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Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 7

Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 7

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Sovereign’s Great Path: Volume 7

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11 horas
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Oct 24, 2019


This is a strong respected era, the era of only the strong will survive. There are countless races and countless geniuses, but they are just a little dust in the world.

Among them, there is a powerful young man who came from the barren. He showed his extraordinary strength all the time. He is proficient in martial arts and medicine, fighting the strongest enemies, fighting against the strongest nation. He lead human beings to reach the top of this world.

☆About the Author☆

Ying Duzui, a well-known online novelist, most of his works are fantasy. He is a contracted author of a literary website, has a large number of fans, and his novels are loved by readers for their outstanding writing skills.

Lançado em:
Oct 24, 2019

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Sovereign’s Great Path - Ying DuZui



What was going on?

Looking at Teng Yan, everyone present had a big question at the bottom of their hearts.

All of you, step back. At this moment, Teng Yan did not hesitate at all. His ice-cold eyes locked onto the ten Heavenly Sovereigns of Shadow Devil Sect. His berserk voice directly resounded, and contained a hint of absolute confidence in his voice. After fusing them together, what did an Empyrean have to fear?

Weng! *

Teng Yan's words stunned the twenty-two students.

Step down?

What was he going to do?


However, Teng Yan did not hesitate at all, and without wasting any time, he raised his blade and rushed towards one of the ten Great Sky Sovereigns of Shadow Devil Sect. Those cold eyes, those cold killing intent, made Teng Yan feel as if he had turned into a ferocious beast that had gone berserk.


Seeing that, the ten Sky Sovereigns were stunned.

What was he trying to do?

He was going to solo against a group of ten Empyreans?

Profound Emperor?

How laughable!

Phantom Tracing!

Teng Yan, on the other hand, did not hesitate at all. He immediately activated the Chaotic Heavenly Mantra, and once again activated the 'Phantom Tracing'. In an instant, he appeared in front of a third phase Sky Sovereign, and also the weakest one among the ten great Sky Sovereigns of Shadow Devil Sect. Teng Yan's speed was simply too fast, so fast that he did not even have the chance to react. At this time, the Divine Weapon in Teng Yan's hand had already rushed towards the Sky Sovereign Stage Level 3 martial artist.

The blade was raised;

His speed was extremely fast.

Divine weapon, the black mist was boiling.

The blade fell!


A stream of blood red liquid instantly shot out from the Sky Sovereign warrior's left shoulder, and the sharp blade edge of the Divine Weapon did not have any suspense at all. Under Teng Yan's violent strength, it directly slashed down onto the Sky Sovereign warrior's chest from his left shoulder.

One slash, almost two halves.


The miserable shrieks of the Empyreans were too slow to arrive.

The entire arena was deathly silent.


Just then, the divine weapon in Teng Yan's hand trembled.

A suction force came from the blade.

Ares-class weapon Bloodlust;

Toxic Soul Devourer;

An Empyrean Stage Three martial artist. The blood essence and soul within his body was instantly and forcefully absorbed and devoured by the godly weapon. He didn't even have the chance to resist, and his face instantly turned deathly pale. At this time, Teng Yan did not hesitate at all, his palm directly striking the body of the Sky Sovereign Realm warrior.

Devouring Spirit!


The terrifying loss of spirit energy caused the Empyrean martial artist to tremble again.

Bloodthirsty, Soul Devourer, Soul Devourer!

At this moment, the Sky Sovereign's third stage expert had completely become the nourishment that Teng Yan needed to grow stronger, and his entire body was disappearing at a terrifying speed. In just a single breath of time, the Empyrean martial artist's body had shriveled up before anyone could figure out what was happening.


In the blink of an eye, the corpse turned into dust and disappeared.

There was nothing left of him.


Upon seeing this sight, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Sky Sovereign Stage Three?

He died just like that?

Instant kill!

This …

In the distance, when the low level immortal stage saw this scene, a hint of disbelief also flashed across his face.

Profound Emperor?

Instant kill of an Empyrean?

If he hadn't seen it for himself, he wouldn't have believed it at all.

What are you all still standing there for? Hurry up and kill him, then kill those students. Immediately, without any hesitation, a low level immortal stage practitioner shouted out. After saying this, without any hesitation, he once again charged towards the nine Empyrean level instructors. At the same time, the nine great Empyreans of Shadow Devil Sect turned around and rushed towards Teng Yan as well.

One against nine;

The war began again.

Seeing the nine great Empyreans rushing towards him with killing intent, Teng Yan did not retreat, but advanced instead, raising his blade and rushing towards them. The terrifying defense from the fusion gave Teng Yan the absolute confidence to face any Empyrean.

Sky Sovereign, no need to fear!

Instantly, the two sides collided.


The berserk attacks of the nine great Empyreans combined into a charge towards Teng Yan.

Killing intent filled the air.

From every direction.

However, Teng Yan didn't have the slightest bit of hesitation. He directly ignored the attacks of the nine great Empyreans, raised the divine weapon in his hand, Xie Lu, and locked onto one of them.

Falling Knife!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks of the nine great Empyreans simultaneously landed on Teng Yan's body.


The divine weapon in Teng Yan's hand also fell.

Time instantly froze.

The scene instantly froze.

The silhouettes of the nine great Empyreans surrounded Teng Yan and the rest. The nine of them, whether it be their fists, claws, or palms, all stuck closely to Teng Yan. At the same time, the Divine Weapon in Teng Yan's hand had also landed on one of the person's body. The sharp blade edge was the same as before, directly entering into the Heavenly Sovereign's body.


The nine great Empyreans of the Shadow Devil Sect couldn't help but sigh with emotion. In their eyes, Teng Yan was a complete madman. She actually dared to try and fight the nine great Sky Sovereigns alone with just a Profound Emperor? The craziest thing was that this fellow actually dared to ignore the attacks of the nine great Sky Sovereigns and continued to attack one of them.

Hurt the enemy eight hundred times, self-destruct a thousand times?

To them, Teng Yan was simply courting death.

He was overestimating himself.

Heh …

Instantly, a trace of a demonic smile emerged from the bottom of their hearts.

Teng Yan?

He was dead for sure!

Devour! Suddenly, Teng Yan's crazed voice came out.


The great Sky Sovereigns of Shadow Devil Sect were shocked.

Is he okay?

Looking at Teng Yan, their faces were filled with shock.

However, Teng Yan ignored them. Now that the Divine Weapon had entered the Sky Sovereign Realm warrior's body, and the blade was stained with blood, the Divine Weapon could start bloodthirsty and devour his soul. Regarding this, Teng Yan would naturally not let go of such an opportunity. Even though both the Soul Devourer and the Bloodthirsty Beast were extremely cruel, they were both enemies now.

There was no need for sympathy in dealing with enemies.

There was no need to be kind to enemies.



In an instant, just like the previous Sky Sovereign's Third Stage martial artist, this martial artist's blood essence and soul was instantly forcefully devoured by the godly weapon. Although he wanted to resist, he was tightly entangled by the devilish poison controlled by the Poison Soul. He was unable to struggle free at all, and could only allow the divine weapon to crazily devour everything in his body.


The Empyrean martial artist's face was pale.

He was extremely frightened.

When the other eight Empyreans saw that their own companion was just like the previous one, their bodies instantly shriveled up and their life force rapidly faded away. They were also filled with terror and dread. At this moment, the violent voice of one of the level eight Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters rang out.

Kill him!

With that, he took the initiative to attack Teng Yan.

This berserk attack was filled with killing intent.


This youth must die.


The attack landed.

Teng Yan did not dodge, but he was completely unharmed.


Seeing this scene, the eighth level Sky Sovereign martial artist couldn't help but be stunned.

It's all right.

This kid is still fine.


This scene was too bizarre.

The eyes of the Heavenly Sovereign Stage Level 8 Warriors contained a trace of shock and fear as they looked at Teng Yan. Earlier, they, the nine great Empyreans, had attacked Teng Yan together but they were not injured, and today, they were still the same. It was not only the Sky Sovereign Stage Eight expert, the other seven great Sky Sovereigns had originally wanted to continue attacking Teng Yan after receiving his warning. However, when they saw that the Sky Sovereign Stage Eight expert's attack had lost its effect, their attacks also came to a halt.


Sky Sovereign's eighth phase attack was actually ineffective.

What was going on?


The Empyreans present looked at each other in dismay.


On the side, the twenty-two students of Stage Nine of Sky Martial Southern Wasteland Branch were also worried for Teng Yan. However, when they saw the scene in front of them, they couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. They had originally thought that it was just an illusion, but now that Sky Sovereign Stage Eight's attack was ineffective, they had no choice but to admit that this was the truth.


It was all true.


After a brief moment of shock came excitement.

It's all right.

Teng Yan was completely fine.


Young Master Yan, this is too heaven-defying. At this time, one of them couldn't help but sigh.


The others also nodded.


At this time, the Empyrean martial artist that had been forcefully swallowed up by the divine weapon also instantly turned into dust, scattering into the world.

Heh …

Looking at the remaining eight great Empyreans beside him, Teng Yan laughed coldly.

Sky Sovereign? Your attacks are completely useless against this young master. In the next second, Teng Yan's contemptuous voice sounded out. After fusing with Hairy Ball, with the protection of this golden armor, all of its attacks would be counteracted by the gold coins.

A single blow from an Empyrean cost a million gold coins.

Currently, Teng Yan had an entire ten billion gold coins on him. Even if Teng Yan stood there and allowed the nine great Empyreans to attack him nonstop, they would still need ten thousand times before they could break through Teng Yan's defense. What's more, was Teng Yan would be so stupid that he would make them continuously attack until their defenses were broken after ten thousand times.



Upon hearing this, the eight Empyrean Gods' bodies trembled.

Unbreakable defense?


What was going on?

They were all shocked and terrified.


Teng Yan did not hesitate at all as he raised his blade and rushed towards another Sky Sovereign.

The cold edge of a blade.

A cold killing intent.

Weng! *

Seeing this scene, the eight great Empyreans of Shadow Devil Sect trembled.

Profound Emperor?

No, this was a monster.

There was no way to defeat it.


The next second, a voice sounded from the bottom of their hearts.

Another battle?

unable to contend; unassailable.


Only death awaited him!


To fight against ten people by himself, what did Sky Sovereign have to fear?

After the fusion, Teng Yan's terror had far surpassed his imagination, especially his physical body. Originally, his earth emperor level physical body had immediately soared to the Sky Sovereign level. Facing the Shadow Devil Sect's ten great Sky Sovereigns, Teng Yan was naturally not afraid.

Her ice-cold eyes flashed with the fierce light of a wild beast.

He locked onto a person and dashed out.

One man, one saber, full of killing intent.


Seeing that, the eight great Empyreans of the Shadow Devil Sect immediately chose to flee.


They were not a match for Teng Yan at all.

Sou Sou Sou

One figure after another rushed out in all directions.

He fled in panic.

Trying to run?

Seeing that, Teng Yan snorted: Stop them. With that said, Teng Yan rushed towards one of them.

Stop them?

The twenty-two students of the ninth stage of the earth emperor that were spectating were stunned when they heard this.


Without the slightest hesitation, they all rushed forward.

They weren't a match for him.

Blocking them might not be impossible.

Sou Sou Sou

In the blink of an eye, the twenty-two students were divided into seven groups. Each group had three people, and one group even had four people. Without the slightest hesitation, they blocked in front of the earth emperor s who were trying to escape. They would not be able to win in a battle, but they could still block for a few minutes. Furthermore, with Teng Yan's speed, he would only need a few minutes.

Want to run?

Don't even think about it!

Heh …

Sensing that the students of the Tianwu Academy had obeyed their own orders and intercepted the Sky Sovereigns who were trying to escape, the corners of Teng Yan's lips curled up into a cold smile. Following that, Teng Yan did not hesitate at all and immediately rushed towards the Heavenly Sovereign that was chasing after him.

However, the seven great Empyreans of the Shadow Devil Sect felt like they were going to collapse at this moment, and they also felt like crying but had no tears. One or two earth emperor s were nothing in their eyes, even if they were Stage Nine earth emperor s. However, their current thoughts were not to kill these earth emperor, but to escape. After all, they could not instantly kill all these earth emperor s. If they were delayed by them for a few minutes, when that crazy Profound Emperor attacked, they would be dead without a doubt.

This feeling was one that was worse than death.

Damn. A monster is a monster. Look, look. What dogshit Empyrean! In the eyes of this demon, he's nothing more than trash. Killing him is like cutting vegetables. Within Death Valley, on the two sides of the battle between Southern Wasteland Branch and Southern Wasteland Branch, a fatty was lying on the ground on the cliff and sighed with a wretched expression on his face.

Fatty was indeed a money grubber.

Previously, when the money grubber and Yan Qi were running away, they were not wrong, but the two of them did not leave the Death Valley. In the words of the money grubber, this place could clearly see the situation below, and it was also safe.


Suddenly, someone ruthlessly gave a kick to the ass of the money grubber.

F * ck, fatty, why are you stomping on laozi? He continued to stare at the battle in the valley.


Another kick.


Just then, Yan Qi's messy voice came out.

F * ck, are you done yet?


With that, the money grubber turned his head.


However, when they saw the scene in front of them, they were slightly stunned.


Following which, the money grubber stood up from the ground and turned around to look behind him. At this moment, Yan Qi was looking at him with a helpless expression. In front of Yan Qi and the money grubber was an even more endless mountain range. Of course, these weren't the main point. The main point was that there was a huge crowd of people in front of the rich fans.

There were two hundred of them.

Amongst them, there were even two great immortal stage experts.

Evil spirits;


Upon seeing this sight, the money grubber was slightly taken aback.


He once again looked at Yan Qi.

Fatty, are these your relatives? Following which, the miser's weak voice sounded.

Hearing this, the corner of Yan Qi's mouth twitched.


Relatives, your grandpa.

Yan Qi had been completely defeated by his money fans, who was their relative that came to this kind of place for no reason? Moreover, these people were looking at them with hostility. Not only that, the gazes of these people were also full of fierceness and greed. These bandits were simply living in a bandit's land, and not just one, but a bandit's group with two immortal stage.

Yan Qi wanted to cry, but no tears came out.


Seeing Yan Qi's reaction, the miser was slightly surprised, and immediately asked: No?


Upon saying that, the miser immediately looked towards one of the immortal stage s.

Big Brother, you are?


Looking at the money grubber, the corner of the mouth of the immortal stage expert in front of him twitched.

Little Fatso?

Is this fellow really stupid or is he just pretending to be so stupid?

Didn't he know that his gang was robbers?


Suddenly, before the immortal stage Ranker could react, the miser had already fled far away.

His speed was extremely fast.


Wealth fans naturally knew that these people were bandits.

Seeing the rich fans suddenly running away, Yan Qi's mouth twitched.


This was too disloyal.


At this time, the immortal stage expert's body flashed, and directly appeared in front of the money grubber. She grabbed the money grubber's body, and then heavily threw him back. With a bang, the money grubber's body fell heavily to the ground where he was originally at. She was in great pain. At this time, the immortal stage expert had already returned to her original place. Looking at the money grubber, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched, and she said. Little fatty, do you really think this grandpa is a fool?


Hearing this, the money grubber was slightly surprised.

Haha, big brother, big brother, dear brother, this is just a joke, just a joke. Following which, the miser looked at the immortal stage expert in front of him and said in embarrassment. After she finished speaking, he directly stood up from the ground, then looked towards the immortal stage experts and said. Big Brother, what are you all doing here?


The corners of the bandits' mouths twitched when they heard this.


Who's your big brother?

Robbery! The vulgar immortal stage expert became even more severe.

Robbery? Damn, big brother, so you are the bandits of this place? Oh god, oh earth, I've finally found you! As he said that, the money grubber fell onto the knees of the immortal stage Ranker. He was extremely excited, and then said: Big brother, blood related big brother, little brother has been looking for you guys for a long time."


The bandits were surprised.

He was stupefied.

Yan Qi was also at a loss.

Why are you looking for us? The immortal stage bandit asked again.

Big bro, little bro is looking for you because I want to join you. Bandit, what a noble profession this is! I have had a dream since I was young, and that is to become a noble bandit and rob the world of its wealth. Now, now, the heavens have opened their eyes and finally let this little brother meet you. Big brother, just accept this little brother. "


Hearing this, the bandits present were even more dumbfounded.

To join them?

Accept him?

This was the first time they had encountered something like this as bandits.

The corner of the mouths of the two immortal stage robbers twitched, and one of them even spoke out directly: Stop with the bullshit. Don't think that I don't know that you're with the group below you, and want to get away with it. Was he really that easy to fool? Someone, seize this fatty and search him for valuable items. Just by his clothes alone, one can tell that he is a rich and powerful person.

Weng! *

Hearing this, the money grubber's body trembled.

Search his body?

His face turned even paler.

Big brother, don't. I still have something to say.

Shut his mouth. I don't want to hear his voice. At this time, the immortal stage expert spoke with disgust.


After a cry of alarm, the money grubber fell silent.

Woo woo woo *

A group of bandits had instantly tied up the Wealth fanatic and Yan Qi. At the same time, they also covered their mouths, and there were a few bandits who were constantly searching the two thieves' bodies. To this, the fans constantly struggled, and at the same time, they began to make choking noises.

It was as if they were protesting.

But no one paid any attention to it.

Second Brother, there are seven immortal stage s, twenty Empyreans and more than twenty earth emperor s. This is the biggest deal in our history. At this time, the immortal stage expert who gave the order to tie up the two financial fanatics spoke to the person beside him.

As he spoke, there was a trace of excitement on his face.

It's precisely because it's a big deal that we can't afford to be careless. Now that these two groups of people are fighting to the death, when both of them get hurt, we can just take advantage of them. Seven immortal stage s, if this deal is completed, then we can comfortably rest for one or two months. At this time, the other immortal stage expert also spoke with a charming face.


Hearing this, all the bandits present revealed a charming smile.

He was reaping the rewards.

Right now, both Southern Wasteland Branch and her groups were fighting with their lives on the line. They were thinking of a way to kill the other party without any hesitation. They never would have thought that they would be targeted by a bandit. The bandit's goal was clear, and that was to wait until both sides were injured before taking action.

The mantis stalks the cicada, and the yellow sparrow follows.

Bandits weren't simple either.

Alright, now everyone, hide yourselves. Don't let those fellows above us discover us. After which, the stable immortal stage expert warned once again. He could not help but take a glance at the six great immortal stage experts that were battling in the sky.


Upon receiving the order, the two hundred bandits immediately hid themselves.

The two great immortal stage were still standing at their original places.

Pay attention to the battle.

Second Master, there is nothing on this fatty and the skinny man. Just then, a bandit walked in front of the two immortal stage s, and spoke with a weak voice.


Hearing this, the two immortal stage s frowned.


How is this possible?


Their sharp gazes directly fell on the two money buffs.



Feeling the sharp gazes of the two great immortal stage experts, the two misses couldn't help but shiver. At the same time, their gazes collided with each other, and a strange expression flashed within their eyes that no one else would notice. In a split-second, the two continued to struggle as sobs rose in the air.

Pitiful beyond measure;


The two great immortal stage s continued to frown.


It was impossible.

Let alone the two earth emperor s, even if it was an ordinary person, they would at least have some things on them, at least a few gold coins. And looking at the clothes of these two rich fans, one could tell that they were wealthy people, and this kind of earth emperor actually had nothing on them, this was definitely something worth suspecting.

Furthermore, a warrior doesn't have a spatial ring?



Immediately, the two immortal stage experts thought in their hearts.

A hint of anger emerged.


In an instant, one of the immortal stage even appeared right in front of the financial fans and Yan Qi. Looking at the financial fans, he frowned and said angrily, Brat, if you know what's good for you, hand over the spatial ring. Tell me, where did you hide it?"


The money grubber made a choking sound.


The immortal stage expert was slightly surprised.

Let go of his mouth. Following which, the immortal stage expert spoke to the bandit underling.


The bandit underling directly removed the tattered cloth that was in the way of the money grubber's mouth.

Now you can. Then, the immortal stage expert asked again.

The money-grubber was silent.


Seeing that, the immortal stage expert frowned.

You don't want to say?

The money-grubber remained silent.

Lord Third, there's something strange about Fatty. It seems he doesn't dare to speak. At this time, the bandit follower beside the immortal stage expert said to the immortal stage expert while looking at the money grubber.


The immortal stage expert frowned.


A glint flashed in his eyes as he looked at his money buff.

Pry his mouth open for me. Following that, the immortal stage Ranker immediately gave his command.


Hearing this, the money grubber cursed in his heart.


The money grubber's gaze also instantly fell on the bandit's lackey beside the immortal stage ranker.

Full of anger.

It was filled with killing intent.


Just as the bandit underling was about to make a move, the miser directly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and even swallowed an item. This scene was witnessed even more clearly by the two great immortal stage experts and the bandit underling. Before the three of them could react, the miser had already opened his mouth: Big Brother, I, I really don't have anything.

Hearing the words of the money grubber, the three bandits' mouths twitched.


Without you.

This bastard hid the spatial ring in his mouth just now, and when he heard that his side was going to pry open the other party's mouth, he immediately swallowed the spatial ring. If that wasn't the case, then why was it that although he didn't say anything just now, he was able to do so now?


As they thought about this, the three bandits became confused.

What kind of person was this fatty?

"Bastard, don't think that just because you swallowed the spatial ring, you will be fine. Let me tell you, this old one will give you two choices right now. One: pull out the spatial ring that this old one has eaten. Two: This old one will kill you and then open up your stomach to take it out. Immediately, San Ye shouted in anger.


The money grubber's face turned pale.

Open up your stomach?

This is f * cking taking his life.

Money was important.

However, if he lost his life, then what was the use of money?

No, no, no, Big Brother, you misunderstood, you really misunderstood, I really do not have any spatial ring on me. Immediately, the money grubber's urgent voice rang out. And then he said: Big brother, my dear big brother, don't you just want money? I'll give it, I'll give it, okay?


I really don't have any money for that.

You grandpa, you're cheating?

No, no, no, big brother, although I don't have money, but my old man does. Big Bro, what's wrong? Take off this little brother's clothes, then have someone take it to my old man, and tell him that this little brother has landed in big brother's hands, and that he can use the money to redeem this little brother.


Hearing this, San Ye couldn't help but be surprised.


It seemed like a good choice.

Big brother, you don't know ah, but our family's old man only has me as his son. Although his family is extremely rich, but if I die, then no one will inherit his family business. Thus, as long as it's something that our family is able to take out, he will definitely not refuse. Following which, the money grubber added on.

Yan Qi was dumbstruck when he saw this.

Kidnapping a money grubber?

Extortion Wealth?

This was basically sending these bandits to their deaths.

Good idea.


The Third Master of the Bandit Group looked at his fans with a questioning gaze.

Of course.

Okay, where is your home? What was home? What is your father's name? What's your name again? Immediately after, without any hesitation, the immortal stage Ranker asked the money grubber immediately. The money grubber's suggestion was definitely a good one for him.

I can't tell you that.


Unless you agree to a condition of mine.


You can't mistreat me, and even more so, you can't kill me. Furthermore, I'm a bit hungry right now.

Hearing this, the corner of Yan Qi's mouth could not help but twitch.

A money grubber?

He actually had conditions with this bandit?

You're hungry?

Okay, no problem. I won't hit you or kill you, and I will eat and drink to your satisfaction. Who asked you to be money now? Of course, this would have to wait until we had finished our business and returned to the mountain stronghold. Now can you answer my previous question?

Yes, of course. However, my house is a bit far, if I let you come to my house, I'm afraid you won't be able to wait. Where was the closest city to the bandit's territory? Is there a 'Drunken Fragrance Pavilion' inside? The money grubber looked at San Ye and asked.

Drunken Fragrance Pavilion?

The three bandits were stunned.


The astonished gazes of the three all landed on the money grubber.

Why are we going to the Drunken Fragrance Pavilion?

The Drunken Fragrance Pavilion is opened by my sister, but I don't know which city has this Drunken Fragrance Pavilion branch. As long as you find the nearby Drunken Fragrance Pavilion and tell them that their boss's brother has been captured by you, they can pay you when the time comes. The money grubber said in embarrassment.

The Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was naturally opened by Meng Ruyan. This was also the reason why the rich fans thought that Meng Ruyan was abnormal. Of course, the reason why the financial fans chose Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was very simple. In the eyes of outsiders, they simply did not know about the relationship between Drunken Fragrance Pavilion and Wealth. Otherwise, she could just tell these bandits that she was from the Wealth, and whether they dared to go in and extort him was still a question.

Weng! *

The three bandits stared at the money grubber, their bodies shaking.

He had a look of disbelief on his face.

Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was opened by your sister? The bandit Lord Three could not help but ask.


That's not right.

What's wrong?

Didn't you just say that you are the only son of your old man?

That's right.

Then what's wrong with you, sister?

Big brother, my dear brother, I said that I am the only son of my old man, but I didn't say that he doesn't have a daughter. While speaking, the money grubber rolled his eyes and looked at the bandit Third Master with disdain. His eyes were filled with deep contempt.

Hearing this, the Third Master's mouth twitched.

Is what you said true? He couldn't help but ask when he saw the rich fans.

Of course.

Suddenly, a glint flashed across San Ye's eyes.

Alright, take this fatty down there. Take good care of him and don't let him get away. He's a big fat sheep after all. Immediately, San Ye's excited voice sounded. They knew very well what kind of place the Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was. Not only that, they had frequent visits, and the price was even more shocking. Even the three of them could only go there once a month, let alone the subordinates. One could imagine how rich the Drunken Fragrance Pavilion was.

A money grubber?

In the eyes of San Ye, this was a big fat sheep.

He had to watch carefully.


The money grubber looked at Yan Qi, and a playful smile flashed across his face.

Drunken Fragrance Pavilion?

There must be Celestial Treasure Pavilion wherever there is a Drunken Fragrance Pavilion.

Extortion Drunken Fragrance Pavilion?

That would be equivalent to extorting Celestial Treasure Pavilion, and at the same time, sending out the news of their rich fans being captured. At that time, with the Celestial Treasure Pavilion's resources, even the smallest city in the Rogue's Land would be destroyed, and the power that the Wealth could mobilize would be able to completely annihilate this group of bandits.

As for Teng Yan's group?

As long as Nan Rentong was present and the Shadow Devil Sect did not make any move, they would not be a match for Nan Rentong at all. This was also the reason why the financial fanatics did not report to him. Although they were under threat now, as long as the people from the Wealth arrived, then there would be even less danger.


Nervous my ass.


The eyes of the bandit second master and third master collided as they saw the two people being led off the stage.


Both of them revealed a devilish smile.

He had made a huge profit today!


Drunken Fragrance Pavilion.

The two immortal stage robbers thought that they had gotten a treasure from this trip, and they had even made up their minds to ruthlessly extort some money. However, they didn't know that what was hidden was not money or wealth, but endless killing intent and a calamity that was about to befall them.

People die for money, birds die for food.

It would never change!

Of course, this was all a story in the future.

In the mountain valleys, the great war continued.

On the cliff, the robber watched;

The entrance to Death Valley was filled with killing intent and conspiracy. The Shadow Devil Sect had ambushed the Southern Wasteland Branch, and the bandits were plotting against the two great powers, while the rich fans were plotting against the bandits. It was as if everything had turned into a game of big fish eating small fish, the strong preying on the weak. However, when everyone was full of confidence and everyone thought that they were the final victor, the true change happened.

In the air, a battle of six great immortal stage was occurring.


The violent sound was like a clap of thunder from the ninth heaven.


The sound echoed out for hundreds of kilometers.

Death Valley.

This long mountain road was thousands of meters long, and at this moment, the location of the battle was only 200 meters away from the intersection. However, the sound of the battle reverberated throughout the entire Death Valley, and it did not die out even after a long time. At the center of Death Valley, on top of a mountain range on a cliff.


A figure was charging over from the battle area at the entrance.

His speed was extremely fast.


In an instant, the figure came to a sudden halt, and this time, it was a immortal stage expert. And in front of this figure was a youth in white clothing. He stood with his hands behind his back and was very skinny. His face was covered by a silver-white mask, making it difficult for others to see his face clearly. With a 'bang', the figure directly knelt down on one knee in front of the youth.

The immortal stage Warriors had submitted.

Young Lord!

After which, the immortal stage expert cupped her fists and greeted the white clothed youth.

What happened up ahead?

Reporting to the Young Lord, 200 meters away at the entrance of Death Valley, two groups of people seem to have clashed, fighting each other. Furthermore, both sides are not weak, with a total of seven great immortal stage and twenty Sky Sovereign experts. The remaining twenty odd people are all at the ninth stage of earth emperor, and one of the group should be headed towards the Eastern Tomb to enter the 'Nine Serenities Secret Realm'. "


The white-clothed youth glanced at the immortal stage expert with slight interest.

He was gentle and refined.

That Young Lord. Following that, the immortal stage expert's perturbed voice sounded again.


The young man frowned.

Is there something else?

That young master, subordinate to him at the place where the battle occurred also discovered a group of bandits. They were led by two great immortal stage, and there were around two hundred of them. From the looks of it, they seem to be waiting for the other two sides to finish their battle and ready to take advantage of the situation. As the immortal stage expert spoke, he could not help but steal a glance at the youth in white.


In the blink of an eye, the youth in white was enraged.


He looked at the immortal stage expert with a cold expression.

Say that again?

A cold voice rang out.

This …

Son of a b * tch, f * * k him! F * ck him! This is my first time working here today, and there are actually people who dare to steal my flesh?! Damn, I never received such treatment when I was in Chaotic Capital. Without waiting for the immortal stage expert to speak more, the youth in white clothing cursed loudly. He paced back and forth on the spot, as if he was extremely angry. Suddenly, the white-clothed youth looked at the immortal stage Ranker and said angrily: Do you think this daddy is someone that can be easily bullied?"


Hearing this, the corner of the immortal stage expert's mouth twitched.


Who dares to bully you?


Following that, the immortal stage expert said weakly.

F * ck, laozi doesn't think laozi is easy to bully. Thinking back to when I was still an unknown brat in Chaotic Capital, at that time I had no power, no power, and no power, those people were still scared to death when they saw me. Even though your father's strength is weak right now, your father has power and influence, and even has the old man's protection. F * ck, someone actually dares to snatch my meat? Immediately, the white-robed youth's angry voice rang out once more.

F * ck, transfer people, f * ck him!

Yes, Young Lord.

Hearing this, the immortal stage expert replied.

As for the Chaotic Capital s?

Although the white-clothed youth in front of him always spoke of him, this immortal stage expert didn't even know where he was.

Never heard of it.


With that, the immortal stage expert instantly disappeared.

Heh heh.

Watching the immortal stage expert leave, the youth in white revealed a devilish smile, and said: Being in control of one's life and death, this is truly a great feeling. If the brothers saw me doing so well right now, I wonder what they would think, mm, they would definitely be shocked. Three years from now, Water Moon Pavilion, hehe, this daddy here will definitely give them a huge surprise, hehe. "


The wind blew past, but the youth's face was as charming as ever.

I just don't know where Young Master Yan is and what he's doing right now. However, it was still Young Master Yan. He had caused such a huge commotion when he first arrived in the central region. No, I have to do something earth-shattering too. From now on, this Death Valley is my territory, and no other bandit groups can set foot here. And then, the white-robed youth murmured to himself. He stood on top of the cliff, facing the wind, his robes fluttering in the wind.

His voice was firm.

It was as if he had sworn an oath.

Sou Sou Sou

Suddenly, one figure after another rushed over from afar.

The wind blew past them.

Young Lord!

The group of people instantly knelt down on one knee before the youth.

The sound shook the nine heavens.

Weng! *

Unable to defend himself in time, the young man almost fell down the ten-thousand-meter cliff. He patted his chest and said with a look of shock, Fuck, I was startled and almost fell down. As he said that, the young man could not help but stretch out his head and look at the valley tens of thousands of meters below him, and then he said awkwardly, Not bad, not bad at all. The heck, if I were to fall down, wouldn't that turn me into minced meat? No, I have to hurry up and increase my strength."

Hearing this, the person kneeling on one knee in front of the young man could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

Crash into minced meat?

Damn you, a earth emperor like you is so easy to break into pieces?



At this moment, the youth regained his senses. His deep eyes once again landed on the group of people. Seeing that there were only eight people in front of him, the youth couldn't help but frown. Then he said, Why is it just you few? What about the others? Could he have been lazy?

Hearing this, the eight people in front of him were speechless.

Reporting to the Young Lord, the other brothers are rushing over. It's just that our speed is a bit faster. Following that, the immortal stage expert from before said to the youth in white with a respectful expression. At the same time, the corners of his lips couldn't help but twitch as she thought in her heart, All eight of us have immortal stage; The others' cultivations are still a bit too weak after all. Moreover, how long have I been back at the ambush place? If it wasn't for you anxiously waiting for us, we wouldn't have been so fast.

Sou Sou Sou

Once the immortal stage expert finished speaking, one figure after another had already rushed over from afar.

A black mass.

At least a few hundred people.

Moreover, these hundreds of people were all Sky Sovereign experts.

Not only that, but there was a group of people rushing over a hundred meters away from these Empyreans. Moreover, there were even more people at the back. There were at least a thousand of them. Most importantly, this group of people all had cultivation at the earth emperor level, with only a few Profound Emperor s.


Eight great immortal stage, hundreds of Empyreans, and nearly a thousand earth emperor.



Moments later, the two groups appeared in front of the youth in white.

Young Lord!

The group of people knelt down on one knee as a respectful voice sounded.

The sound shook the nine heavens.


Seeing the scene in front of him, a charming smile appeared on the youth's face. He seemed to enjoy this feeling. Then, the youth looked at the group of people in front of him and said straightforwardly, I don't know what the old man is thinking, but I didn't even have the slightest bit of presence when I made so few people for my first job.

Bang bang!

Hearing this, a portion of the people immediately fell.

There were even fewer people?

This is robbery, not war.

Eight immortal stage, hundreds of Empyreans, or even fewer people?

This kind of force was probably the biggest bandit group in this bandit's land. Moreover, if they met an ordinary team, they would be able to easily rob them. After all, even if some caravans were escorted here, they wouldn't possess such great power.

Eight great immortal stage?

If they could hire such a force to escort them, they would suffer a loss even if they managed to complete the trade.

Forget it, since this is the first time I've worked here, I might as well get familiar with it. Tomorrow, at least twice as many people as today. " And then, the youth muttered to himself. This made the corners of everyone's mouths twitch slightly. They felt powerless towards their new Young Master.

Let's go, let's go with laozi and see who the heck is snatching laozi's flesh. Following which, the youth waved his hand and said. After saying that, he took the lead to walk towards the entrance of the Death Valley. However, the road he walked on was not the one on the mountain, but the mountain range on the cliff.

Swish Swish Swish

Eight great immortal stage, hundreds of Empyreans, and nearly a thousand earth emperor quietly followed behind this youth.

He didn't dare to take a step further.


"Weng weng weng weng weng weng weng, weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng weng

On the battlefield at the entrance of Death Valley, the God Weapon Xie Lu released one sharp sound after another.

Divine weapons drank blood, feeling extremely carefree.

The nine Empyrean level instructors of the Southern Wasteland Branch were still fighting with the immortal stage expert of the Shadow Devil Sect. Nine battles one, adding on the nine great Empyreans fighting to the death, the lower immortal stage did not hold much of an advantage. After exchanging blows over and over again and bombarding them again and again, the immortal stage Rankers appeared to be in a slightly sorry state, and their clothes had already become tattered beyond recognition. However, compared to this immortal stage expert, the nine great Empyreans of the Southern Wasteland Branch were in an even more miserable state. There were even bloodstains at the corners of their mouths and even their auras were in disarray.

Their bodies were severely injured, and they were even at the end of their tether. However, they continued to persevere.

Never fall;

In a life-and-death duel, there was no choice.


After the immortal stage expert forced back an Sky Sovereign, she immediately switched to defense.

His movements were completed in one go.

His speed was extremely fast.

From the start of the battle to now, this immortal stage Ranker had fought against the nine great Empyreans alone. After all, if he were to attack one of them with all her might, she would definitely be met with the violent attacks from the other eight people. The immortal stage expert was not Teng Yan, he did not have such a terrifying defense, and if he were to suffer the full attack of eight Empyreans, he would definitely be injured as well. As such, among all the attacks, most of them were just defense. Otherwise, the nine great Sky Sovereigns of Southern Wasteland Branch would not have been able to fight until now.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

With one on top of the other, a clear sound rang out.

The wind was blowing wildly;

Everything was completed in an instant.

Both sides to withdraw;


However, after the nine great Empyreans exchanged blows with the immortal stage expert, they rushed towards the immortal stage expert without any hesitation. Every single one of them were very tired and their injuries were not light, but they were more clear that the immortal stage expert was also very tired and also had injuries. In a situation where they were completely unable to compete with their opponents, they had to rely on their advantage in numbers to defeat them in one go.

Otherwise, he would have lost and died.


The nine great Empyreans were like nine vicious beasts.

They rushed over to kill him.

Damn it!

Facing this scene, the immortal stage Ranker gritted her teeth and her angry voice rang out. The nine people in front of him were like cockroaches that couldn't be beaten. They were defeated time and time again, but they kept attacking nonstop. They didn't stop at all. This made the immortal stage powerhouses angry and helpless. If it was in a normal situation, a mere Sky Sovereign could be killed with a single strike.

But now, he couldn't.

If he attacked with all his strength, he would definitely be injured.

He was afraid of injury;

He was more afraid of death.

the deadlock of the battle and the depletion of each other;


On the battlefield, a mournful scream suddenly sounded.


Hearing that, the immortal stage expert's body couldn't help but tremble, and a trace of shock and seriousness appeared on his face.


This was already the ninth time the entire immortal stage, or should we say, the entire battlefield, had ever heard such a miserable cry. At the same time, everyone present clearly understood what every scream meant. A scream meant the death of the Ten Great Empyrean warriors of the Shadow Devil Sect. The ninth scream undoubtedly showed that nine of the ten Heavenly Sovereigns of the Devil Sect had already fallen.

Of the ten great Empyreans, only one remained.

The Devil Sect had been utterly defeated!

No one had expected such a result.

Teng Yan was too terrifying.

The eyes of the immortal stage Warriors instinctively looked in the direction of the source of the scream. But before he could see the situation clearly, the nine great instructors of the Tianwu Academy were already standing right in front of him, wounded, and attacking him. He had no choice but to fight. At the same time, on one side of the battlefield between the Sky Sovereign and the earth emperor, the only remaining Sky Sovereign of the Demon Sect was crazily attacking the people in his line of sight. His attacks were ferocious to the extreme and his attacks were messy to the extreme.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

One by one, the earth emperor was pushed back.

To fight again;

After the earth emperor students were forced back, no matter how heavy the injuries, no matter how sorry they were, as long as they had a sliver of strength, they would not hesitate to charge towards this Sky Sovereign expert. He only had one goal: to pester this Sky Sovereign and not give him the chance to escape.

From the start of Teng Yan's massacre till now, only a few minutes had passed, but out of the twenty-two students of Stage Nine of Tianwu Academy, half of them were already lying on the ground, with their bodies heavily injured and had lost the ability to fight. It was easy to imagine the brutality of these few minutes of battle. But even so, there were still ten ninth stage earth emperor students pestering the last Sky Sovereign to seventh stage.

Want to run?

Dream on!


Suddenly, the body of a Level 7 Sky Sovereign shook.

His face instantly turned pale.

At this moment, the Level 7 Sky Sovereign clearly felt a cold killing intent surge out from his back. Not only that, but that killing intent also made him feel as if he was being locked down by a vicious beast.

Get out of the way.

A sound rang out.

Sou Sou Sou

The students of the Southern Wasteland Branch's top ten earth emperor s, level nine.


The Level 7 Sky Sovereign trembled again.

He was covered in cold sweat.


His trembling body instinctively turned around.

His pupils trembled;

In the line of sight of the Level 7 Ascendant, a youth stood in the air. His ice-cold eyes were filled with killing intent as they locked onto him. Teng Yan was only a mere Profound Emperor. If it was before, this Heavenly Sovereign Stage Level 7 Ranker would not even put Teng Yan in his eyes. This Sky Sovereign Level 7 expert no longer dared to look down on Teng Yan. In fact, when he faced Teng Yan, he only felt fear in the bottom of his heart, a fear that came from the soul.

The youth was unable to defeat them.

Demon, demon, you are a demon, looked at Teng Yan, the voice of the Sky Sovereign sounded out.

He was terrified to the extreme.

Heh …

Seeing that, Teng Yan laughed coldly.

So what if you're a devil?

Towards enemies, Teng Yan would rather turn into a demon.


Ling Tian's killing intent surged.


The Empyrean's body trembled, and he retreated a few steps back. You, you, you, don't come near me. Her trembling voice carried an absolute fear, the Sky Sovereign expert's flustered and trembling eyes were even more firmly locked onto Teng Yan, on guard, on guard.

Heh …

Hearing this, Teng Yan sneered yet again.

Not coming over?


In the next second, Teng Yan raised his blade and rushed towards the Sky Sovereign Realm expert.


Upon seeing this, the Sky Sovereign trembled once more.


The fear that came from his soul made him not dare to fight.

He turned around and ran.

Phantom Tracing!

The moment the Ascendant expert turned around, Teng Yan was already in front of him blocking. At the same time, the divine weapon in his hand, Xie Lu, was releasing a cold killing intent, and the blade fell down from mid air. This scene caused the fear in the hearts of the Ascendants to soar to the limits. Not only was the longblade killing people, it was also bloodthirsty. He had clearly seen the scene of his companion's death.

The Divine Weapon was bloodthirsty, and not a single corpse remained.


Without any hesitation, the Sky Sovereign turned around to escape once again.

The long blade also instantly struck down.


The sharp edge of the Divine Weapon sliced through the Ascendant's body and a bloody arrow shot out from the back of the Ascendant.


Empyrean experts felt pain.


Gritting his teeth, enduring the pain, the Sky Sovereign showed no hesitation.


However, just as the Sky Sovereign wanted to continue running, a violent suction force suddenly appeared from behind him. The Sky Sovereign could instantly feel the blood essence in his body rapidly draining away. Not only that, it felt as if his soul was being torn apart.


The heart-wrenching pain finally caused the Sky Sovereign to cry out miserably.


The Divine Weapon did not have the slightest hesitation or sympathy.

Bloodthirsty, soul devouring;


The Sky Sovereign's body shook.

The life force quickly dissipated.


In the span of two breaths, the Sky Sovereign was reduced to a pile of powder.

It dissipated in the air.

Sky Sovereign, die!

As a result, all the Ten Great Sky Sovereigns of Shadow Devil Sect were killed by the divine weapons in Teng Yan's hands. Without exception, they did not even leave behind their corpses. This scene had already stunned the twenty-two students of the ninth phase of earth emperor. They had previously heard of Teng Yan killing an Sky Sovereign in one shot from the academy, but that was just a rumor and they did not quite believe it. However, they had seen everything with their own eyes. They no longer had any doubts. They firmly believed in this.

Teng Yan was so terrifying.


Teng Yan, however, did not hesitate at all, and did not continue to pay attention to the ten great Sky Sovereigns who had fallen. After taking care of the ten great Empyreans of the Shadow Devil Sect, Teng Yan's bloodthirsty eyes instantly turned to the battle in the distance between the ten great Empyreans and the immortal stage Warriors. At the moment, both sides had only battled for a few minutes, but there were only nine people left in Tianwu Academy, and one of them was naturally killed by the immortal stage Ranker before the battle even began. Now, as the two sides clashed back and forth, the nine great Empyreans of Southern Wasteland Branch were all severely injured.


Teng Yan did not hesitate at all, and immediately rushed towards the immortal stage Ranker with his blade.

There was no retreat in this battle.


Looking at this scene, the bodies of the earth emperor students trembled. Whether they were those who were severely injured and lying on the ground or those who could still stand, all of their pupils shrank fiercely as they looked at Teng Yan and the others with a trace of disbelief and deep shock on their faces.

Teng Yan?

What did he want?

will not be

Heaven Realm immortal stage?


Everyone could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva as they thought about it.



Heaven Man immortal stage!

In the eyes of the earth emperor students, this was simply madness.

Heaven Realm, Profound Emperor, earth emperor, Sky Sovereign, immortal stage, Heaven Realm compared to immortal stage, there was a difference of four great realms. Even if Teng Yan had already advanced to Profound Emperor because of the fusion, there was still three great realms between the two. Under such circumstances, if Teng Yan wanted to fight against an immortal stage expert, he would simply be courting death. However, when they thought of the scene just now, when Teng Yan killed an Sky Sovereign with his cultivation of Profound Emperor, the Southern Wasteland Branch and the other students grew excited and excited.

The undying of Profound Emperor wouldn't necessarily lose.


At this time, the immortal stage Ranker who was entangled with the nine great Empyreans of the Southern Wasteland Branch suddenly frowned, because he felt a killing intent lock on him at that instant. That brat killed ten of the Empyreans, and now he wants to deal with me? As she thought about it, a chill suddenly rose up in the hearts of the immortal stage Warriors. Even an existence as strong as him, who was at the immortal stage level, was currently filled with fear towards Teng Yan.

Profound Emperor's Sky Slaughter Heavenly Sovereign?

He was the same as Teng Yan, the two of them were fighting against ten Sky Sovereigns, and there was not much time left between the two of them. However, Teng Yan had already killed the ten great Sky Sovereigns, but he, a dignified immortal stage, was still entangled with the nine great Sky Sovereigns. This caused this immortal stage expert to feel uneasy.

Teng Yan was too strange.

He had no choice but to be on guard!

He had to end this quickly!


His berserk attack instinctively struck at the person in front of him, giving up on defense. He struck out with all of his strength, and that strike even carried a hint of destructive power, as if it was going to tear the entire space apart.


The strike landed like a clap of thunder.


A figure was instantly sent flying.


In an instant, the figure slammed into the left side of the cliff.

The earth trembled.


A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out from his mouth.


This person fell to the ground and didn't get up again.

This man, Yan Shumin.


Seeing this scene, everyone present couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air. Those shocked eyes looked at the immortal stage expert in front of them with a trace of fear. After being entangled with an expert of the immortal stage for so long, the few great Sky

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