The Diamond Triangle
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A team of geologists comes to Siberia, 5,000 km east of Moscow, in search of the diamonds, called in Russian, almaz or brilliants. Together with the wealthy patriot-sponsors, they are on the mission to save the economically wracked country from the embezzlement and robbery of valuable resources. And they find it—the Diamond Triangle with 50 carat crystals. At the beginning, the explorers do not suspect that it will be hunted down by other adverse forces. The people in the taiga realize their almost unbearable task in time when it is too late to skip off and run away. They come upon many perilous snares among the snowy terrains and mountains and venture into the wilderness of that remote land, which lies east of the Ural Mountains. They are entrapped all around by all kind of bounty hunters, who viciously compete for the premium prize for their heads, appraised in million dollars. The group of faithful committed people turns into the fugitives in the Siberian taiga because they possess, so rare in the present human world qualities—patriotism and belief.

Then, in a remote corner of Siberia, encircled from all sides by the bounty hunters and very close to a tragic finale, the fugitives hear the battle sounds; help comes from their real friends and brothers—the pomors from the White Sea shores and aboriginal Nenets people, historical owners of the tundra. The sea people pomors, called in the past Ice Vikings, successfully get through that secret century-old route, north of the Arctic Circle, across the Kara Sea and Yamal Peninsula. The route their ancestors once upon a time had traced in deviation of the ruthless tsar guards and Moscow’s rulers. And now, almost four centuries later, they rediscover the route to freedom and escape from other merciless rulers. Once again, as in the past, the northern people of this enormous country come to help and protect against the dominance of brutal power.
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