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In The court of FIAZ UR REHMAN learned Civil Judge CHUNIAN.

In RE :-

Basheeran Bibi


Syed Altaf Hussain

Suit for permanent injunction. Application for setting aside ex-parte proceedings. Sir. Abovementioned case is pending before this honble court, in which no service had ever made upon defendant. Report of process-server is result of deception hence is false because petitioner/ defendant does not reside at given address. He is outside in wild areas for conducting his business. Petitioner got information from one of his relatives on 8th March 2012, through telephone and came to know about the pending case and has appointed his counsel for participation in proceedings. Since the case in hand is at very initial stage and the defendant must be provided an opportunity to defend his cause for the interest of justice hence this application. For what have been submitted above, it is therefore requested by allowing this application order dated 25-02-2012 for ex-parte proceedings may very graciously set aside and petitioner may very kindly be provided an opportunity to defend the case brought against him. PETITIONER/ DEFENDANT Through Counsel.