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To The Honorable, Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, Lahore.

Subject:- Adoption of measures for facilitating the obtaining of residential accommodation for judicial officers.

It is respectfully brought to your kind notice that whenever a judicial officer is ordered to be posted at a divisional headquarter in the Province, the first problem with which he comes face to face is the obtaining of residential accommodation. At the sub-divisional and district levels, no such problem troubles him on account of availability of suitable residential accommodation in the judicial complexes available at majority of such stations. However, no such facility is generally available at the divisional headquarters. This leaves one with no choice but to get in touch with property dealers and brokers, who on discovering identity of client try to develop a closer rapport with him, which is something certainly unsalutary. It is therefore very much necessary that judicial officers should be saved from the unhealthy influence of such a middle-man.

Apart from that the house rent presently admissible to the judicial officers is grossly inadequate. It would be in fitness of things if the authorities concerned are asked to allow

house rent of at least Rs thirty thousands for civil judges and Rs forty thousands for ADJs during he course of their stay at divisional headquarters. Like wise the creation of some agency or office charged with the responsibility of obtaining residential accommodation for judicial officers at the divisional headquarters also appears to be very much called for.

Yours faithfully. Mian Arshid Farooq. Advocate High Court Lahore.