imperial city, but the Teng Family didn't say a word.

If this wasn't a loss of face, then what was.


After Old Man Teng and Uncle Nan left, Teng Zhantian tightly clenched both his fists, and struggled to stand up from the ground. He tightly clenched his teeth, his face filled with unwillingness and anger.

He hated it.

He was even more enraged.


But Teng Zhantian did not hesitate, and went back to his own room.

Old Man Teng?

At least for now, Teng Zhantian did not dare to go against him.


He could only endure.


At this time, Qin Feiyue walked out of the shadows, and took a look at the place where Teng Zhantian had left from. Qin Feiyue clearly saw the anger and killing intent that flashed across her eyes at that split second, which undoubtedly proved that Teng Yan's warning back then was correct. She did not discover anything during that one year of time which could only mean that Teng Zhantian was being overly cautious.

However, what Qin Feiyue cared more about was the Old Man Teng.


Her beautiful eyes looked in the direction in which Old Man Teng and the others had left.


He seemed to be deep in thought.


Qin Feiyue could feel the fury of the Old Man Teng.

After all, Teng Yan was chased out of the imperial city, and from the reaction of the Old Man Teng, it could be seen that he was extremely protective of Teng Yan. But also because of Old Man Teng's anger that made Qin Feiyue confused.


Of course.

But, wasn't the Old Man Teng more concerned with Teng Yan's safety?

However, he didn't.

In fact, he was not even the least bit worried about Teng Yan's safety.

This made Qin Feiyue very confused.


In front of the imperial city gates, just as Old Man Teng and Uncle Nan were about to enter the imperial palace and the inner courtyard, they were stopped by the imperial guards. Over a hundred of the imperial guards, who were in charge of guarding the first gate, had all their weapons taken out of their sheaths.

They were at loggerheads!

Old Man Teng?

They naturally knew the identity of this old man.

Enter the palace?

There was no need for any form of notification.

But right now, they had no choice but to block.


All these years, Liu Zhen had already given the order to stop the Old Man Teng from entering the palace, so they naturally had to do as he said. As for why Liu Zhen wanted to do so, that was not something they could ask, and they did not need to know the reason.


Sensing this scene, Old Man Teng frowned.



Old Man Teng snorted, and before the ten royal guards could react, Old Man Teng had already made his move. The berserk Qi that came with it caused all the imperial guards to be petrified. They even lost the ability to resist, and in an instant, they were all thrown to the ground by Old Man Teng.


Old Man Teng's furious eyes swept across the ground where the Royal Guard was wailing in pain and was struggling. You dare to block my way? Humph! The men of the imperial guards are getting bolder and bolder. From now on, the imperial guards don't need to exist anymore. Nan, whoever doesn't want to get the hell out of here, break your father's legs and throw him out, and also get people to replace the imperial guards, the Teng Family will be responsible for the safety of the imperial city in the future. "

With that, the Old Man Teng walked straight into the imperial city.


Hearing this, the ten or so imperial guards that had fallen to the ground all had looks of horror on their faces.


Going home to farm?


He had only blocked his path, yet he had decided to replace the entire imperial city's ten thousand guards?

Too overbearing.

This was too unreasonable.

This was simply unreasonable.


Enter the Imperial City?

Old Man Teng?

This was simply unreasonable.


Just because the imperial city's first gate of over a hundred imperial guards blocked his way, he had to expel all of the close to ten thousand imperial guards, and let the Teng Family's soldiers take over. This could not be described as overbearing anymore. One had to know that the imperial guards were responsible for the safety of the imperial city, and also the safety of the entire imperial family. To put it bluntly, this was an army that belonged to the imperial family.

Not Liu Zhen.

Would His Majesty Zi Qianhao agree?

Would the entire royal family allow it?


Absolutely not.

It was impossible for the Royal Family to hand over their lives to an outsider. Especially since the Teng Family was growing stronger and stronger, what would happen if one day, Teng Family's ambition exploded and he wanted to replace the Royal Family to know the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun. Therefore, in the eyes of the imperial guards, this was simply impossible.

Expel them?

This was a huge joke.

Teng Hong?

Although they were not a match for Old Man Teng, and were even knocked down to the ground by him at this moment, a trace of despise couldn't help but flash across each and every one of their eyes.



When Uncle Nan saw the Old Man Teng enter the Imperial City, he disappeared from where he was a moment later.

Five minutes later.

Tat tat tat!

A series of orderly footsteps suddenly came from afar. The more than one hundred imperial guards who had just gotten up from the ground were startled when they heard the footsteps. Their bewildered gazes all turned towards the direction of the sound.

The army.

Thousands of soldiers.


Seeing this scene, the bodies of over a hundred imperial guards trembled.


They could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.


Going home to farm?

Is Old Man Teng serious?


Without waiting for the hundred odd imperial guards to understand, the ten thousand soldiers had already appeared before them, led by the Uncle Nan who had returned. The ten thousand soldiers behind Uncle Nan were all wrapped in armor, and on the chest area of the armor was the word Teng carved in gold.

No doubt about it.

This was the army of the Teng Family.


The Uncle Nan's deep eyes instantly swept over the entire imperial city, and then landed on the astonished hundred plus imperial guards. Hit and cripple all of these people, and throw them out of the imperial city. From now on, there were no imperial guards in the imperial city, only the Teng Jia Jun. In the next second, Uncle Nan's calm voice came out.


Hearing this, the bodies of the more than one hundred imperial guards shuddered.

There were no imperial guards?

Only Teng Jia Jun?

Throw him out of the imperial city?


That was not the main point.


This old man in front of them actually wanted to cripple them?


This was too much.

Too unreasonable.


However, the nearly ten thousand soldiers behind Uncle Nan did not have any hesitation, and without any hesitation either, over two hundred soldiers walked out from the front row, rushing up to the hundred plus imperial guards and started bombarding them with barrage, not giving them any chance to resist.

Thirty seconds later.

Over a hundred imperial guards were knocked to the ground once again.

However, this time, the situation was even more desperate and miserable than last time. Over a hundred imperial guards fell to the ground, their bodies twitching uncontrollably. There were even quite a few traces of blood on their bodies. Most importantly, all the bones in their legs had been broken.

Without exception.

A real cripple.

Completely crippled.


In the next second, over a hundred Teng Family's soldiers dragged one of the imperial guards out of the imperial city without any hesitation. As they left, only a long trail of blood remained on the ground.

It was shocking!

He threw it out of the imperial capital.

This was the order of the Uncle Nan.

This was the Old Man Teng's decision.


The Uncle Nan did not care about the hundred odd imperial guards who were about to be thrown out of the imperial city. Instead, his gaze landed on the imperial city. In the next second, Uncle Nan's calm voice came out, and he took the lead to walk towards the imperial city.

Behind Uncle Nan, nearly ten thousand Teng Family soldiers followed.

Enter the Imperial City!


However, the huge movements of the Teng Family naturally could not escape the eyes of the people in the imperial city.

Cripple the Imperial Guard Army of the Royal City?

The Teng Family army had entered the Imperial City?


When the various great powers within the imperial city received this news, they were immediately and deeply shocked. Great Evildoer Teng was kicked out of the imperial city and the Old Man Teng came out of seclusion. Those who knew the inside story knew that Teng Family was about to get angry, but no one thought that the Old Man Teng would go so thoroughly.

Cripple the Janissaries?

Entering the Imperial City?


The Teng Family couldn't be trying to rebel, right?


The entire imperial city was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

The undercurrents surged.

Everyone felt threatened.

However, as the Prime Minister's residence, it was the home of Qin Feiyue's parents. At this moment, as the Patriarch of the Qin Clan, Qin Ming did not show any signs of shock the moment he received this piece of news. Instead, he had a faint smile on his face as he rushed towards the Imperial City.

At this time, the numerous high-ranking officials within the imperial city were also rushing towards the imperial city.

The capital was in an uproar.

Within the Imperial City.

At this moment, Old Teng was also being obstructed by the imperial guards on his way here, as if all of this was deliberately arranged by someone. However, Old Man Teng did not care about all this, nor did he care much about it.

Enter the Imperial City?

Old Man Teng had always not needed any proof of passage to enter the Imperial City.

It could be said that it was unimpeded.

However, this time …


Just like that, the Old Man Teng entered the imperial city.

One is one.

Any imperial guard would be beaten to the ground by the Old Man Teng.


Can you stop them?

He was furious.

The entire time.

First door, second door, third door

Along the way, the imperial guards were also beaten to the ground. It could even be said that when they walked through the first door of the imperial city, they could see the imperial guards who were lying on the ground and wailing in pain. And at this time, the Uncle Nan was clearing the place with the soldiers of the Teng Family.


After crippling them all, he threw them out of the imperial capital.

In the chaotic Imperial City.

The violent Teng Family.

However, in the imperial palace deep within the imperial city, Liu Zhen, who was listening to the messages that were being transmitted, had a trace of a devilish smile on his face. This time, she did not ask the guards to stop the Old Man Teng from entering the Imperial City in order to prevent the Old Man Teng from entering the Imperial City.


That was simply unstoppable.

Liu Zhen was very clear on this point.

However, she still did so, all for the sake of inciting the relationship between the and the royal family.

Teng Hong?

Liu Zhen understood in his heart that since Teng Yan had been chased out of the imperial city, the old man would definitely be enraged, and if the angry Old Man Teng was stopped from entering the imperial city, he would definitely take action. As long as the Old Man Teng took action, the Imperial Family would definitely not sit idly by, since the imperial guards were in charge of the Imperial Family's safety.

Beating up the Janissaries?

That would be equivalent to slapping the face of the royal family.

Could the royal family endure this?

But Liu Zhen did not expect the Old Man Teng to do it so thoroughly.

It wasn't enough.

You even want to cripple him?

You want to throw it out of the imperial city?

Even the Teng Family army had taken over the imperial guards?

This was something that Liu Zhen had never expected.


This was part of the hard work she had gone through for so many years, and now that she had been crippled, it would be a lie if Liu Zhen did not feel sorry for her. However, when he thought about Old Man Teng's crazy actions, the reluctance in his heart was once again replaced with excitement. Not only did the Old Man Teng beat up the imperial guards, he even crippled them and threw them out of the imperial city.

Bottom line.

Old Man Teng's actions had definitely touched the bottom line of this method.

There were even signs of rebellion.

What would the Royal Family do in the face of such a situation?


The Imperial Family was surely furious.

Teng Family?

Imperial family?

At that time, both sides would definitely fall out.

And there was no way out.

In fact, both sides might even start a war.


This was what Liu Zhen hoped to see.

This was also what the Celestial Sect of Wonders hoped to see.


What would be consumed would be the peak power of the Kingdom of Zi Yun.


That meant his strength had been weakened.

This would undoubtedly allow the Celestial Sect of Wonders to better control the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun. This was also the main reason why Liu Zhen had always instigated conflicts between the various powers and great clans within the imperial city. What she needed was to make these powers compete with each other, to let them consume each other.

Of course, this was also what Celestial Sect of Wonders wanted to see.

Heh …

Thinking of this, a demonic smile surfaced on Liu Zhen's face. Teng Hong, ah, Teng Hong, let's see how you will explain this to the Imperial Family this time. In the next second, Liu Zhen's voice sounded out, the demonic smile on his face became even more 'exuberant', and 'rampant'.

Liu Zhen, get the hell out here. Suddenly, a furious voice sounded out in Liu Zhen's ears.


This voice filled with rage resounded throughout the entire Imperial City.

Old Man Teng?

Has he finally called in? Hearing the roar, Liu Zhen's playful voice came out, his face carrying a trace of a demonic smile. In the next second, without any hesitation, Liu Zhen headed out. She wanted to look for Zi Qianhao.

Old Man Teng beat up the imperial guards?

The Teng Jia Jun team entered the Imperial City?

Not enough.

In Liu Zhen's opinion, this was far from enough.


Liu Zhen was going to add fuel to the fire on top of this, she was going to thoroughly intensify the conflict between the Teng Family and the Imperial Family.


The battle between the Imperial Family and the Teng Family was what Liu Zhen wanted to see.

The opportunity must not be lost


Rising Sky Hall.

This is where the civil and military officials of the Kingdom of Zi Yun meet.

Liu Zhen anxiously ran in from the outside, but realised that there were already many people gathered in the hall. As the current Emperor, Zi Qianhao was sitting on the golden dragon throne, frowning, his expression solemn. At the same time, there were quite a few officials who had complicated looks on their faces. They stood silently on both sides of the hall, looking at the center of the hall.

In the center of the hall.

Old Man Teng stood there quietly with his hands behind his back.

Ignore everything.

The atmosphere in the entire palace was extremely strange.

It was even more serious.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Liu Zhen frowned, she did not expect that all of these officials would come so quickly.

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