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100 French Short Stories for Beginners Learn French with Stories Including Audiobook

100 French Short Stories for Beginners Learn French with Stories Including Audiobook

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100 French Short Stories for Beginners Learn French with Stories Including Audiobook

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Sep 27, 2020


Brush up your French, grow your vocabulary and ignite your imagination with these 100 entertaining and culturally interesting French short stories!

How is it possible to learn French easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective way to learn French is reading interesting French short stories. Learning French doesn't have to be boring and agonizing!

Here you have 100 entertaining and interesting French short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level.

French for beginners can be challenging, but not with this book.

All French short stories are unique and hopefully entertaining in content, and new vocabulary is gradually added at a manageable pace so you won't get overwhelmed.

Towards the end of this French book you find the stories slightly more complex, but still comprehensible for advanced beginners and intermediate level learners.

Also, this French language learning book offers you a wide range of culturally important information you can use when you travel to France or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for French language learners but also for anyone interested in French culture in general.

You also get access to an audiobook in one MP3 file which contains the more extensive stories.

Lançado em:
Sep 27, 2020

Sobre o autor

Christian Stahl is a language enthusiast and enjoys teaching, so writing short stories came naturally, first starting as a hobby, but after a few years, developing into a passion and his vocation. He lets life write his stories and makes them relatable to current times, often with historical content and esoteric backgrounds. He is particularly fond of stories that have a spiritual, often Christian background. In the future, his work will focus on creating inspiring stories that center on faith. He hopes to help and educate people by writing short, valuable stories which will not only inspire but create new ways of thinking, acting, and finding beliefs. There is some comic relief in his writing to lighten up the heavy topics found in his writing.

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100 French Short Stories for Beginners Learn French with Stories Including Audiobook - Christian Stahl


Learning French through short stories

Reading culturally interesting and entertaining short stories to enhance your French is an easy way to improve your French language skills. This book contains a selection of 100 short stories for beginners with a wide range of genres, all prepared specifically for French language learners. The aim of this book is to teach different French vocabulary and phrases associated with short stories, and to improve your French language skills in a short period of time.

Advance as you read

Each of the first 10 short stories take about 2 minutes to read and average about 150 to 300 words. Important words and phrases relevant to each topic were carefully selected. You can find these words and expressions in the English-French vocabulary section. All the stories are written for beginners and are followed by an English translation.

The stories 50 to 100 are longer and slightly more advanced in terms of vocabulary and contain some of the vocabulary from the previous stories. The last 20 stories take about 3 to 5 minutes to read and consist of most of the previously mentioned vocabulary.

All stories are written by a French linguist and native speaker from France to ensure you can learn from authentic material while fine-tuning your French vocabulary and improving your comprehension.

The content is intended mainly for elementary to intermediate level learners, but it will also be useful for more advanced learners as a way of practicing their reading skills and comprehension of the French language. 

Using this book effectively

To learn French effectively you just read each French story at a time and study the vocabulary after reading.

Vocabulary will be introduced to you at a reasonable pace, so you’re not overwhelmed with difficult words all at once. Here, you won’t have to look up every other word, but you can simply enjoy the story and absorb new words simply from the story’s context.

The French contained in here are written using easy-to-understand grammar and vocabulary that both, those at the beginner and intermediate levels can understand, appreciate, and learn from.

Some stories are focused on dialogue. These story contains loads of natural dialogue, so you can learn conversational French as you read. This is doubly beneficial as you will improve your speaking ability as well. Over time, you will build an intuitive understanding of how French functions. This differs from a more theoretical understanding put together via learning rules and conceptual examples. It’s more important to reach to finish the story without stopping, then to understand each and every word.

The simple truth is that you won’t get everything your first time around. This is completely normal.

Audiobook in MP3 Format

At the end of this book, after the last story, you can find the download link for the audio file. It contains 20 of the more extensive stories (82 to 102) that you find in the book.

French short stories for beginners

1.  Culture

Je suis assis avec plusieurs étudiants dans un café parisien. Nous avons une réunion internationale. Les américains, les français et les allemands sont assis à une table et discutent.

L’américain demande, "Qu’est-ce-que la culture veut vraiment dire dans ce pays ?"

Je réponds que ce terme peut avoir plusieurs significations : littérature, théâtre, art ou même notre façon de parler mais aussi de nous conduire.

« Est ce que ça inclut aussi le comportement? »  Demande l’américain.

 « Le Comportement est un terme général et il en fait probablement partie. »  dit l’allemand

 « Donc ça veut que quand je me comporte j’ai de la culture »,  demande l’américain en souriant.

« Plus ou moins », je réponds. Mais l’éducation et les manières peuvent aussi définir une culture ».

 « Est-ce qu’on peut aussi dire qu’en France j’ai de la culture contrairement à toi ? », demande l’américain.

 « Non, ça serait arrogant », je revendique.

Vocabulary and Expressions

les allemands: the Germans

discutent: discuss

vraiment; really,  truly

...avoir plusieurs significations: have several meanings

le comportement: behavior

les manières: ways, manners


I sit with several students in a café in Paris.

We have an international meeting. Americans, French and Germans sit at a table and talk.

The American asks, What does culture actually mean in this country?

I say, That term can mean a lot. Literature, theatre, art or even the way we speak, including the way you conduct yourself.

Does it also include behavior, asks the American.

Behavior in general terms, probably is a part of it, says the German.

So, that means when I behave I have culture, asks the American smiling.

More or less, I reply. But education and manners would also describe culture.

Can one say in France that I have culture, and you don’t, asks the American.

No, that would be arrogant, I assert.

2.  Factures et contrats

Je suis une étudiante française vivant dans un petit appartement en dehors de Londres. Chaque mois, je dois payer beaucoup de factures. Le loyer est une facture importante et coûte plus cher que tout le reste.

Chaque mois je paie le loyer, la facture d’eau, la facture de téléphone et d’électricité. Mes factures sont en général automatiquement prélevées sur mon compte. Si mon compte est vide, je transfèrere l’argent.

Les contrats doivent être pris au sérieux et sont très importants en Angleterre. Si vous rompez un contrat dans ce pays, vous aurez certainement des problèmes. Si votre revenu est fluctuant, il vaut probablement mieux éviter les contrats.

Vocabulary and Expressions

factures et contrats: bills and contracts

vivant dans: living in

dois payer: have to pay

tout le reste: everything else

chaque: each

factures: bills

prélevées: collected

...vous aurez: ...you will have

Bills and contracts

I am a French student living in a small apartment outside London. Every month, I have to pay a lot of bills. Rent is an important bill and costs more than anything else.

Every month I pay the rent, the water bill, the telephone and electricity bill. My invoices are usually automatically deducted from my account. If my account is empty, I transfer the money.

Contracts must be taken seriously and are very important in England. If you break a contract in this country, you will certainly have problems. If your income is fluctuating, it is probably best to avoid contracts.

3. Intoxication alimentaire

Mon frère Marc ne se sent vraiment pas bien, il est au lit depuis hier. Il a la nausée, mal à la tête,

Você chegou ao final desta amostra. Inscreva-se para ler mais!
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