Flickering in the Arctic
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This unique anthology celebrates the Community Writers Group of Fairbanks, Alaska. Founded in April 1998, the Community Writers Group includes writers from all walks of life and levels of experience. What they share is their passion for writing and their commitment to helping one another grow.These emerging writers take a clear-eyed look at their past and present lives, including adventures operating the Healy Roadhouse, running a dog sled team down a well packed trail, and hitting pay dirt at Ketchum Creek. Not all adventures are Alaskan in spirit, though. One story tells of a woman's miraculous recovery from breast cancer, another follows a runaway boy who jumps a freight train with nothing more than a pork chop to sustain him. Other stories and poems draw upon fantasy. How does a vampire who dislikes the taste of blood cope? What if a boy led his family out of a blizzard by pretending to be the leader of a French-Indian tribe who defied British soldiers?These writers speak from the heart, a heart as big as all outdoors. Pull up a chair and join them.
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