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German Conversation Demystified

German Conversation Demystified

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German Conversation Demystified

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Dec 29, 2010


Unlock the riddle of speaking and interacting in German

German Demystified provides you with a solid foundation for building conversation skills in that language. You can go at your own pace as you are guided through the fundamentals of communicating in German. Organized around everyday themes such as meeting people, making plans, and talking on the phone each chapter features an in-depth dialog presented both in the book and on the audio, coverage of essential communication skills (such as asking a question or making comparisons), review of key grammar points, and written and verbal activities to reinforce new communication skills.

Lançado em:
Dec 29, 2010

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CHAPTER 1       German Pronunciation

The German Alphabet

German Pronunciation

Special Characters

Consonant Combinations

Vowel Combinations

Short and Long Vowels

CHAPTER 2       Talking About People and Things

Greeting People: Grüße und Begrüßungen

Names and Titles

Asking How Someone Is

Asking Wer ist das? (Who is that?) and Was ist das? (What is that?)

CHAPTER 3       Asking Questions

Asking Was machst du? (What are you doing?)

Forming Yes/No Questions

Negation with Nicht

CHAPTER 4       Going Places

Gehen wir einkaufen! Let’s go shopping!

Asking Questions with Haben

Asking Questions with Sein

Asking Where Someone Is Traveling Using Wo and Wohin

CHAPTER 5       Celebrating Birthdays

Talking About der Geburtstag (the Birthday)

Zahlen Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Months of the Year

Describing Age



CHAPTER 6       Getting Sick

Das Kranksein Getting Sick

Expressing Like Using Haben … gern

Future Tense

CHAPTER 7       Dining at a Restaurant

Asking for Bedienung (Service)

Expressing Food Preferences Using Gern and Lieber

Utensils and Dishes

Present Perfect Tense

CHAPTER 8       Going Shopping

Shopping im Einkaufszentrum (at the Mall)

Expressing Likes Using Mir gefällt

Buying and Selling

The Idiom Es gibt


Telling Time

CHAPTER 9       Traveling by Train

Am Bahnhof (at the Train Station)

Giving Commands with Imperatives

Modal Auxiliaries

Present Tense of Modals

Some Useful New Words

Saying What One Should or Should Not Have Done

Making Comparisons

CHAPTER 10      A Trip to the Beach

Planning der Ausflug (the Outing)

Talking About the Weather

Weather-Related Activities

Using Superlatives



CHAPTER 11      Rich and Poor

Buying das Geschenk (the Gift)

Showing Possession with the Genitive Case

Using the Phrase Was für (ein) … ?

CHAPTER 12      Car Trouble

Making die Reparatur (Repairs)

Asking Who, Whom, and Whose

CHAPTER 13      Taking Time for Fun

Auf die Pauke hauen Painting the Town Red

Talking About Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

Simple Past Tense

Asking Specific Questions with Interrogatives

CHAPTER 14      Home Life

Umzugsvorbereitungen Getting Ready to Move Rooms and Furniture

Indicating Location or Movement with Three Verb Pairs

CHAPTER 15      Staying Informed

Reading Zeitungen und Zeitschriften (Newspapers and Magazines)

Television and Print Media


English-German Dictionary

Answer Key



As the title suggests, German Conversation Demystified is not a grammar book. Refer to our companion book, German Demystified, for details on all aspects of German grammar. But use this unique book to develop your conversational skills and to increase your German vocabulary.

On occasion in each chapter, you will find a reference to a basic grammar point that is essential for understanding the conversational material. However, for the most part, this book is dedicated to providing you with phrases and structures useful in becoming conversant in your new language.

Various kinds of sentences are the vehicles for illustrating how a particular structure or group of vocabulary words is used. They are not presented at random or in an isolated form. Instead, they appear in related groups and in patterns that help to identify how they can be used by you.


Each chapter begins with a dialogue between two people. Their conversation introduces you to the general topic of the chapter and provides you with language that is natural and normal in contemporary Germany without being overwhelming. Practice saying the dialogues out loud. Study what they mean and how the words are used. Then answer the simple questions that follow to check your comprehension before going on to the next section of the chapter.

Pattern Sentences

You will be asked to repeat pattern sentences as you simultaneously see their English meanings. This is the

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