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The Green Light Book One: The Green Light Trilogy, #1

The Green Light Book One: The Green Light Trilogy, #1

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The Green Light Book One: The Green Light Trilogy, #1

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Lançado em:
Jul 12, 2020


Kate is at the school's playground when she sees it! A green ball of light in the sky heading into Monkey Hollow. Well, this girl has to do what a girl has to do and that is to follow it.

This is BOOK ONE in the Green Light Trilogy. Book One is written at a DRA Level 30, or for the advanced primary student. Book Two is written at a DRA Level 34 and Book Three is written at a DRA Level 38. All three books are self-paced, designed for an independent reader and complete with a vocabulary box at the beginning of each chapter, while questions with answers are provided at the end of each chapter.

The Green Light Trilogy makes a wonderful literature study for small groups, too.

Lançado em:
Jul 12, 2020

Sobre o autor

Sharon Brown is a retired public school teacher with 40 years of experience.  After she started menopause, she began to notice hair loss.  Everything she tried, did not work!  Finally, after her retirement, she had the time needed to fix her health issue and she has!

Amostra do Livro

The Green Light Book One - Sharon Brown



Chapter One:  The Light 

Chapter Two: Danger 

Chapter Three: The Hole 

Chapter Four:  The Alien 

Chapter Five:  The Broken Bleep 

Chapter Six: The Noise 

Chapter Seven:  Corn Flakes, Cooties, and a Bleep 

Chapter Eight:  The Tree House 

Chapter Nine:  Surprise! 

Chapter Ten:  Alien Cats 

Chapter One:  The Light

One summer day, Kate was playing tag with Sam and Jen when she saw it.  A strange ball of green light was floating in the sky above Monkey Hollow.

You’re it! yelled Jen.

Kate ran towards the monkey bars, which was the safe zone.

Sam was at the monkey bars.  He yelled, Get her, Kate!

Kate did not chase Jen.  Instead, Kate watched the nearby ball of green light drop behind the trees.

What is that? mumbled Kate.

Kate had to know where that green ball of light went.

Jen jumped off the monkey bars running towards Kate.  Sam followed.  He said to Kate, Hey!  Where are you going?

Then Jen asked, "Why are you walking towards Monkey Hollow?

Kate turned around.  Didn’t you see it?

See what? they asked.

That green ball of light in the sky, replied Kate.  She shook her head.  She continued on her way towards Monkey Hollow.

You’re nuts for wanting to go in there.  After all, Monkey Hollow got its name from monkeys living in the treetops.  No one can see them, but they can see you!  They can leap on top of your head and mess up your hair, exclaimed Sam.

No, they can’t, Kate yelled over her shoulder.  Those monkeys lived in the woods a long time ago, Mr.-I-Think-I-Know-It-All!

Have you heard of ghost monkeys? chanted Jen.  My brother heard one screaming when he was playing basketball with your brother, Marvin.

When was this? asked Kate.

Last week! answered Jen.

"It had

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