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You will meet your better Self in the pages of this book. You will become more intimately acquainted with your true capabilities to live the life you really want. As you read, you’ll be taken on a joyous journey to personal fulfillment. This book will help you successfully transform into the person you want to be. “Your Better Self” is your guide to manifesting your worthy aspirations. It reveals the inner resources available to you right now that will help you make them real. It offers uplifting and motivational content designed to move you immediately in the direction of your waking dreams.If you’ve ever wanted to accomplish more, be more confident, worry less, overcome your fears and experience more peacefulness in your life, then this book is for you. It provides specific and practical ways to get in touch with your better Self – and to help others become their better Selves.This book will make you unstoppable in the pursuit of the life you’ve always wanted to live. It will help you accomplish any goal and possess anything that is worthy of your better Self.By the end of this book, any negativity in your mind or hopelessness in your heart will vanish. Then you’ll experience the power of personal wholeness and discover opportunities for achievement you never thought possible. Then your life will take on new meaning and deeper significance.Then you’ll be your better Self.
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